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  1. Is it powerful enough for that to be a concern?
  2. My guess would be Test Subjects in Bayou. Part of Mah's crew.
  3. If you want the totem to be more survivable you could do a thing where it buries when it dies and replaces a pyre marker to come back. I don't know what it is flavour wise, but it is called the ETERNAL flame at least.
  4. Maybe something like butterfly leap, where he can scoot around if shot at?
  5. Primate

    Test Subjects

    Cyborg molerats? Like Brin's.
  6. Like this model/art. Mortimer's not really a sinister guy imho, and this reflects his jolly nature. He's the guy that makes you think nothing weird is going on and keeps you distracted whilst Nicodem sneaks up behind you with a hammer.
  7. Was reading a one of the older stories from the 1st edition (at the end of storm of shadows). That has a dude that's killing people in order to charge soulstones, which he uses in an exoskeleton in order to extend his lifespan. I mention it because he gets called a vampire by the people trying to stop him. Not really what you're looking for but maybe interesting anyway.
  8. It's in the core rules that unless something specifies, damage reduction is to 1. So 2 damage hitting Armour +2 would be reduced to 1.
  9. I've kind of seen this a bit in the move from the Game of Thrones LCG by FFG and the switch from 1st edition to 2nd edition. They went from a game that had huge swings and powerful effects (but still balanced, even if it required a fair bit of intervention in the form of banlists and similar) to a game that was more nuanced, with smaller simpler effects. The impetus for the change was a couple of bad rules, but mostly a huge backlog of weird cards and interactions that needed to be cleaned up. They went from a huge cardpool to a game with a much smaller cardpool, and the games were, for a while, much simpler just because the lack of options. It wasn't the smoothest change in the world, and people decried the lack of fun because the game didn't have the big plays and weird effects, but the new games strengths became apparant over time, and despite some mistakes it's now probably more successful than the original game is. To M3e, Min 4 is now Min 3, Min 3 now Min 2, a Master that had 7+ abilities (with upgrades), now might have 3, the complexity of the game has decreased, but the hope would be that now that fun is more about the interactions in the game rather than a competing back and forth "One weird trick for killing your opponents model". Thrones LCG survived and is now more sucessful than it was before the change and IMHO that was because of community enthusiasm carrying through the change, and I hope that M3E can rely on similar support.
  10. How card hungry is she, I notice that she has a couple of decent-looking sources of draw in amina and fitzsimmons. Could you get away with a "Discard X cards, get X adrenaline" effect (maybe with some other trick like put adversary on X models). Seems like that could get you some quickly, but it's not exactly cheap.
  11. I've not had a chance to play her. How often do you end up using intimidation? It looks like the most out of place ability on the card. EDIT: (I guess it adds an attack, so you may use it if you have the ram to spare, I guess I'm really asking if it justifies itself.)
  12. There's comedy option mei feng, who can hire more models out of a faction that she isn't even part of (Bayou) than her primary faction (Thunders).
  13. I haven't thought about the practicals of this at all but i think something in Kaeris' crew (fire golem? Kaeris herself?) should have the ability to make some terrain hazardous / make it so you get burning by standing in its shadow. So she's there blowing up buildings / forests / whatever, and you can't hide from her. Maybe that'd be viewed negatively like lethe's caress is, but it'd result in a quite different game on some boards.
  14. Maybe with Toni you could give the stickiness to another model in her crew so quell activates more often. Maybe put a trigger on the captains cyclone shockwave so it pulls instead of pushes, allowing ironsides to activate with some people engaged more reliably. Or you could drop a trigger somewhere else and add something to intimidation. I feel like with ironsides the problem might be more her crew, which is very expensive atm, but I'm not commenting on that further without playtesting. I get what kaeris is trying to do i think but her card looks like a m2e card, with lots of different niche options. There's probably room in there for two small abilities to be removed and replaced with one bigger stronger (and more interesting) ability, but you'd need to commit to the new design.
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