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  1. Fellow empathic creature who appears to have lost your way, have you considered what it means to Asami that she had to tie her own bow like that? Or have you considered any of the negative consequences of that stereotype that you appear to have internalized?
  2. solkan

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    And I’d like to offer a simple counter example. In second edition Wyrd releases “backflipping” Misaki. Then they release an alt figure standing upright in a “boring” pose. Which model do you think has been better received?
  3. solkan

    Fire Golem's Wildfire Resolution

    See Incorporeal, and then make the world fear the day someone used “reduce by half” to mean “halve”. For bonus points, go ahead and try to explain why “reduce by half” would mean two different things in the two abilities.
  4. solkan

    Gravity Well and Marker placing

    To elaborate, “a model ending a placement effect” is referring to the model being placed and ending the effect in that position. It’s a reference to Model X being placed in Position Y. It’s not referring to Model X placing Object W in Position Y.
  5. solkan

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    So you haven’t read any of the comments about the adjuncts being packaged multiple models to the box, I guess.
  6. solkan

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    There are photos of opened boxes showing packing material and TOS boxes in the Contiones de Rege Flammae group. So packages have started arriving, even if I haven’t gotten mine yet.
  7. solkan

    Changling Changling Double Double Question Question

    I don’t know. It still feels like that text is there because it didn’t fit on the front side.
  8. solkan

    Shenlong Noob Question

    For question #4... There isn’t a limit to how high a model can get their Defensive Condition, but there are limits to how many cards you can flip for a duel. The maximum number of cards you can flip in a duel is four, meaning that anything beyond a net three positive flips is excess effort, so unless you’re dealing with specific negative effects Defensive above +3 is the same as Defensive +3. In my experience, at least, negative fate modifiers for the Defender in a duel aren’t common. Edit: And, for what it’s worth, the additional benefits of additional positive flips diminish pretty rapidly after the first positive, unless you’re trying to fish for suits to get a trigger.
  9. solkan

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    Okay, I think at this point we need to make a distinction between the Halifax game Faction named "Arcanists", and the Halifax setting organization named "Arcanists". The Arcanists, as run earlier by von Ramos, and now run by Kaeris and Iron Sides, absolutely is a terrorist organization operating out of the core of the MS&U. Smuggling operations, protection work, petty crime, murder, etc., etc. Murder and blowing things up to further a political agenda is terrorism. And then on top of that you can add Marcus's activities, and consorting with the Cult of December. (Note: Revolutionists often perform terrorist activities. That still makes them terrorists, the "overthrow the government" motive doesn't cancel out that.) Have another look at the background stories dealing with the Hoffman brothers crossing over to Malifaux. And, to be frank, if you're not considering the Ten Thunders are terrorist group when they have what are essentially faceless ninja hitmen, I really have to wonder what your definition of "terrorism" is. You have read the Ten Thunder stories about Mei Feng and the Boxer, right?
  10. solkan

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    What sold me on the Guild was the background story in the 1.5 rulebook. The way the heroes of the Guild were carrying on was like a bunch of adventurer player characters. And then there are the other masters with their diverging agendas... When I was running demos with the Neverborn vs. Guild models, a lot of the time I’d try to introduce the Neverborn as the justifiably upset natives, and introduce the Guild as “Magic is real. There was a global war fought over control of the necessary resources, and these are the folks that won. They’re not going to let that control go.” I’m not going to try to say that the Guild are good guys, but not everyone in the Guild is trying to do bad.
  11. solkan

    How to use different Tarot Pulls?

    Honestly, I don't think it's worth it all to let the players move their cards around. If you were tempted to do that sort of thing, you'd be better off going through the tarot rows and tweaking the skill value distributions so that they all end up about nearly the same amount of XP. Otherwise you're just going to have players trying to maximize their attributes and skill ranks by shuffling cards around. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that if a player really wants a specific character, like an Invested, that it doesn't take much more than agreeing to bring snacks for the gaming group.
  12. solkan

    Release schedule

    I imagine there’s a pretty big “schedule subject to change” disclaimer on the TOS stuff.
  13. solkan

    How to use different Tarot Pulls?

    Different characters can use different tarots if you want them to come from different backgrounds. Things like the Assembly Line tarot in Into the Steam are set up to produce backgrounds tailored to a certain aspect of the game. It’s sort of like in other settings where a single player might play a spy and end up with a bunch of background connections and obligations not shared with the rest of the group. If you don’t want those aspects, then you’d be just fine having everyone use the main book tarot.
  14. solkan

    'No penalty' models in M3E

    This is such a bizarre conversation to be trying to have outside of the beta if your plan isn’t to play game designer and come up with your own solution. Because in the beta, you’d know what the answer was; and outside of the beta you literally can’t be told Wyrd’s answer. So you get a topic where you can just decide to make whatever conclusion you want to make, and justify whatever you want to justify feeling.
  15. solkan

    Upgrades maybe missing?

    The Nghtmare edition boxes should come with some of the upgrades, I’d expect it would be the same set as the normal version. The contents of the Wild Ones box:http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2017/01/unboxing-malifaux-rollins-black-wild.html If no one else chimes in before then, I’ll check what’s in my copy of the box when I get home tonight.