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  1. Finally some new models done - Domadores de cadaveres! These models were a little bit intimidating to paint as I love the sculpts and really wanted to do them justice. But I am happy with the results. I added some freehand painting on the scarf to make it a bit more interesting.
  2. In these time we could all use some medical staff. Dr. Grimwell "Always remember to wash your hands after performing a lobotomy." Nurse Heartsbane "Wear a face mask when giving electroshock treatment, as the patient may cough and spit while they scream in pain."
  3. Great battle report. I think I prefer your old style, but this is good as well. The calm narration makes it really easy to follow.
  4. Some Ortegas done! A monster hunter. I really like this sculpt. It is so cool. Another Monster hunter. Nino Ortega. I really like how this model turned out. And Papa Loco.
  5. Interesting list. Makes me want to try something like that. I would perhaps swap an investigator and a stone for two changelings. I would allow to spread the AP:s around more easily, but it would lessen the theme...
  6. I just consider the Mastermind ability as a nice bonus and do not build my crew around it. Taking models which will be good in the game will allways be better than taking worse models in order to possibly gain some extra card draw. Especially since Lucius will have quite a lot of card draw anyway. In fact, when I have pass tokens I usually save them for the next initiative flip anyway, unless I really need better cards (or can gain a significant advantage from delaying an activation). And I think that Agent 46 is still absolutely worth taking. He was insane before, but is still a really good model. But of course it depends on the purpose in a list. If copying a specific attack was the main reason for getting the Agent, a Doppelganger might be better now.
  7. It depends on the deployment and how aggressive my opponent is. If my opponent rushes some model up the field she is an ideal counter-punch. But if my opponent is more defensive I usually do not charge ahead of the rest of my crew just to get a single attack in. In that case I'd rather hide her somewhere and focus. Leap and 2" range means she can threaten a quite large area even from behind a building. If I can get two or more attacks from her by rushing ahead... maybe. But overall I like a more defensive playstyle in Malifaux, so I may be overly cautious.
  8. The Hooded rider's Greatsword attack has a trigger called Wide Swing. It says the following: My question is: Does the second sentence replace the normal rules for dropping blast markers, or does it apply in addition to them? For example, if I get one Blast marker, do I need to drop it in base contact with the target or can I drop it anywhere within 2" and LoS? The wording seems to imply that it is in addition to the normal restrictions, but it's not entirely clear in my opinion.
  9. Cool scheme! I predict a lot of mindgames with that one. (Which is awesome!)
  10. Mortarion


    The Breachside broadcast have all the stories from the Malifaux books (up to a certain point) recorded as audiobooks. http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/ I'm not sure how far they have gotten yet, but there is a lot to listen to.
  11. Thank you. The base is pieces of plasticard and sand. I wanted to do a variation of my standard cobblestone bases where it looked more like it was breaking apart and nature was starting to reclaim it.
  12. Hooded rider done! Unfortunately, it's really difficult to get good pictures of it. This is propably the closest to a Games Workshop model that Malifaux gets, so I decided to paint it in more of a GW style with brightly coloured armour. I think it ended up quite well.
  13. Yes. All actions with a target requires LoS, unless otherwise stated. Page 59 in the rulebook (Step 3: Targeting).
  14. I honestly think Sanctioned spellcasters are quite good for their cost. A scheme runner which is fast on the first turn, has Shielded 1 and a ranged attack with blast and automatic burning is better than many other 4 SS models. Thallarian Queller on the other hand is completely useless IMHO. It's a slightly worse Sanctioned spellcaster that costs 2 SS more for some reason. And some of its abilities are just really strange. That model needs to be reworked from scratch.
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