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  1. On the bright side, you can use Lure to get a model out of engagement because it's not a Walk. So there's that.
  2. On the other hand, here’s what happens: The original model is killed, it sits there with its current (non-zero health) and goes through its Demise ability. You work though replace, setting the new model’s Health to the old model’s non-zero Health, and heals whatever is specified in the Demise effect. In step 5, you remove the original model, resolving no further effects on it. In step 6, the model lives because it isn’t at 0 Health. So you end up with a live model at the end if the Demise ability isn’t ignored. Disclaimer: I’m not entirely sure I’m readin
  3. You quoted the wrong paragraph. The next one is the one that says you can’t heal out of being killed directly (“is killed”):
  4. I haven’t seen a way to do it. The last time I went looking, I think I found a page about configuring this type of forum software that made it sound like user-managed attachments needed an additional plug-in.
  5. The part that I’m stuck on is the clause in Replace that says that the new model is considered a valid reference for whatever effect was referencing the old model. That may be enough to contravene Insignificant for some applications.
  6. Which is supposed to be more punishing for a "casual" player, the fact that they'll have to buy far more models than a non-summoning master (and want to become familiar with far more models), or that the mechanics for summoning are more complex than a non-summoning master?
  7. The simplest reason why Accomplice doesn't work if you get yourself killed during your activation is that the model gets removed from the table during the damage process and isn't on the table when it would end its activation. As a result there are no models that qualify for being within 6" for Accomplice to do anything. In order for Accomplice to work in that situation, there would need to exist a rule that states that the activation ends before the model is removed, and that rule doesn't exist.
  8. Looking at the unboxing here... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2014/10/unboxing-malifaux-hannah.html Here's an image that shows where the face is (second image in the set captioned "Hannah Sprue"): http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-obzfx34DisU/VDGBBO1sx1I/AAAAAAAAiqA/0mlnxuVboZ0/s1600/Hannah%2B-%2BSprue%2B(2).JPG It's on runner 4 on the right in your image (the very small round wedge next to the big rounded square piece). If you turn the sprue over, you should see her face. Edit: In other words, Hanna's head (the back piece) is in the upper left, her face is down just
  9. The real question is “Which band can they get a non-infringing likeness of?”
  10. It says “reduce the TN of Actions on friendly Wastrels by 2”. It doesn’t say that it only happens for the Wastrels. So it looks like it should apply to anyone copying the action.
  11. I’m surprised people are trying to take the app’s word for it, instead of looking at the card PDFs. (Card PDF shows the push version, too.) Summaries (like the change list) are notorious for not tracking changes in other documents....
  12. Don’t overlook soulstones for suits, and the various magic theories. Edit: There’s also the “keep trying and failing, until eventually you draw a ram (to cheat it next time) or flip a ram” approach. Those “draw a card when you fail” pursuit talents are there to be used.
  13. The important thing to remember is that the rules don't ask you to declare anything other than "I'm going to do a Charge" when you start the charge. Where you go, how you get there (for models with things like Flight) or what you do when you get there (for models with things like Run and Gun) are all part of resolution of the action. So, rewriting your question to cover the interesting cases... "When a model is going to perform a Charge, and the subsequent generated action, when does Boring Conversation activate?" The model declares that it will perform a Charge. You check no
  14. I have no idea who produces the "Malifaux University" videos, or owns that channel, but it's not an official Wyrd product. That's why they include the disclaimer: And please check the most recent comments on that thread, there's a comment by the channel that they made a mistake. (It's understandable, really. There are lots of details, and in this case the rules used to be subtly yet significantly different.)
  15. Yep. And, likewise, you don't get permission to take the action if you end up engaged (there's no implied "even if Engaged" clause), so it's not as easy to use as Run and Gun shooting.
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