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  1. I was wrong about Colette, she plays marvelously with an experienced player. I have lost to the performers three straight times by two different players. My apologies for poor judgment.
  2. Actually I am the newest to Malifaux, the others not at all, as a matter of fact the “Perdita” player is and has first edition figures. It is a difficult game, no doubt, very cerebral.... a complaint I have heard from potential recruits. Between learning rules, my crew, everyone else’s crew, schemes and strats it just hurts the cerebellum 🤪. The game itself is in a fabulous place, shame there was a BIG screwup with product availability though. Stores are really in limited supply. Hopefully, the popularity spikes to an all time high with M3e.
  3. There was mention of Frederick and I believe there will be some guys coming down across the Mason/Dixon line. I am participating in a local store demo this coming weekend
  4. Aaaaaaaah I was just a hothead over going 1 & 4 at a store tournament with Lady Justice. I hate seeing her lose. I also had a delightful time in Hershey this weekend going 1 & 4 witch Dashal Barker. I am frustrated to say the least - 2 & 8 in my last ten games, some are close, some are massacres. Now, before you say to your self, “ this clown just sucks, he’s a newbie, and a twit”. I’ve been playing little army men games since most of you were in diapers, I am now involved in a super meta in the coal regions of Pennsylvania with a dozen solid Mali players ( 3 Guild ) and all three of us ages 30 to 50 are struggling big time with Guild. I believe in Hershey the Guild was a combined 3 & 12. That’s horrendous. Newbie Neverborn players were beating us, because we can’t stick with them. I told you guys Lady Justice should have been STAT 7 and I was right....... Poor Perdita and family is in shambles.... Grandma and Nephilim are a waste to choose. Barkers summoning mechanic is so card trigger costly it was a significant disadvantage. just to name a few discrepancies.
  5. Guild sucks, I get crushed constantly. Going to play Kings of War for awhile.
  6. I am going to give him a go against Colette this Saturday. Fingers crossed
  7. Honestly, I have never had a problem running schemes in games, I get where I need to be most times - survivability is a bigger question usually.
  8. Hounds I am not so sure about them running - can they? Stewie is a nice option, my opponents avoid the portly fellow like the plague. Lone Marshal has worked nicely when theres nothing to shoot at. The metal bat thingies are really good I believe.
  9. That is such an obscure & unconventional list there lady......... theres a two day tournament in Hershey coming up in late October if theres any interest?
  10. Archie is awesome, even out of keyword, he is a leaping wrecker of crews. Make a tombstone, put his pirate hat on it as mentioned. Hopefully, WYRD can pick it up a bit here as demand as exceeded supply, wtf? I hear this has happened prior editions as well.
  11. Part of the problem with running LJ is her pension to become overextended. I’ve had Stewie tag along behind her in most games & he does just fine, a little winded perhaps, but he keeps up the pace.
  12. I am seriously considering the use of Miss Gage as a bodyguard for Lady Justice. Have any of you made use of Phiona with a Master other than Nellie? Her abilities to ‘take punches’ for other models seems enticing.
  13. Ultimate scheme runner / second master = Nellie Cochrine
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