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  1. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    Caedrus, reporting in with a mid-late month update. Bad photo, but a mindless zombie, completed, so I've reached my pledge. Lots still to do on my Dashel... ...but my Flesh Construct is coming along nicely! See you at the end of the month! Keep on painting! Caedrus.
  2. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    Caedrus, reporting in with an astonishingly early completed miniature! Well, if I'm honest, it was 90% completed, but I've just finished it, so if I get super busy this month (rather likely!), I've got at least something done. Here's the story: I bought a Lazarus off eBay (another cheap eBay rescue). Like many of you, I wasn't so keen on the moel. Really, really bad dynamics. Illogical pipe locations. Add in my need for it to be a bit steampunky (which is my dominant Malifaux theme), and I had a few ideas. Then it struck me that there were two inspirations for Lazarus. One, obviously, the biblical character, rising from the dead. However, there was another influence. We start off with a Guild police officer, near death, returned to a semblance of life and eternal torment. A cyborg that now works for new ideals, rather than those of the corrupt 'lawmen' from whom he feels increasingly distant. That's right, folks, I made a steampunk Robocop. Behold, Steampunk Robocop Lazarus! Using some pretty ordinary greenstuff and putty skills, the right gatling arm (which, inexplicably, was a grenade launcher?) was converted to a new hand. The grenade launcher was moved above his head, the pipes deleted (so he can now, you know, use his arms), and the pelvis narrowed. I'm thinking the backpack needs a touch more adornment. The colours are a bit washed out, but there's a gradation of colour in the bricks from Guild-Red to Outcast-Orange. The girders are melted Evergreen Scale Model girders. So, I can now call this model (essentially) complete. Any comments, critiques or feedback are very welcome. See you later in the month! Caedrus.
  3. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    Caedrus, checking in. I just know that this month is going to be crazily busy, so I'm going with t a very moderate pledge of one mindless zombie. Having said that, my stretch goals will be two Ice Dancers, and a mystery Outcast that is VERY nearly complete already! Have a great painting month, all! Caedrus.
  4. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Caedrus, checking in. Well, it's been a crazily busy month, and I've only had enough time to finish some Guild (though I have two other miniatures so close to finished). I am pretty over red, I can tell you. @Franchute: I have painted 25SS of miniatures this month (Guild Sergeant [6], Brutal Effigy [4], 2 Guild Guard [6], a Guild Rifleman [5]). Pam. Wondering if I should turn her jacket into a vest... My actual pledge for the month. A TTB model as a Guardsman. The Wendigo's victim, made into another sort of victim. The cloak has more contrast than this photo suggests. I think I need more water effects on the tentacle. The larger gears didn't cast very well. I can see myself revisiting this base. Not sure if I like it more with or without the lantern. Without, for the moment. Wow, you need a very fine paintbrush to get at the face on this model. ...and the Guild Autopsy! Even when painting Ressers I can't get away from red! It's fantastic to see everyone's work. I'm looking forward to October, where I hope to use a little less red! Keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
  5. Caedrus

    Trades up for offer

    @Polar43: May I ask the price of the Raspy, and the Hanging Trees? I'm in Australia.
  6. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Greetings All, Caedrus reporting in for my mid-month update. I had a great day painting yesterday, and (aside from bases) made some great progress despite my glacial painting pace. In order of least-complete to most-complete: A tentacle for a base I'm working on... A Rifleman for an intro game for friends... An Austringer, because why not? A proxy-guardsman. Ignore the hair. I changed my mind mid-painting... My actual pledge for the month. Ugh, lots to do with the cloak. I swear that fit perfectly, before! Little touch-ups to go, and a lantern to attach. A before-and-after of my nearly finished Guild Autopsy. Surprisingly easy model to paint, this one. ...and just the base to do on my Alternate Guild Sergeant, whom I call 'Pam'. Sploosh! By the way, I hope the transition to 3rd Edition actually makes this an Alt Dashel, because that Guild Sergeant confusion was just annoying. Well, still lots to do. Keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
  7. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    @prof_bycid: Maybe something like this?
  8. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    @PetitDalek: Vallejo Plastic Putty is a good option, as you can get a damp brush and smooth it into the gaps. If you don't like using it, try (1) Green Stuff for most of the gap, and (2) Skim the surface with GW's Liquid Green stuff. Good luck!
  9. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    @prof_bycid: That firestarter is just perfect. Where's the model from? Must have!
  10. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Where did August go? September's pledge will be another Guild Guard, and two very-nearly complete December Acolytes! Who knows what else the month will bring, because my GenCon Wyrd package just arrived! Have a great month of painting! Caedrus.
  11. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Caedrus, checking in. So, I had a truly chaotic month. I had grand painting plans, and then life got in the way. I painted three miniatures, and basecoated about 75 more. Essentially, I lost my mind and decided to repaint my Guild Guard (and Austringers, Riflemen, etc). in the new, flashy red outfits as shown in the latest TTB artwork. That meant experimenting with reds. A combination of Vallejo Model Air Ferrari Red, Scalecolor's Inktense Red, and Reaper Clear Red, I had these two guys complete (just)!: Secondly, I completed an eBay rescue, being a Desolation Engine. I had fun with this mini. It featured some airbrush basecoats, and messing around with NMM (I'm still not great at it, but the brass on the back isn't too bad), and some pseudo-heat effects, which were easy and fun. A very enjoyable miniature, this one. @Franchute: Desolation Engine (13) + 2x Guild Guard (6) = 19 Points for August! It's been sad to see so many painters not able to continue, but I'm in here for the long haul. Keep putting paint to plastic, and I'll see you in September! Caedrus.
  12. Caedrus

    Beta Invites Live

    @Kai: Is it definitely too late for an application? I have an NDA signed and ready to submit 😩
  13. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    @H4ml3t: What I do is challenge myself. Grab the miniature you're least invested in. Use monochrome. Use a skintone you've never tried. Grab a colour at random and use it as a dominant colour for the miniature. Try the wash, glaze, scumble, drybrush, wetblend or feathering technique you've always wanted to do. Failing that, name three of your miniatures, and we'll tell you how we want it themed! If you're up for a challenge, I'll do the same as well! Caedrus. @Franchute: I wish I only had 15 boxes of miniatures...
  14. Caedrus

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Caedrus, reporting in with a quick WIP update: Guild Guard: yet to be touched. Ice Dancers: based, fabric being worked on, extra-stripey boots painted satisfactorily. Desolation Engine: Skin roughed in with the airbrush, experiments with NMM ongoing, leather straps painted. December Acolytes: All materials covered, fabric coming along nicely. Here's some quick update pictures! Have a great August! Caedrus.