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  1. "After you’ve built your Crew and are ready to face an opponent, you’ll be able to generate Strategies and Schemes, keep track of your Crew information (everything from Health, Conditions, Tokens, Victory Points, and more) while also seeing your opponent’s tracked information, as well." I hope this doesn't mean that this app will work backwards like "Bad Things Happen" did. Having to generate a crew before generating the encounter isn't how Malifaux works and that should be reflected in the official app.
  2. I think the bit in the rules that state that you can't use the walk action to leave an enemy model's engagement range is a better reference to use. As far as I can tell, it is impossible to be engaged and not in an enemy model's engagement range so the bit you quoted is accurate and not in conflict with models being unable to leave engagement range with a walk action.
  3. Any chance of printer friendly cards with no art like we had during the beta?
  4. Sure. Leave the Rattler to Neverborn. It doesn't really matter how it breaks his current crew box. He'll be getting a new crew box in M3E. Having dual faction Masters with very different hiring pools of models that they work well with seems like a great idea to me.
  5. Then don't give them keywords?
  6. They've all got Beast right now.
  7. Sabertooth Cerberus Slate Ridge Mauler Scorpius Maybe Molemen I want to say Cojo but I think that would be a hard sell.
  8. I think a few of the Arcanist Chimera models that are Beasts should drop the Chimera keyword now that Neverborn have plenty of Beasts of their own for Marcus to hire now.
  9. I usually used the Stealth and Camo mutation on my bigger more expensive models and wouldn't usually have them available for the Hoarcat. They really do seem like they need more damage, maybe get extra damage when attacking something at half wounds or below. That kind of fits in with the the rest of the stuff on their card.
  10. If it can’t charge after unburying, I’m not really interested in hiring one any longer. I’d rather see it be able to unbury and charge than generate Soul Stones. *EDIT: I don’t see anything that keeps the Miner from unburying and charging. It just can’t charge a model that hasn’t left its deployment zone without walking first. The Wp3 really sucks though.
  11. That’s good to hear. Ideally, they’ll be cheap graphic novel sized books so I can justify buying all of them for the fluff even though I only play a single faction.
  12. So am I looking at $400-500 to catch up on M3E lore?
  13. I'm not sure where you're getting your facts. Neither of the SoCal Henchmen that I know were Resser players in M2E. I do know that my local Henchman took a break from his M2E faction after the first few weeks of the closed beta and was excited about the early beta versions of Reva but lost interest in her as Wyrd seemed to be listening to folks who wanted to water down Pyre markers and insulate her crew from all of the negative effects from them, even though they already had tools available in the crew to mitigate the risks. That wasn't specifically a Reva problem either but rather a part of l
  14. Which is exactly the problem with having Arcane Reservoir on Magical Training.
  15. WWHSD

    Mech Rider

    It is one model reactivating as a chain activation in a game where reactivation is very rare. I think that Mech Rider probably pays a heavy price for the potential upside of both the built in suit and the reactivation on that ability making hers the most swingy ability on all of the Riders. I'd rather have something more consistent with less potential and see her get buffs elsewhere on her card.
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