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  1. Thank you Legislat for the in depth perspective. I understand the dogs are chained in the yard for Me3 & I assume most: if not all, models have gone through final edit so its finite.
  2. I still like the British method best thus far.
  3. Is Mr. Queeg worth his 8ss cost? Beyond the ‘fast’ potential...... what is the warden bringing to the party?
  4. I love the British methodology for tournament style. I will try to implement some of the ‘wiggle room’ according to strats & schemes in our own competitions Right smart mates, cheers, you cheeky blokes 😉
  5. Too bad as I am a dog guy..... have two Labs ( Blitz & Gunner ).
  6. I get that, yes indeed. I failed to mention (my mistake) that my favorite play style is tournaments. Where you bring your best well rounded 50 SS crew for the entire day or two day affair & play for store credit/& or prizes. 😀 playing with buddies & adapting to every little nuance is all well and good but not nearly as competitive.
  7. Give me a list that can be competitive for Marshal Crew & Lady Justice in your best opinion for 50 SS. “Experienced Players” ONLY: best regards, MC ps. Just curious of mindsets
  8. True - thank you so much Walrus & Pergli for sound, informative guidance 😎
  9. That list doesn’t leave many SS at all to turn summoning cards to RAMS?
  10. Quite a difficult figure to play. I have trouble grasping all the idiosyncrasies of the abilities..........
  11. Absolutely, & I understand the condition. If a recruiter turns a minion hired for the crew into a DM, it does not count towards the ‘rule of 5’. But! If a summoned guard minion dies and he replaces it with a DM - it does count. So in essence - five summoned guard models are max table top to keep the integrity of the game. Got it
  12. So do the replacements count towards the allowance or not?
  13. Interesting possibilities: if a guard cavalry is removed as a casualty, replaced by a guard patrol, does the guard count for summoning purposes? Since the model is counted as dead. Barker is allowed five summons on the board at any one time, but a casualties effects should have mo bearing on the count, correct? Also, if a DM Recruiter in Barker’s crew turns a rifleman killed in action to a death marshal does that death marshal count toward the max five summons allowed? I think not as they are dead, and Barker should be free to summon again, but I want to inquire before I get embroiled in rules lawyering at some event. Thanks in advance - MC
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