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  1. @lusciousmccabe: Thanks so much! I thought about how to do that lighting - I should have thought about the airbrush! I'll try that - thanks for the resource and link!
  2. Caedrus, reporting in! I have some early completions, and I'm pleased to say that my (mostly eBay rescued) Tormented keyword is complete! First, the Drowned I find myself wondering if I should do more colour on these guys, rather than going for a 'submerged' look. But, I do like the way they look (as always, water effects look garbage in photographs). Next, the Hanged! A bit uninteresting, these guys have a halo of colour on their base, which is Caedrus-speak for Incorporeal. Next, the Dead Outlaws! A bit more interesting a sculpt. It was a bit challengi
  3. @LightningJuice, welcome to the Forum! I feel I can say that we're a pretty informal bunch here. I can definitely say that it is a very supportive and constructive lot of people. You're very welcome to take part in the Challenge (no hassle), and if you want and critiquing of your technique or work, just let people know and they'll happily do so. Welcome! Caedrus.
  4. Caedrus, Reporting in! I’ll be updating my efforts with some photography tomorrow, but I thought I’d take a look at the absolutely inspiring work everyone has been up to. Please take any critiques in a positive light, as they are meant to be constructive! @muraki: Nice development of your NMM. You might want to put a small amount of glazed colours to reflect the surroundings, e.g. a brown at the bottom of (March) Lady J’s coffin. I love your choice of hair colour on Lady J, by the way. Super-fine brush control on the woodgrain of her coffin, too! @Gloomy: I love your
  5. @Brushgit: Delightful work on that face. Beautiful skin tones.
  6. @Engorn, I wouldn't ask a painter to sacrifice a trusted brush to drybrushing, nor metallics, but on the other hand, airbrush does make the challenge a little less challenging! Is there a miniature in your painting queue that doesn't need drybrushing, metallics, nor airbrush? Now, there's a challenge! 😊
  7. Caedrus, reporting in! Well, I am hoping that everyone can forgive so many blurry / washed out photos in this lot! In March, I wanted to make inroads into my Tormented, and I started with the eBay rescues, which was the base Jack Daw box: 15SS of Jack Daw. Not an inspiring sculpt. Next, Lady Ligeia: A much more interesting sculpt and definitely worth more than 2 SS. Now, Lurch! I enjoyed painting 9SS of Montresor. I've been trying to get better at black cloth. The rear-view shot doesn't show it well. I've made a gallows base for Monstresor, just to make
  8. For April, I will pledge 3 Dead Outlaws (primed), 3 Hanged (primed), 3 Drowned (base coats done), and 3 Crooked Men (nearing completion). Yep - April will be a month of torment! For the Highlander Challenge, if I don't paint one of my tormented with the #1 (with a Rosemary & Co, Series 33 being my weapon of choice), then I'm sure I'll find something to paint. Oh, and I'm hoping to finish this guy: Caedrus.
  9. Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the Monthly Painting Challenge for April! Everything you need to know for the Challenge is right HERE. I've been absolutely blown away with how well everyone has responded to the extra monthly challenge these last few months, so I present to you: The Highlander Challenge! Paint a single Malifaux miniature in the month of April, using only one brush, of size 1 or greater. For some of you, this will be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. For some of you, it'll be stressed-depressed-lemon-zest. Have a fantastic April, look after
  10. Caedrus, reporting in! Here's a quick WIP for you all. I made a great start on my March painting, with the Tormented keyword being my objective. I've 90% finished most of the core box, which was an eBay rescue. My objective in this painting is to experiment with the best way to portray an incorporeal miniature. To that end, I started with Lady Ligeia, which I painted as a spectral figure: The tones at the bottom were to try to give the impression of the floorboards underneath, but I'm not sure of that has translated well. I'm pleased, however, with the overall miniature. So, fro
  11. Hi All, it sounds like the three-colour challenge is a bit of a washout! For those interested, the idea was: grab black, white, and the primary colours. Mix them however you will. Paint a mini. Simple as that. It was a bit of a 'back to basics' idea, redeveloping mixing skills! Of course, these are just little ideas and challenges to keep things fresh! There's no obligation to take part! Caedrus
  12. For me, my Month of March will be made up of continuing to work on the Hannah project, updating my Freikorps, and making a start on my Tormented keyword. This is an eBay rescue, on a keyword which has a few ... meh models in it, so I'm expecting a bit of a drudge, but who knows! My primaries and tones model? Probably Montresor. Keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
  13. Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the Monthly Painting Challenge for March! Everything you need to know for the Challenge is right HERE. March (according to my shallow internet research) has two birthstones, being bloodstone and aquamarine. In addition, the flower of March is the Daffodil. Red, blue, yellow. So, here's a challenge for you. Paint a single Malifaux miniature in the month of March, using ONLY the primaries, black and white. Sounds easy, but if you're anything like me, your paint-mixing skills could do with a little upkeep. Have a fantastic March, look
  14. Caedrus, reporting in! Greetings All. First of all, an apology: I've been rather absent this month, as real life got in the way. However, I have had a chance to finish off a few models, and to do some much-needed touch-ups on a few models as well. I'll be updating the tallysheet this weekend (hopefully), and giving some feedback, as well. Of course, the March Challenge page will go up as well! For the moment, though, here's what I painted! 10SS of Hodgepodge Emissary. This guy. Wow. So much detail. However, I was thinking of littering the base with trinkets and junk to refl
  15. @Engorn: What absolutely gorgeous, vibrant colours!
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