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    Wyrdos, We want to apologize for any frustration we may have caused with how The Other Side’s Kickstarter was handled. This apology goes out to those who have backed the game and are still waiting for what they had purchased, to those that received mispackaged or damaged products, and to those who are patiently waiting for The Other Side to arrive on store shelves. As we have stated before, we stand by our product, so if there was a problem with your order, reach out to us via our contact form. We will take care of you. The Kickstarter for The Other Side was a learning experience for us at Wyrd. Releasing a game of this scale has been both a fascinating and vexing challenge. We underestimated some of the obstacles that were put in front of us during the various stages of production and delivery, but have since created solutions so that these problems don’t arise again. Additionally, we want to apologize to the local game stores who are also waiting for the product to arrive. While we try to make all aspects of our community happy, we felt it was important to hold to our word and make sure all of our Backers were taken care of first. Those orders are now out of the warehouse and sent to various distribution centers. Our focus is now on our Retail Distribution Partners. Shipments are on the way and we expect that they will be hitting retail shelves in the next week or so. For those Kickstarters who are still waiting, thank you for your continued patience. Due to circumstances out of our control, some packages have taken longer to reach doorsteps than we would have hoped. The wait should be over soon. Taking the lessons we've learned to heart, we here at Wyrd are walking away from these challenges as a stronger company who believes in their products and community. We look forward to the opportunities to show you, once again, what we can do. Thank you, for keeping it Wyrd.
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    Here is my November pledge ! The good news is that I've finished before time's up !! So the count : Charm Warder x2 : 12Ss Jorogumo : 9Ss Wokou Raider : 8Ss Alt Warpig : 9Ss Banjonista : 5Ss Survivor : 4Ss For a total of 47Ss No it's not just an impression, my Jorogumo fits its base ! Well I had to cut quite a lot of their legs to reduce their length so that the model is not too large ! And As a bonus, better photos of previous models that are now properly based
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    Hey Wyrdos, Information on our annual Black Friday and Birthday sale is now live! Don't subscribe to our newsletter? Well, you totally should, but if you don't, we've got you covered. This year, we're doing something a little different. In addition to all the special figures being available, we'll also be giving away one alt Reva (image above)! For every $150 spent during the sale, you will receive this limited model for free! Over the years, we've heard requests of wanting to get ahold of these limited models without having to spend a certain amount, and we listened. Don't want to spend $150 but still really want the alt Reva? Luckily for you, we will also have her available during the Black Friday Sale for $40! Quantities are limited, though, so make sure to scoop yours up during the big event. You can find out all of the details of the sale by heading to our website (or by checking your email because you're definitely subscribed to the newsletter now, right?).
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    Hey Wyrdos, As many of you have received your Kickstarter pledges and are putting models to the table, you might be wondering the latest news on The Other Side's mobile app. Hopefully, I can alleviate some concerns! While we don't currently have a ton of details to provide at this moment, what we can say is that development continues to move forward at a steady pace. Like the endless waves of Gibbering Hordes climbing out of the ocean and onto London's streets, the app's progress marches on. Once we feel that the app is in a good spot, we'll be able to provide more details, such as a release window. For now, we're putting the "Release It When It's Done" stamp on the project. Thanks for your patience!
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    Caedrus, reporting in! Well, I had a month of finishing off projects, so it looks like I've done waaaay more than I have. @Franchute By month's end, I had finished off 53 points of models! a TTB Guild Guard [3] Dashel [8] (some ok sculpting) Canine Remains [4] (went for a German Shepherd colour scheme. Not so successful). Austringer [6] (not sure about olive and red on the cloak outside / inside) Crooligan [4] (Wishing I could get just a touch more saturation on the purple. A really good purple is my painting dream...) Flesh Construct [6] (pleased with the airbrushed flesh tones and blue glow) 2 x Ice Dancers [12] (I should have done the bases a little better, but I'm super pleased with the stockings. The skin is deliberately very pale. More contrast in real life). Guild Rifleman [5] (I was going for an inquisitor look. No-one expects that). Freikorpsman [5] (I think I like the base more than the miniature!) Woo! That's a lot from my pile of shame done. Next month is gonna be super busy, so don't expect too much from me! Have a great one, and keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
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    yes, that is helpful ! Will only have to include those TOS models in the SS calculation. Some of my current work for the month (better photos at end of month) : 2 Charm Warder for 12 points. Those are very cool models to paint, I love them !
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    Wanted to present you some of my stuff In miniatures painting I mostly do the X-Wing repaints:
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    Hey Wyrdos, Waldo spent the week scribbling a bunch of strange symbols with chalk and candlewax on the walls and floor of the office. After explaining to him that is definitely not the way summoning works (though there has been a lingering sulfur smell as of late), he finally agreed to stop vandalizing the place as long as we told him how. So, before we go check on that smell, we’re going to take a look at how summoning works in M3E. Summoning has always been a cornerstone ability in Malifaux, and often, it’s one of the strongest abilities that a player can bring to the table. Not surprisingly, many of the best masters in first and second editions were those who capable of summoning in new models. One of the goals for M3E was to keep summoning as the powerful and unique ability that it is while reigning it in and preventing a summoner from completely running away with a game. To accomplish this, we approached summoning from a couple different angles. Let’s use Dashel Barker, the Guild’s newest Master, as an example. There’s a lot of fun stuff on Dashel’s stat card, but for the purposes of this article, let’s focus on his Call In Reinforcements Action. The first thing that jumps out about the Action is that it’s Once per Turn, which is a restriction that can be found on every Master-level summoning Action. Previously, in second edition, the best thing that a summoner could do was to spam their summoning Action as much as possible to flood the board with models. The rest of the summoner’s card was almost secondary to that action. Just about everyone has played a few games against Kirai and Nicodem where all they did was spam their summoning action to churn out as many new models as possible. Surprisingly, most of our playtesters ended up enjoying the summoning Masters a lot more after this change. By removing the burden of having to create and maintain a summoning engine for maximum efficiency, it freed these Masters up to do other things with their Actions. Once Dashel has called in a new Guard, he’s free to move around or shoot at his enemies without feeling like he’s “wasting” those Actions. While Dashel can only summon one model at a time (most likely due to Guild budget constraints), some of the other summoning Masters, such as Dreamer and Asami, can summon multiple models with a single Action. To do so, they just add the Cost of all of their summoned models together when determining the Action’s TN. This allows these Masters the option of summoning in two weak models in favor of a single stronger model. Each Master-level summoning Action also Attaches an Upgrade to the summoned model. Dashel Attaches the Patrolling Guard Upgrade to his summoned Guard, so let’s take a look at that Upgrade now. Patrolling Guard is Plentiful (2), which means that a player can only have two copies of that Upgrade in play at any given time. If Dashel already has two summoned models with an Attached Patrolling Guard Upgrade, then when he attempts to summon a third model, he can’t Attach the Upgrade (due to exceeding its Plentiful restriction) and the summoned model doesn’t enter play. That’s somewhat restrictive, but if Dashel is his Crew’s Leader, the Plentiful Restriction increases to Plentiful (5), which greatly expands his summoning capabilities. This helps to ensure that the power level of summoning Masters is kept in check when they’re hired as supplemental Masters in a Crew. Crews in M3E can have multiple Masters, by the way. If you want to splash some Guard summoning into a Witch Hunter Crew, for instance, you just hire Dashel like a normal model: you pay his Cost of 15, plus one if he doesn’t share your Leader’s Keyword (which in this example would be “Witch Hunter”). This has been working out pretty well in playtesting, and it’s super fun to have Dashel summoning guardsmen into a battle to support his Witch Hunter allies. Looking back at the Patrolling Guard Upgrade, you can see that after it Attaches to a model, that model gains Slow. In second edition, there were a number of summoning restrictions in the book that always seemed to catch both new and experienced players off guard, such as summoned models showing up with Slow and not being able to take Interact Actions on the turn they arrive. In M3E, those restrictions have been moved onto the summon Upgrades themselves; after Dashel summons a Guard model, for instance, it gains Slow, but it has no restrictions on its ability to take Interact Actions. Because M3E uses Upgrades to track which model is summoned, this lets us treat summoned models a bit differently than normal, purchased models. For instance, the Exorcist has a trigger that flat out kills a model with an Attached Summon Upgrade, making it quite the counter to Crews that do a great deal of summoning. All in all, these changes to the summoning rules have allowed summoning to remain as a strong option for Crews in M3E while still ensuring that there are enough checks in place to keep it from becoming the absolute best strategy in every situation. We’ve also balanced the number of summoners between Factions in order to ensure that each Faction has roughly the same amount of access to the mechanic. Arcanists have Sandeep Desai, the Bayou has Som’er “Teeth” Jones, the Guild has Dashel Barker, the Neverborn have the Dreamer, the Outcasts have Tara Blake, and the Ten Thunders have Asami Tanaka. The Resurrectionists, which have traditionally been the bastion of summoning Masters, have emerged in M3E with Kirai Ankoku and Albus Von Schtook as their summoning Masters (though Albus approaches the situation in a much more unorthodox manner than his peers). Since it’s the holiday season, we thought that we’d leave the topic of the next article up to you! What parts of M3E are you most excited to hear about? Let us know! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Hello all, I wanted to share some images from my Bayou board that I put together and played on last night for the first time in the hopes to inspire ideas and to share ideas that I learned from others through the forums and online.
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    Checking the belongings of convicts is standard Guild protocol. You never know if one of those arcanist terrorist still has any bombs to endanger the brave people of malifaux. If some soulstones are found in the process, this only reinforces the guilt of the suspect. As SS trade is strictly regulated, one can only asume those criminals have stolen them somewhere and it's the rightful duty of Guild officials to collect them and try to hand them back to the victim later. Given the tragic death of a heroic Guild Member, it is the sad obligation of his or her commanding officer to secure the personal belongings for the grieving family at home. Thats the minimum one can do. You see, you couldn't be father away from the truth, insinuating Master Dashal is "rummaging" random corpses for personal gains. He's a rightfull Hero of Malifaux, carrying out his duty regardless of the myriad dangers awaiting him. Please contact your correction officer to freshen up your knowledge on Guild Protocol and Regulations.
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    This week, Waldo managed to get his hands on some Earthside historical documents. He said he would stop eating everything he came across as long as we released this to inform the masses. Below is all we could pull back from his slobbering mouth and grubby little mitts. Enjoy! CLASSIFIED To M. B. -- Lt. Wright, Field Intelligence Corps, reporting in. Depleted supplies. Contacts missing, presumed compromised or dead. Apologies for the informality; recounting evidence from memory - notes burned to ash. And beyond, information on the “Titans,” as they have been rightly coined, is sparse at best, thanks to the scrambling efforts on all fronts. I do hope this report reaches you presently, but despite my best efforts, I cannot command the weather. Abyssinia If I am to be candid - as my first operation, I did not fully identify the importance of gathering a reconnaissance on our own allies. Yes, you must know yourself before you can know your enemy, but they have been open with trading information, as Kassa Okoye has taught us plenty. How wrong I was; our birdwatchers have discovered that there are secrets behind their colossal machines. The Dreadnought – We’ve known of their operations requiring three highly trained gunners, and of their ability to cross any terrain beneath those crushing legs for some time. Their efforts in manufacturing are easier than we initially understood – and because of this, they have begun to equip them with more experimental weaponry. The Titan I witnessed firsthand was armed with a chemical fogger, and doused the Hordes with a cloud of poison. Very effective. Unfortunately, schematics were impossible to find. The Walker and the Cutter – Limited was the information I could gather on these two machines – only sightings of their viciousness in combat. I’ve reports of a Walker acting as an impenetrable wall of gunfire as its surrounding Mechanized Infantry repair and replenish its ammunition. The Cutter, on the other hand, requires no such ongoing maintenance outside of removing the cultist gore from their buzzsaws. I was told that watching them dismantle the opposition was like witnessing a farmer trim grass with a scythe – only louder. I pray we remain allies with Abyssinia. The Cult of the Burning Man These blasted Warped were not easy to follow. Luckily, my contact in Russia informed us of their arrival, and we were not far behind. The horrors that they’ve unleashed… I am having difficulty finding the words, but my bones ache at the thought of what I’ve seen. Some, more dedicated to the man-fire in the sky, made their way to the mountains. Thanks to their foolishness, we’ve discovered that the legends of dragons and hydras are true. Goryshche – On the day we arrived, we thought our eyes played tricks on us. We saw the sun at midnight, a crescent of flame against the frozen tundra. The bones of a creature from myth were not only found, but newly animated and bound to flesh and fire. Though we don’t yet know how, they seem to have been able to replicate this many-headed monster, as of the date of our findings runs parallel to the reports of the Lord of Steel slaying an identical beast in Africa. As of this report, I regrettably have little to share of its weaknesses, and Abyssinia does not seem willing to share their own findings. What we do know is that it can regenerate – cutting off one head will only provide the opportunity to grow another. The Gibbering Hordes London is not the only city to have been robbed of its peace by these relentless sea creatures. All over the world, pockets have opened beside unprepared coastal cities - some better defended than others. Their numbers are as endless as they are ravenous, which has halted my investigation more times than I can count. I’ve no plans of becoming lunch. Each day we face them, the more we learn, but if we don’t return the assault soon, I’m afraid that it might become too little too late. Alpha Crawler – We received word from an oceanic explorer from Malifaux who has reported a direct encounter with one of these unsightly beasts that side of the Breach, so we know where they come from. How they got here is the bigger question, of which I’ve yet an answer. We can’t be sure, but most are pointing fingers at the Burning Man in the sky. Regardless of where they came from, make sure to stay far away when able, as they are rarely the only predator in the area. Too often have our reports found that these monsters are ridden by others of their kind, like a vehicle with a thirst for blood. Horomatangi The lion’s share of our losses came from this ancient, deplorable beast. Equally intelligent and savage, it found its way to our camp as we slept. Despite its enormity, we did not anticipate its attack. I narrowly escaped with my life, but left my arm in New Zealand. What we do know is that it is not a creature of this world; the Maori look to the Breach for blame. Frighteningly enough, it appears to have command over both the forces of the Burning Man and the Gibbering Hordes, a conclusion that we came to as we saw the swathes of malice that followed in its wake. This thing is a cloud of violence and, now that I’ve stared directly into its eyes, nowhere on this earth feels safe. King’s Empire My report couldn’t be complete if I didn’t also compare our own military to our enemies and allies. Fortunately, my findings have provided some much needed reassurance that not all is lost. Tensions be damned, being rid of the Guild from our shores has had its benefits. Now that we’re not under their thumb, we’ve a rare opportunity to make their tech truly shine. King’s Hand – Thanks to adjustments made by our Abyssinian allies, these refitted machines of war are our best chance against these otherworldly giants. With enough armor to soak a blast from a railgun, and a Gatling gun with plenty of ammunition to keep it firing for days on end, whatever comes to our shores will have to take a second guess before advancing further. It makes sense why we’ve doubled up on production. I send this to you from Kagoshima, as this continued investigation has brought me to the Three Kingdoms. More to report on that soon. I wish I had more to tell, but with the world on fire, it’s becoming harder and harder to receive intel from any of our agents. After years in secret beneath the shadows of these Titans, what I can say is that their presence on the battlefield will likely define the upcoming tides of war. For King and Country, Lt. Wright Field Intelligence Corps Want to download this piece of alt-history to read in your leisure? Click on the image below to view/download the PDF! Next week, we’ll be diving back into Malifaux Third Edition to talk about summoning!
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    Mine picked it up and appeared to have assembled it for me but no priming or basing. I suppose she is 90, so I shouldn't expect to much....
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    Looking great everyone! @Caedrus I particularly like your Austringer! Working mostly on the Backdraft and Undying box, I've finished both Golems (20), and added to my Account Justice League with Fitzsimmons as Rorschach (out of mask) (8), and both Saboteurs as Raven and Robin (10) for 38ss. On to December! Let's hope for some snow days to get some good painting in, eh?
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we’re headed to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia and hope to see you there! In an effort to make sure that we don’t come back to an office-turned-ash-pile, we’re taking Waldo with us, which means we’ll have to keep this week’s reveal short and sweet. Here’s an art reveal for one of our newest models! Have a look at the Undergraduate, who studies under the tutelage of Von Schtook at the University of Transmortis.
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    Since I managed to complete all 5 rounds of Iron Painter, I decided to mix and match my entries and do a big group shot to celebrate. I didn't want to wait until results were in, because I figure everybody will pretty much disappear for like 9 months once it's over. From left to right - Ol' Smokey's date didn't go well, so he's taking it out on the mushroom kingdom. It's a 2 v 2 fight in Castlevania. Simon is mashing a zombie head while the 2 glowing sword dudes face each other down. The purple zombie got lost in the woods outside the castle. Bowser is checking himself out in the mirror before his "date" with Princess Peach.
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    EEEEk the end of the month is drawing near and I completely forgot! (have been submerged in Necromunda this month) Bashed out this chap last night and this morning.... It's another Executioner for 9ss...
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    Hey there! Here's an update of my models. The standing McCabe is finished and waiting only for the base. With the ridiing McCabe I've met an issue with the pinning of the model; I painted the bike and the rider separately, but when I was removing the pin from the rider it broke and it left a little piece which now doesn't let me gluing the model correctly, its legs don't reach the proper point in the bike . The picture is a bit blurry but it was done quite fast just to show you I'm still participating! In any case, here's a picture of the model, once I fix it and base it I'll post more pictures.
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    Victorian Lady is Emiline Bellerose because it's hard to remember how to spell her name so Wyrd was very smart and bypassed the problem. It's the alt Madame Sybelle.
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    Hey Everyone! As PAX has come to a close, we are making our way back to the office. Unfortunately as the drive back from PAX is long and tiresome, we will not be making it back to the office until this Wednesday, at which point Iron Painter results will be posted. Thanks for your support, we will see you then.
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    There are so many great models this month! I really got time-crunched this month and just rush-finished Crockett in the final few hours of November. I did not have time to work on the splitting log effect I hoped to do, but I got it done nonetheless. The photo is low resolution on purpose so that my lack of detail work this month won't be too visible. Franchute: my November total is 19 SS = Crockett (9) + 2 * terrain (2*5) On to December and adventure!
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    Hi all! this is a neverborn crew for my client Hope you like it more photos in the complete gallery on FB, Link below https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.781085272241790&type=1&l=befab5f5b7
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    Hey! I haven't posted any of my crews before because they're not great painting(I have bad tremors and have never done much art before, which when combined make my minis look a little more shaky than I'd like), but I still am very proud of how they look because I've been able to make them look decent despite how hard it is for me to paint them. I guess I just want to show them off, even if they're not as good as most of y'all's work! They're just crew boxes with no additional models, except Zoraida who I've paired with Amphibious Assault because... Silurids. Please be nice about them and I hope you enjoy seeing a more amateur experience in painting Malifaux! This one was my first crew and I think it shows, but there's still a lot I really like about it! I don't like that this crew feels as disjointed as it does, but I like all of the individual pieces so I'd probably do it again the same way if I had to paint it again. This one was big for me because it was my first time using a basing grass, first time using epoxy resin for water, and my first time realizing you can blend paints together on the mini to make a more cohesive color scheme! I tried drybrushing for the first time here with Molly and I really didn't like the result. Thankfully I went back and tried it with later crews to better effect, but the experience soured me from drybrushing minis and I only drybrush the bases now. Also you can see the start of my addiction to metallic paint here. I had a lot of problems with this crew. I had particularly bad shakes while I was painting it, and a lot of the lips show that, plus much of the skin and white cloth have a dirtier look than I like usually. I still like this crew a lot and the bases I painted for it are some of my favorite that I've done for the game to date. This crew was the worst for me, hands down. I struggled a lot with the alternative parts on two of the models, I struggled with getting the colors smooth, and one of the minis wouldn't stay based with superglue and so I resorted to hot clue, which just sucks. I don't like the way that part looks and I'm thinking about getting minor terrain to mask it with. I love the color selection I made still, and Lynch himself turned out alright, but this is my low point as of yet. Despite getting this crew last I actually painted it before Titania because I wanted Titania's crew's colors to match and so I painted the whole crew at the same time. Ironically, despite not intending to, I did the same thing here. I really like how these turned out, especially the stained wood stages I made for them and the multicolored fluff for the wicked dolls. It's nice to get to play with Collodi before he goes away for a while. I really enjoyed painting this crew, and even though it looks pretty simple I think it's technically one of my better ones. And finally Titania, my favorite master in the game! I wanted everything to be perfect for her. I modeled the coloration of the Gorar after the red spitting cobra, since they're incredibly fast nocturnal snakes who spray venom that isn't usually enough to kill humans but is very painful and look somewhat similar to the model. I based the rest on Victorian ruins because of the whole Nythera/fairy queen aspect. I had a copious amount of blood on Titania, but I wanted her wings to be more crisp, so I put a black base coat and messily gilded them, allowing her black wings to show from underneath. I'm actually going to put a "stained glass" window behind her once I can find a good price on a printer with transparency features. Anyways, that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some less awe inspiring pictures of crew, and I hope maybe someone else with bad tremors can see that even if it's harder to paint well, your minis can still look pretty okay!
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    I am right there with you, @wobbly_goggy . I finally got my second Necromunda crew assembled (Van Saar) and now am scrambling to finish up my November pledge. The thanksgiving holiday here allowed me to knock out my two terrain pieces for 10 SS so far. Still have Paul Crockett to finish up this week.
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    Just rolled into the office - it'll be a few hours yet.