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  1. Nope, that's not a thing, although it would definitely make her more versatile. Just the sheer utility on her combined with being super survivable and having a decent damage spread makes her so valuable. Plus there's lots of undead in the faction besides MZs, and while that does only make it a psuedo obey, you're creating game imbalances all over. You can wound an enemy model while healing your own. You can kill an enemy model and immediately replace it with one of your own. You can bring summons to an otherwise summonless list. You make zombies that can score VP for you but never for your opponent. She's decently fast, given her size, and she just never dies. Asura is good. I know a lot of you won't agree, but I also feel fairly sure someone's going to make a spicy list using her that'll change your mind sometime in the next two years. (It might take wave 2 releases to finally break her into the meta, but she's already good enough to play at high tiers of play, imo, and once she has a reason for people to try her in tourneys more I think results will start speaking for themselves.) I really like Asura, And I'd probably be campaigning more about her if my focus wasn't so heavily on Puppets this edition, but she's nowhere near unplayable. She's really damn useful, so long as you take her as a utility crew. She feels a lot, in playstyle, like a resser version of henchman power level Mah Tucket, and given how good the Mah results have been...
  2. He was actually sold out before 3E's launch. My theory is the stocks were low and they held some back for the Gencon sale knowing he's get the hat, and they're waiting for restocks on him to rerelease.
  3. That's kindof a rude way to put it, especially since you're at least kindof wrong? I can't speak to Anna or Mortimer, but I've had a lot of good Asura results, and I've seen others play with good results with her. She's definitely not a "take every round" choice, but I think she's good value. She's very hard to kill, the "Rotenburg Residents" ability is very significant in gameplay, she has a 2/3/5 spread, she can aoe heal friendly undead, she summons and she can pseudo obey. I'm very sold on her as a very viable and well costed model. I'm surprised so many people are sleeping on her.
  4. Yes. Tourney results have looked favorably on them as of late.
  5. Yes. He's a big reason that Ressers are so high in the competetive tiers.
  6. I'm a big fan of Asura with Seamus. I haven't played much yet because I haven't painted my Miss Feasence and that drives me crazy, but my list generally has Sybelle, a doxy, here, the emissary and Asura. I've been considering giving up on Sybelle for Archie but time will tell there. I like the rest of the list though.
  7. Schemes and strats time! Round One Corner Deployment, Corrupted Idols Harness the Ley Line, Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, Outflank, Search the Ruins Round Two Standard Deployment, Reckoning Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Deliver a Message, Vendetta Round Three Flank Deployment, Turf War Detonate Charges, Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Hold Up Their Forces, Power Ritual Prizes announced soon hopefully!!!
  8. Well with how much havoc he causes you never know! 😂
  9. Is... This model is DMH. Is there anything stopping people from playing it in a DMH legal tournament? I can't tell. (Also! Give us this as a model!!! I love it!!)
  10. The Collodi M2E box is gonna be hard to track down but the fastest way to get Vasilisa. If you want a Vasilisa effect without the heals you could just grab Widow Weaver for now, although those heals and her carry effect make Vasilisa very worth buying to me.
  11. No no, they wanted one of THEM to be December's voice, because they reeeeeeaaaaally deserved it, they've been so good and it's just not fair that they don't get a prize! And then yeah, basically more of that ad nauseum and they through a misogynistic temper tantrum that ironically brought about the same event that were prophesized.
  12. I think my experience playtesting has my rankings sitting here, but no competetive play yet to back it up. Hoffman Lady Justice Lucius (needs the new releases) Perdita Nellie (also needs the new releases) Basse (will need new releases desperately, but likely jump up a few spots with a deeper model pool) Sonnia Dashel Overall the faction is too weak for me to take in a tournament because the few crews that are really really good are countered hard by people in my meta, but I think Hoffman, Lady J and Lucius are generally enough to get you there if you play smart.
  13. That's very disingenous tbh. I don't break models every game, and most people don't. But Wyrd models are notably spindly at times and some models are just prone to snapping. One of my Stitched Together breaks at the attachment points crazy easy and it's only because it's broken a few times that I know exactly how to handle it so it doesn't break. Some people don't pin models either, and I know for a fact someone not being careful could snap off my unpinned pale rider. It's not about people not trying to be thoughtful, it's that we know our mod ls better. And frankly I've seen other people have MUCH more frequent breakage so again, yeah no. And that doesn't even begin to touch on how much people don't like other people touching their minis, even without then being broken. I think even with that information it's absolutely possible to within a few tournaments figure out a niche crew that no one else is going to know how to run so that you have an edge. (ex: running a mix of out of faction models and ook models in something like Outcast Barbados or Neverborn Hinamatsu to have a weird mix that aren't intuitively synergistic) I think if you wanna sit down with a buddy and play like this that's one thing. But this is a terrible idea for a tournament where you're trying to be competetively viable and you're going to be playing with strangers who will be using your minis.
  14. That's the worst tournament idea I've ever heard. People get really attached to their models and generally don't want other people touching them. Plus imagine someone else accidentally breaking one of YOUR models during a game. Also a solid hoser is just to take a summoning master and hope they don't own the models that master can summon, and since summoners are already always precariously positioned to be the best masters because of the extra model advantage I think that these tournaments would heavily favor players who regularly play Dreamer, Asami or Kirai. Those three need their summons more than the other summoners and it would just be a slog since that's always what you'd find yourself playing into, as soon as the meta got solved in 1 or 2 tournaments. And again, people REALLY don't like having other people handle their minis.
  15. Oh no, no, no. Zoraida's trying to work with the Tyrants at the end of Book 5, Titania is trying to kill them. She just has a hard on for the Grave Spirit as a TOTALLY HARMLESS TOOL to kill Tyrants which uh.... Yikes.
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