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  1. solkan


    No, you're right. For some reason I gapped out and thought the Hoff was Machina. đź’¤ I blame M2E. :0
  2. Resolving black blood is part of “fully resolve the damage”. Black Blood gets resolved at Damage Timing step 5. So you apply the damage, resolve black blood, and then place. The sort of effect queuing (which is what would be required to resolve black blood after the place) doesn’t happen in the rules without word like “after the action is resolved” in the effect. Edit: If something happens and you have an ability that says “After X happens...” each of those “after X happens” abilities would get inserted after each appropriate item in the list of events. (Stuff like Damage Timing tweaks the sequence, reorders things, or spells out more detail. But that’s mostly just spelling out what order the events happen in...)
  3. solkan


    They all are in keyword for Hoffman and he’s finally dual faction in the new edition. So you could use Hoffman instead of Ramos and have a construct centered crew that way. Granted, all the spiders are versatile, so for Arcanists it’s more a question of “Do I want to use them?” than anything.
  4. Every effect in an ability or action is specified as sequential. Relevant text for abilities: Relevant text for actions: The only notion of simultaneous is when something happens and you have a bunch of effects, Conditions and Abilities that apply to it (or after it). Even then, all simultaneous means is that you have to determine a sequential order for the effects to resolve in. So, for this ability: you’re going to get: 1. Push this model. 2. The enemy models moved through each resolve the Mv duel (in order chosen by that player): 2.1. TN 13 Mv duel 2.2. If fail: 2.2.1. Suffer 2 damage 2.2.2. Place in base contact 3. Take a Action as specified In other words, you’re not resolving the duels during the push, you’re resolving the duels after the push.
  5. It has been confirmed as a faction. It's listed in the rulebook, even. (And one of the developers posted a picture of the page it's on.) The other known box for the Explorers Society is Lucas McCabe's box. (It's in the July releases, you have to scroll through the list for a bit to see it.) Edit: As far as "When are they getting their faction book, and when are the other models for that faction getting released?" those are all unanswered questions. I imagine that everyone gets to find out which of the other existing models are grand fathered into the faction on the 28th, if they haven't spotted icons on any of the other boxes yet.
  6. Slightly an aside, but there’s a reasonable expectation of a rule change between beta and release to deal with this scenario. I don’t know the details, but my understanding is that there’s going to be text put in to stop the “double burning on replacing”.
  7. The problem with that interpretation is that unless you limit the effects that they’re “ignoring” to the result of the shockwaves, you can just point to all of the December models in play and say “Everybody pushes” regardless of where the shockwave markers are. Shockwaves just aren’t written in a nice way to let a model choose to accept the effects, in the regular case or this one.
  8. "shockwaving yourself" is going to be the same thing as "blasting yourself". For the bonus question that you haven't asked yet, as of the last beta rules there's no option to relent (automatically fail) simple duels. That's a bit important because there's stuff like Snow Storm's Ice Tornado action: So if you want to move a friendly December model using that action: 1. The acting model needs to succeed on a 6v12 simple duel to place the shockwave 2. You place the shockwave so that the desired model is in the pulse. 3. The friendly December model has to manage to fail a Mv v. 13 duel. There's no relent option for this duel. and if there are any enemies that get hurt that's a bonus. But Snow Storm can certainly take the Ice Tornado action and put that shockwave on itself (or nearby) to get pushed. Or to take the damage if there's some reason you want it to die (like creating an ice pillar). At least that's as far as I can tell.
  9. What it means is that If you won the initiative with a red joker, you don't use that card for the markers placement chart but instead flip a new card for it. The player won the initiative flip, they don't retroactively lose the initiative flip because they had the red joker.
  10. In other words is governed by the text (third paragraph of 'Friendly, Enemy & Control' page 26 of the beta PDF): If a Guild Sergeant makes a Clockwork Pistol attack and declares the Drop It trigger against an Arcanist model, it's an Arcanist scheme marker that is dropped. Note that various models like Dashel actually want enemy scheme markers around to make full use of their actions and abilities.
  11. The wording is: "If the original model was Replaced during its Activation, the new model continues the Activation using any remaining Actions." At what step was the original model? Resolving its 'start of activation effects'. So where do you "continue the Activation" from? That same point, so you finish the 'start of activation' step by resolving what's ever left over. You seem to be making some sort of strange leap from "continue the Activation" to I don't know what.
  12. If you take parts from multiple models and build something, that's called by some people "kit bashing". It's an activity that is classified as "conversions". Because of all of the different results that can be achieved (Do you want to take it as a challenge to start with the parts for Sonia and the the female model kit and produce something that can pass as a Wastrel?), it falls under the conversion guidelines: A useful comparison is Privateer Press's tournament conversion guidelines which once upon a time said flat out that it's not possible to start with Model A and convert it to Model B, especially if you're trying to convert between two variants of the same base model. The conversion guidelines in Gaining Grounds don't say that. If someone take a collection of parts out of a box labeled Sonia Creed, and assemble those parts it produces a model for Sonia Creed. Using that Sonia Creed model for anything else is proxying. If someone take those parts, add some other parts or modifies those parts, they produce a result which might be Sonia Creed or it might be something else. To be frank, @Hench Wrangler's comment about requiring "one hell of a plastic surgeon" to turn Amelia Bathory into Von Schtook is the sort of thing that some people would take as a fun challenge. The legality depends entirely on the result. If you're dealing with hypotheticals, there are two obvious hypothetical results: 1. Bad Ending. You produce a model that doesn't pass for the model that you want to use it for. 2. Good Ending. You produce a model that does pass for the model that you want to use it for. Reasonably speaking, lots of Wyrd models have alternate versions, so it comes down to identifying design features that are important for the model to look like thing it's supposed to look like. What you have to do is build the model and then ask because until it's been built, you really can't say how a model is going to turn out. For instance, Ten Thunders Jorogumo are based on these spider demon ladies. The production models are things that look like spider-centaurs carrying long polearms. There's lots of stuff you could take parts from and produce something that would be recognizable as either a variation of the spider-centaur model or the "spider demon lady" concept.
  13. Presumably you mean at this point to cancel Slow on the Ice Gamin. In no particular order: There's no longer a such thing as "action points" in M3E. The model has no AP because that isn't a thing any more. In M3E, gaining Fast or Slow during a model's activation actually matters to the current activation, instead of mattering next turn. As specified in Step 3 of Replace, the summoning upgrade gets attached to the Ice Golem and doing so causes the Ice Golem to gain Slow. The summoning upgrade having an effect on the replacing model feels like it might be an unintended consequence, but it's the sort of unintended consequence that would require a FAQ or errata to avoid. Of course, there's a phrasing issue with the effects. Arcane Conduit specifies "after a friendly model Activates within range". "Our Powers Combined" specifies "At the start of this model's Activation". If those are both supposed to be resolved in the "Start activation" effects step, then you can resolve the replace effect first and then resolve Arcane Conduit to remove the Slow condition.
  14. Do you still need help putting the dude together? There's basically two parts to the torso: There's the really long part with this head, back, and the long tail piece for this armor. Don't put the torso together in the order I'm listing the parts. The other part is a u-shaped bit which looks really weird on side but has his crossed arms on the other side. There are three long panels, two side panels (they're not as wide as the front or back panels) and a front panel. The front panel needs to be attacked to the back before the u-shaped piece is attached, otherwise you have to try to squeeze the stomach panel underneath his folded arms. I'm dry fitting the model as I type this out. I just spotted the slots on his legs. It looks like the simplest order might be: Glue legs to back, dry fitting the front torso/front flap at the same time. Glue the shoulders (the u-shaped piece) and the side panels on. I'm not quite sure whether you need to put the side panels on first, it's probably safer that way.
  15. The timing certainly is specified. If it's in italics, it's either a Cost or a Special Restriction. In both cases, you have to address it when you declare the trigger. For the Dispatcher's Consolidate Power action and the Internal Affairs trigger, that means that you get the following sequence (assuming you succeed with a five of masks or better) Declare the action Declare the trigger, and satisfy the italic text "Choose a friendly Scheme Marker within 2" of the target." Resolve the body of the effect "Push the target up to 4" toward a friendly model in its LoS." Resolve the trigger effect (as a default 'After Succeeding') "Drop an enemy Scheme Marker in base contact with the target, then remove the friendly Scheme Marker and draw a card." Which means that the friendly scheme marker that gets removed is within 2" of where the target model original was, before the push. The player doesn't get to push the target model over to a friendly scheme marker, it has to be next to it to start with.
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