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  1. That equals 3-4 HP/Turn (possible more, as less then 5 rounds could have been played and healing on turn one isn't most likely needed in the first place). That means severe healing flip and/or trigger for additional healing on at least one action every every turn. Congrats to such awesome luck! As for unkillable, i quess we have very distinct definitions towards surviability of 10 wound df5 model. Or you don't ecounter half decent ranged models as often, as i tend to :-k
  2. Humpf i had hoped for a wacky game with some crazy rider/"horse" miniatures. But looking at this, it seems even conversions or existing kits (e.g. warwabbit) wont fit on the board. I am disappointed. Pretty Cover art, but otherwise boring and generic asthetics with the board an meeple shown
  3. Custom Build It's based on the alternate guild seargent and some Warhammer imperial com backpack
  4. Already brought 4! Hotel is booked, flight will follow and hype is live!
  5. Thats covered by basic measurment rules
  6. Oh you missunderstood, i get the urge to quit because of the people posting, not the Faction. I don't see many relevant problems with the trusty redcoats (in fact i would rate them above NVB for example) and the last tournament i attended (14 players i think) had guild on place 1&2 only seperated by one point of total VP diff). It's just the especially intense (and unnessesary) pitty party that is the guild subforum that's tiring. But to be fair that's true to an extant in almost every faction sub here - i am pretty sure if we take every of the dozens of errata threads and note down every mentioned piece in need of adjustment, we get a complete list of malifaux models.
  7. Yeah, that there aren't guild players near vegas... i can understand everytime i read another "guild is bad"-thread here i also got the urge to quit
  8. While i appreciate the effort, a word by word translation didn't work very well with two such different sets of grammer. I just skipped over the german version and while the 'technical' terms and descriprions are correct and consistent with the original rules (through i didn't checkt very in dept), the phrasing/expressions is on an D- Level at best. Just an example: Burning is translated with "brennen". "Brennen" is a verb, describing the state of beeing on fire, this translation does the job, but "brennen" isn't the right conjugation in this context. "brennend" would be better suited. Just beneath this, poison is translated with "Gift" which is the correct noun for a toxic Material (usually associated with a liquid). While this translation isn't wrong either, in english poison could also be a verb describing the act of getting a toxic material into something, in German this would be "vergiften". In correlation with the conjugation, tension and intend within the usage of "burning" and "posion" in the original material the translation should be "brennend" and "vergiftet" instead of "brennen" and "Gift" (which is incoherent and strictly speaking wrong). I hope my explanation is understandable, as my german is far better then my english and the grammatical chicanerys are tricky for Non-natives (and most natives, too).
  9. If you have a low mask, the Nephilim can charge your own, relenting model and trigger insidious influence to obey it afterwards with any 8+ A bit situational but a solid turn 1 plan
  10. Just make the flip cheatable and call it a day. Fixed the NPE, as there is counter play available and reduce the defense/armor/df-trigger if you want to bring them more in line (Heck add 1ss to their cost even). Makes the less durable, and more prone, to hitting themselves while mainting there roll in the crew
  11. Each if those models is able to modifie the damage flip of prevent damage. Masters aren't supposed to be the thoughest models Those defensive techs are ignored by every instance of indirect damage or area damage, too [which NVB as a whole Faction don't have on a significant scale (Black Blood and a few sleeping strikes)]. Add the Fact, that not one! NVB model has irreducible damage and ignoring targeting-bound defensive on one model doesn't seems like the worlds end.
  12. One Raptor summoned through demise and a second summoned by the first one from the austringers corpse marker
  13. Minus terrifying 12, Minus flurry, a way worse heal and deadly pursuit instead of leap. If Archie is a car, the Rougarou is a bicycle. Both have tires but i wouldn't want to get involved with a rougarou in the freeway
  14. It works, but less effective. I think, the problem is his aura proccs from friendly attacks. That leads to monks hitting themselves, regenerating via low rivers passive heals and Shlong redistributing as he sees fit.
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