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  1. @Caedrus I'll have to mulligan this month; too much pain to finish my models. (If only it was a 31 day month!)
  2. Sorry, i thought context would carry it but I specifically meant an alternate as a different character, not a different pose alternate.
  3. I thought she was younger than (giving the Saloon fate deck) she is so do we have that information? Probably a stupid question but I was under the impression she died at 17 so I was very shocked when I saw her included there, and am thinking about repainting my Molly bc I didn't realize she wasn't a kid when I first painted her!
  4. I??? Love these??????? Hmm, might have to splurge over them!
  5. Not much this month, but I hit my goal at least. 3 Rotten Belles(5 SS each), 2 Dead Doxies (6 SS each) and Emiline Bellerose (8 SS) for a total of 35 SS this month.
  6. @Caedrus unfortunately will barely be hitting my pledge even! Chronic illness flareup knocked me for a loop this month and I'm still painting, But I should come in at 33SS on Friday!
  7. I haven't played it recently, and since I'm not a Jack player I didn't realize it'd been changed yet. I played maybe a week ago last? I'm glad to hear it's less oppresive though!
  8. I don't play Jack Daw, and I want to say that first. I've also only played against Outcast Jack. But Outcast Jack is the least fun to play against out of any of the masters in this edition I've played. It's not a fun time if you aren't the one playing Jack. It might not be competetive but it's oppressive, and I think making it both things would just guarantee no one wanting to play with competitive Reader OR Outcast players. This is just my opinion based on what I've personally experienced, mind you, but I just won't feel good about advocating Jack buffs personally unless they were to rework how his crew fundamentally functioned.
  9. I'm shockes how few people like new Hamelin! I know it's no est engine, but it's poetry in motion lining up kills with it now. It's all precision and thibking ahead 20 moves and reorganizing ypur moves every time your opponent counters. It's unintuitive and takes carefully machinized action to work well, but then it works really well. Maybe I'm just biased, but I love this crew a lot and it's one of my favorites to play across the whole edition. (I do prefer Dreamer the most, and admittedly Zipp and Reva are pretty up there, but Hamelin has been my #2 so far.)
  10. Unfortunately that's the same pun as already existing Miss Terious. I imagine having two similar names based on the same pun would become a serious problem during web store sales. @Everyone taking henchman and master names and just feminizing them/masculinizing them; while it might change, that hasn't ever been the naming convention for these models. Usually masters tend to be a new character that has similiar mechanics in lore (with a few notable exceptions, like Dr. Dufresne), and Henchmen are the same thing but characters from either the books or TTB. The closest we've gotten so something like that to date is the Dead Justice set, but since they haven't gone back to that style of alt since I think it's safe to say we probably aren't getting a Phillipa and the Nanny, etc.
  11. I'd love to see an alternate Seamus! He's one of the original masters and hasn't ever had an alternate version, and since Nicodem and McMorning each have one it'd be nice to have all 3 done Maybe as Captain Kari Zotiko from the TTB module The Ferryman? She's a character I'd love to see a model for and her mechanics in TTB are pretty similiar to how Seamus likes to play while still having her own unique flavor. As far as the Mr/Mrs series goad though? I'd love to see alt McTavish as Miss Calculate (because he's a sniper, and might miscalculate the wind or distance etc?)
  12. Hey everyone! On Thursdays of this month, from 7:00 P.M. EST to 9:00 P.M., Heroes Comics and Gaming will be hosting an achievement league! The league will be free and casual, so come in and just have a good time with other Malifaux players in the area. We'll be using the final beta patch for the duration of the league. Heroes Comics and Gaming 361 Baxter Ave. Louisville, KY 40204
  13. Whew! What a long month! I'll break it down crew by crew. Dr. Grimwell (9ss), Nurse Heartsbane(8ss), Orderly x2 (5ss each, 10ss total): 27 ss Bete Noire (8ss) Asura Roten (8ss) Tara (15ss), Karina (5ss), The Nothing Beast (10ss), Void Wretch x3 (4ss each, 12ss): 42 ss Cyclops x2 (8ss each, 16 total) Angel Eyes (9ss), Scion of Black Blood/Maurice (8ss), Bloodwretch x2 (5ss each, 10ss): 27ss Dr. McMorning (15ss), Dr. Dufresne (15ss), Sebastian (7ss), Canine Remains (4ss), Flesh Construct (6ss), Nurse x2 (6ss each, 12ss), Zombie Chihuahua (2ss): 61 Total monthly count at 189. Tried to get another cluster of models done but there's only so much time in the month, especially with chronic pain, lol!
  14. This is tomorrow and we'll be happy to see you there! The schemes will be posted at 12:00 tomorrow when the shop opens and rounds will start promptly at 1:30 P.M. EST!
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