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    @PetitDalek, here's the WIP shots of Reva.
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    Might do something else if the mood strikes me, but going to focus on alt Barbaros for this month: Grand figure to cap the year off. Still figuring out a colour scheme. Lime green and turquoise armour plates are from ways, ways back when I last considered painting him. Right now pink/purple/magenta armour and grey skin is high in my mind, but I'll let it simmer for a while.
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    Kaeris done for 15ss Even with my gf's far superior iPhone, photo still comes out washed out and scabby. And slightly out of focus. *sigh*
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    Had a few midweek distractions but here's last night's progress on Lilith's White Knight. Shoulder armour isn't quite that smooth irl, but nothing that'd bother you at arm's length. Still WIP of course. Good to see some horsework here. I've got a "rider" myself waiting for an inspiration. @PetitDalek so pretty. Doing a gaming base later?
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    Made some progress on a couple of models as I watched Toni take on Levi the other night.
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    So I did a little write-up on how I've been playing Marcus for a guy on FB and figured I'd post it on here as well for anyone who didn't see it on the Arcanists FB page. Tell me what y'all think. Maybe I should do an actual tactica with Marcus as writing this all down was pretty fun, unless there already is one and I've missed it? Can anyone do tacticas? Do I have to have it approved by moderators? I know 3rd floor wars did one already but writing one might be helpful to some people, eh? Anyways, so here are my experiences with Marcus. Granted I've only had about 10 games with him but over those 10 games, I've tried quite a few things out and determined some things that I think work best, at least for me and hopefully for you too. First, I'll start with my crew I have played most regularly: Marcus - 3 stones Jackalope Cerberus with Soulstone Cache Myranda Ferdinand Vogel The Scorpius Soulstone Miner with Magical Training Hoarcat Marcus is a middle tier master and his crew runs a very thin line of being good and getting slaughtered. To stay above that thin line, positioning and card draw is key. The nice thing is that this crew is very mobile and can strike from multiple vectors. About nine out of ten times, I have most of my models with Mutation upgrades within range to trigger Primal Domain because Cycling cards is one of the strongest ways to keep the crew going. Not to mention the bonuses that come with Adaptive Evolution that trigger the discarding/drawing effect. Saying this, I do like to send my Cerberus (with the Soulstone Cache upgrade and at least two Mutation upgrades) into the enemy backlines or hunting scheme runners as it's the easiest model to do so and to get Soulstones back upon their deaths. Also, remember, when the Cerberus dies, it gives you a Soulstone back due to the damaging timing sequence (step 6C page 34 of the Rulebook). The Scorpius is an interesting Frontliner/Flanker mostly due to it's Neurotoxins ability. Once an enemy model within 3 inches (from a 50mm base) has Poison, the model CANNOT USE SOULSTONES OR DECLARE TRIGGERS. At stat 7 with built-in Poison, this model is going to inflict Poison. This prevents damage reduction from soulstone use, defensive triggers, etc. Its huge. Not to mention the Scorpius can heal from Poisoned models and can draw cards from Poisoned models. Notice that I don't really have anything else that can inflict Poison though (although Myranda can, she will never be using her own melee attacks). This is mostly because Arcanists lack any other real ways to inflict Poison but this usually doesn't matter as most people won't bring Condition removal vs Marcus and the Assist action can't remove the Poison so the enemy model has to let it happen. In regards to Myranda, she is a very fluid model. If she is in Beast form and I need a Beast healed (most likely the Scorpius), I have her switch back, heal and then switch forms again to then Charge into an enemy. Her role is very fluid and as needed. I mostly like to change into Blessed of December for the free enemy push on the attack and the Deadly Pursuit to set up a next turn action but if needed, another Cerberus works too. Usually the field maneuvering is something Cojo can do but I think Cojo is overpriced and I don't like to run him often. Usually only bringing him into Plant Explosives games to throw enemy models with Explosives 10 inches back into their deployment zones. Now for the Hoarcat. This model is perfect for when the enemy inevitably targets Marcus and you have to use Marcus's Protected (Beast) ability. If you haven't activated the Hoarcat (which you shouldn't until last), when the Hoarcat becomes the new target, the enemy is at a negative because of the Manipulative. The Hoarcat also has built-in stealth so they can't target it from range farther than six inches and if the enemy is within 6 inches, they are already having to deal with the rest of the Beasts. If, for some reason, you need the Hoarcat to run off and do schemes, you then have Ferdinand with you. Ferdinand is a great model. Able to help Marcus survive with Shielded +2, non-projectile 8 inch range with trigger to draw cards or push friendly minions around and can place enemies at negatives on attacks. Oh, also, a huge ass Werewolf jumps out at any enemy who wants to come play which just so happens to be a Beast. As for some of you issues such as playing vs armor, it becomes a little difficult because you have to fit in a December Acolyte to get their Analyze Weakness ability or hope to trigger the Beast's Within Armor Piercing trigger. Or rely on Focus to achieve those good Moderate damage capabilities. I haven't played vs Dreamer but I've heard he is above the curve and is one of the top tier crews so Marcus, as a middle-tier crew, would struggle vs him. As for schemes and strats I usually play Marcus into, I try for either attacking, maneuvering, or middle field schemes (although deep schemes are doable with a Soulstone Miner). Claim jump is hard but doable, Search the Ruins, Outflank, stuff like that. Power Ritual requires you to basically take a model out of the action and with this crew, it's not a good idea although faking it early game is a good idea. As for strats, I personally like Plant Explosives and Turf War. Reckoning can be hard due to the Beasts having a rough time healing unless you're blowing all your Adaptive Evolution's on healing triggers and not more damage. Corrupted Idols is just too much damage. You basically have to get lucky (or your opponent real unlucky) but it's doable.
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    It's been 24 hours and how have I just thought of KNIGHT RIDER!?
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    If Ten Thunders can have their Samurai WITH Trained Ninja I want Guild Hounds running around with Atomic Bombs strapped to them. We are the Guild! We have the resources!
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    SwordFaux III - 50ss Tournament December 7, 2019 The Sword and Board 1193 Bloor Street West - Rear Toronto, ON M6H 1N4 http://www.theswordandboardtoronto.com/ (647) 350-7529 Registration begins at 11.00AM. First round starts at 11.30AM. $10 entry fee. Prizes : First Place: Mystery Box from Wyrd prize kit Participation: Players who complete all rounds and have not won another prize will be entered into a raffle draw for a Mystery box. Bonus raffle entry for players with fully painted models. Guilders for the first 8 players to register. Additional prizes including store credit TBA depending on turn out. Hobby: Open to all Players who complete the tournament. Points will be awarded each round based on all models used (including summons.) In the event of a tie, Winner will be determined randomly. 3 Points: GG Season Zero compliant (Fully painted & based, conforming proxies/conversions) 2 Points: Fully painted and based. 1 Point: Fully painted. Inaugural Malifaux 3rd Edition tournament. Event will be run using Wyrd’s Gaining Grounds Season Zero format with 50 soul stone crews. Fully painted crews are not required but encouraged. Rounds will be 2 hours in length. If a player chooses to use the M3E app instead of cards, the game state must still be clearly marked on the board (wounds/conditions/etc.) •Round 1 - Turf War, Flank Deployment •Round 2 - Corrupted Idols, Corner Deployment •Round 3 - Reckoning, Wedge Deployment Schemes will be announced at the beginning of each Round.
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    I've got it: give Fermented river style as an upgrade we can purchase for our masters.
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    Ama no Zako doesn't copy, it makes the target take an action.... I know, semantics. But at 1 damage to the Emissary and a flicker to Ama, I wouldn't risk this too often. pretty much if you have that 28% chance of failure with your initial redrawing. Great concept though! Love everyone's contributions!
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    It's incredible how this type of comment pops out in every ShenLong topic xD
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    I won't talk about model choice, especially not across three factions. But I recommend what I did myself and what many other recommend for (re)starters of the game: if you want to limit your purchases, choose a single faction. The grass is always greener on the other side (or at least some models). There will always be additional options to buy in a game which allows to mix and match lists for each game. So the temptation to buy more stuff will always be bigger. Instead of 1-2 fixed lists in three factions you could fit a single factions with many playable option in your bag instead.
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    On AP Saturation Hamelin's game is all about having a high volume of AP at their disposal with which to disrupt the opponent and accomplish their schemes. Not only are Hamelin's models cheaper than most other keywords, but Hamelin's Unclean Influence bonus action means that all of the Vermin in your Crew will be operating at 3 AP every turn. The Moldy Cheese action on Stolen and Rat Catchers can further grant Vermin Fast. Its rarely worthwhile to put Fast on Malifaux Rats for their own sake, but putting it on a Rat you intend to Swarm Together into a Rat King gives that Rat King fast without pitching a high card. The 8 or 10+ required to put Fast on a Winged Plague or Rat King directly is steep, but if it gives you a VP or sets up your tempo for later turns, it is worth it. This is also why Hamelin's crew moves as a bubble-a large bubble! (6" radius around Hamelin)-but a bubble. This is also part of why Hamelin isn't usually trying to score much on turn 2. Turn by Turn, Denying Value This is key to playing Hamelin. My sense is that Hamelin games are actually decided in turn 2, but you don't see the payoff until turn 3 or 4. You have to drag the other crew to your level, and make them has as bad of a turn 1-2 as you do. Turn 1. Your oppoment is going to have 5ish Pass Tokens, and they will have a choice. They can either let you outactivate them by a lot, or they can guarentee a initiative on turn 2. The enemy will broadly fall into one of tow categories: Buff and Alpha Strike; or Pure Positioning. A Pure Positioning Crew is probably going to claim an early Strategy Advantage and set themselves up to score and kill your models in t2. An Alpha Strike crew does the same, but spends resoueces buffing one model up before launching them in to your deployment zone. In both cases, you deny value through Unclean Influence combined with a high volume of models. If your opponent holds on to their pass tokens, then you will have the advantage of seeing where most of the opponent's crew is committing before moving your important pieces. If the opponent doesn't hold on to their pass tokens, then you still get to see where they placed their models before you reposition your Vermin with Unclean Influence. Expect the early t2 aggression. Place Malifaux Rats and Stolen in places where they take at least 1 AP from the opponent to get around. Take advantage of the 8" Charge Distance from Unclean Influence, or the extra AP by making sure the enemy is within move + charge range, but not the enemy's charge range. Based on what Schemes are available, predict what models are going to try and score what schemes in t2 and move your models to disrupt them. Rat Kings can single handedly stop most Marker based Schemes, and also eat most Scheme Runners. In the case of an Alpha Strike, save Benny and Hamelin. Everything else is expendable. Eat the model they committed to it: Hamelin should be able to do so in one activation. Smart Alpha Strike crews will use their pass tokens and commit the beater as late into the turn as possible. That is okay, Hamelin, a few Rats, and 1-2 Rat Kings can probably kill most things in a single activation. If it is an Alphastrike with a recursive model (i.e. Ikiryo) then your gameplan is to minimize the value from their attack by gaining what you lose. If Hamelin can produce 2-4 Malifaux Rats off of the his Infestation Trigger and Voracious Rats. If the Alpha Strike just killed a Rat King/Catcher, that is pretty close to a complete recovery, especially after factoring in Moldy Cheese. Turn 2 Your opponent will try to score and try to wreck havok on your models. If you set things up well on turn 1, holding key models out of threat ranges and using Stolen/Malifaux Rats to eat the opponent's AP by being in the way. You deny value by eating Scheme Markers and letting the opponent kill low value models. Let Malifaux Rats and Stolen die. Let Rat Kings be damaged, only to summon a Rat Catcher. Eat Scheme Markers as they are placed. Your goal is to hold on to Benny and Hamelin and to keep the opponent from getting a 2vp or greater lead. Things at this point are more directly Strategy and Scheme dependent. Eat your oppnent's markers, surround their models with Vermin, spread Blight everywhere. Try and force the fight towards the center of the board or another area where your models can break off and complete schemes in turns 3 and 4. Turns 3 and 4 Table them. I'm only slightly joking. Your goal is either to cripple the opponent souch that they can no longer score VP, and to score your Strategies and Schemes. If you reached here and aren't crippled, you should have such a huge board advantage that you can steamroll whatever they have left. Turn 5 Set your pieces up to score end of game vp while stopping the opponent from doing the same. It's straightforward. Notably, Hamelin is in a much better place to score vp on turn 5 than most masters due to the sheer number of AP he can get, even here. Remember that Rat Kongs are a Replace and not a Summon, and can score on tje turn they Tangle Together.
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    Regarding the original question... A lot of people seem to miss that charge doesn't require a target. You can charge and attack a stealth minion. You can move-charge to avoid Molly's Lethe's Caress, etc. I also missed when reading Lure for the first few times that you can lure your OWN models. The ability became so much better when I realised that. I think for many abilities, you know in the back of your mind you can use it on allies, but you never think to. Black Blood Shamans getting a trigger to drop corpse markers by stabbing their friends is another good example.
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    Not sure if people are interested in updates, but here's how it went for the first night! We had 5 new players and 3 experienced players floating around to help. The pool of plant explosives + claim jump worked really well. The players each had a target of reaching two victory points. Only 1 of the new players managed to reach that target initially as they were running around just fighting each other. BUT 4 of them enjoyed themselves so much they had rematches, and all four of those players got the two point target in the second attempt. It was good to see the growth in understanding of the game over the course of the night (I gave a few tips, but they largely figured it out themselves)! Some even got as high as four points, essentially the maximum for the match. We're having a second 'first' session on Sunday, so should have another 3-4 new people then as well.
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    I will also be accepting CONSTRUCTIVE responses!
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    I tried the Myranda list but didn't have all my models so I modified it and played two games. Had Myranda, a magically trained cerberus, Crocket and an arachnid swarm. Left me with a 2ss cache as well for a significant card advantage. Crocket didn't do much because I stupidly built the board with a big building that my vendetta targets choose to hide behind while crossing the center line in both games. He goes down fast and lacks mobility so I might have to reevaluate him for an enforcer that can actually kill something and get bombs down. The cerberus performed pretty well although both the opposing crews had terrifying which was bothersome. Myranda lasted very well so I didn't give up any points on assassinate. The arachnid sauntered over and plonked a bomb down in both games. The star of the show was the cerberus. I had Myranda move it up and walk along to give it the defense buff turn one, she applied camouflage to herself and held of the shapechange. Then the cerb could walk, get a bomb out and leap+attack an exposed enemy runner in both games due to luck with crows and opponents forgetting Myranda could move it (the free leap attacks on isolated models might not work in the long run). Won against Aionius and lost against some big TT ghost Oni thing. Ama No Sako perhaps?
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    Very well deserved, I got to see it personally and was amazing!
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    The buff the Crossroads 7 need is being sold individually, so people don't have to spend $60 on one 30mm model.
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    I've played a few starter games with Pandora, and hot damn she seems neat! I thought I'd share some of my first impressions for each of the models I've purchased. Pandora - Poltergeist - Kade The primary bubble of the crew, these three need to stick together. Pandora Mood swings is one of the most powerful abilities in the crew. Winning initiative is a BIG deal in many games, and if you position Pandora correctly, you can just completely negate your opponent's initiative advantage no matter how high they cheat. Definitely worth getting Pandora into the action - as long as they can't penetrate her terrifying (which is what poltergeist is for). Kade Kade is a horrifying murder baby... As long as he is alive to keep stabbing. Without Mood Swings, Kade is going to die at the start of a turn and you'll get one less activation out of him. So he has to stay near Pandora and the geist. All three of his triggers on his knife are useful, with mask probably being the best overall for the knife. Execute is fantastic when you can set it up, but your opponent isn't going to make it easy. Rams is his best suit for his abilities overall - luring an enemy in with a rams trigger means you're going to be stabbing super hard (1 super attack + 2 more attacks from fast). Worth doing even if the enemy is in melee. Careful of relying on Pandora's suits - once the action starts, you'll have to activate Kade at the start of the turn or he'll die to a single model beating on him, manipulative or not. But remember you can cheat a decent rams to win most lure duels near a poltergeist. Poltergeist Poltergeist is there for his auras. Negating ruthless and giving a minus to willpower duels (include terrifying and lures) is epic. I suspect this is one of the best support totems in the game. I imagine anyone who plays Pandora more than once is going to learn to kill the Poltergeist ASAP, so be careful to get at least one solid turn at it before it is exposed. It is too fragile to keep alive forever, but whatever time you can gain is useful (as long as you're not keeping it so far from the action it does nothing useful). It also can scheme, so can be super useful for interacting on turn one (such as on turf war, or harness the leyline) and then is fast enough to run back into the action. This bubble also positions Kade solidly to be able to lure or where's teddy allies back into your main bubble if they decide to try to break it. EDIT: I forgot to mention his marker removal as well! Marker removal can be relatively rare, and this guy can remove anything! Extremely potent against marker-based crews. Teddy I have played with him once, but he adds so much to the crew. As a solid tank, Kade can lure him forward turn one, and then Teddy is available to countercharge anything that alpha-strikes Kade. After that, he can stay ahead of Kade by 10" - ready to be called back if needed. He can also pull models out with I've Got Your Back. Between him, Kade, and Pandora, models will be slingshotting all over the table. He is also excellent in that he requires no support to be effective (other than a bit of assistance turn 1 to advance up the board). So he can just lumber around beating on things while the rest of the crew (especially Kade) takes support from Poltergeist and Pandora. Candy Speaking of slingshotting, Candy is fully capable of rocketing herself around the table. So far I give her an early move with Kade turn one, then give her the last activation. I try to have her On Your Heels into a weak-ish spot for the enemy to tie them up. Particularly powerful if she can hit scheme runners, and just spam temper tantrums to bog them down. Since her beginning of activation stun also means they can't use triggers, she essentially will have armour two unless they send in reinforcements. And it is perfect if they do, as the rest of the crew needs some time to get into position to dominate the board. Candy helps buy the time. Sorrows For a short time, I thought Sorrows sucked. Thanks to someone on the forum talking about keeping them on the edge of battle, I now quite like them. I use them as scheme runners off to the side. Once battle breaks out, they can run in with their auras or support with their ranged stun. Or better yet, an opponent goes after them, as they look weak and isolated. The perfect time to swing the whole bubble around and kill whatever models went after the Sorrow. They are unfortunately destined to die, but they serve their purpose. Hooded rider This crew struggles to deal with severe terrain - all of its key pieces are vulnerable to it. The Hooded Rider immensely helps with that. On top of that, the positioning benefit it gives is going to be insanely useful to the crew. I haven't played a full 50 stones yet, but as soon as I do, Hooded Rider is going to be in every list I suspect. Overall Positioning always matters in Malifaux, but this crew seems particularly precise. You never want your models to stray past the point that you can't reach them with support abilities (with the biggest ones being lure, where's teddy, and I got your back). Pandora can help shift models 3 inches, but using a master's action to move someone three inches is hugely inefficient. Getting positioning right in the first place seems like one of the big challenges of playing Pandora. Managing conditions - making sure the right conditions aren't stunned so Candy can stun them with her aura, while other certain models ARE stunned so they can't use bonuses and triggers, and also juggling the benefit of having conditions on models vs. pulling it off with opportunistic to try to get another misery trigger... Is a lot to manage! Seems like a pretty high skill cap for a crew, but at the moment seems pretty manageable since I don't have Aversion/Lyssa. So the number of moving pieces isn't too crazy. I imagine it'll be hectic running the full array! Next up, I'm converting a crooligan into an iggy! Well, that's it for now! I hope some of these impressions are useful. Thanks to everyone who has shared insights so far.
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    I find in my NB games, with Marcus and Dreamer, to have no problems. Dreamer has so many pushes to get nightmares up the board, the web marker teleports, and summoning on something, killing it, and the new model can go scheme after if need be. Marcus, you have molemen and even cerberus who can become amazing schemers after they kill a model or two. But thats arcanist models brought in. I also think that while Savage will be another killing keyword, they have some very interesting movement and scheme marker potential.
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    Pizza is not included in the ticket price. Sorry will clarify.
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    This just really feels like the "All of my problems are nails, the only tools I need are hammers" analysis method.
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    Holy shit, massive facepalm. I've played him like five times and never noticed the attack pushes the target. 😂Can't wait to try him with his actual rules.
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    Plenty of manufactures already make markers for you to use. I don't think Wyrd needs to produce every little thing for use to play a game. I won't comment on the rest of your rant other then this really isn't the place for it.
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    Yeah, if there are two Unbury effects that both go off at the start of the activation, they both get resolved and it basically comes down to controller's choice. There's a bit of an argument whether 'when ____ activates' happens before 'start of activation', but Wyrd failed to make that distinction through 2nd edition, I don't think they managed to start during the beta. (There end up being three different phrases that appear to be chosen entirely based on where the rule is located in relation to the activating model.) Either way, Pine Boxing a Bone Pile isn't a death sentence because of Unearth.
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    For master i would probably go with lucius as lawyers shielded can save you from a lot of ping damage and agent 46 ruthless really can help against his terrifying and manipulative. Pale rider is a perfect counter to Candy. With a guaranteed trigger you can take her out with two moderates. Guild steward is another model I would consider for condition removal and focus, plus heal to mitigate ping damage. Regarding schemes, I would avoid dig as very few pandora models drop markers and you don't have a way to generate three. If you take harness be aware that both doppel and poltergeist can easily remove them. Polstergeist is surprisingly mobile so even if you send a witness to the opposite side of his bubble to lay it, he can get there fast. I would probably go for assassinate as you want to do something about pandora anyway and with a couple of ruthless models she dies quite fast. For my other scheme it would depend on his crew selection. Be aware that aversions are very good at securing claim jump thanks to their no resist 3" push. LLC times two could be a good idea as woes doesn't have a lot of armour ignoring and do have a lot of forces movement effects. Hope this helps
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    Heya Breachers, So this week Waldo learned about the tooth fairy. Long story short I came to after drinking some coffee to find two teeth missing and a hastily scribbled IOU from "da toof fairee." My jaw is still swollen. With this unsettling development, I haven't been able to make a proper Fatemaster Friday for this week. But, I want to announce the winner of the TTB/Horror mashup. All the submissions were great, and ultimately it was chosen by my own Wheel of Fate! @CaptianEinsteinAlucard, congratulations! Please PM me with your mailing address and drivethrurpg account's email. Once we have something on the way to you, I'll let you know! Thanks everyone for your contributions, they were a pleasure to read! To those who didn't win this time, don't worry there will be more TTB contests in the future!
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    Wow, thanks all for the replies didnt expect so many haha. Thanks for the tips as wll, Hoff is by far my favourite guild master so all the extra tips are really appreciated. Taking him to the last big event being Abreach in the North IV at the endo of the month and Im soloing Hoff so it should be entertaining! Thanks again folks!
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    It was discused a while ago. I think the general consensus is Shen can't reduce the damage... but it's not 100% clear. https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/146989-ignoring-armor-vs-irreducible-damage/
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    Congratulations to all the winners, and all the participants as well!
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    Thanks for this competition!!
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    Counter argument: Masked Rider. 👹
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    Congratulations Linar from Alicante! We enjoy a lot of when we read you are the winner! Now we arent playing so much but we try to play at least once a month, but isnt enough to Tournaments. Good Luck for the next, regards Pd: is very funny speak in english with you xD
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    Will be there next year too. Will bring much more Frenchies, hopefully! Thank you all, it was a great event! Thanks @Clousseau for the tournament and everyone who helped him succeed!
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    this is the list I've heard he used in every game: Shenlong 7 cache 2 Students Low River Monk 4 Ototo 11 Minako 8 Kitty Dumont 10 Yasunori 10 lots of movement Shenanigans with Kitty Dumont and Students and fast models with Shen and Yas lots of beaters with Shenlong, Ototo, Yas lots of scheme running potential with Katashiro and Kitty healing with LRM and Shen (if desperate for some healing) lots of SS for suits, cards and dmg prevention This is a really good and well thought out list!
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    Yeah sorry haha Carver is such a cool model imo and he's pretty good in the crew I find. Always seems to vastly out perform my teddy
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    Holy s*** man! I have to start using that "kill on each hit" mutation, sounds quite good . IR is very good with Chimeras. However the "Mobile Warrior" part is only applied to minions so a NVB player has to choose. IR in a minion is great because they can be comanded to charge even if engaged, but only once per activation. Cojo may charge several times but cannot charge while engaged and using IR is a bit tricky in a fat 50mm model with Mv5, the 2'' push helps tho. However it can be combined, IR in a Rougarou (or beast shaped Myranda) and Cojo. If Cojo isn't tied, then he can be commanded to charge; if he is, the Rougarou can be commanded to charge the engaging model. Rougarou has the same base attack than Cojo (Ferocious Claws), so he can push models to disengage Cojo and let Marcus use the rest of the charges in the big monkey.
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    Pretty good lists I think. I would probably play a bit of a denial game here. You have access to Don't Mind Me, so one of your bandits could be equipped with that and spend their time just picking up opponent's explosive markers. I would probably put two of yours on MS and perhaps one on the emissary, Parker, and a bandido. Parker's ability for discard to interact will make it tempting to put markers on all bandits (I think that is bandit only) but I would probably spend more of that on denial. I don't like power ritual in wedge. Vendetta is fine, but it may be easier to score with Hans than Sue. As for which of the other to take I would probably just consider the opponent. Detonate is certainly doable, but does take AP. Without lures or pushes I might stay away from take prisoner, but your opponent could help decide this. If there is a master you need to kill anyway I may lean that way.
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    This is a good point. Archie cannot be buffed (or debuffed) with conditions, but he can be buffed with upgrades. And considering that (almost) the only counterplay he has is hitting him very hard when he comes too close, that has to be nightmarish to dealt with (I haven't had the pleasure yet). However TT has some good OOK/versatile candidates for that Reliquary too: Shenlong, Yasunori, Minako or Wanyudo for example. And in TT there is also Silent Protector upgrade giving H2K which goes very well combined with Manos Reliquary; so I guess TT can also offer good Manos Reliquary holders. Plus TT minions are more glassy than RES ones, there are more glass cannons that could benefice from that extra defense. A Kabuki Warrior for example with Manos Reliquary and Silent Protector becomes a very different model, and taking in count he has the Distracton aura and that Yan-Lo, Sun Quiang, Chiaki, Manos and Yin have attacks resisted by Wp, that could be a very good hire and something not avaliable in RES.
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    The word target does not appear at any point in the action or the trigger. And consider “For each tome flipped, draw a card.” If you flip two tomes, how many cards do you draw? Edit: The same people worked on M3E and The Other Side. And they produced things like the errata'd The Burning Man Descends card. According to what the same sort of language has been shown to mean in TOS, the choice for each card flipped for Risk of Reason is independent. The difference for Exorcist and Misaki's effects is that choices are explicitly not allowed to overlap.
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    I would say to give sorrows a few attempts. I find having just 1 sorrow is not very useful but having 3 sorrows has worked really well for me. I often view them as tar pits to tangle up the stuff that I do not want my core crew (Pandora, Candy, Baby Kade and Teddy) to be dealing with until I have killed the current threat that I want to take out. I often find myself using lures or all the 2" pushes from Misery to suck something into my area of death. I often will have two of them as a pair to tank something coming into my core crew for a turn and send the third one to help or out to the other side to tangle with a scheme runner. Do not forgot they have the mask trigger built in to their attack to really the 1/2/4 is a 2/3/5 attack (assuming the enemy is stunned) and I usually just do a focus attack to help with the damage flip. I have caught my opponent off guard a few times with a very late turn sorrow attack after they used all their cards to keep their other models alive from the Baby Kade onslaught.
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    Yeah, I struggle to take non-synergy models. I just like synergy. I shudder to think of a Hinamatsu/Vasilisa team though! The puppet subtheme is strong.
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    I managed to mess up the first NDA I submitted by imagining it's year 2020 already, as such you'll see two applications from me. One of them has no time travelling involved
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    These things would be better asked at the rules forum: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/forum/54-malifaux-rules-discussion/ "Armor +X: Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +X". Yes, it does reduce damage from blasts etc.. Anything that doesn't explicitly say it ignores armour or damage reduction gets reduced. Do note that nothing can reduce damage to 0 unless it mentions otherwise, so 1 damage will always go through armour. [ref: rules pdf page 24, 'Damage Reduction'] "Terrifying (X): After an enemy model targets this model with an Attack Action, the enemy model must pass a TN X Wp duel or the Action fails". Obey doesn't change who is considered friendly or enemy [ref: rules pdf page 26 'Friendly, Enemy & Control'). So long as a model is targeting a model it considers an enemy with an Attack Action, it's subject to terrifying tests. No. Mindless Zombies have the 'Mindless' Ability which states: "Mindless: When this model is Summoned, it is treated as having already Activated this Turn, and neither player gains or discards any Pass Tokens". Hinamatsu is good. I Don't know if she's op or not, but definitely top model. How to deal with any Butterfly Jump model: shoot it, focus attack (since you're only getting one melee at it usually), use models that can charge multiple times (Frenzied Charge is the ability I think), try to use models/terrain to block escape routes. And always keep in mind that VPs win games, not kills (though efficient kills do help). For more in-depth help vs. Hinamatsu you might consider submitting a small battle report on the battle report or faction forum and asking for some points on how to improve your play. Odds are Hinamatsu isn't the sole thing keeping you down.
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    I encourage you to do your own research and experimentation on the matter, but I happened to come across another comment elsewhere stating that thinning Contrast™ with Lhamian Medium results in a lot less splotchy result. Worth a test perhaps. Nice work on the wind gamin. Did a good job at defining the shadows with these.
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    As a wise man once told me, you only have to win your attack duel when you have focus. Unless your opponent has hard to wound (in which case you can stone in a ram in advance for puncture), this will always put you on a straight flip, allowing you to cheat in that moderate/severe damage against a key target. And then you still have 2-3 attacks left to go depending on how close the target was to Valley. With so many opposed flips, you should get a card out of studied opponent. Its all about target selection. If your opponent over extends a squishy model that is 6/5 stones go and murder it, summon an undergrad or a necropunk. If they throw out something more expensive that you can kill with 2 weaks and a moderate/severe go for it, summon a student. Having been on the receiving end of this I can tell you that it hurts, suddenly having Valley drop into your deployment zone and just remove a model on turn 1 and summon a student of viscera in it's place, then have the undergrads come to party and start playing whack-a-mole with your crew.
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    I didn’t start testing Euripides until towards the end of the closed Beta, so my experience with him is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, I thought I would share what I had learned thus far, and hope it is a helpful launching point for other’s brainstorms, games, and ideas. One note is this is written off of the last beta update, so apologies for any factual errors due to changes that have occurred since (or things that changed that I missed). Why play Savages? Play-style wise they offer a lot of dominating board control with the ice pillars and rough terrain. They are a very interesting crew to use as you have to manage several resources in wounds for The Old Ways, your discard pile, and the ice pillars themselves. Finally...they are giants and that is just awesome. Being a relatively recent addition to the game, the Savage keyword is somewhat limited: Euripides Primordial Magic Thoon Geryon Cyclops Gigant Bultingun Lyssa The Old Ways: It can be a little crazy to get your head around at first, but it is a phenomenally cool ability. It is particularly useful to cycling suited cards to get multiple triggers in a row, but also just for reusing high cards in your deck. A word of caution with using this ability--you don’t need to overuse it. The general goal should be twice per turn per model is plenty. This is due to Frozen Vigor--you heal the one damage from using Old Ways during your activation, and get to use the Shielded to cover for when your opponent attacks you. Ice Pillars: A key feature of the crew, one thing to keep in mind is that they generate cover against shooting attacks, to a maximum of 3” from them (they are Height 4 themselves however). I have 12 pillars, and have found that to be more than plenty. Additionally, destructible terrain requires a model to be within 1” and take an action to remove it, so always bring them up a bit further that 1” from models if possible, so that you waste the most amount of AP. Additionally, there are models in each faction with the ability to remove terrain, they will most certainly be counter-hires and things you need to keep a lookout for in order to neutralize. If your opponent does not bring counter-hires, incorporeal, or flight, they will quickly find themselves at a severe positioning disadvantage. Guild: Riotbreaker, Cornelius Basse Resurrectionist: Molly Neverborn: Poltergeist Arcanist: Willie Brant, Union Miner, Soulstone Miner, Rasputina, Ice Golem Outcast: Mad Dog Brackett, Drache Trooper Gremlins: Lucky Emissary, Pere Ravage, Alphonse, Gluttony Ten Thunders: Obsidian Oni, Sidir Alchibal, Lotus Eater An additional item to be aware of with the crew is movement. The ice pillars are fantastic for blocking choke points, but it is a two way street, they also block off you. And just as they give cover, they also provide your opponent’s models with cover. On top of this, the majority of the theme models are on 50mm bases, which does present difficulty maneuvering across the table. It is particularly important to plan your first turn moves before you deploy otherwise you can jam yourself up. Fortunately the crew itself has numerous abilities that let them manipulate the position of ice pillars and teleport around the table. Keep this in mind as well for the Bultungin--they are Fae in addition to Savages, which means they drop Underbrush markers. These can be great for slowing down your opponent further, and giving you concealment on the approach. However, there is limited access to ignore them within the keyword, so make sure they don’t ultimately get in your way! Frozen Vigor: This is an ability found on a majority of the theme models. It is relatively easy to get use out of, and, as previously mentioned, essentially allows for 2 free uses of The Old Ways a turn. Once during your activation (then you heal one wound) and then a second time after your activation defensively (shielded removes the damage from The Old Ways). It is a key balancing factor for The Old Ways and you should try to leverage it whenever possible. Hard to Kill: A fairly common ability across all the “giant” models, also a fairly straightforward one to understand. Keep in mind to look at healing models when hiring your crew (Serena), or bring models that can self heal (Geryon), in order to keep your guys at 2 wounds or higher. Euripides: The big guy himself is pretty chunky with 14 wounds, however with The Old Ways he has a tendency to burn through them quickly. You really really want to be miserly with using the Old Ways with him, and instead rely on his other abilities, such as... Intuition is a straightforward ability that synergizes well with The Old Ways and makes your activation very efficient with a little forward thinking. Rune Shaped Ice/Frozen Domain are his go to action/trigger, particularly for set up in the early game, it allows you to get out multiple pillars efficiently. Reflected Visage/Shattering Surprise is the best way of moving around the table, and solves a lot of his large base issues. Glacial Shove is great for bottling up enemies and setting Cyclops up later on in the turn. Bowling with Ice Pillars is not something to be underestimated either. It is Stat 6 vs Mv (the TN is based on your duel total), so you should be roughly even or +1 on most models in the game. The important part is that it is a Tactical Action, not an attack. Terrifying? Nope. Incorporeal? Nada. Doesn’t target, so no Manipulative, Serena Countenance, or resist triggers. Distracted? Who cares. With careful positioning, it can also do a surprising amount of damage. This is the ability you save that 13 for, making the Mv duel a TN 19. It is even better if you can get multiple models, multiple times in an activation, and reuse that 13 with Old Ways. At that point you have effectively cost yourself 1 high card, 1 wound, and done 4 damage per model and surrounded them with pillars, restricting movement and retaliation. Blown Back is a nice cherry on top as well. Oh, and then his fist is a mere 3 min damage as well. You know, just in case. Also don’t forget Entomb in Ice! This ability helps a ton with pillar generation and also stops some crews and schemes cold (pun intended). Primordial Magic: A support totem, keep him safe in the back to get that extra card each turn! He has two roles depending on your needs and when you activate him: make a model incorporeal (early turn) and remove enemy scheme markers (late turn). Incorporeal is particularly useful with this crew, as the large bases can be difficult to maneuver across the table and there is little in the way of damage reduction. The counter point is that it can be difficult to use that activation early on in the turn, it really will depend on how susceptible your opponent’s crew is to being jammed up by the ice pillars. He can technically scheme run a bit, but he is terrifyingly squishy. Now for the crew! They broadly fall into general categories to cover various roles (again, new keyword). The henchmen is a bit of a generalist, Geryon is a melee beater, Gigant is ranged, and Cyclops is support. Bultingun are excellent schemers, and Lyssa are a very solid model for only 4ss. Thoon: Shifting Ice is another useful trick to help your own models navigate the table. Most everything he does is relatively middle of the road, with one stand out: Frozen Trophy. For the most part the crew doesn’t have much that ignores defensive abilities (i.e. armor), so instead when you have a difficult to remove problem, you toss it into an ice pillar. The pillar can then be moved back and away from enemy models so that they cannot free their comrade (remember to reference the previous list of models that can remove terrain though!). This is basically the ability that keeps him from sitting on the shelf. Otherwise, just like Euripides, he has Intuition, which can allow him to set up the next few flips. For example, if you see a weak, severe, severe, you can keep them in that order. Then you cheat to hit the next attack, and even on a negative you will still be doing significant damage. This helps to make up for his rather sad damage track for being the expensive model he is. Otherwise, I haven’t gotten much use from Arctic Pull (read: never), and Freeze the Corpse is corner case, but useful when it happens. Geryon: He’s a melee beater! Pretty straightforward guy, and he can also remove pillars to heal himself. The 2” reach is fantastic in M3E, as is the min 3 damage. You should nearly always try to engage at maximum melee range so that your opponent has to waste an AP closing the distance. Chill is a very strong trigger, as it removes an AP from a model as you are damaging it. Shoulder Rush is a way of manipulating ice pillars for benefit, but definitely can feel overly complicated. The key to it is the Focused Attention trigger. Place the ice pillar 6” up from the Geryon Use the 5 of Tomes to get the trigger Push Move the pillar up 6” Old Ways to repeat Frozen Vigor At the end you have Focus +2, have moved 2” further than Walk-Walk, and heal back up from Frozen Vigor. Obviously there will be table and terrain limitations, the best you can do is keep this maneuver in mind when deploying. Focus comes into play in a huge way when it comes to leveraging The Old Ways efficiently. Attack, use Focus Make sure to hit The positive to damage cancels out the normal negative Cheat a Severe Attack again, use The Old Ways to reuse the Severe Enjoy doing 9 damage, at least Heal with Frozen Vigor Inhuman Reflexes is an upgrade well worth considering as Diving Charge can provide a bit of extra damage, but Butterfly Jump can be very dirty when combined with the inability to charge the Geryon. With the above, and diving charge, 10 damage in 2 AP is fairly doable (provided you dodge Terror, and Armor, and Hard to Wound, etc.). Cyclops: An iconic model, and a huge part of the crew. Other than Euripides they are the only other model that can drop an ice pillar on demand. Additionally, they have a strong min 3 damage track (min 3 is a BIG deal in M3E) and Grit for a positive flip. Their biggest impact however may come from Frozen Runes. This ability lets them heal models in a pulse, but even more interestingly they can stagger off an ice pillar. This synergizes significantly with a lot of abilities in the crew. It makes it easier for Euripides to go bowling with ice pillars for example. It is feeds into the positioning control theme of the crew. The other excellent use of Frozen Runes is dropping a scheme marker off of an ice pillar. This neatly side steps a lot of the restrictions on the Interact action, and being able to scheme at range helps the crew with its low maneuverability. Gigant: Cheaper end, ranged savage giant. The arcing shot is important when playing around ice pillars, as it allows them to ignore the cover that their own crew is generating. They can also teleport around the table with Shattering Surprise, but more interestingly perhaps is that they can teleport other models with the Shattering Shove trigger. There are currently no restrictions on friendly models or which ice pillar they can be placed next to, so you can teleport anything you want a significant distance across the table. Much like the Geryon, they benefit greatly from the Focus/Old Ways combination. They can teleport 8”, toss a boulder with focus, toss it again with The Old Ways for 5 damage, a 3 damage blast, then another shot (at least 2 damage). Bear in mind this is rather card and set up intensive, requiring at least a 5 Rams, an ice pillar, and then a severe to cheat in the focused shot (and possibly discarding to ignore cover). The non-teleport effect of Cave Drawings is situationally useful, but most frequently shows up in Corrupted Idols where you can prevent an opponent from interacting with the Idol until they remove the pillar. Bultingun: Were-hyena scheme runners! Just by being on the table they place severe terrain, which adds even more movement control to the crew (see a pattern?). Toss in the Mud is a bit pricey needing a 7, but removing a condition and pushing a model 2” can be quite handy (condition removal does compete with Serena’s healing though). Deadly Pursuit though is a key ability that should not be overlooked on them. The End Phase timing has Resolve Effects occur before Score VP, therefore they can push a free 4” before checking to score. This can allow for surprise moves for schemes such as Hold Up or Outflank. Otherwise, they are just super duper fast too. Weakness wise, they are relatively squishy, so keep them from getting locked down by anything too serious. Lyssa: The Lyssa are they cheap, filler models for the crew. While they don’t appear to be much at first glance, Incorporeal gives them incredible mobility (even through ice pillars) and they are more durable than they cost thanks to combining Incorporeal with Frozen Vigor (and surprisingly good base stats for their cost). A lot of their attacks have a low Stat, making them more reliant on The Old Ways if you want a solid shot at getting something off. Misdirected Rage can be a bit tricky to set up, but any ability that nets you a free action is a very efficient ability to use (you are doubling your AP). Most notably, they have a psuedo-Lure for 4ss, which is a pretty decent bargain. Non-Savage Models Mysterious Emissary: His attacks synergize strongly with the Stagger from the Cyclops making it even easier for him to hit. Then your opponents must work through severe, hazardous terrain AND ice pillars to make any forward progress (and take damage in the meantime). Iggy: He competes a bit with the Primordial Magic to remove scheme markers, but Iggy should be in consideration (even with tax) for every crew. He gets 3 AP with Reckless, and Arson in the right scheme pool means that he can nearly single handedly shut down an opponent. Angel Eyes: Sniper, ignores cover. You play a crew that controls positioning, but needs ranged attacks that ignore cover. She does this. Additionally, she ignores Armor on a trigger. This is useful as a number of models that remove pillars have armor (Riot Breaker, Soul Stone Miner, Lucky Emissary, Drache Trooper). These are all models you should expect to see and want to remove early. You want your opponent to have to waste AP to get around the pillars, these models are too efficient. Doppleganger: Pretty obvious, she can be more of whatever you need. Another Cyclops, another Angel Eyes, another Geryon. Black Blood Shaman: Spam focus. Check. Passive healing aura. Check. Grows up into a Mature Nephilim who happens to fly over Ice Pillars. Check. Puppets/Vasilia: She can speed up the slower Savage models and hands out a lot of Staggered. Possibly too costly a take, but a worthy consideration. Hinamatsu loves being shoved through an Ice Pillar by a Gigant. She can also use Pulling Strings for an additional action, this is most notable on the Cyclops, allowing it to take Frozen Runes twice (no non-free action restriction). Lucius: A fun pick for a second master. He has a sniper rifle as well, so ranged attacks that avoid cover, yay (also Injured!!!). He can also Issue Command to minions, which is everyone except Euripides and Thoon. Given that the Savage models have a lot of min 3 damage tracks, this can be quite the force multiplier. Serena Bowman: She is difficult to drop with Eternal (benefits from a larger hand size) and brings a lot of healing to a crew that spends its wounds for defense. She is another model that should make it into a wide variety of Neverborn crews. She can also offensively place enemy models into perfect position for a nice Frozen Trophy. Upgrades Upgrades are actually very useful on Savage models compared to other crews, as they actually have Minions with a high cost and wound stat. This makes the cost of an upgrade more palatable and allows you to access all 3 abilities. Inhuman Reflexes: Butterfly Jump is VERY strong in this crew, as you can jump out of combat or into cover against ranged. Almost an auto-include for Geryon. Ancient Pact: Card draw is always good, and with 2 copies of this you get a +2 to initiative flips. This is very useful in Corrupted Idols, where you want to be able to control the initiative, but still have some flexibility to cheat the suit. Eldritch Magic: A difficult upgrade to find specific purpose for, I think it will mostly be a counterpick against specific masters/crews once the meta settles and we get more experience. Wong, Ironsides comes to mind perhaps?
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