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  1. While i appreciate the effort, a word by word translation didn't work very well with two such different sets of grammer. I just skipped over the german version and while the 'technical' terms and descriprions are correct and consistent with the original rules (through i didn't checkt very in dept), the phrasing/expressions is on an D- Level at best. Just an example: Burning is translated with "brennen". "Brennen" is a verb, describing the state of beeing on fire, this translation does the job, but "brennen" isn't the right conjugation in this context. "brennend" would be better suited. Just beneath this, poison is translated with "Gift" which is the correct noun for a toxic Material (usually associated with a liquid). While this translation isn't wrong either, in english poison could also be a verb describing the act of getting a toxic material into something, in German this would be "vergiften". In correlation with the conjugation, tension and intend within the usage of "burning" and "posion" in the original material the translation should be "brennend" and "vergiftet" instead of "brennen" and "Gift" (which is incoherent and strictly speaking wrong). I hope my explanation is understandable, as my german is far better then my english and the grammatical chicanerys are tricky for Non-natives (and most natives, too).
  2. Tors

    Perdita: a tactica

    If you have a low mask, the Nephilim can charge your own, relenting model and trigger insidious influence to obey it afterwards with any 8+ A bit situational but a solid turn 1 plan
  3. Just make the flip cheatable and call it a day. Fixed the NPE, as there is counter play available and reduce the defense/armor/df-trigger if you want to bring them more in line (Heck add 1ss to their cost even). Makes the less durable, and more prone, to hitting themselves while mainting there roll in the crew
  4. Each if those models is able to modifie the damage flip of prevent damage. Masters aren't supposed to be the thoughest models Those defensive techs are ignored by every instance of indirect damage or area damage, too [which NVB as a whole Faction don't have on a significant scale (Black Blood and a few sleeping strikes)]. Add the Fact, that not one! NVB model has irreducible damage and ignoring targeting-bound defensive on one model doesn't seems like the worlds end.
  5. One Raptor summoned through demise and a second summoned by the first one from the austringers corpse marker
  6. Minus terrifying 12, Minus flurry, a way worse heal and deadly pursuit instead of leap. If Archie is a car, the Rougarou is a bicycle. Both have tires but i wouldn't want to get involved with a rougarou in the freeway
  7. It works, but less effective. I think, the problem is his aura proccs from friendly attacks. That leads to monks hitting themselves, regenerating via low rivers passive heals and Shlong redistributing as he sees fit.
  8. You're math is off! Assuming the Factions are distributed evenly, thats 1/7 of the players for Nvb only (proably a little less, as we can exclude the NVB/Bayou Players). Assuming half of them don't care about swampfiend in general, the first mate or the money "wasted" on the Rest of the Zipp, and the other half do, for what ever reasons. Thats 1/14 or roughly 7%. 7% that have at least 4 other options (split boxes/ buy with single part resellers or second hand [as they sold whole boxes from Wyrd in the first place there isn't even much of a draw back for wyrd]/ convert your own model). Not counting just borrowing one for am Event OR BEWARE! playing without first Mate. All of this solutions are perfectly fine, doable and even officially tournament legal. Thats better than "not bad" thats not even a Problem
  9. Following that logic, op didn't have to make the post in the first place. I "hate" on him, because this posting wasn't even near to properly "complaining an annoying decision", it was a 'f**k you' disguised as a 'thank you' to create a charged mood and fish for some followers on a subject thats rather trivial and won't be changed either. So what goes around comes around.
  10. That's true, and always was for many dual Faction Masters and Keywords, take Howard for example in Guild Hoffman or First Mate for Zoraida. Still better than dozen of different SKUs. So cut the passive aggressive whining and try to grap either an old box or find someone to share with. 🙄
  11. The bigges beef i have with Pandora is her lacking Melee
  12. Agreed 100% Perfect Job!
  13. You can search/filter for 'fast' with the new app. The answear for Neverborn is Zoraida and Candy. Kade and iggy can gain it themselves. Nekina has "fast food", but no either fast connection.
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