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Waldo's Weekly - "I am the Key(word) Master!"


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19 minutes ago, Caedrus said:

Versatile is what would be 'Mercenary' in M2E. Hireable by any.

I don’t think it quite matches up with M2E Mercenaries. It looks like any model in the declared faction can be hired but if the model is not either versatile or sharing a keyword with the crew leader they will cost an additional soul stone to hire. A model that shares a keyword with the leader can be hired for the printed cost regardless of faction.

A versatile Outcast model isn’t going to hireable into a Neverborn crew.

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Dual keyword Henchmen in that list:

  • Kudra Acharya (effectively) - Academic, Elemental
  • Sammy LaCroix - Kin, Wizbang
  • Old Major - Pig, Beast
  • Spawn Mother - Swampfiend, Beast
  • Hinamatsu - Qi and Gong, Puppet
  • Benny Wolcomb - Bandit, Plague
  • Toshiro Katanaka - Retainer, Ancestor
  • Manos Panagakos - Retainer, Ancestor

"Retainer, Ancestor" is basically Yan Lo's buddies, although they're Ressurectionist models, so it's Ressers with a bit of Ten Thunders.

"Bandit, Plague" is all Outcast; "Kin, Wizbang" is all Bayou; "Academic, Elemental" grants access to one model (Thomas Rafkin).

But Old Major and Spawn Mother are both Bayou models plus 20-some out-of-faction Beast models.  Plus the Spawn Mother can bring in Bad Juju.  And they can take non-Master Gremlins.  🙃

TLDR:  Do we call them "Animal Planet" or "Wild Kingdom"?


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Intrigued that Barbaros is now an Outcast, but saddened that he specifically can't be hired into Neverborn. Nice to see Hayreddin and Killjoy back, though...

I might need to get an Outcast crew in M3E. Alternately, a rogue Nephilim group led by Lilith and/or Barbaros would also be a lot of fun.

Also, my Neverborn and Nephilim will really miss having Mr Graves around. Almost as much as it'll hurt paying more for the Nephilim twins in Pandora.

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Thx for sharing the list. I like the idea of themes driving the game.

As do many people, I think NB took an enormous hit for this edition, which I am not entirely comfortable with (see below). But hey, "c'est la vie". If the game is even better than before, I'm OK with the changes.

I am surprised to see that Broken Promises let us get upgrades increasing the recruitment pool and then, the next book shrinks it. Are there planned upgrades or card abilities increasing the recruitment pool in M3E? For example,  just before the M3E announcement, I bought journalists for Pandora and Austringers for Lucius... I cannot even imagine what the McMourning players must think.

When M3E was announced, I made a list of models that were in danger of not being played in Neverborn anymore. That's a lot of invalidated purchases and / or pain jobs (I have one colour scheme per faction I play)...

  • In red, not playable anymore
  • In orange, only via henchmen
  • In green, via master or in-faction
  • In black, no news



Old Key Word – DARKENED

  • ·       Jakob Lynch

  • ·       Hungering Darkness

  • ·       Gwyneth Maddox

  • ·       Mr Graves

  • ·       Mr Tannen

  • ·       Illuminated

  • ·       Stitched Together

  • ·       Beckoner

  • ·       Depleted


Close to Lilith in Game or Fluff

  • ·       Lilith

  • ·       Cherub

  • ·       Barbaros


Old Key Word – PUPPET

  • ·       Collodi

  • ·       Vasilisa

  • ·       Hinamatsu

  • ·       Hodgepodge Effigy

  • ·       Bunraku

  • ·       Marionnettes

  • ·       Mysterious Effigy

  • ·       Stitched Together

  • ·       Wicked Dolls

  • ·       Lucky Effigy

  • ·       Brutal Effigy

  • ·       Arcane Effigy

  • ·       Coryphee

  • ·       Shadow Effigy

  • ·       Carrion Effigy

  • ·       Mannequin


Old Key Word - GUARDSMAN

  • ·       Captain Dashel

  • ·       Master Queeg

  • ·       Guild Sergeant

  • ·       Guild Austringer

  • ·       Guild Guard

  • ·       Guild Hound

  • ·       Guild Investigator

  • ·       Guild Pathfinder + Traps

  • ·       Guild Rifleman

  • ·       Mounted Guard

  • ·       Warden

Old Key Word – MIMIC

  • ·       Mr Graves

  • ·       Mr Tannen

  • ·       Beckoner

  • Guild Lawyer

  • ·       Terracotta Warrior

  • ·       Ferdinand Vogel & Beast Within


  • Old Key Word – WOE

  • ·       Journalists



  • ·       McTavish

  • ·       The First Mate

  • ·       Bayou Gator

  • ·       Wild Boar

  • Old Key Word – WP <=4 (Most Common hires)

  • ·       Nurse

  • ·       Papa Loco



  • ·       Anna Lovelace

  • ·       Aionus

  • ·       Hans

  • ·       Johan

  • ·       Lazarus

  • ·       Sue

  • ·       Freikorps Trapper

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Thank you for the list,  it helps greatly with purchases and planning 😀 


Hoarcats are December, yay! I wanted them for my Raspy, but waited for their M3E keyword before buying. I wonder if they won't be a pride anymore as they are listed simply as 'Hoarcat'. In that case the base size will probably shrink too.


Can someone precise if I understand Lilith correctly?


Declared faction: Dead Man's Hand

Hiring pool: Any Nephilim (probably without Nekima?). Versatile Neverborn.

Restrictions: Cannot be hired as a second master into Neverborn. 






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I'm guessing "transmortis" is going to be the keyword for Albus Von Schtook? (I hope I didn't misspell his name)
I'm curious as to Euripides' keyword as well. Savage, maybe?

I hope we'll find more about new models soon-ish:) (since we already had some nice previews I'm not too worried about that, though I'm guessing the upcoming weeks might have smaller articles with the holiday season)

Small question though : since Nicodem will have "mortuary" as keyword and only his vulture, mortimer & gravediggers have this keyword, does this mean hiring any undead model will cost the extra +1 (even if it says "can hire Undead Resurrectionist Minions and Undead Resurrectionist Enforcers if Leader")?

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Any chance upgrades will be discussed? I'm wondering if you'll be able to broaden hiring pools by getting upgrades. The example that comes to mind is Marcus, wherein many people, myself included, would have out of faction beast models that are now no longer for hire; an upgrade could fix that similar to broken promises upgrades that expanded hiring pools.

I also have a question regarding the hiring of a second master. Would hiring a second master (or henchman) give you their keywords to increase your hiring pool? I see the word Leader mentioned, so probably not.

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Happy to see that Last Blossom was expanded to include pretty much all the models that logically should be Last Blossom.

Poor Arcanists though, lost their Raptors to Guild. And it looks like the Soulstone Miner is moonlighting for .... Ma Tucket.  Yep, Malifaux’s greatest scientists and sorcerers once again outwitted by swamp folk.  Surely they will soon throw off the shackles of their Guild oppressors, he said as he fed diced mage bits to his new pet bird.  😇

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Just noticed that it says the following. I presume this is mistyped, otherwise hiring pools just got a whole lot bigger.

"As a reminder, in M3E, your Leader can hire any models that share a Keyword with them, as well as any Versatile models, at their listed Cost. They can also hire models belonging to their declared Faction, albeit at +1 Cost."

Either this should have been typed as -any versatile models in their faction, at their cost- or versatile models just became available for every master from every faction. It would be kind of fun to make a list including all of the horsemen :D

Now Barbaros is hirable by all factions except for neverborn?!?!

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Thank you for the list. 

Since I like to play thematic crews, things look pretty much like I suspected. No big changes. Except for thematic Lucius... Woah... 5/9 Mimics now unavailable to him if I count correctly, and a sixth has become non-thematic. 

Which leads me to a question. In the list, there seems to be pretty large differences in thematic hiring pools. Many masters have around 7 models with the same keyword in addition to themselves and their totems. Marcus have 8-9 in addition to making in-faction beasts versatile. And then there are masters like Lucius with 4 models and Nellie with 3. I guess this will be adress somehow before the release of M3E, so it would be interesting to know more about that. Will they get lots of new models? Will they get upgrades allowing them to hire other keywords? Or are they actually stuck with the option of using generic in-faction versatile models or paying the non-thematic tax? A future weekly feature on the fate of the thematically impaired masters would be good.

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