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  1. You might be better off asking your local gaming store to order them in for you. Even with the retail mark-up, they might be able to do you a good deal on all of the books at once that would work out cheaper than paying initially less for them online, but then having to pay for international shipping.
  2. I'm enjoying all of these previews. 🙂
  3. Shuriken! Great idea, Wyrd, I think these minis are going to be winners in terms of both sculpts and gameplay! 😄
  4. ¿Qué? 😅 I am pledging a metal, older sculpt of Ramos. 15ss. I paid a few dollars for it. If that sounds over-costed, I should point out that it was a pre-M3E purchase. 🙄
  5. Yeah, I intend to use it as the Arcane Emissary when running a Raspy crew - all similarly based, naturally. Some of those Avatar minis had incredible sculpts, I think it'd be a real pity not to use them.
  6. @Caedrus Mobile Toolkit for 3 ss. I couldn't glue the wee bugger down as I only recently decided which fancy bases I want, and they haven't yet arrived. It's going on cobblestones, similar to those which @Viruk used with the orange coated Saboteurs. After he gives me a step-by-step of how to achieve the amazing multicolour effect, that is.
  7. Agreed, the key word being in-faction. However, unless I am mistaken, Arcanist Marcus does not have access to Rougarou, Hounds, Bandersnatch, et. al.. Likewise, Neverborn Marcus can hire Chimera models listed in the Arcanist faction, but not Blessed of December.
  8. Marcus only has access to Neverborn miniatures with the Chimera keyword when declaring Arcanist. Currently, that's only the Razorspine Rattler.
  9. Thank you. By the way, in Australia, "rooting" has a different meaning. 🤣
  10. I have officially now started. 😎 My single, 3 soulstone model, that is.
  11. @Thedeadclaw Pics, or it didn't happen! 😜
  12. I'm seeing what I assume to be default text, white on the dark grey background. For me, your posts don't look different to anyone else's. 🤔
  13. The cards are there now, if they weren't before.
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