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  1. I don’t think it quite matches up with M2E Mercenaries. It looks like any model in the declared faction can be hired but if the model is not either versatile or sharing a keyword with the crew leader they will cost an additional soul stone to hire. A model that shares a keyword with the leader can be hired for the printed cost regardless of faction. A versatile Outcast model isn’t going to hireable into a Neverborn crew.
  2. WWHSD

    how about 2/3 motor scouts in a roster?

    What more needs to be accomplished when you’ve got 25 bikes with gatling guns?
  3. WWHSD

    how about 2/3 motor scouts in a roster?

    You can run 25 Motor Scouts in the same 2 commander army, right?
  4. WWHSD

    ToS Henchman program?

    Having a single program only seems like it would be an issue if Wyrd is expecting that Henchmen actively support both games or limit the number of Henchmen that can operate out of a single store.
  5. WWHSD

    ToS and Heat

    Damn, throw in a ton of deadly poisonous animals and that sounds like the sort of place you'd ship people off to as punishment. Even the ridiculously cute animals are poisonous.
  6. I suspect that if you pick up any M3E master and expect them to play like their M2E version did, you'll probably end up very disappointed. The Marcus and Rasputina that we saw at GenGon definitely looked like they would play much different than they did in M2E.
  7. 5 over the course of the game if it's in play the entire game, gotcha.
  8. I don't know about that. He seems like he could be a pretty nasty model to face. If he hits his target with his bonus action it turns off any Df/Wp triggers that they have and any other of his attacks against the target are going to be on flips. His melee attack is at stat 7. I don't think any of the models shown at GenCon had a stat that high. If it uses the built in trigger it's going to be doing 3/3/5 (4/4/6 if he has a second crow in the duel total) he could do a little less damage by declaring either his trigger that lets him attack again or hit with the execute trigger. Damage tracks seemed to be a little lower as well on the leaked models so what works out to be minimum damage 3 on an attack with a 7 stat and flips could be really good when compared against other M3E models. If he's close to his target they'll take 1 point of damage every time they cheat on a flips. Combine that with his tactical action it causes enemy models to take 2 damage if they fail the duel or 1 damage if they cheat to pass it. The combo of Terrifying, Feed On Fear, and Misery means that model near him that attack him will need to pass a Wp duel for each attack. If the fail the duel, he heals 1. If they cheat to pass the duel they take 1 point of damage.
  9. WWHSD

    Waldo's Weekly - Movement in M3E

    From reading the preview it looks like place effects in M3E are going to work more or less like they do in M2E. Making them count as a move in M3E seems like it would just clean up some rules interactions and allow abilities and rules to affect all movement with place effects being kind of a loophole like they are in M2E.
  10. WWHSD

    Waldo's Weekly - Movement in M3E

    If the speed stat of models with Flight have been set with that in mind I don't expect that it would be a problem.
  11. That's not Malifaux. That sounds like Futurama.
  12. WWHSD

    Do you consider Ten Thunders intrusive?

    That's crazy talk. If you look at themes in Malifaux as being linked to either American Westward Expansion or late 19th Century British Imperialism, Asian people and cultures should be a large part of both. Manifest Destiny and Pax Britanica aren't things to be constrained by inter-dimensional boundaries.
  13. WWHSD

    Should I Wait?

    Double post.
  14. WWHSD

    Should I Wait?

    I made a post with my thoughts on the subject. I think you should be pretty safe to start playing M2E as long as you keep some things in mind when making purchasing decisions.