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    I heard there's only room for 6 squirrels.
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    Well, I think a strong argument can be made that is *is* in the interest of the game. Design space is a thing. Only so many masters can exist before they start stepping on each other's toes. And if Nicodem had to go so we could get something new, that is in the interest of the game. Stagnation is death. That said, I reject the notion that you should sacrifice story or art in the interest of game mechanics. I think that the best games have all of those things working together fluidly. Would you play a card game on blank slips of paper that have nothing but rules printed on them? No? Then the art and aesthetics clearly add something to the game. Would you play Malifaux if the models had no names or backstories? No? Then clearly the story enhances the game. The game is at its best when the mechanics, aesthetics, and story are all flowing together, influencing each other. It is a game first, sure, but story is *part* of that game.
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    Man, in Malifaux, secrets sure can be tough to keep! This particular little secret is so exciting that there has already been a lot of buzz around it. Now we are ready to share some of the official details with you guys! Third Edition is coming! You can see all sorts of cool art and get tons of details on the website . In addition, I have highlighted some of the most exciting changes coming to Third Edition. New art and new models! Everyone loves fancy looking things and Third Edition has some beautiful art and new models. Optimized core rules. We have taken the wrinkles and issues from Second Edition and ironed them out. We have also slimmed down conditions. Instead of hundreds of conditions, we now have 11 conditions that help players focus on skill and strategy rather than memorization. A full release. That's right, every model from Second Edition will be updated to Third Edition at launch. All your models will have stat cards available at release. A Closed Beta that ANYONE can apply to! All you have to do is head over to the website. Easy access to stat cards and rules at release. What more can we say? We are so excited for Third Edition and making Malifaux the greatest game out there! We will be offering demos of Third Edition in our booth (#1129) at Gen Con and be answering tons of questions leading up to and during the event. There's never been a better time to cross through the Breach and enter the world of Malifaux!
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    I am, personally, very much against the idea of "need an app to play."
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    Excellent question! Some of the Masters have suffered setbacks that have removed them from Malifaux's stage. Lilith has been imprisoned within Nythera, Nicodem was killed by Lady Justice, Ramos is locked up in a Guild jail cell in Vienna, and Collodi... well, it's final fate hasn't been revealed quite yet. All of these Masters (and their totems) will receive updated stat cards in M3E in a special "Dead Man's Hand" pack. By default, they will not be tournament legal (due to being absent in the story), but an option will exist to allow these "Dead Man's Hand" Masters to be played in tournaments that wish to allow it.
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    Lilith in a wheelchair, like Abuela
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    Im kinda new to Malifaux and painting in general. Just want to share some models. I paint for me and my colleague. I play for Titania, he plays for Lynch. I will post models, as i get some good quality photos. My Teddy Mr. Graves "Sin City" Lazarus
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    Mercenaries in the M2E sense of the word are going away. They were very much a "feast or famine" issue in M2E, where they were either an option that was never considered (Hog Whisperer, Freikorpsmann, Torakage) or were in every list due to their strength (Burn, McTavish, Freikorps Trapper). Instead, Mercenary is the name of the Viktorias' keyword (just like December is the name of Raspy's).
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    "Leopold Von Schill – The leader of the hardened Freikorps mercenary group has spent his time between editions restocking on weapons. In addition to being a fierce combatant, Von Schill is also capable of handing out Equipment Upgrades to his followers, granting them access to powerful rocket launchers, hidden mines, and other deadly weapons." Guys. Guys. Guys... Von Schill gets a rocket launcher! This sounds like such a fun direction they took with him!
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    At least, I would have this one done this month for 5ss:
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    This is very true. One of our players is heavily invested in Ressurs and loves Nicodem the most. He missed all the initial buzz on Wednesday, the minis day at our shop. Not knowing this, during post game beers I asked him what he thought of the Nico announcement. This was our (paraphrased) exchange: Me: What do you think about the Nico change. John: What? That they nerfed his summoning. Me: (to the table)... Oh, he doesn't know... M3E was announced today, and a handful Masters are out. Nico is one of them. John: *stares* Me: But they will still be getting stat cards. They just won't be Tourney legal, unless specifically allowed. John: *shrugs* That's ok, I'm done with competitive Malifaux anyways. As long as I can play him casually, I am good. Me: Also, Albus VonSchtook is going to be a new Master. John: *breaks into a huge grin* Now THAT, I am excited for! I think the M3E announcement is good, and I do like the way they are handling the missing masters - giving them stat cards makes them playable. I think removing those masters helps open up design space (admittedly, this is very easy for me to say as I am not affected by this). I think that the decision to remove the masters was decided before Book 5, and the fluff of Book 5 was written to align to this decision - rather than they being removed because of the story. I also think this is not the last we have heard from these Masters, and they will return in interesting fashion in future waves. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.
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    I guess with Nico dead we needed a new King of the Necromancers. Way to step up Sybaris.
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    ... Oh. My. God. You just sold me on M3e
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    I'm super hyped for M3E and everything I've heard so far. Two of my favorite masters, Jack Daw and Marcus, moving to dual faction in my second and third favorite factions. And their new mechanics sound great. And love that Gremlins is changing to Bayou. Class the faction up a bit. And I can finally agree with the old joke "Gremlins are not a faction".
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    He did get his soul stuck in a soul stone. And he’s a necromancer. I can see some stupid Domador taking the stone out of the Guild vault and trying to make a magic ring out of him, only to get possessed. The result being a somewhat frailer version of Nico who drops a “one ring” marker when he dies, only to come back around if someone interacts with it. 😃
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    I found the Kaeris player!
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    A lot of people are worried about losing their favourite Master, which is understandable. But, as I think has been pointed out, when waiting for Book 2 of M2E, many of us had a ton of minis we couldn't use at all. I expect you'd counter this by saying 'yeah but our models are out of the game!' - but they're getting rules. The Masters who have disappeared are getting rules. And they will be as balanced as the continuing masters. This has been stated very clearly by Mason/admin people. So what's the issue? Your Master isn't tournament legal... how many of you are honestly, regularly going to large, strict tournaments? Proxies and unpainted models have not been tournament legal in M2E, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. In any sort of community event the Henchman/TO decides. And presumably you'll know them. Maybe it's your friend. And I am pretty sure they will say 'dead' Masters are OK to play. Because they are gamers too, because they want their events to be fun, because they want everyone to enjoy the game. I am a Henchman, and I will for sure be allowing 'dead' masters, as we have a bunch of them in my community (which is small). But I also allow unpainted minis, and when people forget to pack a particular toy, I have allowed proxies(as we make it clear to everyone what it is). Because I am not a monster, I am a person, playing with people. I therefore suggest to everyone who has worries about not being able to use Lilith/Nico/Ramos etc that you check in with your local Henchman/gaming store and see what their stance is/will be on you using them at their events. Going forward, your master may not be in M4E! But that could be in another 6 years. Or maybe they'll be back. Perhaps there'll be a new Global Campaign in which you can win the release (in story and in a physical sense) of one of the 'dead' masters. Perhaps that would motivate people to play the campaign? And in 6 or so years, who can honestly say they won't have expanded their collection and so will miss a master if they really are gone forever (in 6 years time, after playing them with dead rules and using other masters in the intervening period)? (I appreciate people may have non-master models out of faction now, which may end up being utterly useless) but we don't know the combinations/key words which will be available so it doesn't mean you won't be able to use them in thematic crews.)
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    Caedrus, reporting in. Among the craziness of a new edition being announced, I still have models to paint. Here goes! @Franchute: I have painted 36SS of models this month. 1 Guild Guard [3], 1 Hoarcat Pride [4], 2 Fire Gamin [8], 3 Ice Gamin [12], and an Ice Golem [9]. If I finish anything else, I'll update (if I paint Dashel now, does he count as a Master? 😉). Meantime: As always, I'm loving seeing what the rest of you do! Wield those brushes! Caedrus.
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    Most models will have keywords, but every faction also has some 'Versatile" models, such as the various Effigies and Emissaries. Versatile models can be hired within their faction without penalty.
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    They will be balanced for competitive play.
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    We're not announcing a public date at this time, as we want to ensure that we have the option of extending playtest if needed. Our first priority is to ensure that M3E is fun and balanced, and some wiggle room will help us in that regard. So apologies that I can't give you a fixed date at this time!
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    Larger cards mean that we can use larger font sizes, which will in turn make them easier to read, especially for people with poor eyesight.
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    I'm headed to Charlottesville for a small tournament today to represent the guild. I'm actually thinking about running Sonnia (who I rarely run at the casual level due to the whole "well that was only fun for one of us" problem). The first round is ply though, so I might change my mind. I'll try to put an update in here tomorrow with what happens. I am secretly really competitive and tournaments bring out the worst of that in me, so I might be too salty to report.