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  1. If you check the "upcoming" page on wyrd's website here You will see that in the planned releases for May (which should happen at the end of the month, plus maybe some days for your store to get them) there is the box "dessicated", which contains the grave golem + 3 bone piles : see here
  2. The bone piles were not fun to assemble for me, especially the one with all limbs on the floor, like "on all fours" (but with more limbs). I had quite a lot of trouble figure out where to put all the limbs on the torso
  3. I really that means we'll have a sailor/pirate themed crew in the explorer's society πŸ™‚ Also, I bet this model has the "Elemental" keyword so that it can be taken into a Sandeep crew! Just like the Malifausaurus Rex has the Fae keyword &the spelleater has the witchunder keyword, keeping the trend of dual keyword models in explorer society's crews.
  4. That's true, but you also need to take into account that you only shuffle your deck between each turn (of if you empty it during a turn), so you can't get black jokers or low cards all the time. The good & bad cards should even themselves out during a turn. You can even try to count of many low/moderate/high cards you & your oponent got this turn, to have an idea of the probabilities for an upcoming duel. So while it's true you'll get some bad flips here & there, at least you shouldn't get only bad flips all the time πŸ™‚ Whereas with dice it's going to be fully random at each roll πŸ˜„
  5. I agree he was too good for 9stones but I wouldn't say he should be worth 10stones now. Of course this is all new so we'll need to see how he performs to be sure. A small side note, he has (and had) 11wounds, not 12. I'm not saying this to nickpick (your point is that he has a lot of wounds, and it stays valid wether it's 11 or 12), just saying that in case maybe you played games where you counted him as having 12wounds by error.
  6. Yeah I must say that the M3E app and how it's handled in regards to updates & support is really a great example of how to manage such an application! Congrats for everyone involved!
  7. Ask & you shall receive ! I just opened the crew builder app. Archie, Valedictorian & Inhuman reflexes had the updated card (I didn't check everything but it should be updated for all cards I guess) I'm not sure you'll get a pony though πŸ˜„
  8. I'm guessing it would be on Wednesday this week (or, if there's more delay, next week), using Waldo's weekly's schedule
  9. I had a game recently of Euripides (me) vs The Dreamer. He tried gamble your life on one of my models, bringing back a 13 for this, and I flipped the red joker πŸ˜„ I don't know if that counts as a great neverborn moment, but flipping the only card that would defeat the opponent's is a pretty good feeling!
  10. I've always been curious as to how this match up turns out. With Euripides Vs Rasputina you don't want to start your activation within 1" of a pillar, but you also want to finish your activation within 2" of a pillar (at least for the models who have frozen vigor. Plus both crews will create pillar and do stuff with it. It must be utter chaos πŸ˜„
  11. Oh of course! Why didn't I think of this direct connexion of making them have more card => you get to draw more when Molly activates πŸ˜„ Thanks!
  12. What is the point of doing that action if the top card of the opponent's discard pile is a weak card? You would have use an action just to make your opponent draw a weak card, and you don't get anything out of it. Or did I miss something?
  13. Interesting, I made a Molly vs Ophelia game yesterday as well, and was wondering how to handle the first turn as well! Thanks for the insights!
  14. Good to hear! I'm curious to see the contents of the errata & faq, as well as the gaining grounds season 1 . I second the others about deployment zones & mats with markings πŸ˜„
  15. How could I forget to mention stun? I feel silly about that πŸ˜„
  16. I haven't played that many games of Malifaux, with Von Schtook or in general, I'm definitely no pro competitive player. Also, I'm really not familiar with Pandora's crew, so maybe I'll mention things that don't matter so much for Pandora Anyway here are some thoughts I have : Von Schtook has a pulse action that gives out focus to transmortis models, and a trigger on one of his attacks that gives him focus as well, so I'm thinking The carver might be quite a pain against transmortis. It's always worth noting that Von Schtook has an action that enables him to remove any number of conditions on a target, and has a built in trigger that makes the target suffer as much damage as the highest value of one of the removed condition. So you shouldn't rely on stacking one condition on one model (like how Kaeris might want to have a lot of burning on a fire golem for instance). Also, since Von Schtook can remove any number of conditions on his friendly models, you probably want to spread out negative conditions on several ennemy models rather than "put all your eggs in one basket". The transmortis crew has a lot of ways to give out the injured condition, which can really help their attack potential. So you might want to take some condition removal on your crew (I'm not familiar with Pandora, I don't know if her crew has access to condition removal, but you could always get Serena Bowman or take the Eldritch Magic upgrade - which could also be used to remove focus on transmortis models) I think it's also important to note that Von Schtook's crew can be deceptively fast. His pulse that gives out focus makes models also push up to 3" (but it's only once per turn), the undergraduates can push models up to 4" (can only do it once on the same model per turn), and Von Schtook can give out fast to models that have an attached upgrade (with a built in trigger of his action that removes condition. Plus he can put upgrades on friendly transmortis models, so if he wants to give fast to a model, he'll be able to). Also his totem, the research asssitant, gives out +1Mv to models starting their activation near him. So with 2 undergraduates, one pulse from Schtook, all affecting the same mode, you have 4"+4"+3"=11" inches. If that model was also given fast, with the +1Mv from the research asssitant, that is one hell of a threat range turn one (especially on the Valedictorian who has flight, and the "on your heels" trigger on her bonus action) That's all I have for now. I'm sure some people might have better insight though πŸ˜„
  17. Yeah I had hoped for them to be released sooner since his core box was released months ago. I hope it won't be long until we see them
  18. There were posts on the arcanists & neverborn sub forums showing pictures of upcoming boxes for their factions : https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/149082-upcoming-guessing-game/ https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/149086-nephilim-boxes-incoming/ I saw the pictures url started with https://www.fantasywelt.de and I checked that site. On their Malifaux pages (https://www.fantasywelt.de/Resurrectionists for resurectionists for instance) there are pictures for boxes that are not already shown on the Wyrd upcoming page (like the ravenous box with Gaki + Shikome, or the dessicated box with bone pile + grave golem). So I don't have much credit in finding this out It looks like the Molly box would be released end of March bsed on that site. I have no clue about if that site is trustworthy for release dates, but I've seen the same box names & dates on another site (but with no pictures)
  19. Looks like the new Molly box will be released in the following months. As indicated by the new artwork in the resurrectionists book, there will be new models : I find it interesting that in the resurrectionist book, the necrotic machine still had the old artwork & card. Maybe there are other models in other crews that have a new sculpt and that still had the "old" artwork in the book?
  20. For Shaken tokens, you don't use the tokens that are on your units, but the ones on the ennemie's units. If you doing an opposed duel against an ennemy unit, and this unit has a shaken token, you can discard that token to give them -2 to their flip. If you have shaken tokens on one of your unit, they'll stay until your opponent use them, or you get an inspired token (you can't have both shaken & inspired token on a same unit, they cancel each other out)
  21. No you can't do 2 (5) triggers, because when you use a trigger you "consume" the requirements. So you initially have a margin or 5. If you use 1 trigger with (5), you've used those 5 points of margin and you have 0 remaining, so you can't do any more triggers based on margins. But if you had a margin of 10, you could do the +1 strength margin twice, or do the +1 strength margin once and the other (5) trigger.
  22. Wow, they look awesome! Great job puting some christmas spirit into the crew
  23. Not yet, but I live in France, so maybe it's a bit normal, if it takes a more time before they ship it to Europe vs ship it in the US
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