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    3 and a half sort of. It's worth mentioning the newer morrs garden package contains 2 sets (so every building and fence x2). I bought one of those sets and shared another one with a friend, who was only interested in the Buildings and a few fence parts. So i got all Buildings and fence 3 times and a few fence parts 4 times.
  2. Nice Report! But if your tables always looks like that, i see why you struggle with the gunlines. Assuming It's 3x3 you should double your terrain. Almost 30% should be covered, not counting fences/walls
  3. You mean compared to folks like Asami+McCabe? ;D
  4. Wasn't it hinted 2019 wont see a GG, only the book s&s? Also: pro DMH =D
  5. --> of course in a single turn! How much longer should a model stay when beeing attack by thrice his value? --> The List you posted creates 5 (maybe 4, not sure with the waldgeist). The extras are created within 6" and on cost of attack actions of those models models you fear so tremendously. Assuming your Model is in a perfect triangle between 3 Markers, then you can't get out with only butterfly jump indeed. But i have to say that is the worst possible placement for your model, only achievable if you are placed in b2b with the First marker and the other two germinated or moved in contact with your model, as the start-of-game placing rules prevend them to be so close. So this turn 1 perfect triangle and walk + 2 attacks from titania is only possible if she hit the queens command triggern in addition. That would mean she hit 3 non-printed triggers without cheating while winning the duels and TNs. Thats pretty good! --> Blocking as in no LOS. And yes she is, she can't summon stiched after all. Also i would like stunned and or distracted in addition. And targeting wp would also be great with titania! Maybe it could ignore LOS and have the crows trigger build in. You see? Awakened Hunger has hardly everything possible and everything what i want. So after we both hyperboled a little, i think we can go back, to what it actually does and stop dreaming about theoretically similiar actions that could be printed on other models stat cards, can't we? --> not Overextending as in stay away just slightly above 8" or use LOS blocking/dense Terrain so she has to spend her AP walking. Thats 3-6 Damage less per AP Walking! --> every summoned peasent (besides Dadreams) and every model you brought is capable of scoring take prisoner and power ritual. Make the game wide, Titania/Aeslin/Killjoy can't be everywhere at the same time and killing one or two of them is perfectly doable with the likes of stiched/Teddy/Chompy/Coppelius. Dreamer has a viable shooting too. And Daydream pushes and chain activation enables even more then 14" attack vectors. --> No downside? He spend X AP per killed model. Your got-killed-List containes about 35HP thats 13 times attacking and hitting all those non Build in triggers. So 13 AP! Not accounting for Amor, Regeneration, Terrifying and SS Prevention or any healing or wallking within range. I would say its More reasonable to assume he needs at least 5 more (and thats ery very conservative!) So 18AP from valuable models during turn 1&2, his Crew only generates 15per Turn (not counting moving with free actions and or onslaught and so on). I think thats a heafty price tak. What did you do with your first 20-30AP besides picking the worst spots to stand? But i get the feeling the whole reason of this thread is to whine, pointing the Finger at evil Titania and pretending not being at fault for anything, so godspeed to you! I am out.
  6. To summon up: - you lost one ~10 SS Model a turn because your opponent utilized about 35SS worth of models to do so. - You prefered to not jump away with reflexes during Titanias Activation, nor the following (and it seems you didn't used the remaining daydream either), forfeiting more than 12" of moving LCB backwarts again and staying in those Bush Markers, to amplifiy the damage done to you. Instead you threw your whole cache at the Problem, thous wasting it on top. - You didn't questioned any abilitys and thread ranges beforehand, because "real life gets in the way" and procceded to overextend one of your best models turn 1, to attack the one opposing model, you have to keep alive to get your sceme done. You didn't seem to utilize blocking terrain in the procces either (through i have no info about the terrain, so this could be unavoidable) - You forfeited way before any scemes could be done, thous before the downside of using the majority of your force to spend AP killing could show. I don't think Titania was the problem here. Some bad early decisions meeting an early alphastrike against an important model lead to you burying your head in the Sand and beeing frustrated, thous enableing more bad decisions on your side.
  7. Thats rather a problem of poor sportsmenship than wording. Solkan's explanation is the only one supported by the written rule text.
  8. Basse was confirmed to be dual faction
  9. My point was, that all those cherrys on top are listed pretty conviently, while in reality one doesn't has all of those, but rather has to chose. If you bring teddys and coppelius for those benefits you lose out quite a few points for lucid dreams. Without stiched you will usually have to remove quite a few more moderates or severes than two, if you want to use it enough for a meaningfull effect. But as mentioned before, cards will already be printed and some anecdotal evidence for or against a percieved unbalance wont change a thing at this point. Furthermore i doubt dreamer Crews will start dominating organised play like the nightmares they field, so the discussion isnt really worth the hassle.
  10. If insignificant Daydreams are the problematic Incorperal Models mentioned above i will rest my case. There aren't any madnesses in the mentioned list either, but of course you can try to summon one (but i think alps would be better summons). You have removed 16 Cards At the end of t2. So starting to effect t3 maybe. As you utilize 3 stiched there are at least 3-6 (lets take 4 for example) of those cards, you want to be high to use with gamble, through that lets the stiched without any to defend with. Additional with 16times lucid dreaming odds are good you have to remove a moderate once or twice. So starting of t3 there are about 10-12 cards ranging between 1-6 removed (based in personal experience i would expect this number to be a bit below this). That ups the average of your flips by about 1.5 during t3 and by 2 starting second half t4. Assuming no enemy interaction and no ressources devided towars scemes and strategy with 42? points of your Crew.
  11. But those Terrifying, incorperal and regenerating aren't the lucid dreaming ones (except Chompy) and aren't summonable. So you have to buy them at the start, which again cuts your deck shaping. And none of those abilitys wins you any scemes either. As stiched seem to gamble anytime, summons plopp usually in b2b and can't interact the turn they are summoned. Deck shaping hardly take effect before t4. If you max out lucid dreaming you don't utilize all those great terrifiying/regenerating/incorperal stuff, thats no Big Deal, as you can use stiched to hit (at least once per turn), but then they can't accomplish scemes, the same way those 3 daydreams cant contribute. And so on. Again the Crew can't really do all the stuff at once.
  12. That might be the problem. Fiendish Gamble doesn't work like cheating, you have to decide to use it before flipping any cards and it's limited to once per activation. In Addition if you remove all those bad cards you don't have the high ones for the stiched. You seem to argue from a perfect Position: Dreamer removed basically all weak cards from the deck, while maintaining a steady supplys of 13s for gambling sticheds which are always in range and easily resummon and unbury new ones while your crew doesnt succed in much and loses duels. But it doesn't play out this way. What die you play and what S&S? Instead of venting over enemy models, maybe we can show you some options
  13. After several games with, sporting the dreamer i can't agree with the "Lucid Dreams is OP" crowd. At the start of the game it works like a charm and you can remove some weak cards. But after doing so a few times you start to flip moderate only more often -thus not trimming the deck effectivly nor having much value for stiched. I agree stiched are the powerhorse of the crew, but don't seem worse then some other staples (Steam arachnoids for example). Through making the flip cheatable (and/or a Attacke action) shouldn't be problematic and less 'oppressive' for the weak of heart. If this is changed i would advice to make fiendish gamble work like cheating to Without stiched together Lucid dreams becomes completly pointless.
  14. No, as said in the first thread, too.
  15. That didn't worked for m1e, for m2e and it wont either for m3e. Thats a nice lie you tell yourself and maybe it helps in casual games. But high end tournament play was always 1-3 semi fixed list with max 15pts rotating to Adapt certain conditions.
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