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  1. Primate

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    Maybe some of it just new poses. I think we've had some great raspy sculpts, and the last marcus one was amazing too. Really anything that comes after them is going to be a step backwards just on the law of averages. I'd like to see the images for some of the models that had more boring sculpts in the last edition. EDIT: To clarify i really liked most of the wave 5 art. I thought it had a lot of character.
  2. "We put the screws on 'im"
  3. Like the fact that she plays with other players hands, and the guessing stuff is fun. Hopefully her crew is bad enough that models actually need to spend the pass tokens to be good, making it a bit more of a decsision as to whether you use them or not.
  4. Primate

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Would if I could. Applications have been closed for ages and there are no intentions to reopen it. A shame but hey.
  5. Primate

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    Raspys got a lot going on and deserves a bit of leeway, imho, she's practically a deep cover agent. Also her association with the arcanists is really just because they're the only sane people that she can rely on.
  6. Primate

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    I imagine you're right to an extent that they've pared it back, but I can't see things like the mechanical porkchop and Lazarus losing it. I still think that Hoffman will get something else and constructs will continue to be the thing that drops scrap markers though. The alternative is having a special rule on all relevant models that they drop scrap markers, and that seems untidy (although maybe they've completely changed the mechanics and now no markers are generated on model death, only through other means).
  7. Primate

    Enforcer Limit?

    There's no limit on hiring enforcers generally. Some enforcers have the rare keyword, and you can only hire that many of that specific enforcer. Oxfordian Mages for example have rare 3, so you can hire 3 of them. Other than that have as many as you want.
  8. Primate

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Depends what they're doing with scrap markers now. If constructs are still the things that drop them I could see it being one of the keywords that goes over multiple factions and not being relevant for faction hiring. Give Hoffman something like Amalgamations relevant to his office. It just lets Ramos take his traditional crew of all the robots plus cyborgs like joss and howard who might not be in Hoffmans thematic crew.
  9. Primate

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    I'm not so bothered about Seamus being a serial killer, I love the midnight stalker, it's the fact he's a super-rapist who has found a way to remove women of even more agency by literally turning their bodies into mindless puppets. Sonnia's doing a similar thing, and it's just as horrible there, but at least she's not doing it because it makes her feel good. I think saying everyone is evil is a stretch with Malifaux. I think there are a bunch of people that are morally compromised but generally are trying to make things better for their people (Zoiraida, Ironsides, Reva, Ophelia, Von Schill, Lady J). I don't think you can give the Guild any leeway though. Nobody asked them to rule the world, they took it because they wanted the power that running it gave them. That's why they're institutionally corrupt, they're just power hungry at their core. I don't see them as hugely analogous to stuff in our world though, I like them as a faction, they're what'd happen if the illuminati went public.
  10. Primate

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    Maybe that's part of the reason I could never play Seamus. I don't see him as cartoonishly evil, there's plenty real in there. He's just scum. Rasputina on the other hand has done some horrific stuff, but i find her whole thing grounded enough in fantasy that i don't really care as much.
  11. Primate

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    I mean the Guild are the government. Sometimes you can help more people within the framework it provides, even if it's an awful authoritarian government. Would Lady Justice be more morally sound outside their sphere as a vigilante or merc? Probably. Would she help fewer people and kill fewer undead? Probably. Ironsides just compromised her beliefs to allow the Guild to do a tremendous social good, and she hates them more than anyone. If you're going to compare them to the Nazis, remember that even Schindler was a member of the Nazi party. They're the government, working for them doesn't taint you necessarily. Also, Arcanist here and what they do isn't justifiable either. Hopefully with Ramos out the picture things improve.
  12. Primate

    Waldo's Weekly - M3E Core Rules

    Thanks for this. The Shadow thing sounds a cool way of addressing ambiguity. Is there still a max amount of soulstones you can bring to the table, or can i roll up with my Ironsides and 50 stones for damage prevention?
  13. Primate

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    If it's Lady Justice can you not drive up in costume please.
  14. Primate

    Communication & Wyrd

    Entirely willing to concede I was wrong, but I was under the impression that the people wyrd wanted to sign up were people able to play the game and actually test/review things. My play group is irregular, I might be able to swing two games in a month, I might be able to play none. Bearing in mind that I was potentially unable to play a single game of malifaux (2e or 3e) for the entire beta period, I didn't think my insight would be useful in the beta process. Competetive games are full of people with strong opinions on what's balanced or not and no experience backing it up, I didn't want to be adding to it. I also didn't bother signing up because I presumed they wouldn't accept me due to me not being able to commit to playing any games, I would have given it a go if I'd realised that was going to be their favoured way of communicating with the player base about the new edition.
  15. Primate

    Communication & Wyrd

    Just feels a little frustrating for those of us that didn't join the beta (because we don't have a regular playgroup, so we don't have anything to add). I've been trying to get some friends to play (but now there's no incentive to get them to learn, because a large rule change is coming), there's less incentive to buy and paint models (because we've got no idea what's going to be getting new sculpts as part of 3e, and which crews I'll be able to play the models out of), and so many of the busier forums have really died down (either because people are in the beta or just taking a break before the new edition).