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  1. Haagrum

    Nicodem Players - Dealing with the nerf

    It's not an issue except for tournaments. And possibly not even there. The story has moved along, and I'm curious to see what happens to Collodi. It's easy to be upset, but what actual change will there be? What's actually going to stop you using them outside of tournaments? I'm miffed that the Lilith I've *just* finished painting may not be usable in tournaments, but there's still casual games - which are perfectly fine fun.
  2. Haagrum

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    I'd been going for a 'Hey Duggee' McMourning with Test Subjects - so if I can use any of these models for it, I'm all over this release. Plus, one of my mates is a total Brony and this kit will be plastic ecstasy to him.
  3. Haagrum

    July 2018 Errata

    On the upside, it doesn't detract from the value of those models for other masters. Kentauroi are still good chargers and taxis. Asura is still great for activation control and her ability to pass around a better Ml attack. Neither can now be used in the way they had been to enable Nicodem's summoning engine shenanigans or a low-cost, low-risk alpha strike.
  4. Haagrum

    July 2018 Errata

    Healing multiple models for 1 AP without any drawbacks *shouldn't* be cheap or simple to do. Nico can still do it - it just costs him cards, and it's not as though they all need to be high cards, either.
  5. Haagrum

    July 2018 Errata

    Let's see how these changes play out before going full Chicken Little. I've never played against Sandeep, but his multiple layers of utility are clearly very strong. Oxfordian Mages and Gamin giving flips didn't take a hit. Maybe his new Limited could've given him ItW, rather than it being on his base card, but otherwise it looks like a reasonable set of changes. Nicodem can still do well as a summoner, but needs a different set of support models. Nurses and Chiaki get around the 1 Wound summonings, but that means not having the Soulstones for the full card-generation engine, while Undertaker needed the change. Clearly, these are not the worst things that could've happened. Nicodem can also heal at range with Decay, potentially blasting off his own models if they're summoned close to opponents. He'll play as a support master rather than a full-fledged spammer, which can't be a bad thing unless you're after a crew that plays itself. Let's see how it goes. Hopefully, we get more diverse crews as a result.
  6. Haagrum


    I swear by the Performer. 6 SS as a mercenary, with a pseudo-Lure (with some vicious triggers), Don't Mind Me and Scheme Marker synergy, is very handy. Her free Reactivate to a nearby Showgirl or Minion when she dies is just a bonus. In crews that dole out Poison, especially Brewmaster, she's even better. Sue is a decent choice against caster crews, especially with typical Gremlin WP scores. He has a good shooting attack and offers a little extra card flow as well.
  7. Haagrum

    C’mon baby light my fire

    The gimmicks tend to be fairly Master-dependent. We've got Poison tricks out the wazoo, and Horror duels aplenty. I think that the more intricate stuff usually depends on the crew leader. In my limited experience, in general terms, Resurrectionists still do what they've always done - summon, outlast, and use whatever tricks the specific Master has available. We have some decent card-drawing shenanigans. Nurses and Chiaki can still find a place in any list. There are a few positioning tricks with Rotten Belles and Dead Doxies, too. Lampads have immense Burning synergy, but they're about the only Resurrectionists models who do. Carrion Emissary and Asura Roten give extra activation control with actually-not-useless Zombies, which are far more useful for Nicodem crews than most others. That said, I'm far from a wealth of knowledge on this topic.
  8. Dang... I love the Plastic Surgery upgrade, especially with Moonlighting. It's just hard finding the space for it - unless I cut McTavish for a Silurid (which would conveniently leave space for the Blessed of December). Alternately, a Wild Boar instead of the Blessed of December would make room for Plastic Surgery to go in. Time for some playtesting.
  9. Righto, here's my first attempt at a list for this thread. I figured a few breaks from anatomical accuracy were acceptable, given McMourning's proclivities... Dougie and the Unnatural Science Badge (50 SS, Resurrectionists) McMourning with 4 SS cache, Test Subjects, Moonlighting - 2 SS Zombie Chihuahua - 2 SS McTavish - 12 SS The Scorpius - 6 SS Rougarou (hippo equivalent) - 8 SS Blessed of December (it has horns, it charges... it's the rhino for now) - 6 SS Nurse - 6 SS Sebastian with Transfusion - 8 SS
  10. Haagrum

    Growing Injustice Drawbacks?

    A strict rules-as-written interpretation would agree with your conclusion. I wouldn't have any problems with playing it as though they could be pulled back onto Jack Daw. His abilities were written before Growing Injustice was designed. However, if I was a TO, I would probably rule that only those upgrades which started on Jack Daw could be pulled back to him by Remember Injustice and the Cursed upgrades' text.
  11. That'd cover the crocodile/alligator... and McTavish is always useful.
  12. Thanks. I'm very mindful of that limitation, as a Lucius player as well. It's why I've locked in the Zombie Chihuahua as the mouse. 😎
  13. Dang. Silurid it is, then... At least there's some Poison synergy there.
  14. These are capital ideas. I have enough spare parts lying around to cobble together a rhino helmet for Gracie. Thanks! Taking the Sow as the hippo and Gracie as the rhino would mean a full list of the main characters, which suits me pretty well. Thanks for the suggested list. I'll see what my bank account can absorb and then post something up. Cheers!
  15. Thanks, @Da Git- I'd thought a Pig of some kind would be the best option for a hippo, but a lot of them aren't Beasts. As a mercenary, Gracie could be a good option. The show also has an elephant and a monkey, so Grootslang and Cojo could be starters as well.