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  1. “How come all of the summoners are using horde crews now?” — What happens when you base hand size on crew size.
  2. Doesn’t anyone use focus for defensive flips any more? 🤕 To be honest, unless there’s going to be a corresponding to damage when Focused gets reduced by the defender, the to damage for the attacker when reducing focus does seem like a relic of the previous edition.
  3. I think one serious component of the answer is time. There hasn’t been enough to get to everything yet. Stuff like the Malisaurus Rex being Fae should be proof enough that the developers still believe in out-of-faction keyword models. But it’s probably not going to be very common because models that get used in two keywords have to be tested in their own faction’s keywords and the foreign keyword. That actually puts a big limit on what the model can do.
  4. Yes, exactly that. Unauthorized time travel is expressly forbidden. 🤕 The order of steps is: 2. Set the health of the new models and (if applicable) heal them. 4. Pick a new model to become the target of anything targeting, choosing, etc. the original models. 5. Remove the original models without triggering "killed" effects if they're on the same crew. 6. If the new models are at 0 Health, kill them. Which means that, yeah, the beta testers missed the case of "the target model has a 'cannot heal' effect on itself specifically, not an area of effect 'canno
  5. I think what happened with the FAQ is a policy change between editions. In both M2E and M3E, there's a restriction in Walk concerning leaving engagement range. In both editions, because engagement depends on both range and line of sight, if a model was engaged and was moved to a position in melee range but out of line of sight it would no longer be engaged. In M2E, the FAQ decreed that this was okay, and didn't provoke a disengaging strike. The M3E FAQ is saying this is not okay. It is effectively changing the text in Walk to mean "This movement cannot be used to stop being en
  6. I swear to heaven that at one time the rules did explain that shockwaves were listed as But there's confirmation in the second paragraph:
  7. I think you're both currently conflating "What would be a reasonable FAQ for this text?" with "What does it say?" But, to be frank, if you're going to do that, why would you stop there and not also include a resolution that it should not matter whether Ikiryo is being summoned first or second?
  8. For what it’s worth, stuff like “Stand Back, It’s Evidence”, Scamper, Hold ‘Em, Weight of Guilt, and Shimmering Lights do say “after resolving the current Action or Ability”. That does strongly suggest that “after resolving the current Action” won’t happen outside of Actions.
  9. Yeah, I think the timing argument is pretty conclusive. Step B is "Select Model" which is described as "The Active player chooses one of their models that has not yet Activated this Turn to Activate. Chain activations explicitly bypass that step, and say "Some effects can cause models to Activate after another model. If a model would Activate this way, immediately go back to the start of Step C." In case someone wants to argue about expectations (from the Action sequence or elsewhere), that's a different arrangement of steps compared to taking an action, where the first step is alwa
  10. The big complaint about the master upgrades were: You ended up doubling the card surface area on the master (or worse). “Here’s two dozen upgrades. Pick three” isn’t a good recipe for balance. It’s really inconvenient to try to remove or change abilities with an upgrade. That’s why all of the talk shifted to alternate title versions of masters. And that’s why you probably won’t see master upgrades. Edit: Disclaimer: I still think there would be a much better experience if you could buy upgrades after seeing some of the other crew.
  11. Yeah, the timing on Execute creates a weird sort of trade off if you know how it used to work in the previous edition. 😕 The triggers that were merged to become Execute used to be "After damaging" trigger (a type which no longer exists. The requirement was roughly that the target suffered more than 0 damage, but the details involved caused timing paradoxes...). That trigger type got removed, and it got switched to an "After succeeding" instead of a "When resolving" trigger. Back when it was "After damaging", if the defender had a way of reducing damage to 0 (like using soul stones to
  12. The fact that the controller of a model makes all of the choices for a model while an action is being resolved is why Unyielding says (emphasis added): Back in the beta, the discussion came up whether Laugh Off should be rewritten to be similar. For whatever reason, the developers chose to leave it as is. So if another model takes control of a model with Laugh Off (through Obey or whatever), then that other model (the other model's player) gets to make the choice, not the model's owner.
  13. As a reminder the FAQ says: Going down that list: Life Leech: "When an enemy model starts its Activation..." Goad Witchling: "Friendly Witchling Minions that Activate within ..." On the Move: "At the start of this model's Activation..." The FAQ is saying that those are all Step 1 effects. Pine Box's "When the target activates" has to be the same timing as Goad Witchling.
  14. What requirement isn’t being fulfilled? The written rules specify a few things: - The reference point when dealing with models. - Obstacles can be moved around if doing so would bring the moving object as close (or as far) as possible. - That something moving toward an object can never increase the distance, even if the ultimate end point would be closer than otherwise possible. The M3E rules don’t have the M2E provisions that the movement is “directly” towards or “directly” away. And according to paragraphs three, four and five, if there were a large circular
  15. It's the first paragraph of the Moving rules: In other words, if you're subjected to a movement effect (move, push, place, etc), you're treated as moving whether you actually change position or not. You've got the wrong reason on a technicality: So moving in a circle around the base doesn't violate the prohibitions in the last two paragraphs of "Towards and Away"--if you're still in base contact the whole time the distance hasn't changed. At that point, all of the base contact positions are equally 'as close as possible', and you're just moving from one to the o
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