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  1. If I win, can I have a bottle of whatever they put in the water that makes Polish painters so good?
  2. @Kyle: Thanks Kyle, I look forward to it!
  3. Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question: Will LGS Promotions return? I can't see a link on the main Wyrd site. They were put on the back burner until (if memory serves) Quarter 1 of 2018. Now, I don't begrudge Wyrd staff some time to catch their breath; TOS & M3E have been a huge time commitment for all concerned. I just like to support my LGS when I can, and if I can grab a freebie or two, then even better! @Kimberly, any news? Caedrus.
  4. Good Lord, it's June! So, this month is just getting out of control for me. Crazily busy doesn't even begin to describe it. So, I have been forced to put my airbrush-only beastman on the to-do list, and instead, I decided to not use paint, at all! After a primer coat (which I am not counting as paint), I planned to use inks, clears (I ended up not using these), and washes only. Here's where I ended up! I think the hero of this piece was Winsor and Newton white ink. It's quite easy to use, and allows for a glazed highlight really easily! What do you think? Caedrus.
  5. Caedrus, now with a working WIP! This is going to be an "I'll be lucky to get much more than this done!" kind of month. Caedrus.
  6. As an additional note, I believe Art of War Studios is currently working on their own set of M3E tokens.
  7. Caedrus, checking in! So, my apologies for the lack of images to accompany this post. I've been working on my Death Marshall today, and I have a WIP all ready to go, but imgur isn't liking the uploading at the moment. So, how's the Wyrd Weekend treating you, fellow painters? Caedrus. P.S.: I do love a @Franchute base.
  8. Caedrus, reporting in! So, my pledge for June is to paint, at minimum, one single Death Marshall. Or to finish the ones I've started (and promptly lost the Pine Boxes for). Maybe I'll paint that Miss Terious that's haunting me. Stretch Goals? I've got two half-finished Sonnia, a Judge, a Rifleman, and two Resser Hounds sitting on my Shelf of Shame. Which means I'll probably prime something else and get all caught up in that. Then I'll promise myself that I won't go nuts with M3E pre-releases, then I'll pretty much immediately go nuts. In May, I also bought more eBay rescues. Because wisdom is my dump-stat. Have a fantastic June, fellow painters! Caedrus P.S.: I'll update the spreadsheet very soon. I promise.
  9. It's June, already? This is the thread for the June 2019 Monthly Painting Challenge. I’m Caedrus, and I’ll be your host for 2019. It's June! June's birthstone … well, there’s three of them! Alexandrite, Moonstone, and Pearl. Like Alexandrite, why not try a colour change paint this month? Or use a pearlescent paint effect? It’s also National Flag Month, so why not try painting a miniature using (or mixing) only the colours of your flag (Sorry, Japan and Canada)? It’s also LGBT Pride month, so now might be a good time to do some rainbow work! In May, we saw some wonderful scenery, some gorgeous paint jobs, and a fellow painter get access to some mysterious pre-release sculpts. This month, a change approaches. June is the absolute, last, final month of using the M2E SS values. Next month, we shift to M3E! The link to the painter spreadsheet is here. Who knows what June will bring? The 2019 Wyrd Monthly Painting Challenge is all about: Having fun painting! Motivating yourself, and encouraging others. Being part of a great, friendly community. Giving and receiving constructive advice. And, finally: Getting some pigment onto plastic! This is not a competition in any way. The pledge categories are the following: Minion: you paint at least 1 soulstone worth of Malifaux miniatures each month Enforcer: you paint at least 6 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month Henchman: you paint at least 11 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month Master: you paint at least 16 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month Tyrant: you paint at least 31 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month The rules: The challenge started on January 1st, 2019. Models count for the month in which you finish them. You can finish painting a model that you started before the beginning of the month. Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge. This is using a mulligan. You can choose to go down a pledge level during the year, but you cannot move up. A model is considered painted if it is (1) based (even glued onto a black base counts); (2) tournament legal. That means that if it's a translucent, based model, it counts automatically. If it is any opaque material, then the standard is: Every part of the miniature painted, and three colours minimum. Miniature Values: Malifaux Almost all models count as their Soulstone value; but Masters count for 15 soulstones. Zero cost models count for 5 soulstones. Proxies (constructed from Wyrd models) count for their proxy value. The Other Side Titans count for 25 soulstones. Commanders count for 15 soulstones. Adjunct models count for 5 soulstones. Otherwise: A 30mm base model is worth 5 soulstones. A 40mm base model is worth 7 soulstones. A 50mm base model is worth 10 soulstones. Terrain Terrain is worth 5SS per 50mm base in area. Custom tokens are worth 5SS per 50mm base in area. A terrain board is worth 100 Soulstones. 3rd Edition Changeover! Since Malifaux 3rd Edition hits on June 28th, from July 1st, we'll be using the M3E values from that point on. How to upload images? Go to imgur.com, and create an account. Click on your account, click on 'images', and then 'add images'. Click on your uploaded image. You'll see a whole bunch of link options. Click on the 'copy' button next to 'direct link'. Go to your Wyrd Forum thread. Paste (CTRL-V) at the appropriate spot. The image should appear, resized appropriately to the page. My very best for June! Caedrus.
  10. I reckon I can overlook that, just to keep a great painter in the Challenge!
  11. Caedrus, reporting in! Well, what a month! So many gorgeous works. Where to start? @PetitDalek: You’ve done a great job on your facial reconstruction surgery! For me, though, I love the gentle orange and red tones in the Ophelia’s skin (and nice, shiny hair, too!). @Wintergloom: I do love your style. I think that my favourite bit of your style is the contrast between the desaturated and the saturated (like the turquoise highlights), and your gentle contrast work with fabrics. Just lovely brushwork. @Phinn: I’m awaiting the Rat of May! Looking forward to the character you’ve put into this rodent! @Kimberly: Pamela Poovey doesn’t have red hair! @Franchute: Gorgeous, mischievous gamin! For me, the thing that really sets these models is the hint OSL on the skulls on the base. Very smooth. I also love the peeking-eye on the riotbreaker. @Viruk: I’m terribly envious, of your cohesion in the Marcus set, the gorgeous paintwork (love the face in the Marcus treestump), and that you get to play with some early releases. Wyrd chose a good painter to showcase their models. You’ll do them tremendous justice. @Rathnard: I think that good scenery and terrain is the most underappreciated part of the hobby. You’ve created some beautiful models, and just as beautiful a place to play! Kudos! @Stranglelove: There’s so much to love on your (huge) efforts this month! I think Jaakuna is my favourite (the zombie just breaching the swamp is wonderfully horrifying!). The Kirai set is magnificent. @Nikodemus: That domador is a very kind gift! My fave this month has to be Chiaki, though. A fantastic desaturated paintjob. @bedjy: That is a serious production line you’ve got going on. @muraki: Big Jake’s flesh tones are super smooth. Nice. @Diddick: The Stolen are super-creep with the glowing eyes. Nice basework, too. As previously said, huzzah for ghost poopy! @lusciousmccabe: Lovely Vodel / Beast. I love the smashed-base versions. I’ve updated the Spreadsheet for the moment, and I’d love for you to have a look, let me know if there are any errors, and/or let know your total at the end of the month! For those yet to finalise their SS count for the month ( @Aa7, @bedjy, @Boomstick, @Burnin' Coal, @Chou, @khilin, @LordZombie, @Maxooo, @misterfinn, @Phinn, @Polar43, @Primate, @prof_bycid, @Sol_Sorrowsong, @Stranglelove, @Thedeadclaw, and @wobbly_goggy), please let me know your count, preferably with an "@Caedrus". So, this month has been ridiculously busy for me, but I found the time to do a little bit of late-night painting. First off, the disappointment! I’ve been working away at two Death Marshalls, only to find that I have misplaced their Pine Boxes! So, until I find them, they’re on hold! Here’s one for preview purposes! Next up, a quick-ish Insidious Madness. It’s an eBay rescue, and I decided to see how creepy it would be if I painted it in flesh tones. As it turns out, fairly creepy. I was torn between doing it with a slimy coat of liquid water, to create a nasty appearance, or keeping it dry. Any thoughts? Also, the mouth-arm thing that is opening/tearing – should I add some drool? I’m thinking yes. 5SS for this guy. Next up, a proxy! I’ve never been a big fan of either Hungering Darkness, neither the Spermapillar, nor the Hipposquid. So, I decided to paint up this guy. He’s huge, he’s tentacle-y, he’s my Hungering Darkness! Now, as a bonus shot, because I was messing about (amateurishly) with Photoshop: Finally, my last miniature of the Month of May is my Recruiter, for 7SS. So, I was pleased about the NMM metal (I’m getting slowly better), and the OSL lighting. The cloak-dress (which used a base colour of ScaleColor Red Leather) also turned out nicely. I was a little less pleased with my sculpting; the head is a little far back, the clavicles too prominent and low, the hat too far back and too high. With my 3SS Wendigo, and my 7SS Witchling Handler, that brings me to 22SS for the month! Whew! I hope life is a little more under control for June! If you’re still to submit, I’d love to see your work! Caedrus.
  12. You'd have to think Monster Hunters would be on the list.
  13. Greetings, All! I know it's only a month to go until M3E arrives, but we now know of the new, mysterious 8th faction: The Explorer's Society. I thought it might be nice to have a fun little thread to have a few theories! We know they are focussed "on unfurling the mysteries of Malifaux, and beyond", and are made up of "aristocrats, dark tourists and pioneers" We know Lucas McCabe will be a member, but who else? Basse, the frontiersman? Sandeep, the Guru? Von Schill, the Mercenary? McMourning, the shunned experimenter? Jones, the Big-Hatted? Does anyone have any theories? Or have there been hints I have missed? One thing is for certain: There'd better be pith helmets! Caedrus.
  14. @lusciousmccabe: You know, I completely agree. I had that thought myself. Instead, the new plan is to emphasise the bash (the centre crease) with paint, where my sculpting failed me. I'm glad you mentioned that - always nice to have an idea confirmed! @muraki: Colourful Taelors! So vibrant!
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