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  1. Regular use of focused and sniper even have different timings...
  2. I didn't said all nerfs should apply, read my initial posting again. I said it should be Down to +1 and Before flipping OR reduces generation. Regarding generation, its trivial to gain 3+ in relevant Models per turn.
  3. A Dozen Chi a turn is no problem. More of you give those Monks time to set up.
  4. Yes, as useless as +1 to basically all duel totals is. I would be fine with +2 too, if the Crew would have most stats around 4. But as this isn't the case i think a majority of effective stat 7 Attacks/Resists is a little bit over the top.
  5. I would rate the whole Chi mechanic as problematic; and would reduce it down to +1 and either drop the generation rate or declare use before flipping. And tie McCabes Upgrades to his Keyword. He is very very good on his own, several other Keyword Minions just tip over the top with swords
  6. As someone who has organised and conveyed 3 malifaux game days, centered on players without experience in m3e and wargaming in general with around 16 persons each day (over 30 alltogether) in the last 8 weeks; and as someone who organises a tournament next saturday for those players (20 confirmed attendees at the moment)., not one of them has had any problems grasping the shadow concept. It's just a matter of how you explain it. Of course when you ad stuff like "arguably 4 inches" you tend to confuse people. Keep it simple, break it down to the basics and structure your explanation.
  7. I don't see shadow as very complicated either. Its 3 simple Bulletin points: Blocking Terrain with a height casts a shadow equal to it (max 3") in any direction . If you are completly within the Shadow and the Terrain is at least as high as you it blocks every Sightline (even if the Attacker is bigger) If you are at least partially within a Terrains Shadow and at least one Sightline is blocked you gain cover.
  8. Give Jorogumo McCabe Swords, don't instant drop him towards the Middle, rather take a Flank (Through against Zoraida it isbthe right decision). Asami(Flicker)/McCabe is almost as broken as Shenlong...
  9. @Ogid as my initial question has been sufficiently answered i see no point in further discussing this with you, as we don't seem to understand or agree with each others points. I have no interest to put effort in defending a line of reasoning i belive to be proven false, through i continue to disagree with your reasoning of said falsehood.
  10. And next, similiar hole: I couldn't find an exact when-taking-an action-happens-here moment. But as it has to be before targeting i can assume timing is different from focused and use both, extended range AND regular focus afterwards in the same action (given at least focused+2 beforehand)? (multiple uses of range extention don't work for the same reason as muliple uses of focused - of course^^)
  11. Ahh, thank you! I was looking for such breaking interactions to prevent this line of though. For some reasons i havn't thought outside of conditions. @Ogid i was aware of the one-at-a-time limit of a single use of the focused condition. My line of thought was of repeated uses of the whole rule. "Could have been worded simpler" isn't a strong argument against a rule without prevalence.
  12. At first i thought you can only use focused once per opposed duel, as it's clearly "reduce by one, gain +" and maybe i am thinking/interpreting to much, but: During modify duel step (detailed timing chart C.2.d.i.) i can decide to use one instance of focused to gain one (as discribed) As the timing hasn't changed is there anything that prevents me from taking advantage of focused again? There isn't a rule prohibiting this as far as i can see; Focused is the only condition with a "may" clause involved, so no similiar conditions are effeced; And it's possible to use multiple instances of
  13. The sorrows aren't moved. It's 1 DMG to enemy or move enemy.
  14. I doubt they communicated this (the Link above didn't Support that claim either). I would be impressed if they manage to release all targeted languages this year.
  15. The rule texts are posted several times above... Cards are Agent 46, mature nephilim (combat finess) and every terrifying model.
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