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  1. Yes, but in that case Rollins at least would have an alt card out already.
  2. Do we know when this is coming out? I'm really holing to primarily use this Sonnia mini in M3E bc lore accurate blah blah blah.
  3. In fairness, it HAS been 2 months since the game's release. For those of us with a lot of alternate models that has made playing with alternate crews very confusing for our opponents. For me, I just explain that they're official alternate models for the cards I'm using from the faction packs and that's that, but I seriously understand the frustration and think it deserves to be acknowledged.
  4. (I like Sandeep but just already have 2 summoning masters I need to fill out first in addition to my other crews. I just don't have critical mass for him so I'd never end up declaring Arcanists right now and then taking him. Soon, hopefully!!)
  5. Thanks for the input all! I went planning to get Parker but they were sold aside from the one we had set aside for my spouse. I ended up picking up Lady Justice! I really like the new sculpts and it'll be really nice to see them on a table! (A lot of the guild players around me have been around since 1.5 so even the plastics are pretty rare for Lady J!) I'll probably grab Nellie next time I'm looking to grab a new box, tbh! I'll definitely wait to grab Sonnia and Perdita together to round out the trio.
  6. I need to pick up a new master this evening to bring my purchase total enough to get my spouse the alt spit hog. I've got 5 real choices and I'm not sure which to go with. Sandeep: Pros: Already have fire and metal gamin for Anasalea and Mei Feng, and Golems are on the Soon list. Cons: None of his other support pieces at all yet. Parker Barrows: Pros: Super into his crew and thematics and excited to paint him. Have wanted him for a while. Cons: I have nothing to actually run with him and my spouse is also picking it up so mixing up models mid painting is a real concern. Nellie: Pros: Love Nellie and she's pretty much her whole keyword right now! Cons: I'd be locked into one list to play with her. Sonia Criid: Pros: I need her eventually anyways, and her box looks pretty self sufficient for the most part. Cons: I don't knoe how flexible she is list wise just out of the box and with a few scattered Guild models. Lady Justice: Pros: Love her new sculpts. Want to paint then so bad, probably the Guild master I'm most excited to paint right now. Her whole crew will be available at the end of September. Cons: Again, list inflexibility while I build up my guild model pool. What do y'all think? What should I pick up?
  7. It depends. Can take upwards of a month during busy seasons like this out, just hold on.
  8. Yeah, not the case here though. No books, no Euripides. Just 2 M2E things, a faction pack and 6 Emissaries. Honestly I'm just really bummed at this point because there's no way I'll have it all done in time for a tourney and the other hench around here won't be running another thing till late November. So I just... don't get to play competetive Malifaux til late November. Which would be whatever except that everyone else on my meta already has their stuff or will have it by Monday, even though they all ordered later than me. I wish we could make out some order of it so it would be less frustrating is all, ya know? I am pretty upset because having your order slipped over for seemingly no reason sucks hard, and definitely isn't what the order waiver had us agree to.
  9. Oooh, jusy thought of something that might be delaying shipping times! Did anyone else who got skipped in the queue (I know for a fact someone who ordered on Saturday Night had his stuff shipped today) also have old product in the order? I had a pack of Mindless Zombies and Widow Weaver from M2E, it could be that they're waiting to hunt down old product in the warehouse until after the bulk of the orders are taken care of maybe?
  10. It's really frustrating when everyone in your area besides you has shipping confirmation even though you ordered first though, especially with a tournament coming up.
  11. As a puppets main? I take the upgrade for Hodgepodge pretty often tbh. The upgrades are just that good.
  12. OOF. I hope not this year. I have a tournament at the end of the month I need the stuff for 😨
  13. Yeah I knew they only dtarted processing things yesterday, I was just fairly early ordering and wasn't sure how fast they send stuff oit for this one! I guess maybe I'll have stuff by the end of next week then? If so prioritizing it is, unfortunately, but much better to know now!!
  14. Does anyone know when models go out for the Gencon sale? I know they're working on a backlog here, I just want to be realistic with myself about whether I'll be able to paint my haul in time for a tournament this month or I need to prioritize what I paint in favor of making sure I have the most likely relevant tech. (In fairness to me it's 15 models, 6 of them emissaries, so I'm no slouch normally with painting but it's intimidating lol!) Maybe this is a question that doesn't really need answering, I just remember the black Friday sale shipping out a lot faster and wasn't sure if maybe they take more time recovering from this one.
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