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    Hi all! I had this M3E crew-building web tool available in the closed beta, but when the open beta began, the card format changed a bit so it took some work to get it updated. But now that it's ready, I'm debuting it with the larger audience here! It's a web page that works on desktop and mobile for building M3E crews. I try to keep the cards up-to-date with each week's release, though it sometimes takes a day or two. You can authenticate with gmail in order to store your saved crews in Google Drive AppData (access to app-specific info only, no access to docs, spreadsheets, etc). This will also allow you to share crews between devices. Otherwise you'll have to re-build each time you visit the site. You can also use the Card Search page to match a text query against all the cards in the game! Want to know every model and upgrade that references "Terrifying?" Search for the text and find out! Hope it helps! I more than welcome any feedback you have, you can respond here or message me directly. Thanks for any help in testing it out, and enjoy!
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    Hey everyone, So that you are not surprised tomorrow, I wanted everyone to know that we will not be uploading an update on January 30th(boo!). There is a good reason for the delay, though. We are making some major changes to some of the least favorite Crews, whether they're not working or they're thematically off. Here are some of the Keywords that will be receiving adjustments (some minor, some major): Redchapel Performer Frontier Oni Monks Wastrel Revenant Transmortis Kin Family Big Hat Savage Nightmare Retainer/Ancestor Forgotten We're also making changes to individual models and rules clarifications, as well. So what does this mean? Well, there will still be an update this week, but we won't be posting it until Thursday, January 31st (yay!). Thanks for understanding!
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    Hi!, I'm new around these parts and wanted to put my 2 cents in. To give you some background and my gamer credentials, I have been playing Miniature wargames since the 80's. I have always had a heavy focus on Warhammer, and the Games Workshop properties, though I have played games from other companies, like Warlord, and CMON. At my favorite, almost too far away local games store (giga-bites, here in Marietta, Ga.) my buddy stumbled upon the Malifaux models and went ape shit over the aesthetic. I can't say I blame him, I have appreciated the models and loved the feel of the artwork of Malifaux for years, though I knew no one else who played so I never got to play it, and therefore never collected the models etc..... Fast forward to shortly before the M3E Open Beta was announced, and I was gearing up to play my first game with a couple friends who wanted to get into it with me. We decided to tackle the M3E ruleset instead of hammering out 2nd edition and learning 3rd later on when it comes out. With all that being said, I wanted to give my perspective on what it is to play M3E without ANY prior Malifaux experience. NOW FOR THE GOOD PART. 1. The Rule book. I am not harping on any grammar or spelling, I also know and understand this is NOT a polished and completed rulebook. Overall, I think the rulebook is pretty darn good, my only complaints are two things, a.) It feels disjointed, Some of the different rules we have been looking for seem to be mentioned in certain places, like I have had to look up three different things and areas to figure out how to resolve one action or ability. I know some of this can't be avoided but these are my impressions. I assume some of this will be fixed in the final version. Overall not anything that would keep me from playing. Maybe I'm dumb but one thing that tripped us up, was the non-passive abilities, like Pandoras defensive ability, it shows DF / WP (tome) and it confused the ever loving shit out of me as to what that meant. Should it be read as a thing that triggers whenever the model takes a defensive or willpower test and gets a tome?, does it trigger on a defensive duel and the models affected need to make a willpower test? Eventually we reasoned out what was supposed to happen, however an explanation of how to read that or an example of it being used would have been awesome. b.) The end of that last one leads me to my next thing, I feel like a lot of the rulebook was written for people with a grasp of how Malifaux already plays, not someone coming in new. This may alienate new players, and cause for some heartache in the end. Some of the abilities and mechanics are not fully explained, in my opinion. (Like summoning, I am still a bit confused wether you have to hold models off to the side to summon after hiring them? OR do you just get to summon them in and they aren't costed in with your crew when you buy?) I get the mechanics of how to summon them in, doing the test etc... just the setup to be able to summon isn't explained in my opinion. 2. Encounters. I love Malifaux for it's super narrative, super characterful feel. It's honestly an awesome and involved world and story and I love that. I love the Strats & Schemes method of encounters and getting everything ready. I enjoy the fact that it's a miniatures game where it's not just "hold an objective, or kill something" The game genuinely feels as though you are doing different things. That being said, they feel cumbersome. Clunky, even a little grindy. To a new player it is a CHORE to figure out the system and what in the hell you're supposed to be doing to win the models. Maybe I'm dumb, but it took a hot minute to know what to do with the Schemes, the Strats are more straightforward but overall, I lump them together. 3. Overall, I find this to be an awesome, challenging and fun game. I have enjoyed trying to figure things out with my friends as there is not an experienced player amongst us and we are trying to figure it all out from scratch. If my opinions seem overly critical I assure you, they are not. I just communicate that way. If none of my concerns are addressed in the final 3rd edition rulebook I wouldn't be let down and would continue to play and promote this game. I have been covering our experiences in my podcast, "The Beerhammer Podcast" and would love to even have someone from Wyrd on for an interview about 3rd edition. Thank you for your time in reading this.
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    Hey everyone, Changing from one edition to another isn't always an easy thing. Everyone has their own perspective and opinion about how something should work, based on previous experience or expectations. Because we all have a passion for this game, the chances of getting excited or heated are heightened. Disagreements will occur. We absolutely encourage constructive conversations to root out problems, but there is a fine line between a debate and an argument. We ask that you think before you type. Treat others with respect. We do not - and will not - tolerate name calling, insults, or any other forms of blatant toxicity on our forums. Matt, myself, and our awesome moderators can't be everywhere at once. If you experienced or witnessed maliciousness in the forums, please report it to us. Once we receive the report, we'll take a close look and take the appropriate action, if necessary. If you have been reported for rudeness to another player and action is required, you will receive a warning. If you have been reported after receiving a warning and additional action is required, you will be banned from the forums until at least the Open Beta is completed (possibly longer based on the report). That's it from me. Now let's get back to playtesting.
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    My pledge for February is to finish the male Cyclops Here are some promised WIP pictures. The skin colour is going to be greenish blue with offwhite on belly, chin, inner thights and arms and buttocks. Knees, elbows and fingers are going to have red tint to make them visually more interesting and red mouth should draw attention toward the face Detail of the face. Still some work to do Chin, ears, ice "horns" etc. And here is how the ice on the whole miniature (and crew) is going to look like. The process is little bit time consuming but I feel like it is worth
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    ...and so....my January pledge is complete....and for the first time ever in my history of Challenge attempts I'm posting hours before the deadline...not only that...for the first time ever I managed to paint way more than my pledge...quite simply I had more fun painting these TOS figures probably more than anything else I've ever done...so...I completed not only a Raving Madman and three of The Warped that I showed in my WIP but an ENTIRE fireteam !!.... @Caedrus True confession...sorry but I have no idea how many SS this works out at but am happy in the knowledge it's loads more than I pledged
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    Hey everyone, This week, we’re addressing some big things with small changes (lots and lots of small changes). We took a nice, long look at Conditions and how debilitating they can be to play against and made adjustments based on the feedback you all provided. Some models saw very slight numbers changes while others received more significant facelifts (no, Pandora, I’m definitely not talking about you – okay, fine I’m talking about you). Here’s what was updated this week: Changelog Typos, Grammar, and Wording “Stand Back! It’s Evidence!”: Adjusted wording so it now also includes “after resolving the current Action or Ability…” A Song of Night and Day (on Tengu and Squaler): changed “Heals” to “Heal” Pine Box Action: Cleaned up wording. Brutal Emissary: Cleaned up the wording on Into the Cage so it is clear as to who is Unburying the model. False Accusation: Adjusted wording to “Until the End Phase, the target gains the Undead Characteristic. Arik: Charge Up is now worded to be closer to how other similar effects are worded. Grimwell: Skull Saw – Adjusted so it now says “must either…” Immolate/Blood Poisoning: no longer specifies that the Action provides kill credit, as it is now specified on page 32 of the rulebook. Shenlong’s Wandering River Style: Changed to “Enemy only.” Unyielding: Now refers to the owner of the model for further clarity. Lynch: Dazed and Confused now spells out “three.” Rulebook Page 10, 23, 28, 30, 37: Soulstone use is now restricted to one at a time in all instances. Page 6: Removed a rule that was listed twice in two different ways to reduce confusion. Page 11: Resistance Triggers can’t be declared when disengaging. Page 25: Concentrate is now Once per Activation. Page 26: Cleaned up “Enemy only” special restriction text so that it also works for resistance Triggers. Page 31: Provided additional wording on how to draw LoS to a marker. Page 32: Distracted – reworded to be Actions that target enemy models. Page 32: Adjusted Injured so that it only affects Df and Wp and ends during the End Phase. Page 32: Adjusted Stunned so that it allows Bonus Actions to be used, but restricts them to also count toward a model’s Activation limit. (but it's still a Bonus Action, so only one can be taken per Turn) Page 32: Adjusted wording so it now states that if an Action kills a model using damage from a Condition, the model taking the action gets credit for the kill. Page 34: Cleaned up the Shockwave text example. Page 35: Gaining tokens from Replaced effects were moved from step 4 to step 3. Page 35: Replace now clarifies that Leader is a game effect in this instance. Page 35/37: Replaced effects work at the same time as Heal effects in regards to death timing. Page 38: Removed any and all references of Pass Tokens drawing cards (we swear this is the last time!) Page 46: Adjusted wording on Take Prisoner and Deliver a Message to be the same, but cleaner. Mechanics Arcanists Soulstone Miner: Drill into the Earth – gave Stat 5, TN 10. (Also worth noting that with the Stunned changes, this model is staying the same, so it can now Dig for Stones and Interact). Kamaitachi: Into the Vortex no longer deals extra damage (but still deals damage from Hazardous) Mechanical Doves: Smuggled Soulstone now kills the Doves. Sandeep: Summon Upgrade gained the “With Our Powers Combined” Ability, which allows for three Gamin to turn into a single Golem of the same type. Eternal Flame: Adjusted Heat Exhaustion to “During the Start Phase, enemy models within aura 6 with Burning gain Injured +1.” Snow Storm: Ice Tornado – Adjusted unnecessary wording. Stuffed Piglets: Reworked model so that it was easier to understand its intended functionality. Medical Automaton: Gained Quick Cure. Howard Langston: Gained Terrifying (11). Joss: Adjusted Arc Axe so that irreducible damage isn’t always built in. Replaced Spool Up with Hyper Reactor. Kaeris: Increased stat on On the Pyre by 1, adjusted Third Degree Burns. Firestarter: Gained Draw Out Secrets. Bayou Kin: Flinch is now a “may.” Big Hat: included the overhaul to Big Hat models from the small-batch update. Akaname: Gained Putrid Viscera. Mah Tucket: Gained “They Be Trash Vipers!” Trigger on Handful of Snakes. Test Subject: Adjusted Failed Experiment because of Injured adjustments. Mancha Roja: Adjusted Takedown (which is now called Drop-Down Takedown) now gives Injured +1. Also gained My Time is Now. Bacon Bomb: Now gives Injured +1. Bayou Gator: Added a RAM to its stat on Mighty Jaws. Olivia Bernard: Reworked Tossed Sparklers. LaCroix Raider: Removed Spiked Club and Feud, gained Gunfighter and Under Pressure Trigger. Lenny: Random Bout of Brilliance has been reworked, Gremlin General has been reworked. Lookin’ Down on ‘Em: Is now Big Hat only. Bayou Gremlin: Gained Buckshot Backfire and Screwed the Hooch. Good Ol’ Boy: Gained Buckshot Backfire. Wrastler: Gained Slingshot Slobberknocker. Brewmaster: Adjusted Intoxication so that the aura is 8 but requires Poison +3. Guild Hoffman: Reworded Emergency Power Transfer so that it is less confusing. Abuela: Nice Shot now has a LoS requirement. Sonnia: Smothering Flame now requires LoS and Scorch the Soul is now Burning damage. Frontiersman: Changed Custom Firearm to Clockwork Pistol. Reduced Clockwork Pistol’s Stat to 5 and replaced Unyielding with Survivalist. Pathfinder: Gained Follow My Path and Trailblazer, removed Expert Shot. Sanctioned Spellcaster: Changed Charge Collar so that it now gives -1 to duel totals until the end of Activation. Guild Guard: Increased Df by 1. Rifleman: Lowered stat on Clockwork Rifle by 1. Agent 46: Increased Health by 1, adjusted Inhuman Physiology so that it only works when he is attacking. Nurse Heartsbane: Corrected spelling on Straitjacket and reworked to be less restrictive. Printing Press: Lowered Weak damage by 1. Neverborn Thoon: Adjusted Frozen Trophy so that it only works if the marker was placed. Killjoy: Can now Activate after being Unburied. Woes: Re-woeked (okay, maybe that pun doesn’t work, but I had to try). Reworked Pandora’s Keyword. Lucid Dreams: Now shuffles a card back into your deck. Corrupted Hound: Increased stat on Snapping Jaws by 1. Grootslang: Gained Blindfighter. Outcasts Parker Barrows: Replaced Drop It! with Highway Robbery. Marlena/Rusty Alyce: Aetheric Healing – discarding a card is no longer a cost but an effect of the Action. Hannah Lovelace: Adaptive Tactics now works with Bonus Actions. Arik: Increased Cost by 1. Lazarus: Lowered Cost by 1. Von Schill: Custom Rifle now ignores Cover. Also adjusted Load Up so it is only Friendly non-Beast or Freikorps models. Doc Mitchell: Increased Cost by 2 and gained Quick Cure. Guilty: Can now summon near the leader or in the Deployment Zone. Scavenger: Armor is now worded correctly Resurrectionists Shieldbearers: Gaining Staggered now matters. McMourning: Increased the range of Twisted Genius by 1. Copycat Killer: Gained Redchapel Killer, increased Cost by 2, lowered Terrifying by 1. Asura Roten: Adjusted summoning so that she summons in base contact with herself, and now has a Trigger to summon on the table edge. Rottenburg Residents now also requires LoS. Crooligan: Lowered Df by 1. Sybelle: Replaced Barbed Whip with Bleeder Lash, removed built-in RAM on Action. Also adjusted Undivided Attention based on recent Injured change. Bete Noire: Gained One with the Night Trigger. Nurse: Gained Quick Cure. Seamus: Adjusted A Cause for Celebration so the corpse removal aspect is now Leader only. Necropunk: Lowered stat on Leap by 1. Undergraduate: Removed Drawn to Pain, gained By Your Side and Patronize, increased Df and Wp by 1, lowered stat on Spiked Club and Lead the Way by 1, increased stat on Study by 1. Anna Lovelace: Gained Grade Assignment, replaced Weigh Down with Zombify. Reva: The Forgotten Dead now requires a Corpse or Pyre Marker. Toshiro: Lowered stat and increased TN on Fealty, gained Daimyo’s Gift. Ashigaru: Replaced Under Pressure with Puncture. Mortimer: Gained Necromantic Font. Francis Kitchener: Lowered Cost by 1, lowered stat on Dispel Magic by 1, gained By Your Side Ten Thunders Sun Quaing: Gained Quick Cure. Komainu: Lowered Wp by 1. Shadow Emissary: Gained 2 to Wp, gained Hard to Kill Yasunori: Replaced Startle with The Wind’s Wrath Across Multiple Models and Factions Dismember: Changed to “Enemy only.” Hide in the Barrel (on Undercover Reporter and Cooper Jones): Changed to “During the Start Phase…” No Witnesses: Now is an enemy within 12” and LoS. Remote Detonator: Adjusted so that it now only gives Injured +1. Shrug Off: Removed the mention of “This model may be taken while Stunned.” Mighty Jaws: Increased Severe damage by 1. Twist Reality: Is now a Projectile Action again. Seize Prey: Now limited to 12” (no longer LoS). Drunken Kung Fu: No longer affects damage flips. One thing that is important to mention: there will NOT be an update next week. We want the dust to settle. We want to see the game as-is in as many playtests as possible. We want to see hard data (as in battle reports!) based on the many changes we’ve made in the Open Beta. We also want to give you time to digest all of the rapid adjustments that have happened in the last month or so. So, in between this update and next, please take the time to look over everything, play Ten Thunders crews (seriously, please! - and report those games!), think about every crazy combination, play the game how you would normally play the game (without the playtester lens), try breaking the game if you’d like, and most importantly, enjoy yourselves. OB_Arcanists_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Arcanists_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_Bayou_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Bayou_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_DMH_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_DMH_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_Guild_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Guild_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_M3E_Rulebook_2.14.19.pdf OB_Neverborn_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Neverborn_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_Outcasts_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Outcasts_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_Ressers_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Ressers_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_TenThunders_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_TenThunders_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_2.14.19_Files.zip
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    We'll have an update today.
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    Probably should have done this when the Open Beta opened, but never too late. For those people coming in from M2E into M3E, there are some changes that might be skipped via assuming too much similarity between M2E and M3E. This post is to lay out some of the changes that might not be immediately obvious. First, the rule changes of note, in no particular order. 1) ALL triggers now default to After Succeeding. If it doesn't EXPLICITLY state otherwise, that's the timing. This is ESPECIALLY important when it comes to defensive "hitback" triggers. (pg11, first column, last para) 2) "Repeat this Action" on a trigger does not work like it did in M2E. When an action is repeated by this kind of trigger, it cannot generate Triggers of any kind, not just the Repeat this Action ones. (pg11, second column, last para) 3) Auras no longer stack. Putting an enemy (or friendly) model in 2+ auras only gets you a single effect. (pg33, last para before Example) 4) You can no longer generate blasts off Friendly models. (pg33, Blasts, last para) 4a) Blasts on Weak Damage do 1 damage (pg 33, Blasts, third para) 5) Engaged and Engaging aren't the same thing. If your model isn't in their range, but they're in yours, the only thing that affects you, is Friendly Fire. You can charge, you can walk away, whatevs (pg29). 5a) Disengagement works differently now, especially as, pass or fail, the model can't Interact (pg25, both Interact and Disengage) 6) Hand size is now capped. Meaning if you have the default hand size of 6, and have 6 cards in hand when drawing a card, you'll have to discard down. (pg 7, second column, second para) 6a) Arcane Reservoir doesn't stack. (see wording on ability, it's clear if you don't assume otherwise) 7) Buried models now activate as normal, and exist during the End Phase (ie, still burn/get poisoned) (pg35, second para of Bury) 7a) Buried models that are allowed to unbury, but can't fulfill the restrictions, CAN still unbury in their deployment zone. (pg35, third para of Bury) 8 ) Henchmen as Leaders gain an action, equivalent to M2E having 3AP (pg24, bullet C3) 8a) Masters and Henchmen Leaders do not benefit from Fast (pg32, Fast) 8b) Henchmen as Leader get the Effigy as a Totem, for free (see any Effigy) 9) Conditions have changed. Don't assume they work the same, especially Burning. (pg32) 10) Mercenaries are gone. Mercenary for the Viks stuff is just a Keyword, no different ruleswise thanany other. 11) Pushes are now affected by Severe Terrain (pg20, Severe, Pushs are a non-Place movement). 12) Cover, Concealment and shooting into melee (Friendly Fire) are significantly changed. If anyone has any others that they think need to go here, feel free to add. There's also three general conceptual changes. The first, damage output and ranges (especially melee) across the board have dropped. That doesn't mean that you can't argue for an increase, but the justification of "But it was that way in M2E" is probably going to fall on deaf ears. It needs to be for a better reason. The second, following on from that, the way a crew or a specific model plays might have changed. Again, if you want to get it changed, you probably need to explain beyond "But it was that way in M2E", and point out why the model doesn't work properly as is. If it's not broken, it's unlikely to be changed. If it's changed, it'll likely change in a manner that fixes it, and probably not reverting to an M2E standard. And third, and this will be a hard truth for some players. Old crews, especially those with large hiring pools, may be invalidated. It sucks, you don't need to be happy about it, but you need to accept it or move on. Leveticus is not getting his access to every Undead and Construct back. Nor is he likely to get his four Horseman gimmick back. A lot of crews can still take what they used to, but it being less efficient (keyword tax), but there are some that are proper gone (like Malifaux Raptors being Guild only, and not even Marcus can get them). You can rage, you can fume, you can mourn. But I doubt it'll change anything. One of the purposes of M3E is to have balance, and the larger the hiring pools, the harder that is. It sucks for those hard hit, but it's for a good purpose.
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    Wonderful work everyone! On my end, the Brew Crew has some new members! 35 stones between the Whiskey Golem (10), Popcorn (8), Cooper (7), and 2x Whiskey Gamin (10), adding on to the first batch: Manos (9), Asura (8), 2x Mourners (12), and 5x Mindless Zombies (10) for 74ss for the month! (Helps to have half of that 98% done the month before.)
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    Roten Belle for 5 stones: Thanks a lot to @misterfinn for the idea of adding an olive glaze to the grass and thanks to @Nikodemus for the recipe
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    I am all for constructive and critical analysis of Malifaux in its current and future states. Unfortunately, that train of thought has flown off the rails in this thread. If there's something that you don't like, I absolutely want you to share that. When insults and demeaning language become a rampant part of the conversation, however, I am no longer interested in listening. There are better ways of presenting feedback. There are better ways of communicating with your peers. Find those ways. If someone posts a comment that you strongly disagree with, to the point where your first thought is to insult them, I implore you to take a step back and reconsider. Step into their shoes. Understand their perspective. I didn't want to close this thread, despite the fact that I disagree with some of the sentiments that started it. I wanted to hear everyone's opinions, but I am unable to do that at this point due to it spiraling in this way.
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    Okay, done. Below are the IRREFUTABLE FACTS of how having Armor affects a model's defensive stats (Df, Wp, Health) and how having actions that can ignore Armor (either specifically or by being irreducible) affect that actions' stats (Stat, min, mod, and severe damage). These are both split along two groups: Armor +1 and Armor +2 for defensive, and whether the action can Always ignore or situationally. I didn't include the few Masters and Totems that have Armor or Armor ignore since they janked up the numbers. Also, actions like Pride or Molly's which did damage that wasn't part of a track (discard up to 2 cards and take 2 irreducible for every one you don't discard, etc) are not included because omg I do not want to think about how to add that in here. One last thing, since the No Witnesses trigger both increases the action's damage and makes it ignore Armor, I've included its increased damage when calculating the attack. Armor +1 Df: Average of 4.92 (74.26% of the model's cost) Wp: Average of 4.72 (71.29% of the model's cost) Health: Average of 6.75 (101.98% of the model's cost) Armor +2 Df: Average of 4.63 (61.78% of the model's cost) Wp: Average of 4.93 (65.78% of the model's cost) Health: Average of 6.83 (91.11% of the model's cost) Situationally Ignore Stat: Average of 5.59 Min: Average of 2.18 Mod: Average of 3.43 Severe: Average of 4.71 Always Ignore Stat: Average of 5.32 Min: Average of 1.64 Mod: Average of 2.68 Severe: Average of 4.23 You all better freaking appreciate this lol
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    Quick WIP shot of the avatar I'm working on now. The idea is to buildup the highlights on the icicles with different shades of blue and a very light skin/blue tone on Raspy.
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    Caedrus, reporting in! So, in order to avoid real-life responsibilities, I've been painting. I had a little time to break out the airbrush, and generally mess around. Here's my Works-In-Progress! I've done a little more on Anna: Used the airbrush to do some fire on the Purifying Flame: Started work on my Hungering Darkness proxy: Went uber-heavy on saturated reds for my Peacekeeper: Here's a close up, note the bad masking efforts - I am pleased with the heat-effects, though. ...and finally, I finished off Mr Sloth! I hope you enjoy that buttock close-up. I was well-pleased with the tartan, and thought you deserved a proper butt-shot. @Phinn: Gorgeous cyclops. The eye is great, but the gradients on the ice is stunning as well. Kudos! @Stranglelove: That looks like a ridiculously complex miniature. Best of luck to you! @Maxooo: I always love to see Gremlins in different skin tones. That magenta is really vibrant. The gentle green tones on the base are really pretty, too. @Burnin' Coal: Love to see ya goin' big! @Purple Mist: I'm keen to see that Mechanical Rider in a gif, if you can! @misterfinn: Would a gentle red glaze over the flesh, working towards purple in the recesses improve it? As @Nikodemus says, the flesh work is very, very pretty as it is... @Chou: Nice NMM gradient on that sword. Very smooth. What colours do you use for your bones? It's very nice. The 'under the horn' shading, particularly. @Pierzasty: Looking good, and no, there's no penalty for not reaching a 'stretch goal', as long as you meet your basic pledge for the month. I hope you're having a great February! Caedrus.
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    Here we are, end of the month. Here is my pledge : 2x Beckoners : 12 Hinamatsu : 9 Alt Montresor (hanging tree on a base) : 9 Banjonista : 5 Piglet : 4 Hanging tree : 5 Total : 44Ss Bayou bases will be done when I'll have more to do.
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    Finished my TOS units for the month. Still trying to figure out how to take/edit good pictures... Anyway, I feel like I learned a lot this month and was very inspired by everyone else's gorgeous paint jobs. Now onto the Portals and Commanders! Eventually, I'll have to face my biggest fear: basing 😰
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    Finished the flames on the death marshals, still not 100% happy with them but they're good enough for the table So 3x death marshals and the rogue necro = 28 stones - master pledge complete! I didn't get to do the nightmare coryphee but that was more of a stretch goal anyway
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    And here's my January pledge finished, Ashes & Dust (for 9 SS) is finally done, pretty happy with the result: And just adding a "family" pic, I had the Ashen Core and the Dust Storm done since a while ago And already presenting the pledge for February, the Goryo: I'll try to do a fast paint job on those guys, i had such a bad time assembling them that now I kinda hate them
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    Claiming a Freikorps Engineer for 6 SS. I hated this sculpt a lot and I'm glad it's over. With a couple other Freikorps buddies:
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    Thanks @Caedrus ! That's how they look when they done : (painted thoses months ago, haven't painted much since then ^^) I call them my Little Devils Thats how i see gremlins !
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    Here is my current work on my Hinamatstu. Any idea for the umbrella ?
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    My pledge for January is now complete (52 ss in total as I added 2 more Saboteurs and extra Fitzsimmons😞 2x Fitzsimmons 16ss 2xGunsmith 14ss Miss Fire 6ss 4x Saboteurs 16ss All pictures, more detailed with some close ups on my blog now: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/01/more-burning-revelations.html
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    Caedrus, checking in! My January pledge is complete, now onto the stretch goals! I think I went a bit crazy with the orange, what with the hat, pants, rust, and Outcasts-edge base. The contrast on the hat is too much, but I like it anyway. Enjoy your January! Caedrus.
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    Started working on my pledge today and finished two austringers: Rough 'n fast paintjob for these boys. Vik & Moleman to go. They'll get more than a day though.
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    Thank you so much for the extra time @Caedrus, as you said, January is tough! Here is a Wrastler (5ss) for January. Bit of a rush job, but, done...
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    Right now, we're focused on making a great game. Once we are 100% satisfied, we'll be able to provide more information on its release. What I will suggest, though, is to not listen to rumors, because that's all they are - if anyone has provided you with a release or launch date of M3E, they're making it up. That information definitely didn't come from us. There are still some models and crews that are problematic in either how they function or how aspects of their card are worded. We don't want to release broken models. If you'd like to speed up the process, we need data, and the best data comes in the form of a battle report. The more battle reports we receive on problematic models, the quicker we can launch the game. I know the beta process can be grueling, and we're all excited to have Malifaux Third Edition fully launched, but the best thing for the longterm quality of the game is making sure all of our ducks in a row before we hit the launch button. If you are feeling burned out on the testing process, we encourage you to just start playing for fun. Malifaux Third Edition is already in a great place. Every change we are making from this point forward is just to make the game better (we hope!).
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  32. 12 points
    Some wip of my emissary, it's almost done except for some details like dents in the sword or the buckles in the boots. I'm currently painting the poor dude caged and then I'll finish the coffin, and that's it with this model.
  33. 12 points
    Quick WIP here on Big Jake. I'm trying to work out the skintones. I'm aiming for a darker-skinned Native American - dark but still enough contrast to pop on the tabletop, reddish but not cartoony. I also want to stay away from the super high contrast GW look with their weird bubble muscles. This is pretty close to color-accurate (on my iPhone anyway) but a little under-contrasted. Thoughts?
  34. 12 points
    Guys! thank of all... your miniature are amazing and give me the force an inspiration to try to finish my old major miniature... i think it's finished, but maybe i do another thing in (not in the near future., ;D ). @Caedrus i'll try to do web-blend in, but i don't know it work... (I think you're really good painter) i'll try to do it my best in february and finish Gracie soon
  35. 12 points
    I finished the purifying flame for 3ss, finishing the month at 8ss. This is not enough for henchman, but it's still ok, in case I need to move down to enforcer at some point. @bedjy I agree with the others, your hinamatsu "déchire" (I'm just following @Maxooo here and use some French so that I have the inpression that the meaning is stronger 😊)
  36. 12 points
    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found out that Waldo actually eats more than just office supplies (who knew?) when we found him barbequing all of our unannounced alt models in the warehouse. Strangely enough, the smell of burnt plastic and spices made us think about one of our favorite new models. Hopefully it wasn’t the fumes. Looks like there wasn’t enough food to go around at the last bash; Lenny must’ve hired a catering service. This week, we’re taking a close look at Som’er’s favorite midnight snack: the Spit Hog! When designing a new model, we always start with a basic concept and a goal in mind. In this case, we wanted to go with something fun and exciting that gave the Big Hats more survivability without necessarily bringing brute force to the table. Staying alive isn’t normally the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Gremlins (wrestling crocs before learning to walk comes to mind well before that). But even pigbrained moonshiners have to eat, and now Som’er is bringing his dinner along into battle. Gremlins have to do things their own special way, and healing is no exception. For the fellow Big Hats, the Spit Hog is essentially a mobile meal, providing Heals to nearby friendly models with his “Food’s Up!” Ability and more. If there’s a fight breaking out in a particularly dense part of the Bayou, that much pork (50mm of it!) can get in the way pretty easily, which is why we implemented the Hoist the Hog Ability to allow friendly models to move through the Spit Hog. Enemy models will just have to sit back and smell its roasted glory. If sitting back wasn’t good enough for the opposing team and the Spit Hog somehow falls in battle (or if Lenny gets particularly hungry), the Gremlin underneath all of that weight picks up a Boomstick and joins the fray with the Demise (I’m Done With This) Ability. When developing Crews and their associated Abilities in M3E, finding a focus that fits both mechanically and thematically is always an interesting challenge. Som’er and his Big Hats, however, came pretty naturally; the idea of Gremlins quitting their job in the middle of battle while swarming the table with waves of Bayou Gremlins has been Som’er since the start. The Spit Hog isn’t just a hot meal passively waiting to be eaten on the table, though. With the Smack with a Roasted Pig melee Action, he can play a more active role in a Crew, healing or dealing damage as it pleases. The sweet smell of freshly salted pork also makes it more al-Lure-ing (read the back of its card above to understand this deliciously layered pun). Waldo’s full up on puns and pork this week. But before we go, check out what the Spit Hog will look like on the table below! Next week, we’ll be shining a light on a shadowy figure under Lucius’ thumb.
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    Water effect was still setting on the base when I took these, but I'm calling this guy done for January. Much happier with how he looks after varnishing. Think the matte finish helps some of the whackier colours sit together a bit better.
  38. 12 points
    I completed my monthly pledge: Bad Ju Ju, 8ss
  39. 12 points
    I have finished my January pledge, a Silurid for 7 SS. Great work finishing up early everyone!
  40. 12 points
    Holy cow, six pages of feedback. So, what I'm gathering is that Seamus and all of Redchapel are in a perfect spot and that there's absolutely no reason to adjust them whatsoever. Right? We hear you. We will be making some adjustments to the Redchapel Crew in the next update. Once we make those adjustments, it would be fantastic to see the updated models hit the table in some battle reports so that we can gather data from play. There are only so many games we can get in at the office before we have to go home. Keep an eye out for tomorrow's update.
  41. 12 points
    Here's where I'm at with the 3 Death Marshals. Almost done, I think I just need to work on the flames a bit more, any suggestions on what I could do to improve them would be greatly appreciated
  42. 12 points
    Here are some more of my currznt production ! So if I count it right, that's 5Ss for the bigger tree and 10 for the smaller that is an alternate Montresor
  43. 12 points
    Hello, new painter, here. I got The Cult of the Burning Man as a Christmas Gift and have been painting them since January 1 for Adepticon. Finished painting the ECB Black OPs and the Warped (except for basing, which I'm dreading). Anyway, here is a BLOPS Fireteam: And here is a Warped Fireteam: I'm new to the Hobby Forum, so I'm not sure how to upload anymore with the forum's attachment limit.
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    @Scatterbrain - I hope the accidental use of Australian slang won't put you off visiting the forums here Anyway, good luck with your pledge mate! @Athiko - I've always wanted to paint these models, one of the most twisted and grotesque sculpts in the range and you've done them justice with great paintjob @Nikodemus - love the fur texture, brings a lot of life to these (rather uninspiring imho) sculpts. @Burnin' Coal - I love every single one of the minis you've presented here. Great work all around. So far I've only seen some of the Cult boxes and while th "amall" minis were quite impressive, the larger ones seemed not on par in terms of quality/level of detail. Do you have similar impressions? @Purple Mist - great use of colorshift paint. I've recently started using them and irl, when you can move the model around, they look amazing, pics don't do them justice. @lusciousmccabe - love the way red blend in smoothly with blue @Maxooo - interesting choice of color for skin tone. Great paintjob and it nicely contrasts with the bases too. @emiba - really digging the look of the ghosts on candles @Caedrus - flames look great and the "grant us eyes" (Bloodborne FTW!) proxy is soo much better that the original sculpt (not a big fan of the alternative one too). @Stranglelove - nice start, looking forward to seeing the finished model. These minis are so cool I'm tempted to buy a few and use them as Insidious Madness proxy. @bedjy - nice trees and I look forward to seeing the smuggler (haven't seen them assembled/painted yet) @Franchute - I hope you're enjoying your holidays, get some paint on these minis when you return This mini was pure fun to work with on so many levels. If you want to see more pics and read about the process involved in creating the base, check out my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/02/frozen.html
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    Somoe more progress on the model I'm painting for Mr @Scatterbrain Working on the Crystals now - different, colder shade of blue with some teal tint closer to the main body. Really nice model to work with, tonight I'll start on Raspy, I will also make he skin blue/pale shade.
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    What would I suggest? First of all, I’d like to say that the designers are working hard, and that the community have been mostly positive, supportive, and respectful. I think that needs to be recognised. Second of all, I recognise that I have been pointing out lots of flaws and niggles, but have yet to provide any suggestions. Here we go: 1. Have the testing for M3E take as long as required to get the game where it should be, and for the community to be patient about it. I don’t like waiting, either! 2. We start a ‘Lore Thread’ (probably in each Faction Discussion page), where the community can suggest changes to the names of characters, abilities, equipment and actions. 3. Integrate actions and attacks with tradeoffs, which are swingy, or have a potential for bad things to happen. Less pixel chipping, more decapitation. 4. Make healing rarer. 5. Make fire burnier. 6. Spread the points values and damage out for future proofing. Now, I’m suggesting big changes. I reckon that very few of them will see the light of day. However, I’d be a poor gamer if I didn’t at least voice some ideas that can improve a game that I have had so much satisfaction and enjoyment from. What do you think, folks? Give those ideas a ‘+’ or a ‘-‘! Thanks so much for reading this enormous series of posts. Caedrus.
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    ...and we're off !....again....am abandoning my stealthy two or three models per month strategy...it's time to go big or go home time for me...so for February I am sticking with TOS and will be painting Fenton Brahms and five of The Broken
  48. 11 points
    We're pretty happy with how the Nightmare crew is currently functioning. We have some fine tuning that we'd like to do to some models, but the core functionality of this crew is not likely to change. Just because a crew or model is not on this list or is not addressed one week does not mean that it's perfect in our eyes. We see the feedback. We're listening. But we have not received a significant number of battle reports on these crews. While several pages on a thread about a problem model or crew is valuable, data from battle reports are considerably more so.
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    Hi! This are my minis for January! 6 minis 2ss each (the 5th mindless zombie, the half zombie, was painted las year!) Mindless Zombies + Corpse Candles
  50. 11 points
    As far as Factions go, we don't have a lot of Ten Thunders or Bayou data. Here are Crews from each Faction that we're keeping a close eye on: Guild: Guard Family Arcanists Performer Wildfire Ten Thunders Monks Oni Bayou Swampfiend Big Hat Neverborn Woe Nightmare Outcasts Mercenary Freikorps Ressers Forgotten Revenant Red Chapel Transmortis All battle reports are good battle reports though!
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