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    Clementine regarded the frog with suspicion. It was getting rather tedious searching for someone to sweep her away from her glamorous yet humdrum life. "Maybe you will the one?" she asked herself quietly as she pouted her lips in anticipation. "Well, 'ere goes nothing!" she exclaimed to no one in particular as she planted a delicate, hopeful kiss right on the nose of the slimy frog... Just keep trying Clementine, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your Prince after all
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    Everybody knows a Snail's shell is the Snail's house, but... the Snail's house is the Snail's Castle
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    Hey Wyrdos, We wanted to take a bit of time to discuss communication, both from us and from the community. We know the community has felt like Wyrd has been a bit silent. We have been, and we know that. The design team wears many hats – one such hat is for our community. Lately, our hats have put our focus on The Other Side’s release and making sure that Malifaux Third Edition is fun and exciting for years to come. Our games and worlds should grow alongside our community. We hear that you want more communication from us, and we are working on new ways of providing just that. You can expect to hear more on those plans in the near future. We also continue to have a variety of content such as Wallpaper Wednesday, Breachside Broadcast, painting competitions etc. that the community can enjoy. We appreciate the feedback we have received. Even if you don’t see immediate change, know that we are listening. If you are concerned that you aren’t being heard, you can contact us directly via the Contact Form (https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact). Any of the feedback we receive through there is heard and discussed with the relevant people. As we continue to work on our own communication, we ask that your feedback between each other, and to us, remains constructive. If you find yourself really upset about something, that Contact Form can be a great way to have your concerns directly heard. Additionally, we understand the community wants to engage with the designers, hear their thoughts, and see what’s happening behind closed doors on a regular basis. We would love to see more of that, too! Currently, the best way to do this is to engage in our beta program, which has applications that open periodically throughout the year. In our betas, you will directly interact with our design team on a daily basis. Make sure you take the opportunity to join the next beta and help shape the games you love. - The Wyrd Team
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    He thinks, he`s prince. She thinks, he`s not. It`s totaly KISS, a little Simple and very Stupid He thinks he`s a prince From the other side.Horrible or sweet?Let the kiss decide
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    Fighter from Kingdom Death. Tried to give her a bit of character by giving her a Kiss tattoo on her cleavage, which represents the round theme as well
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    After considering the theme and looking through my unpainted miniatures I started to consider painting some old Heroquest miniatures thinking that things don't get simpler than a skeleton. After looking at them I decided to go with something a little more recent and found this skeleton with a sword and shield. I figured this was pretty a pretty simple miniature that would fit with the theme under my interpretation of 'bare bones'. I hope you like it.
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    Simple as death : No flesh nor bones (with clear background picture for seeing the 30mm base)
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    Happy Wednesday Wyrdos! Waldo, our resident mischief maker here at Wyrd, has been kept under close watch ever since he got loose and caused some havoc a couple of months ago. After he almost bit off one of our fingers, we decided we needed to let him stretch his wings a little bit. I, for one, would like to keep the fingers I have left right where they are. Plus Kyle still won’t go in the bathroom until someone checks it first. And Matt still twitches every time he hears a wing flap. In an effort to stop the misery he was causing, we told him he could have ONE day a week to get up to some of his mischief. Hopefully he doesn’t spoil anything too big this time… Stay tuned next week as we let Waldo loose for the first time in his new segment Waldo’s Weekly. Now to see where that bugger ran off to….
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    Snail IV The Snailiest got a base! UPD: Just realized that slime trail is almost lost on this potato-camera photos. So, FYI: there is a slime trail!
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    Ancient King from Wrath of Kings. The miniature delivered to Kickstarter backers did not quite meet the standards of the original sculpt.
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    here is my: a bit of lava to explain reflections
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    It will be up today at some point. Patience is a virtue and all that.
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    What could be more simple than a paint by numbers miniature. Sadly I couldn't finish in time so you'll have to complete numbers 4, 6, 7 and 13 on your own
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    It's hard - keep it simple and cool at the same time.
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