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  1. Scatterbrain

    H: Guilds $ W: Neverborn

    Whereabouts are you based?
  2. Scatterbrain

    Arcanist Hires & Summons

    Damn it, I am having trouble keeping up with which cross-faction miniatures are available or not. The decision about whether or not to keep my NIB Rafkin has changed twice now. But it looks like another bunch of Bayou friends have come to play instead, in the form of Survivors.
  3. Scatterbrain

    Waldo's Weekly - the Open Beta is now LIVE!

    Huzzah for the barkeep!
  4. Scatterbrain

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    I did a basecoat of a single colour today. 😁 Just celebrating the small victories...
  5. Scatterbrain


    Unless I have missed something huge, the beta testers didn't receive new models, either the completely new releases in M3E or new sculpts of previous edition models. I presume they just did the playtesting with proxy models where required. E.g. using a Ramos miniature to stand in for Von Schtook, or a Shikome to represent the future Marcus' Chimera Order Initiate. I think we will all just have to keep an eye on the gradual revealing of new miniatures and sculpts in pre-view, such as just occurred with the Dreamer crew.
  6. Scatterbrain

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    I love the red and purple in the concept art. I can't wait to see someone who paints them similarly once the miniatures are available.
  7. Scatterbrain

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    That's a Ronin on the far right, if I am not mistaken. Which faction's dogs are those to the left, and what are the metal figures? What's their total M2E soulstone value?
  8. I am determined to get there in the coming weeks.
  9. Scatterbrain

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    What colour scheme are you going to use to paint the cricket? 🦗 😁
  10. Scatterbrain

    My Hamelin Crew

    Wow, bright and vivid colours! This is a really visually striking crew. I think you should be proud of your accomplishment. 🙂
  11. Scatterbrain

    Thank You, Mason

    Thanks, Mason! All the best in everything else that you do.
  12. Scatterbrain

    Arcanist Masters and their keyword models [M3E]

    I thank that's likely, and it makes me assume (and we all know how dangerous that can be!) that Firebugs will be one of the first in the Arcanist faction to get new Minion and Enforcer models in M3E, after the one we already know about for Chimera, of course. Another possibility is that several of the Versatile models are going to have good synergy with Kaeris and the Firebugs, perhaps even more than many of the other masters, to help even out her hiring pool. I'm thinking it could be that the Effigy and/or Emissary might interact with the burning condition somehow, perhaps followed by the Mechanical Rider (who helpfully has fire-like effects in her sculpt). Next most likely seems to be the Saboteurs. They come in the same box as the Fire Golem, after all, and the idea of setting things ablaze certainly fits with the theme of sabotage!
  13. Scatterbrain

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    Congrats! It's excellent! The tree trunk and swampy bit on the base have really contributed to the overall effect, and I really like the vibrant red colour of the fresh blood effect. Which paint did you use for that? GW/Citadel Blood for the Blood God paint, or something more affordable? 😜
  14. Scatterbrain

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    Ha! I thought that was a cricket. 🦗 To be fair, I don't have my glasses on. 🤓
  15. Scatterbrain

    The Wyrd Deck of Painting Achievements!

    I just unlocked the 2 of Crows by doing a miniature in Games Workshop style! I accomplished this by selecting identical poses of a lone trooper miniature in a dated aesthetic and listed them for individual sale only on eBay for $55 Australian dollars each. With a minimum-to-be-even-slightly-effective squad size of 6, that's a paltry initial investment of only $330. Of course, a serious player would want to run several larger squads totalling up to 6 times that, including those they would need to butcher to try to convert to the special weapons (at another $25 each). Needless to say, there has been a rush of orders. At time of writing I am temporarily out of stock. I'm working on unlocking the 1 of Crows by making a miniature look so pallid and sickly that it needs to be euthanized. The resultant full-page ego stroke for the magazine is currently at the typesetters.