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  1. Tors

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Deployment zones will change. It was stated at the release page.
  2. Tors

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    That was a typo. I meant a Fate Deck or dice as it doesn't matter what methode one uses to randomly generate scemes, none are easier than just drawing them from a sceme deck. I won't discuss this further. Its clear we have different views and with current informations the whole thing is pretty pointless.
  3. Tors

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Yeah and everyone already has miniatures so why change anything? Or why pick the one most irrelevant word of my post and ignore the rest... I don't think thats going somewere.
  4. Tors

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    You still can use a sceme deck to randomly generate from gg or book. Or dice. But shuffling a deck and drawing from it is easier then doing the same and afterwards referencing a table and searching the corresponding scemes.
  5. Tors

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I would appreciate a random draw from sceme Decks. Makes sceme Selektion a little bit more easier and more intuitiv. If you neither have a sceme deck (either purchased or self made), the App to random generate or an opponent who has one of those... well i don't know how you played before.
  6. Tors

    Guild Second at Gencon

    Probably the same people, who find the Cherub lacking.
  7. Tors

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Dual costs would be as underused as this. A rule isn't good or bad measured by the instances it's used. Given the goal of making Masters (roughly) even i would theorize, that even if you would have to pay for them, 1-3 points difference would make just as much difference as a balancing tool as the former Cache values - next to non. Again the Model with the best skill set for a given task (scemes) would be chosen. In addition for most people free-Master is a working and trusted concept while hiring. That is not essential but bears a recognition value. No Theoretic Vacuums aren't used ingame and aren't usefull for discussion either because of that. Especially in Malifaux were scemes and strategies are everything one should expect, that sometimes 4x3ss Models outperform one single 12ss model and visa versa. Thats one of the main reasons i prefer the simplicity of a general tax over the hussle of implementing different hiring values. On this assumption.
  8. Tors

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    8 points is one of the few things that actually benefits new players in my opinion. It reduces the text on each sceme and makes them easier to remember and comprehend.
  9. Tors

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    It influences hiring second masters. If you read my following posts you would see i never argued that way. I think it is fair, after all 3 Models get you 3 times the AP. And if i need a big beefy model, i hire it. If i need 3 small one's to sceme run, i hire them. If any of those are the best regarding points/performance ratio i happily pay the tax either way, because i need a specific task done. Agree to disagree.
  10. Tors

    Buying models prior to m3e

    Buy. Just ordered Gencon Stuff and some more miniatures via LGS. M3E could be a year ahead and as long as i have fun painting and playing them in the meantime there is no money wasted.
  11. No, as i have zero ambitions to discuss the comparability given the current Informations at length. If you don't see obvious differences in possible performances, we seem to have different views anyway.
  12. Tors

    Guild Second at Gencon

    Interested! Short summarys of Games with Lists and S&S Pool in Top of each is my favorite format.
  13. Tors

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Not necessarily. Even if some "packages" like Nekima-Doppel-X or Iron Skeeter-Franc saw widespread use the rest of the crew usually changed. And it is quite natural for Tabletops to evolve some staples. There are always Models with a slightly better price/performance ratio and gamers find them given the time. If you reduce the pool of options (maybe because the non-thematic punishment becomes more severe, invalidating all non-thematics), there will be less competition for certain spots and you will see the same 8/10 people with master X every time (because why think about taking Teddy or Hooded Rider, if one is thematic the other automatically becomes invalid) I would prefer 2-3 Allstars over basically fixed Lists for every master. Of Course there is some hyperbole in there, but i hope it shows my point. But thats because torakage suck And dont fill a reasonable task niche. Johann was usually one of the best ways for condition removal on top of beeing a good beater. If you only wanted a beater you wouldn't have choosen Johann, but usually an infaction model. Points were only second on the Wishlist. With his points increased he wouldn't comfortably fit within most established list and you get the desired effect. But change his Condition removal to Outcast (or keyword) only and you would have tackeled the reason behind his omnipresence. I would wager most people just look for the best/cheapest option for a given task. It doesn't Matter if the Tax on Nekima is only x% compared to y% on a smaller Modell. As long Nekima has the best price/performance ratio she will be taken. You can't stop all star development. There will be a 'best for the Job' every time. No matter how fine the margin of pricing will become. The whole thing is a compromise between effort to "disguise the best" and divergence achieved. I don't think two point values will do enough improvement compared to the overall efford of implementing them.
  14. Tors

    Wave 5 a year later- your thoughts?

    I rarely use sceme markers, usually only to Trigger Thralls. Positioning is so easy and you don't really need anyone but Lucius and his beater(s). The scribe is nearby usually. Charge/position a thrall in First (or something other durable), walk Lucius nearby, do some Lucius stuff and next round, belittle them, shoot them and push/punch with Thrall. Bonus points if you incorperate what lackeys are for to Trigger am traditional hit while reposition both models.
  15. Tors

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Its didn't worked well for MERCS in M2E... didn't mean it won't work for thematic hiring in M3E. I am pretty relieved those themes aren't enforced much harder. Clone Crews for every Master would be pretty boring.