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  1. @Caedrus : I had angel eyes and howard langston from scratch and finishing 2 orderlies, heartsbane, scion and grimwell. I've done all the starter lot but I've not even managed to start howard yet. I have all sunday to do it, but I don't want to rush it and screw it up so I might have to take the fail.
  2. Or maybe specify that living/undead drop corpse markers, constructs drop scrap markers, and if two markers would ever be dropped by a models death using this rule, instead pick one. Stops silliness like them picking characteristics that don't have an associated marker.
  3. My plan is Howard Langston and Angel Eyes from scratch, and finishing touches on Scion of black blood, nurse heartsbane and an orderly (I did them a bit for a game I had mid month ). Also a wizkids D&D ranger, fwiw.
  4. Ok. Completed this about a week ago, but not had a chance to post them so I'm going to sneak in before it shuts. (With/without flash) Layering has yet to properly click for me, and I ended up being a bit frustrated at points with what was going on here. But it's done. Just need to try something a bit different next month.
  5. Ironsides is kind of odd in that she should really be survivable enough to rarely die, whilst actually encouraging people to attack her and not the others. Maybe give her some kind of downside, so if you hit her, one of her abilities turns off for the round, or something weirder like good shot my turn giving the attacked model a focus. Then you it's more upside for the attacking model whilst still not compromising Toni's survivability.
  6. Yeah, I haven't really playtested with Ironsides, but I don't really see the issue with her being unkillable when she has all her support pieces in play. I mean if you're playing against Ironsides and you took Assasinate then really it's your own fault. The issue is if she's still really competent at killing and scheming whilst being impossible to shift.
  7. Is it powerful enough for that to be a concern?
  8. My guess would be Test Subjects in Bayou. Part of Mah's crew.
  9. If you want the totem to be more survivable you could do a thing where it buries when it dies and replaces a pyre marker to come back. I don't know what it is flavour wise, but it is called the ETERNAL flame at least.
  10. Maybe something like butterfly leap, where he can scoot around if shot at?
  11. Primate

    Test Subjects

    Cyborg molerats? Like Brin's.
  12. Like this model/art. Mortimer's not really a sinister guy imho, and this reflects his jolly nature. He's the guy that makes you think nothing weird is going on and keeps you distracted whilst Nicodem sneaks up behind you with a hammer.
  13. Was reading a one of the older stories from the 1st edition (at the end of storm of shadows). That has a dude that's killing people in order to charge soulstones, which he uses in an exoskeleton in order to extend his lifespan. I mention it because he gets called a vampire by the people trying to stop him. Not really what you're looking for but maybe interesting anyway.
  14. It's in the core rules that unless something specifies, damage reduction is to 1. So 2 damage hitting Armour +2 would be reduced to 1.
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