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    Dayglow Kaeris's crew is ready as my final entry for 2019 40ss if I'm correct
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    Hey all, I’m a long time Malifaux player, started way back in 1.0. I’m also @Stranglelove ‘s Dad and helped get him into the hobby. He’s a better painter than I am but it’s time to start painting my pile of unpainted plastic and get some “painted” crews on the table. I’m hoping that the 2020 challenge keeps me motivated to get more crews and terrain painted for this (and a few other) great games. It’s time to get the Gremlin horde painted, hopefully I don’t get too sick of painting all that green flesh. Pledging Tyrant!
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    Colette has been a huge debate during closed and open beta but seems to have disappeared from view since the official launch of M3E. It's time for her to use her Showstopper Ability and reappear in the spotlight! This tactica is based upon my experience after nine months of M3E games played with Colette (around 75 games). I haven't tested all the Keyword (Carlos Vasquez and Ice Dancers are not part of the show for the moment) and I should test OOK and some Versatile models. I will supplement this tactica accordingly if I play them. Others players can share their experience and I will update with their feedback. Some conversations with other forum members show that Colette can be played in different ways and I have yet to explore some of these ways. This tactica will be evolutive. I also plan on updating it when new Gaining Grounds Seasons will be released. The gameplay: a brief description Performer is a Keyword that is not centered on killing things. It uses more subtle ways to achieve its goals. The Crew is specialized in Interacting and giving the Distracted Condition as well as speed and repositionning (of the Crew or the ennemies). The killing game is really not the Performers' main purpose and their defenses won't be what will save their lives. But they have the perfect tools for scheming and you should score 3 to 4 points for Schemes each game. Let's see the common Abilities that we can find spread in the Keyword. Don't Mind Me: It's the Ability that you will find on every Living Performer. It grants you the opportunity to Interact when engaged and after having used the Disengage action. So you can always drop a Scheme Marker, no need to worry about nearby ennemies. Celebrity: After Interacting, an ennemy within 6'' gains Distracted +1. Always good to give to an unactivated ennemy. The Distracted Condition is one of the best means of defense for the Performers. Manipulative: Attacking models gain a negative flip to their attacks as long as you don't activate this model. That won't negate the threat, notably with how Focused work in M3E, but it can mitigate it, if coupled with Distracted, then your models have a better life expectancy. Nimble: Using your Bonus Action to Walk makes the model a very good scheme runner. Agile: Leaving an engagement with a Walk allows you to Interact in the same activation even if the model doesn't have Don't Mind Me. Also great for scheming. Distracted + X: This model's actions that target an ennemy model suffer a negative flip to their duel. After resolving such an action, the value of this Condition is lowered by one. As said in Manipulative, a single negative flip won't save your model, but coupled with Manipulative or Colette's Serene Countenance, the ennemy won't be able to cheat. After this brief general description, we will look deeper at each card, and first the Star of the Show: Colette Du Bois Her Df and WP stats are quite average for a Master as is her Health. Concerning her Df, the built-in Tome for the Fade Away Trigger is what makes her so difficult to pin down. If her Wp is targeted you can Cheat or use a Soulstone to gain the Tome. When Colette suffers damage, you can reduce them by 2 (to a minimum of 1) then Bury Colette. Generally, she will only be hit once by an ennemy. Some models have attacks that prevent Rst Trigger, so Colette won't be able to use Fade Away versus such ennemies. That will restrict your options for repositionning Colette but you know exactly what models you need to avoid or to kill quickly. Her second mean of defense is Serene Countenance. As opposed to Manipulative, the negative flip is always suffered by the attacker wether Colette has activated or not. It stacks with Distracted and (theorically) the ennemy wil have at least one negative flip to attack and won't be able to Cheat. Exceptions exist like a Focused Samurai using his Gatling Gun. Why would you Bury Colette when she is attacked (apart for reducing damage)? Because of her Showstopper Ability! When you activate her while Buried, you can Unbury her within 3'' of a friendly model or a friendly Scheme Marker. That gives you the opportunity to reposition Colette where you really need her (more about that later). And at the same time, all ennemies within 3'' of Colette gain Distracted +1, a good thing for the survivability of your Crew. This synergizes with her Illusionist Ability because each ennemy within 6'' with Distracted that activates gain Stunned. Preventing Triggers is a powerful mean of reducing the effectiveness of some models who are strongly dependant of their Triggers. She also has Don't Mind Me as well. Before diving into Attack Actions, let's take a look at her only Tactical Action: Practiced Choregraphy. This is a Bonus Action that generates a Pulse that allows you to move up to 3'' each Performer model within 4''. Not a strong action but in some games it can be necessary to reposition slightly your Crew. Its main drawback is that it competes with her other (powerful) Bonus Action. Distracting Illusion is her Melee Attack. It won't deal damage but it allows you to stack Distracted on the target and give it Stunned. Distracted +1 or +2 is generally not a big problem for a model but when it gets to Distracted +4 or +5, the opponent might cease to attack with this model and Performers don't like to be attacked too often. The Mental Trauma Trigger can be good to make the opponent discard cards, especially near the end of a turn when he only kept one or two good cards or don't even have cards left in his Hand. This Trigger can be enough to kill a weak (but annoying) model. Presto-Chango is Colette's main spell for repositionning her Crew and her ennemies. The range of this action is about 17'' as the target can be 8'' ahead of Colette and the friendly model 8'' behind Colette. She threatens one quarter of the table with it. You can use it to swap Colette and a friendly model or to put an ennemy model in harm's way (near an unactived Coryphee Duet for example). The most efficient way of doing it is having a Dove 6-8'' behind Colette and target an ennemy 6-8'' ahead of Colette. The ennemy will be repositionned near your Crew (far away from its allies) and your opponent can only retaliate by killing a Dove (so frustrating for him and not so worrying for you). Used in turn one, this trick can allow you to kill quickly one important ennemy model (Minion of Enforcer beaters are good targets). To succeed, you need a Mask that is not built-in, so prepare to stone if necessary. If you target a friendly model, a 7 Mask is what you need at least. If you have a Severe with Mask in Hand, keep it for Presto-Chango. The Mask doesn't compete for Triggers of other Performer models, so keep your Masks for Colette. The Trick of the Hat Trigger is nice but you won't have use of it often. You need the two suits to succeed so if you cheat a high Tome and have spent a Soulstone for the Mask, you can summon a Dove (if one has already been killed). Moreover, the Scheme Marker will generally be more valuable than a new Dove. False Reality: It can be seen as a lesser version of Presto-Chango. It is easier to cast (no Mask needed) but you only gain a Place effect of 2'' but also 2'' for each Distracted on the target. If the target is Distracted +2, it is a 6'' Place effect. It can be effective but you won't use it each game. The Bewilder Trigger is a bit of a trap as drawing cards is good but keeping Distracted on the target is best in general. The Delay Trigger that gives Slow to the target is nice but is based on the card you flip or cheat. You won't use a Soulstone for this. Sword Trick is THE Bonus Action that you want to use as often as possible. In a Crew that lacks damage, being able to deal 3/4/6 damage (even only once per activation) is very good. But you also Bury the target and control where it will be Unburied. When your opponent activates the Buried model, Colette's player Unburies it within 2'' of an ennemy Scheme Marker, so be careful to the position of ennemy Scheme Markers on the table before Burying an ennemy model. If there is no ennemy Scheme Markers, the owner of the Buried model nburies it in his deployment zone (can be dangerous for you at times). The Twist Ending Trigger (on a Mask, it can compete with Presto-Chango) is also sometimes crucial. If the opponent doesn't want to attack Colette and you need her in another part of the table, you have a mean of repositionning her. If you know that the target will die, use this Trigger each time (discard a Soulstone if necessary). Mechanical Doves (Totem) When you look at this Totem, apart from Mv 7 with Flight and the fact that you have three copies of it, the rest of the stats and abilities are quite low. Insignificant has its advantages and drawbacks. They don't count for Schemes and Strategies (bad for you and bad for your opponent), don't drop Markers when killed and never engage ennemies. So what is their use? First, when they are killed, you draw a card (Demise (Expandable)), nice. They are immune to damage from Shockwaves, Blasts and Pulses, nice too. You can use it as a Soulstone for Colette (Smuggled Soulstones), doing that kills the Dove but you draw a card ans have spared a Soulstone, also nice. I won't recommend doing that because the Doves have another role to play in the show (more on that later). Their attack is also weak but versus an opponent with low Health left and with the built-in Tome that generates the Overheat Trigger, you can kill some models and draw a card as the Dove is also killed. Annoying is a Tactical Action that gives Distracted to an ennemy model within 2'' which takes a Tactical Action other than Walk or Charge (Tactical Actions are actions without a Rst, page 22 of Rules PDF), can be good near unactivated ennemy models but isn't reliable. Generally focusing is better. Angelica Durand An Enforcer with average stats but good Mv. She also has Manipulative and Don't Mind Me. Her Get Off the Stage Df Trigger is not very reliable as you need to win the duel (no timing written so After Succeeding) and have a ligne of sight to a Scheme Marker within 12'' (but it can be a friendly or ennemy Scheme Marker). Herald is a cool bonus at the beginnig of first turn as free move is always good. Her Fancy Cane Attack Action is average and her Next Act Trigger on a Tome can disengage her from her ennemy. It can be good to avoid a Disengage Attack that could reduce her movement, but you need a high Tome. Suddenly Doves! is an Attack Action that drops a Shockwave Marker that doesn't deal damage like many others but gives Distracted +1 to ennemies failing a Wp 13 Duel. It is not very strong but it can force your opponent to cheat cards from his Hand which is always good. If you center the Action on a Dove the Wp Duel becomes Wp 15 Duel, good but situational (depending on where your Doves stand). The Not a Bomb? Trigger allows you to convert a Shockwave Marker into a Scheme Marker, can be good but very situational. It can be good if you chose the Search the Ruins Scheme and the Shockwave Marker is near a terrain, for example. Her Tactical Action Give Them An Encore gives movement to friendly Performers without flipping cards and it's a Bonus Action. You will use it each turn. Please note that Angelica can target herself with this action. Carlos Vasquez First, I need to mention that I have only played him once. I think that he is better with Kaeris than Colette. An overall good Henchman with good stats and some very good defensive tech (Butterfly Jump). Fiery Presence is a liability in a Performer Crew and you need to keep him away from the rest of the Crew, you really don't want to burn your pretty Performers. When he suffers damage from Burning, he can give Distractd +1 to an ennemy within 6'' (always nice) and he can reduce 1 damage to a minimum of 0 (Fireproof). Ennemy models that take the Assist Action within 6'' of him suffer 1 damage (nice too). He also has Don't mind Me as well. His Melee Attack (Flaming Baton) deals damage, Burning +1 and Distracted +1, very good even if the damage output is a bit low for a Henchman. The Critical Strike Trigger deals one additional damage and the Blaze Trigger deals additional Burning. Breath of Fire is an Attack with a range of 6'' but without the Gun Icon, so you can take it while engaged. It deals damage and Burning as well as Blasts (always goods versus clumped ennemies). It also has the Blaze Trigger for more Burning. Beware of the Up in Flames Trigger, it removes all Scheme Markers (even your own Scheme Markers), so don't declare it if you have some near Carlos. His Bonus Action The Dance of the Flame allows him an extra move of 5'' but he gains Burning +1 (not too dangerous because of Fireproof and how Burning damage works in M3E), His other Bonus Action (On the Pyre) creates a Pyre Marker within 12''. A good action but even better with Kaeris as her Crew has some uses for Pyre Markers that Performers don't have. Another reason why Carlos is presumably better with Kaeris. Cassandra Felton The other Performer Hench(wo)man. Good stats with Don't Mind Me, Celebrity and Nimble make her a good choice, especially for scheming. Her Changing Plans Ability allows her to move a friendly Scheme Marker within 3'' at the end of her activation. Always good if you misplaced a Marker or you need to drop a new Marker during her next Activation. Her Melee Attack (Balanced Sword) has a good damage output with a built-in Trigger (Reposition) that allows her to move up to 3''. Another Trigger gives Distracted +1 to the target. Her Breath of Fire Attack is the same as Carlos' Attack. Only one Trigger differs, she has Reposition instead of Up in Flames. Her Upstage Tactical Action allows her to copy a Tactical Action of an ally within 8''. Usefulness will vastly depends on Crew selection but in Keyword not so much use excepted The Power of Dance of the Duet or the Emergency Surgery of the Mannequin. Some more Healing in a fragile Crew is always good. Finesse is a Bonus Action that grants a negative flip to ennemy Melee Attacks targeting her. Good but can compete with her Nimble Ability. Depending on what you need to achieve, you will sometimes have hard choices to make about that. Coryphee You can and MUST have two copies of this model in your Crew. Concerning stats, please note that the Wp is low (4) so beware when facing some Crews (Zoraida and Pandora for example). It has Nimble and Agile, so a good schemer. Armor +2 makes it survivable but the Coryphee becomes fragile versus models with Analyze Weakness, especially because this action targets WP which is only 4. And beware of all models who deal irreducible damage as well. The Demise (Broken Down) Ability replaces the Coryphee by a Mannequin with 1 Health after the Coryphee would be killed. Don't expect the Mannequin to survive long but it will waste (at least) another action of your opponent to get rid of the Mannequin. The Tirwling Blades Attack deals good damage and has a Reposition Trigger to move up to 3''. The other Trigger hands out Distracted +1 to the target. The Dazzling Flourish Attack hands out Slow with a Reposition Trigger. Always nice to hinder an ennemy model. The first Tactical Action (Dance Partner) allows the Coryphee to place in base contact with a friendly model within 6'', It costs you a 4 of Mask but the Mask is automatically granted if you target a Performer. The Preparations Trigger on a Tome gives Focused +1 to the target. Can be good to stack Focused on your two Coryphees. The second Tactical Action (Dance Together) which is a Bonus Action is why I capitalized MUST in the first sentence about the Coryphee. This action (that doesn't require to flip a card) replaces two Coryphees within 2'' by a Coryphee Duet, the augmented (not the Keyword) version of the single Coryphee ! Coryphee Duet Upgraded version of the Coryphee. Df and Wp are 1 higher. It still has Nimble, Agile, Armor +2 (same advices as for the Coryphee). It gains the Blade Rush Ability that allows to charge through models. Ennemy models moved through suffer 1 irreducible damage (always good). And when the Duet would die, you don't have one Mannequin (like the single Coryphee) but two Mannequins at 1 Health (more actions to waste for your opponent). The Twirling Blades are also upgraded with a stat of 7 and new Triggers. Critical Strike for more damage. Visions of Glamour to hand out Distracted to nearby ennemies. Execute instantly kill the target if the your opponent can't discard (or don't want) a card or a Soulstone. This is a good way to drain your opponent's Hand. If used near the end of turn, it can cause hard choices for your opponent. Please also note that it denies Demise Abilities. It can be very nasty versus some models (Leveticus springs to mind). The Power of Dance Tactical Action allows to Heal nearby allies but it is a Pulse and then don't apply to the Duet itself. Dance Partner as the single Coryphee is also available but the Preparations Trigger is replaced by the Visions of Glamour Trigger (less interesting in my opinion). And it also has the Dance Apart Bonus Action that allows to split the Duet. Please note that the Duet suffers irreducible damage equal to half its current Health. A little example is needed here: If your Duet has 9 Health remaining, when you split it, it will suffer4.5 Damage rounded up to 5 and now has 4 Health left. Each single Coryphee has 4 Health only and not 5 (you must choose the actual Health of the Duet as it is lower than the maximum Health of the single Coryphees). When you re-form the Duet, you add the Health of the two Coryphees, so 4+4=8 Health. You have losed one Health in the process. Keep that in mind when choosing to split the Duet or not. Splitting the Duet allows you to have 4 Actions for one model. Generally the Duet makes two actions then split. One Coryphee is considered already activated, the other can activate. When you activate this second Coryphee, use the Bonus Action to re-form the Duet which will continue the activation and use its two remaining actions (attacking or scheming at your convenience). Be aware that between splitting and re-forming the Duet, your opponent has the opportunity to attack one of the single Coryphees which are a bit easier to damage than the Duet. Sometimes you won't want to re-form the Duet (for example, having two models instead of one for Scheming). Ice Dancer As for Carlos, I have played them once and think that they are better in their other Keyword (December). This is a Minion with average stats and Don't Mind Me (as usual in the Performer Keyword). Butterfly Jump is a good defensive tech that helps her to survive. Ice Skating allows to move through Ice Pillars and after ending the move to place an Ice Pillar or Scheme Marker she moved through in base contact with herself. Perfect for repositioning a not-so-well dropped Scheme Marker. Please also note that you can reposition an ennemy Scheme Marker and then deny points to your opponent (thanks to @extremor for this). Her Frozen Touch Attack is average (1/3/4 damage) but deals Slow (always handy) and the Trigger deals Distracted +1. Nothing awesome but nothing bad. Her Ice Path Tactical Action is an action that you won't use in a Performer Crew. You must target an Ice Pillar Marker and Push toward it ignoring models. Ennemy models moved through make a TN 13 Mv Duel or suffer 2 Damage. With a Mask, you can do it again for free. Nice, but in a Performer Crew, nobody is able to create Ice Pillar Markers. The Ice Dancer can create some with her Bonus Tactical Action Freeze the Corpse, but you need a Corpse Marker and can do it only once per activation (Bonus Action). Versus some Crews that discard Corpse Markers for their own actions, it becomes nearly impossible to do. Her second Bonus Tactical Action (Grim Feast) allows to Heal by discarding a Corpse Marker which conflicts with Freeze the Corpse and can makes it even harder to use. Mannequin This is a Minion with average stats (Wp is a bit lower at 3) and Armor +1. The Mechanical Assistant Ability allows the Mannequin to be Pushed 5'' towards a Performer model that ends a Walk Action within 5'' of the Mannequin. Used well, the Mannequin will rarely Walk by itself. The Take the Hit Ability makes the Mannequin a bodyguard. If a friendly model within 2'' is targeted by an attack, you can discard a card to Place the Mannequin in base contact with the target and the Mannequin becomes the new target of the attack. The Bladed Hands Attack is weak but can deal Distracted and even Slow with a Trigger on an already Distracted target. The Dazzling Flourish Attack hands out Slow and Distracted +1 on a Trigger. Not very good attacks but the Mannequin is not a beater. The Emergency Surgery Tactical Action is the main appeal of the Mannequin. For the cost of a 5, Living models (so no Coryphees, Duet, Doves or Mannequins) can Heal 1 /2/3. The Preparations Trigger on a Tome gives Focused +1 to the target. Showgirl A Minion with average stats and some defensive tech (Manipulative, Celebrity) as well as Don't Mind Me. The Sharp Hairpin Attack is quite weak excepted versus already Distracted targets as the Unexpected Ferocity Trigger deals additional damage equal to the value of Distracted Condition on the target (max +2). The other Trigger (Beautiful Clothes) deals Distracted +1. Lure moves the target its Mv towards the Showgirl. Handy to put an ennemy in harm's way or deny some victory points (more on that later). Seduction ends the Focused Condition on target and gives Distracted +1. Please note that it is ending the Focused Condition and not decrease it. So if the target has, for example, Focused +3, it loses all the Focused not only one. A Tome grants two different Triggers. If the target is a Soulstone user, it discards one Soulstone or one card. If it discards one Soulstone, you gain one Soulstone. Can be good depending on what you opponent has in his Hand. The other Trigger deals 2 damage to the target. Versatiles Hires I haven't tested all the models but two of them function very well in a Performer Crew. Mechanical Rider This is a high stats model that has a lot of utility. The Fate Tokens mechanic (similar for all Riders) allows to reduce damage defensively (won't do anything versus irreducible damage) or to declare Triggers offensively. Her Attack Action is good and the Arcane Ritual Trigger can be very good (depending on how much Fate Tokens you discard when declaring it). It adds card draw to a Crew that doesn't have any means of doing it by itself. The Tactical Actions are the reason to hire her. Not only in a Performer Crew but you have a solid model for more shenanigans here. Ride with Me makes your Crew even faster than it already is and can take back one of your model that ended up in combat with the wrong opponent. Revel in Creation allows to drop a Scheme Marker (you can instead drop a Corpse or Scrap Marker, but you don't have use of them in a Performer Crew) within 6'' and as it isn't an Interact action, no worries about the 4'' limit (always good). The first Trigger (Innovation) can be valuable in a Performer Crew but only for Colette (discarding a Mask for Presto-Chango TN) or the Duet (discarding a Crow for Execute Trigger on each attack, or discarding a Ram for Critical Strike (min damange 3) on each attack), perhaps a matter of personal playstyle but I don't use it. Insight Trigger is very good as you can reshuffle in your deck any number of cards from your Discard Pile. Very efficient mid or late turn if you have already discarded a lot of Moderate and Severe cards. The Revelation Trigger can be game changing if you have the Duet within 6''. The Trigger allows to activate a non-Master model after the Rider even if this model has already activated this turn. Yes, you can activate a second time the Duet if it was activated first before the Rider. Depending on the threats nearby, you can think of splitting and re-forming the Duet in each activation for a grand total of 8 AP! If you don't spend Fate Tokens to reduce damage, it can be made in Turns 3, 4, 5. If you give the Rider the Soulstone Cache Upgrade, she can use a Soulstone and cheat a Tome to do it in Turn 2! As Ride with Me and Revel in Creation are two Bonus Actions, there will be times when you will be forced to make hard choices between the two. Soulstone Miner The actual Star of the Arcanists! Good in every Arcanist Crew. Just be aware that Interact is always a Bonus Action and then compete with Burying and Unburying. But being able to Walk 10'' and then Interacting is good. If you use Mine Soulstone each turn, you will gain 5 Soulstones(near what it costed you at hiring). As being able to Bury and having Armor +2, it is a solid model but becomes even more solid with the Magical Training Upgrade that grants Shielded +1 at the start of each Turn. And as it is a Minion, you also gain Arcane Reservoir (one more card in Hand is always useful). Some Schemes become ridiculously easy with this model (Outflank among others). It can also be a good tool versus Crews creating Destructible Terrain (Rasputina, Euripides...) as its Thriller Driller Tactical Action can destroy numerous Destructible Terrain in a 3'' Pulse. Steam Arachnid Swarm seems a solid choice too (as in every Arcanist Crew). Haven't tested it personally. If you need Condition removal, look at the Arcane Effigy. For additional beaters, please look at the Arcane Emissary and The Captain. I haven't had great success with these ones but I generally have problems to use efficiently big beaters. In a more subtle way, the Saboteur can be a good tool versus Crews using (and abusing) Scheme Markers (Parker Barrows springs to mind). Out of Keyword Hires I haven't explored this option, so won't comment for the moment. But some models seem to have some assets for joining a Performer Crew. The Mobile Toolkit can enhance the Duet by giving it Focused and/or Shielded, for example (can be great in a Reckoning game) . Multiple Masters I am not very fond of multiples Masters in a Crew and haven't really tested it (one or two games only). If some people have experience with that, please comment. I think that Colette can be a good secondary Master pick as you will have a debuffer (Distracted) that can score some Schemes all by herself. Her Unburying trick is legit with any friendly model (not only Performer models) so she keeps her denial power even out of Keyword. One drawback, you won't be hiring the Doves (too costly), this can hinder her movement shenanigans. Upgrades Magical Training: a solid pick for every Keyword especially on a Minion (for Arcane Reservoir). Perhaps don't attach it to a Showgirl (even Shielded and Counterspell won't make her last long in front of an ennemy beater). Please refer to the Soulstone Miner above for a more suited bearer. Diesel Engine: A very good pick for single Coryphee or Duet as it is restricted to Constructs. But be aware that (as Replace rules work) you will discard it if you form or split a Duet. Depending on your playstyle, you may take it or not. Also note that the On the Move Ability (Minion only) won't work on the Duet as it is an Enforcer. But single Coryphee will love this Ability. Soulstone Cache: Recharge Soulstone can be good if you don't play an avoidance game with your Performer Crew. Attuned gives access to Soulstones. Can be a good choice for the Duet (if you don't split it). Empower is very situational and not very powerful (and Minion only). Soulstones Colette is a quite Soulstone hungry Master. The Mask required for Presto-Chango is not built-in and you will also need a Mask to self Bury Colette with Sword Trick. One or two Soulstones used to reduce damage on Cassandra or Colette are always good to have. And I often discard a Soulstone to draw cards at the beginning of a turn (generally twice in a game, more a matter of personal playstyle here). So I would recommend starting with at least 5-6 Soulstones. If you hire the Sousltone Miner, you could start lower.
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    Well, didn't painted any malifaux model this month, as my whole ten thunder faction is done and I only have a few models left to do for some friends. This month, I've painted some models for my newly arrived Kingdom Death So it will be my second mulligan, but I'm not ashamed announcing a mulligan there, since I've painted 537Ss of Wyrd's models during the whole year For the new year, I'm thinking if I remain in tyrant or if I just lower my pledge to master (even If I paint much more than 16Ss of models). Maybe I'll be able to modify it up during the year if I'm fast enough
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    Another 3 of my Abyssinia, contrast paints again, pretty quick but it suits me for ready for the table. The Aethermatic Blue is definitely a two coat paint, one coat is just barely noticeable.
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    This is an after-action report for a game played at Lost Planet Games in Torrance, California on 1/04/2020. It was a 50ss game between myself and one of our more seasoned players (shoutout to Colgan!) generating using the Malifaux App. It was part of our stores "New Year, New Crew" style event where we all are playing a new master. Pictures from this game can be found here. Set Up The terrain was set prior to our arrival. We defined the buildings at height 4, blocking, impassable. The smaller buildings were height 1, blocking, impassable. The spotter towers were Height 5, climbable, with height 1, climbable cover edges to the top. The tree stands were Severe, Concealing. The bright green puddles were Hazardous (Poison +1), with the exception of the walkways. Corner Deployment Plant Explosives Outflank, Power Ritual, Detonate Charge, Search the Ruins, Breakthrough I announced Resurrectionists, he announced Neverborn. I announced Reva, and he announced Collodi. The crew I built was: 6 SS Reva w/ the Whisper 2x Corpse Candles Vincent St. Clair w/ the Whisper Wanyudo Restless Spirit Lampad Shieldbearer Bonepile His crew: 7 SS Collodi 4x Marionettes Hinamatsu w/ Inhuman Reflexes Coryphee Duet Vasilisa Arcane Effigy w/ Effigy of Fate 2x Wicked Doll I’d not played against Collodi before, and I made the predictable choice of Outflank and Power Ritual given the Corner Deployment. I figured that with the terrain as it was, I’d be able to get my mobile models into the corners quickly enough. I wrote off Breakthrough and Detonate Charges given my weak scheme-running ability. I did go back and forth on Search the Ruins in lieu of one of the other schemes, but opted against it due to perferring the synergy of the other two schemes. My opponent selected Breakthrough and Power Ritual. Deployment My opponent was the attacker, and I had him deploy the Coryphee Duet first. I clustered my crew towards the right hand side, with the Wanyudo on the left. I gave 2 bombs to Wanyudo, and 1 each to the Bonepile, Reva, and Lampad. He gave 2 bombs to Hinamatsu, and one each to the Duet, Vasilisa and Collodi. Turn 1 He won the flip to go first, and I gained two pass tokens. He attached ‘Action Scene’, pulsing Focused out to his crew. I spent my pass tokens to achieve activation parity, so he spent his first three activations walking with a Wicked Doll and two Marionettes. My first activation was the Restless Spirit, dropping a scheme marker for Power Ritual before walking up and dropping a Corpse Marker. He walked Vasilisa up, taking a Marionette with her. He then walked again, and used Pull the Strings on the Marionette, in order to generate a Scrap token next turn. I had the first Corpse Candle use Light the Way to push the second Candle up, then walked into position to slingshot Wanyudo up. We alternate activating a Wicked Doll, Corpse Candle, and Marionette walking up the board. My next activation of note was the Shieldbearer, who used Blasphemous Ritual to pulse Focus onto my main models. I then used the Shield Slam attack, once on a charge, hitting the mask trigger twice to push Reva and Vincent 6” up the board. The Arcane Effigy dropped a scheme marker for Power Ritual, and then walked up. The Bonepile walked, healed Vincent, and then buried itself. Hinamatsu advanced up on the right flank. I had Wanyudo charge the Corpse Candle, using Burning Wheel to launch up to nearly the centerline on the far left corner. He activated Collodi next, using Puppet Master to have the Duet walk towards the left flank, before taking a walk. Entourage gave most of his crew additional pushes. He walked again, solidifying his position in the center. I moved the Lampad up, using a combination of it’s push and walks to build up some Burning, and reposition one of the Pyres dropped by the Corpse Candle. He walked the Duet towards the left flank, and Danced Apart. Vincent walked up and Concentrated. He took the fresh Coryphee and Danced Together, and Charged at Wanyudo. A lucky Black Joker allowed my Wanyudo to live on 2 wounds. For my last activation, I walked Reva up twice and took a focused Feed on Grief attack on a Marionette, cheating a severe in to kill it and drop a Pyre under two other Marionettes. His last activation was a Marionette walking up. Turn 2 Things were looking pretty bad for me on the left flank, so I cheat to secure the first activation. He gives Collodi the Soliloquy upgrade. I go with Wanyudo, charging through the Duet, needing all my movement to clear the terrain and the enemy’s base. I connect the Burning Wheel, and use the push to get to a position to drop a Bomb. He goes with Collodi, walking up and using Puppet Master to get Hinamatsu to walk into charge range of Reva. He then uses Puppet Master on Vasilisa to get her to summon a Stitched Together, but flips the Black Joker. He tries to use his bonus on Hinamatsu, but fails. Realizing I can’t get Reva out of the danger zone, I walk the Shieldbearer up and charge Vincent with Shield Bash, to make sure he was not also covered by the Hinamatsu charge. I then use Plant the Shield. As expected, Hinamatsu charged into Reva and I declare Take the Hit with my Shieldbearer. My opponent proceeds to stone for three Onslaught triggers (one from the Flurry attack) and when the dust settled, both Shieldbearer and Reva were still alive, but barely. I was a few stones lighter as well. Vincent went next, using a combination of his bonus action and Intuition from the Whisper to clear a bad card from my deck before shooting and killing a Wicked Doll, dropping a Pyre, healing Reva and the Shieldbearer, and drawing a card. He then shot a Marionette. The Marionette then charged into the Lampad, gaining some burning for it’s troubles from a Pyre. Unfortunately, it hit a Red Joker damage flip and did a whopping 5 damage to my squishy Lampad. It then used Pluck the Strings, forcing cards from my hand. The Lampad failed to return the favor, and opted to push itself closer to Reva for her healing bonus. My opponent walked the Wicked Doll on my right flank closer to the corner. Reva was my next activation, using Embrace on herself to heal 3 back. She then uses Feed on Grief with a Red Joker on a Marionette, getting the Ram trigger to heal more back (a total of 4 between the trigger, the action itself, and The Final Veil) as well as drawing a card and dropping a Pyre. I take a swing on Hinamatsu, who expectedly Butterfly Jumps away but takes a moderate hit for her troubles. I then use the Unquiet Dead, which Vasilisa fails. Vasilisa activates next, walking up and summoning a Stitched Together, but failing to heal herself. I walk my remaining Corpse Candle towards the right flank, intending to use it to unbury my Bonepile. The Stitched used Lucid Dream and charged Vincent, but didn’t do anything of note. I walk the Graveyard Spirit to drop a Corpse Marker near Hinamatsu before running away. The Coryphee Duet finally goes, having to walk and charge to get to Wanyudo, and whiffs on the attack before Dancing Apart. My Bonepile unburies, kills the Wicked Doll, and walks to be in position to drop it’s bomb next turn. With the remaining activations his, he walks his Arcane Effigy up and Dispels the Burning from Vasilisa (who had gained some by being in a Pyre). The Duet’s second activation saw it finally kill Wanyudo and pick up my Bomb marker, denying me the strategy point. At the end of the turn, no one revealed anything so the score was 0-0. Turn 3 I win initiative again, thanks to the pass tokens I was accumulating. He transforms the Arcane Effigy into the Arcane Emissary thanks to the upgrade, but not before Collodi attached Action Scene to pulse out Focused. Vincent and the Lampad gain Staggered thanks to Vasilisa. Figuring I needed to gain control of the center again if I wanted a chance to eke out a win (having reliably lost Outflank, and likely the second point of Power Ritual on top of missing a Strategy point) I go first with the wounded Lampad who uses a combination of walk and push to be in position to drop a Bomb marker. My opponent sends the Arcane Emissary into the Lampad, before charging again into Vincent. I have the Shieldbearer Take the Hit and drop to Hard to Kill. I go with Vincent next, and try to burst down the wounded Vasilisa but can’t kill her. The Stitched goes in on my Shieldbearer, and with Gamble your Life is able to kill my tank. I respond with Reva, summoning a Corpse Candle next to the Stitched Together before charging over the centerline, taking Ethereal Reaping through the Candle. I then dropped Reva’s Bomb. I try for Unquiet Dead but Black Joker it. Collodi goes next, attacking the Lampad and triggering his Demise ability, before puppeting the Stitched to walk next to my Bomb marker that the Lampad had dropped. I have the Candle try to hit Vasilisa and whiff. Vasilisa kills the Lampad, and uses Pull the Strings to have the Stitched pick up the Bomb, with the ‘die at the end of the turn’ effect up and none of my models nearby. My Bonepile drops it’s bomb and walks towards the right corner, hoping to get at least one Power Ritual point. Hinamatsu charges the Restless Spirit and ends it, before planting a Bomb of her own. The Coryphee Duet, with it’s various replace effects, walks to the left corner from me and drops both a scheme marker and a bomb. At the end of the turn, my opponent reveals Power Ritual. We both score the Strategy. The score was 1-2. Turn 4 He attaches Soliloquy to Collodi, and I get the first activation. I’m sorely down on activations this turn, but feel like I need to take action or I’ll be bogged down with disposable minions. I open with Reva, who summons a Corpse Candle before going to town on Vasilisa, cheating the Red Joker to get through her armor to kill her. With her last activation I walk towards the far corner, getting tunnel vision on Power Ritual even though I had no way to protect my third marker. The Arcane Emissary killed the Candle near it, flipping the Black Joker on the first attack and the Red Joker on the second. He took the Mask trigger and charged into Vincent before putting up his Negation Aura. My other Corpse Candle used Light the Way to reposition a Corpse Marker before walking and charging Collodi, whiffing. His Marionette walks and punches Reva before Plucking the Strings to hand out some Distracted. My Bonepile drops a scheme marker, and I focus instead of burying like I should have. His other remaining Marionette charged Reva and plucked the strings as well. Vincent walks away from the Emissary and kills both Marionettes thanks to Rapid Fire, drawing some cards and dropping some Pyres to protect Reva. Unfortunately, Collodi goes next and summons 2 more Marionettes before Slowing Reva and puppeting a Marionette to punch Reva. The Marionettes then take turns punching and Plucking the Strings, getting some damage and several stacks of Distracted onto her. The Coryphee Duet does it’s dancing shenanigans to drop another marker for Power Ritual (replacing the one it removed for the reveal) and dropping another Bomb marker. Hinamatsu walked and dropped a scheme marker. At the end of the turn, my opponent revealed Breakthrough. I revealed Power Ritual. We both scored the Strategy. The score was 3-4. Turn 5 We did the first few activations of this turn, but it was apparent from the onset that I could not come back for the win, so we decided to talk through the likely outcome. We agreed that even in the best case scenario, I would be unable to drop any more bombs (I had none), I could not get into a third corner (he could remove my home Power Ritual marker to deny me) and I could not get to the Reveal or Score position for Outflank. My opponent was poised to score full points on Power Ritual, but lacked the actions to get enough markers for the second Breakthrough point. He did have enough Actions to drop another bomb. We agreed that the final score would be 3-6. Post-Game Thoughts I learned a lot this game - mostly through error - for which I was grateful. My opponent played a strong game despite it being his first time putting the Puppets on the field, and I do see a lot of power in the keyword. His four main models - Collodi, Hinamatsu, Vasilisa and Duet - all having Armor +2 was a huge pain to deal with as a crew that didn’t have ways to ignore Armor. Sure, I had the Burning - but it was rarely relevant, as he could either remove it with Arcane Emissary, or just take a pip of damage and not care. My main takeaways are a bit more robust this go around, because they fall into broad categories: I built a crew that was too heavily invested in support staff and squishy, expensive scheme runners who didn’t run schemes; my healing, condition removal model of Bone Pile became a scheme runner instead. This meant that ~ 25 stones of my crew was locked into scheme running, pure support, or otherwise avoiding the fight. This left me outgunned, as I had Vincent and Reva against Hinamatsu, Stitched, and the Duet - to say nothing of Collodi and the sheer volume of attack the Marionettes brought. While I can’t expect to know every crew option available, I do need to consider the terrain when building my crew. And when I take a model for a job, it needs to do that job - and not get forced into a different role because I have to make up for misplays. I selected schemes that forced me to spread out and spend a lot of actions moving and scheming, in a strategy that is already requiring a lot of moving and interacting, with a crew that has few scheme shenanigans. I think if I had taken Search the Ruins instead of Power Ritual, I could have stuck closer to the center and snuck the Search markers out after I’d created more of a Pyre-heavy zone. Who knows - I might even have been able to push through with a mobile model like Wanyudo in a similar way to how Hinamatsu got past my line. When I played, I got tunnel vision on my schemes. I did my best to score the strategy, but my opponent quite simply outplayed me and denied me two points on it by stealing my bombs, thanks to his abundance of actions. I am half tempted to count how many actions our respective sides had - I know I had more ‘quality’ actions, and I spent a lot of them on movement. There’s a deeper discussion I have been thinking of with regards to action economy in the game in general, but I’ll save that for a different post. Suffice it to say, having a crew that is elite in size, where it’s strength comes from doing damage to achieve activation parity going up against a crew with 5 free activations before a stone is spent, and many of those activations have armor (thus making my actions worse overall), I felt outgunned and outmaneuvered. Oddly enough, Reva’s crew has more synergies with killing than I realized. The Shieldbearers have a built-in heal on their sword attack, so any beater with a defense of 4 or 5 can actually be reliably tied up by them healing above Hard to Kill repeatedly. If I need to do it after they’ve activated, I can just summon a Corpse Candle and kill it - instant 6” heal for any Final Veil model in range. I think Shieldbearers are also my anti-armor kit - Shield Bash has a trigger to do 1 damage from burning, so it’s a stat 6 attack that reliably does 2 damage per action - that’s better economy than Ethereal Reaping against Armor +2! That said, I kept the score to a 1 point differential up until the last two turns. I am confident that if I had not tunnel visioned, played a little differently, I could have scored a few more points. I was consistently killing 3-4 models a turn between Vincent and Reva alone. With two Whispers, this led me to drawing a ton of cards (and healing a ton with the Final Veil). My MVP of the game was my Bonepile - it scored me 2/3 of my victory points, and I misplayed it. Thank you for reading!
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    For January, I'm gonna round out my CotBM company with 9 Twisted Horrors. I also have Abuela primed, so she'll be a stretch goal. Tyrant pledge this year is gonna be fun!
  8. 2 points
    Looks to me like vampires are coming to Malifaux!
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    This would require changing the rules so that being edge to edge with terrain counts as being in terrain, which pretty much breaks impassable terrain.
  11. 2 points
    Hi wyrdos! You are welcome to join us on the M3e Malifaux tournament to be held 01/02/2020 in Dicey Lair wargame club (https://vk.com/diceylair). Three Rounds Strats and schemes according to Core Rules 50SS Start is at 11:30, ending at 20:10. Fixed Faction GG0: Wild( Alternating Leaders, Bans, Classic(ALL)). For the guests of our city the event is totaly free.) Link to the event: https://vk.com/event190220652
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    Do we actually have a married couple in game yet? Brothers, sisters, "sisters", weird may-december romance, gremlin romance, father & child, "gal pals", mother & child.... I think that would be a first. I'm still sticking with before she was his wife, she was his personal assistant Tracey Copper née Buckingham.
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    I dunno. Worked out pretty well for Ash Williams. Though that was more of an M2E condition/upgrade removal, than a Heal.
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    I raised this point on the rules forum a while back, and most people were of the view that life leech applies once to every sorrow in range and once to the model activating (they all can only be affected once). Plus life leech would be pretty OP if it could work that way.
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    It was not great for the strat or scheme because it was cursed idols and hold up their forces was in the pool. It is a crew that likes to be bunched up. My opponent had yokou, chiyo, 2 geisha, lust, bill, Hina, tannen and a charm warder. Top of 2 I spent a 12r to pull off the riders make everyone charge so all those run and gun models just emptied my opponents hand. My opponent sent Hina to do the cursed idols in the corner, which basically let me kill off most of his fragile models and get his master close to death for the first assassinate point. He had lust at full or almost full, Hina in the corner, and yokou on deaths door with no stones left. Tbh my opponents list was mostly Janky, so your mileage may vary.
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    Thanks all for your answers. @AskM3L8r: I have played around 70 games with Colette and still enjoy her playstyle. I think I can play her as long as the M3E will last. My concern is more about having people that wouldn't want to play versus her. @extremor: Agree with you. But it may be a part of the problem. Some of my opponents have very few games of M3E and they think that Colette's tricks are near unstoppable. That's why I said "Is she a NPE? (for new players, should I have added). My tougher opponents are those who play the most. And I can confirm you that Seamus is a hard match-up for Colette (even if I don't mind scheming with Colette or the Duet). And Misaki can be a nightmare to fight (but I still pick Colette versus her with goods results). @Ogid: As said above, I play her frequently in any kind of Strats and Schemes. Some are a lot harder than others. I think she can do well in the majority of strategies with the exception of Reckoning. But even in this case, I consider her if the Scheme Pool favors her. In this case, I generally score 1 or 2 points for Reckoning and try to score all 4 Scheme points and do my best to keep my models alive (it works more or less) and deny my opponent's Scheme Points. I don't think shes is a niche Master (I can be wrong).
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    If you put upgrades on the jackalope it turns into a real melee beast (pun intended).
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    I say let the Stitched keep the ability to cheat that variable flip, but make it more interesting for everyone involved. Reorder the events in Gamble Your Life to That would be a gamble. Optionally, if that's not a big enough gamble, add another trigger with "When resolving, this action ignores armor." It's a buff and a nerf.
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    FWIW, a Freikorps player said in the other forum that Half-Blood are the best (Neverborn) keyword against his crew. And given that they are versatile for all Neverborn, they at least have SOME uses.
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    After having some time to think about it I retract my vote against buying back in ( I think we lost over half our painters in 2019). There's some good suggestions above, I really like @Shock & Awe suggestion. Buying back in at what you missed from the month you were eliminated and it accumulating for every month you missed
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    I would really enjoy to see a Gremlin Conquistador, with helmet and all. Not shure if it could be a dual faction master or if that would serve better as a Nightmare Edition for someone like Sommer, but Bayou People want to colonize this new faction too.
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    Unfortunately you can't use it against stiched. Gamble doesn't count as a duel, and you can only use the old ways against duels. EDIT: Nor can you use it on damage flips, so it must be pretty rare to use the same card over and over?
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    1.) Yes you can, unless the Action specified. 2.) Yes you can, unless the Action specified. 3.) Yes you can. It is however meaningless to do so since a model would only affected by one shockwave marker within an Action. 4.) Action in this edition is counting up. In your example, the model has taken 1 Action against its limit of 2 + 1(Fast) Actions per Activation. After gained Slow which cancelled out with the Fast, it is now 1 Action taken / 2 Action per Act. Hence it can still take 1 Action. If you can manage to give that model Fast again within the Activation(like Hard Knock Life) then it can take the 3rd Action.
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    I usually give DMD to the Stalker and Regeneration to Mate or Cap depending on the situation.
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    Yes! I finally received them right around Christmas. Hopefully you get your soon. Now if I could find my other cards - somehow I misplaced my entire card holder....
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    SLOW GROW ROUND 1 - 13 JAN TO 26 JAN RED GAME: "HIGH NOON AT BAD THINGS CORRAL" The sun beats hot on your shoulders as you twist through the streets of the Quarantine Zone. Ahead, four dark shapes emerge from an alley - your ambush has failed, now it all comes down to who has the fastest trigger! Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Assassinate / Vendetta Special Rule: VP may be scored on Turn 1 (NB you may still only score 4 VP from the Strat and 2 from each scheme) - yes, this is Henchman Hardcore without the time limit. BLACK GAME: "RAIDERS OF THE CURSED ARK" You found it! Only problem is, you didn't find it first. After weeks of meticulous planning and investigation it all comes down to who can loot those powerful artifacts the quickest... Shut your eyes - don't look at them no matter what happens! Deployment: Flank Strategy: Cursed Idols Schemes: Dig Their Graves / Search The Ruins Special Rule: Idol markers may be used as friendly scheme markers or corpse markers for the purposes of schemes. Each marker may only be used as one or the other and only for one scheme per turn. If a marker would be removed it is not, instead the opponent may place the marker within 3" after VP scoring is complete, if both players would place the same marker at the same time it does not move.
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    More or less. Larger terrain is broken into sections because again, everyone knows how badly I can abuse that with Titania
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    I think there is a huge difference...for the additional 2 stones you get +2 Def, +2 WP, +1 MV, Unimpeded, Ruthless, and Revel in Death.... Revel in Death is HUGE. Typically in most of my games you only need Ride With Me the first couple of turns after which you have the Fate Tokens to hit Soulfire every turn for the rest of the game (assuming he is still alive). Granted the Kentauroi can get +1 damage on the charge to be Min 3 then....(ish) but the Rider is Min 3 for both attacks. The Kentauroi has some other nice things about them to- being able to shrug a condition, etc but all in all for 2 extra stones everything you get in the Rider more than makes up for the additional cost. About the only place I would take the Kentauroi instead is with Doc for all the poison heal synergy that it gets there. In every other crew when I am taking something for a 1-2 turn Ride With Me but primarily to be a third or fourth big beater in the crew the Rider wins hands down. .02
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    This whole threads a real show excellent painting skills and dedication. Keep it up Caedrus!
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    Teddy and Iggy are great! I am just now putting together Hinamatsu and don't have Serena yet but have heard good reviews about them.
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    I think in this specific case with this specific trigger, since the damage is a cost and the cost is paid at the trigger declaration phase, the damage would happen immediately per page 34 (because step 4 is the part where you take the actual damage for the cost). Then you would do step 5 which is when black blood does its thing as an after damaging ability. The pigs can reduce that damage via different means which means that's the start of another set of damage steps. It seems fairly clear in this specific case.
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    If you have a low mask, the Nephilim can charge your own, relenting model and trigger insidious influence to obey it afterwards with any 8+ A bit situational but a solid turn 1 plan
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    Hold Up Their Forces: 50/50, depending on what you bring to the table. Savage works slightly better with this since they are the tanky crew in the faction. Take Prisoner: We have a lot of options for this but bear in mind that generally we don't want to be leaving models around to do whatever they want. We don't have that many options to cripple models while keeping them alive. Outflank: Feasible for basically any of our crews (yes even Dora) in standard or wedge. Corner turns this into a Nephilim only strategy (but they do love it~). Assassinate: Very matchup dependent. Also you will often run into an issue of whether you want to keep that leader alive for one more turn to get both points or settle for the single murder point (this one is more strat dependent than crew dependent). Deliver a message: Easy one point but it requires leaving the enemy leader alive which 90% of the time is either A) Too deadly to be left alive or 2) Too mobile to get the second point on anyway. Also means that you're likely giving up a free point as well since aside from Lucius and Zoraida, our leaders always want to be in the thick of things. Claim Jump: This one is pretty reliable for just about anything, so long as you pick the right model. Woes, Nightmares, Nephilim, etc all want the enemy to come to them on their terms. Serena, Candy (sooooo much candy), Vasilisa, Hina, etc. Anything that can survive a turn in the center is a good option here. Just don't take it into a mid v. mid fight (i.e. Toni). Vendetta: This is a nephilim strat every game. Literally. If you're not taking this you better have a good reason. Grab a BBS, pick an enemy 6ss model, and grow that boy into a 10 stone hunter with one job. The only catch is making sure you don't murder them too quickly. That being said, I hesitate to say this is good for other crews (savage works due to the tankiness) since it requires the friendly model to survive, which is not something we do particularly well... Detonate charges: Don't. It doesn't work well. We only have one or two models that can lay down non-interact scheme markers and those are very telling. There's 4 other schemes in the pool. Move on. Breakthrough: Widow and Bander are options. This one really depends on the deployment. Flank is doable for about half the crews, corner is almost impossible for anything that isn't Nephilim. It's an option, but shouldn't be the first one. Harness the leyline: Looks bad, really isn't. Leyline means using some AP to put markers on the centerline. Bad right? Here's the rub: Where does your opponent need to come to stop said markers? As neverborn you should (almost) always want to take the center and force a fight there where reinforcements can come fast and furious (doubly so if it's something like Idols). Now there are some crews where this is a bad idea (Hi Nellie...), but this one is a pocket pick for when you need a scheme that can force your opponent to play your game. Dig their graves: A couple of gimmicks make this feasible, but it's difficult keeping it secret while doing it. Nephilim blood hunter + wicked doll = easy second point, the tricky part being figuring out when to dump an AP to drop a scheme marker for an easy kill. Ironically most of the gaggle has the opposite problem. Important thing to remember is it's corpse OR scrap markers. Wicked dolls are 4 stones and useful all around, and easily sacrificed in a pinch, same for pups. BBS is an option OOK but at that point you might as well be telling your opponent your game ahead of time (could be an interesting fake out though...). Power ritual: I hold that there's no good reason to take this if there's breakthrough in the pool in 80% of games, but that's not the important bit. This is a possible take in corner or flank deployments for one point, but this is definitely not a scheme to expect two points out of without your opponent making an error. Search the ruins: Board dependent. Five interacts seems like a lot, but if there's terrain near the midline a turn 2 search is generally feasible if the game hasn't devolved into a slobberknocker. It will get you 2 points more often than not unless you've lost board control (in which case good luck to ya lads...) or there's no good terrain. Top 3 schemes not accounting for matchup: 1) Claim Jump 2) Search the Ruins 3) Harness the Leyline Worst 3 schemes not accounting for matchup: 3) Hold Up (again our low ss models are very squishy) 2) Breakthrough\Power Ritual (these two have the same issues and are interchangeable depending on deployment) 1) Detonate charges
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    I’ve got a tourney coming up with Wedge Turf War Pool: Power Ritual Outflank Claim Jump Harness the Ley Line Hold Up Their Forces So it’s mostly positional play: take the four quarters, points available in the corners, the sides, the center, and along the centerline. I think I really like Dashel for this, with a lot of blasting into the Wedge deployment to scare them off. My other thought is Hoffman, but he doesn’t really have the speed to stop someone breaking past and scoring Power Ritual.
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    Try Divinity: Original Sin 2. The game is all about conditions, board control, and movement. It doesn’t have a lot of “objective” based fights, but almost every fight has a unique gimmick or mechanic.
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    Yes. But most of the time you're going to get more mileage out of 8ss in your cache than Talos, he moves up slowly, and then he dies.
  39. 1 point
    How does it happen with Luna? Luna has hunting partner to make shooting into melee easier, but there's no second half of the loop on the card. If you really want to worry about combos, Jonathan Reichart has the Hold It trigger on Bring It (and can spend a soul stone for the suit) so you can get the whole party started outside of Crocket's activation if you want. And since Reichart has 2" melee range, against a lot of targets you may be able to arrange to be standing safely where Reichart will engage the model but won't get hit by Bring It's goaded attack. It'll be: Reichart uses Bring It to move target into position. Hold Down grants Crocket the ranged attack (ignoring Friendly Fire due to Hold Down), which has to do damage Guild Hound discards a card to attack, and gets Hold Down trigger Crocket shoots again at the target (ignoring Friendly Fire due to Hold Down) Guild Hound discards a card to attack and gets Hold Down trigger Crocket shoots again (still ignoring friendly fire due to Hold Down) ... Reichart takes his second action. Crocket can't use Coordinated Attack in that version because all of his attacks are generated by triggers. At that point, you might as well start building the list as: Da Basses (Cornie and Bernie) Reichart Paul Crocket Dashel Barker (to summon more doggies) Doggies (optional starters) Guild Lawyer (because Obeys make everything better)
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    Yeah, I think the Buyback and Terrain revisions are perfect! Full speed ahead!
  41. 1 point
    Her 'Beast Shape' bonus action: "... without discarding ANY UPGRADES.". And her 'Bestial Form' upgrade: "... without discarding ANY UPGRADES.".
  42. 1 point
    At the time I had them running bombs for Plant explosives. They can be useful for schemes. If the set up isn't painful. Were the performers drop markers with everything or union miner's false claims. I like where it's going but feels like the molemen are missing something. I plan to play more with them. If I come up with ideas for them, I'll post them.
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    Just realized that there's a new crew with the old Freikorps Suit and now I'm pissed.
  44. 1 point
    The worst part is he is using my own swarms (I had them for last edition Hoff) against me!
  45. 1 point
    Don't forget the Salty Seadevil and Silent Knight Augments!
  46. 1 point
    Thanks 😀 he was good fun to paint, and the model makes a fantastic centre piece for the force. Here's a few more pics. I'll try and get some pictures of the troops in some better light. Also attached is the Steel Legion I like to hire in sometimes, courtesy of Kassa. I wanted to give them a scheme that was in keeping with the rest of the company.
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    Papa legba or baron samedi themed Zoraida nightmare crew. Or else the same thing as a new Nico style master of zombies.
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    Only reason I know already is because I was corrected after doing it wrong for a bit... 😅
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    And if I'm not wrong, nothing forces you to discard one of the markers generated by the action if there are more friendly ones on the table, right?
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