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  1. That didn't worked for m1e, for m2e and it wont either for m3e. Thats a nice lie you tell yourself and maybe it helps in casual games. But high end tournament play was always 1-3 semi fixed list with max 15pts rotating to Adapt certain conditions.
  2. Tors


    Kill candy, block los, use your own pushes or just take the 1 point dmg... i wouldn't even rate it "strong", just rather situational useful. Not every thing needs a flip, not every combination needs to be changed.
  3. Maybe 'use this' could hand out suits ...
  4. This isn't a problem, just look at Ironsides. Simply use other means of attacking her, in the corresponding Arcanist Thread you will find a plenrora of advice
  5. I playtested enough during the last few beta tests and closed beta, but i am tired of arguing against wall of texts and a sea of people who can't seem to grasp basics of concepts of competetive gaming. I am no native speaker, so typing in english is rather bothering, double so if you argue with said people. So all i can do is shake my head and throw some snarky comments in. As said earlier i don't have any hope that my effords would change anything- so why bother? I just hope the result somehow playable. I lived with Nico before errata, i am sure i will live with m3e toni, too. Just a matter of time till the first errata hits.
  6. "All support pieces" are 2 models and a Upgrade. Non of those are trivial to remove, and you have just everything. Movement of Friends and enemys, almost all relevant stats with 6 and easy achievable positives. And we aren't even talking about grid or h2w from fitzsimmons. Thats no assassinate bullshit, thats 'here are 3 model, good Game' bullshit. You didn't need half a brain to operate Ironsides and Cpt near by each other and simmons trolling a few inches behind. Thats such trivial placement game as any 12year old GW Fanboy can manage. Most Factions can't field such bonkers shit within 50stones! There is exactly Zero downside to this. You didn't even need to get half decent target numbers or think about activation order. Just field, stay close with 2 Models and within a big aura of a third to be untouchable from 95% of your opponents. Great game!
  7. Thats as DMG heavy as it gets in m3e and more then most crews...
  8. If your Opponent is a bit cagey with Ironsides and cap placing, you didn't need to bother shooting at all. Its -3 dmg reduction... Pandoras defensive abilitys weren't half as good and were to much
  9. Nah man, i won't waste more of my time with that. Just reading between work and appointments has to do it for me. But i don't expect a balanced outcome any better then the end of m2e anyways.
  10. Yeah it's pretty easy to circumvent her. Just shoot her, after all, she is just def5+ with concealment and will reduce dmg by 1-3 before SS use. But thats assuming the Captain is nearby, he should go down quickly with def6+, bis 10life, reducing by one and using soulstones. Of course he needs a little helping Hand from fitzsimmons, but thats not hard to do. Or attack her wp. 6+ shouldn't be so hard to beat. I am not sure what the arcanist community is smoking all day long. Or maybe there isn't even one half decent player here, but i can't get it in my mind why you wouldn't play Tony with medical training, captain, fitzsimmons and medical automaton. You get an absolutly unkillable Master (14hp def5+ wp5+, reduce 2 against everything before Captains help or ss or Adrenalin). And if you are in trouble you have the best healer Ingame nearby You have Board control with bring it and cyclone. One is fucking ca7 vs wp, the other is basically mv14 duel. Your offence is coverd with intimidation, again a very High TN for the Opponent (between this and cyclone there is also Hand destruction dir your opponent) and this nets Ironsides her second adrenalin she needs to neuter this pesky condition game. Tony and Cap just wear everything down And the best: about 20 Stones left. Take 2 Sceme models, bank the rest for Cache. You even have 7 activations. Thats totally bonkers. I can give this Crew to a chimpanze and watch him score Top half of most Tournaments... Easily the one of most (maybe the most) Borken crews remaining.
  11. I wish to clarify two very important facts, that drive me crazy: 1) the man is called Lucius (Mattheson) 2) he is in fact a man (or something similar), as is Agent 47 (at least the render looks more man then women)
  12. It wasn't a proplem in any of my games, not so much different than a defence trigger like squeel. As focused attacks becomes generally more prevalent, there isn't a specific counter build nessessary, just remembering it and plan accordingly. (Like with any defensive ability). Furthernore i would state there are quite a few NVB models, which become hardly playable without it or some similiar effect as reimbursememt.
  13. S&S in the rulebook are bad, even more as they were in m2e for years. GG strategies were better balanced and shifted the meta once a year. And i would think people want exactly that. Achievable, entertaining and balanced S&S. GG weren't some advanced gaming secret tech document
  14. Thats the exact opposite of a good idea o0 there's a reasons almost every TT does this rotation of missions. It's one of the easiest fixes against a System becoming static/boring (and dying afterwards). I can't believe anyone even remotely considered such enormous bullshittery. Even less with the status of the current Strategys/Scemes. (Which i considered very far from a seriouse proposal. More a barely functioning Hotfix while the Models are beeing tested)
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