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  1. It says in the article that Versatile models are noted by an asterisk by their name
  2. Why are you questioning what is clearly in in depth analysis of a game this isn't even out yet?
  3. Flinroz

    ToS and Heat

    Eh, I live in SoCal and have left my minis in the trunk for weeks without issue
  4. Flinroz

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    He mostly jumped around and ply'd things. Nothing amazing, but he was able to get ply every turn. He also ate the scheme marker my opponent was trying to do Dig Their Graves with, only the one. One of my local Outcast players who wanted to see what he was getting with Zipp in 3e, dispute me pointing out repeatedly that the models may not be anywhere near the sae rules-wise lol.
  5. Flinroz

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I too agree that this thing we haven't seen yet and are making assumptions on will be overpowered. /sarcasm
  6. Flinroz

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    I hadn't used him much, but was challenged to use Zipp's whole box a couple weeks ago. Man have I been underestimating this guy. My next plan is to try him out with Mah. he is fast enough to keep up with her and she has plenty of push tricks to take advantage of pounce.
  7. Flinroz

    Denial Catapult? Anyone tired this does this work?

    What about flinging the crier, activating to clear the paralyze, and then using Mama Z to obey the This Makes No Sense?
  8. Flinroz

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Well I mean, 2e has Lilith, Rapsy, Sonnia, Zipp, Kaeris, Hamlin, Ramos, Mah. So it shouldn't bee too mush more cluttered. Also in 3e descriptions id Misaki throwing down shadow markers.
  9. Flinroz

    Just got ma tucket

    Beware the negativity on the gremlin forums. Bushwackers are solid for 5 stones. 3 may be a bit much, but they are excellent at taking out medium level models. They are great at vendetta as well. A focused shot doing moderate or severe can easily finish off something that Mah throws into their line of fire for 3 points. Old cranky may struggle to keep up with this crew, but him and sammy should play well on a flank. She can hold the pit trap upgrade and between them they can cycle cards and turn shut down scheme runners. Gators are probably the weakest model you have. The can hit like a truck if your opponent has already used their hand and can't defend. Conversly if you activate early they may burn cards to defend. Not resulting in the gator itself doing much, but setting up for those focused bushwhacker shots and Mah's charges.
  10. Flinroz

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    As one of the players at said store who does not keep up with the lore, I *do* very much value it. An like hearing about things when people tell me what is going on in the world of Malifaux. I'm just not going to sit down and read it, and the audio quality of the breachside broadcast makes it hard to listen to on noisy public transit where I do my podcast listening. I am also all for the lore affecting the gameplay. It makes the world feel living.
  11. Flinroz

    Self-imposed restrictions!

    Can't go wrong with Merris. She can do a lot of work scheming in any crew, and isn't too many stones to boot.
  12. Flinroz


    I'm in the US and I don't have it.
  13. Flinroz

    Nightmare Ulix box

  14. Flinroz

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    I know right?
  15. Flinroz

    Call Me Slow: The Hannah Plague Saturation

    Additional benefit of her in this crew, she can punch rats to cause blast. I did a stuffed piglet list like that once.