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  1. I haven't lost with Reva yet this edition, between the armor and shielding on the up close targets and the massive range, but I haven't played against Perdita either. It works great against Ophelia though, and they have similar range I think!
  2. I actually think Reva is fine with just her box. As with all of these, you'll eventually need to pick up more, but Reba is one of the more powerful and synergistic out of the box masters, especially if you're looking for ranged shenanigans that have strong adaptability rather than a locked in up close playstyle.
  3. @Kurtadam I'm very unsavy when it comes to tech tbh and I'm trying to figure out how to scrub personal identifiers that my google account has from it but yes! Sorry, I know that's frankly super inconvenient 😕
  4. Picked up The Sow for my spouse (not much that they need since they only play Rocinante and Ophelia and even less of that stuff at the store), the 40mm bases to make piano markers for Zipp, and some base decorations for conversiona I have planned for Parker Barrows!
  5. That's what Shifting Loyalties is I definitely understand what you're saying, I'm just repeating what's already been said about why they did it.
  6. It's different because this game is fictional and character driven, so unlike WWII games it's not meant to be an immersive "play history" thing, Malifaux takes place in a living, breathing world and it would somewhat break immersion to ignore that. That doesn't mean I like DMH, but it does make a lot it sense.
  7. Most of the community around me has died down; I'm still trying to get it going, but not many people like beta testing when they have 3 other games they play that are in their most up to date form already. Which is fine. I'm trying to make things fun for the few people who are enjoying the game and keep drawing people in, but I was really discouraged last night after a particularly bad night of demos. But then today I got to experience the awesome flip side of that-- the other LGS in town that carries Malifaux was clearance-ing all of their M2E stock and I picked up $400 of models for under $200, and I just feel great right now and wanted to share but didn't want to disrupt anyone's threads about M3E, so I thought I might ask the rest of you about good things about waiting for the full release to drop since the forum's been so serious and uptight with anxiety around the release lately
  8. Really the only way to do this well is on a terrain board. Malifeaux is oversaturated with color because of its second sun, so it's likely that at night the world looks normal for us. But if you're going for what night would look like to us, paint with muted colors and ideally have points of light radiation that show what the actual color looks like to make clear vis a vis lighting perspective that everything else is in the dark.
  9. I'm very biased (my fav masters are Dreamer, Titania, Catlyn and Tara) but Tara is definitely where I'd go. She's very mechanically defined, a fun twist on summoning, she has the models to support her role as either a beater or control crew and (imo this is really relevant) she's a LOT cheaper to buy into(only $150 for everything she has released rn, and all easily purchased). Leveticus has fun models like Marlena and Ashes and Dust but imo Tara plays more intuitively for people who played M2E Hamelin because she inherited some of his tricks.
  10. I think you're looking at it wrong. In 3E the cost is a balancing effort for the crew. Cost just reflects how much they can outshine the leader of a crew. Wyrd is able to balance the actual crew to be more or less powerful, and a lot of the more costly masters are near about useless as leaders without their crew to help pull off their strategy. So yeah, I'd be ok taking a 15ss master against a hypothetical 40ss one (although a 40ss master isn't a good faith argument) because then I'm going to be outactivating my enemy. They're going to have maybe 5 models, possibly 6 at most, maybe even just 3. It doesn't matter how good those models are, you build your scheme pool and crew around it. If I know it's a much unkillable master I choose to outactivate with tiny scheme runners. Yes, it sucks to have a big threat unremovable, but that's how it goes sometimes. And as its own master that master probably needs a lot more support from its crew. I think you're misunderstanding and misequating power level to cost, when there are a lot of other ways to balance for "more powerful" masters. Again though, that's really a bad faith argument and like. Idk dude. I don't really have any skin in this game because it's going to be how it is and it's good design principal whether you get why or not, but I know how upset I've been with several things this edition despite then being good design choices so I wanted to reach out and make sure you knew that but like. I also don't want to start a whole ordeal of it so I'll just say this and move on unless you want to talk in good faith about why that kind of balancing works.
  11. I think you're forgetting that the costing os being balanced to help pad out having multiple masters in a crew. The models are being costed appropriately, they just might have more or less firepower outside of their thematic crew. It really isn't a big deal and frankly would be unbalanced in the long run if they weren't balancing without trying to constrain the models to a number. Designing a whole cars to a SS price is a lot less sustainable than the other way around
  12. Thedeadclaw

    Test Subjects

    I like where it is for Zoraida actually, but she has so many in-keyword models that are synergistic and just do the same job better that I hadn't even really thought to take them. I couldn't imagine taking them with Zipp though, for a lot of tje same reasons my spouse doesn't take them with their Ma Tucker; it just isn't synergistic enough with the master's abilities. It feels like maybe it's better in henchman lead games but no one really likes running henchman lead crews where I am.
  13. Yes. There's a significant lead time on the expansions and they've said numerous times that there's still several projects he finished in the pipeline.
  14. 1) Situational. I like running her both on her own (I love the swampfiends and already had most of them, so I love running her as a smasher) and as a support master (especially for Dreamer), but I find myself activating her earlier in the turn when she's the leader than when I take her with someone else. Never first, but often third or so when she's leading. She's often near the end for me otherwise. 2) I haven't had enough games to get a good grip on this honestly. 3) Do you mean go to conditions or go to models to add them?
  15. Let me make sure I can find it and it doesn't have any identifying code embedded but if so sure! Won't be home at the computer until later this week, hope that's alright
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