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  1. Pretty sure thats the first Time i heard somebody declare depleted problematic. I Think you mean Illuminated? I am not sure whats worse, i don't think any of this options is ideal. I would have liked for Lynch and company to stay Dual Faction and just be balanced like other infaction must haves.
  2. But i never wanted to play TT. And for Events thats a pretty substantial change. And i didn't said "can't use". I said "can't use with my current Factions". Oder Course there will be new Models. And of course i most certainly will buy and paint them. That didn't invalidate the loss of access to Models.
  3. True, but i would bet my lost Models, he will get at least a similiar hiring pool, spanning various factions. On the other hand i would have bet on wyrd to be more cautios with invalidating existing hiring pools too...
  4. Mah and SSminer have a storyline in some Chronicles (i think). She ransacked a warehouse and did steal a few miners if i remember correctly.
  5. Yeah, but as a Neverborn Player its a pretty big hit. You loose infaction access to almost 20 Models (without existing crossfaction hiring options) and you get three or four in return. I collected all native Neverborn and Guild Models. And a bunch of additional models from other faction, i can field at the moment. With m3e i loose access to about 2 dozens model entrys (most of them beeing able to field a few copys)(given i can still field a few of those in specific corner cases) Thats not including Mercs! I am additional "lucky" because i also have every Guild model - the faction with the second most "lost" entrys. So if i calculate them on top, there are more then 30 Models i can't reliable field anymore, if i declare one of my two factions. Sure, i guess i have 5 or 6 factions now - but thats a weak solace.
  6. Lilith, Collodi, Spawn Mother, Silruids, Gupps, Barabos, 3 Knights become 1... seems like Neverborn had way to many models
  7. Checking the belongings of convicts is standard Guild protocol. You never know if one of those arcanist terrorist still has any bombs to endanger the brave people of malifaux. If some soulstones are found in the process, this only reinforces the guilt of the suspect. As SS trade is strictly regulated, one can only asume those criminals have stolen them somewhere and it's the rightful duty of Guild officials to collect them and try to hand them back to the victim later. Given the tragic death of a heroic Guild Member, it is the sad obligation of his or her commanding officer to secure the personal belongings for the grieving family at home. Thats the minimum one can do. You see, you couldn't be father away from the truth, insinuating Master Dashal is "rummaging" random corpses for personal gains. He's a rightfull Hero of Malifaux, carrying out his duty regardless of the myriad dangers awaiting him. Please contact your correction officer to freshen up your knowledge on Guild Protocol and Regulations.
  8. Tors

    Duncan's Sonnia List Question

    Investigator and Grimwell allows for 7" push into chain activation. Thats pretty nice
  9. Tors

    Guild Investigator Clarification

    It's B And it's not only during friendly activations. Your Opponent drops a fitting marker within 4" of two Investigators? Get two Pushes! Each Investigator can trigger one time during each activation. No matter who controlls said activation. Due to the timing of marker placement the ability is even triggerd by the dropping corpse marker of a dying Investigator
  10. Thats were you're wrong ;D
  11. It states "most" models, not all. And i am pretty sure, like all abilities, those will also be balanced with ss-cost. At least this sneak peak should end the 'over simplification'- worries.
  12. Tors

    Human Gremlins Crew

    50 SS Gremlins Crew Zoraida + 6 Pool - Powerful Control (2) - Tarot Reading (2) - Hex Bag (1) McTavish (11) - Do Over (1) - Dirty Cheater (1) Spawn Mother (8) Lucky Emissary (10) - Conflux of Fate (0) Iggy (6) Will O' The Wisp (3) Will O' The Wisp (3) (exported from CrewFaux)
  13. Tors

    'No penalty' models in M3E

    Most regular posters will have joined beta or know somebody who has and debate in privat. Forum silence is a pretty regular occurence surrounding "closed" beta's.
  14. Tors

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    +1 for those! Is there a deadline for Food ordering that i missed?
  15. Tors

    New style bases?

    My recent purchases had different bases too. Seems likely that the standard base has changed.