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  1. The Other Side was originally launched as a Kickstarter project, and the initial release consisted of the four factions and the two syndicate heroes. A bunch of things happened, and I think Miniature Market ended up clearancing their stock. I don't know whether Miniature Market is planning on restocking/picking up the whole line again, but Wyrd is still selling the original releases (both on its own webstore and to the stores and distributors that want to carry it). Wyrd hasn't given up on the game, but the whole pandemic thing making in person gaming a health hazard sort of hindered any sort of re-launch. 😕
  2. Third paragraph of Friendly, Enemy and Control: That’s page 26 of the free PDF, not sure off hand what the page number is in the printed book. But’s in the table of contents. But that’s why it’s all relative to Anya.
  3. If you're comparing that model to that render, it would be more fair to point out that it's not the image shown on the back of the box. The back of the box has an image that is more consistent with the model in the packaging. To be fair, the packaging for that model is putting pressure on the chopsticks and bending them forward so that the model looks worse from the front.
  4. The phrase “came into contact with” appears in a few different actions and abilities (including the rules for hazardous terrain). While M3E doesn’t have explicit verbiage saying one way or the other (unlike various editions of Warmachine/Hordes), “came into contact with” probably includes the meaning “was in contact with at some point during”, rather than excluding objects that were initially contacted. Simply because the common use of the phrase (like “everyone you’ve come into contact with while sick”) includes the people you live with (it’s used as ‘ever been in contact with’, rather than discounting persistent contacts). And, anecdotally, the first hit from a web search on the phrase “come into contact” and the macmillan dictionary both agree with this meaning of the idiom.
  5. Time Warp says: "Swap your Fate Deck and Discard Pile, flipping them face up or face down as appropriate. Neither Fate Deck is shuffled." I believe when it says "flipping them face up or face down", that's the answer to your question, noting that "them" is referring to the two halves of the deck. The bottom of the discard pile is now the top card of the draw pile (it's now face down), and the last card that was on the draw pile is now face up on top of the discard pile.
  6. Remember that actions generated by actions are resolved after all of the other effects of an action have been resolved. So the sequence of events is: Main attack effect A. Trigger effect B. Constant Motion (the parenthetical is redundant) The action generated by “Take this action again.” (Remember, it was generated by a trigger, so the new action can’t declare triggers.) Now, the trigger and constant motion are both after the action has been resolved, so you could do them in either order (ab or ba). So, short version: “after an action has been resolved” has a specific meaning in the rulebook, and is also specified in the timing chart. Edit: For reference, in the timing chart: ”Step F. Anything that happens after an Action is resolved, including any After Resolving and After Succeeding Triggers. Remember: Triggers that do not specify a timing are assumed to be After Succeeding Triggers.” and the Actions Generated By Action’s sections ”Many effects in Malifaux, (such as Actions, Abilities, and Triggers) can cause a model to take an Action. When this happens, the new Action is always resolved after the previous Action is completely resolved, including any “After Resolving” effects, but before any other new Action can be taken.”
  7. Do note that Wyrd provides official PDFs of the cards (a Drop Box folder) linked to from: https://www.wyrd-games.net/resources The cards are listed by faction, and under the “Special Edition Cards” folder for bayou is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AADX9VhF4ZjSt395ZgWCf8G0a/Malifaux Third Edition/Bayou/Special Edition Cards/M3E_Bay_Tri-Chi_WhiskeyGolem_ALT.pdf?dl=0 the Nightmare Whiskey Golem card. Or you can order it from the print on demand service (easier depending on where you live).
  8. Just so you don't go overboard, there's a good chance that the translucent Tara set will be available in the annual Black Friday sale next month.
  9. See this post if you want to use the models as mostly the same models: If you just want to use the as stand in’s for Zoraida’s voodoo doll in extremely specific circumstances, you could do that, too. That’s probably more work than anyone would expect, though.
  10. Threads from last year: To give an idea of the usual time frame for announcements, and so on. So far for this year, there was a card in some of the GenCon orders teasing the add on box for the Nekima nightmare box.
  11. The main difference between the fate decks is going to be the artwork on the cards. Most of the decks for Malifaux have some indicator on the card whether the card is weak, moderate or severe (to save you having to look up the number on the chart in the rulebook), usually by one, two or three marks in the corner or the word weak, moderate or severe. I just checked, and the deck in the Explorer's Society box has one, two or three dots on each card, and the red joker has all four suits on it. All of the "Faction" decks should be like that. If you get a The Other Side fate deck, or a Puppet Wars fate deck, those decks won't have the weak/moderate/severe markings. Otherwise, it's pretty much just a matter of what artwork you prefer.
  12. Pretty much just in the books, I think. I think the map in the Explorer's Society book on page 16 is the most recent one, just by virtue of having a spot marked "EVS Outpost" and goes a bit further south east than the rulebook map. The M3E rulebook (the printed version or the non-free FDF version) has a color surrounding locations map and a Malifaux city map with some locations of interest marked (it actually has three more locations marked on it than the Through the Breach main book's version). I don't see a map thumbing through Malifaux Burns, and I don't see a map in From Nightmares even though it has a "Notable Locations" entry in the index. Can't find my Above the Law or ressers sourcebooks at the moment--either of those should have maps and info about notable locations in Malifaux City.
  13. The effects of an action only occur after the duel has been resolved. That isn’t the same thing as saying that the effects of the action have the timing “after resolving a duel” (as implied or defined in the ability timing rules). Just like if you have something like “Target suffers 2 damage and is pushed 1””, the push isn’t simultaneous with “after suffering damage” effects.
  14. So, here are the effects in play: and The duel is performed in Step 4 of the action, and the outcome of the duel is determined at Step F of the duel. Going through the flip process, the Conflict and discard pile rules, the sequence of events should end up being (no attempt being made to have these sequence numbers match the book's step numbers...): the player flips one or more cards into the conflict one of the cards in the conflict is chosen, the rest (if any) are placed on the discard pile if the duel is cheated, the card in the conflict is discarded and a different card is put in its place eventually, Step F is reached and the player(s) determine the duel's success the duel has been resolved. Now, it's "after the duel has been resolved", and the card in the conflict is discarded after the duel has been resolved I think Adran's hypothesis is that Aura of Courage goes off right after Step F, before you're done resolving the duel (and thus before you discard the card in the conflict). The problem with that hypothesis is that it allows a situation to occur where the conflict is being used by multiple duels or flips at once. Here's one of them: Flip succeeds by 2 Aura of Courage Chronicle (Seclusion) pushes the Healed model into hazardous terrain The pushed model is a soul stone user and performs a damage prevention flip Or, more excitingly: Flip succeeds by 2 Aura of Courage Chronicle (Servitude) pushes a Moorwraith and it ends in engagement range of Seamus (starting there or not) Seamus's "Why Hello Love" ability goes off An opposed duel takes place ... So, which is worse? Filling the conflict with the cards for potentially many flips and duels at the same time Chronicle(Influence) being part of a combo where you can snag and re-use a card once per activation I personally prefer the version where there aren't any nested duels possible in the game.
  15. There's a relevant FAQ entry which I'll just post here: to reinforce the fact that "A and B" effects in actions are sequential. Remember that the text for applying the results of an action is:
  16. For the record, there end up being two different situations a model gets into when resolving an action: It has to resolve a single effect that is impossible. For instance "Discard a card" when there aren't any cards in the appropriate hand. Result: You attempt to resolve the impossible, nothing happens, and you continue to the next effect in the action. Note that "A and B", and "A then B" ("Target suffers X and is pushed" or "Target suffers X, then is pushed") A and B are separate sequential effects. It has to resolve "A or B" choices. Stuff like "Discard a card or suffer 2 damage". You can't choose an impossible option. The point being that you can get into situations where you declare a trigger that goes through a long sequence of impossible effects, or have an action that's a long sequence of impossible effects. You won't accomplish anything, but you can still declare the action, pay its cost, etc. Don't forget that that option is "Remove all enemy Scheme Markers in base contact". If you declare Interact while standing on top of your own scheme marker, you're not going to remove your own marker. Edit: Aaarg. I double checked the PDF and the print version, and both say: In second edition, this functionality only removed enemy markers. And I fear I've been playing it wrong for a while. 😨
  17. Please provide a human test subject that is claiming that "may ignore the effects of ... terrain Markers" does not include the effect "may ignore the terrain traits on ... terrain Markers".
  18. Choose a deployment zone, resolve effects that say “after choosing deployment zone”, then split crews, and so forth. Edit: That “and” between ‘choose a deployment zone’ and ‘split the crew in half’ is separating two different events, not combining them into one event.
  19. There are enough models that run around getting treated as corpse markers that you're not going to get anywhere there. More importantly, a Corpse Marker has -no- distinguishing characteristics apart from being named a Corpse marker. The marker rules say that a particular marker is Ht 0 unless the rules say otherwise, and a Ht4 Blocking, Impassable marker is saying otherwise just as much as a Sz mindless zombie is. (There isn't any reason a model couldn't have a rule like "This model drops a Ht4 impassable Corpse marker when killed". )
  20. Yep, the place doesn’t have to succeed for the rest of that sentence to happen.
  21. You’re trying to make a distinction that the rules don’t. There’s no such distinction made between “active” and “passive” as abilities far as responsibility for killing a model in the rules for killing models.
  22. It's true that model with the pilot upgrade attached to it ("the pilot") doesn't have a way to draw line of sight and range to other models while buried (even though the pilot upgrade allows other models to draw line of sight and range to it). I think it's a pretty much deliberate arrangement, because it'd be just silly if you could just have Maxine sit around using the Calypso as an armored suit instead of having Dr. Beebe piloting. Especially since Dr. Beebe's Master Pilot ability does have the extra text to make his Bleeps and Sweeps pulse work while he's piloting the Calypso.
  23. I think so. As far as I can tell, Black Blood should treating the generated damage pretty much like you’d treat a generated action—you figure out the pulse and who’s getting damaged, and queue all of the ‘suffers 1 damage’ instances up, rather than trying to resolve Black Blood’s pulse after the fact.
  24. The is part of the action’s range, and that’s not copied. Even though there are rules associated with it, it’s not “special restrictions”. “Special restrictions” are in italics.
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