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Community Answers

  1. For the record, there end up being two different situations a model gets into when resolving an action: It has to resolve a single effect that is impossible. For instance "Discard a card" when there aren't any cards in the appropriate hand. Result: You attempt to resolve the impossible, nothing happens, and you continue to the next effect in the action. Note that "A and B", and "A then B" ("Target suffers X and is pushed" or "Target suffers X, then is pushed") A and B are separate sequential effects. It has to resolve "A or B" choices. Stuff like "Discard a card or suffer 2 damage". You can't choose an impossible option. The point being that you can get into situations where you declare a trigger that goes through a long sequence of impossible effects, or have an action that's a long sequence of impossible effects. You won't accomplish anything, but you can still declare the action, pay its cost, etc. Don't forget that that option is "Remove all enemy Scheme Markers in base contact". If you declare Interact while standing on top of your own scheme marker, you're not going to remove your own marker. Edit: Aaarg. I double checked the PDF and the print version, and both say: In second edition, this functionality only removed enemy markers. And I fear I've been playing it wrong for a while. 😨
  2. Please provide a human test subject that is claiming that "may ignore the effects of ... terrain Markers" does not include the effect "may ignore the terrain traits on ... terrain Markers".
  3. Choose a deployment zone, resolve effects that say “after choosing deployment zone”, then split crews, and so forth. Edit: That “and” between ‘choose a deployment zone’ and ‘split the crew in half’ is separating two different events, not combining them into one event.
  4. There are enough models that run around getting treated as corpse markers that you're not going to get anywhere there. More importantly, a Corpse Marker has -no- distinguishing characteristics apart from being named a Corpse marker. The marker rules say that a particular marker is Ht 0 unless the rules say otherwise, and a Ht4 Blocking, Impassable marker is saying otherwise just as much as a Sz mindless zombie is. (There isn't any reason a model couldn't have a rule like "This model drops a Ht4 impassable Corpse marker when killed". )
  5. Yep, the place doesn’t have to succeed for the rest of that sentence to happen.
  6. The triggers for actions tie in to the flip (either simple or contested) to resolve the action, not the flip to resolve damage. To take Flash Photography as an example, if the reporter declares the action, it's a flip of that AV 10 vs. the defending character's Wp. If the target's a Fated, then you're resolving that AV 10 vs. the Fated character's Wp and a card, and if the card ends up having a ram, the reporter can declare the trigger. If they do so and win the duel, then you resolve all that stuff after the "After succeeding..." Even if you're looking at an action that has something like "Target suffers 1/2/3 damage" and then has some triggers after that, those triggers still work with the duel to resolve whether the action succeeds or not, not the flip to resolve the 1/2/3 damage. (Even if the trigger's effect is "Target suffers +1 damage" or something. When triggers get resolved changes depending on the keywords they start with. What enables the trigger to be used in all cases is going to the be duel to see whether the action succeeds.)
  7. You’re trying to make a distinction that the rules don’t. There’s no such distinction made between “active” and “passive” as abilities far as responsibility for killing a model in the rules for killing models.
  8. It's true that model with the pilot upgrade attached to it ("the pilot") doesn't have a way to draw line of sight and range to other models while buried (even though the pilot upgrade allows other models to draw line of sight and range to it). I think it's a pretty much deliberate arrangement, because it'd be just silly if you could just have Maxine sit around using the Calypso as an armored suit instead of having Dr. Beebe piloting. Especially since Dr. Beebe's Master Pilot ability does have the extra text to make his Bleeps and Sweeps pulse work while he's piloting the Calypso.
  9. I think so. As far as I can tell, Black Blood should treating the generated damage pretty much like you’d treat a generated action—you figure out the pulse and who’s getting damaged, and queue all of the ‘suffers 1 damage’ instances up, rather than trying to resolve Black Blood’s pulse after the fact.
  10. The is part of the action’s range, and that’s not copied. Even though there are rules associated with it, it’s not “special restrictions”. “Special restrictions” are in italics.
  11. The triggers for an action are part of that action. So all of the triggers for the action have to satisfy the same requirements that the main body of the action does. As a pure hypothetical, if the restriction had been "take ... action without naming a model", then you'd be able to do so, but that would probably cause all sorts of weird interactions. "These limitations are all by Action (or Ability) and model" refers to both of the previous paragraphs. No. "Once per turn" and "once per activation" work exactly the same way as far as "These limitations are all by Action (or Ability) and model". Which means that if you have X models in a situation to take an action once per turn, each one of those X models can take that action each turn. "listing a model by name" includes both things like "name a X model" and effects that have an exact model name (like "Summon a Gaki" or whatever). In the immediately previous edition, this was explained in a FAQ entry which reads as follows: (The protection of Metal action in the previous edition was: But the important part of that answer is the part where it says: with Re-animator given as an action that includes the text "name a Resurrectionist Minion Undead model". Your group is welcome to be annoyed by the fact that that explanation isn't included in the current FAQ, but the meaning of "list a model by name" hasn't changed, especially given the amount of action text that directly copied to the new edition.
  12. The thing is that Explorer’s Society probably has enough plot background for its own book (or an adventure series?). On the other hand, in spite of all of the writing at the end of M2E and the start of M3E, it still feels wrong to me to call something the Capital O Outcasts.
  13. Big hug to the people in shipping as they continue to wrap up the GenCon orders.
  14. Edit: Nevermind, I misread some text.
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