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  1. Mortarion

    First feelings M3E

    I very much doubt Chompy will be out of the game. He is a large part of Dreamer's identity in Malifaux. Removing him would, in my opinion, be like removing one of the Victorias. And there has been nothing in the background suggesting he would be gone. On the contrary, he was very active in the events leading up to M3E. He might be getting different mechanics or something, but I don't think he will become Dead man's hand.
  2. Mortarion

    Mortarion's Malifaux models

    Thank you! @lusciousmccabe: I originally used Coat d'Arms "Dwarven flesh" as a base, shaded with watered down Citadel colour's "Tuskgor fur" and highlighted with Coat d'Arms "Flesh". But since Coat d'Arms paints are really difficult to get a hold of, I have now switched the base to Citadel colour's "Cadian fleshtone".
  3. Mortarion

    Mortarion's Malifaux models

    Some new models done. Insidious madness! I love these models! When first looking at them I thought that they lookd pretty cool. But it was first after putting them together and painting them that I really became aware of how well designed they were. I've seen other companies attempt the "madness taken physical form" thing but none succeeded as well as these. And they were some of the few models which I actually thought were fun to put together. They were, to use and overused expression from digital gaming, "the Dark Souls of modelling". They were challenging but fair. Each piece only fit in one place and fit perfectly, but where that place was certainly wasn't obvious. Almost like a 3d puzzle. With the colours I went away from my normal purple and green Neverborn colours. I wanted lots of colours and transitions between them. They are madness!! But to get something holding them together I painted them all the same way. "Can I play with madness?" "Now that they are painted, you can."
  4. Mortarion

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I am starting to get a bit worried. Handing out "free" pass tokens, being able to hire multiple masters and the removal of Paralyzed does seem to favour elite crews. I really hope that the game does not shift towards crews consisting of a few "unbeatable" models steamrolling any lesser models and require that you bring similiar models yourself. One of the things that I really like about Malifaux is that it requires multiple different models working together rather then a few super models that can do everything. I'm still hoping that Wyrd will balance it out, though.
  5. Against Jack Daw, with a free focus from Dashel and Inspired from Lady J, Guild Guard are actually OK in close combat... And in a Witch hunter crew double handlers can certainly make for interesting lists.
  6. Mortarion

    Firing squad injustice

    So basically, whenever you take an action, you go through the steps on page 37 in the rulebook for resolving it and if it generates aditional actions, you go through those steps again for each of the actions? That makes sense.
  7. It is hard to fully evaluate the handlers after this game, since they got shut down pretty hard by Jack Daw and Lady Ligeia and did almost no damage. Their ability to move the riflemen were awesome, though. I think you need something like that to avoid the riflemen getting tied up in combat. Even Lady J can't kill everything instantly. But swapping one (or even both) for an investigator would propably be a good idea. They can also push the riflemen around and has lots of other tricks. It does however remove some close combat ability. But I might try that out as soon as I get some Investigators.
  8. Mortarion

    Firing squad injustice

    Jack Daw has a curse upgrade called "Firing squad injustice". The relevant part of it says the following "When this models declares an Attack Action it suffers 2 damage which may not be reduced". In a recent game Jack Daw had attached this upgrade to Lady Justice. She used her Tactical Action "Acrobatic assault" from the Swordfighter upgrade. The relevant part of it says "Place this model within 4" of its current location, then take a (1) MI Attack Action against a target in range." So, in this situation, has Lady Justice declared an attack action? She takes an attack action, but is that the same thing as declaring it? The action she declares which lets her take the attack action is listed as a Tactical action. Or is it considered that the Acrobatic assault tactical action generates an attack action which must then in turn be declared as well? Would it be any different if she used a "Charge" action? It is also a Tactical action which generates attack actions.
  9. I played a rather strange game last night. I tried a list I had been wanting to run for some time. It was: - Lady Justice, Swordfighter - Captain Dashel, Arrest him - 2x Witchling handlers - 3x Guild Riflemen - 4x Guild Guards The idea of the list was mostly to try something different, but there were some thoughts behind it. The riflemen provides fire support under Dashels leadership and makes your opponent want to come to you. The Guild guard act like meat shields, run schemes, and drag enemies down by weight and numbers. Witchling handlers help to push riflemen into position or out of close combat and can under ideal circumstances put up ther "Burn them all!" aura to make the damage output even higher. And when enemies make it into my lines Lady J, Dashel and the Witchling handlers can hopefully deal with them. It is also a list where Lady J's "Inspiring Swordplay" can actually become useful. I met an Outcast list consisting of The Crossroads Seven, with Wrath and Gluttony swapped out for Jack Daw and Lady Ligeia (so we are really talking two tier 1 tournament lists here ). The Scheme pool was: Deployment: Standard Str: Ours Sch: Guarded treasure Sch: Hold up their forces Sch: Search the ruins Sch: Take prisoner Sch: Public demonstration I took Search the ruins and Hold up their forces. The last one was a bit of a mistake. I figured I could send in Lady J or perhaps even a lone guardsman after he had activted all his models, but it turned out it wasn't that easy. My opponent took Hold up their forces and Take prisoner. The riflemen performed excellent, killing band member after band member. It was a while since I played a gunline list so I had forgotten how insane their damage output can be. Jack Daw and Lady Ligeia entered my lines quite quickly and neutralised most other elements of the list, but i pulled the riflemen out of combat with handlers so they could continue with their execution. Pretty soon Daw and Ligeia was all that was left for my opponent and after Lady J managed to get rid of JD's curses and cut down Ligeia with a lucky hit it was pretty much over. Jack Daw finally went down to a swarm of Guild guard swords. My opponent scored 2 points for "Hold up their forces" but I maxed out "Ours" and "Search the ruins". As mentioned, me taking "Hold up their forces" was a mistake as the band members died too quickly and it bacame impossible to isolate Jack Daw and Ligeia so that I could engage them with just one model. It was an interesting list. It might not be super competative, but I did work better then I first thought.
  10. Mortarion

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Woah... The new cards are huge! I'm still hoping that they get changed back to normal size during the beta. If they make the art smaller the text can still be almost the same size. And they can can even release the large cards as an optional version if they want to.
  11. Mortarion

    Wave 5 a year later- your thoughts?

    Jury: Good model with lots of different uses. She does die quite easy but that is mainly because the opponent tends to focus on bringing her down. 4/5 Thallarian Queller: A swiss army knife of buffs and debuffs. The disruption markers are actually less useful than I thought, but if you get the right cards and against the right crews they can be good. I think they are hard to rate as they tend to either perform really well or do very little for me. But overall I think they are solid. 3.5-4/5 Swordfighter: Such an auto-take. It makes Lady J much better overall. "Acrobatic assault" is what really makes it shine in my opinion, but "Justice at the end of a blade" can be quite useful in the right situations. 5/5 Cherufe's parting gift: At first I took this for the summoning, but quickly found out that the chain activation is the real value of this card. It makes so many setups which were previously theoretical possible. I always take this for Sonnia. I have also learned to not always summon the totem whenever I can since an unfortunate accident when it exploded and lit a Witchling stalker on fire, which in turn caused the stalker to die and explode at the end of the turn, which killed a Witchling handler. 5/5 Deep pockets: Auto-take. Really good. And now when I'm actually starting to remember to discard a card when I activate Lucius, it's even better! 5/5 Condecending: I have not really been able to make this work. I can see its uses in theory, but in practice the situations where it can be used have not happened. 2/5 Improved harness: I could not imagine a situation where I would not want to take this. 5/5 Looking forward to trying the rest of the wave 5 models when they actually get released.
  12. Mortarion

    Guild has the best growth opportunities

    You seem to have forgotten the most widely used and most efficient of marshals - The Exorcist! Hopefully they might be playable in M3E.
  13. Mortarion

    Guild has the best growth opportunities

    That is a completely different situation. The fact that a lowly servant of the Guild can earn a promotion to the rank of Master shows that the honourable Guild rewards loyalty and that we should all feel unquestionable loyalty towards the Guild. The fact that 4 minions and 2 henchmen have become Masters withit the Outcasts just shows that they are desperate for leaders and will promote anyone. They need proper leadership. By the Governor-General.
  14. Mortarion

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Allthough I think that the idea of a Guild crew consisting of a captured Ramos leading a bunch of captured Arcanists, Ressers and Neverborn on suicide missions is super awesome and I would buy that crew instantly, I really don't think that most Arcanist players would be less angry if one of their masters was moved to Guild as a prisoner... 😉
  15. Mortarion

    Jefik's Malifaux miniatures

    Nice painting. When I saw Graves my first thought was "Hey, that looks like it came from Sin City". And then I saw your text. Well done.