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  1. I carried the baton for LJ all during the testing period, to no avail. What’s done is done, and in print. Guild in general should be an elite faction of this game, a proverbial ‘bully’ of the board if you will. They are anything but that unfortunately. There are other factions more suited to competitive play. Continue to play Guild for fun, and jot down wise and discerning ideas for betterment when the time is appropriate.
  2. What exactly was done to the pale rider and where can the change on the card be found. Sorry, I was Qurantined & busy painting.
  3. Dead Gentlemen: Question for you: does the good doctor really need the services of a nurse? If you you feel so inclined, may I inquire as to your reasoning why please?
  4. Hard to find....... ebay perhaps?
  5. My McMourning Crew thus far..........
  6. Have the administrators witnessed the error of their ways and boosted LJ to stat 7 yet? If so...... she is. 👩🏼‍🦰
  7. Grave digger ‘yolks’ very well with Gollum use as that initial corpse marker all but ensures your gravey baby is coming back. They also allow McMourning to summon in a flesh construct with (3). I like the night terror’s flight ability and concealing ability for the crew, but it all depends on the opponent I guess.
  8. I appreciate the analysis most sincerely, thank you. It seems as though there is some debate with the subject of Poison with the experimental crew and how to best facilitate its use. I am a novice to the notion, and seek observations, analysis, and experience in this matter so thank you, best regards.
  9. In regards to the good doctor my dilemma is thus: how to make the best use of stacking poison on the doctors crew and precise examples of how to proceed? how to best administer poison to the enemy ( wide radius or single concentration ) & precise examples please?
  10. Doctor McMourning W/ killer instinct Chi Chi the zombie chihuahua urse kentori w/ grave spirit touch grave digger nightterror sebastion grave gollum 💀🦴💉🃏
  11. Explain this nurse ‘obey’ strategy a little more clearer please fellas.
  12. Explain this to me..... why stack five poisons on a ally? Why not an enemy? Then rancid transplant followed by blood poisoning? Yes / No
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