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  1. Cut Kaeris to $40 OBO ND Ressers to $120 OBO. I am hoping to move these within the next two weeks as I am hoping to put the proceeds to good use during the funding drive a charity I really love is running to help them meet their goals! I would be willing to negotiate pricing, I just want to get these moved before I'M moving and this drive seems like a good place for the money haha!
  2. Still have the Kaeris and Resser lot! Want these out of my house ASAP and going to a good home, so I've cut the Kaeris to $45 (free U.S. shipping) and the Ressers to $150 (free U.S. shipping). Willing to take offers, I want to move these
  3. My partner had to switch jobs recently and we have a bill that's gonna be VERY tight so today specifically if anyone wants this lot for $170 plus shipping message me here, we'll make it happen.
  4. Hi all! I got a great offer and decided to piece out this lot! Front what I have remaining, here's five smaller lots! Arcanists (Mostly Kaeris core) ($50) Ressers ($158) Ten Thunders (Primarily Jakob) (sold) Bayou/Neverborn ( sold) Guild (Lady J plus Pale Rider and Miss Terious) ($70) Shipping to the U.S. is included in price. For international shipping or inquiries, feel free to message me!
  5. Hi all! Unfortunately between clearing space for a move and my progressing physical disability I can no longer play and want to clear some space. Would like to sell ALL of it, but willing to parse then out into a set of 5 lots, each a little under half what I paid for them, to move them out quicker. Condition and notes on each set of models below, willing to take more pictures if requested! No Stat cards unless otherwise stated. Buyer pays shipping. Will ship INTL. Arcanists/Ten Thunders: $205 2e Kaeris Core (assembled, primed, unbased/no bases, unpainted) Carlos Vasquez (assembled, primed, unbased/no base, unpainted, flame in hand broken off but will ship with him so as not to put strained point through possible second break in shipping) Miss Fire (alt Willie) (assembled, primed, unbased with koi pond base, unpainted) Mr. Graves (assembled and painted) Mr. Tannen (assembled and painted) Union Miners (assembled and painted) 2e Feng Min core (assembled and painted Metal Gamin (assembled and painted) Ten Thunders Brothers (assembled and painted) 2e Jakob Lynch core (assembled and painted, some models detached from base but with base) Bunraku (assembled and painted) Shadow effigy (assembled and painted) Shadow emissary (assembled and painted) Tanuki (including 4th alt model, badly based and some detached, assembled and painted) Beckoners (assembled and painted) Arcane effigy (assembled and painted) Arcane emissary (assembled and painted) Hinamatsu (assembled and painted) Guild: $87 2e Abuela Ortega (assembled and primed, unpainted, no base) Pisteleros de Latigo (assembled and primed, unpainted, no base) Pale rider (assembled and painted) 3e Lady Justice core (assembled and painted) Miss Terious (alt death marshall)(assembled and painted) One Flew Over (Assembled and painted) Neverborn/Bayou: $275 Lucky Emissary (assembled and painted) Flying piglets (assembled and painted) Lucky Effigy (assembled and painted) 2e Zoraida core (assembled and painted) 2e Zipp core (assembled and painted) (one iron skeeter detached from base but base included) Amphibious assault (assembled and painted) 2e will o' wisps (assembled, primer, unpainted, no base, one missing one foot) Alternate Barbados (assembled, primed, unpainted, no base) Half bloods (no Tuco) (assembled and painted) 2e Collodi core (one marionette missing its mirror) (assembled and painted) 2e Dreamer core (assembled and painted) (several bases detached but included) 2e Titania core (assembled and painted) Miss Ery (alt teddy) (assembled and painted) Cyclops (assembled and painted) Mysterious Emissary (assembled and painted) Outcasts: $125 3e Hamelin core (NIB) 2E Parker core (assembled, primed, unpainted, no bases) Nightmare translucent 2e Tara core (Tara and Karina painted with partial clear plastic revealed, drilled hole through Tara's chest where she canonically has a gap) Hodgepodge effigy (assembled and painted) Hodgepodge emissary (assembled and painted) Winged plague (assembled and painted) Ressurectionists: $333 Brine and Bones (NIB; opened bur untouched) He-Kome (alt shikome) (NIB) Miss Feasence (alt seamus) (assembled, primed, unpainted, hand has broken before but attached fine) Salty Seadevil (alt rogue necromancy) (assembled, unprimed, unpainted) 1e Metal Kirai core (partially painted, all primed and assembled) 1e Metal Lost Love (primed and assembled) Residents of Roten (assembled and painted) (one of Asura's zombies has fallen off but should reattach fine) Alt Reva (assembled and painted) 2e Molly core (assembled and painted) 2e Reva core (assembled and painted) 2e McMourning core (assembled and painted) (zombie chihaua unattached to base but with base) Rafkin (assembled and painted) Emiline Bellrosw (alt Madame Sybil) (assembled and painted) Rotten Belles (assembled and painted) 1e Metal Copycat Killer(assembled and painted) Dead Doxies (assembled and painted) Dr. Dufresne (alt McMourning) (assembled and painted) Bete Noire (assembled and painted) Carion Emissary (assembled and painted) Night Terrors (assembled and painted) (I built one without its head to replace it with blood from its neck instead) ENTIRE LOT DISCOUNT: $950 plus shipping Willing to entertain offers if you're interested in buying everything. Will prioritize interested parties who want the entire lot. Can not piece out individual models because I am getting ready to move in a few months and need to make sure these ALL sell. Can not do trades as I've lost the physical ability to stand long enough to play; hence selling these. Hope these can get to a good home soon! If you have any questions feel free to ask, and feel free to send offers or questions in DMs!
  6. Crossroads 7 is sold out, but I still have Dead Justice available for $80!
  7. I still have one box of Crossroads 7 and Dead Justice available! The Crossroads 7 is selling for $35 now, and Dead Justice for $80.
  8. My spouse is selling a couple of extra boxes we had saved for events we obviously never got to host this year, what with everything 🤣 We have 2 boxes of Crossroads 7 at steep discount, New on Sprue. ($45/each) And we have Dead Justice, still shrink wrapped, for $115, box a bit battered but otherwise mint condition. We can probably talk about price a little bit, but not too much since we're already eating quite a bit, especially on the Crossroads 7, since we couldn't run anything to recoup prize support. Hoping to get these to someone who will be excited to have them soon, they're just not doing us any good sitting around!
  9. Solkan, I'm pretty sure that was always the RAI, and they just clarified it in GG:S0 and will continue to do so until they decide otherwise.
  10. Lethe's caress is much better than A Cause for Celebration because it adds a heavy control element that Molly really needs. Dealing 4/6/8 once per turn is still pretty good imo and worth taking Seamus. I usually move, focus, shoot tbh? But Molly controls movement with her Lethe's Caress, she bites back against multiple attacks, she makes certain engines significantly worse. It's a defensive ability that helps you pin down important models. Also, if I'm taking a crew with Molly I know that I want access to at cost Forgotten. (Ofc Archie, but I also really want cheap access to Crooligans and Night Terrors.) Just my opinion though, I've only gotten in a few games with Ressers post Beta but I played Molly and Dreamer the most during the Beta and that's what I liked.
  11. Had a playtest game tonight with Molly and smashed Mah 7/2, and had a blast doing it. Think I made a good point at choice!
  12. Hey! Let's talk about prize support! This weekend, we'll have 6 prizes! 1st, 2nd and 3rd will split the entry fee prize money, and 1st will also get a sealed copy of Dead Justice, the first nightmare crew ever made! The most on theme spooky Fate Deck for the day will get a lightly used Call of Cthutlu themed deck! There will be a wooden spoon award, for the person in last who plays through the whole day without conceding or dropping. And I'll level with you, I want to ideally give a box of The Crossroads Seven for the painting contest, but if it isn't in in time it will split the prize pool money with 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I hope to see you all there!
  13. I've seen that. I still need Archie (hopefully getting at BF sale), Gravedigger and Manos, but have everything else. That's the list I was interested in competetively. Casually I've made Doxies work but... It's not optimal.
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