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    Finished a couple more models. This time it's 2 investigators! I may actually finish Lucius' models this month as all I have left is a proxy for the time wizard Alan Reid and maybe a proxy false witness.
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    Keeping chugging away at lucius' crew with a lawyer + dopple I also did a quick Joss for a friend
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    Here is a little Agent 46 Paint action..
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    So the Plague crew is one that likes the long game. It takes time to build up the Blight that this crew revolves around. Summoning is a thing but if you spend all your actions trying to create the M2E rat engine, I am sorry, but you are wasting actions as there is little to no benefit. Rats are more of a side effect of what this crew does. They will be on the table and you will be able to do some tricks with them, but the Plague strategy is not based around them. This crew is one that rewards forward planning. Do not try to alpha strike or score early unless the opponent made a mistake you can capitalize on. If you rush this crew, you will lose. This crew is a generalist crew, more so than any other crew in the faction other than maybe the Freikorps. Unfortunately, Hamelin has no fancy flashy gimmick that gets people going "oh that was cool." Playing the Plague crew means you care about those small details no one notices. The combination of small pushes, those extra two stacks of blight setting up the one-shot kill, the sudden suprise damage or unexpected scheme. This crew is not straight forward nor easy to master. It is taking time to learn its little nuances even for someone who has heavily played him both in M2E and M3E. Hamelin plays for the win, not for the death of an entire crew. Deployments where Hamelin shines are Corners, Flank, and Wedge. These are prove the chance for his high mobility to shine (even if unconventional). Strats are pretty flexible with Hamelin. Corrupted Idols can be a bit of challenge due to a lack of healing, but using Rat Kings and Rat Catchers, you can do rather well here. Rat Catchers can still interact when engaged giving them the ability to tie up enemies while still being able to move the markers. Reckoning can be rough if you play carelessly as even the "suicide" abilities of this crew count toward the strategy. You must play more of a shell game, possibly adding in Pride for a heavier defense. Pick your kill targets carefully and don't offer up too many free kills. Hamelin's Lure is your best friend here. Plant Explosives is probably Hamelin's best strat as he can send his vermin quite a distance. His mobility is the strength here. Turf War is another strong one as the crew is one who can actually control the center of the board rather well. Schemes that work well in Hamelin are as follows: Detonate Charges: Winged Plague make this super easy as a late activation. Outflank: Again, Winged Plague can fill this role rather well for cheap. Power Ritual: Again, Winged Plague and the ability to push them around help this a lot. Claim Jump: Nix is easy to get into the center and keep alive if you crew bubbles up correctly. Vendetta: relatively easy if you can lure in the target and use the Wretch as the Vendetta model. Just know, they will gun for her and she will be hard to fully protect adequately. Rat Catchers can be a good option too if adequately protected and possibly have Soldier for Hire. Also Plague does not have many good options for opponents to pick. Deliver a Message: Do not take it, but this is a good choice to pick the crew for as Nix can keep them from being able to do it. Schemes that I think are not so good to choose with Hamelin: Breakthrough: While the crew is mobile, it usually cannot move enough on its own fast enough to drop enough markers. It causes the crew to over extend a bit much. Take Prisoner: Plague models are too fragile to do this reliably, but using Hamelin to Lure them in "might" work, but in my experiences it is not the easiest option. Hold Up Their Forces: Again, too fragile to try and just sit next to models. But this is even harder than Take Prisoner. Overall, A very flexible crew. The overall effect is the opponent doesn't normally understand whats going on until its too late. The crew has strength in mobility, flexibility and disruption. The weaknesses are durability and having no real "beater" in the crew for explosive early game damage. Many people haven't really grasped him yet because of all the subtleties of the crew but I honestly believe Plague will have his day as 3rd edition continues to grow! Models I like to add in and reasoning: Ashes & Dust: a great flexible beater that can both scheme and kill, possibly even summon other minions! Prospector: A great addition if you are trying to defend against Breakthrough. Benny preforms a similar function but Prospectors are more cost effective. Pride: This is my go-to defensive model in all my crews and he doubles down in Plague. He can shut down cheating which can spell death for any model stuck in the blight bubble. Midnight Stalker: This is the one model than can make many "ok" schemes quite doable. Not a bad scheme runner killer either. Hodgepodge Effigy: I like this model more than the Emissary due to cost and purpose. I do not thing the Emissary adds much to the Hamelin crew but cheap targeted healing is useful. I never take the Effigy upgrade. ** As a warning, Hamelin can have a hard time into Ten Thunders due to charm warders and some very bad matchups (Shen Long). Just be warned they have many tools to cause Hamelin problems. Ok this has been my overview of the Keyword! If you have any opinions or points of discussion please share! I will also be sharing my games going forward to help explain how the crew works in practice.
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    Next you'll tell me you prefer to make models dead, not undead....
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    I need to update my Ironsides Crew to 3. Edition... WIP These guys need some more glazes with midtones. But they are good enough for their first game.
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    It might be a little unorthodox but I grabbed a generic house cat looking model from another range and have decided it will be the 'copyCAT killer'. I think it fits the theme of Miss Feasance decently well and will look kinda cool
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    Elsewhere on this forum someone posted a thread asking about collection sizes. I think that’s the first counter example. Unless you want to post the strats/schemes, and the pools of models available to each player at the time, trying to refute your claim is just a “Uh huh” “Nuh uh” game that won’t accomplish anything. Yes, if a player has exactly enough models to make exactly one crew they’re in a bad spot. But finding three leaders that you can say “This one handles these situations, that one handles those, and that one handles the others” is a good spot to be in. During M2E, I always thought the best advice for a new player was “Pick two master boxes to start.” Because they need to be able to make choices. And I think that remains true in this edition.
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    Hello, Here is the Venetian Town House I pledged for 30 ss. Same model as the one I pledged a couple of month ago, painted with a different scade of colours, less aged with pigments. Major difference is the flower window component, not included in the sold set. @Caedrus, if you confirm a 30ss value for the house, my overal montly ss collected are 45 so far, and guess it'll be a definitive target.
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    Like any good fantasy IP, we need a Netflix animated series.
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    I would really enjoy to see a Gremlin Conquistador, with helmet and all. Not shure if it could be a dual faction master or if that would serve better as a Nightmare Edition for someone like Sommer, but Bayou People want to colonize this new faction too.
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    The more I play this game, the more I worry about the 'pay-to-win' problem. It seems like the more models you own, the better your chances in a tournament. True, you have to actually be proficient in all the models you play, but many of us in my area play 1-2 times a week. Plenty of time to get proficient with dozens of models (or even a hundred). I'm especially concerned as it feels like it is going to be very difficult to recruit new players. How is a new player going to feel when they own a single crew and face me with access to Dreamer, Zoraida, Nekima, Titania, and a bunch of counter pick models? If I'm able to have such a huge variety of choice, it feels pretty shit for new players, especially if I have counter pick leaders or models for their one crew. Don't get me wrong, I love Malifaux's diversity and options. I love the out of keyword and versatile systems. The pick-counterpick pregame dance is part of what makes Malifaux great. This has to stay part of the game. But at the same time, some players having access to an entire faction and some players having action to a fraction of a single keyword just feels so unbalanced to me. It feels a bit "the one with the largest wallet wins." Anyone else feel like this/think it is an issue? One possible solution (and I'm just spitballing here) is some kind of limit. I wonder if the game could use something like Magic the Gathering's sideboard. For example, what if in a tournament you could register 125 soulstones of models (plus two free masters/totems) and they were the only ones you could use all tournament. This way, you'd still be able to fit loads of counter picking and meta choices, but it'd mean someone starting the game would have a target for competitive play: 125 soulstones. It'd also be nice for those of us who want to play multiple factions, and could get 125 stones for a few different factions. This would also create some interesting choices (can I really fit this model in just because it smashes a master I hate? Yes, if I hate it enough!) Of course, it'd still favour larger collections, as metas shift over time, but the goal would be to mitigate the impact of owning the most models. What are people's thoughts? Mostly I'm interested in whether you think whether Malifaux has a pay-to-win problem. But thoughts on this 'sideboarding' solution are welcome as well!
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    Im coming from Infinity the Game. Objective play and dying teammembers are daily buisness ☕
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    Caedrus, reporting in! As requested by @Butch, the month of September has had a Beastman painted in Black and White (with a coloured base so you can be certain of saturation levels). The majority of this was zenithal airbrush work. Some areas of fabric were stippled, and some paintbrush gradient work on the halberd. A quick job, but enjoyable! See you next month for a new challenge. Perhaps it's time to bust out the oil paints? Caedrus.
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    Hey! You already have the LaCroix family! And Gautreaux Bokor is pronouced in a very French way!
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    Okay, I am someone who has studied Asian culture (my minor is in Asian Studies) and I am going to give my two cents here. There are points that edge on cultural appropriation (specifically with Asian exoticism), but those all seem to be commentary on stereotypes or references to other sources of media (sometimes even both). There are also a few things that are incorrect, likely based on misunderstandings, specifically Qi should be pronounced chee not key, but I can chalk that up to alternate history elements. The rest (which are largely outside my area of knowledge and scholarship) seem to be hinging on penny dreadful representations, and are thus more of a critique of the stereotypes that would have been represented there.
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    Because I find Australia's situation in Malifaux universe quite interesting, I will go back off topic for a bit. It is not entirely clear there is anything nation like in Australia in Earthside. In the real world, Australia was mostly colonized in 1800s. In Earthside 1800s was mostly dominated by black powder wars, as nations were fighting over the control of soulstones after the Breach closed the first time. At the very least it might host a population that's very different from our world's, and it might even remain largely unclaimed, because the British Empire's/Guild's efforts have been directed elsewhere, first in establishing control over the entire world and then claiming Malifaux once the Breach reopened. What purpose would Australia even serve when you have a more profitable prison colony where the local fauna is even more likely to kill you?
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    Alright, more of an update: Turn 1, I committed everything. Killed a Jurogumo and Dawn Serpent. From the getgo, EVERYTHING rushed Asami and her friends. My opponent spent the game backpedaling. He managed to go a turn without a 13 so he only summoned an Obsidian Oni, and then the next turn he black jokered his attempt on a Jurogumo. I tabled the enemy, wiped em out. Won the game 6-3. Lots of injure really helped deal with them, so good. And the drain on his hand from Grimwell was excessive, plus he was discarding to protect Asami.
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    I think Alan Reid is best when he is giving out slow. I never thought about it til a friend showed me, but all of the keyword can give negative flips to duels against them. So if you have the lawyers playing aggressively and Alan Reid casting Slow on them, then they can't focus to get around your negative flips. This is pretty powerful and really helps with the crews defense. Alan also helps with the card circulation. Since he has ss, if Lucius can rush him into combat with something early, might be worth to discover an enemy scheme.
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    Heya Breachers! I've written up a swell piece on what I love about In Defense of Innocence, but when I checked my calendar I just couldn't post it. It's just asking for a gift from Waldo to post anything like that on Friday the 13th, and I'm not one to tempt Fate (even if it's just Waldo claiming to be Fate's will.) So instead, I'm going with something a little more appropriate. Friday the 13th is upon us, and October is just around the corner. Even though the temperature here isn't feeling very autumnal, the spookiest time of year looms ahead. And well, we love us some spooky here at Wyrd! Personally, I feel that Through the Breach is a wonderful way to get in the Halloween mood, but I'm also a sucker for a good horror movie. So I thought, why not combine the two! From now until Halloween, hit me with your best horror movie translated for Through the Breach! It doesn't need to be a full one-shot or scenario write-up. Think more the plot hook or overview. Here's one I'd love to run as an example: A small frontier town's children have been disappearing, and it's whispered among the frightened children that something slinks through the town taking the form of their greatest fears. Submit your horror movie re-imagining in this thread through October 31st, and a lucky winner will receive a spooky prize! I can't wait to see your submissions!
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    Hi there, I'm Teacrusader. Just got back into Malifaux with the release of 3rd Ed. I played /very/ briefly back in 2nd a few years back. Had a Rasputina crew I didn't gel with, had plans for Mei Feng, never bought her.. stopped playing. And now I have dived headlong down the rabbot hole, got most of the Mei Feng crew I wanted (waiting on models that haven't been released in 3rd ed yet) and a Kaeris crew cos I ended up with a Fie golem and her crew kinda gave me all the models I need. I haven't had the chance to play as many games as I'd like, and I'm still catching up on the Breachside Broadcast, but I'm reall enjoying it all thus far. I also went a bit crazy and designed my own crew over in the writing corner as a creative exercise. Anyway, Looking forward to getting more into the game and I am glad to finally be a proper part of the community!
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    I've taken the Wanyudo a few times with McCabe or Asami/McCabe and love it! I run McCabe as basically a melee-shockwave with the amount of simple duels he can pump out in an activation and the Wanyudo doubles up on this very nicely. You do have to be very careful with him though as as said above, that wagon wheel is made of paper. Use his speed and Unimpeded to keep him hidden until everything's engaged and use his push after hitting to get out of range of retaliation (or just get greedy and remove their whole hand so they can't hit him back! Then activate him first so it doesn't matter so much if they kill him).
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    Good Job! Just did a dry run before my tourny next weekend and found Hoffman to be very powerful. Any particular moment to share?
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    Overview There are two “paths” which you can participate and score points depending on your interests. You can even choose both! Hobbyist - Calling all Artists, Craftsman, and Academics Strategist - Calling all tacticians, gamers, and theory-crafters Scoring There are three ways of scoring Soulstones- Things you can do every week Visas- Things you can do once during the league Bounties - Things that can be done only during a certain week of the league. There is plenty to do here. So much that I really didn't intend or expect anyone to get every point, or even come close. Don’t stress over it, just do what’s entertaining and have fun! No need for sign-ups or paperwork. When you accomplish something let your local league organizer know and it will be recorded. Each week we will update a leaderboard showing where people stand. If you score something while not at a league game-day, contact your local henchman. Anyone wishing to participate can also submit their achievements through the online form: League Tracker Prizes (Award and Raffle) At the end of the league prizes will be awarded for the following 3 categories: Best overall score Best Hobbyist Path score in the league Best Strategist Path score in the league Then, we will have several raffle prizes. Players will automatically gain one raffle ticket for every 10 points earned over the course of the League. This is supposed to be informal and fun, allowing everyone to get some hobby-ing and gaming time with friends. Have fun, and maybe try something different! Print-outs are also available for tracking purposes: PASSPORT Printer Friendly Also please make sure to let your local henchman know if you would like to participate, we need to know for recording purposes. Don’t worry if you can’t make it every week, No pressure, it's really just for fun anyways!
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    As someone who has posted some silly rules questions in this edition, I can attest to the benefit of reading rather than skimming... 😅
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    Sort of. The main bubbles now are Pandora's bonus action plus the Poltergeist's 2" Wp aura and Weeping Widow when it plays into things. Mood Swings is also a 6" bubble pretty much. Tendrils can factor into certain scenarios too. Also, Candy's 4" Corrupted bubble is pretty important, if not one of the most important ones in the crew. Misery is an afterthought in most games, but it does add up over the course of a few turns, especially if you're maximizing Woe bonus actions to dish out Stunned like candy (pun intended!)
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    So far it seems that @Phinn may have had the proper reading of the Chain Activation rules the first time and the more I think on it, the more I am inclined to agree. For some reason, this really puts me off using the Plagued now. The Rats already took a lot of finesse to work and apparently require even more than I realized... I think it is because at some point the complexity of the crew outweighs the fun and it is this reason which caused me to stop playing M3E Reva. Not being able to mitigate Pass Tokens as easily may have pushed Hamelin, at least a heavy Rat build, up to that point. Hopefully, fresh eyes will change my mind tomorrow though... Edit: I will be the first to readily acknowledge this could just be me being super salty...
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    I've used orderly as a mobile healer with sonnia and that's been fairly effective due to the handlers to keep it in position to heal.
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    Yes, M3E makes being Engaged a possibly one sided situation. If someone is engaging you, you are engaged but they aren’t necessarily engaged.
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    It's really not relevant the number of people arguing one side or the other as this is not decided by vote. It could be ruled both ways or this discussion would not be going along with the thread in the rules sub forum. I brought up my post regarding obey there as the originating action controller may or may not get credit for the kill based on this decision and it's further reaching than just more pyre markers.
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    Hey guys just wanted to plug our new Facebook and Youtube Channel: The Bayou Beatdown! This is gonna be a weekly show where we discuss Malifaux, the Bayou and how much Coffee you can give a Rooster before its heart explodes. Tune in Wednesdays nights at 9PM EST to check it out. If you missed it last night our first show had some tech difficulties and we had to struggle a bit but once we got rolling it was a great show. https://www.facebook.com/Bayou-Breakdown-103110694415700/
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    You might not get a Gremlin Steve Irwin, but maybe one of the new masters in the Explorator's Society will be someone who wants to discover/study the animals in Malifaux (though it might be somewhat redundant with Marcus)!
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    The game is a case of play and counter play. Putting your sniper up on a high tower when there is Vendetta in the pool is a little like screaming "I hate you I'm going to kill you". And as such a smart opponent will try and move in such a way that they don't offer up the points. what you don't know is how much the rifleman there inconvenienced your opponent, so was giving value just by being there. Sometimes you would be better not giving them the higher ground but set them in a place that they can cover an area that they expect the target to get to. Its a lot less obvious that you are gunning for them if you're not standing on a tall building. You could also change the model that you use for vendetta. If you "always " choose a rifleman and you're playing the same people, then they will know that you "always " choose vendetta and the rifleman, they will start doing counter play based on this assumption. Not picking the scheme, or picking a different set of models to complete it will sometimes be easier. I have a plan for each model, and try and deploy them to cover their main function and their secondary function. If a model is slow (most of guild) then I need to make sure that their jobs are going to be realistic based on where the model will get to. You will need to adapt based on enemy crew, if you have an armoured model that you expect to hold a play for out flank, but they have anti armour then you might need to either change the plan, or re-enforce earlier. A lot of the time you can look at a board and guess where the action is likely to be. So in cursed idols, you can expect lots of models near the center line, where as in reckoning, you are more likely to have a large group heading towards you, but in Plant explosives it is much more likely they'll split up and you'll have lots of individual models to face. Make sure you aim to get the right models to the action place at the right time. If its going to be a big ruck in the middle, then you want your forces to arrive their around the same time, and to be supported by riflemen picking off their models.
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    I agree with Adran, 2 geisha could get enough lures, you might not even need that many as your opponent is probably also moving up the board. There's 4 schemes I can think of where lures are useful specifically for you. Detonate charges- its easier to do when you can get their activated guy in the right spot Dig their graves- lure them over, plant a scheme, and hit them with 1-2 beaters Take prisoner- the perfect lure scheme, just get a guy by himself. Choosing a low cost guy for this can let even a geisha hold him down. Vendetta- get your target near, hit them with other guys to get their health low enough, then hit them with the vendetta model to score. In youko, there's other dirty things you can do with lures. Getting a model into a geisha or kabuki warriors distraction aura will let you get away with a lot of youko's and chiyo's actions. You can lure models just in range of someone with 2" reach, getting them engaged in an awkward spot. Offensively you can lure people off of scheme positioning like outflank or claim jump. For turf war, lure a model into the zone where you want to kill it.
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    @Franchute I dig it. Your highlight placement on the hair is particularly nice. I like that the dress has some mud and staining on it. Perhaps you might use this effect more liberally around the hem of the dress, where it’s likely to be dragging in dirt and muck and what have you. That’s just a nitpick though. Looking forward to the family album! @Stranglelove Very clean detail on your Parker so far. He’s got a lot of scraps and bullets and whatnot, and you’ve made them all quite distinct from each other. Good placement of highlight and shadow on the coat as well. My only suggestions are to ratchet up the contrast on the white shirt and smooth out some of the transitions on the coat. Nice work. 👍🏼
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    Hi All, I've updated the spreadsheet, here. Apologies for the delay, and please do let me know if I have made any errors! Thanks!
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    Ok, I said one, but let's be real here.... I need at least half a dozen myself! I'll put it this way: Khajiit has wares if you have coin.
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    Terrifying is much stronger now as a defencive ability, but thank Wyrd it's not offencive any more. Apart from picking ruthless models (which I think is a perfect decision) you can use non-targeting damage sources: blasts, pulses, shockwaves, hazardous auras etc.
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    This bug can happen when you attach upgrade cards to models during the game. I will work on fixing it. In the meantime, try removing any game upgrades from your model(s) and see if you can view the cards that way.
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    Also worth noting that I really, really enjoy Wyrd as a company. They have developed a truly fantastic game. Sure, it has some problems (and I think it good to acknowledge those problems), but it is the best wargame I've ever played.
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    Stone for stone, Hinamatsu is probably one of the best, if not the best Henchman in the faction when used correctly. Absolutely brutal to deal with, and the pass token generation is way more useful than you'd think.
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    I'm going to have to point out that Kirai was willing to teach the Court of Two how to enslave ghosts in exchange for a chance at getting her lover back. Totally understandable but at best reckless, at worst aiding a hostile invading force. It hurts me to say it, her relationship with Molly was one of my favorite parts of the story and I'd love to see her on the side of angles again. Also Reva seems nice but there is a definite maybe kinda mind control vibe there. Maybe she doesn't know she's doing it but it's still a little creepy. Nelly is the worst, just the worst.
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    I love how this tactica has degenerated into ‘here’s how to not bother with it’. P.S. Add austringers?
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    Only in Guild though. Johnny R isn't dual faction, sadly.
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    That's one argument. The other is that all irreducible damage actually does ( By the word of the rules) is allow it to ignore damage reduction. And in the war between ignore and can't ignore, can't ignore wins. The two sides seem firmly trenched, but I'm on my phone so I can't link to the older threads with the argument. Best suggestion is to agree with opponent beforehand how you will play it if Hoffman is on the table.
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