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  1. Going out of keyword is always an option here...... at low SS games. I like ‘chimera’ keyword to assist the girls in their fights. cassandra 8, showgirl 5, ( pet kitty ) sabertooth Cerberus + tax = 9, mannequin 4 - 26 + 4 xtra SS for Colette to play with. I would try that, and may..... sometimes I use Ferdinand Vogel, just because he’s a cool werewolf.
  2. Well - LJ & the Marshal keyword took on the little dreamer kid yesterday at high noon. My opponent traveled an hour and a half to play a tabletop game so I admire that sort of dedication to start with. It ends up that he was a really nice guy and understood the game itself, but was unsure of the strengths and weaknesses of his crew. He had a tough go of it - let’s just leave it at that. It was a 30ss engagement that ended 7:3 Marshals. If you know the game, you know what that means. He and I spoke at length about his crew, and the adjustments that can be made to become more formidable. He will improve for sure. I used - LJ & Scales, Judge, Lone Marshal, Stewie, & a Death Marshal. 30ss on the button He used - Dreamer & Chompy, Serena Bowman, Corpulis (squigward looking thing), daydreams x2, Madness. 30 SS on the nose to Our next League game will be scheduled Sunday and escalate to 35 SS. You are given a week to get the match in, barring an unforeseen hardship of course.........
  3. Guess it’s just the perv in me, but I prefer a more sultry, sexy LJ 😇
  4. Sculpts are nicely done, but what’s up with the knee pads??....😳
  5. Love the animated features of this model.
  6. I had to get him done quick if I want to use him in an escalation league tournament, so I did. Two sittings for tabletop use 💪🏻🤠👍🏻
  7. Cost 7, versatile would be nice. Especially in guard crews for all that bring back the dead minion as DM with heal 2 stuff!
  8. LJ & I have the DREAMER first @ 30 stones. Any advice, seriously..... don’t want to get mauled if at all possible.
  9. Starting this week I am involved in an escalation league of five games in five weeks starting @ 30 soul stones to begin. There are 14 participants involved at a hobby store in Pennsylvania named: The Alchemist Cove. a number of these guys have a great deal of experience and run killer crews like: Nightmare, December, Bandit, Performer, Honeypot, etc. So - yikes. Should be challenging 🤠👍🏻
  10. Faced a bandit crew which included: Parker Doc Mad Dog Sue Hans Gunslingers x2 Bandit the crew worked very competitively, I liked my opponents crew. I played Guild/Marshals - I would say, try them out. 😎👍🏻
  11. Played a 50 SS match Guild: Keyword/Marshal verses Outcasts: keyword/Bandits LJ bounded around the battle mat like a Killer Kittie all game taking out two gunslingers, Hans, & Sue. My Judge, Domador, Scales & Stewie didn’t do too much this game, but my 3 DM’s I used as pure scheme runners and they performed admirably in that role. At five soul stones they are decent. I am going to try a ‘Lone Marshal’ for this scheme runner job next match I think. I am loving the ebb & flow of Mali3e. The game works really nice & makes for an enjoyable time. Guild victory by the way - 4:2
  12. If you defeated the good doctor that soundly, must have been a newbie player. Congratulations though
  13. I wish WYRD would sculpt a new Pale Rider sculpt.
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