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  1. Yeah, I don't know about the effigies in Henchman Hardcore. Mainly because the totem turning into a $50 model in the middle of the game sort of wrecks the "low entry cost" selling point. So I'd actually consider specifically not including the free totem in HH3E. To be honest, my suggestion about free soul stone cache for the henchman hardcore crews is just to force people to have a soul stone cache instead of spending all of their points on models. And maybe a little bit of suspicion about balance between the henchmen as leaders. 😕
  2. That was part of the OP's suggestion, not a claim that it's what the rules currently were. Paraphrasing... Saduhem: Misery should have a better range. "I wouldn't call it broken if it had infinite range". Angelshard: Misery would be broken if it had infinite range.
  3. The three cards are revealed. Where are they? What happens to Card X? It's still in the Conflict so it gets discarded. Effects that say to put revealed cards back on the top of the deck have to say that for it to happen. Otherwise they are discarded because they have been in use.
  4. You misunderstand my point. I wasn't trying to claim that it didn't work. I was complaining that it worked messily. Player A reveals three cards, X, Y and Z. Lust spends Sin token to prevent the card draw. If Player A chooses a card, they choose X. When Player A resolves the "discard the rest" part, does Player A discard Y and Z (X is discard later), or discard all three cards at once? It becomes a big deal because of things like Old Ways where the discard order matters.
  5. Yeah, if an effect just says "Draw a card then/and discard a card", that's two completely independent effects being resolved sequentially. Hmmm. Lust uses Lascivious Music on an enemy model within her aura. It's funny, because as far as I can tell the target's controller chooses which card to draw, Lust discards a Sin Token to prevent that and draw a card instead. You discard all of the non-cards, and then discard the card that was chosen (because it just sits in the Conflict until the effect is resolved and gets discarded by the cleanup rule). That seems to be a bit messy for her action interacting with her ability.
  6. The only time a Place doesn't count as a Move is when you can't perform the Place: Otherwise, it sounds like 2nd Edition Syndrome. Placement in M2E is not movement because M2E explicitly says so. In M3E, Place is defined in Moving.
  7. If I had to hack together M3E versions of Henchman Hardcore and Enforcer Brawl, here's what I'd go for: Enforcer Brawl Open to both Enforcers and Minions No one gets to play a Rider or Yasunori unless they're going to record what happens during the game and post the battle report. Henchman Hardcore The free Soulstone cache for Henchman is 13 - soul stone cost of the leader. Honestly, trying to squeeze three deployment zones onto a square table is messy enough that it's probably just as easy just to throw up your hands and go with old fashioned Confused Deployment (or whatever the method was where you put cards down on the table to claim spots for models), have two possible center lines, and each player's deployment zone is determined by the side of the table they put the majority of their cards on (ties broken by card flip). I think there are some tweaks that need to get made to event resolution. I think the important thing to remember is that if a regular game takes a whole session, then a three person game is going to take about 1.5 to two times that. Because you have that many more interactions happening.
  8. Wanyudo had a 2" melee range in M2E. Running you into you or running you over is just a bonus. But what it comes down to has to be: The model's position is essentially abstract, a static model representing something in the game that's at least dynamic enough that we don't care which direction anyone is facing. A good portion of the melee range for a model is probably determined more by how much "motion" it has available to it, rather than how big of a weapon is being swung around. Melee ranges are going to be dictated by balance concerns probably above anything else.
  9. The question is "If you use Bandit Raid to push into a situation where you're engaged, does Gunfighter and Bandit Raid combine together to let you take the Collier Pistol action (or whatever attack action the Bandit has) while engaged?" If you treat the action as having range then it's no longer a and you can't take it as part of Bandit Raid. Because "Action" means an action with as its range. If it's still a Action: So in order to actually get any use out of Gunfighter: you're replacing the X range with 1". And that's not an action allowed by Bandit Rush. If Gunfighter just said that the models were allowed to use while engaged, then it would be allowed. But it doesn't.
  10. By default, things are measured from above, not diagonally. (The text says "almost alway done horizontally", but that's only really meaningful if it's specifying a default.) And it's just a fixed 1" at the moment instead of being based on the model Ht (like it was for M2E vantage points). The sentence in Shadow probably really should say '1" or less (ignoring the vertical component) of that terrain' so that players don't try to measure orthogonally. I think the example suggests that you shouldn't, but here we are.
  11. Near as I can see, if you gain Fast or Slow during your Activation, it’s going to apply immediately and you may end up suddenly out of Actions. They don’t work the same as they did in M2E because there’s no calculate AP Step to wait for.
  12. So which side of are you on? Disclaimer: Is the guild lawyer supposed to be running around negging on his fellow crew? That's the one I'd be concerned about, since most everything else you'd eventually run out of wounds using it on your own stuff.
  13. Looking at the various attacks with Draw Out Secrets in Guild, there is more of a question whether that should be 'enemy only'. Obsidian Oni's beating up your own stuff to drop Scrap Markers seems more intentional. You are looking at causing at least 1 damage and Burning to generate each of those scrap. Seems awfully expensive compared to choices other models get.
  14. Why would you be using Field Repairs on an enemy construct? Disclaimer: The first hit for me on Scorched Remains in Field Repairs on Hoffman's Mechanical Attendant.
  15. "Every time this scheme comes up, I'm going to spend 17SS to hire Zoraida, or make her my leader" is indistinguishable from hyberpole. And what does this have to do my opinions on "versatile"?
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