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    Caedrus, reporting in! What did I paint in May? First up, an experiment – Proxy Illuminated. I have the original sculpts, but they don’t look right, lore-wise, and they’re just … not my thing. These will do until then next lot are available. I was happy with the sculpted flames, the colour schemes, the bases, and the cohesion. I was less happy with the ridiculously tall female multi-part miniatures, and I think my bosom-sculpting could do with a little work. The girl in blue may not be Illuminated, but she is certainly not all natural. I have to work on my sculpting skills. Next up, Wong! So, I picked this guy up for cheap, and he’s been my Gremlin-skin testbed. I went for garish, hyper-saturated tones, to match the character story. I was pleased with the NMM, the fabric (better in real life), and the flesh work. However, there’s still a part of me that wants to paint my Gremlins in some totally unusual and weird flesh colour… So, onto the Void Crew! These guys were my attempt to mess with a few new techniques. The blue / pink worked. I was pleased with my hand-made base crystals. The lightning is a bit gaudy, but I’m OK with it. I was pleased with the OSL. Karina is a delightful miniature. Lots of fabric, but easy to get to, and quite straightforward. I’m not gonna lie, I liked her old “Bash … with a rock” attack, and so I wanted to do a glowing crystal in her hand, but the blue glow is OK. Probably not different-enough to the colours of her dress… Tara. Obviously, this model is based on the original Tara model, but with a head swap, re-sculpted chest (albeit with slightly more restrained bosom), blown-out spine, and new arms. I just … don’t like the monster arms on the previous one. I know, it’s not lore-friendly. This seemed a bit more otherworldy cowgirl zombie. I think I may have done the flesh a little too living, but I’ll (pun intended) live with it. So, with my Ashes’n’Dust, and my Talos partially built, and with my Emissary having arrived yesterday, I might be able to completely finish my Void keyword shortly! Here’s a quick few thoughts from May. As always, I’m sincerely just blown away by everyone’s work. If you haven’t uploaded your photos, please do, and throw an @Caedrus in there, so I can update the spreadsheet. We’re nearly halfway through this crazy year! Stay sane, stay safe, keep painting! Caedrus __________________ @PetitDalek: I always love to see interpretations on Colette (my first Master). Superb paintwork across all minis, but the NMM on the doves and ribbons, and the iridescence on the curtain is especially nice. Really fantastic stuff. @Lukkimus: Your Order Initiate’s shoulder tattoo is very, very fine work. Nice blending of tones for the rhino flesh, as well. @bedjy: So, I keep meaning to touch up my Freikorps, but Hannahis the piece holding me back. I always get intimidated by some of the centrepiece models. I love what you’ve done with yours. The blues are just perfect for a paramilitary unit. @Rathnard: I’ll miss seeing you paint Malifaux stuff, but TOS stuff keeps getting better. I loved the slime on the Morphling Adjunct, and the fire-orange-red on the Mehal Safari coats. The green / flesh on the Oni is spot-on, as well. @catsgamesandpizza: I’m absolutely digging the flesh shading you’re doing – smooth, but contrasty. Also, the red-and-yellow on the female Monster Hunter is just a perfect complement to the hair. Really nice. I put a set of stairs behind my ‘landing’ guild hound, so it didn’t look like he was doing an orbital re-entry. @Antinea: I’m planning on using a very similar flesh tone for my Nephilim. It works really nicely with the brass. I reckon that if you did some really contrasty shadows in there, they’d really go up a notch! @Magnus: I can’t get past the fact that one of the Gigants looks like he’s playing Bloodbowl. Your Euripides crew have got a really nice temperature contrast, with the warm loincloth working with the obviously cooler skin. Very pretty. I also like that Euripides is just slightly less saturated than the Gigants. @muraki: I think my favourite mini of yours this month is the Wokou Raider. She’s pretty much cel-shaded, and that’s enhanced by the blank base. It’s not a style I’ve really tried. I always struggle with dark-lining. @Boomstick: So, normally, I’m a big fan of cohesion in a group. However, I must say, the Nightmares that you’ve been painting are enhanced by the lack of cohesion. They’re … disturbing, in just the right way. They’re gaudy, and clashing, and it’s just right, y’know? @Nikodemus: What a simple miniature. Four colours, basic base. Yet, it’s balanced, dynamic, expressive. I’d love to have it on my table! This is a classic case of stylish simplicity. @Gloomy: I was doing some magenta flames this month as well. I’ve done mine in the reversed gradient, but I must say, I like yours just as much! Iggy looks to be in four quadrants of magenta, and my eyes keep wandering around the mini, which is a think I love. I’d also like to know what the pale green-blue is on your Madnesses. Turquoise and white? @Hellomurse: I haven’t seen this mini before. Very nice (I love the rose bush, as well – where’s that from?). One thing I’ve learned with purple, is you’ve got to thin those paints and do multiple coats. You get an absolutely amazing saturation when you do! @zesty: It’s two minis, so it’s 30SS. I do know what you mean about the blue / yellow combination. But, if you want an opinion, you absolutely must keep the horse that colour. It’s a lovely job. Maybe a red vest? Nice work on the blue, regardless! @Renown0: I do love a freebie set. If I may give an opinion, drybrush your Purifying Flame with orange, then red, and the very tips of the flame in burgundy / black. Lighter drybrush each time. You’ll get an awesome effect. @lusciousmccabe: The Daw and the Spirit are sickening. The lurid green is such an awful (in a good way) contrast, it’s really effective. They really portray the spirit of the miniature. @Diddick: Our resident Master of the Menacing. I love it all. The hornet’s bum contrast, the cool green / hot red contrast, the NMM on the blade, the brilliant photography, the cohesion with previous models, the fact that you were able to put these damn finicky things together… @Chou: I loved your minis this month. Reva’s fabric and horse are just delightful (though I reckon a little OSL from the lantern needs to be there!), Vincent and the Shieldbearers (which sounds like an ‘80’s band) are beautifully cohesive, but for me, I think my favourite is the pink and purple on the corpse candles. Spot-on highlighting, and lovely, lovely blending. @Viruk: I don’t even know where to start. The super-fine blacklining on Pam (my name for the Alt Sarge), the dusty boots, or the rich tones of the jacket. All delightful. For me, though, I have to go with the glazing on the Geryon. Absolutely gorgeous. Also, kudos on the GSW feature! Your webs are inspiring! @Stranglelove: I’m on the lookout for Waldgeist as well. I may have to (gasp) buy them from Wyrd. That’s some super-cohesive Fae you’ve done. My planned colours are very similar, but I want to make my Silent Knight’s sword painted as wood. However, I’m thinking that might make it too woody. Hmm. By the way, those blue highlights on the Gorar – gorgeous. @Sol_Sorrowsong: I think your golems are your best work this month. White ‘gaplining’ is really hard to do (I’ve ben trying this month!). Yours is developing nicely. I’m loving the indigo tones on the ice golem. @Purple Mist: You must have the best terrain collection I’ve seen for a Malifaux Skirmish. Any chance of seeing your board? Whew. So much awesome. I love this community.
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    boo The happy family Not sure what else to do with the basing that won't distract from the models. Baby Kade needs something and I lost his little bear autopsy - maybe something written in blood. I'm generally not a fan of basing; it never looks the way I envisioned. I got these Death Ray Design bases and followed their youtube tutorial. Quite pleased with the turnout. That's an early pledge completion for me, so I'll probably start another crew. Have a good weekend, all!
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    Hey Wyrdos! A few weeks ago, we foolishly trusted Waldo to place an order for a bunch of new office plants. He kept grinning maliciously while they were being delivered; that should have been our first clue! Turns out, Waldo decided to acquire a multitude of carnivorous plants instead of normal ferns and flowers. We tried to make the best of a bad situation but underestimated just how “bitey” Waldo’s plants were. After a few close calls, we decided we needed to call in an expert. Cue the distinguished Dr. Seymour Audrey the Second, a renowned botanist and horticulturist! He’s been the one helping us deal with the bloodthirsty flytraps and creepers. Unfortunately, it seems like Dr. Audrey has his work cut out for him. Between shouts of “Have at thee, beast!” and “Feed me!”, we aren’t sure who will come out of this unscathed. We’ll update you on the fight next week Wyrdos! In the meantime, come on down to the forums and tell us who you’re cheering for in this botanical battle!
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    Hey Wyrdos! We found Waldo drinking strangely colored liquids today. Normally this wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but they all seemed to be inside old beakers and bottles. I mean, they’re inside an imp’s stomach now, but they WERE in old scientific bottles. Waldo told us (between rainbow-colored, bubbly burps) that he’d gotten them from a weird lady that had seemed eager to get rid of a bunch of stuff. We picked through half-empty jars, broken petri dishes, and a ream of torn up paper while Waldo continued his gastronomical adventures. Most of the notes were scratched out. This was one of the only legible pieces we found: We aren’t sure what it means. We asked Waldo who exactly this lady was that he saw, and he provided a fairly good likeness… we think. That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Tell us who you think this mysterious doctor is! What is she studying? Why did she get rid of a bunch of vials? Why did Waldo drink them? These are the questions we need to answer before next week. We’ll see you then!
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    Wyrdos, This week, Waldo, that clever boy, was out rummaging in his giant archaeological pit in the back of the office. It got very quiet (never a good sign when Waldo’s around) and then our cups of water started to ripple. There was an ear-splitting roar, and lo and behold, Waldo stomped into view riding atop a… well, take a look for yourself: It seems like life, uh, always finds a way. Thanks to Titania’s magic, the Malisaurus Rex once again walks the Wildlands! Curious to see just how big this royalty-among-lizards will be? Take a look at the sculpt*: With the Fae and Apex keywords, the Malisaurus Rex can be included in Titania’s force as well as Lord Cooper’s. The other Explorers can borrow Cooper’s pet**, of course, but need to pay a little extra. Want to venture further into the Wildlands? Want to raise a pet Malisaurus for yourself***? Then check out Jurassic Faux, a Through the Breach One-Shot that specifically focuses on the new growth between the Knotwoods and Nythera! You can grab it here for just $5 on DriveThruRPG! That’s all for this week Wyrdos. While we try and help Waldo get his new reptilian vehicle under control, come on over to the forums and tell us what you think of this dino-riffic addition to the Explorer’s Society! How are you going to paint yours? *Hog Whisperer not included. **Just how did Cooper manage to get one? I guess we’ll just need to wait and see… ***We cannot recommend doing this. Malisaurus are very bitey. Ask your Fatemaster before attempting to ride one into battle.
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    Done with Asami. Togheter with the tengus will make a total of 27ss for june.
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    A few random small minis for a total of 42ss (more to come hopefully) More pics at http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/06/nightmares-and-cats.html
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    Finished the Tengu! (for a total of 12SS ) SInce it's an early finish for this month's pledge i'll try to do Asami herself too for june
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    Moar minis from me this month to add to 42ss already there. 63ss in total As always, more pics on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/06/blessed-of-decemer-moar-cats.html
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    My fellow Wyrdos. There comes a time after a new model has been announced that we must band together and make our voices heard. Give Malisaurus Rex a 0 inch Frantic Flaliling attack. Just a zero inch range 1/2/3 track melee attack. Tome- Good for a Laugh. Not only would it be hilarious but also accurate to just how useless those stubby little arms are, but also very thematic. Please Wyrd. Thank you.
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    Flew through this one for a local competition we're doing for the community since we can't play in person. Went for a NecroPhoenix vibe and played around with making my own magic effects (nothing too fancy, just a torn up cotton bat, watered down paint, and glue). Picture doesn't quite grab the layers of the OSL, but I like it. @Caedrus 10ss down so far.
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    Hey Wyrdos, It’s been brought to our attention that there are some spammers/phishers out there that are asking for personal information from you, acting as though they are from us. They are using an email address that ends with “wyrd-games.com”. They are absolutely NOT coming from us. As we get it sorted out on our end, please IGNORE those emails. As a reminder, our email addresses end in “wyrd-games.net”. Keep an eye out, and keep your information safe! -Wyrd
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    Hey Wyrdos! Waldo decided he’d try and become an inventor this week. He grabbed a bunch of random odds (scissors, yogurt lids) and ends (shoelaces, sticky notes) from everyone in the office. Then he stole the office microwave before anyone could stop him. We didn’t see him for a few (wonderfully) quiet days, but that was the calm before the storm. Waldo burst from his laboratory this afternoon chased by a furious machine (simultaneously cooking a chicken pot pie and destroying everything) that looked suspiciously like it was once a microwave. While we hide from Waldo’s creation (which he swears he has under control…), let’s show off another solitary inventor who is far more successful. This is Gibson DeWalt, a new member of the Explorer’s Society with some shady ties. It’s been a while since the inventor has used his light-bending technology, but now he’s been called out of retirement. DeWalt brings those pieces of tech to the battlefield. Take a look at his stat card: Pretty neat, right? If nothing else, it’s worth taking Gibson DeWalt so you can say all the cool names of his abilities while you use them. That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Stay tuned, as we’ll soon be revealing more exciting things that usually start happening around this time of the year.
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    Hey Wyrdos, Ever feel like things are just running too smoothly? Is your group of Fated hopelessly lost, unable to pick up on the most obvious clues you’ve so lovingly planted in your adventure? Need a way to incorporate that new One-Shot into your campaign? Well, we are pleased to announce that we have a most elegant solution for you. Enter Klaus Norwood, a Mimic investigator, spymaster, tea aficionado, and all-around morally gray character. Despite not having ears or eyes (or a nose, for that matter), Klaus is a fantastic observer. He can find out almost anything for anyone… assuming he’s fairly compensated for his efforts. While he might be a little expensive, there’s nobody quite like Klaus to save the day with a well-placed bit of blackmail. Of course, you can also hire one of the Mimic’s other personalities. Klaus seems to know people everywhere he goes, and that can open many doors, indeed. Check out this Augment if you’d like to learn more about our beloved Klaus and include him in your own Through the Breach campaigns! That’s all for this week Wyrdos. What would you ask Klaus if he came around? What are you expecting your Fated group to inquire about? Do you think Klaus is a snappy dresser? Let us know!
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    Caedrus, Reporting in! So, June has turned into a bit of a month of experimentation, where I've been messing with different NMM colour recipes (oh, Reaper Bones, I'm so wonderfully non-emotionally-invested in you). However, I've also had time to finish a Malifaux Child: This kid was quite a bit of fun. I had a play with less saturation, and lower contrast. I learned quite a bit. Then, I started work on a larger project! This is just a little WIP shot of my Ashen Core (don't worry, I know the top of the spiky-platform isn't on corrrectly!) As always, I'm loving all the painting you've been up to! Caedrus.
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    Hi, reporting my finished pledge. 15 SS for Mah. I'm now going to try to up my total to get back a mulligan with this malifaux 1rst edition metal war pig. 9 more SS if completed.
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    Sharing some progress. I'm quite happy with the free-hand as basic as it is, especially since I'm not use to do any. Plus I added something to the cauldron because I felt like it was empty.
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    HI everybody, I completed the Green Noble House from SoV range upgraded with homemade plastic rooftop. With @Caedrus agreement it should be worth 25 ss.
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    So for this month plan minimum is to paint 3 Daydreams and 3 Stitched. After that, as much as possible from December keyword. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints First of all, GW Bleached Bone or any similar one. Perfect for adding highlights when mixed with a vast range of other colors and for final touches (at least in my style of painting). Secondly - Army Painter Soft Tone. I know it's technically not a paint but i use it very frequently. Third paint - this one needed some more thought but I'd go with Vallejo Game Color Charred Brown or Dark Fleshtone. Both have well defined tone and have excellent coverage properties and both are used very often.
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    Last minute submission for a few more misaki models. First 2 katashiros And then another wokou raider So that's 18 for me for June @Caedrus
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    Had a couple of busy evening and now I'm at 87ss this month
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    Dr. Alexei Sokolov (Alt Joss) for 10ss. GW Contrast Paints again.
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    So, i'm a pretty new(but old) paint er and I've tried to paint a warcry-warband(with very little succes) so I bought a nightmare whiskey golem and thoughts I'd try to paint it, i'm pretty happy with the result. Also, I had a badly assembled gracie at My disposal, so I removed some of the extra glue on it, and gave it a bit og paint, I actually verry happy with the result so I guess I'll pledge as an enforcer Hope you Guys like what I've made
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    Hello everyone! Here's some WiP for the Tengus happy with the beaks (the guy on the right has an almos finished beak) and the cloth (the guy on the left cloack will be the to-go color) not so happy with the feathers 😕 the intention is go from a dark green and highlight to purple/magenta colors (the guy on the center has the best version so far) I feel i'm missing sth here but not quite sure what, any suggestion is more than welcome EDIT: i used already paint 2, and 3 of my favorites list (might use #1 too for highlights in the beak)
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    Didn't have much time this month but managed to squeeze in these 5 over the weekend. 2x Kentauro =16ss. 3x Little gasser = 12ss @Caedrus My total for June is 28ss
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    Hey folks! Since we'are all in the "stay at home" mode I forced myself to paint me first gremlin crew - The Bayou Boss. Well, its still in process, but the biggest hat and his dumbster are completely finished (dtill need water effect on bases, which I expect to make ASAP).
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    Set of six sarchophagi casted in resin: I experiemted different immersion movements during the marbling painting. Rotating the object while sinking it in the marbling bath can be very interesting. Then, I experiemnted different washes to finish the objects. @Caedrus, guss the full set is worth 10ss.
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    I am brand new to the forum so a little unsure if this is the correct spot for this, but finished this Crooligan this weekend.
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    So Snowstorm will come later (waiting for milliput to dry before priming), this will be a wip long for my Cult of December models. First up is the big boy, the Ice Golem. Not a lot of progress so far, but you can tell the direction it’s headed in. Going really slowly as this is one of the most intimidating models I’ve painted having never needed to paint ice before. It’s a bit of an experimental learning progress using just white acrylic, peat brown ink and blue ink over a blue grey acrylic basecoat. Excuse the rough white dry brush and messy brown wash they were just thrown on to help me see what I was working on.
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    So, I've been on and off with Puppet Wars for years. I was here for the first launch, buying, trading and selling puppets here on the forums, painting, planning custom pieces, etc. I got excited with Unstitched, then disappointed when they didn't put out any expansions, finally just selling my puppets and moving on to other things. I finally got my act together now (8 years later?!) and started working on my set in earnest. I picked up 2 copies of Unstitched and at least 1 of most metals (other than Lucius, Colette, Cassandra and the Teddies), with plans for house rules for the Widow Weaver ( a converted Mysterious Effigy) and Stitched Togethers (using the "Bear-ly Together" alternate minis). I also want custom-made work benches and impassable terrain pieces. So, step 1 complete: my work benches are finished. I have my impassable terrain mostly assembled, just need final assembly and painting, so I'll do a post for them soon, too. Hope you guys enjoy and hope Wyrd eventually comes to their senses and starts supporting this game again!
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    Argh, I though I had posted my pledge for June and I hadn't! So here it is, with some delays, my pledge: * Draugr (7SS) * Lampads (2x8 = 16 SS) * Bone pile (2x6 = 12 SS) * Mortimer (8 SS) * Gravedigger (6 SS) For a total of 49 SS, and finishing Reva's keyword. And since I just came to post one finished model, here is the Draugr And my three favourite paints, in no specific order are: * From Vallejo's Model air range, the Duck Egg Green (no joke). Whenever I don't know which colour use to highlight, this baby comes very handy. * GW's Deathclaw brown, I like the colour itself, covers everything (as all GW layers) and it's a wonderful starting point when painting brown. * GW's Reikland fleshsahde, not exactly a paint but I like it a lot, it helps when metals are way too shiny and clean, and do wonders with skin tones.
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    Yikes, I spent the last few days wondering why nobody was posting. Turns out I was just set up for notifications from the May thread. I'm just bad at forum usage, lol. So, I think what I'm actually going to pledge is Cassandra Felton and Angelica Durand. That would get me to my Henchman pledge. But then I want to finish up Kandara (she's so close to being done that I don't think she should count toward my score). Then, assuming I motivate myself into it, I will do my buyback for one of the months I missed with Colette Du Bois and/or Miss Step, followed by finishing up Kudra (who is also real close, so I don't think she should count but I want to finish her). Powerful ladies month I guess! As for my paints... I feel like it's a cheat, but Vallejo Glaze Medium is like one of my favorite things. I don't actually do cohesive color schemes most of the time and since getting into Malifaux I've been seriously loving color mixing because I can't really afford a lot of paints. Glaze medium (in a super convenient dropper bottle) is great for mixing colors and for layering too. Next is just any solid black. I'm just a wannabe goth, so I incorporate lots of black into most of my minis. Finally is Vallejo Silver. I used to have some GW Mithril Silver that I was stretching as far as possible because I didn't like the color that replaced it (Runefang?). Vallejo's Silver is beautifully bright, and it gives you a great base to mix in a color for all kinds of metallics that aren't sold.
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    So my first two Malifaux models are ready. Basically I am quite satisfied. What do you think? Have a nice evening. Comnhall
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    I know it's a bit late but finish my Lilith, mother of monsters box. So, 38 SS total Next month will be the Basse crew box, but I don't have the paint scheme yet. I think they will end up with a symphony of browns and greys.
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    Good thing the number of likes isn't limited, because the page looks amazing as usual. I painted 22 SS (15+5+1+1) this month. I advanced my showgirl crew and so I present you, dear ladies and gentlemen, the star of Malifaux, Colette Du Bois! And supporting her are one showgirl and two mechanical doves! The third is in the repair workshop, but should be operational very soon. The doves are NMM, because I like the pain
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    @Caedrus 30ss for me this month. Carver-10, Iggy-6, 2x Insidious madness-14
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    Let me just, uh... upload these with three minutes left before June ends.
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    @Caedrus My June pledge complete Thoon 9ss, Primal Magic 3ss, 2x Bayou Smugglers (12ss total) and Big Brain Brin for 8ss. For 32ss total. Thanks again to @Stranglelove for the pictures.
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    This has been a productive quarantine for me. Here's Lynch's crew: the third Illuminated has a different fate... Thanks to @Magnus for getting this crew and these bases years ago. @Caedrus Thanks for the kind words! My total for the month is: 151ss
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    Caedrus, checking in! It's looking promising, folks! I may actually paint exactly what I pledged for June. It's unheard of! I've been watching everyone's work, and as usual, it's lovely! Here are my thoughts, for what it's worth! @Viruk: Two lovely sets of Silent Ones, Blessed and Hoarcats! Are you doing a set for a friend as well? The desaturated cloaks / horns / hoarcat coats are very nice. I stayed mostly in variations of blue for mine, but your (far more realistic) ones are lovely! I love the grungy nightmares, as well. @Hellomurse: A nice Amina and Alexei! A few picked out highlights could really make some of the details really stand out. Good colour combination in the yellow – orange – red range. @Purple Mist: Can you describe your marbling technique in a touch more detail? It’s a subtle but very pretty effect. Also, I love the warmer, iridescent purple cloth in contrast to the cold stone. Nice! Another delightful piece of scenery! @GlowingFruit: Nice pig! If you wanted an opinion, I think a wash of a darker red tone (or just picking out the shadow detail) would make this war pig even more intimidating. Oh, and when I paint my Mah model, I WILL be stealing your check-fabric style. It’s just perfect. @GroundPounderX: That’s a very pretty stolen scene there. It tells a very nice story of life and death. The yellow and green is so alive, in contrast to the actual girl. Nice. @Diddick: Was Asami fun to paint? I’ve never been interested in that figure. You’ve done the figure justice, though - lovely fabric on her, and the solemn facial expression is perfect. The red/green/yellow balance on the tengu is absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of each, I reckon. @DanButler83: I do love that miniature. So evocative and silly. I think I’d have to put airmen’s goggles on the pig, though! If you wanted a critique, a light tan drybrush over the wood and rope would make them stand out, and even some brighter silver (and/or rust) would make the spikes even more menacing! @Stranglelove: The contrast paints on your Pandora crew are absolutely delightful. Pretty much everyone has enough texture on the sculpts to make it a great combination of easy and cohesive! It worked better on Teddy’s fur than I would have envisioned. Just perfect colour choice there. I like Diddick’s idea about the candles. @Chou: Loving that draugr! The warm clothes are a perfect counterpoint to the desaturated, low contrast skin. A very simple, lovely figure. @Boomstick: This model reminds me of the very first model I did for the painting challenge! I think the OSL would be more subtle in real life. Itlooks super-strong here, but that might just be lighting! I’ve been cheating my OSL lately by just doing very directed airbrushing! Keep on painting, folks! Caedrus.
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    Church Main Altar Hello, I completed the Church Main Altar casted in resin. As a starting point I used the marbling painting tecnique layering 2 marbling layers. Then, I completed the job with hand painting and acrylic washes. As a last touch I glued some plastic gems produced by GSW. @Caedrus, I estimated this scenic 10 ss worth, because of the size, the hours spent after it and the experimentation of the marbling painting.
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    I took some break from painting gremlins due to “real life duties”, but the time has come to continue bayou project. Here’s some WIP of the coolest bayou gremlin of the box.
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    Looks at his Sarracenia rubra and wipes a single tear rolling down his cheek. "The wait is over, Sarrah. We've arrived." #teamplants
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    @Ultravanillasmurf Seamus' crews might also benefit from either yellow or gray washes over the base skin tone, then makeup done over that. Eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, maybe even patchy foundation on their faces and arms. I think he tries to keep them in good shape but ends up mostly painting garish makeup on them, especially their faces, until they fall apart too much. He's not exactly... careful in a lot of the podcast I've gotten through. And an actual painting update! Man, I am honestly so proud of this guy. He's huge and awesome and so very shiny ;; Not entirely happy with the cobbles, I think they might benefit from another wash because they don't exactly look like stone, but the rest of him is very wonderful to me, I just. Love him. Next is the Goritsi Shield Breaker from Wrath of Kings, as voted by my WoW guild. I have him assembled already, and, wow, those models are neat.
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    Sorry, but that base looks ridiculous... Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful model, just that base looks way too small it actually detracts from the whole thing... It kind of reminds me of a giant elephant balancing on a ball at the circus... It'd actually look amazing if someone if someone converted that and painted clown makeup on him!
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    Thanks, this bit was very "highlighteable" there was plenty of space and the curve was going in outwards which made it easy to handle, the small folds in the trousers and the back of the cape are a different story... just the eyes, the NMMs and the oni-style red glow bases to go and will be done.
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    I'm done with Captain Marvel. Here it is:
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    Hi there! My pledge for June will definitely be the 3 Tengu. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints 1: 2: 3: Those 3 are my most consistently favourite colors, but the truth is I find myself finding new "favourite colors" every month or so XD Among the most recent there's the model VMC green sky i used for the jorogumos skin, and later the whole fairy flesh set by nocturna models, comes with the right colos and a quick guide and basically is almost "auto-pilot" skin 🙃 There are some wips using just the set
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    For June, it's Pandora's crew (Doppelgänger and Baby Kade are taking a bath) Three Favorite Paints Citadel Mournfang Brown - consistent, vibrant brown that can be used as a base or a highlight to a darker brown Citadel Incubi Darkness - lovely deep green that can build up to a blue or a green Vallejo Bone White Game Air - the best warm base coat I've found for Contrast paints Halfway through the longest year, keep up the great work everybody!
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    Here is my (rather short) production for May! Hanna : 10 ss Von Schill 15 ss For a total of 25 SS! And now June!
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