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  1. Scatterbrain

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Franchute Second Mulligan for me too, I'm afraid. πŸ™ Probably soon to drop out of the challenge (considering this is only the 5th month of 12), but at least I have some nicely painted minis to show for it.
  2. Scatterbrain

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    It's going to be another last ditch effort for me again this month. This time I chose a robot rather than a person so I can get away with basecoat + wash + drybrush. πŸ€“
  3. Scatterbrain

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    I think it looks more like a character for Through The Breach roleplaying game rather than a Malifaux miniature.
  4. Scatterbrain

    Starting Malifaux, help getting started with Kaeris :-)

    That's one of the strengths of the Malifaux line of models. I don't think it's silly or sad at all. When I have enough Arcanist models, it'd be fun to run a 100% female miniature crew. I've seen all female crews come up for sale on eBay, too, though all in different factions than Arcanists so far. I especially like the female sculpt of the Union Steamfitter. Since most players seem only to use one Steamfitter at a time in their crews, you could probably pick up just the female sculpt from a private seller if you were lucky. πŸ™‚ That's what I did for mine. Many forum users love to talk about Malifaux, so noobs are a constant supply of new opportunities to do it. Several forum users are going to enjoy typing responses to your questions, so it's a win/win. In the previous edition/sculpt of the miniatures, two Gunsmiths actually came in Kaeris' metal crew box, instead of the Firestarter & Eternal Flame that come in the current plastic edition. So if they're going to synergize with any Master, it stands to reason that they're likely to be Kaeris. Also, buying, painting and playing with the models you like the look of is a completely valid way to collect Malifaux. As you mentioned in a different reply, you are more interested in having fun games than necessarily playing with the best possible tournament-level lists. So what if Gunsmiths don't make it into the top tournament Arcanist crews? They look cool, and they're not completely useless, otherwise they would never have passed playtesting and been released as models. With the combo of Gunsmiths and Fire Gamin, maybe you'll be able to make crews that have quite a bit of ranged threat and damage output in their own right, with applying burning being a secondary benefit. Sometimes you can find Miss Fire for about $5 USD on eBay if you're lucky. Another way to do it will be to try to buy her online from Wyrd's own webstore on the so-called Black Friday online sale on 23 November later this year. (We don't know for sure what will be available, but many of the alternate sculpt models were temporarily available at the recent Easter sale). I don't want to dissuade you from looking at Carlos. But just from a purely practical point, his miniature is tricky to put together and then is fragile to transport. You'd be wise to have a very good foam or magnetic system for safely transporting your models to games before you assemble and paint Carlos. Maybe you already have a lot of assembling experience and some good ways to protect and transport your models from playing other systems of miniatures wargames previously? It doesn't have to be your first buy, but I would also suggest looking at Johan (or Johanna, if you can track down the alternate female sculpt and don't mind spending a little more). You pay an extra ss (soulstone) to hire him (or her) as a Mercenary in the Arcanist faction, and the cost has been errata'd up by 1 ss to what the card that comes in the box will say. He can remove conditions, has solid attack, and can heal himself and other M&SU models. Of those you've mentioned maybe buying, the M&SU models are Kaeris box: Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Firestarter. Ironsides box: Ironsides, Mouse, the Captain, Oxfordian Mages. Plus Gunsmiths, Willie/Miss Fire, and a whole bunch of the other models already mentioned in this topic by other users.
  5. Scatterbrain

    Friday Preview - Stalking Portals

    Whatchu Stalking about?
  6. Scatterbrain

    Use of Wyrd IP Question

    Battle Foam also sell licensed Malifaux branded carry bags. 😊 If the answer was always going to be "no", it stands to reason they wouldn't bother having a permission form at all.
  7. Scatterbrain

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Burnin' Coal ... hold up. You made those yourself, from scratch? 😳
  8. Scatterbrain

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Franchute, @bedjy - wow! πŸ˜€ Such vibrant colours!
  9. Scatterbrain

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    It looks like you've made a great start on Nekima so far, and there's approximately 2/3 of the month remaining. And as you said, the Corrupted Hounds are nearly complete. Maybe you're not giving yourself enough credit? 😊 Nekima might still be thundering from the skies by the end of May yet.
  10. Scatterbrain

    Master Roulette ?

    This is an interesting discussion, thanks everyone for such detailed replies. 😊 As I predicted, experienced players were indeed able to identify more of the limitations of this kind of theoretical model. I'm grateful to hear from all of this experience. From the replies above, it seems that the Master Roulette idea isn't going to work for new players... even if they do happen to be new players who have dove-in head-first, and bought and painted 6-8 Master crew boxes. πŸ˜‰ So it sounds like it's more of a challenge or "handicap" for experienced and creative players like @4thstringer to choose to try, in order to spice things up and stretch abilities. It sounds like Master Roulette is going to require at least an intermediate skill level in order not to be a disaster for the player. And definitely an "opt-in" challenge, never something compulsory. 😊 The ability to choose the Master for the encounter is an important part of the uniqueness of the game, after all. Oh, I wasn't expecting anyone to try to cheat. I just thought it would be best to make it almost impossible from the outset. As funny as it would be to write "Nicodem" on 8 pieces of paper, then remark "Oh, what are the chances?" when drawing his name. 🀣 True, after all, @Rillan is a player who is smart enough to only have bought strong models in the first place, and to always beat a novice player no matter which Master he takes, so this style of play isn't going to suit. I don't so much mind the word choice. It can be difficult to find the right words in a second language. I'll just whip open the thesaurus and mentally replace the word "stupid" with something both more polite and descriptive when I read it. Maybe impractical, or cumbersome, or limited, or self-defeating/counter-productive. Unusual, and perhaps not the most frugal, but it's by no means impossible. πŸ˜‰ I'm a complete beginner and I have a bad case of Pokemonitis myself. BUY ALL THE THINGS! πŸ€‘
  11. Scatterbrain

    Master Roulette ?

    I'm comparatively new to both Malifaux and the forum, so please excuse me if this idea has already been discussed recently. What do experienced Malifaux players think of the idea of "Master Roulette"? Let me explain what I mean. The two players set up terrain, declare factions and get the pool of schemes and strategies as usual, from whatever rule set they are using (e.g. GG18). The only difference is that the player does not choose which Master will lead their crew: instead, they randomly select them in secret by drawing names out of a hat (or similar). As normal, players do not know which Master the other player has randomly selected until deployment. Once the Master is selected, the players build their crews as normal, considering that Master's synergies and the schemes & strats as usual. So if you draw Jacob Lynch, you can choose Brilliance models as desired to get the best results from that crew. The only random element is which Master is taken. I see a number of potential advantages and drawbacks from playing games this way, but I imagine experienced players will be able to think of some more. So far, I think: Advantages Players learn to use all of the Masters they have available, meaning that so-called lesser tier Masters see as much table time as the moderate to higher-rated. This could help creative players find new strengths for crews led by Masters who are lesser-rated when they ordinarily would have chosen more popular Masters instead, meaning that currently lesser-rated Masters may actually become more highly-rated as more strengths are discovered. Conversely, depending on the schemes & strats, Masters with a reputation as being especially powerful may find that their dominance is reduced a little when they are forced to use them in situations where they ordinarily would have chosen a different Master instead. The skill gap between new and experienced players is potentially reduced, depending on which Master the experienced player draws, and how familiar she/he is with their use. Players who have invested time and money collecting several Masters within their faction have incentive to give table time to all of their miniatures. Players who have used their skills to hone the use of a particularly powerful combination of models are encouraged to use that same intelligence to find ways of getting the most out of multiple crews. Favourite Henchmen, Enforcers, Minions, Peons and Mercenaries can all still be chosen if desired. So synergistic combos of these models may be found to be somewhat transferable between Masters. Players who get the ire of their gaming communities for using particular notorious Masters still get to use them some of the time, but they can't be "blamed" for choosing them when the name happens to be drawn from the hat. πŸ˜‰ Games that may have otherwise been fairly one-sided could end up being harder fought. Disadvantages Newer players who are first learning the mechanics of the game and the models they own could become bamboozled by having to use complex Masters in schemes & strats that they may not naturally suit. The system is at its fairest when both players own all eight of the Masters available to the Faction. Even among experienced players and ardent hobbyists with comparatively deep pockets, it's unusual for players to own all of the choices. In the likely event that players didn't own all of the Masters, would the other player's potential hiring pool of names in the hat also be reduced to the same number? If so, lower-tier Masters may end up being excluded anyway. In addition to the Masters themselves, players are also at a disadvantage if they own fewer of the support pieces for that crew. I.e. an Arcanist player who owns the Rasputina crew box but no other Frozen Heart miniatures, whereas their opponent is fielding Perdita and has all of the Ortegas/Family models to choose from. Games that may have otherwise been good competition could end up being dramatically one-sided. A player who draws a lower-tier Master from their faction against an opponent who happens to get the best possible result mightn't enjoy most likely being "set up to fail," even if they do potentially learn about their crew in different circumstances to usual. Would require a system to prevent unsportsmanlike players from cheating to influence which name came out of the hat. (E.g. ensuring the bits of paper are as identical as possible, and once players have deployed, the remaining names in the hat are revealed to both players for accountability). Can other players think of any other possible advantages or disadvantages from choosing to play with Master Roulette? Would any players be keen to give it a try, if their opponents/gaming groups were also on board?
  12. Scatterbrain

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Pledging one Mobile Toolkit for 3 ss.
  13. Scatterbrain

    M2E Ramos

    Good to know. πŸ˜‰ My LGS still has a dusty Ramos avatar on the shelf from back when they were current. But I think I'd better stick with the canonical tournament rules or I'll end up learning Ramos tricks that can't be replicated outside of playing at home. Sounds like he's pretty strong with just the tools available to him already, never minding the lack of access to Peacekeeper and other Guild constructs. πŸ™‚
  14. Scatterbrain

    M2E Ramos

    Oops! πŸ˜₯That's embarrassing. But on the plus side, at least it's solved the tricky conundrum of whether I was going to keep the Peacekeeper and Watcher I bought for myself or give them to my partner for her Guild. 😏
  15. Scatterbrain

    M2E Ramos

    Thanks @retnab! Do you, or any other player, have much experience with the Guild Assets upgrade? I'm curious to hear how Ramos and his crew go when they have access to Ryle and Guild Constructs.