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  1. Mason

    Our worst models

    If the opponent's entire crew is in cover, then you can just move up, focus, and fire a single shot. Pretty much the same as any other shooting model, really.
  2. Mason

    Our worst models

    Tara using Pull the Void on Lazarus to make him fast has carried me through a few tournaments. It lets him walk forward and Autofire to drop a whole lot of damage into one place.
  3. Mason

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    They are written with the understanding that they will be completed in order.
  4. 1) Provided that the corpse is mostly intact, yes. 2) Subordinate characters don't have fate hands. They're controlled by one of the Fated. Fx. Treat them like robots. You can send them out to do stuff, but they won't really be able to change their plan or adapt all that well to things that change. They are also very stupid, with Intellect -5 and Cunning -5. They likely don't understand the concept of protection money, and most can't talk to tell people what they want. Plus, lone undead wandering around the city are likely to get shot and killed by guards or just citizens with guns.
  5. Mason

    Mage - New manifestation

    Yes, but it has to be approved with your Fatemaster, so work with them to come up with something you're both happy with.
  6. Mason

    July 2018 Errata

    We've sent the information on to the App company, so now we're waiting just like you.
  7. Mason

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    Remember, you can always target enemy models with Decay.
  8. Mason

    TN: Hidden or Public Knowledge

    The Cheating Fate mechanical more or less requires the PCs to know the numbers that they're aiming for in order to work in any sort of satisfying way.
  9. Mason

    July 2018 Errata

    It is my understanding that she will.
  10. Mason

    July 2018 Errata

    This errata is only for things which are breaking the game (or just inherently broken, like Burn Out). Ironsides' Cache may or may not be higher than needed, but either way, she's not rolling over her opponents because of it.
  11. Mason

    July 2018 Errata

    Hello everyone! In July, we release our critical errata, which is aimed at fixing important issues that are warping the game. This time around, we only have two primary concerns which we are addressing, namely Sandeep and Nicodem. Sandeep Desai For two years now, Sandeep has proven to be incredibly versatile, to the point where he has become something of a staple at tournaments. By itself that's not a problem, but Sandeep's effectiveness has pushed other Arcanist masters out of the spotlight, so we'll be reigning him in a bit. - Cache reduced to 2. This new Cache is more reflective of Sandeep's power level. - Beacon Ca penalty increased to -2. Sandeep's Beacon is a powerful tool, but his Crew was using it a bit too efficiently. This should apply a bit more pressure onto Sandeep's Crew when it comes to hitting the TNs of borrowed Actions. - Removed Impossible to Wound. This loss will make Sandeep considerably more fragile and, thus, make positioning more important for Sandeep and his removal easier for his opponent. Nicodem Nicodem was strong when M2E first released, and he has only gained in strength since then. His ability to use Undead models more effectively than other Masters has made him an increasingly strong choice, to the point where he has started to crowd out other Resurrectionist Masters and warp the design process. To that end, we will be reigning his power level in, both on his base card and his most popular upgrade. - Wounds reduced to 12. This should make Nicodem a bit more vulnerable to assassination attempts. - Re-animator now summons Undead in at one Wound remaining, rather than half their Wounds. This will make his summoned models more vulnerable and apply pressure on Nicodem by forcing him to either summon more fragile models or to spend AP healing them with Decay. Undertaker (Upgrade) - I Can Use That! now only affects non-Peon models, and it only functions when they are killed (not sacrificed). This should prevent the worst of Nicodem's abusive use of this Ability and bring it back in line with the Upgrade's cost. - The Patchwork trigger now has reduced range and healing, which, when combined with Nicodem's Re-animator changes above, should prevent him from healing up his summoned models quite as easily. Additionally, we are also issuing errata on Jakob Lynch's Burn Out Upgrade in order to correct a typo that rendered it less than useful. Burn Out - The Ability now references the Brilliance Characteristic instead of the Brilliance Condition. PDF versions of the new cards are attached below, and they will be added to our website's errata page shortly. If you would like physical copies of the changed cards, they will also be available on DriveThruRPG very soon. Nicodem_Errata_July2018.pdf Sandeep_Errata_July2018.pdf Undertaker_Errata_July2018.pdf Burnout_Errata_July2018.pdf
  12. Mason

    Obsidian Gate Results

    The most popular character isn't something that has stuck in my mind, unfortunately. As for consequences, the Arcanists are gaining a boon in the story, which you'll see before too long.
  13. Mason

    Obsidian Gate Results

    Yes, we made them public at the time. I don't believe that the forum exists anymore, but the Arcanists claimed victory.
  14. Mason

    Obsidian Gate Results

    That will be addressed in the appropriate Other Side expansion book.
  15. Mason

    Obsidian Gate Results

    Those are number of people that played characters of that Faction or Fatemasters that voted for that Faction.