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  1. Hey I just wanna say to #32 that I LOVED your mini and wish I had another vote to go to it. It's so creative and the line work is so clean!
  2. Solkan, I'm pretty sure that was always the RAI, and they just clarified it in GG:S0 and will continue to do so until they decide otherwise.
  3. Oh now, that's just unfair to vamps this time of year! You know they can't show up on camera! But still... Has anyone seen my bird? (I'm sure the bird would say "Hi Nathan" and make Nathan a new "friend" if I could find him anywhere...)
  4. Lethe's caress is much better than A Cause for Celebration because it adds a heavy control element that Molly really needs. Dealing 4/6/8 once per turn is still pretty good imo and worth taking Seamus. I usually move, focus, shoot tbh? But Molly controls movement with her Lethe's Caress, she bites back against multiple attacks, she makes certain engines significantly worse. It's a defensive ability that helps you pin down important models. Also, if I'm taking a crew with Molly I know that I want access to at cost Forgotten. (Ofc Archie, but I also really want cheap access to Crooligans and Night Terrors.) Just my opinion though, I've only gotten in a few games with Ressers post Beta but I played Molly and Dreamer the most during the Beta and that's what I liked.
  5. Had a playtest game tonight with Molly and smashed Mah 7/2, and had a blast doing it. Think I made a good point at choice!
  6. Hey! Let's talk about prize support! This weekend, we'll have 6 prizes! 1st, 2nd and 3rd will split the entry fee prize money, and 1st will also get a sealed copy of Dead Justice, the first nightmare crew ever made! The most on theme spooky Fate Deck for the day will get a lightly used Call of Cthutlu themed deck! There will be a wooden spoon award, for the person in last who plays through the whole day without conceding or dropping. And I'll level with you, I want to ideally give a box of The Crossroads Seven for the painting contest, but if it isn't in in time it will split the prize pool money with 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I hope to see you all there!
  7. I've seen that. I still need Archie (hopefully getting at BF sale), Gravedigger and Manos, but have everything else. That's the list I was interested in competetively. Casually I've made Doxies work but... It's not optimal.
  8. Do you not generally take 2 shikome in the list? I've seen that be popular around here and would love to know whether it's actually useful. Jaakuna: yay or nay? Should I hold off on Gaki in favor of other Urami first? I was going to get the Goryo/Seishin repack first and then those for the built in trigger, but yeah, they didn't look like they're ever worth wasting the stones or upgrade on. My two playtest partners play Bayou (Mah main with Ulix and Ophelia, although they're thinking about using my Zipp and Zoraida for tourneys to give some control crews) and 10T (Shenlong main with every master but Lunch, Yan Lo and Youko), so I expect I'll be using Kirai frequently, especially as I tend to like the minigames the summoners have.
  9. Meta here is a bit wonky and disparate; one of the best players in the country plays here, and there's a clump of players somewhere around his level. Then there's another cluster of casual players who just play tournaments to get three games in a day. Generally round one is easy enough for me to get the win or at worst draw, and then I face the more serious crews. Our meta only has 2 arcanists players at all, so I dodge all of that regularly. No guild players at tourneys yet, outside of a guy who decided the game wasn't the right fit for him. Three or four Bayou players, about five Neverborn players, both of those sporadic. Outcasts only have about 5 sporadic players but some of the stronger players are in the faction. Most of the stronger players, and more crews by %, are either Rez or 10t. Kirai, Lynch, Asami, Shenlong, Molly and every once in a while Seamus are the major players, if that makes a difference. I already do play quite a bit and am testing lists like crazy right now. By the time I was doing tournaments I could essentially goldfish Dreamer, so I want to get a few crews to that before I officially switch, naturally. Grave diggers are probably one of my next buys, along with the nightmare Molly stuff. I really liked Molly in the Beta and she's the only one of my favorite masters that I still enjoy playing competetively (I don't like Titania anymore tbh, Hamelin is fun but rough to play competetively consistently, and I don't have the critical mass on Tara) so that's a very welcome confirmation.
  10. Oh yeah? If so I feel even better about trying to main Ressurectionists for now.
  11. Would you recommend Yan Lo or Von Sctook next, after I fill out Kirai and Molly? Are there any versatiles That are must haves?
  12. Well I think that following both a lot of play myself and data analysis. Right now Ressurectionists are just more consistent at scoring everything but Corrupted Idols, and I'm sure when Gaining Grounds 2020 comes out they'll fix the Zoraida exploit. Neverborn also suffers against a lot of dps heavy crews, especially ranged ones, in scheme/strat pools that don't rely heavily on damage or killing models, since their tanky models aren't generally as good at scheming. In addition, while I like Puppets, Dreamer and Zoraida are the only 2 Neverborn masters with enough power to pull through as strictly better than alternatives in other factions, and I'm not convinced Zoraida isn't better in Bayou. Lucius is best in Guild imo (and I have no interest in playing him), Marcus is powerful but not consistent, and Euripides is too competetively untested for me to feel comfortable taking a gamble on. Ressurectionists on the other hand have some of the most powerful masters in the game. Seamus isn't good as a leader in most poops, but is a great hire for another master. Molly and Kirai are crazy good. Yan Lo into Reckoning seems incredibly solid, even if he might be better in ten Thunders. I don't know that Ressurectionists are the right choice for me, but outside of casual play I've found Neverborn lacking, and ultimately whether you think it's weaker or not isn't what I made this thread about. I want to play around and see how Ressurectionists play in a tournament setting, and I wanted to know what the mandatory and recommended crews and models are for that. I don't know how your meta is, but Ressurectionists and Ten Thunders both do very well here, and since I'm looking to try something else anyways I wanted to start there.
  13. I've been meaning Neverborn for tournaments just out of familiarity, but between organizing and playing in them for the past 4 months it's become very clear that Ressurectuonists have a much more powerful kit. I'm already regularly placing and prizing out, but I want to start taking 1st at some of these events, so I think I need to relegate Neverborn to casual pickup games for a while. So! What I have: Miss Feasence, with almost all of her keyword filled out. (No Dandies yet, and nothing from The Undying) McMourning, his 2E kit, Rafkin Molly, her 2E kit, Night Terrors Reva, her 2E kit, Restless Spirit Kirai's 1E box, Lost Love Effigy/Emissary Mindless Zombies Asura Roten What I'm getting soon: Crossroads 7 All of Molly I can buy at the Black Friday sale, in their glorious alts So what I want to know is what I should be focusing on buying now. I expect Kirai should be my next target based on tourney results, and that I should fill her out as quickly as possible. I also plan on grabbing gravediggers soon. But are McMourning and Reva tournament viable? I know they're fun, and I have enjoyed them, but I know condition crews have struggled in serious tournaments this edition, so I'm unsure about them. Do I absolutely have to buy Yan Lo to be competetive? I hate his lore, and the gross out gore on some of his models, but I'm willing to pick him up anyways if it's necessary to perform well. I know the Kirai hire Seamus trick, and I know Molly is best in a lot of pools. I know Archie is OP, and I have a solid grasp on the way to play all of the crews I have. The only thing I absolutely refuse to do is play Jack Daw. His playstyle is such a feel bad playstyle for the person playing against it that I don't want to make people slog through that. Other than that, hit me with your suggestions for everything I should get to be tournament viable. I probably have a tournament in late November I'll play at and then none till the new year, so don't worry about quantity, I paint a lot each month. Thanks!!
  14. Nope, that's not a thing, although it would definitely make her more versatile. Just the sheer utility on her combined with being super survivable and having a decent damage spread makes her so valuable. Plus there's lots of undead in the faction besides MZs, and while that does only make it a psuedo obey, you're creating game imbalances all over. You can wound an enemy model while healing your own. You can kill an enemy model and immediately replace it with one of your own. You can bring summons to an otherwise summonless list. You make zombies that can score VP for you but never for your opponent. She's decently fast, given her size, and she just never dies. Asura is good. I know a lot of you won't agree, but I also feel fairly sure someone's going to make a spicy list using her that'll change your mind sometime in the next two years. (It might take wave 2 releases to finally break her into the meta, but she's already good enough to play at high tiers of play, imo, and once she has a reason for people to try her in tourneys more I think results will start speaking for themselves.) I really like Asura, And I'd probably be campaigning more about her if my focus wasn't so heavily on Puppets this edition, but she's nowhere near unplayable. She's really damn useful, so long as you take her as a utility crew. She feels a lot, in playstyle, like a resser version of henchman power level Mah Tucket, and given how good the Mah results have been...
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