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  1. Caedrus, checking in! So, I had a bit of an up-and-down month. I started a bit slow, then had a surge of activity, which those of you would have seen. Then I had my second COVID-vaccine, and my energy levels ... they were a bit fluctuating, shall we say? Anyway, I managed to (just) get a lot of stuff painted! I completed a miniature for the Hot Hot Hot competition, whose points I shall add later. This miniature was also my 'Discomfort' miniature. I'll do some photos very soon, but for the moment, the remaining points are: [15SS] Sandeep Desai [7SS] Banasuva [8SS] Kandara [24SS] Shastar Vidiya Guard [18SS] Kudra x2 [4SS] Essence of Power [15SS] Poison Gamin x3 [5SS] Metal Gamin [6SS] Iggy Making a total of 102 Soulstones for July! Pictures to come tomorrow! Stay well, everyone! Caedrus.
  2. In the month of August, I will be starting on a Kaeris crew, but to participate in the Ahab Challenge, I will be painting either the Arcane Emissary, or Santana Ortega. Yikes. Wish me luck.
  3. Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the Monthly Painting Challenge for August! Everything you need to know for the Challenge is right HERE. One thing which I have really, really notice this year is that many of our forum painters have really improved. Maybe it's the temperatures making everyone stay inside, or maybe it's the COVID lockdowns - but I'm stunned at how greatly everyone has improved. So how, I wondered, should I integrate that into a Challenge? The Ahab Challenge! In the month of August, I challenge you to be brave, and to tackle that miniature which you never thought you were good enough to undertake (or maybe complete)! So, Captain Ahab, it's time to get that white whale. Paint that miniature, and overcome your fears! Have a fantastic August, look after yourself and your loved ones, and keep those brushes damp! Caedrus.
  4. Caedrus' Odyssey, Day 5: Time for Turquoise. And some purple. Stay safe, and keep painting! Caedrus.
  5. Late on Thursday night, Caedrus did a little more, after a busy day: ...and notices that he has lost the snake from one of his Kudras. Damn it. Caedrus.
  6. Late on Wednesday night, Caedrus had completed the NMM, done some skin experiments, and was wondering if it was time for the airbrush... Stay tuned... Caedrus.
  7. Late on Tuesday Night, Caedrus had done very little, only completing the base coats for NMM... Stay tuned... (Oh, and in case you were wondering what I'm leading up to with this project, I have no idea)
  8. Late on Monday night, Caedrus had completed the bases, and started on the NMM for the Metal Gamin: Stay tuned...
  9. Late one Sunday night, Caedrus put a stupid idea into motion. Oh boy, here we go.
  10. Caedrus, reporting in! So, this month, I have been working on a model for the Hot Hot Hot! Painting Competition, which has also got something which puts me in my discomfort zone, so I'm being efficient with my challenges. So, while I can't really talk about that at the moment, I can show you what I've been up to! First of all, I wanted a quick win, so I slapped paint on three of my least favourite models ... the Molemen! I had a little fun with some glowing gems on their hides, but these were never going to be a major effort. Then, I made a start on Iggy... He's looking OK so far. It's a tiny model. I think I need some cooler colours to create an effective contrast, and to show the OSL a bit more effectively. Still, he's a bit of fun, and should finish easily into a nice miniature. Next, an Effigy! Now, this guy is mostly in blues, greens and purples. The reason for this is that I will be repeating the colours on the Emissary, hopefully doing some pseudo- iridescence on the wings and robe, similar to this: ...or at least, that's the objective. So, after this, I have some tidying of other models, and then I shall be desperatly trying to get back into the groove of finishing my Hannah. Meantime, everyone has really cranked up the vibrancy this month! @Viruk: Love the Zoraida family. The swamp slime, I can tell, is well done, but it never photographs well! Love the Damned's cold flesh / hot eyes. @Engorn: So, so much to love. The vibrant piggies, the colour-coded skeeter wings, the delightful flame / smoke plume behind Zipp and Merris, the crisp line work on the Porkchop. All superb stuff. For me, however, the green / red First Mate combination. Perfect choice. Brilliant. @Ja9nge: I adore this style. It's vibrant, clear and (this is a compliment) comic-book crisp. I think the squealer is my favourite. The flesh tone is pinker than I would use - and it's brilliant for doing so! @Boomstick: If you'd told me that you were using green and gold for your Urami, I would never have thought it was a winner of an idea. So, I was wrong. It's so strong a presence on the tabletop. Gorgeous. @astapable: At the other end of the spectrum is astapable. Those flesh tones are so subtle and smooth ... I'm so very, very envious. I wish I could do that! @Vessien: That Ototo is looking just delightful. I see a lot of yellow Ototos, but rarely red. I think it's a splendid contrast to the NMM, which is also very nice, by the way! Wow, as always, I am blown away by the skills being shown. I've been a bit lazy of late, but you folk have inspired me to focus again - hopefully I can keep up to your standards! Everyone, stay safe, and keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
  11. @Hobby Wyrd: Thanks to yourself and the Wyrd staff for really getting into community support with these competitions. It's sincerely appreciated.
  12. For the month of July, I will put myself out of my comfort zone. I am, at best, a poor hand with Green Stuff. I will finish at least one converted miniature. It might be an Eternal Flame proxy, a heavily converted Hannah, or a Firestarter. I'm not sure yet! Have a fantastic July, and stay cool / warm (as appropriate for your comfort!). Caedrus.
  13. Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the Monthly Painting Challenge for July! Everything you need to know for the Challenge is right HERE. After a crazily busy June, I'm back with a vengeance and ready to get some painting done. While the Northern Hemisphere is getting seriously warm, I'm in the cold of the Southern Hemisphere, wondering how to use my spray primers*, and generally freezing. It was that discomfort that made me think of a nice Challenge for the month of July: The Discomfort Challenge! In the month of July, I challenge you to identify the thing that you least like in your painting, and to do exactly that for a miniature. Is it glazing? Face details? NMM? Whatever it is, the gauntlet has been thrown down! Have a fantastic July, look after yourself and your loved ones, and keep those brushes damp! Caedrus. * Honestly, nowadays, I just mainly use the airbrush...
  14. Caedrus, Reporting in! Greeting everyone! First of all, an apology. I’ve been crazily busy over the last few weeks, and had barely enough time to do any of the fun th9ings that make life worth living! However, now that I am over the hump of grown-up responsibilities (for the moment, at least), I can actually do some fun stuff. I’ve been working on a few projects in the last few weeks. Hers goes! First of all, with my Obliteration keyword finally finished, I moved onto another nearly-finished project, being my Witch Hunters. Now, with the Hush box being released, I can get the final members of the team, but in the meantime, I had to get started on my Thalarian Quellers. Here’s where they are at, so far! Next up, I had a couple of Exorcists built, and with the Marshal keyword looking almost complete, it was time to do some work on this dire duo. Here they are! On the topic of nearly-completed keywords, my Freikorps finally got a bit of heavy support. No, it’s not the Hannah (that’s still a work in progress…), but rather, the Alt Lazarus! This guy took forever, but it was worth it in the end. Lots of fun was had on this miniature, and lots of learning. There are still skills to continue to develop – OSL, NMM and airbrushing are the obvious three), but I had fun, and that’s the main thing! Next, my Flowers and Showers entry. I painted an Avatar of Zoraida, and a slew of roses to go along with it. It wasn’t successful in winning anything, but I had fun doing it! The flowers are all 3D printed, which was a bit of a learning curve! So, that’s what I’m up to for the moment. Hopefully I can get the Exorcists and Quellers ready by the end of June. I'll be back soon with some feedback and comments! Caedrus.
  15. Caedrus, reporting in! For the month of June, I will be attempting to finish my long-standing project (Hannah), my NMM experiment (Lazarus Alt), and to finish my Sonnia Crew (looking at you, Thralls!). Of course, I'll also find something interesting to paint in the greatest amount of contrast, for my self-imposed Monthly Challenge! Picture to come! Have a great June, everyone! Caedrus.
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