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  1. There is a picture of Lady J herself, and it looks nothing like the image on the box. Different hair, different pose and different clothes. This means that either the box art does not match the models anymore, or the pictured model for Lady J was scrapped.
  2. Thank you. And yes, that gold lining did take some work. But it is one of the details that I am most pleased with.
  3. Finally done with Hinamatsu. This model has been on my painting table for quite some time while i thought about how to paint it. I really wanted to do this awesome model justice. I'm quite happy with the result.
  4. More models! First up is an Arcane effigy. This one had been sitting on my painting table for a while since I could not decide on a colour scheme. I felt I needed to come up with a colour scheme for Arcanists in general. But after some thinkingI decided to just paint him like my Neverborn instead. My main use for it would be Collodi anyway. And then things became much easier. And a third Bunraku. Hard to get a good picture of this one because of the pose. And finally Master Queeg. The face look a bit strange on the picture because of the light, but it looks better in reality. I wanted to do something with the vest, so I tried to do an embroidered Guild symbol. I wanted it to be quite subtle and I think I succeeded.
  5. No, but it would clarify that the term "being engaged" refers to an enemy model engaging you, rather then you engaging an enemy model. And just to be clear, I am not saying that you are wrong, I am just suggesting that the wording is changed to make it clearer. In the current beta rules, the term "being engaged" is not defined at all, and has a different meaning than it has in M2E.
  6. OK. If that is the case, I feel it could be clearer in the rules. For example, writing "Being engaged by an enemy model" instead of just "Being engaged" would remove any doubts.
  7. The crews that have been more or less confirmed for a resculpt and re-release are Dreamer, Lucius, Rasputina and Lady Justice. Marcus, Nekima, Dashel, Basse, von Schtook, Euripides and Hamasaki are very likely to get new models, as they either have none or have changed quite a lot. Sonnia and Kirai are getting models for TOS, but I'm not sure if they are going to get new Malifaux boxes as well.
  8. Hello. I am a bit confused about how engagement works in M3E. On page 29, the rules talks about a model "engaging" an enemy model. It also states that a model can be engaging an enemy model without the enemy model engaging it back. So far no problems. But when describing the effects, the rulebook instead talks about "being engaged", which is not defined. When read through this it seemed that it would work like in 2nd ed and that "being engaged" ment that either an enemy model is engaging you, or you are engaging an enemy model. But later on the same page, under "Friendly Fire", the rules talk about targeting an "engaged or engaging model", suggesting that the two are different, and engaging a model does not necessarily mean that you are engaged. Let me make an example. Friendly model (A) has a range of 2". It is standing 1,5" away from an Enemy model (B) with a range of 1". Is model A considered to be "engaged"?
  9. Wait... Are you saying that the open beta will go live according to some weird alternate American timeline and not according to the real time (CET)? Disappointed!
  10. Thank you for the list. Since I like to play thematic crews, things look pretty much like I suspected. No big changes. Except for thematic Lucius... Woah... 5/9 Mimics now unavailable to him if I count correctly, and a sixth has become non-thematic. Which leads me to a question. In the list, there seems to be pretty large differences in thematic hiring pools. Many masters have around 7 models with the same keyword in addition to themselves and their totems. Marcus have 8-9 in addition to making in-faction beasts versatile. And then there are masters like Lucius with 4 models and Nellie with 3. I guess this will be adress somehow before the release of M3E, so it would be interesting to know more about that. Will they get lots of new models? Will they get upgrades allowing them to hire other keywords? Or are they actually stuck with the option of using generic in-faction versatile models or paying the non-thematic tax? A future weekly feature on the fate of the thematically impaired masters would be good.
  11. It's been a while since I posted anything. I've had a lot to do at work, and my hobby time had gone to other stuff. In fact, it has been so little painting that the Guild decided to send two impartial investigators to find the truth about what happened. After careful investigation we have concluded that the Guild is definately not to blame for the lack of painting. Allthough it might not be clearly visible on the photos, I added a bloody knife to the base, so that she would have something to investigate. I thought a bit about which colour to use for the carpet. A light colour (like in the illustration) would look good and provide some opportunity to paint blood stains. However, I decided that it would also push the model to far into pure comedy territory. If you are going to dispatch of a bloody corpse it is stupid to use a light carpet as the blood would soak through. A red carpey would make that much less obvious. So I went for a red carpet.
  12. It would fix any balance issues, but it will be slightly strange that the Flight keyword changes how you meassure your movement, since you still use the Mv stat. But it's not at big thing. It would be logical, but the text states that Place works more or less like in M2E and that "completely within" is gone.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, when you place a model in M2E you meassure from any point of the base to any point of the base, meaning that you effectively gain movement equal to the model's base when compared to normal movement where you meassure to the same point on the base. Is this true in M3E as well? The text seems to imply that it is, meaning that flight will actually boost a model's speed as well. And overall good changes by the way.
  14. And now, finally, the master to lead the last couple of models - Pandora! I tried a slightly different colour scheme from the "official" one. Green and purple like the rest of my Neverborn. And purple hair instead of red. I also painted the ghostly energy coming out of the box blue to add some more contract. The colours have more depth in reality than shows up on this photo. And her friend Candy: When seeing pictures of this model I didn't realise just how tiny it really is. The size made it somewhat difficult to paint, but it turned out OK in the end I think.
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