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  1. Just be careful that you know the difference between the Aura symbol (includes the source model), and the Pulse symbol (does NOT inlude the source model.
  2. solkan

    Thoughts about M3E

    Oh, we all know the answer to this one. Everyone who owns a Hamelin or any rats during the time of M2E will be required by M3E to publicly apologize during a game. Even if they aren’t playing Outcasts. ✌️ On a more serious note, I asked about model limits for things like Mindless Zombies And was told that certain cases like that may be given exceptions. But you’re still going to have a limit, one way or the other. Though by definition, because there’s a beta, the details are subject to change. ( It’s not like Mason’s going to say “Malifaux Rats are no longer valid models.” ) Buying one box of everything is going to be safe. Even if rats change how they work, they’ll still do something. Just don’t look at the current “In M2E, I could theoretically have X rats and Y rat kings and Z rat catchers in play at once, and that’ll require multiple boxes...” and think it’s certain to get grandfathered in at the two box limit.
  3. solkan

    Sensei Yu and Yan Lo

    It’s not a (0) action belonging to the model. It’s a (1) Action that it can take as a (0) Action. See, for instance, the Changeling FAQ where just because the model can take an Action doesn’t include it for the purposes of engagement range, even though that is define as So the Changelings can declare attacks that aren’t theirs.
  4. solkan

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    What’s the definition of “I won because I got lucky”?
  5. You mean “currently almost-must-have models”, right? Part of the point is that models like Howard Langston shouldn’t be must-have models for everyone in every crew.
  6. I think what happened is whoever divided the sprues up messed up. The guy with the hair and the shotgun, ended up on the sprue below an alt model. That’s the sprue in at least some of the boxes sold at Gen Con. But at least one person on Facebook has posted getting a sprue with the lady model and enough parts to put together a strange looking guy figure.
  7. solkan

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I think most of the office staff were on a 5AM Monday flight back, Tuesday’s probably going to be the day of the living dead. 😧
  8. I think the issue with tyrants forming their own faction is that they aren’t on the same side. Hamelin/Pestillence And Nightmare wouldn’t have any common cause or shared forces, for instance.
  9. solkan

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    That’s an on the spot only thing. Probably relevant that the raffle was held at noon on Sunday, about three hours ago.
  10. solkan

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I asked about the multiple masters thing, and you don’t get to do “This is Marcus’s crew, and this is Rasputina’s crew” if you hire both masters. It’s just “This is Marcus’s crew and Rasputina showed up.” If Rasputina has friends, it’s just the friends Marcus would normally have access to. Not unlocking more stuff due to Rasputina being in the crew. The reason was something-something-scared alpha testers.
  11. solkan

    Story Encounter Index

    Summaries for the new boxes. Backdraft: Booze Hunt. 1 player. 25 SS, Henchman led crew. No schemes used. Neutral Models(2 whiskey Gamin). Summary: Ten turns to try to steal booze from two whiskey Gamin before they escape the table. Everything is Fine. Neutral models(Fire Golem). Markers (Twelve 50mm Flaming Debris Markers). “Everything is on fire, your people are scattered and confused, there’s an angry Fire Golem coming right for you, and a bunch of people that want you dead just showed up with loaded weapons. That’s fine, though. Everything is fine.” Demolitions Crew. 4 players. 40SS Henchman led crews. Neutral models(Joshua Fitzsimmons and Saboteurs, though technically they’re just used as terrain/markers). 30mm Bomb markers. Summary: Interact with Fitzsimmons or Saboteurs to place bomb markers (1VP at end of game, not capped). Saboteurs added on turns 3 and 5. Undying box: Too Much Manos. Single player, 25SS, Henchman crew. Puzzle scenario trying to defeat Manos, Mourners, and a Grave Golem. Catch the Wanyudo! Neutral model (Wanyudo). Summary: At the end of each turn, after the first, a crew earns 1VP if it interacted with the Wanyudo more than the other crew. But Killing or sacrificing models activates the Wanyudo, directed towards whoever just killed/sacrificed that model.
  12. Can you explain what you expect would fix the issue? Because your complaint appears to be that the developers took a previously patched over rules issue and errated it to fix it properly. After all, most of the time a FAQ is used to explain how a rule is supposed to work when there isn’t an opportunity to rewrite it more clearly.
  13. solkan

    The loved and the lost

    Was it the current book or the previous one where Collodi’s story was basically “I’m going to go wander off with the wagon in search of the mystery of life?”
  14. solkan

    Kirai's Malevolence Timing question

    Why you make an assumption that contradicts such entries as The “after a model is damaged” ability happens during step 5. The trigger happens during the After Step 5 Step. The lack of an effect to resolve after the damage doesn’t make the two timing steps equivalent.
  15. If you have a ram built in, and you flip a ram, that’s two rams. (A ram symbol each time.) Where are your other two rams to give you four?