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  1. Caedrus

    Tors Tables

    Yeah, add 'awesome' to my earlier adjectives.
  2. Caedrus

    Tors Tables

    @Tors: Thematic, functional, gorgeous. Kudos!
  3. @Thedeadclaw: There are bargains to be had! I scored this: In December for $40USD (pre postage). I could not believe my luck. Now is a fantastic time to get some of the cooler sculpts. I haven't been super-excited about some of the M3E sculpts, so I'm rounding out my collection now! I'm thinking of making a quick 'Intro to M3E' set for my FLGS from some leftover pieces. The player part of me is also thinking of cool themed crew ideas! Caedrus.
  4. Caedrus, reporting in! So, in order to avoid real-life responsibilities, I've been painting. I had a little time to break out the airbrush, and generally mess around. Here's my Works-In-Progress! I've done a little more on Anna: Used the airbrush to do some fire on the Purifying Flame: Started work on my Hungering Darkness proxy: Went uber-heavy on saturated reds for my Peacekeeper: Here's a close up, note the bad masking efforts - I am pleased with the heat-effects, though. ...and finally, I finished off Mr Sloth! I hope you enjoy that buttock close-up. I was well-pleased with the tartan, and thought you deserved a proper butt-shot. @Phinn: Gorgeous cyclops. The eye is great, but the gradients on the ice is stunning as well. Kudos! @Stranglelove: That looks like a ridiculously complex miniature. Best of luck to you! @Maxooo: I always love to see Gremlins in different skin tones. That magenta is really vibrant. The gentle green tones on the base are really pretty, too. @Burnin' Coal: Love to see ya goin' big! @Purple Mist: I'm keen to see that Mechanical Rider in a gif, if you can! @misterfinn: Would a gentle red glaze over the flesh, working towards purple in the recesses improve it? As @Nikodemus says, the flesh work is very, very pretty as it is... @Chou: Nice NMM gradient on that sword. Very smooth. What colours do you use for your bones? It's very nice. The 'under the horn' shading, particularly. @Pierzasty: Looking good, and no, there's no penalty for not reaching a 'stretch goal', as long as you meet your basic pledge for the month. I hope you're having a great February! Caedrus.
  5. @Athiko: That fabric is gorgeous. Wonderful colours, nice colour contrast, beautiful shadowing.
  6. February Beastman Complete! (well, except for the base) So, gentle reader, here's what it looks like now! There's a little frosting on the dullcote, most visible on the halberd. This is basecoats, dip, dullcote - and that's it. For the incredibly little time spent on this miniature, I'd call it a great result. By my eyes, it's totally acceptable tabletop quality. With the exception of their somewhat-inconsistent dullcote, I'm a fan of Army Painter's products (though interestingly, I haven't used their actual paints!). So, if you have been scared to try the dip technique, this is what you can achieve in very little time. Give it a go! I'll have a mess with the base in a while, but until then, have an awesome February, and keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
  7. @bedjy: 10SS, by my reckoning. They're lovely.
  8. Greetings, All! Well, February is here! It's the shortest month, so I thought I'd use the fastest possible painting technique for the February Beastman. Strap yourselves in, because we're about to use one of the most derided, unpopular, polarising techniques in all of painting. We're going to be using ... a dip. For those unfamiliar with dipping techniques, a quick Google of 'Army Painter Quickshade', or 'Quickshade vs. Minwax' will tell you everything you need to know. In short, you do your basecoat, and then dip / coat your miniature in this pigmented varnish. You wait 24 hours, and then you dullcoat it. Miniature done. Now, many folks don't like it. You don't need to develop skills in shading, highlighting, glazing ... and some people love it for the very same reason. Me? I think that a technique that you enjoy doing, and a miniature that you're happy to play with is the ultimate end goal. Having said that, I am proud of what small painting skill I have, so my theory is this: It's called Army Painter for a reason. If you're painting a whole bunch of zombies (like Sorastro is, here), then it's perfect. I use it for the bulk troops and monsters that I want painted, but don't want to spend too much time on. If you want to try a dipping technique, there are five things I'd suggest: 1. If in doubt, buy a cheap can of furniture stain, and try an experiment like this one. 2. Don't dip it; put the dip on with a big, cheap brush. Do not use a brush that is so cheap that it will shed hairs all over your miniature. 3. Spend at least twice as long mopping extra varnish off your miniature as you do putting it on. Trust me: the more you mop off, the better. 4. Consider hanging your drying miniature upside down, for the reasons given in January. 5. This one is important: Basecoat your miniature in a substantially lighter colour than you think, because the varnish will darken everything. So, with no further ado, here's my basecoated Beastman for February. As you can see compared to my January 'standard' basecoat, I've essentially used the 'highlight' colours as my basecoat. ... and then, an immediate dip into the Quickshade! After the inital, quick mopping, it looks like this: ...let's see how it dries! Caedrus.
  9. @trikk: The SS-doubling debate must have been in another CBT group to mine. It's obviously a point that people feel strongly about. I'm happy to recognise that I'm in the minority, and that's that. Thanks for the heads up 👍 Re the differences in Masters: I like the keywords (though I think that I'd like to see a bit more thematic out-of-faction hiring), but I think that there's a bit too much of every master being able to do a bit of most everything. Some of the Summoner-masters are nearly as damaging as Beater-masters, which seems a touch imbalanced. Time will tell, I guess, but I'm hoping that they develop more uniqueness than they seem at the moment 🤞 Caedrus.
  10. What would I suggest? First of all, I’d like to say that the designers are working hard, and that the community have been mostly positive, supportive, and respectful. I think that needs to be recognised. Second of all, I recognise that I have been pointing out lots of flaws and niggles, but have yet to provide any suggestions. Here we go: 1. Have the testing for M3E take as long as required to get the game where it should be, and for the community to be patient about it. I don’t like waiting, either! 2. We start a ‘Lore Thread’ (probably in each Faction Discussion page), where the community can suggest changes to the names of characters, abilities, equipment and actions. 3. Integrate actions and attacks with tradeoffs, which are swingy, or have a potential for bad things to happen. Less pixel chipping, more decapitation. 4. Make healing rarer. 5. Make fire burnier. 6. Spread the points values and damage out for future proofing. Now, I’m suggesting big changes. I reckon that very few of them will see the light of day. However, I’d be a poor gamer if I didn’t at least voice some ideas that can improve a game that I have had so much satisfaction and enjoyment from. What do you think, folks? Give those ideas a ‘+’ or a ‘-‘! Thanks so much for reading this enormous series of posts. Caedrus.
  11. OK, now the big one. I’m about to suggest a huge change. Try to keep an open mind. The mathematics of Malifaux should double. I think that every model should have its points value doubled, and that games should be of the 60-100 points value. I think that the damage, and health, of every model and effect, should double. What possible advantage is there to this? Future proofing. Malifaux is about to embark on a new edition. There will be a huge amount of adjustments required. By taking this opportunity to widen the range between numerical values, we allow for finer amount of adjusting. Remember the Stuffed Piglet debate? At 2SS, they were too cheap, and at 3SS, they were too expensive? Imagine a system where we could make finer adjustments. Instead of expanding the values, the designers are contracting it. This is part of the problem of the homogeneity issue. There’s not enough space for differentiation. I’d love to see a game where (and I have constructed some terms here, purely to illustrate the point) you could use a phrase like: “So, it was a standard, 100 point game. I used Kaeris and Hoffman. Having Hoffman was an extra thirty points, but then I got the most out of Howard Langston. Yeah, he’s 23 points, but those claws do 7/10/13 and has 22 Wounds! I took four extra soulstones, at 2 points each, as well.” Yes, it requires larger mathematics calculations. Malifaux players tend to be experienced players, in my experience, and the maths are still so far short of many wargames systems, that I think it could be a positive change. Personally, I’d replace points with something thematic, like dollars, pounds, or ingots.
  12. Fire and Poison You need Burning+4 or Poison+4 to take 2 damage per turn. Anything less, and it’s 1 point per turn of pixel-chipping. The functional difference between being on fire, and being poisoned, assuming no outside influence, is that poison starts to go away, lowering the condition by 1, each turn. With an assist, you can lower burning by 1/2/3. Wow, being on fire is not very serious. I’d be inclined to make damage equal to at least equal to half the value of Burning, and it increases by 1 each turn. Yes, I’m aware that that gives fire users a significant buff. Looking at Kaeris, Carlos, etc, the buff wouldn’t go astray.
  13. And, making sure that they stay alive… In M2E, there were (at least until Books 4 & 5) a small percentage of models that could heal themselves, and a very small percentage that could heal others. Models with healing were memorable: the Ressers Nurse, the Outcasts Freikorps Librarian, and the Gremlins Slop Hauler. They had healing because there was a reason for such a model to heal. Now, there’s this preponderance of models that have this self-sustained healing. In addition, many attacks that should actually damage (that is, partially or completely kill a model through damage) have been ameliorated into giving injured status. A temporary hindrance, rather than a more permanent threat.
  14. Do Bad Things Still Happen? The very identity of Malifaux – Bad Things Happen – seems to have fallen away. The defining characteristics, that a flip of a card can result in exultant success of disastrous failure, don’t seem to be there anymore. Rusty Alyce’s Clockwork Arm did 2/3/8, and I thought that was wonderful. It was rare, but wow, when it worked… I loved Dr. Grimwell’s wonderfully ridiculous Lobotomy manoeuvre (4/6/10). There are so few outliers now. The difference between the worst and the best is so close that I’m not invested. It feels like ‘Malifaux, where mildly unpleasant things happen’. Please forgive the hyperbole there, but as a serious question: In a game whose background and stories are so commonly of a ‘life is cheap’ mindset, how often are your models dying in M3E? M2E feels like tense, close, often climactic gaming. The swings of fate occurred, but could be influenced by wise tactics. M3E feels like attrition gaming. It feels like a grind.
  15. I like attacks with character Currently, we have Frantic Flailing on Doc Mitchell, Karina, the Stolen, Bushwhackers, Test Subjects, Voodoo Doll, Electrical Creation, Beckoners, Depleted, Chiaki, Terracotta Warrior, Little Gasser, Corpse Candle, Research Assistant, Francis Kitchener, Mouse, Steam Arachnid, The Scribe, Papa Loco, Enslaved Nephilim, The Dispatcher, Newsie, Scales of Justice, and the Sanctioned Spellcaster. Surely, we can do better with our naming conventions than this? Give Doc Mitchell a leather satchel, give Karina her rock, give Loco a short fuse, give the Research Assistant a heavy textbook. You get a better identity when the attack matches the lore, the model, and the identity. The only character that actually has a flail doesn’t use it (and yes, I know that flailing here means a desperate unarmed swing)!
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