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  1. If the store shows an M2E box cover, there won’t be stat cards in the box unless the contents list has both the models and the cards. (For example, the Kaeris box has a bullet point “M3E cards”) Mainly because in the cases like the M2E era dreamer colored plastic, there aren’t third edition cards of those specific models, there’s just the cards with the artwork for the newer sculpts.
  2. Yes, it was (I ordered a set last year from Black Friday). But that doesn't guarantee they'll have enough boxes left to offer it again this year.
  3. Oh, god, not another pony-gate. 🤯
  4. Just remember that when the rules use the words “drop” (if the marker is impassible) or “create”, additional restrictions on placement apply concerning what the marker can overlap or touch. So “drop ________ within 6”” and “create _________” within 6”” isn’t quite the same as “place marker within 6””. Otherwise “within six inches” includes having the edges of the two things exactly six inches apart. A “fragment” isn’t necessary. In the rules, it says “An object is within range if any portion of that object’s base is at that distance or closer. Any effect that references an object
  5. ‘Once per activation’ is essentially ‘up to one time each activation, it doesn’t matter whose Activation it is’. But it’s worth noting that that’s per model with the ability. So, yeah, that ability is pretty much designed so that you spend your time having more expensive models use Obey on less expensive models to gain cards. If you’ve got two models with that abilty and three lawyers, each lawyers can Obey each of the models for six cards total (assuming the Following Orders models are cheaper than the guild lawyers).
  6. The mistake you're making is trying to claim that the game somehow "forgets" what the marker was. Treating a Pit Trap marker as a Scrap Marker and then removing it doesn't stop the Pit Trap Marker being a Pit Trap Marker. The same way that treating a Mindless Zombie as a Corpse Marker doesn't stop the Mindless Zombie being a model.
  7. I agree with the spirit of your definition, but quibble about the details. I think it would be more clearly stated as "as soon as something has been resolved, before anything else not 'after' it happens." So you end up with "after resolving an action" things happening during the action resolution steps, "after ending activation" things happening during the action (at the very end of it), and so on. "after damaging" and "after killing" are probably really good examples in this edition, just because of all of the mess that happened in the previous edition. "At the end of this model's
  8. For emphasis, there's a callout box on page 9 of the rules PDF: When a model takes an action, or declares a trigger, that model is "generating" those effects, even if there's another model/player controlling the model. From "Friendly, Enemy & Control": then there are some rules about cards and other resources, and lastly: The game rules are written without causality chains, and the designers had to resort to phrases like "enemy controlled" and "friendly controlled" in some of the schemes and strategies for situations where they wanted (or needed) to make the distin
  9. The effect is limited for a different reason: "Auras are not cumulative. If a model would be affected by multiple Auras of the same name (i.e., if the Aura would change its game state in some way), then it is only affected by one such Aura of its controller’s choice." You have two auras attesting to tell the model to treat an overlapping area with range as Hazardous (Burning +1) terrain. Only one applies.
  10. Not having to jump through hoops to turn the model on? More seriously, part of the point of titles is to give people some of the alternate play styles that you could get through M2E upgrade sets, but without the combinatorics explosion and at least trying to ensure it’s balanced. That’s what they said when the idea was brought up in the beta for M3E, anyway. Whether they end up going crazy with alt-models for the titles (or even do any), I suppose we all have to wait and see.
  11. Great thing about posting a link to that sort of article is that you can get redirected to the side of the story. In case a four year old web page is recent news to you. https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/117582-sexism-in-gaming/
  12. 1st edition metal Lady Justice, Puppet Wars Lady Justice, Dead Justice, M2E edition plastic Lady Justice and M2E Plastic Lady Justice is a really interesting comparison over time. As is things like Taylor or the Viktorias over time. Or Criid. But the thing is that trying to tell someone that a model is "too sexy" is like trying to tell them that a candy has too much sugar or too much chocolate in it. There is, objectively speaking, no such thing as too much chocolate. 😇 But there are often situations of too many chocolate candies, and not enough other flavors. One interesting
  13. I fear that the original poster has managed to present his, her or their position in an unfortunate and confrontational manner. It is a common failing in sculpting to produce figures that are only conventionally attractive, especially for women. Body types for men typically exhibit more variety than body types for women do. Increasing diversity in the sculpts will result in an improved product. Disclaimer: When discussing situations like this, it's really easy to overlook neutral examples and focus on "bad" or "annoying" examples, and dismiss "good" examples as exceptions.
  14. Please leave the word "then" alone. It shouldn't be in this fight. 😶 It seems to me that the intent is that you can't take the action. The two actions that contain the italics "This action can be taken while buried" is intended as "This action can only be taken while Buried." Especially when the action then proceeds to describe an unbury effect. See, for comparison, the Soulstone Miner's The Earth Beneath Your Feet. Note, for further comparison, that there are two actions which state "may be taken while Buried", Undercover Reporter's Confusion in the Ranks and Insidious Madness'
  15. The counter to the "but you placing in base contact is some sort of state change" is to point out Scamper. Suppose you've got four gremlins in base contact with you. If all four of those gremlins have scamper, they're each going to get to move, it doesn't matter whether they're leaving base contact or leaving engagement range of the same model. Only the direct game states (position on the table, whether you're buried, what your conditions are, how much health you have, etc.) are considered.
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