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  1. "After you’ve built your Crew and are ready to face an opponent, you’ll be able to generate Strategies and Schemes, keep track of your Crew information (everything from Health, Conditions, Tokens, Victory Points, and more) while also seeing your opponent’s tracked information, as well." I hope this doesn't mean that this app will work backwards like "Bad Things Happen" did. Having to generate a crew before generating the encounter isn't how Malifaux works and that should be reflected in the official app.
  2. I think the bit in the rules that state that you can't use the walk action to leave an enemy model's engagement range is a better reference to use. As far as I can tell, it is impossible to be engaged and not in an enemy model's engagement range so the bit you quoted is accurate and not in conflict with models being unable to leave engagement range with a walk action.
  3. Any chance of printer friendly cards with no art like we had during the beta?
  4. That’s good to hear. Ideally, they’ll be cheap graphic novel sized books so I can justify buying all of them for the fluff even though I only play a single faction.
  5. So am I looking at $400-500 to catch up on M3E lore?
  6. Talking about what is on a card or reading passages from it on a podcast isn't the same as distributing the content.
  7. It's got plenty of stuff on its card that works with models that aren't living and it uses the Power Token mechanic that Hoffman is build around. There's a handful of Augmented models that are Living other than Hoffman (Joss, Howard, Steamfitter, etc). It just became a cheaper hire for Hoffman but stayed at the same cost that plenty of other crews had been willing to pay when it was Versatile.
  8. It was versatile for most of the closed beta but got a 1SS cost decrease and got the Augmented keyword near the end. That kept it the same cost to hire as it had been when it was Versatile for all of the masters but Hoffman. There were a handful of models across the different factions that got a similar treatment.
  9. You're leaving out the bit where the official tournament doc adds a layer of rules that limit players to a single declared faction in a tournament. That's how it was done in M2E, I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar in M3E as well. I think that not having players locked into a single faction for the duration of a tournament has the potential to reduce the number of leaders that are seen getting play at higher levels of competitive play and could result in a much higher number of mirror matches.
  10. I can't really tell from the picture if that's Zuul or Vinz Clortho.
  11. Did you see those arms bro? Chompy is hitting the gym, he's just skipping leg day and cardio.
  12. I'm not a fan of grown up Dreamer. Although I never ended up getting him, it was The Dreamer that brought piqued my interest in Malifaux. The idea of a small boy and his imaginary friends unknowingly wreaking havoc on a world that he just thinks is in his dreams was fantastic and original that made Malifaux seem different than other games. The eerie cuteness of The Dreamer and his imaginary friends is lost in this new version which is a real shame.
  13. It really depends on what the specific feedback is. There are some types of feedback that hardcore tournament players that are playing 5+ test games a week are less qualified to be making than someone that recently started playing, has a limited collection, and only gets in a single test game every other week. More casual players are a better reflection on how approachable and understandable the rules are and how limiting playing with a smaller selection of models can be.
  14. It's about the timing of that feedback. Closed beta testers have had months of giving feedback to Wyrd. There's no reason to make that feedback available to the larger open beta community until after those players have had an opportunity to read and experience the content. Much of the feedback from closed beta testers is going to be colored by their experiences earlier in the beta with things that have changed and may not actually be all that valid for a new group of eyes.
  15. You should be able to print both sides of four cards per page with the current PDF format without doing anything other than changing the print settings in Acrobat.
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