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  1. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo is headed to AwSHUX (which is next weekend, so he’s getting a little ahead of himself). On his way, he is smashing just about every freshly carved jack-o-lantern that he can find. Nobody tell him that AwSHUX is a digital convention. That hammer and our router won’t mix. So, while we follow Waldo from a safe distance, let’s take a look at what we’ve got in store for AwSHUX this year! For the first time, we are teaming up with the fine folks at Shut Up & Sit Down for their digital convention, AwSHUX. Stop by our digital booth, join us for some livestreams, and chat with us about our board games! Here's our online schedule for AwSHUX: Friday, October 22nd at 10am EST: Bayou Bash Live Play. Join the Wyrd team as we all try to outshine our opponents in our chaotic and combative racing game on Tabletop Simulator. This event will be live on Twitch at twitch.tv/playwyrd Saturday, October 23rd at 10am EST: Vagrantsong Live Play. Join the Wyrd team as we face off against one of the early Haints in the game, Maco Joe, on Tabletop Simulator! Warning: there will be spoilers! This event will be live on Twitch at twitch.tv/playwyrd During both events, we’ll be giving away copies of Bayou Bash, Vagrantsong, and Darkness Comes Rattling, so make sure to stop by! After each event, we’ll be on our Discord channel where we’ll be answering questions about our latest board games and chatting with our community! Get together with other community members to play either Bayou Bash or Vagrantsong on Tabletop Simulator during AwSHUX! Use our looking-for-game Discord channel to find a group! If any rules questions pop up, feel free to ask! Either our amazing community will be able to answer questions, or there’s a great chance that we’ll be around, too. We’ll see you there!
  2. In the latest episode of Chronicles, The Nature of Souls, the Lone Marshal searches for a way to free his wife from the sinister voices that plague her. Episode 26: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronicles-26/
  3. Hey Wyrdos, After just getting back from Origins, we found that Waldo got into the Halloween spirit by decorating the office with bones. Once we realized he had no interest in (or knowledge of) the holiday, we found his collection to be less humerus. While we figure out where to put this skeleton crew to rest, let’s take a look at the latest Through the Breach One Shot: Beneath the Baumwood! In Beneath the Baumwood, being at the wrong place at the wrong time will lead the Fated into a dark and unsettling past. To escape its arboreal clutches, players will have to work their way through various riddles brought to them by the Baumwood’s denizens. Accompanied by the Oberling, a curious and dubious spirit, the Fated will slowly uncover what happened in these woods long ago… and if they’re lucky, they might even escape with their lives. Beneath the Baumwood is a brand new One Shot adventure that can be sprinkled in any Through the Breach campaign at a moment’s notice. With its creepy setting and spooky characters, this is the best time of year to journey into these shifting woods! You can download the PDF of Beneath the Baumwood RIGHT NOW for just five bucks on DriveThruRPG. Head over there to download your copy of this wicked adventure today! AND if you leave a review of Beneath the Baumwood on DriveThruRPG between now and the end of October 31st, you may be one of two lucky randomly drawn winners! We will be giving out a Rotten Harvest Toil and Trouble box to one winner, and a Beware the Lights box to another! Beneath the Baumwood features characters in the upcoming Rotten Harvest Malifaux boxes: Toil and Trouble and Beware the Lights. These Swampfiend alt models will only be available at your local game store for a limited time, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever! Keep your eyes peeled later this month, as they’ll be vanishing off store shelves faster than you can carve a pumpkin. And don’t forget: we are currently running a Rotten Harvest painting contest! From now until October 31st, you can enter in your most spooktacular submissions. We can’t wait to see what’s in everyone’s bag of tricks and treats for this year’s frightening painting contest! With FOUR categories this year, there are a ton of opportunities to scare away the competition! Head over to the forums for the full details (including all the details on this year’s prizes)! We'll see you there!
  4. If you're interested in seeing what's inside a box of Vagrantsong, check out Quackalope's unboxing video:
  5. In part two of A Line Drawn in Fire, the disagreement between Kaeris and Ironsides comes to a head and threatens to bring down the union from the inside. Episode 138: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-138/
  6. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we are resting up after having just got back from The Best Four Days in Gaming™ because another great tabletop convention is just around the corner. It has been too long since we met up with our incredible community while at a convention, and it was great to finally be back. While at Gen Con, our amazing volunteers helped us bring new Wyrdos into the community by teaching them how to play our many games. This year we went all out, and the response from everyone who stopped by was well above and beyond our expectations. Vagrantsong flew off the shelves in seconds, we sold out of the pre-release of Other Side’s Starter Box, and introduced a ton of new players into the world of Malifaux. Similarly, Malifolks from around the world showed us that there’s still plenty to be excited about during our webstore sale. We couldn’t have done any of that without your help. Whether you volunteered at one of our booths, stopped by to say hello, or scooped up a title box during the websale – thank you for keeping it Wyrd. But here in the office, we’re just getting started. Next week, we’re headed to Ohio to meet up with our friends at the Origins Game Fair. Here’s what you can expect from us in Columbus from September 30th to October 3rd: Bayou Bash Learn to Plays Vagrantsong Learn to Plays Through the Breach Character Creation Sessions Through the Breach Adventures: Ghost House and Beneath the Baumwood Quick Demos of Malifaux and The Other Side Because we’ll be at Origins, there won’t be a Waldo’s Weekly next week. So, in the meantime, make sure to join in on the conversation about everything Wyrd on our Discord and A Wyrd Place. Are you headed to Origins this year? Let us know! We can’t wait to see you there.
  7. In Shadow of Fallen Leaves: Keeping the Secrets, Ten Thunders assassins carry out an impeccable murder. Episode 25: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronicles-25/
  8. Actually, no. You will get a Miss Hapen for each $100 spent. We understand that our international community prefers to pool their purchases with friends to reduce shipping/taxes, so we are trying to accommodate that. This goes for physical Gen Con purchases and webstore purchases during the Gen Con sale.
  9. Hey everyone, Some of you might have noticed that we have some strange names in our upcoming release list in our previous Gen Con 2021 post. Well, we’d also like to give you a little peek into what’s inside those boxes. Behind the Trigger If you managed to catch Household Gamer’s reveal on Perdita and Ophelia, you’ll already know plenty about them and their new friend, Sly. In case you missed it, you can find their content reveal video here. Now, for the next two reveals, you’ll just have to wait to find out more information about how these Master titles play on the field. But don’t worry, the wait won’t be long - we’ll have a video uploaded to YouTube next week that will take a look at these next two boxes (and more). Best Kept Secrets A Twisted Tale These boxes and those already listed in the Gen Con 2021 post will be available at the convention in Indianapolis and on our webstore during the Gen Con Sale.
  10. For those wondering: Mature Nephilim alts in the style of the Deepest Depths box will be available later this year. We'll have more news about them soon.
  11. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo wanted to go scuba diving. Once he realized that he’d need to take lessons, the pressure was too much. Deep down, he realized it wasn’t for him. So while we hold our breath, let’s take a look at this year’s Nightmare Edition models! If you’re new to us or Malifaux, every year (right around this time) we release alt models for an existing crew box. These Nightmare Edition models are a celebration of the weird, wild, and wicked, and are only made available at certain times of the year. So far in Third Edition, we have skipped ahead in time to take a look at Malifaux 1988, and explored uncharted seas with Brine and Bones. This year, we’re venturing beneath the ocean waves and down into the Deepest Depths. That’s right; Nekima and her Nephilim crew are receiving the Nightmare treatment this time around. But unlike our previous Nightmare boxes, this one won’t just be exclusive to Malifaux. More on that in a bit. First, let’s take a look at Adi Adara, the alt version of Nekima, and the incredible new design for their Malifaux stat cards. At her side (and replacing the Blood Hunter) is The Lagan, a group of terrifying and bloodthirsty eels guarding their latest catch. Under the sea, the Terror Tots have been replaced with adolescent and fully aquatic Trenchlings. Once they’ve grown up a bit, those little horrors become Reefdwellers, and are now responsible for protecting Adi Adara’s underwater kingdom. These unassembled miniatures won’t just be climbing atop the Malifaux shores, though. On Earth, Adi Adara and her oceanic infantry will also be joining the battle in The Other Side. Inside this Nightmare Edition box, you’ll also receive unit cards to replace characters in the Gibbering Hordes. In The Other Side, Adi Adara counts as a Stormsiren, the Lagan and Trenchlings each count as Egg Clutches, and the Reefdwellers count as Morphlings. The characters are on the same base sizes for both The Other Side and Malifaux, so you’ll be able to include them in both games faster than the tide rolls in. You can get your hands on this year’s Nightmare Edition box either at Gen Con or on our webstore during the big event. Gen Con starts September 16th and ends the 19th – just a few weeks away! And if you can’t make it this year, make sure to head to our webstore on Wednesday, September 15th. We’ll see you there! Our friends at Customeeple are joining our pool party with some brand new terrain. This sunken pirate ship is perfect for players who want to duke it out as Mary “Blacktongue” Bonnet and her undead pirates against Adi Adara and her black blooded mermen. You can pick up this fantastic terrain and all sorts of Malifaux-themed tokens right now on their webstore.
  12. If you're interested in playing Vagrantsong, we just did a live learn-to-play with the folks over at Third Floor Wars. Give it a watch!
  13. In part one of A Line Drawn in Fire, Kaeris begins to chafe under Ironsides's leadership position at the Miners and Steamfitters Union. Episode 137: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-137/
  14. Wyrdos, This week, things at the Wyrd office are getting awfully spooky. Rather than tell you what’s happening on the nearby tracks, let’s take a look instead. Vagrantsong is an upcoming cooperative and story-driven boss battler where up to 4 players will take on the roles of Vagrants as they try to find a way off a supernatural ghost train. Along the way, Vagrants will encounter Haints (the lingering spirits who are trapped on the Silver Ferryman), who will stop at nothing to make sure that the Vagrants lose all their Humanity and stay aboard… forever. Vagrantsong will be available at Gen Con as a pre-release and will be reaching local game store shelves later this fall. With over 20 Scenarios and 30 hours of cooperative and challenging gameplay, there’s enough content in Vagrantsong to haunt you and your friends until the Silver Ferryman’s last stop! VAGRANTSONG ON TABLETOP SIMULATOR Want to hop aboard the Silver Ferryman yourself? Well, you’re in luck! The first two Scenarios of Vagrantsong are now available on Tabletop Simulator. You can either use that link or go to the Tabletop Simulator Workshop on Steam and search for Vagrantsong to find your way onto the spooky train. Don’t have Tabletop Simulator but still want to learn how to play? You can find the Vagrantsong rule book and the first two Scenarios to read on the Vagrantsong page! Don’t worry – some of the story content has been removed to avoid spoilers for the full campaign. WHAT’S NEXT FOR VAGRANTSONG Tomorrow, Thursday the 26th, we are teaming up with Craig from Third Floor Wars to present a live stream learn-to-play of Vagrantsong! Join us at 8pm EST at https://www.twitch.tv/thirdfloorwars or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mUcvLERsHg to learn how to play this bone-chillingly spooky adventure! There’s a good chance that you’ve still got some questions about Vagrantsong, and this Friday, Kyle will be on the /r/boardgames subreddit to answer them in an AMA! The discussion starts at 2pm EST on Friday, so mark your calendars and start thinking of questions you’d like to ask now! PRE-ORDER NOW Make sure to add Vagrantsong to your Wishlist on BoardGameGeek and pre-order your copy on our webstore today! When you pre-order, you’ll receive an exclusive Skelly Man pin (pictured below), and a free Bonus Scenario (including 2 new Skill cards!) called Fool’s Gold to add to your campaign!
  15. Hey Wyrdos, This week, after our big Malifaux Burns announcement, Waldo joined a volunteer fire department. As soon as he realized that firefighters don’t start fires and instead extinguish them, he lost interest. So, while we put on a streaming campfire video to keep Waldo occupied, let’s take one last look at The Other Side’s Starter Box before its pre-release at Gen Con! In previous Waldo’s Weeklies, we’ve shown off what the Guild looks like in both Malifaux and The Other Side, including how Sonnia plays in both games, but we’ve only covered Kirai for the Court of Two and Resurrectionists thus far. Today we’re changing that! In case it bears repeating, The Other Side’s upcoming Starter Box will be compatible with both The Other Side and Malifaux Third Edition. While the Starter Box is predominantly focused on The Other Side, each character included will have an associated Malifaux stat card so that they are playable in both games. Let’s take a look at what the Gwisin and Enslaved Spirits will look like once they cross the Breach over to Malifaux: The Gwisin are faceless, vengeful spirits. Despite having already completed their life-debt against those who once wronged them, the Court of Two have forcibly brought them back into this world to distort their need for vengeance and use that unending desire for their own whims. They have followed Kirai from Earth to Malifaux, crawling on their bellies, until their usefulness has run out. On the Malifaux table, these 6 Soulstone Incorporeal models will help keep nearby friendlies alive with Take the Hit and will make opponents question whether their attacks are worth the risk, thanks to Vengeance +2. On top of that, both the Gwisin and their crew’s Leader will be hard to take down with their Feast of Vengeance and Tear Off A Bite triggers healing them both back up. No matter what Resurrectionist crew you plan on putting on the table, there’s a lot of utility in these vengeful spirits that make them well worth the cost. On Earth, Court of Two necromancers discovered a way to bind spirits to the physical world, and keep them there, by way of anchors that bound them to the will of their necromancer. Resurrectionists in Malifaux have utilized this technique to build small forces of these Enslaved Spirits to temporarily control until their curse of imprisonment ends. At 3 Soulstones, the Enslaved Spirits are cheap Incorporeal models that can help reduce the risk of facing a Focus-heavy opponent with their Chained Ability. Even with only 3 Health, these ghosts can help score some quick points when they leave the table, thanks to their Demise (Claims of the Court) Ability, which leaves a Scheme Marker in its wake. The Enslaved Spirits are particularly helpful to have around in a Urami crew lead by Kirai, Envoy of the Court, as she can easily summon them onto the battlefield with her Join Us Ability. So, with seeing how the Gwisin and Enslaved Spirits will play in both Malifaux and The Other Side, we’ve seen everything that The Other Side’s Starter Box has to offer! Forgot what’s included in The Other Side’s Starter Box? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered: 24 Preassembled Miniatures, which includes: Sonnia Criid - Unmasked, 3 Guild Mages, 6 Gatling Gunners, Kirai Ankoku – Envoy of the Court, Ikiryo, 9 Enslaved Spirits, and 3 Gwisin Tactics Tokens (and other tokens and Markers) 2 Fate Decks (1 Guild and 1 Court of Two) 2 TOS Measuring Tapes The Other Side bases (and fireteam bases) Unit cards for The Other Side and stat cards for Malifaux A Quick Start Guide to teach the basics of how to play The Other Side Note: Because this is a Starter Box for The Other Side first and compatible with Malifaux second (and to keep the cost of the Starter Box down), the bases included are for The Other Side. Malifaux bases are available on our webstore. The Other Side Starter Box will be available early as a pre-release at Gen Con and will be hitting local game store shelves in November for just $100. If you haven’t gotten into The Other Side yet, the Starter Box is a great way to start. But that’s not the only news we have for The Other Side this week! Both Samantha Thrace and Binh Nguyen will be receiving new sculpts in their official release. These Champions were previously only available during The Other Side’s Kickstarter, but these new sculpts will be hitting store shelves in October (and will be available as a pre-release at Gen Con). Did I mention that both Binh and Thrace will be compatible as alt models in Malifaux, too? You can play Samantha Thrace in your Guard crew, as she is an alt for Dashel Barker. Binh Nguyen can join your Urami crew as an alt Datsue Ba. These alt stat cards will be included in each box (as well as their bases for both Malifaux and The Other Side). We’ve got a lot more in the pipeline for The Other Side, but you’ll have to wait until later this year to hear about what's coming next!
  16. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we’ve let Waldo do his own thing. Was it a mistake? Well, let’s watch this trailer to find out: Oh. Everything’s on fire? That seems fine. Over the last few weeks, the incredible Wyrd community has helped us reveal some of our plans in how we are reshaping the meta of Malifaux. Through their channels, we’ve been able to showcase new titles for existing Masters, as well as new models that fit multiple keywords. And we’re just getting started; community reveals will continue up to September 10th, right before we head to Gen Con. This week, we’re showing off Malifaux’s newest expansion, and the events that have transpired to bring us here. In Malifaux Burns, the latest book for M3E, the Burning Man has arrived. For the last few years, the failed experiment of the former Governor-General has been causing havoc on Earth, warping mankind from the clouds above. His portals have opened in both sea and sky, letting loose creatures that even the most imaginative minds could not fathom. His path of destruction is random and without remorse, and now he’s here… back where it all started. With this expansion, we have created new ways to play every keyword by re-designing Masters from the ground up. Not only do these titles create strengths where there were once weaknesses, but they also create questions for your opponent to ask as soon as the crew building begins. What version of Ulix is my opponent playing? Should I bring counters to his grow mechanics or his fiery pig steed? Which version fits the current pool of Strategies and Schemes? We wanted to expand the ways you play a specific keyword or crew so that they are viable in more pools and are competitive in more instances, while also making existing Masters that don’t see as much play reach the table more often, as well. Hidden information between players before the game even starts has been a staple in previous editions, such as through Upgrades and even scoring points. We’ve learned a lot from those iterations, and believe that this approach further pushes specialization of a single keyword, which keeps the barrier of entry low and tactical decisions high, while staying true to the many secrets that Malifaux has to offer. Even from a lore perspective, with Malifaux Burns, we’re harkening back to the past to take another look at how we used to tell stories on a grander scale. Like First Edition, the story in Malifaux Burns will be broad and expansive, covering the details of what happened to the 8 Masters who have been corrupted by the Burning Man’s sudden arrival. It’s the largest single story ever written for a Malifaux book (because creating new ways to play 54 Masters wasn’t enough), and we can’t wait for you to experience it. Let’s take a look at two of those corrupted Masters, and how the Burning Man is reshaping their story and how they play on the table. Ever since she and her followers fled their home in the Quarantine Zone, Reva Cortinas dreamt of darkness. That darkness was like her former prison in the attic; she was trapped and unable to free herself. But from the shadows that consumed her dreams, a voice whispered out to her. A guiding light. A brilliant flame. Like Reva, her faithful followers are guided by the newly lit lantern, unafraid of the darkness beyond. Reva’s new title is Luminary, a reflection of who she is as a leader and of the fire that guides her. While she lost her horse, she gained a vision. For Anasalea Kaeris, she always embraced the chaos that an unruly fire could create. It was the never the endless flames that burned her. The stress and strain of Ramos’ absence, the rift between the Union and the Arcanists widening, and the Guild marching in and taking out freethinkers and mages alike… it had gone on for too long, and was too much a burden for anyone to bear. When the Burning Man came to Malifaux, it was only a matter of time before she broke. As her title suggests, in the ashes of her former self, she was Reborn. The Burning Man’s arrival woke latent magic in similar ways that many have experienced when crossing the Breach for the first time. His magic rent through reality and found purchase in vulnerable minds wherever he went. Deacon Hillcrest, who joins both Reva and Kaeris on the battlefield, is no exception. If the Doomseekers on Earth were the selected few to spread the word of the Burning Man’s cleansing fire, then Deacon Hillcrest is the chosen one in Malifaux. To him, the city must burn so that it can be remade in the Burning Man’s vision. There are prophecies in those flames. Deacon is here to reveal their meaning at whatever the cost. Thanks to the keyword system, we’re able to expand upon a crew’s story without having to rely on a single Faction to pull models and ideas from. When designing Deacon, and other dual-keyword characters like him, we found a space to develop interesting mechanics that bridge the gap between multiple keywords in unexpected ways without overwhelming players in this jam-packed release. You can pick up the Malifaux Burns expansion book, the Embrace the Ember box, and more during Gen Con. The official release for Malifaux Burns and other Malifaux content will be hitting local game store shelves starting October 2021. Stay tuned for upcoming Waldo’s Weeklies, where we’ll be showing off our upcoming plans and limited releases for Gen Con!
  17. In the final episode of Trial by Fire, we reach the conclusion of Captain Samantha Thrace's story, and we hear the court's verdict. Episode 17: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/earthside-echoes-17/
  18. It's a very convincing impersonator.
  19. Hey Wyrdos, We’re excited to show off the two limited Rotten Harvest boxes that will be available at your local game store from September through October. Last year, Pandora gave out more tricks than treats with her Witches and Woes box. This year, Zoraida and her crew are bubbling up some trouble in the forest with the Toil and Trouble and Beware the Lights Rotten Harvest boxes! Let’s take a look. Check out the spooky trailer for these wonderfully creepy Rotten Harvest characters! Remember, these Rotten Harvest boxes are a limited release. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever! So, make sure to pre-order both of these at your local game store today!
  20. In The Bayou Bash, the Bayou Gremlins engage in a chaotic and mayhem-filled hog race in order to select a successor to an ailing Som'er Teeth Jones. Chronicles 24: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronicles-24/
  21. Hey Wyrdos, In case you missed it, we are showing off the latest Malifaux content a little differently before Gen Con. Rather than reveal everything ourselves, we’ve asked our incredible content creators within our community to give us a hand! Steampowered Scoundrels recently put out a podcast covering the new Anya and Toni titles, as well as the Drudge models that will be working in both crews. Malifaux University just covered new titles for both the Viktorias and Yan Lo, and also talked about Kenshiro, who has a keyword for both those Masters. Next up is Third Floor Wars. You’ll have to tune in to find out what they reveal this Friday, August 6th! Head over to our Content Previews page to find the schedule for all of the upcoming reveals, as well as details on everything that’s already been covered!
  22. Hey Wyrdos, Are you headed to Gen Con this year? Maybe you’re on the fence and don’t know what the Malifaux tournament scene will look like. Well, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you! At the Wyrd Event booth, we will be running 2 Malifaux tournaments, and there’s still some slots available to sign up! Our annual Tyrant Tournament is back and more exciting than ever. Bring your best 50ss crews to make your way to the top in this 3-round Gaining Grounds Season 2 tournament. The Tyrant (aka the big winner) this year will walk away with the amazing belt shown above, as well as $200 in booth credit. 2nd place will receive $100 in booth credit, 3rd place will receive $75, and even 4th place will walk away with $50 in booth credit. If you’re looking for something a little faster but just as competitive, join us in the Henchman Hardcore tournament! This 30-minute round tournament will use the Henchman Hardcore ruleset from Gaining Grounds Season 2, so make sure to bring your hardest-hitting Henchman! The winner of the Henchman Hardcore tournament will receive $125 in booth credit and the Henchman Hardcore belt (shown below!). 2nd place will receive $75, and 3rd place will receive $25 in booth credit. There will be plenty of handouts and goodies for those who participate, including a brand new Malifaux pin that will be given out to everyone who signs up! Want to get a game in but won’t have the time for a whole tournament? We’ve got you covered! Sign up for our Malifaux and The Other Side Quick Play events so you can squeeze a game in against a guaranteed opponent. What are you waiting for? Head over to the Gen Con Event page to sign up for both of these events! This year, Gen Con takes place September 16th through the 19th. We’ll see you there!
  23. Hey Wyrdos, Head over to our YouTube channel to check out the Bayou Bash trailer! Or, you know, check it out below. Whatever tickles your fancy. Pre-order Bayou Bash on our webstore to receive a free Rooster Skull enamel pin! For more info on this chaotic racing game, head over to the Bayou Bash website!
  24. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo threw himself a little party to celebrate. What he was celebrating was a mystery to us all, but we joined in on the fun nonetheless. Things quieted down pretty quickly, though. After he bonked his head on the limbo bar, he was seeing stars. So, while we wrangle up his constellation prize, let’s take a look at another upcoming Master title. This time, we’re staring at the sky above with Von Schtook, Stargazer! It’s amazing how just a new perspective can shake things up. Thanks to Anna Lovelace livening up the University of Transmortis’ curriculum, Professor Albus Von Schtook has had the opportunity to crawl out from the Cistern Seven and enjoy one of his favorite hobbies: astronomy. But when he stared unto the stars for the first time in years, what he saw was not the same starscape that he had grown so familiar. Something was very, very wrong… Oh, how exciting! Rather than leaning on summoning as his previous version did, his Stargazer title brings him to new heights. Just as he looked out into the open night sky, Von Schtook is expanding his horizons with more versatility for himself and his crew to combat just about any situation, regardless of whether it comes from the battlefield or from the stars above. We could go into detail and tell you everything this starstruck professor is capable of, but why don’t we take a look at his stat card to get a better view instead? Lastly, many of you have wondered if these new Master titles will be receiving new sculpts. Of course! Do you think we’d miss out on a chance to put a headless zombie-turned-telescope into a miniature? To quote the professor himself: “Top marks, top marks!” Are you a registered student at the University of Transmortis? Will you be following Professor Von Schtook to the surface to study the stars? Let us know!
  25. We're back with another classic Chronicles story! In Words by Moonlight, a pair of Guild Austringers maintain their friendship through a series of letters delivered by hawk. Chronicles 23: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronicles-23/
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