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  1. Thanks. I missed the part about Terrain Markers. Then everything makes sense.
  2. I am a bit confused by the Mysterious Emissary's "The Land's Hunger" ability. It says the following: "When this model Drops a Marker, it may instead Drop a 50mm Severe, Hazardous, Hungry Land Marker (it is still treated as a Marker for the effect). This model is unaffected by Hungry Land Markers." What does that last sentence really mean? Let me go through some different scenarios. 1. The Emissary moves onto a Hungry Land Marker. This one is obvious. He ignores both the Severe (which he does anyway) and the Hazardous effects. No problem. 2. The Emissary starts his activation on a Hungry Land Marker. Acording to his "Planted Roots" ability, he Heals 1 if he starts in Severe terrain. But since he is "unaffected by" Hungry Land Markers, does this not work? It could be argued that he is not affected by the marker, but rather his ability, but if the reason for him healing is that he stands on a Hungry Land Marker, then the marker does affect him. On the other hand, his whole deal seems to be creating terrain and then gaining benefits from it, so it would seem odd if he could not use that terrain. 3. The Emissary drops a Hungry Land Marker instead of a Marker in such a way that it touches himself. Does he suffer damage from the effect? I guess not? Or is the effect considered to not be from the Hungry Land Marker? 4. The Emissary and an enemy model stands on the same Hungry Land Marker, more than 1" apart. The Emissary's Tangled Roots attack has a RG of 1" but can target any other model in the same piece of Severe Terrain, ignoring range and LoS. Can he target the enemy? Again, this seems to be the intent, but then he would be affected by the Hungry Land Marker.
  3. I really hope that the intention of Wyrd is to not only sell M2E models through their own webstore, but also deliver them to other retailers/distributors. But I'm not so sure about that. Some online retailers seem to have removed M2E models not in stock from the store entirely and remaining M2E models are selling fast. If I lived in North America, this would not be a problem, as I could just order the models in question from Wyrd, but that is simply not an option in other parts of the world because of the shipping and possible custom fees. Oh, well. Nothing to do but hope for the best I guess.
  4. Thanks. But that information makes me a bit worried. I previously got the impression that you would be able to get any model that has now been repackaged with other models, but that does not seem to be the case. (Or perhaps I misunderstood the previous information.) If I am reading this correctly you can not order individual old models that are no longer separately. For example, I own the Death marshal recruiters and the Jury, but no Domadores de cadaveres. They will only be sold together in the future, but since they are not new models I can not order just the Domadores but would have to buy the whole box to get them. (Ordering from Wyrds webstore is not an option since I live in Europe.) And I am also a bit confused about what is considered to be new models. I own the old Lucius box and now need Agent 46. It will be part of the Lucius core box when released, together with new sculpts for Lucius, scribe and lawyers. Will it be possible to special order just Agent 46? He is the only new model in the box in the sense that he did not have stats in M2E, but all models in the box are new models in the sense that their sculpts are new... However, the info says that you are not allowed to make special orders for resculpts, so that gives me some hope.
  5. Exactly. Before reading this thread, I had read the last sentence of the Doppelganger's Mimic ability as "Replace whatever is listed under STAT on the copied model's card with whatever is listed under STAT on this ability", which would remove any suits and modifiers. After reading this thread I agree that Stat is something different than Fate modifier and Suit, so that only the number would be replaced while the copied modifiers and suits would remain. But it could use a FAQ entry.
  6. My meta is usually quite casual, and most players have an idea of the list they want to play well before seeing their opponent, schemes and strats. Any counter-picking will usually be changing a model or two rather than the entire list. And if someone is changing their entire list it is more likely to be the result of the scheme pool simply not working for the crew they had in mind before. This casual wibe suits me perfectly, but it has made me a bit reluctant to play Hoffman in M3E as the match will likely be a bit unfair if your opponent does not have anything to break armour.
  7. So, after a long break while waiting for M3E I am now back to painting Malifaux. This model have been following Lady Justice around claiming to be her totem. It must be a trick, because he looks nothing like the Brutal Effigy. Maybe the new governor is behind this... I thought a bit about the colour of the robes. In the end I settled for beige/sand colour, since it would look impartial and allow the blood to show.
  8. Hello. My first game with Collodi in M3E left me with two questions which I think I know the answers to but wanted to check. 1. Collodi's totem, Marionette, is Minion(4). The rules about hiring totems says that "the Totem's Cost is considered to be 0 during hiring". Even though it talks about the Totem (rather than Totems), I assume Collodi can hire all four of his Totems at 0 cost. Correct? 2. Collodi has a Tactical Action called "Fill with stones" which gives the target Shielded +2 and Staggered. Can Collodi use this on himself? The restriction is "Friendly Construct only", and he is a construct. I can't really see any reason why he should not be able to target himself, but it almost feels like cheating, since Staggered will be removed as soon as his Activation ends.
  9. One thing to think of with terrain is to vary the density of it. When deploying terrain many people instinctively spread it evenly across the board. In my opinion, the game will be much more interesting if some areas have "too much" terrain while others have "too little". This will lead to more choises to make. Do you risk going through that open area in order to reach the enemy or a strategy marker faster? Should you let your incorporeal models go for a scheme, or leave them guarding that terrain heavy area where they can really haress your opponent? Of course, this should not go overboard, but a little variation in terrain density is fun.
  10. Eum... Candy does not have Life Leech. And the rule about Auras not being cumulative only prevents multiple Auras with the same name from affecting the same model. So the Sorows' Life Leech Auras would not prevent Candy's Aura (Corrupted Innocence) from affecting the Soulstone miner.
  11. That is the best Lady J sculpt so far. It is not perfect, but far better than the previous models. And finally she is wearing a long coat, like the other Marshals. The Judge is a good sculpt, but doesn't really look like a Judge to me. But I guess they wanted it to be different from the current one to show that it is a new person. The Scales are OK, but I like the M2E version much more. The Death marshals are on par with the current ones. Maybe slightly more boring poses, but still really good.
  12. They all have the old art. However, that does not mean anything. With a few exceptions all cards in the faction packs have the old art unless there are more cards then previously available. For example, Lucius, Marcus and Dreamer all have the old art and we know they are getting redone. This is because the Faction pack is there to allow you to use your old models in the new edition. And therefore the art on the cards look like the old models.
  13. Good work! I really liked the overlays of which model was activating and its health. And the music was much more fitting this time. (And a plus for the comment about changing the music...)
  14. I like it! Very easy to follow even if I were not familiar with the crews. Looking forward to seeing more battle reports from you. My only complaint was the music, which did not really fit the theme/mood of Malifaux in my opinion. But that is just a matter of taste.
  15. Thanks for the answers!
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