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  1. I’m having a hard time trying to imagine what you think the necessary text would have to be for the “damaged suffered” to be determined by the amount after damage reduction. The simplest conclusion is that it means what it says, as plain as possible. So that once you’ve applied soul stone damage reduction, you know how much “damage suffered” is. The alternative is that you take Drink Blood against a model with Demise(Enternal) or any other Replace or Heal on killed, throw up your hands, and never play again. Why would you choose to give up and walk away?
  2. Ah, okay. I didn't realize that's what the real life timeline of occurrences between the event and Tara haven rules. I'm once again confronted by the fact that it's almost impossible to find any of the traces of the 2013 Dead of Winter event now, other than saying that there at one time were six faction stories being written for the event.
  3. Back when Karina was sane*, she was exceptional for being able to resurrect Death Marshals at all. In the wargame (M2E), killed models drop corpse markers and various models discard corpse markers to summon models. M2E Karina and Tara didn't use corpse markers to get playable undead Death Marshals. M2E Tara could hire Death Marshals (with the Undead characteristic) because of how the various rules aligned (justified by Karina's abilities and the story line), and Karina when (with a lot of luck) summoned Death Marshals with the Undead characteristic. The same way that Seamus in M2E could hire undead Showgirl models. In Through the Breach (2nd edition, anyway), the ability that prevents a Death Marshal been reanimated is gained on the second level of Death Marshal, Pine Box is third level, and flaming skull head effect is fifth level. M3E Karina was rewritten so that she doesn't do any of that in game any more, and Tara can't hire Death Marshals any more. Disclaimer: It's a pain in the butt trying to track down Tara and friends' M1 rules, I think because of how she was the result of an annual event.
  4. There's a tricky problem with this, though. Shoulder Rush is a 6" Push, not an up to 6" push. Incorporeal models don't interrupt a push unless the push ends overlapping them. vs. You'll have a lot of arguments if you're going to try to argue that Incorporeal models don't Push through other models, and that other models don't push through Incorporeal models; rather than taking that paragraph as stating that "If a Push cannot move further (such as because of another model or impassable terrain), its movement is interrupted and stops." concerning being pushed to the board edge, etc. Edit: Although, actually, "If this model or the Pushed Ice Pillar Marker comes into base contact with one or more other models, ..." means that you don't have to have the Geryon's movement interrupted to cause the duel and damage. The Geryon should be able to use Shoulder Rush to push through incorporeal models, possibly multiple ones, going as far as that 6" push will allow it. And then you can do it again. Or push an ice pillar, since the "Moving Terrain Markers" rules say: Just expect that the pillars and the Geryon are going to go through the incorporeal models, not stop the first model they enter base contact with.
  5. Well, keep in mind that we do have the Through The Breach rules to offer a second opinion, and don't just have to go from the Malifaux rules. In "Malifaux reality", the Death Marshals are probably a mixture of living trainees, undead veterans, and the reanimated "recruits" from the recruiters. But the wargame mechanics have to make simplifications from "reality". If you look at the Death Marshal Recruiter, the recruiters basically have all of the features that you're looking for in a "Death Marshal". Mechanically, Grim Recruitment on the Death Marshal Recruiters means that the Death Marshals are the Marshal equivalent of Bayou Gremlins. There's five models and an upgrade in Bayou where you take a fancy Gremlin and when it dies you get a Bayou Gremlin. That's why I'm anxious to see whether the entries in the Guild book have been rewritten substantially compared to M2E. Because there's some after-the-fact opportunity to retcon "M2E" Death Marshals back in between "M3E" Death Marshal and "M3E" Death Marshal Recruiter. Disclaimer: Or I'm just wishlisting how to get three editions of Death Marshal models onto the table together again.
  6. For the record, the episodes are basically audio versions of the books, although naturally things like the narrator and the commercials are new for the format. The stories in the books aren't organized into story arcs, and some of the 1st edition books, had a lot of short stories in them. The format for 2nd edition was generally one story per faction plus a plot line story in each book, and the faction stories may or may not relate to the "storyline" for the book. Episodes 1-7 are a coherent story line because they decided to do that with the stories in the M1.5 book. For the Event and the Avatar plot line, the end of the Avatar storyline is the two stories at the end of Shifting Loyalties. I'm not sure if the other intervening stories really organize into plot lines, they're more like TV episodes--the occasional bit of overall plot progress but you won't really be able to tell in advance without spoilers. The following are the stories in the order they appear in the table of contents for each book... (Disclaimer: I can't keep the order of the 1st edition books straight. I don't think I have those listed in chronological order.) M1.5 (6018) Snow on a Tombstone Into the Breach Screts WIthin Staying Dead Lost and Found Rude Awakening Dead Man's Hand Luck of the Draw The Union Surprise Doppleganger Dead Train The Old World Wendigo Epilogue Rising Powers (6013) Sedition Dark Treasures Ambush Lovers Kiss Smoke and Mirrors Alone in the Dark Gremlins Tools of the Trade Finding New Purpose Ruins in the Bayou Driving Vengence Dark Discovery Pestilence The Event Epilogue Malifaux Stories (some are just side bar style short stories) Lesser Breaches Construct Intelligence The Three Kingdoms Ragsheets The Ten Thunders Little Kingdom Spirit Boards Festival Days The Truth Lilith's Weed Badlands Fever The Disturbing Case of Edar Ryan Chain Cars Breach Running Contract Towns Aethervox Superstitions Land! Run Nineteen Twisting Fates (6015) Like Falling Snow At Death's Door The Coming Storm Revelations Bearing the Burden Balancing the Books Lucid Dreaming Cold Hearted Tangling the Threads of Fate The Writing on the Wall Guild Puzzle Box Resurrectionists Deadline Arcanists The Mountains Straight Reply Neverborn A Great Adventure Outcasts World in Chaos Because I Could Not Stop For Death The Bigger They Are From the Red Egg Rises the Bird of Paradise Fade to Black Martial Law Revelation of the Beast Within Storm of Shadows (6019) The Final Word The Malifaux Orphanage for Sick Children The Rising Sun A Long Night in Red Row Blind Man's Iron The Rifleman The M2E book is: Luck of the Draw (Part I) Latigo and the Inferno Guild Patient Confidentiality Resurrectionists Still Stranger Things Arcanists Blood and Fears Neverborn Upon Reflection Outcasts Swamp Thang Gremlins Big Trouble in Little Kingdoms Ten Thunders Luck of the Draw (Part II) Crossroads is Guild A Night At the Races The Portrait Resurrectionists Last Call at the Grey Lord Arcanists The Face Behind the Lie Blurring the Lines Falling to Fly Neverborn The Moonlight Gallery The Hidden Music Outcasts Sacrifice The Magistrate of Stranglehold Tyrant's Game Gremlins The Price of Pork The Wong Night to Mess with Mancha Roja The Spoon is Mightier Ten Thunders Family Bonds The Black Sheep Heart of the Dawn Shifting Loyalties is: Guild Role Reversals Resurrectionists The Dead Man's Ball Arcanists High Noone Neverborn Master of Fate Outcasts Welcome to Malifaux Gremlins Bullet Ten Thunders From the Ashes Shifting Loyalties A Man Burns Ripples of Fate is Guild Extra Extra! Vignettes Resurrectionists Common Ground Vignettes Arcanists Burning Knowledge Vignettes Neverborn The Return of the Queen Vignettes Outcasts Paid in Full Vignettes Gremlins Led Zipplin Vignettes Ten Thunders Hunger Unbound Vignettes Ripples of Fate Broken Promises is Guild One Room Resurrectionists Post Mortem Arcanists Price of Freedom Neverborn Waking Nightmare Outcasts Horizon's End Gremlins Gremlin General Ten Thunders The Coming Storm
  7. The most recently written material is in Above The Law, as far as I know. Some of the Death Marshal effects described in the roleplaying game are temporary (the flaming skull head effect is described as basically a manifest power), but the overall process isn't just a temporary cosmetic thing. Are there definitely undead Death Marshals? Yes, officially. When the still living ones are on the job, do they end up basically becoming undead temporarily? The flaming skull head thing isn't just a cosmetic effect. They are using Necromancy, and it's a blurry dividing line between living and undeath. Edit: As far as why the Death Marshals were living in M2E and are undead in M3E, there probably is a lore shift going on. I'm still waiting for my Guild book to arrive to see what the updated background entries say.
  8. That's not what the rules say, unfortunately. The rules say The ever popular Execute trigger says: Compare that to Walking Dead: If Walking Dead added a few words, like "If the Corpse Marker would be removed, this model is killed by that effect and does not Drop a Corpse Marker" or something similar, then it would work how you expected it. In its current form, however, Walking Dead is killing the model just like the Execute Trigger is. Disclaimer: In 2nd edition, all of the abilities like Walking Dead said "sacrifice" instead and did not set off anyone's "killed" effects. They switched from "sacrifice" to having the model's own ability kill it and specify no marker dropping.
  9. It's Lichecraft. More seriously, it's a side effect of the magic that they use. The previous occupant of the Judge position wore a mask because of the state his face was in. And the effect was demonstrated to be strong enough that some death marshals are vulnerable to necromantic control (see the last Lady Justice vs. Nicodem encounter). Death Marshal start out living. They end up somewhat undead.
  10. We demand to give credit/blame where the credit/blame is due. 🤯 Because it opens up a huge set of implications. Among other things... What perspective are the Cover and Concealment rules written from? There are 15 models with Gunfighter. A surprising number of those models also have things like Bullet Proof and Quick Draw. Convict Gunslinger A is standing 1" away from Convict Gunslinger B. A attacks B with Custom Firearm, invoking the Gunfighter ability. Or, even better. Gunfighter A attacks a Wokou Raider. The Wokou Raider has two abilities If Gunfighter A attacks a Wouko raider and invokes Gunfighter, what happens? "Only the model with Gunfighter treats the action as a " sounds great at first, but as far as I can tell it's impossible to defend it in practice. It's just not plausible.
  11. The mechanics of when to choose the suit, and when the joker has a suit, went through a few different versions in the beta. There was a time period where the rules said that you only chose a suit when revealed as part of a flip, and I may be biased by that old version... But from the section on Fate Cards... The Red Joker has one suit of its owner's choosing, but it's not a Crows, it's a Joker. The same thing would go for The two jokers don't belong to any of the suits, they're their own category. Edit: There's supporting evidence for this if you look at things like Corrupted Idols (five suits listed). I don't think it's common to call the jokers a separate suit, you're more likely to consider them suitless, but it's the same result.
  12. That is what the rules say happens. After damage reduction, the model is suffering 5 damage. What state the model ends up in after that isn't relevant.
  13. 1. GenCon pre-orders/pre-release of the books arriving. 2. The PDFs aren't available for purchase separately at the moment. They are available as part of the book purchase promotion. (Or, at least, the first four faction books are.) https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3e-digital-book-promotion
  14. Are you aware of the number of attacks that say things like You can produce a similar list for attacks that inflict damage and poison. Or, for that matter, Both actions and abilities say the same sort of thing for handling their effects: (Note that this is the same convention that was used in writing M2E, the only difference is that the authors decided to spell it out in writing this time.) There's nothing special about "and" connecting two effects. "A and B" in the rules isn't "A, and then only if A succeeds B". It's "Do A. Do B." specifying an order, with no requirement for either effect to be possible or succeed. Especially when there are 8 line abilities like Recruitment Effort on the Academic Zeal upgrade where there's not a single "and" on the card, but if you aren't reading the ability as "do the effects specified one at a time, in order", I have no idea how you're playing the game. Or Call of Madness's
  15. https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases It's in the October releases. (And the editor freaked out on me when I was correcting this...)
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