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  1. You're correct in that Soulstone dust does hold some sort of charge. However, unlike Soulstones, the dust can't be recharged; once the charge is spent, it's just dust.
  2. Breaking a Soulstone in half doesn't create two Soulstones, anymore than breaking a computer in half creates two computers. You just end up with two halves of a non-functioning and broken Soulstone.
  3. The Guild owns the two legal newspapers in town. Just have Nellie push through an article about Arcanists doing terrible things and skip to the end result without having to deal with all the logistics of a false flag operation.
  4. That's more plausible, though with the high profile of the Death Marshals (and the existence of necromancy prior to the Guild's arrival in Malifaux), it's still not a particularly great conspiracy theory, as far as they go. Conspiracy theories about the Guild would work better if it was a relatively benign organization, but they're tyrants and have (or rather, had) the world pretty tightly clenched in their iron fist. I mean, this is an organization that, in Malifaux at least, rips people out of their homes in the middle of the night and burns away their souls to turn them into walking claymore mines. You really don't need conspiracy theories about the Guild, because the semi-public truth is already pretty grim.
  5. The Union was created less than a decade before the current game time. I don't think that anyone in the Union or Arcanists would believe such a rumor, nor would it really matter if they did. Not a whole lot of organizations are down with creating their own political opponents / terrorist organizations because they felt like they just had too much control over stuff.
  6. Nope, the M&SU formed independently from (and in spite of) the Guild, and currently exist as their primary political opponent in Malifaux. The Arcanists are the third "secret" branch of the M&SU (after the Miners and the Steamfitters).
  7. Yup, some of the stat card values vary between Tarots. This is intentional. Use the stat spreads for whatever Tarot spread you're using. Correct.
  8. I don't think I've changed any base sizes going from M2E to M3E.
  9. You cannot. Per pg. 182 of the Core Rules, right column, last paragraph, you can use Counter-Spelling to end an ongoing spell before its normal duration would cause it to expire.
  10. Just an average, everyday sort of hammer.
  11. A typo on my part. I meant to say "Obliteration is a Tyrant" and got my brain-wires crossed. Apologies for the confusion!
  12. Obliteration a Tyrant. Titania used its power to murder all the physical forms of the Tyrants (including Obliteration). Obliteration is not fond of the Grave Spirit.
  13. She does, though it's more of a secondary focus (sort of like Leveticus and his Abominations).
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