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  1. WWHSD

    M2e Kaeris

    The combo of Blade and Claw and Nimble either gives Howard a huge threat range or allows him to move next to something, Flurry, and then move away to safety.
  2. WWHSD

    Schemes & Stones Ramos Crew Spotlight

    I think the bears tend to deal more damage, are a bit tankier, and are faster than Cojo. Their push allows the Strike markers to be dropped somewhere that prevents the enemy from closing with you or an objective while Cojo’s push needs the strike markers to be dropped behind the enemy model.
  3. WWHSD

    M2E Rasputina

    You have to deal damage for the +1 damage to kick in. I could have sworn there was something in the FAQ but I wasn’t able to find it.
  4. WWHSD

    M2E Rasputina

    A 1 AP action that requires a severe card, soulstone, and scrap marker. Hopefully, it damages more of your opponent’s models than your own. I expect a little more from what I believe might be the hardest model in the game for a master to summon (I think it’s tied with Ramos summoning 3 spiders). Snowstorm is 4 damage, Ice Golem is 3.
  5. WWHSD

    M2E Rasputina

    Like a lot of Arcanist masters, I think her overpriced upgrades need to get a bit of a discount. I don’t think it’s unusual for Rasputina to run around with a scheme runner’s worth of upgrades on. Some of her thematic models could also use a bit of a look. It think they pay a premium for Frozen Heart and in matchups without much Paralyzation or Horror duels it doesn’t really have much value. The Ice Golem still isn’t a good hire even after getting the price reduction. It’s an expensive summon to bring in (it’s harder to summon than a Hanged or a Jorogumo) and unless you have activation control it’s likely to be killed before it can activate.
  6. WWHSD

    can kirai summon off a one wound model?

    Remember that the models that Kirai is summoning off are killed when they hit 0 Wd, not sacrificed, so they will drop a corpse or scrap marker as appropriate.
  7. WWHSD

    LGS Promotion FAQ

    Are LGS promotions coming back anytime soon?
  8. WWHSD

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Just in case anyone else remembers a "we're not going to be doing pre-release items during our sales" statement from Wyrd, it specifically excluded GenCon. It was from this post from Nathan.
  9. WWHSD

    Schemes & Stones - Ironsides Crew Spotlight

    Pretty sure it was Summons. The way Kyle explained it is exactly what you'd get if the "their" in the last sentence referred to "This model" instead of "target models". (1) Summons (Ca 6 / Rst: Wp / Rg: 12): Push target enemy its Cg towards this model. Liability: After succeeding against a non-Master, the target gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Liable: This model may not target models that have fewer Wounds than their Wd stat with Actions."
  10. WWHSD

    Schemes & Stones - Ironsides Crew Spotlight

    In your crew review at the start of the episode you were a little off with a couple of abilities. Amina's trigger doesn't prevent that target from attacking a model with less wounds than than the target. It prevents the target from attacking models that are not at full wounds. The Automaton's ability doesn't require a model at one Wd to use. The ability can target any friendly model in range for the place. If the target was at 1 Wd they will heal 2 Wds.
  11. It's too bad it's not a Crossroads Seven Nightmare edition.
  12. This crew box looks like it won't be out of place on the table with most Gremlin models. MLP has a surprising large and loyal following. Like the Bob Ross model, I suspect that this crew box will have a lot of appeal with current Malifaux players and also with people that just buy and paint models that catch their eye.
  13. WWHSD

    M2e Kaeris

    From the previews - Fitzsimmons and the Saboteurs have ways to generate burning around scheme markers, the Fire Golem can discard to give itself and all models within 3 inches the burning condition, and models in base contact with the Fire Golem don't end the burning condition at the end of the turn. That should make it a lot easier to pass burning out and potentially keep it on a key model. Kearis just needs a way to hire a Lampad and then she'll be in a good place.
  14. I see these encounter boxes as way to tempt players into new factions much like dual faction models and masters with expanded hiring pools do. A player that grabs an encounter box for the faction that they do play now has enough models that if they were to buy a master's box from the new faction then they'd have a playable 50SS crew. There's obviously some master boxes that wouldn't quite work (mostly summoners) but there's plenty that would. With the app, it's quite possible that we'll get the stats for the models before they are available, even if they come out before a new book does.
  15. WWHSD

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    He's not helping her, she's helping him. One of her new upgrades lets her bring a friend along on a rail walk so she can get a normally slow model like Izamu to where he needs to be.