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    Hey Wyrdos, This week we've had to explain to Waldo just exactly what social distancing is and despite our best efforts, he's just not getting it ... we're tempted to show just exactly 'what' we shook out of the keyboards after he was done with them, but our lawyers have advised against it. A few of the fellas are still disinfecting. So, while we quarantine the little bugger for a couple of weeks, we thought we would present you with a bit of fun for those of you who are locked up in self isolation and provide you with a good ol' fashion coloring contest! Snippy, whom we'll introduce in the near future, has done a fun piece which she calls 'Plague Boi'. We think it's rather apt. Details for the coloring contest is such: Contest runs from now till the end of day April 15th. Entries must be submitted in this forum thread - simply attach your colored piece for your submission. Naturally, you need an account. There are two categories, digital and ... erm ... not digital. Paint with a computer, tablet, crayons, markers, watercolor ... whatever. Everyone who participates will receive a $10 gift certificate for the Wyrd web-store along with a random puppet miniature upon its use. One winner from each category, as chosen by the Wyrd staff, will receive a $50 gift certificate for the Wyrd web-store and handful of puppets (that's rather vague, but well, that's what you get!). Have fun. Be safe. Stay sane.
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    Wip of Ross Jebsen's little piggy
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    Someone was nice enough to share these pics on Facebook.
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    Finally calling these two guys done. I have painted them for more than a month, 15 minutes to half an hour every now and then as family duties permit 🙂. What to say.. Starting to gain some understanding of the contrast paints, looong way to go with nmm.. But I like them. Freehanding the cloak was very difficult, my hands were shaking from anxiety to finish the model, and my brush is all but new..😅 @Caedrus 24 stones this month. One lawyer and steward waiting for brush and April. Then I will continue to some guard.. Executioners are already ordered, and Dashel box is next on the list while waiting for Alan and witnesses special order. I will likely have to skip the changelings and doppelganger as I tend to have a substantially younger audience watching me paint and play than is suitable for the sculpts.. 😁
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    Here you go, I'm not an artist, my first digital art ever. I hope you will like it
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    Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe in these crazy times. While it may seem I should have more time for painting (fully work from home mode on for the foreseeable future), I actually struggle as I'm with two small and lively girls too. Still, managed to paint a few minis but before i show pics, let me go through the great content I've seen here this month: @Wintergloom - Very nice, clean painjob on the Thralls. As for the Golem - I really like the you've separated three different focus area of the model ( body, coffin,sculpture). Each one is distinctly different but they combine nicely to create a very elegant look of the whole piece. @lusciousmccabe - very nice take on these classic minis. So much character there and the OSL adds some extra charm @Barbercat - impressive speed of painting and really nice results. @Diddick - very impressive, especially considering the size of this totem. The shade of skin you've chosen works very well with the red on the base and I really like the subtle OSL you have going there. @Harlekin - I like the consistency going throughout the model with the highlights. @zesty - nice choice of colors and clean, elegant paintjob with some grittiness in the final highlights @Nikodemus - you'ce captured the essence of this mini, the paintjob reflects speed, agility, and dynamism in it. @Scatterbrain - more than a week to go, you can do it! @Pastori - very interesting take on these models - elegant and clean paintjob there too. Lovely work on gold NMM and the freehand looks ace too! @Stranglelove - looking really good. I'd consider adding some green to the base, either with washes of dry pigments. @Antinea - like the vivid colors used on the flame effect @Rathnard - looking good, I like the realistic touch there, they look like the king of nasty bug you'd try to immediately kill with fire. Or run away from it. @Caedrus - good start, look forward to seeing finished effect At the beginning of the month I decided to dig into Eurypides' box and paint something from it. I started with three Gigants. I didn't really like the 3D renders when I saw them first as they seemed a bit too puffed and borderline comical. As I continued working on them, I changed my mind. The main challenge here was finding right color for the skin. I used bright grey undercoat and worked with a number of contrasts/glazes/washes to get this pale, slightly purplish look. As always, the most challenging part was taking decent pictures... 18SS of giant rage below. More pics on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/03/angry-gigants.html
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    Crazy times, I hope you're all staying safe and healthy wherever you are! I was a bit underwhelmed when I started with the Gigants, some elements on these minis look really bad like the spikes on this one's back. undeterred, I continued and worked on one of them to get a feel for them. Here's my first attempt at their skin. Still a lot of work with details but I think I'm getting somewhere.
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    My pledge for March is now complete. I present to you one Ruffian and Malifaux's goodest girl, Luna. Considering I don't plan on leaving the house a lot for the foreseeable future I may still add something to this but for now, here we are: Ruffian - 5ss Luna - 2ss Total - 7ss
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    Amanjaku made it into march! Must be the season of the ONI... i spent quite a lot with OSL on his face, and is hard to apreciate in the regular pics, so i took a close up And a March group bonus pic so far
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    Minako Rei done. And with her the Karmic Debt box in its entirety. Ended up ditching the freehand idea. I did doodle something on the mini. And a lot more on some paper. Couldn't figure out anything I was really happy with. Oh well. Kill your darlings and all that. Might compensate with my next mini. I think I could do one more for March..
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    Great to see so much being done in the first third already! Strong showing, fellow painters👍 @Antinea Striking magic effect. I dig, very much. _______ Wanyudo done. Went for a rather cool colour scheme. I think it suits the model. Most chuffed for the wooden wheel itself. Even though it's the least eye catching bit of the whole thing. Oh and here's close up of one of the faces: Not like you can see those eyes at any realistic downward facing angle when playing. Oh well. That leaves just Minako to go for March. I'm excited. I've got no idea on how to paint her yet
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    Lilith before things went south. This mini was really fun to paint and I am happy with the result. It counts as Mysterious emissary which makes it 10SS.
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    2 Goryo done! That completes the Urami keyword for me. Now, onto Toshiro and terrain.
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    Here’s my march pledge done! 2 x katashiro And since I have an unusual amount time bc of the quarantine I began with Amanjaku, and Ama No Zako is primed and ready, so i might begin her too 😬
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    Here's my Zomboys, guess they're Rabble Risers now? That'd make them 18SS. Actually finished them like a week ago, but been a bit distracted. Wishing you all well!
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    Caedrus, reporting in! Hello All! A very, very quick WIP. First of all, I hope everybody on this forum (and their loved ones) are safe and well. Secondly, did I say I was going to paint a Death Marshall? Silly autocorrect. What I meant to type was "I'm going to go on a bender of construction, undercoating, and basecoating, then have a little dabble with the airbrush". I built and undercoated (but in no way promise that I'll finish this month, or indeed any time soon) an Aeslin, 3 space fleas (Void Wretches), 3 proxies, Wong, 2 Gravediggers, 2 Mourners, and the stuff below: Folks, if you've been holding off getting an airbrush, even stuff as tiny as Malifaux stuff, they're a great tool. Stay safe, stay well. Caedrus.
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    That's 3 Alps finsihed, next up Insidious Madness
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    A WIP of Lilith avatar next to her classic form I painted last year. I usually put the grass after the mini is painted, but I wanted to see how it would all look together. I'll try to tie in the colours with more washes and maybe some green moss on the tree trunk.
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we are celebrating the first ever March 32nd, and in order to properly entertain ourselves, we needed to clear out some warehouse space so we can celebrate in a safe and distant manner. While cleaning up, we found some old library books that needed to be returned, some of which were dated with weird symbols instead of numbers. Luckily for us, it turns out that March 32nd is Book Amnesty Day at our local library. Plus, Waldo loves going there; supposedly the feral cats there are the tastiest. His visit was short-lived, though. Apparently, the new guy there gave Waldo the creeps. Before he snuck out, he did manage to take a photo (yep, Waldo has a camera - we’re just as amazed as you are), and this time, it seems that a picture is worth a lot more than a thousand words. I can’t blame Waldo for booking it. I’m speechless, too. What are your theories? Let us know!
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    I finished my chicken! Mah will be pleased, her spoon is ready. Together with my earlier work, this makes 17 SS. I would like to congratulate everyone on their consistently great work. I hope painting brings you some joy during this difficult time. Best wishes to yôu and your loved ones ❤️
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    Caedrus, reporting in! So, it's the end of the month, and that means time for some updates. Here we go! The three samples shown are from the circled region. The middle is my go-to red. It reads as a little orange. The techniques of @Nikodemus and @Diddick are shown above as well. They both read as more of a pink, but it's important to state that I was just splashing paint around. I think a few more coats of ink on the right figure would probably get it more into red territory, but still super-bright. I tend to think that a lot of a colour's brightness is from shadow contrast. If people are keen, I might put in some shadows as well! Now, onto my efforts for the month: First, Wanyudo! So, I went for a burning wood on the wheel, and I didn't nail it. I think I might need to re-do it, just burnt. There's a bit too much red there. The face has more contrast in real life, but it could still do with a little more, I think. For the rest, I was pleased. My sculpting efforts on the base didn't completely suck, so I'll take it. 7SS. Next, the Scion. This was done with a fairly limited palette, but I was pleased. The fabric is nice, but I was also pleased with the skin tones. I keep wondering if it needs another colour, maybe on the wing-things on the back. A very (if you'll excuse the pun) basic base. 6SS. Next up, some Mourners I haven't completely finished the bases for these two (they're at 90%, working on them shortly in the last hours of March). The photos here are a bit washed out. More contrasty and darker in real life. I haven't yet mastered sheer fabric. Still learning that one. 12SS. Finally, my Grave Golem! I enjoyed this guy. He's a bit Golgothan, so I tried to get the figure a bit of texture by grinding some pastels into the work. It needed more, but was a sound principle. 10SS So, those are my guys. I had a look through all the amazing things you have all done this month. My thoughts! @Polar43:That is an awesome group. Cohesive, gorgeous colours. I think the mature is my favourite. Also, GORGEOUS pork belly. When the COVID-19 situation resolves, I challenge you to a game! @Harlekin: The ropey muscles on Archie are gorgeous. I also like the jade/indigo combination. Really nice brushwork. The purple flesh tones on your Forgotten Marshall are beautiful. @Boomstick : I like the freehand, and the luminous nature of the base really sets the mini off. Love it. @Rathnard: Your eye for colour continues to impress. The splash effect edge is just about perfect, and it really works with the rust-red. @Diddick: Your Ama No Zako is an absolutely exquisite piece. The magenta OSL has been done very, very convincingly. Probably my favourite Ama I’ve seen. Kudos to you, sir/madam! I’d love to see a photo of your t-shirt lighting setup! I must say, that your saturated / unsaturated balance is right up there with the best I’ve seen. It’s an underutilized but powerful technique. @Purple Mist: I’m currently populating my new terrain board (pictures coming of that, soon), and yours has been an inspiration. If you’d said that lilac would be a good building accent colour, I wouldn’t have believed you. Now, I dig it. @naicigam: While I can’t put you down for any points, credit where due. Nice boyz, and very convincing rust effect. @TeaCrusader: I’m loving your lovely, smooth flames. Also, nice colour contrast. @Viruk: I think your colour combo was spot on. Maybe those weird icicle sculpts are trying to be indicative of speed? It’s not a great sculpting technique. Your paints are lovely, though. The blue/purple shadowing is just right. Skin tones, but the right temperature (both visually, and as an expression of them being creatures of the cold). Smooth brushwork, except where it’s deliberately textured. I think I like the glazed rock more than the bloodied ones, but that’s just an opinion. As always, I’m in awe of your work. @Wintergloom: Now I see your Golem, I wonder if I should have used your style a little more. I don’t tend to use much grass effects nowadays, but yours is just right, I reckon. Also, nice brushwork. Loving your Thralls, as well, and adoring the Alp OSL bases. Really pretty. Can you double-layer your box of shame? Love that madness, as well! Blues and purples. Yeah. @lusciousmccabe: Your green edge highlighting on the rabble risers is just perfectly chosen. You’ve got a great eye for colour. Also, I love the front/back cold/warm contrast. @Barbercat: So, I’ve had a Pandora at the back of my mind for about a year, and I’ve almost decided on a purple colour (it’s kinda my default), but your lime scheme has rather inspired me. Nice cohesive units. @zesty: That is a very, very clean painting style you’ve developed. The ruffian is really nice, but the character of Luna is just lovely. Really nice work on the fabrics. The Tanuki hat is very, very finely done. @Nikodemus: Minako is gorgeous. The yellows are very balanced, but I think I like your NMM blades (nekote?) the most. I think I prefer the woodwork on your Wanyudo than mine. I’m absolutely loving the cold effect Wanyudo. Really striking, and loving the hair-to-skin glazes. @Stranglelove: Pretty! That scenery piece has a bit of a GW feeling to it. The blue-grey base is a delight. What colours? Also, the Goryo bases are a beautiful contrast to the reds. @Antinea: Powerful colours. I love the brass and purple. Having said that, I ALWAYS love brass and purple. Nice OSL. Vibrant. @GlowingFruit: I really like those gamin. Lower contrast, but very cohesive. The unifying red are nice. A little retouching, and you’ll have a very pretty ronin group. @PetitDalek: So much to love about this mode, but I think the detail of the flesh tones, transitions, and veins are my favourite. Really lovely stuff. @Hellomurse: Bold, beautiful greens and blues on Unathi. Very nice against the dark skin. @Cats Laughing: That brown is almost mustard-coloured in the picture. Actually a nice contrast to the blues and greens. @Chou: The monochrome work on that Emissary is right up there with the nicest greyscales I’ve seen painted. Very, very impressive. I'm blown away by everyone's work. I love checking in each day to see what you've all created. Stunning. I'll see you all in April! Caedrus.
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    Hello there! Last paintjob for march, Ama No Zako with some OSL for 10ss
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    Started on a Pandora Box for this month
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    Wow! I really like what you all did here in this challenging and weird month! Hope all of you and your loved ones are well! I finally found some time and motivation to grap my brushes and here is my first entry for March: The Forgotten Marshall. I am aiming for Archie, next - although I really dislike big models. Cross your fingers for me. Already kind of screwed up the first layers on the skin.
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    Four karkinoi done this month, four more to go. These Gibbering Horde sculpts are almost as fantastic as those from the Cult.
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    So yesterday was a very productive day (especially since I didn't go to work) so I got to finish the Carrion Emissary: Not gonn lie to you, using the airbrush for the clothes and drybrushing the wings really sped up the process!
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    It’s been a while, I got kicked by the photobucket, so I’m starting a new thread with my stuff. First up is my ongoing project of undead pirates... Arrrh!
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    Here's mine for the digital category.
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    After a Mulligan last month and a lot of this month being follow-up activities to getting the new house in order, I finally got some time to paint. Here's a WIP of my pledge this month: a Stitched Together as a Shadow Beast from Zelda. Should have it finished up before the month's out no problem. It's good to be back.
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    Hey guys, hope everyone is well, some fantastic work this month as always. I was working on the Insidious Madness earlier this month but ran out of the purple I was using. So while I was waiting for my order to arrive I painted up a pair of Witchling Thralls I also started work on a Grave Golem and built a load of terrain which I'll photograph later. Purple has arrived so I'll probably jump back onto the Nightmare keyword. But seeing as I'm at home for the next few weeks I should be able to get all of my pledge done
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    Meanwhile I'm stuck doing full weekends and constantly getting asked to do overtime. Sure could use a little quarantine right about now _____ Anyway, slowly chipping onward with Minako: Mask and pants to go, more or less. Initially thought about doing something tiger themed for pants freehand, to match her claws, but now I'm leaning more towards a flower pattern of some sort. Maybe something similar I did with Manos last year. Still mulling over colour choices and whatnot. Fun mini.
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    @Caedrus Miss Vanessa Chambers, Treasure hunter done. So that's 8 SS for me.
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    Thanks! Big wheel is certainly... let's say expressive. Fun to paint. Skin was 'just' some thin brush strokes for highlights and some purple glazes for colour and shadows. Simple process. But credit to the unnamed sculptor it's a nice face to paint _____________ Day 1 progress on Miss Rei: Worked on skin, white shirt and hair. Hair especially is going to get some more attention tomorrow. That or I'll learn to love it overnight. Sometimes that happens I've got a little freehanding idea I want to try on the pants. If it works I'll keep the green. If not, I'll switch to yellow pants.
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    Well, although I was quite pleased with that "flame", I was advised that it didn't really look like a flame. So after a few exchange, I've been told to do tha same, but start from a white undercoat. And here is the result: I have to say that indeed it looks more realistic.
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    This time posting in the right thread (I don't know if it's possible to delete a post, editing is feasible, not deleting?) I finally stopped procrastinating on my painting and restarted painting my Vanessa Chambers, more precisely her "lance" which was giving me headache for quite a while:
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    Hey there everybody! Hope you and your loved ones are all fine and healthy! With the current quarantine state I've been able to paint much more than expected (and thanks to Nioh 2 not as much as I could), so here are my models for March! * Mary "Blacktongue" Bonnet (Molly 15 SS): I wanted her eyes to have an eerie feeling so that's why they have the unusual choice of colours. Now I need to learn how to paint OSL because the flame in her hand needed it, and all I managed was to get her jacket dirty. * Wayward Mariner (Necrotic Machine - 3 SS): A friend of mine gave me a brilliant idea...once the model was done, having it sunk in Vallejo's still water effect so it would look like he's at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe in the future for another model. I'm holding the model so you can see it better, it regularly looks as he's looking for something he dropped. * Mani and the Voice (Phillip and the Nanny - 8 SS): she seems a bit lost in her huge base, but I love this model. * Rabble risers (6 x 3 = 18 SS): these models were supposed to be for April, but things happen so here they are. The chose of red for their clothes was to give them the feeling of being from the same crew as Mary. * Arrrrchie! (9 SS): I've always loved this model, and now with a pirate hat! As with the Wayward Mariner, I include a picture holding the model so you can see its innocent and lovely face. * The Salty Seadevil (alt. Rogue Necromancy - 10 SS): beautiful model, once again I would have loved to have done some OSL but well... * Death rider (11 SS): I made its clothes red in an attempt to give it some colour to catch the eye, but now I see it was a mistake and should have sticked to black robes. I like the horse, in my mind it's called Stitches (or Horse Luis, but that's a joke it only makes sense in Spanish). * And finally the Carrion Emissary I already posted (10 SS): That's 84 SS if I'm not wrong, @Caedrus.
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    This month I worked on some proxies as if I don't have enough normal models to paint. Since there's still no indication where the wild ones will go, I'll assume these babies are still mounted guards: And because I wanted a proxy for a kabuki (and i wanted to try a bit of comic styling: And because I was tired of transporting my favorite master with a long delicate appendage, a updated McCabe with the correct weaponage. I tried to learn how to do some simple NMM on his sword, and ended up making a comic version of it, which i think looks cool. So that ends up being 16 + 7 + 15 so @Caedrus 38 stones for me this month, and I think I can finally consider my Wastrel keyword done.
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    Half way there with a finished Carlos. I really liked his tattoos.. but now that the contrast paint is on i think he just looks a little dirty.. Guess that serves me right for trying an easy 'paint delicate tattoos then cover in contrast to make them look like they are not just painted on' approach.
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week is a trying time for everyone across the world. We hope everyone stays happy, healthy, and safe. But at Wyrd, we’re still chugging along in making the best possible game experiences for you when this trying time is over. Even Waldo is chipping in by teaching us how he washes his hands. Unfortunately, human skin can’t tolerate boiling hot lava, using the blood of our enemies doesn’t seem like the sanitary solution, and the smell of burnt hair after dousing ourselves with open flames would probably do more harm than good (plus, we like our eyebrows where they are), so we think we’ll stick with the tried and true “20 seconds with soap and water” method. So while we figure out how to clean the bathrooms after watching Waldo’s… suggestions… let’s see what we can do to make your quarantine a little bit less hectic. As many of us are isolated in our own homes during this challenging time, one thing that we can do to keep our sanity is by communicating with others. A great way to do that is through play. While it may be ill-advised to get a playgroup in the same room together right now, there are an assortment of digital tools out there to offer the same level of enjoyment, such as Vassal for our Malifaux players or Discord and Roll20 for our Through the Breach players. Speaking of Through the Breach, we are releasing another fantastic One Shot adventure today: The Iktomi Shuffle. In this adventure, the Fated will be tasked with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a train heist with a bounty large enough to retire for a hundred lifetimes. But this is Malifaux, and there is always a catch, or a twist, or a trick up one’s sleeve… This is worth scooping up if you’re interested in starting a new Through the Breach campaign and want to replace the I’m On A Train! starting adventure, are interested in finding out more information about Condor Rails and any future they may have, or just plain enjoy robbing people blind. You can download The Iktomi Shuffle right now for just $5 on DriveThruRPG. But that’s not the only thing we’re shuffling around this week. We recently released Gaining Grounds Season One, and the newest Strategies and Schemes are already on the Malifaux Crew Builder app. If you’re looking for physical versions, you can find those cards (and all of the updated errata cards) on WarGameVault. We’ll have more information when the full pack is made available for purchase soon. Stay safe and healthy, and find joy in this stressful time anywhere and everywhere you can. Let us know how you’re keeping up with your hobbying and gaming!
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    Hi, all. Hope everyone is staying healthy. I'm more than a little disappointed that Adepticon was canceled. I was looking forward to competing in the Malifaux tournament and seeing one of my best friends from college. It has honestly burned me out of painting Wyrd stuff for the month. Instead, I'll be fueling my dismay (and my time off work) with... spooky terrain! Keep cracking on, chums. This month has seen some of the best work showcased for this challenge.
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    Finished my first mini for April. Think evil Winnie the Pooh.
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    I really wanted to take part in this competition but realized that I don’t have access to a printer with the current world situation. Then I remembered that I do have a 3D printer! I have never tried this before so lots of learning happened. I present my faux enamel pin. Made with pla, resin, and paint. oh and the green all glows in the dark. Working on the soapy logo next. This was loads of fun! Stay safe everyone!
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    @Caedrus i think I'm done for the month; It wasn't initially my plan to paint up some terrain this month, but lately I've decided to try and clear some side projects that might never get done otherwise. This was first on the list. 8x Karkinoi, The Stormsiren, a house and some shelter bits. I'll count the shelter bits as a single terrain piece (ie. 5SS) so that brings this month's total to (7x8 + 15 + 2x5) 81SS ... and for the sake of convenience, my February pledge also needs updating, and came to 103SS.
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    Some watercolors... So not digital ! Bisous
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    Some Ortegas done! A monster hunter. I really like this sculpt. It is so cool. Another Monster hunter. Nino Ortega. I really like how this model turned out. And Papa Loco.
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    I updated and finished the Nightmare Teddy I had been working on, and I just took pictures in the last month or so. I realized I never posted them here. I'm posting via my phone, also, because I don't easily have computer access - unsure how the pictures look because they haven't been edited or color balanced. I'm doing a similar basing style to my other Neverborn stuff, except Teddy is completely "indoors" here compared to the rest. Comments, questions & critique appreciated!
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    Thought I’d post a little WIP of my Ruffian. Pretty happy with him- probably best set of eyes I’ve managed on a Malifaux mini so far. The highlights on the shirt could have been a bit cleaner but it’s my first time glazing so I’ll take it. Just the leather bits and highlights on the chains left to do. Loving the progress on everyone else’s models so far!
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    More contrast paints with Prince Unathi. 15ss
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