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  1. I think that in a Chimera crew, whatever models players are choosing to focus the support of models like Marcus, Myranda, and Ferdinand on is going to have a good chance of feeling like it was the MVP.
  2. WWHSD

    Mech Rider

    Even if you don’t have any pass tokens, her ability allows you to reactivate one model. It’s a pass token for each model after the first.
  3. WWHSD

    Mech Rider

    I’d like to see her get to use her Chain Spear attack as a 6” projectile attack. I think that it would help her stay in position to be useful with her other abilities.
  4. 25ish percent of the cards you top deck will hit the Execute trigger. I think you just take the trigger when it comes as a way to burn your opponent’s hand and pool of soul stones. You only spend your own resources on it when you know you can push it through.
  5. I think they are your pick when you expect to be playing into a crew that can shut down the Foundry Scrap marker shenanigans. For the same price as a Rail Worker they've got a better statline, and the same durability (Hard to Kill + Armor +1). They do give up some offensive power, and the ability to make scrap but I think there's plenty of that in the rest of the crew. Between Magnetism and their 2 inch push when nearby enemies Cheat Fate they should be able to move rather quickly when RtR isn't a real option.
  6. The alternating activations, and having to allocate AP makes a difference. If you consolidate a lot of AP on just a few models, you are running the risk of that model being neutralized before it activates. I'm not too familiar with WFB and AOS but it seems like there was an initial backlash against the game but the reinvention of the game rules was ultimately very good for the game. Malifuax needs something big to happen that gets people playing the game again.
  7. Yeah, I see that now. I missed the bit about the max 2 summons, it was a little buried in a post that seemed concerned with getting two Golems on the board at the same time.
  8. How does allowing only a single Soulstone to be used cut down the play time? I'd think that the limit is most likely to affect attacks as you can no longer stone for a trigger and a plus flip on the same attack. I get that you can't use multiple stones to reduce damage but that seemed like it burned through stone pretty fast and they you are normally better off spending the stones to reduce the damage from multiple attacks.
  9. In Infinity there is no limit to the amount of AP that one model can use, you don't need to pre-allocate AP, activations don't alternate, and models that don't ever take actions of their own still have a lot of value in Infinity due to the way reactions work. Whether or not it would work out and be fun to play is kind of a moot point, since it's too late in the process to make a change of that scale.
  10. The Golem isn't gaining slow because the Gamin had the condition (but it would). It is gaining the condition because it attached the upgrade during the replace. The Golem can be placed in base contact with any of the Gamin. 2-14 Rules, pg 35: "If multiple models would be Replaced with one model, the new model is placed into base contact with any of the original models."
  11. Smoldering Heart is a bad demise ability. It really needs to be a place effect instead of a create effect to be useful. It would actually be kind of cool if the Summoning upgrade allowed any 3 Gamin to combine into Banasuva.
  12. You're right. For some reason I was thinking that Sandeep was able to summon 3 models when not the crew's Leader instead of 2. That's already self limiting enough that I'm worrying about nothing.
  13. When Gamin combine, is that going to result in a slow Golem? Does the new model count as attaching the summoning upgrade during the replace?
  14. Only the Gamin who is initiating the merge needs to have the summoning upgrade.
  15. Not at all, I've liked multiple master games. It just seems like having Sandeep on Golem replacement duty for Rasputina, Kaeris, or Mei Feng has the potential to get a little out of hand. When Sandeep is a hired master it feels like that's when he is most likely to want to summon a single type of Gamin most of the time. It may not end up being an issue but I think that if there's a case where combining Gamin into a Golem has the potential to be overpowered, it's there.
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