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    Hey everyone, In light of the current and completely understandable frustrations regarding the fulfillment process of Gen Con orders, we felt that it was necessary to shine a light on a few things, such as what makes this year so different, some of the challenges we are currently facing, and the steps we are taking to alleviate some of the dissatisfaction. Before we can get started with that, though, the first thing worth understanding is the size of our team. While we consider it a compliment to the assumptions made of Wyrd’s size in comparison to our competitors (to us, it means that we are able to accomplish big things with our games with the fantastic – if tiny - crew that we have), it can also lead to miscommunication and expectation issues within our community. But the fact of the matter is that we operate as a lean team, and up to this point, it’s worked relatively well for us. Recently, though, the workload in the warehouse has been overwhelming. Previously, the same numbers of employees were capable of handling the flow of products without a hiccup. With only having a handful of individuals building, pulling, and packing our products during the hype storm of M3E, it has been a difficult challenge to overcome. More on that in a bit. While we wish everyone in the office was like Viktoria Chambers and had a clone of themselves to tackle twice the work, we aren't in Malifaux, and even in our reality, bad things can still happen. Because of the size of our team, it might start to make sense as to why we don’t start fulfilling orders while we are at Gen Con. It’s because we can’t be in two places at once; we need just about everyone we have at the big convention to help run all aspects of the show. This means that there is nobody in the office to address customer service issues, let alone process, pull, or ship orders. But immediately after we get back from Indianapolis, we start tackling those projects once again. Secondly, it’s important to note our work schedule, which is unique in comparison to a lot of other companies. Both the warehouse and office staff teams are scheduled to work Monday through Thursday (10 hour shifts). For most of the year, this is largely unimportant, but with the influx of orders this year, losing a business day for processing has become a challenge in and of itself. To remedy this, all of our staff has been coming in the last few Fridays (and some have even been helping out on the weekends) to clear the backlog. Additionally, one of the things that have caused an issue is that our normal carriers (USPS, FedEx, and FedEx Express) do not come on Fridays as it’s not a normal business day for us. While FedEx can normally get in here on a Friday if we ask, it’s not always guaranteed that they can or that they will be able to take a full load. No matter how many special requests we put in, USPS will simply not come on Friday, which can cause frustration for those of you who see a shipping update late day Thursday, but then it doesn’t move till the following week. This leads us to the next part of an often misunderstood term: “two day shipping.” We aren’t, and never will be, Amazon. “Two day shipping” does not mean that you will receive an order within two days of making the order. The term “two day shipping” is in reference to after the order has been made and is in the Postal Service’s hands, ready for delivery. This also normally accounts for business days, which may stretch the two days into four. Once the orders are complete and boxed, we process our labels in batches. You are getting the shipping and tracking information as we are making the labels for your orders that are ready to ship. That information is passed along to the carriers at that time, and we have to trust that they are going to pick them up as soon as possible. Besides running a lean team and depending on our shipping carriers to take the order the rest of the way, like with any business, there are always those random little issues that pop up. Some examples include an employee’s illness, or running out of boxes to put orders in and having to wait the next day to receive more, or a simple miscommunication issue somewhere down the line. Sadly, these have all happened during this Gen Con season. Normally, these little hiccups are immediately addressed and no one needs to become aware of them, but when every other issue is heightened, it makes every little mistake or road block that much more glaring. Next, it only seems appropriate to talk about distribution, which normally helps us gauge general interest and expectations of sales. Because of the lull between M2E’s fifth book and M3E’s launch, distributors were rightfully hesitant to order product in bulk. To us, this meant that local game stores weren’t putting in pre-orders to match their own expectations. Of course, we know now that definitely wasn’t the case. We’re working on alleviating this issue simultaneously, but this isn’t a problem that can be fixed overnight, either. Reprints take a considerable amount of time, and we are working getting them to our retailers as quickly as we are able. This is relevant to the Gen Con web sale issue as well as the big picture, as one might be able to see that all months of planning were based on a certain set of numbers that were skewed by hesitance, leading us to miscalculate the hype. In short, we have been completely overwhelmed by the success of the game. This year’s Gen Con web sale alone has had over three times the number of orders than any previous year. This week, we have doubled our warehouse workforce, and have already seen a considerable increase in productivity. There’s still a lot of work for us to do, and we certainly aren’t out of the weeds just yet, but we are on the right track and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. So what does this mean for your order? We ask that you wait it out a little while longer. With the work that the team is scheduled to do over the next several days (including the weekend) and the pace they are currently working at, we believe that we will wrap up all of the orders by the middle of next week. If this is unacceptable, reach out to us and let us know. We will do our best to work with you on your request. This letter is not meant to be a list of excuses. We know that we have fallen short of your expectations, and we are doing everything in our power to remedy these problems. We will spend the following months working with our service suppliers and our employees to review our processes to better meet the needs during our high-volume times. From everyone here at Wyrd, thank you for your patience and understanding.
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we introduced Waldo to the greatest piece of technology in the last 20 years that fits inside our pocket: the cell phone, simultaneously introducing him to the internet in the process, as well. We made sure to steer him clear of any comments sections so he didn’t pop a blood vessel, and instead showed him a 10 hour video of a fireplace. He’s on his 9th hour and hasn’t moved an inch. We’ll remember this the next time he wants to set our Wyrdscapes aflame (again). So while he’s been taken out of commission thanks to a looping holiday video, let’s take a look at the upcoming Malifaux Third Edition: Crew Builder app! In just a few weeks, we will be launching the app to both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for the low cost of absolutely free. You won’t need to pay for cards or any additional functionality. Everyone who has either an Android or Apple device will be have full access to every feature and stat card on the app without having to pay a dime. And if you don’t have a mobile device, don’t worry. We’ll be coming out with a web version later this year. With the Crew Builder app, you’ll be able to build a Crew (duh), share your Crew with your friends, check out every Stat Card in the game, track games via either local or network connections, read the Wyrd news, listen to Breachside Broadcast as you’re playing, and more. After you’ve built your Crew and are ready to face an opponent, you’ll be able to generate Strategies and Schemes, keep track of your Crew information (everything from Health, Conditions, Tokens, Victory Points, and more) while also seeing your opponent’s tracked information, as well. You’ll also have access to Reference card information as you’re playing – just in case you want to read an Upgrade or a model’s card that you haven’t summoned that you might not have dished out just yet. This app originally started as a labor of love from one of our community members, DZ Liergaard. They’ve gone the extra mile in adding some polish and working with us directly to make the app the best it can be. There are a ton of great features in this app, and we can’t wait for our community to get their hands on it. If you can’t wait a few weeks and need to have the app now, we have more news: we are currently looking for beta testers to put the app to the test. If you are interested in helping us out with ironing out the last few wrinkles, sign up here. That’s it from us this week. We’ll have more news on the app soon!
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    here is my pledge for July ! The portal are worth 10Ss each for a total of 30 Both Executionners are worth 9Ss each for a total of 18 So I'm there with a total of 48 Ss
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    Some really nice work as always this month! @Caedrus I managed to get a fair chunk of my Urami done. Kirai (15) Ikiryo (8) Datsu Ba (9) 2x Goryo (16) 2x Onryo (10) Jaakuna (8) and Lost Love (5) Total for July = 71
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    @Caedrus I couldnt bear the idea of a mulligan this month, so I did a quick job on McMourning. Here he is for 15ss:
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    Thanks for the reminder, here's what I've painted this month for Malifaux: Prof. Von Schtook Research Assistant Anna Lovelace (10) Undergraduate (6) Undergraduate (6) Undergraduate (6) 43 ss + research assistant's cost (not familiar with m3e rules/costs at all
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    Hey Wyrdos, As it turns out, Waldo never made it to our booth at Gen Con. He saw the Will Call line, turned right around, and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out behind the food trucks instead. Who knew that our little imp likes root beer and noodles. Now that we’re in the office, though, he’s back to his old antics and has already started setting things on fire again. So while we make sure he doesn’t burn all of the web orders before we sort through them all, let’s take a look back at this past week! This year at Gen Con, we at Wyrd decided to try something new and set up the larger of our two booths in the Event Hall so that we could be within the heart of our community, and we’re sure glad we did. Being surrounded by new and veteran players alike as they enjoyed our various games and events got us even more excited about the next few months (and years) for what’s to come. So, for this Waldo’s Weekly, we’re taking some time to celebrate our fantastic community that showed up and supported us at Gen Con. In addition to our new booth setup, we also experimented a bit with some new events and ways to give back. Our first ever painting competition, A Dash of Color, was a huge success. Hobbyists of all skill levels got together to paint some our minis from both The Other Side and Malifaux. Check out the gallery in our news post to see what some of the participants managed to pull off in just two short hours! Some of our popular characters showed up at the booth as members of our community put together elaborate cosplays, too. If you were there at Gen Con, you might have run into the beastmaster, Marcus, or the leader of the Death Marshals, Lady Justice! One of our volunteers, Ariel, came dressed to take out the King’s Empire as the Stormsiren from The Other Side. You can see her incredible rendition of this Commander of the Gibbering Hordes below! Our other gaming events were also rousing successes. Whether you play The Other Side and Malifaux competitively or casually, there was a tournament or event for you. You can see the gallery of just a small sample of the events that were being run this year by visiting our news post. This was The Other Side’s first time of being available at Gen Con, so we went full force on the events this year. The first Battle of Four Fronts, a team-based scenario for The Other Side, put teammates in opposite corners while vying for control over a battlefield torn asunder by the chaos of multiple Allegiances. Gen Con’s first official One and Two Commander tournaments for our large-scale wargame pitted friend and foe alike for the taste of victory. Congratulations are in order to both John H., who played the Cult of the Burning Man in the Midnight Run tournament, and Jon G., who played Abyssinia in the Champions of Earth tournament, for walking away as champions! Players also gathered around the table to play in the first set of Malifaux Third Edition’s tournaments for Henchman Hardcore, (the first ever) Double Rush, and, of course, our annual Tyrant Tournament. We saw both seasoned players returning to the game and new players being brought into the fold throughout the convention; it was great to see both familiar and fresh faces at the table. Congratulations are in order to Rob P., who walked away with the Tyrant belt by showing off the power of the Neverborn! Wyrd at Gen Con wouldn’t be possible without our incredible community and volunteers, and this year was no different. Bringing an established game into a new edition brought on a new set of challenges, and those who stuck around the booth rose above and beyond to face the challenge. New players sat down at our Learn to Play and Demo tables to be introduced to our games, and were flipping cards and taking out models within minutes. Words cannot express how appreciative we are for everyone who came to show their love of our games, but it’s worth giving a shot, anyway. From everyone here at Wyrd: Thank you. If you couldn’t make it to Gen Con this time, we hope to see you next year! A special thank you goes out to everyone who took photos of our events and sent them our way. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to Cole and Mahtias, who ran the tournaments for both The Other Side and Malifaux, respectively.
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    These were a breeze to assemble and they look awesome. Just gotta add color!
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    Amazing job everyone! This thread is the best motivation to keep going. Here are my July boys for 13 SS. Only one more model and Ophelia's box will be done! Painting gremlins is quite fun and I am slowly learning NMM.
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    @Caedrus finished 28ss (Sidir 9 + Komainu 6 + Komainu 6 + Sun Quiang 7). (edited wrong values) Sun Quiang done early weekend. Didn't have time to go anymore in-depth on him but I like where I stepped off. Got two games with him on Saturday and three more on Sunday. Was quite happy with his performance. Probably won't have time for any more Wyrd this month. Might sneak in a Mecharachnid but unlikely, seeing how its still in pieces.
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    @Wintergloom My experience is similar to others in this thread. Sometimes I deal with burnout using the “carrot” - painting something that I don’t intend to game with or just putting the brush down for a few days. If that doesn’t work I have to use the “stick” - grind through 30 minutes a day at the same time every day. The latter method eventually yields a painted model or two, which is usually enough to get me rolling again. FWIW your Cult of Burning Man guys inspired me to go super color contrast with my drunk ninja gremlins! I actually painted a stretch goal shinobi before my pledge this month so I could work out the color scheme. It’s much brighter than my usual painting style. I like it.
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    My youngest who has the nickname "Pookie" (don't ask how that happened) loves all things unicorns, so of course when Ulix's Nightmare crew was release I had to pick it up for him ('cause you know, it was totally for him and not me...). The lone unicorn is painted to match a stuffed unicorn he owns, and the P.J.s were painted to match his own unircorn onesie. Pretty happy with the results, and will make for a fun, lighthearted crew to play!
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    @bedjy I quite like your stalking portals this month - it's always interesting to see how other people are painting up those sculpts. @Caedrus So this month I managed to finish most of what i pledged; Minako Rei (8), 2x Katashiro (10), 6x Broken (30) and a house (20) for 68 SS total. I'm not happy with the house, but it'll do. I'll just make sure not to paint it that colour again!
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    10ss done. Woo! After a long time of not painting (sigh videogames), I finished alt Ototo. Really happy with how he turned out. Misaki deserves a better painted berserker at her disposal. Now let's hope Wyrd releases Misaki's new box quick. While good, my old Misaki paintjob is starting to show its age in comparison to my new stuff
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    Ok. We don't have this. We need this. I've been maining Toni since the closed beta and I have knowledge to share. I've gotten my butt handed to me plenty of times too, so I hope I can learn from all of you. Let's start with the big bad boss herself, Toni Ironsides. Nothing exciting for a stat line. Pretty average numbers outside of the max health for a model. If this is your first foray into the Queen of Fists, you first want to know that a lot of her 'oomph' comes from 'Adrenaline' tokens that she builds up on herself and then spends them for varying effects. 'Quell the Riot', her first ability, gives you Adrenaline regardless of what she's doing, so she's going to see at least 5 tokens if she survives a whole game. Any additional models you can clump around her will give you more. She HAS to be engaged by the model, not the other way around (so pull those 0" models into base-to-base if you can). 'Pumped Up' is one of her two ways of being survivable, allowing you to discard Adrenaline to reduce damage by the same amount. Note that this is when she's damaged, so her Df Trigger we'll get into will not have generated a token yet. This will catch some people off-guard, as Toni not taking ANY damage is a bit unexpected. I would not immediately reduce everything, though. Use your Soulstones for that as she has some decent healing options and her other uses for Adrenaline are SO good. 'Unionized' is her her Keyword ability. If you're close to a friendly M&SU, you both get positive flips for BOTH Df and Wp duels. Keep in mind it doesn't say anything about 'opposed duels' so things like Terrifying tests or some Shockwaves will still allow you to use these positive flips. HOWEVER, most of her keyword is designed around this as really their only defensive tech, and stuff outside of a Unionized bubble will die pretty fast. "The Injured Workers Act' is a part of her other keyword ability. Namely, a lot of M&SU models have Grit (get additional stuff when at half wounds or less). Toni and one of her henchmen let this go off regardless of their health. If they are within 6". Now we get to probably the most fun part of her card. She's brought back her 'I hit you back' trigger from M2E, but now it's a ton more reliable and will be the biggest thing your opponent has to try to work around. After resolving an opposed duel targeting her defense, she gains an Adrenaline token. If it was a attack, she automatically deals 2/3/5 back (uncheatable). Let's quickly unpack that. First up, "After Resolving" means it doesn't care whether or not she was successful in the duel. Regardless of getting hit, she's getting an Adrenaline token (which means all shooting will still be giving her resources). THEN if it was a she gets to hit them back (again not caring about success or not). That 2/3/5 is no joke, and since it's a flat flip most of the time you're going to be seeing moderates and severes more often than normal attacks. Mind you, Hard to Wound will put a negative flip on that! It is also not considered part of an attack, so it's a way around things like incorporeal and defensive triggers. Another thing to remember is that range means absolutely nothing here. If Reva stabs at Toni from 10 inches away, Toni is just going to teleport a knuckle sandwich into that smug teenager's face. Void Hunters or Death Marshall Recruiters think they can just safely claw and stab at her while she's tucked away in the aether? THINK AGAIN. Toni's rage transcends space-time to teach those goons a lesson about playing with portals. Lastly, some super secret tech! Currently, the wording on Focus only specifies 'subsequent damage flip'. I've checked with a few other Henchmen and we all agree that, as it stands, if Ironsides spends a focus to give her a positive flip to her defense, she'll also get a positive flip on this damage flip! Her last ability does a very good job of keeping your opponent off of your squishier pieces. If she engages something, it HAS to target her if it declares attack actions. It's Ironsides' one weird trick that every Zoraida hates! Now to the back and how Toni will specifically be hurting things. 'Brass Knuckles' are her one attack action, targeting Defense and hitting for 2/3/5 damage. Gone is her uppercut from M2E, but they more or less worked it into this attack instead. Her range got shortened to 1" which is understandable considering that happened to a lot of models, and her acting value got toned down a little too. She has two triggers built-in, which is quite nice of Wyrd. On a Tome, she gets more Adrenaline per suit. No ceiling on this, so you could technically stack up to four suits if you absolutely positively need that much Adrenaline (built-in, card, stone, and Mechanical Rider's Aura, if you were wondering). If you are burning resources, make sure you hit as this one DOES require a success to go off. Her other built-in trigger lets you discard up to two Adrenaline tokens to deal extra damage of the same amount. This effectively makes Toni a 4/5/7 damage track (Hello Uppercut!) which will also blend just about anything if she gets to put all of her actions into attacking it and you have enough Adrenaline. Her last trigger is a bit corner-case, I believe, mostly because Adrenaline is so versatile. She can hand out Injured per Crows in the duel total (max 2). If you need to soften something up for the rest of your crew to take down, it's not a bad choice, though I'd save your Soulstones and just use opportune crows as they come up. I skipped over the innate ability of her knuckles besides the damage. She hands out Staggered to anything she punches. This might seem not that useful, as things are already close enough to Toni to hit her, but here's probably the biggest reason why it's there: To stop models from running away. Sadly, in M3E it a whole ton easier for models to run away from fights like the cowards they are. This is doubly bad for Toni because that means they can start targetting her bros. so she slaps some Staggered on them and voila! They can't be moved by friendlies, AND disengaging attacks are now more likely to stop them cold (needing a moderate to completely stop most models from pushing at all). It also has additional benefits for any Shockwaves you bring, as most target movement which is now suddenly two less. Next up is possibly Toni's ultra best friend (even moreso than her beloved brass knuckles). Bring It is a taunt that is almost exactly like her old "You Lookin' At Me?" from M2E. Since Charges are no longer a thing, she helpfully adds two to a model's movement instead, which was roughly what charge values were, anyways. An extra nice thing is it is a move instead of a push, so no more worrying about bases, walls, or other terrain stopping Toni's goad. Then they are forced to take a Against her with no triggers, and an extra negative flip to any damage. This. Is. Fantastic, as it really helps Ironsides stay planted where she wants to and still be able to affect the enemy at range. She picks who she wants to fight and pulls apart any bubbles your opponent might have set up. With a stat of 7 she's rarely not going to have at least 1 up on her opponent. The TN is negligible as your opponent isn't going to just allow you to ruin their plans with something as small as a 12 total or less. As a bit of extra goodness, if you hit a ram, you can discard an Adrenaline to heal 2 damage. This is technically more efficient than spending on a 1-for-1 basis with 'Pumped Up' so don't be forgetting it. Now, Most often, models' attacks are going to be targeting her Df, so this 'aggressive lure' will often pop her 'Good Shot' trigger, dealing damage to the model you just lured in. Ok, there are two VERY important things to keep in mind. 1. always check your targets card to be absolutely sure they will be targeting her defense. It feels real bad when you've pulled in something big and scary, only to find you won't be dealing damage to it or getting additional Adrenaline. Plenty of attacks out there target Willpower, and more than a few target Movement which she absolutely does NOT want to deal with. 2. Consider if this a better option than Brass Knuckles. While BK is a good attack with good triggers, you might be up against a model with a good Df trigger, incorporeal, high defense and low willpower, one who you need to be base-to-base to help prevent disengagement, or you just need better odds to hit the moderate of 3 or severe of 5. Bring It is a higher stat and as long as you can weather the return attack, can technically be more reliable damage. Toni's Tactical Actions are a mix of teamwork and rage powers. 'Intimidation' pulses out a TN 14 Wp duel to all enemies within 6" that gain Adversary (M&SU) if they fail. 14 is a pretty stinkin' high number, needing a 9 for the average Willpower of 5. This is a decent way to burn your opponents hand and set up some models for some pretty good pain from your friendlies. What's this? Fantastic triggers you say? Yes on a ram she can go right ahead and hit someone too, giving you lovely action efficiency (though you can't declare triggers on a action generated by a trigger!). On a tome that's built in, however, we generate our best friend Adrenaline again! FYI if you need quick fix, just pump this action out a few times. As long as you're hitting the TN, it doesn't matter if any enemy is even in the 6", you'll still get Adrenaline for your troubles. I don't recommend doing this very often, but there are times where you want to keep her still and have already focused (mostly on turn 1). El Presidente has two bonus actions (but really, only one most of the time), I've Got Your Back will help you get a friend out of an emergency if they are engaged and within 6. However, Second Wind is what you'll be wanting to use most. Yes for the low cost of two Adrenaline, Toni get's another action OR can end any conditions on her she wants. While I haven't had need to wipe conditions away very often, a 4 action Master is nothing to sneeze at. In magical Christmas land, Toni (with a big fat stack of Adrenaline) can deal 16 damage to any models engaging her through 4 attacks, and that's hitting MINIMUM damage. Upgrades? Toni can only take two of the three, and Soulstone Cache only benefits her in that she can pick up Soulstones from killing. Magical Training definitely has its uses. You already want your opponent to be concentrating on Toni, so why not make things even MORE difficult by draining their hands? The Shielded is also a nice little bonus. Next up is Toni's totem, Mouse. Mouse starts with a pretty weak stat line, Df 5 Wp 4 Mv 4, Sz 1, and 4 health. Now that Defense is going to be good enough to not have him immediately be taken out the second your opponent targets him, but any effort above attacks of opportunity will end him real quick. The low willpower hurts a little more but both Df and Wp need to take the plus flips from 'Unionized' into consideration before you turn your nose up to this guy. That being said, that low wound pool needs to be taken into consideration, and you should be providing enough of a threat that your opponent isn't going to be getting the easy kill off of him. Speaking of 'Unionized', it the first ability on his card. Exactly the same as everyone else so I won't repeat what I said in Toni's description. Accomplice is next, which lets him chain-activate into another friendly model at the cost of a pass token or card. I mostly find myself with a more elite crew, so I often have pass tokens lying around for this. This is one of the few ways you can safely stretch your stuff outside of the Unionized bubble without fear of attacks targeting that unprotected model. Move Mouse up, then accomplice into another model that moves up next to him and redeploys the 'Unionized' protection. I'm going to skip the next one real quick in favor of his Grit ability, which works off of his accomplice. If he's at half wounds (or within 6" or Ironsides or Amina Naidu) when he uses Accomplice, the accompliced model gains focus +1. Focus is REALLY good in this game, so use this as much as you possibly can to really beef up your damage output. Now back to Expert Shot. This let's him ignore Friendly Fire on his ranged attack. This makes his ranged attack, which is far better than his melee attack, much more usable in a typical Toni bubble. You don't want Mouse to ever have to rely on his Melee for anything. WHICH leads to the back of the card and his one melee attack, Rope Lash. It's Frantic Flailing in all but name, 0" range and 1/2/3 damage track. Don't get into melee unless you absolutely have to with this guy. His ranged attack Toss the Noose (I'm noticing a 'Rope' theme) is the same stat, but at 10 inches and has a built in Ram. The damage track is a much more satisfying 2/3/4 as well as hands out Staggered and the built in trigger allows Mouse to pull models towards him by 3". It's a neat way to surprise your opponent with nudging their stuff out of position. The Staggered is also a great compliment to Toni is she didn't manage to put it on the target herself. If you manage to hit with a Crow, you're rewarded with slowing your target, which is getting a lot of work out of a 4ss model. Mouse's Tactical actions are where I think you'll be spending most of your time. He has a single action 'Emergency Surgery' which heals a nearby Living model for 1/2/3 damage. This is very similar to his M2E action 'Shot of the Good Stuff' (yes he's healing them through the power of alcohol), but now it doesn't need a ram to go off. Nope! Now he only needs a 5 to dole out healing goodness. Happen to have a 5+ Mask in hand or top-deck? You're taking this action again! That's 4 potential healing actions for one 4ss activation (and 4-12 health on anyone in his keyword). He doesn't mind the Living restriction much at all, as all in-keyword models have the Living Characteristic. Lastly, he has 'Fight for the Union'. This simply gives Toni Ironsides an Adrenaline token, plus another additional one if she happens to be below half wounds. Remember to take this bonus action as the first thing you do! I've accidentally run Mouse outside of 6" of Toni and regretted not getting the easy adrenaline. It would also kind of suck if you healed her past half health with Mouse before taking the action and miss out on an extra token. One thing of note for the few folks working off of muscle memory from M2E. Mouse is no longer insignificant! That's great because it means he can scheme in an emergency. That's also bad new because he is an easy kill and something your opponent could score off easily, so watch out! Gotta love a man in uniform! The Captain is the arcanists foremost Wind Wizard and Toni's first henchman (the one she was originally packaged with in M2E). Cap here packs a mean punch and brings a lot of tools and tech to help the M&SU out. Looking at the stat line, he sporting above-average Defense and Move along with Health matching his cost. That Mv 6 tied with his abilities makes him one of the more mobile models in the crew and a surprising tool for late-game scheming. His first ability is a nifty piece of defensive tech that's been modified from M2E to work the way it should have in the first place. You will notice a trend with Toni's henchmen that they all bring a unique aura to help protect the rest of the crew ('Union Strong'!). Captain's is call 'Middle of the Storm'. This magic cloud lets every friendly within three of him reduce the damage from actions by 2. That's REALLY good. If a crew model is within Unionized with him, they are effectively armor +2 for all attacks! This guy is a MUST into shooting crew, as the Union's combat prowess lies almost entirely in Melee. Keep an eye on your opponent's attack actions. Things like Shockwaves are usually actions, and though they don't target a model, MotS doesn't care. He also brings back 'Agile' from M2E, which is more crucial in this edition with how disengagement works. Here he can take walk actions while engaged. This means this strapping lad can always pop out of engagement to lay down a scheme marker or charge a better target (or just keep running if you need!). Really the only thing stopping him is impassible terrain or a wall of models he can't squeeze through. If you need to hunt down a specific model in the back or middle of your opponent's crew, Captain can get it done. Next up is his defensive trigger, Quick Getaway. When he flips a Mask, Cap can push up to 5" after the action resolves. Note that it has to be an enemy actions, so no farting him up the board with your own bullets! It's yet another M2E ability that was 'fixed' to be more useful (now you don't have to have him take damage or even get hit). This is a really good ability to mitigate multiple attacks on him. If he's charged, the model can't follow him with another charge. If he's shot, he can tuck out of sight or into cover. My favorite is to push into their face if they're shooters or out an inch so that he's engaging them and they aren't engaging him. This is likely to ruin their second action. It's so reliable that sometimes it's actually a good idea to cheat in the mask EVEN IF that will turn a miss into a hit (watch your opponent's extreme confusion). Obviously you don't want to get hit if you don't have to, so stones are a decent use here if your high card's aren't Masks. El Capitan brings a Grit Ability that let's him scoot 2" when he activates. While this might seem like not much, until you remember the shenaniganry of engagement and his already quality threat range. Now he doesn't have to walk out of engagement first when he wants to charge. Speaking of charge, his threat range goes from 8" up to 10"! Nearly the crazy range he had in 2nd edition. Better yet, if he walks first, this boi can hammer time something 16" away (well gosh, it sure would be swell if there was another model in the Keyword that could push him even further and give him fast so he can radiate his mighty metal magnificence on the opponent in their deployment zone). Lastly, we see the familiar 'Unionized', so when he isn't skipping across the entire board he can protect his fellows. Df 6 with positive flips is extra silly. Going to the back of his card, we see his trusty Relic Hammer. Tasty 2" reach and stat 6 makes this a very reliable weapon. 3/4/6 Damage track is the the best in the keyword too! Cap is a very good target for models to give focus to, because hitting that severe 6 will plow through just about anything in a few swings. The hammer comes with the side benefit of ignoring Shielded. While Shielded would only have prevented one damage anyways, it's not a bad benefit. The Relic Hammer comes with two triggers: On a tome he doles out Burning +2 (yay! MORE damage!), and Mask will allow him to man-handle his target 4" of his choosing. Burning synergizes well with other crews, though extra damage is welcome everywhere. The 'Knock Aside' on the Mask is potentially even better as it allows yet more ways to break up your opponent's setup and push them into danger ("Danger" being Toni) or out of cover/concealing. His other attack is Cyclone, the only Shockwave in the crew and another showcase of his wind wizardry. The base stats on this ability are a bit disappointing compared to your average Shockwave. He needs an 8 for it to go off, and the Move TN is a 12. It's a good 2" pulse from the marker, however, and besides the 2 damage all models that fail the Mv check will be pushed 3" away from the marker. His triggers are one of the explanations for the base stats. On a ram, he jacks that TN to 14 (needing a 9 to pass). Anyone passing that has just ditched a high card from their opponents deck or hand. On a Tome he instead hands out Burning +2 if the model is pushed at least 2". Hey that's a lot better, isn't in? Now let's get into the tactics. First up, this is much more of a toolbox piece than a 'spam the boom booms!' kind of attack. It would be difficult anyways as if you did damage models in a cluster, they are now 3" further away and likely more spread out. Like most Shockwaves, you get a lot more work from them the more models you target. Next, you need to take the TN into context with the two models above. Staggered affects Mv, and that means it also affects the TN test for this Shockwave! Now if you hit the ram trigger, an average Mv model will need a face card to not get hit! Lastly note that the Shockwave marker can be placed under models. This means it can occupy the same space as a 30mm model base. In this case, you can push them 3" in any direction you want, potentially isolating the model from it's crew. Lastly is his only Tactical Action and only Bonus Action: Wind Barrier. For the low low cost of a 4, The Captain puts out two 50mm markers that must be touching and count as concealing terrain. This has a long distance of 12" that stretches to nearly 14" when you consider the size of a 50mm base. As it is a 'Drop', you may place these under models, too. Concealing works at infinite range as long as one sight line passes through it, but you probably don't need to punt it out that far unless Cap has rushed off to go hunt something down. While the obvious use is to protect your own stuff, you need to be both smart and careful with what seems like a pretty easy-to- grasp ability. First off, it extends his protection outside of Middle of the Storm. While it might seem really good to double up with the pseudo +2 armor AND imposing negative flips, your crew usually isn't so compact as to hide behind the wall AND be within 3" of Cap. This means some Miners will be exposed and thus the obvious choice as a target. It's often better to hide the models that aren't within 3" behind the wall, so your opponent has to decide between dealing reduced damage or having to mitigate a [-] flip. Also you HAVE to remember it goes both ways. While you don't have a lot of shooting in the M&SU, gunsmith still want their 'Easy Target' as often as possible, and will get quite testing if The Captain is obscuring their next victim. Also it affects more than guns, and nothing screws up a turn more that suddenly removing Toni's ability to pull models in effectively. Lastly keep an eye out for enemies that like to use actions on each other. Suddenly obscuring their favorite obey target is a fun way to mess with their game plan! Amina Naidu is wonderful representation of one of the greatest things about Malifaux: the fact that the most terrifying model in a crew can be a lawyer with a clipboard. She brings a Df and Wp flipped from the Captain, and a very normal Move of 5. Her health is one less than her cost at 8 (She's a lawyer not a fighter!). From here on out, I'm only going to cover abilities not previously mention unless there's something I want to point out. Amina's first ability is Extended Claims which lets her discard a card to gain a Soulstone if she can see an enemy model take an interact action. That's right 'SEE'. There's no range limit on this. If she in the corner of the map and your terrain is poor enough to not block her sight to a Crooligan dropping a scheme marker, in the opposite corner, she can get a Soulstone. It's even better because it's ANY interact, so while you can get stones back from the typical scheme marker dropping/picking up, every Turf marker flip, every Explosive drop, and every Idol pushed is an opportunity for you to make bank. Stones are pretty important in a M&SU crew because of the top-heavy nature of the in-keyword models (4/9 models can use Soulstones). We've already seen The Injured Workers Act on Toni, but I want to point it out real quick that Amina is the way you can effectively bring two independent groups to the table. Ironsides runs one, and Amina does the other. Keep in mind that you NEED to make Amina's group as unpleasant as possible otherwise they will be the obvious target most of the time. No one want's to play with Toni, it seems. Reach of the Union is her unique henchman defensive aura. Unlike the other two, this doesn't reduce damage, but makes your opponents action efficiency worse. Within 6" around her, enemy models can't take the attack portion of their Charge action. While Captain makes shooting a pain for the enemy, Amina makes melee combat also distasteful. Now the big scary beaters usually only get one attack on their activation. Note that this doesn't stop the Charge entirely. Certain jerks (I'm looking at you Von Schill!) will have abilities that let them charged while engaged. Now if they end the charge still within Amina's bubble, they won't get the attack, but they'll probably do something incredibly mean anyways like leave engagement with Toni to go pick on a defenseless lawyer with a clipboard. Now to the back of her card and why she's an insufferable heap of utility that you're going to love teaching your opponent to hate. First up is Impassioned Defense. You may be asking why I'm starting with literally the last action on her card. Well, It's because it's the first thing you should do every time you activate her. Yes, you might have to move first and then use it (I didn't mean LITERALLY every time), but I can't tell you how often I forgot this piece of tech and it cost me! What it does is for a five or higher, you put Shielded +2 on a friendly model. It's her only bonus action so you have no reason NOT to use it, or at least try. "But Kaiser Senpai! What's so special about 'Shielded +2?!" you would say. I just told you it's free and I constantly forget about it and I want you to learn from my Mistakes! Also it has another specific use that we'll get into later. Amina doesn't really have 'Attacks' per se, just thinks listed under 'Attack Actions'. First is her Sharp Wit which is her one Melee attack. It hands out slow and on a Tome you give out Adversary (M&SU) You don't really want to be doing this unless you're out of high cards and/or Soulstones. She just has better stuff to be doing than handing out philosophical beat-downs. There is a niche use for this, though, and it's to cut down on an opposing model trying to make a break for it. Last turn Prisoners and having only one action to run away is much more in your favor than having two actions. On to the best/worst part of Amina, depending on your side of the board. Yes she's packing a pretty potent punch in the form of arguably the most hated action in early M3E, Obey. Obey let's you take and control a single action of the target non-leader that doesn't attach upgrades, list specific models (mostly summoning) or are bonus actions. If you haven't been on the receiving end of a Zoraida, you might not yet know how good this is. You know what's a single action? Charge. You know what else? Interacts (being able to force your opponent to score YOU plant Explosives or Cursed Idols) and the mostly free Soulstone you'd get from Extended Claims. Unlike 2E, you can declare TRIGGERS this time around, tacking on additional pain you weren't able to before. You can also gladly use enemy Focus on these attacks to drain their resources too! It's so great. And that's not even considering using your own models. You have Howard and Captain as great targets, even Gunsmiths or Union Miners are sometimes worth it. As a final insult, you can add Adversary (M&SU) if you're willing to part with the stone. This is one of those abilities that gets exponentially better the more clever you are. Now there are some limitations that need to be taken into account. While stat 7 is great, you still need a mask for it to go off. If you don't draw one, you're spending a precious Soulstone to get it off. Targeting your own models is a bit easier as they won't try to stop you, but you still need a 7 or higher which is not nothing. This makes her more reasonable than Zoraida, which can compound the seeming unfairness with extra actions, damage, and a built-in suit. OTHER THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: As of the current rules, if you obey an enemy model to attack another enemy model, they can relent the attack and force a double on your damage. Not very cash money. I don't agree with this rule. I think both models should have to be under control of the same player for you to relent, but that's me, and that's how it works currently. Maybe just don't tell your opponent they can do that 😀. Amina's last action is Walk the Line. It's kind of an obey, pushing your friendlies up to 5" towards a scheme/scrap/corpse marker for only a 5. Not too bad. If they're at half health, you get a card. What you're really looking for is that sweet sweet Crow trigger. The target takes 2 damage and gains Fast. This essentially turns your one action into two (move and Fast). Hey, remember what I said about Impassioned Defense? You slap that on your target before throwing them up the board and now they're taking 1 less damage. Let's be honest here, though, there's ways around this. The last henchmen will knock that single damaged down to 0, armor +1 too. So overall, Amina is a hugely useful tech piece. She can't do a whole lot without friends to Obey/push, so make sure she doesn't get caught out or her friends all die around her. She's not going to last too long with Df5, 8 wounds, and no damage mitigation solo. Look at this grumpy b*stard! Look at him! If Toni Ironsides is the angriest person in Malifaux (she is), then Joshua Fitzsimmons is by far the grumpiest. Rumor has it that in 1905 a Guild patrol brazenly stood on Josh's lawn without permission and ruined his prize-winning petunias. He's been on a mission of vengeance ever since. The last of Toni's henchman, Josh is the cheapest and comes with the cheapest stat line: a very vanilla 5 Defense, 5 Willpower, 5 Move, and Health matching his cost. As we already know, those middling stats are deceptive in a Toni crew. If you have sleeves on your cards, I want you to do something right now. Pull out all the M&SU cards, and put a nice little tic right at the half wounds point. This is because you don't want to forget the benefit from his first ability: 'Solidarity'. This gives all friendly M&SU models within 6 of him Hard to Wound. I should specify TECHNICALLY Hard to Wound, as models that ignore HtW won't ignore this. I've forgotten this ability multiple times, and have resorted to marking my sleeves to help me remember. It's also useful for Grit if you aren't around Toni/Amina and is kind to your opponent who can see it from across the table and doesn't have to give away schemes by asking for wound counts. Now we get to the best thing about Fitzsimmons (besides mad scarf game). 'Protected by the Union' is the most versatile defensive henchman aura. It simply reduces all damage by 1 for all M&SU models within an 6 inch aura of Fitz. This. Is. Fantastic. It's even better because it's so simple. Any damage. Any damage at all gets knocked down by 1. Don't care if its shooting or melee, attack or tactical actions, just drop a point of damage (can't go to zero, though). It'll stack with Cap's aura too, so your opponent is looking at losing 3 damage from shooting attacks. Possibly one of the best things is that models that ignore armor/shielded/incorporeal don't ignore this. The only thing that'll get through is irreducible damage. Alright! Attacks. Fitz and the Tantrums has one standard attack called 'Picket Line'. Picket Line looks pretty basic, stat 6 and 2/3/4 damage is not the most exciting on an 8 cost henchman. It does gain a positive flip if the target is within 3 inches of a friendly model. Since that's what you want to be doing anyways, you're almost always going to have this. Heck I'd almost say it should just be stapled on the stat. The one unique thing of note, is that this is technically (mathematically) the most reliable way to smack 2 damage on a model in this crew. Gunsmiths are in second place only because Easy Target isn't as reliable. You're not always going to find yourself in that situation, but it's nice to know. Now as far as triggers go, he has...nothing. In fact, Fitzsimmons doesn't have triggers. Anywhere. My best guess is that triggers are a newfangled invention and he got along just fine without them 'back in the day' and kids nowadays don't know the value of a dollar or how to solve all of their problems by slapping people with a sign and setting them on fire. SEGUE! 'Arson' is Fitzsimmons' only other way to deal damage. It's a Shockwave of sorts, but HAS to target a scheme marker (which is why I still count Captain as the only model with a true Shockwave). For the low cost of a 6, Fitz designates a scheme marker and makes it go boom. The result is a 2" pulse of the marker with a TN 12 Move duel that doles out 2 damage and 1 burning. The real kicker is that the marker is then removed. Oh yeah, Arson is going to mine some salt! Heck I consider the damage/burning as a side bonus to this. Every schemer will be quaking in their boots when Old Man Fitzsimmons comes to town. Now this has a little more space for shenanigans than the picket smack. Sometimes, your opponent isn't dropping schemes, or they're disgusting cowards and dropping them out of view. Thank goodness it doesn't specify ownership. We'll get into it later, but you have some very kind minions that can put out scheme markers right in the middle of your opponent's models. Also you can use Amina to force them to put one down. Yet another reason for Amina to obey them to drop a scheme, 'Interrogate' is Fitz's last attack. It's not an 'attack' per se, as it is yet another way to annoy your opponent. On a successful stat 5 Willpower duel, you force your opponent to discard a card. Not bad! Anything to get rid of their cards isn't a waste. What makes it a lot better is the additional text. If they're within 3 inches of one of their team's scheme markers, you get to draw a card. I would suggest using this only when you can get the extra card, but there's always those corner cases when they are down to one or two cards. A player without a hand is a very good thing! 'I Didn't Start the Fire' is a Billy Joel reference. It's also Fitzsimmons' only tactical and only bonus action. 8" out and NO RESISTANCE (YAY!)! You turn the Burning condition off of the target. If they're an enemy, you place a scheme marker next to them. Keep in mind the first part. You can use this in a pinch if a friendly got Burning on them (bypassing Assist actions). I kind of wish it dropped an enemy scheme marker to synergize with 'Interrogate', but you can instead use it for scheming. So, best possible round with Fitz. Blow up a scheme marker next to some mouthy teen (Dreamer fits the bill). Dreamer gets set on fire. Fitz rips the burning off, places a scheme, and then hits him with the Arson again. Not once did he have to deal with an opposed duel, and he's probably hitting other models. Stick it to those youths! It's Hank! Howard Langston is Toni's one and only Enforcer (not counting Mouse) and tied for Captain as the most expensive model in-keyword. When he's not trying to buy a Turbo Man action figure for his son, he's still doing the Union's dirty work and retains his status as a blender on five legs from M2E. While not as overt of a damage dealer, he now requires a little more finesse to get the killing potential out of him, but that's what I'm here for! Another thing of note is he'll have some abilities that don't necessary gel all that well with the M&SU crew, but that's because Toni has joint custody of Hank with the new(ish) master, Charles Hoffman. We start off with a very OK stat line: A weak defense of 4, Willpower 5, 5 Walk, Health equal to cost, and the only Size 3 in the keyword. Couple that with a 50mm base, and reach of 2, and he can get his claws on a surprising amount of models a more standard character would have difficulty with. He's more than happy to use Toni or Captain as particularly violent meat shields as they are much more survivable. Keep in mind that Size 3 is going to make him awfully visible to every shooter in your opponents. crew. Armor +1 is great. If he's in the same crew as Fitzsimmons, that's basically armor +2, and with Captain that's 3-4 damage reduction from shots! We'll skip the Grit ability for now, as I'll get into it when we visit the back of his card. Power Converter is an ability Howard gets from his Arcanist dad. Toni can make good use of in her crew, though, if you bring along another minion that's also shared between the two masters. For now, all you need to know is if he gets to activate near scrap, he Hoovers it up to be used as a resource to gain positive flips or a suit to an action (Basically a soulstone). I would primarily use it for suits, as he has GREAT triggers and you can get Focus on him in other ways. Hank's other unique defensive ability is Terrifying. It only needs an 11, which is a 6 for most models. So you won't be seeing it protect him TOO much, but playing a hand drain strategy will bump up that usefulness. Howard's last ability is Unimpeded. While you won't be needing him to move too fast in a Toni bubble, if you need to shoot him out to go hunt something down, this will be useful. Now to the Meat and (thoroughly mashed) Potatoes of Howard Langston, his attack. The steamborg brings back his trusty Executioner Claws, albeit a bit dulled from M2E. His reach is a very useful 2" and the damage track is now a 3/4/5, which is still pretty good. The additional effect is what really makes you stand up and pay attention. Hank ignores all Defensive Triggers. Against some crews (including this one) that is absolutely killer. Pay good attention to the opponent's declared master, it might be a real big indication you should bring this guy. Howard is sporting some real tasty triggers as well. 'Heave' might secretly be the best of the bunch. It takes a Ram, and lets you place the target anywhere within 3" of this model. "Why would I want to place the model outside of my reach?" you may ask. Well, you might very well have a whirling hate-tornado of brass knuckles in the crew just itching to punch the crap out of your target, and now she doesn't have to spend Actions on her lure (and some times she just can't use it). It also goes real well with another action he has. Lastly, that is 8 (count 'em) to 9 inches of possible movement! If you attack while they're just in your 2" threat, than that's 2" to Hank, 2" for his base, 3" inches further away from him, and then the length of the target's base (give or take a few millimeters). That's one of the longest ways to move an enemy in the game. I'm surprised they don't take fall damage at that point! On a Mask he has 'Like the Wind' which let's him push 5" while ignoring models. It's not as crazy as 'Heave', but if he's already charged and killed the opponent or you want to hurt more models with his tactical, this is a great move. Keep in mind he's a bit of a fatty, so his butt will be taking up 2" of that new move. Since he can't stop while overlapping, you may have to do a bit of pre-measuring with proxy bases first before deciding to spend resources on the trigger. The last trigger is an old favorite, 'Execute'. Your opponent is forced to discard a Soulstone or a card, or the model dies immediately. It also ignores Demise abilities or any healing effects that trigger when the model is killed. Due to the cost being a step down from M2E, you shouldn't expect this to actually KILL things very often, but resource drain is always good. Lucking into 1 or 2 cards or stones out of your opponent's hand/cache is going to give them a headache. I would suggest keeping your opponent informed of the downside to letting it go through, though. While in a competitive tournaments anything goes, but usually I wouldn't suggest souring a game by killing Leveticus permanently because your opponent wasn't aware Execute ignores Levi's Demise (actually, if it's Levi, he kind of deserves it). Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the effect of the trigger occurs before the effects of the model being killed goes off. If so, than you can still declare the trigger even if you reduce the model to 0 health (in the case of Demise abilities). Moving on! What's an innocent Steamborg Executioner gonna do besides aggressively petting everyone he meets? Why, it's fart a deadly cloud of superhot steam! That's right! Now can you not only mince literally everything into hot dogs, you can cook them too! Howard can take the Vent Steam action to put up an aura of concealment for everyone within 3" of him. It also acts as Hazardous terrain for all enemies that aren't Constructs. Now, I was kind of down on Howard for a while until I realized he should be using this every activation. In my defense, I seemed to luck into a lot of constructs/incorporeal whenever I hired him. STILL it's fantastic just for the defensive aspects. Concealment is going to save your team's behind just as much as the plus flips to your Df and Wp. The best part is it affects all non-claw attack actions (including spell-like attacks). It also gets around the 1" rule for Concealing terrain. The enemy model could be base-to- base with yours and they'd still be on a negative flip. Don't discount the Hazardous, either. This will be a huge pain for most opponents you run into. While one damage might not seem like much, you have to take into context the fact that it trips EVERY action they take while in it, OR when they move in it. Guess what's a move? A walk! Guess what's a move? A charge! Guess what's another move? a push! Gimmie one more? A place! Alright, which of those can you force your opponent to do? ALL OF THEM. Yes, probably the best thing about Hank is that he's a focal point for slowly boiling your opponent's models alive. Amina can force any move, Captain can push, Toni lures, and Hank himself has that glorious Heave trigger to just do it himself. Even Mouse gets in on the party. It goes away at the end of the turn, so activating Hank early will get the most use out of the action. Sadly this is counter-productive to the Execute trigger, but the Steam is more important. If only there was some kind of, I don't know, Lawyer in the crew that could...like...tell him to take the action before he actually activates. Ok. Howard's one and only bonus action. I cannot perceive a point where he'd actually want to use Transfer Power. Maybe with Hoffman, but Charles only gets custody every other weekend and this is Toni Time. Trail of Gore is the only bonus action you'll be using in an M&SU crew. It allows him to discard an ENEMY scheme marker to take a walk or melee attack. Nice. Howard is rocking the triple attack with this, or sprinting really far to go stab something important 17" away. While the requirement seems a little strict, we will be getting this for FREE with his Grit ability. And since he's hanging out with Arcanist Mom and the single good lawyer in Malifaux, he's effectively a 3 action model for most of the game. This also means using the Vent Steam on his activation is less painful since he still gets to attack twice. DON'T FORGET THAT REQUIREMENT THOUGH! You could get trapped into always just taking your third action because you can, but there are times where there are actual enemy schemes lying around. Grit doesn't FORCE you to use Trail of Gore for free, you can still 'pay' for it and deny your opponent the marker. Gunsmith's are the M&SU's most expensive minion and the first that we'll be covering. Same middling stat-line as Fitzsimmons, but sporting one less health than their cost (something I JUST now noticed as a change from the Beta), BUT we already know M&SU stats are going to be blase what with all the plus flips. Let's move to the abilities. 'Hard to Kill' is an ability that just about every model in Toni's entourage had in M2E, but now the Gunsmith is the only model to retain it. It's a very good thing, as being the only reliable ranged damage dealer in the crew is going to put a target on their back. If you don't remember, it says that, as long as you are above 1 wound, damage can only ever take you down to 1 wound. Forcing your opponent to make one more attack to kill the Gunsmith gives you more of an opportunity to save them with either Mouse or a Medical Automaton. 'Easy Targets' is their next unique skill, which says if the Gunsmith is unengaged, and the target does not benefit from Cover or Concealment, you gain a flip to your attack. This has very swingy benefit determined by the terrain density of your board. When you have it, it's great for the added likelihood of hitting. When you DON'T have it, the downside is compounded by the added effects of the Cover/Concealment. Unlike snipers, Gunsmiths still have to play by the rules 😢. So, 'Easy Targets' will be sort of dictating your targets for you. That's not too bad of a problem, as your crew has more than a few ways to put models where they don't want to be. Another benefit you might have realized is 'Easy Targets' also negates Friendly Fire. Yes, technically they could still be in Cover/Concealing (Vent Steam and Sputtering Exhaust affect ALL models), but that's usually your decision and something you can work around. It's nice to know that the Gunsmith can still reliable shoot at things Toni has pulled in without having to get up close and personal. 'Gunfighter' lets you use your guns in melee. Pretty straightforward. This might be a good time to point out that Wyrd has really streamlined the whole Ca/Sh/Ml and / relationship from M2E into a much more understandable state. 'Gunfighter' simply turns the shoot action into a melee action. SO, it ignores Concealment as well as stuff like Captain's Aura if we're talking about enemies with the ability. Also (to our benefit) 'Gunfighter' models will get hit back from Toni if they charge into her. The last ability is one that really starts to show why they cost 8. 'Grit (Resourceful)' lets you tack on a suit of your choice to final duel total of any action it declares. While that only matters for one action, it's a doozy of an ability. If you're in the Toni/Amina bubble, you're getting whatever trigger you want on your attacks at all times. I have been corrected and will specify that you must declare the suit before you flip any cards. Let's get to the murder! Gunsmiths bring their Custom Firearms to the beatdown which sport a hefty 2/4/5 damage track. The real kicker, as I mentioned, are the FOUR triggers on the gun. One for every suit. This means that even without the Grit ability, you are technically able to always declare a trigger on a successful attack. The first trigger is Puncture, and is likely the one you'll be declaring the most. You get a to damage per suit in the total (max of 2). A Tome will let you ignore armor, and a Mask will let you shoot someone else. Crows are another stacking trigger, this time doling out Injured +1 per suit. Let's talk tactics. The Rams trigger is default due to the damage track and 'more damage' almost always being useful. Some times things don't have armor, some times you don't have another target to shoot (especially when engaged), and some times you don't have anything to take advantage of Injured before the turn ends. Since moderate is twice the amount as minimum, Rams is more ideal into a lot of armored opponents too. Assume a negative flip is usually weak damage, and a straight flip is more likely to be NOT weak, the Ram will likely break even on an Armor +2 model just if you hit moderate, and do better on a Severe as opposed to Weak with a Tome trigger. Now none of this is guaranteed, but I feel much more secure getting a straight flip with no armor reduction, than a negative with it. Now the Puncture stacks, so if you're lucky to win with a Ram, you're looking at a . That's still a straight flip on a tie and that ROCKS. The Mask trigger, I think, is best used when you're finishing off a model, that way you're not wasting high damage on something with 2 wounds anyways, and can start taking down something else. EDIT: Spend that second shot of Toni if there's nothing good to shoot! She'll get an adrenaline and it's pretty easy to force a miss. The second attack can't declare triggers, mind you, so you're not going to have a lot of chutzpah on it. Injured is great in a lot of situations, but it depends a lot on context and the board state. If you don't have anything to take advantage of it, you're better off with another trigger. That being said I would almost always use it if I get the double suit and I have at least one model to threaten the injured model, as I rate Injured +2 to be exponentially better than Injured +1. Also, if you really want Injured, it's better to use these guys than Toni. She wants to always be dealing more damage or picking up Adrenaline if she can. It also means you don't have to activate Ironsides early to get use out of Injured. The ranged Injured really gels well with Toni, as it affects Willpower and makes her 'Bring It' and 'Intimidation' that much more effective. To keep from getting into a rut with always declaring Puncture, and this may seem counter-intuitive, but these guys are a pretty decent recipient of Focus. You only need so many positive flips, and if you're already getting those from Focus, you can use the other tech in the Gunsmith arsenal to better and more powerful effect. Likewise, Counterspell and Hard to Wound are going to severely weaken the Gunsmith's effectiveness. I would be very careful of my targets against such crews, and rely more on Concentrating than I normally would. Your Henchmen and Master need to declare triggers more than the 'Smith does, so getting that focus and shooting once means only one card needs to be pitched. When the Gunsmith isn't pouring dozens of custom rounds into bad guys, they can also counter-scheme in a pinch. They come with the tactical action of 'Target Practice'. This lets you simply remove an enemy scheme marker off of the board. The target number is the distance between the Gunsmith and the marker. You start with a stat of 2, so anything within 2" is guaranteed. Note that it still has a so you sadly can't do this while engaged. I get a lot of use out of this ability. I don't usually have to even shoot very far, either. I think most of my opponents just don't expect the Gunsmith to do anything besides....gun. Unlike Fitzsimmons, the 'Smith can safely pop schemes next to your friends, and a high card means you can rush out and explode one from 15" away. Well technically 20", because of their bonus action. 'Creep Along' is their other tactical action and only Bonus action. It makes the Gunsmith incredibly efficient, because it basically gives them a free move and saves all their actions for aerating your opponent's crew. It's arguably better than Nimble, because the push ignores disengaging strikes and so pulls you out of engagement where you don't really want to be. However, it requires a 5 and a friendly to push towards. Don't worry, though, after a bit of practice you'll get used to having a set-up model to push towards every time. The Union Steamfitter is the second-to-last model in the keyword, and one of the two dedicated mostly to support and scheming. These gals (and guy) have changed quite a bit from M2E, and anyone looking to do the same kind of tricks is going to be fairly disappointed. Not to say they're bad, but it took me a LONG time to unlearn what I was used to doing. Vanilla stats, move along! First ability is 'Grit (Steel Patch)' which lets you give a friendly model within 2" Shielded +1. Hey this is just a good little bundle of utility. You can always just give it to yourself, or prime a model to take no damage from Amina's Burnout (assuming Armor +1 or Fitz's aura). Remember this is upon activation, so don't forget to apply it immediately! Most opponents are kind enough to let you do it retroactively, but try to avoid that. The other two abilities we've covered, but keep in mind Steamfitters can generate the scrap needed for power tokens, so you'll more often have access to these benefits. It is quite possible to just feed those to Hank, though. He's a growing boy. Now to the back and their only attack, 'Welding Torch'. Boy, that's a lot of words. The first part assumes you actually have power tokens to toss around. That might be true in a Hoffman list (yes, more joint custody children), but here you're not going to be generating a lot, so they're precious. IF you ABSOLUTELY need to hit something without moving, go ahead. It increases your Melee range by 2 for every power token discarded. Just think of it as a 2/3/3 attack with Burning +1. That's...actually a decent damage track for a 6 Cost model. You're usually looking at at least dealing 3 damage overall, more if they don't clear it and survive another turn. The burning also works well with Fitzsimmons who can turn it off to get a free scheme marker. In addition to decent damage, the action can outright heal a friendly construct for 2 instead! Since there's no TN, this is really efficient. While, sadly, the only in-keyword Construct is Hank, you will OFTEN be bringing other constructs to flavor your crew. The Triggers are really nice as well. For a ram, you gain a positive to damage AND generate a blast off of your opponent. While you don't have a big Severe damage to salivate over, a severe card will still blast 3 damage onto any schmuck dumb enough to be close to your target. Even if you get saddled with weak damage you still get the blast, so plink away! There are two different triggers on a Tome. The first is Blaze, which will net you an additional Burning for every Tome. While your crew doesn't have a lot of Burning synergy, if you spend a power token and flip/cheat into putting Burning +3 on an opponent, you're now threatening extra burning damage. The other Tome trigger is probably the one you'll be declaring more often. It generates you another power token. Do this as much as you can because you really want these. The Steamfitters' first tactical action is 'Encase in Steel'. Range of 3", needs a 6 and a Tome to go off. This hands out a very weak single point of Shielded. The triggers make this worth the action, though. On a Ram, you can discard a scrap within 3" to instead give out Shielded +3. On a Tome, you can give a friendly M&SU model Focus +1 in addition to the Shielded. The Tome gets built in if you're targeting a construct but SOME game company that won't be named decided the number of Constructs in one of the most construct-sounding keywords should be a big whopping ONE. I would venture to guess the Ram trigger is more for Hoffman as he tends to bring scrap generation AND have a lot of constructs that will get you the first of the two suits needed. Before we get into the strategy of 'Encase in Steel' let's cover the Steamfitter's Bonus action, 'Discarded Tool'. This lets you pitch a card or a scrap marker within 2 to place a scrap or scheme marker in base contact with yourself. This has a ton of utility for most of your crew, and is a lot to unpack. First up, is the obvious synergy with yourself. End a turn by placing a scrap, next activation you got a marker to gain a power token from. You can instead feed one to Howard, who will gladly take it for his own fun triggers. The scheme marker has equal use in scoring you schemes that need you to be close to the enemy like Dig Their Graves or Detonate Explosives since it doesn't care about engagement. It's also just generally useful for all scheme marker schemes, as you can take a full two actions of movement before putting one down, giving you a wider range to put them down. I've even used it to cheekily score the second point of Dig Their Graves. I managed to pop one down before being killed, and since I'm the one who places the corpse, I made sure the markers touched. Steamfitter is almost always my first activation. Walk them up, focus, and drop a scrap. That scrap is a target for Walk the Line (Amina), and the Steamfitter is a target for Creep Along (Gunsmiths). Highly efficient double-duty there! Ok, back to the Encase in Steel. At first, I thought that I should be focusing on this ability as the primary action of my Steamfitters. That's not going to work in this edition. You need to have those suits to get use out of this, and Howard is your only construct and thus the only one you can reliably get Focus on without lucking into Tomes. Now if you have those mid-level Tomes, go right ahead. Generating Focus using the actions of cheaper models is a very good strategy in M3E. Sadly we can't cheese it out unlike other keywords, but we're the Arcanists and the good guys shouldn't be taking cheap shortcuts to victory. No, you'll probably be using your power tokens for this quite a bit. You won't be generating them right off the bat, so don't think about boosting your friends turn one, as much as setting up to help them in other ways like my first activation I mentioned earlier. Then, as you generate the tokens from scrap or attacks, you can start passing them off as Focus and Shielded to your M&SU buds. Even if you're really lucky and get a lot of Power tokens or mid-range Tomes, the Steamfitter and the Union Miner (which we'll get to) are your main schemers in keyword. Focus on scoring first and foremost, and trust your bigger siblings can still lay out the hurt without the additional focus. Last up in the keyword is the lowly Union Miner. I say 'lowly' but they're 5 stones. No cheap activations here! These guys are your other schemers and bring their own tech to the table that separates themselves from the Steamfitter. As we can see, another 5-5-5-2 stat line. This time they bring an extra wound over their cost (though if you're anything like me these guys are a magnet for getting Red Jokered off the table by a Severe 5 model). Their first ability is 'Companion' which operates just like 'Accomplice' except you trigger it after a friendly ends their activation, not forcing another to activate after you. Not a lot of overt use for this initially as their abilities don't really scream "I need to do this before my opponent can react", but hear me out. The first and probably most common use for this is keeping 'Unionized' on all of your models. Unless you want to inch your bubble along at an excruciating pace, you have to run models outside of 3" from a friendly. Instead of leaving that model out to suffer at the hands of Freedom-hating thugs, you can Companion into a Union Miner to also walk up and reestablish 'Unionized'. While they can't lay the hurt on nearly as well as more expensive models in the faction, there are times when you've accidentally left an unactivated enemy alive on a wound or two. Instead of giving them a chance to activate and do something nasty (or run away like a coward) you can Companion into your best buddy Chuck (he looks like a Chuck) and Chuck can give them a good whacking with a pickaxe to put them down for good. My last secret tactic (feel free to mention your own or point out something obvious I missed!) is to Companion from Amina who has pushed and made the Miner Fast. This prevents your opponent from reacting to the sudden movement, and allows your miner to take off quickly and go do what they need to do. Coupled with their Grit and Tactical action, this Lawyer-Client duo can spit out a scheme marker 18 inches from where the miner originally started! Demolitionist is a handy ability into a handful of crews. When you activate a Union Miner, they can destroy all destructible terrain within 1". Raspy's gonna hate them. Yet another time to use their Companion ability after being pushed by Amina to deny the use of any destructible terrain against them. 'Grit (Dash)' is their last ability. Same as the Captains, but unlike him, they can't just walk out of engagement. This is all the more important because engagement turns off their favorite Tactical Action, SO if you want to toss out some schemes, make sure to always remember to use this to guarantee they won't have to disengage. It also bumps up their movement to 7"/12" which is pretty speedy for a bunch of drudges. Lastly, it pairs well with Demolitionist as they occur at the same time, so if you're JUST outside of 1" from destructible terrain, you cab get in there and bring it down. Union Miner's come with two attacks. One you'll use. One you'll forget is on the card until you do a write-up about the Keyword on the Wyrd Forums. Mining Tools is their Melee action with a respectable 1" Stat 5 and 2/3/4. Just like big brother Hank, they also ignore defensive triggers. Any opposing crew bringing a heavy investment on defensive triggers is going to have a BAAAD time playing against the Union. On top of this, you got some great triggers to go with your Mining Tools. First up is Critical Strike. This tacks on another point of damage, bringing you to a 3/4/5 damage track (just like Howard!). The other trigger is on a Crow and hands out slow. Both of these aren't necessary but a good surprise when they show up. You're opponent isn't going to expect a solid hit from your schemers so feel free to teach them a lesson if the opportunity arises. The other attack they have is a ranged...thing. Modified Welder is a stat 5 against Df and range 10. It hands out a point of Burning. I would only use this if you can't move and can't scheme, as by itself it's not going to do much. However, it's good for topping off any enemy model sitting on 3 Burning so they can start taking 2 damage each turn. It also pairs with Fitzsimmons' Billy Joel reference, so there's some set-up for Mr. Grumpy. The (arguably) most used Action you're going to see from these guys is their Tactical Action, "False Claim". For the cost of a 7 and not being engaged, you can place out two scheme markers within 3" of this model. At the end of the turn, you must remove a friendly scheme marker in play. Ok, let's get into this amazing action! First up, you shouldn't be worried too much about engagement due to your Grit, the only thing you need to worry about is the up front cost (7s aren't terrible) and the back end cost (removing a marker at the end of the turn). Markers are removed before scoring happens, so you'll need to plan this out. A relatively simple solution is to dump a few scheme markers in your deployment zone at the start of the turn. You don't have to remove one of the schemes you placed via False Claim, just A friendly scheme marker. Make sure you space them out, as well. If your opponent picks both of them up, you'll be forced to remove a scheme marker anyways. The 3" is a bit misleading too, because they just have to be touching within the 3" so if you include the base size and the distance you can be from whatever you need the schemes next to to score (usually 1-2 inches), you can score from pretty far away. Since they don't have to be near each other, you can safely score things like Detonate Charges, Harness the Leylines, Search the Ruins, or Dig Their Graves with just one of Union Miner. These guys really open up with other models in the faction that use Schemes for resources or other things. Fitz and the Saboteurs can pump out a lot of explosions, Cojo can eat them all for Focus (just one Miner activation will get Donkey Kong 4 Focus!), Willie's Set Charges can blow up as many times as you can pack markers in the same area, it has SO much versatility. See anything I missed or have input? Let me know! I'm going to cover strats and schemes in more detail, as well as some often takes. I know I'll do Mecharachnids, Emissary, and Soulstone Miners at the bery least, but let me know what else you think needs covered. M&SU Strategy and Schemes? While I will go into more detail below, if you need to know RIGHT NOW what they're best at, look at Reckoning and Turf War first. M&SU does not like to spread out too much and is lacking the mobility to chase down Idols, while Plant Explosives is much more doable, but the mobility is still a bit of a problem. As far as Schemes, Toni wants to see Detonate the Charges, Dig Their Graves, and Claim Jump. Detonate and Dig are sort of 'danger close' schemes where some of her minions are very good at dropping scheme markers very close to enemy models. Also if your opponent takes these schemes, they'll be coming into your bubble to do it, which you want. Claim Jump is very good because the M&SU want to own the center of the board in the first place. So that's my quick(ish) breakdown of the best girl in the whole game. I'll be filling out models in her crew below using the same format, as well as other models in the faction that she loves to bring. I'll also go over strategies, schemes, and tactics to use in more detail. Please use this thread to discuss the M&SU keyword and get a discussion going about how best to literally punch all of our problems away! If you have something to add to these breakdowns, I'll be happy to add it.
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    But if we can't be salty about everybody else's toys why do we play Guild?
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    Hi there! Just before I post my pictures I wanted to acknowledge the wonderful models I can see in this thread! @Viruk, @Franchute, @bedjy, @Caedrus, @Wintergloom and the rest of you people, amazing job!! From me for July, I have the following models (plenty of pictures because I feel bad for not posting them earlier): * Three Witchling stalkers for a total of 15 SS Two more pictures from the guys on both sides: * Three guild rifleman for 18 SS A little close up on each one: * A thallarian queller (6SS) and a witchling handler (7 SS) For a total of 46 SS, @Caedrus. The lesson learnt this month is that I have to do sharper transitions with the airbrush, instead of using a colour and then the a high contrast and let the airbrush do the transition, I did it by mixing the paints so in the end the airbrush basically painted everything the same. Let's see next time.
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    Hey Wyrdos, We just wanted to give you a quick update before we head off to Gen Con. We’ve got a lot to talk about, so we might as well dig in. Let’s start with the bad news first. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen production and shipping difficulties that we did not anticipate, some of the products that we had listed as available preorders will not be making their way to Gen Con this year. The Faction Books won’t be making it in time to Indianapolis. We’re equally as bummed about it, but sadly, these things happen. Luckily, they will be arriving in our warehouse just a little bit later than expected, so you will still be able to purchase the Faction Books during the Gen Con web sale. This shipping hiccup is also going to impact some model preorders. Despite our best efforts, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to make it a cold summer this year, as neither the Rasputina nor the Euripides Core Boxes will be available for purchase. We’ll have news on when these boxes will become available when we get back. Now let’s get to good news, shall we? August is just around the corner, and we’re excited to announce that our LGS Promotions will be coming back! If you’re new or just not familiar, we at Wyrd used to run a monthly promotion where you could get special offers like models by purchasing a certain amount at your local game store (and other promotions relating to buying your Wyrd products there). We stopped running this promotion for a while, but we’re back at it, and we’re starting it up again with a bang. And the smell of roasted pork. You can find the details of our first promotion for Malifaux Third Edition by checking out this handy graphic below: But that’s not the only promotion that we’re running. If you didn’t hear us last time we mentioned it, here’s a reminder. For any and all Malifaux Third Edition books that you purchase (this includes the Core Rulebook and any/all of the Faction Books) a physical copy for, KEEP THE RECEIPT. Starting September, you will be able to send in a copy of your receipt for a digital version of the same book that you purchased. This offer will continue through December 15th. This is a great way to have your rules and lore on the go! That’s it from us. We’ve got to catch a flight (and beat Waldo to Indianapolis). We hope to see you there!
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    Looking great so far everyone! Especially enjoying @Wintergloom's Urami work, wow! My month wrapped up with a lot of learning on my end, tried some new techniques on the Hooded Rider (or as I've been calling him, the Dark Pony of Time) and am pretty pleased with the results. Between him, Bad Juju, and three Flying Piglet parrots for Zipp's Pirates, I'm at 29ss for the month. Presuming no issues at GenCon, next month: Dreamer!
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    Hi @Caedrus, hi everybody. I completed at least a part of my pledge with the building (Venetian Casa A) in the pics: The house was mainly painted by airbrushing and finished with pigments to age it. I'm not happy with the bidimensional roof provided in the kit. I have pre-ordered some sheets of plastic tile roofs but they are till unavailable at presetn so I plan to "upgrade" the house roof in the future. I have also a twin house model I'm going after: I hope to be able to finish it by the end of the month. Added next pic, shot before pigments aging, with a model to give an idea of the house dimension:
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we only heard from Waldo after he called us on accident. Apparently, he had hallucinated due to walking in the heat for so long and thought he was ordering a pepperoni pizza. He rambled on about seeing flying horses, and let us know that he might catch a ride with them in order to make the trip a little bit shorter. So while he’s out dreaming of garlic knots and grandiose guardians, let’s check out a brand new digital release for Through the Breach, the Obsidian Gate! Fatemasters, shuffle your deck and wrangle some miscreants and ne’er-do-wells to the table, because it’s time for you and the Fated to dive back in for another adventure. This time, we’re headed back to Earth, starting in a sleepy coastal town in Japan. Nothing bad happens in quiet, peaceful places, right? …Right? You might remember the global RPG campaign that we ran last year, which impacted future releases for The Other Side (more on Dr. John Watson soon!). Fatemasters ran their Fated through trial and tribulation, many of whom died along the way (only to later come back as one of the other fourteen characters available in the adventure). For those that managed to make their way to the end, they saw a glimpse of what is to come for the people of Earth, and for the next looming challenge they will need to face. For those who didn’t have the chance to dip their toes into the Obsidian Gate, don’t fret. Now the four-act adventure is available on DriveThruRPG (with a physical book coming early in the fourth quarter of this year). The best part? You can download it right now. No preview. No playtesting. No waiting in line. That’s not the only thing we’re covering this week, though. As an addition to our digital release of the Obsidian Gate on DriveThruRPG, we have also released Malifaux Third Edition stat cards for all of our July releases. Here’s a list of what you can find either on our website or on Wargame Vault right now: Lady Justice Core Box (which includes Lady Justice, The Judge, Scales of Justice, and 3 Death Marshals) Marcus Core Box (which includes Marcus, Myranda, the Jackalope, and 3 Order Initiates) Loyalty to Coin box (of which the two new cards that are now available are the new Student of Conflict and the new Taelor stat cards) If you don’t want to be spoiled in the Obsidian Gate adventure, I’d suggest closing out of this browser window now, because we’re about to reveal a model that will be coming to The Other Side, but is also in the adventure itself. This is your last chance to keep yourself spoiler-free! Really, I’m warning you! All right. If you didn’t already know, the next two Allegiances that will be coming to The Other Side are the Three Kingdoms and the Kimon. In the Obsidian Gate, you’ll be running across a few oni. The one in particular that we’ll be covering today will also be a playable unit in the Kimon Allegiance when the second book arrives early-ish next year. According to legend, the Quilin once roamed the Earth in packs, trampling what stood in their path to dust, until they were tricked into believing that the dirt beneath their hooves was not worthy of their touch, and from that day forward, they raced across the skies instead. In the Other Side, the Quilin are an incredibly mobile unit that are capable of charging across the battlefield in a matter of seconds. When in Glory, the Quilin can take Morale Actions as part of a Rush Order instead of Melee Actions. This provides them with an unparalleled capability to claim Objectives during a game. But these oni are not one-trick ponies; they have the powerful debuffing Ability, Protect Kindred, which allows them to spread Shaken tokens across their enemies when a nearby friendly Kimon is attacked. Below, you can see what one of them will look like on the table, with both the art and the render of their upcoming model. Waldo will be with us next week at Gen Con, so there won’t be a Waldo’s Weekly. When we get back, we’ll have plenty more to show. See you then.
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    Caedrus, reporting in! 6SS of Rifleman, complete! Apologies for the poorer lighting for this photo. It's rather hard to get good detail and lighting on the face. I was considering making a low wall for him to be peeking out from, but then decided that it would obscure too much of the model. My quest for super-saturated reds continues, but I'm happy with how I'm progressing. The NMM is getting better, I think. The second thing I completed this month were a few, well, tokens, I guess! These are some corrupted idols for the strategy of the same name. I know that flat markers and tokens are more sensible. However, on the other hand, shiny! I might have some time to finish a few stretch goals this month. Time will tell. I think I can lock in now, however, that I will be having a spending splurge at the GenCon Sale! In the meantime, have a great rest of July, and keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
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    Had 2 games with Big Hat last weekend. I am giving my afterthought to every models and the whole crew here instead of battle reports (because I have not marked note during those games). This is the first time I played the crew, so some of the following could be seriously incorrect. Please feel free to correct me. Overall Damages beside Lenny and Georgy and lackluster. This is not a crew that can kill half of opponent's crew. The key of Big Hat is to play attrition and resources trading game. Extremely hand-hungry. Lots of abilities require hand. Bayou Two Cards can help but unreliable. The drawing and Demise are the main way of refilling hand. If opponent learnt to ignore the Bayou Gremlins, you may even need to kill them by yourself. Not yet played against any and Shockwave crew. But as a bubble crew, Big Hat may struggle facing the models with AoE damage. Som'er is the weakness of the crew. He needs to maintain a close distance and LoS from the fronline of the crew to unleash full potential of all his , which leave him in a dangerous spot. His only defensive ability is the Squeal trigger, which is useless in front of some models. I am quite surprised that he did not have Protected(Big Hat) which fit his characteristic and the hand-costy theme. Som'er Support summoner that wants to stay at the middle field because of all his . In most turn he is first or second activation to put up the . Bigger Hat Than You: An interesting way to make up the Pass Tokens that given out when summoning. Opponent needs to choose between hand advantage and Pass Tokens advantage. Attacks: Stat 7 is beautiful while damage is just okayish. Maybe when he has spare action that nowhere to use. Summon: I found that the most frequently summoned models are, surprisingly, Bayou Gremlin. Followed by Good Ol' Boy which I thought I would summoning most. More details in below. Make Me Proud: Irresistible damage is always good, plus the action ignores range and triggers Demise. The best target I think is the Skeeter. Lenny Our main melee beater. His melee attack is in top class, though when comparing with other beater in the Faction, Lenny has no extra attack. Grit is great but I do not feel secure enough to keep him under half of health, especially he has no other defensive ability beside Hard to Wound. Given that how much his Gremlin General means to the crew, I just cannot commit him just like a normal beater. Georgy & Olaf The range beater. Having a good gun and would not be stopped by engaged. While within the Lenny's he becomes Df/Wp 7, which are great defense stat in this edition. "Who Runs Gremlin-Town": Still figuring out how to use this action. Using Lenny to block LoS to Som'er seems to be the most particular way, but it requires careful positioning and activation order. Old Cranky Reactive Thinking: to initial is great Shouting Order: Lots of Big Hat models, except Som'er who does not need focus anyway, do not have any crucial Action so it is good to have some extra options. Stat 7 Obey. Good Ol' Boy Bring It: Provides tankiness when facing melee model. Df 6 (again, within Lenny's ) is not something can be easily go through. Melee: Moderate stat and damage. My only complain is that, without support from OOK models (or enemies) the Drunken Strength is just a worse Critical Strike. Range: Good stat but low damage. Considering adding Inferiority Complex upgrade for bully to boost the damage. Spit Hog Our healer. As mentioned above, most of models do not have any essential Action so it provides extra choices. And it is a better version of Juggernaut. Can be used as roadblock in some bottleneck spot. Beware that friendly models can move through but not see through them, hence the and are blocked. Plus stat 7 Lure. Crier The main values of this model are Bully with Threaten Beatings, together they turn Bayou Gremlin (and Skeeter too) into a significant and Don't Mind Me scheme runner. Also they let other models to charge or shoot when engaged. And stat 7 Obey again. Banjonista Foggy Bayou Hoedown: Free Movement is the main reason to hire/summon this model. Especially to a bubble crew like Big Hat, moving all models at once can keep everyone within . Most of their values come the abilities which auto trigger, so their Activation is free to do anything they want. Can remove Slow from the summoned models. Bayou Gremlin The core model of Big Hat to me. Use to block LoS and charge line, activation control, trigger Bayou Bash and die to drawing. Using a hand of 12 to summon 4 of them, kill them all and draw 4 cards back. It is unlikely to draw another 12 back though, but the extra hands in this crew means extra focus or shielded. Skeeter Basically same as Bayou Gremlin. Trading the gun for extra mobility. Some other OOK models that maybe helpful: Big Brain Brin Arcane Reservoir and deck compression are always good to have. Minion-only Obey for a minion-oriented crew. Plus you can choose to kill the target for Demise ability. Pigapult Not yet tried. But firing Bayou Gremlin into the middle of opponent's crew for "Making Som'er Proud" sounds like a plan to me. First Mate/Rooster Rider/etc... Since Big Hat is a bubble crew, some independent model that can go flank would be nice. Again, this is just my two cents on the keyword. Please also let me know how you think about them.
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    Either. You can use a pre-built crew (for fixed crew events or pre-determined games) or you can build a crew after encounters are revealed, or do a mix of both and set up a core crew of like 30SS and once the encounter starts add to it for encounter specific flex picks.
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    There are a lot of different takes on the Flower Knight. This makes sense, it is an absolutely brilliant miniature. There are a lot of different ways you can go with him that would work. For this one, I went with a more muted interpretation and mix of oxidized gold and steel armor with sort of muted greens and magenta clothing and accents. The next time I paint up this mini, I’ll likely do something drastically different with him (or her… I’ve never been totally certain with the Flower Knight). Maybe brighter colors or green armor.
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    Sidir Alchibal done for 9ss Not a speedpaint by any stretch, but it always feels good to start & finish a mini in a day. Cool mini.
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    Started working on a friend's Sidir, though it'll be largely for my personal use I suspect: Aiming for a 1-day paintjob. About halfwaythrough, both for the day and the paintjob Eager to see how far I get. White is done, though shadows may need cleaning up once all's said 'n done. I'll decide once everything else is finished. Beard is done. Skin more or less done. Purples, browns and metallics to go. It's quite a lovely miniature, I must say.
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    Only going with these three for now. 21ss worth. Rest are on their way but not done yet. Base is almost there, they aren't glued yet. I tried a few ideas on schemes, and then just liked how they were all turning out a bit different, so thought hey, I'll just roll with that then. The horde to go
  29. 9 points
    I did the Third Floor Wars podcast episode on Kaeris at the end of the beta. You can find that here; https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/kaeris-arcanists-deep-dive-with-james-doxey-episode-23/id1454922964?i=1000439930207 I'll post some additional thoughts to this thread in a bit. <EDIT> More of a write up... Play style The Wild Fire crew has a combination of speed and damage which makes them a powerful force on the table top. Their pyre markers and speed are used to dictate the engagement, using burning and injured conditions to weaken the enemy so they're easy to pick off. You're looking to skirmish around, picking your fights, making the enemy waste actions chasing you, rather than going toe to toe with them. You have good scheme denial as Kaeris, Carlos, Iggy, and the Golem can all remove scheme markers at range. Using Pyres Getting the most out of your pyres is important. Generally you're looking to use pyres in two ways; Disrupt the enemy, forcing them to move out of / around them, and pick up injured. Power up your own team feeding them burning for; Flaming Body, and Blaze of Glory. Kaeris will want to make Pyres every turn so decide which you want to use them for. It's healthy for Kaeris and Elijah to be stood in pyres as often as possible. Rough one line overview of models; Kaeris - drop pyres and skirmish, don't be afraid to stone for tomes on her attack to drop more pyres. Try to keep out of melee. Carlos - runs objectives efficiently. The Firestarter - worse than a Wind Gamin in most circumstances. In Turf War makes enemy that burn to death turn off the strategy markers. Iggy - His aura is nuts with pyres, an enemy who touches a pyre during a charge can be pushed out of melee before they get to hit. Elijah - Solid defensive hitting. Immolate makes burning more threatening. Sometimes lacks speed. Fire Golem - Very tanky, mobile, and hits hard, so long as your opponent doesn't have condition removal. The Firebranded - Garbage. Fire Gamin - Tooled up with burning they can be tough to shift and make great little annoyance pieces. Versatile / OOK: Soulstone Miner - amazing flexibility; objectives, and harassment plus refunds his cost steadily to your cache. Wind Gamin - great way to run objectives Steam Arachnid Swarm - great, flexible hitting power Blessed of December - Like a wind gamin that can carry two bombs, and do some fighting. Silent One - Healing and further area denial / long range pinging. Great for Vendetta. Random things to remember Charging generates two hazardous terrain hits. Smolder trigger (Kaeris / Elijah) ; Target has to be on fire before the effects of the action to declare the trigger. Smolder damage is separate to attack damage; good vs Armor, bad vs Incorporeal. Models killed by burning count for Reckoning but not Dig their Graves or Turf War. Created markers can be placed touching the model that created them for extra burning. And don't be afraid to be on fire...
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    Rat kings done! @Caedrus That's 14 SS for July Was fun to paint the lñeather, was a pain in the ass to "detail" the rats I forced the green glow in the base to match the rest of the Hamelin crew, i like how it looks though @Boomstick who's this guy carrying an alligator on his backpack?
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    Posting this here, as it seems relevant. Here's what she looks like the flesh, so to speak.
  32. 8 points
    Caedrus, checking in! I've been tinkering with a Sonnia, and a Pale rider, and done some basing for some old M1E metals, but I thought I'd share a very quick sculpting effort. Now, my sculpting skills are very, very basic, so hopefully I can mask the sculpting with some painting! What miniature is this, you ask? This is Miss Feasance's proxy Copycat Killer. I call her Little Miss Guided. More details to come! Caedrus.
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    This never made sense to me in BTH either, so trust me it was at the top of my list when designing the project :).
  34. 8 points
    Started working on Sun Quiang: Good progress, but plenty to go still. I'm not quite sure where I want to take this so it's all very aimless and inefficient. Fun though. I like how simple this figure is. Doesn't make my painting of it any faster though Deadline is a tournament taking place next Sunday.
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    Caedrus, reporting in! Hello All! I had all sorts of plans for this month's painting, but instead, there was a Pale Rider sitting in front of me, that I had recently removed from its paint-stripping adventures. Even though I knew the straps on its flanks were supposed to be leather, I decided to see if I could make them brassy. Sneak peek! So, that was kinda fun! Keep on putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
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    @Caedrus thanks for the trust, here are the pictures : Many more pics can be found on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/07/bad-dreams.html
  38. 8 points
    Hello everybody! These are my minis for this month, the Star Theater is complete!: During July I also manage to complete my firsts minis for 40k: @Caedrus last month I finished Cassandra (8ss) and Angelica (6ss), in the painter spreadsheet it shows as 11ss...
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    Here is my finished Sanctioned Spellcaster for 5 SS for July. The cape really needs some washes to blend in the shades, but no time as I only started 2 days ago. I am happy with how the skin came out for a change! Cheers all.
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    I attended a 24 hour painting competition over the weekend which takes care of this months goal. 😁 The doctor will see you now. These are the completed ones, should be around 62 stones? If we're using M3E costs. These upstanding members of the Guild aren't quite ready to go back on active duty yet and the Rogue Necromancy needs a few more stitches.
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    Lets try bringing this old M2e game back for M3e, here's how it works; I suggest a scenario and people post a list (not knowing opponent and assuming an average terrain setup*) and explain why they've taken the choices they have and how it'll play etc. The explanation is the really important part. On Friday I'll pick a winner. Then the winner takes charge and posts a new scenario and picks the winner, rinse and repeat. It's a fun way of seeing how your fellow Arcanists approach a challenge and we get to hone our list writing skills and discuss people's choices together! *I know that without an opposing master and terrain this is imperfect but trying to do the whole process is too complex for a thread. Week one challenge; Turf War / Standard Deployment Breakthrough, Harness the Ley Line, Hold Up Their Forces, Power Ritual, Assassinate GLHF
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    I made quite a good progress at the beginning of the month, but then took a 2-week break. The weather forecast is not very good, so I hope to finish Merriss in the next few days. I decided for a non-green skin tone to bring a bit of variety to my kin crew. No idea how I'll paint the rocket yet.
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    Switching to neverborn for M3E, so decided to keep a painting log. Killjoy Titania Autumn knights And finally Aeslyn. Also have Gorar but no pics. Should have hooded rider, 2 Cyclops , Bultungin and maybe Widow weaver up soon.
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    Hello everybody, this month I'll divide my pledge in 3 part. 1. A town house I'm working from the previus month. it should be worth 30 ss as the twin building I completed in July 2. Three town wells (50 mm in diameter) for 15 ss. 3. Plastic vintage Rasputina for 15 ss Wishing you all a great time
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    Getting some early work in. Not sure whether to do the claws like I'm doing the teeth or make them black?
  47. 7 points
    So... this might be a little ambitious for my August pledge. But hey - why not shoot for the moon, right? For this month I'm aiming to finish 6x Infiltrator proxies (using pistoleros), 2x Sharpshooters (Austringers), a Wanyudo, 4x Broken, Zipp, Parker and a house. Wish me luck!
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    Hello all, after a nearly two-year hiatus, I’ve played my first few games of M3E this weekend and decided to jump back in a little. Of course I started with Dreamer (mainly to see if I detested him this edition - I could never enjoy him in 2E, but loved him in 1st). loved him 😀. Game 1: vs Jack Daw (dreamer, chompy, 2 madness, 2 daydream, 2 stitched, teddy) (jack, totem, 3 guilty, 2 hanged with T13 upgrade) corrupted idols took take prisoner on a guilty and power ritual game ended 6-1 to dreamer. Power ritual with madnesses no issue. Killed the hanged as top priority. Game 2: vs Perdita (Dreamer, chompy, 2 daydreams, 2 stitched, teddy, madness, coppelius) (Perdita, frank, Santiago, Nino, granny, Nephilim totem, papa, monster hunter) plant explosives (2 to dreamer, 2 to coppelius, 1 on madness) (2 on Perdita, 1 on nino, 1 on papa, 1 on monster hunter) i took assassinate and take prisoner on granny game ended: 7-4 to dreamer the point I dropped was on assassinate as I had to kill Perdita when I had the chance. My opponent got 2 for outflank, 1 for vendetta (Santiago on teddy) and 1 on strat. I pinched explosives from Nino and monster hunter to keep dropping them on his side. So, on getting back home I started to see what I could turn up with just the neverborn card pack, and it didn’t take me long to find other crews I’d like to play. i will update this thread as I test and play, so feel free to add suggestions or criticism on my lists/choices as we go.
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    Couldn't get a decent picture for be the life of me but Franc here us happier on his new base. Also, the pewter shavings from his old slotta are in marvellous focus for some reason.
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    We at Wyrd believe in The Other Side. Not only do we love how the game plays, but we love how the game carries our world(s) forward from a lore perspective. We only just recently wrapped up releasing the initial product line, and we have more to come soon, starting with the small Rules Manual. There are a lot of things that we could have done better with the launch, that I'm fully willing to admit, but now that Malifaux Third Edition is out the door, our team (which is considerably smaller than many are lead to believe) will now have the time to put more focus into our vision for where we'd like to take The Other Side. There have already been some announcements in regards to The Other Side's future. Samantha Thrace and Binh Nguyen will have their standard (as in non-Kickstarter) models and their rules available for all players soon. The Starter Box, which will include models for the Guild and for the Court of Two, will be coming out later this year. That will provide a great entry point for new players, and we're excited to show off what will be included soon. Additionally, we've already revealed what's in store for the next major book, two new Allegiances: the Kimon and the Three Kingdoms. You'll be hearing about them soon, as well. Those are just the things that we've already briefly talked about. We've got some other ideas that we aren't quite ready to spoil just yet, too. In regards to balance issues, the first FAQ and Errata is available on our website. Future adjustments are currently in playtesting. I'd personally disagree that the balance between Allegiances is "very lacking" - to me, it's a matter of fine tuning a few rough spots. We'll get there. I hope that the way we tested, adjusted, and kept our decision making transparent through the M3E Open Beta will instill some trust in where and how we'd like to take The Other Side. Lastly, I'm confused by what you mean that we did not provide tournament rules and/or packs. Fields of Glory, which is The Other Side's tournament rules document, has been available for months, and we will continue to update that document over time. Tournament rules documents were made available recently for Gen Con, as well, so if you aren't attending, you can still participate in similar events at your local game store. I know it might have been a rocky year for TOS Kickstarter backers, but as I said, we believe in The Other Side, and we will continue to support the game for years to come.
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