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  1. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    If the game comes down to a single critical flip, does that mean that neither player played well?
  2. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    You put forth two options for generating encounters in your post; using a scheme deck or using dice. Both of those require a player to get something extra to be able to play the game. I don't see any difference between using dice to generate a random number from a table and drawing cards to do so (other than the options of what those numbers are).
  3. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'm pretty sure players have been generating schemes and strategies out of the rule books and gaining grounds for as long as Malifaux M2E has been around. Scheme decks are fine and all but I just don't think that they should be the required (non-digital) method for generating an encounter pool. My position is that we should leave the tools in place that let people without scheme decks generate encounters. People with scheme decks can use those decks to generate encounters if they'd like should remain an optional and not required component to play the game.
  4. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Why use dice for scheme generation when they aren't used elsewhere in the game? Everyone already has a Fate deck.
  5. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I guess I'm not getting how drawing a card and referring to a table isn't intuitive or quick. New players already have enough crap they've got to either buy or make to play the game. I'm not sure why we need to get rid of the ability to generate encounters with a Fate Deck and require someone to buy a scheme deck or undertake an arts and crafts project to make a suitable stand-in.
  6. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    You can play with the GG doc or the book using a Fate Deck to choose your schemes. I've played like that, and I've used the app but I've never used (or owned) a scheme deck. Using a deck of cards that is already required to play the game to randomly pick something from a table in the rules seems more straight forward than requiring players to buy or make a specific deck that essentially does the same thing. It's a stated goal of Wyrd's that the app is not needed to play the game so I'm disregarding the app as the easiest way to generate an encounter pool.
  7. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    There's a big difference. I own a Fate deck.
  8. It seems odd that there is a disconnect between "placing in base contact" and "being in base contact" with a marker. I don't think anyone would argue that a model that is sitting on top of an enemy scheme marker was unable to pick it up using an Interact action because they were overlapping it rather than having the edge of the model's base touching the edge of the scheme marker's base.
  9. It seems like I've seen a handful of players that have been asking about whether they should get into Malifaux now or wait until M3E. Without having any special insight into what M3E has in store, I thought that these guidelines might help to protect the investment of people that were just starting to buy into Malifaux. There's obviously no guarantees on which models are "safe" M3E purchases but the goal is to minimize the number of models that a player may pickup that are orphaned once M3E rolls around. Take a look at the list of masters for M3E. Avoid the masters that aren't listed, and make sure the master is still in the faction that you are buying them for. Some dual faction models (Lynch, McCabe, McMourning) are losing one of their factions in M3E, plan your buying around the faction that they are staying in. Focus your purchases on models that seem like they go with the theme of the master you want to play them with. Those are the models that will likely end up with the master's keyword. Avoid buying models to bring into M2E crews using the mercenary rules. It's been announced that they are going away. Some masters have big hiring pools that allow them to bring in out of faction models. Marcus is an example of this. He can hire Beast models from any faction. Try to limit your purchases to models that they'd be able to hire without the special rule. Effigies, Emissaries, and Riders will be safe purchases since its been announced that they will have the Versatile keyword and are able to be hired without penalty in any crew that matches their faction. Avoid summoner models that have big summoning pools. It looks like there might be a lot of changes in regards to summoning. Is there anything I'm off-base on here or have forgotten to mention?
  10. WWHSD

    Unofficial M3E FAQ

    Monosyllabic Mason made more marvelous morning Malifaux mentions.
  11. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    They also matter quite a bit in turns other than the the first for scoring certain schemes.
  12. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    While I think that havening some cost associated with passing would help keep things in check it seems like not allowging consecutive passes from a player would also work unless the crew size were very similar.
  13. WWHSD

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    That’s not going to happen unless the cards get even bigger. Most of the cards that were at GenCon have their backsides pretty much full of text.
  14. WWHSD

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Especially, all of the bits about scoring Schemes and Strategies. That stuff could have all been done in GG2019 without an edition change.
  15. WWHSD

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Did anyone destroy and Destructible Ice Pillars? Were the ones she casts 30mm like the ones that drop when her Ice critters die.