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  1. This ability is an unusual example of replacement, given the wording. However, it's clear that the "original model" in this case is the Gorar. The heart of the question is whether the named model for Mold of The Other is exactly the same as the one you purchased in crew building, or whether it's the generic version of that model - there's no difference unless you bought an upgrade for it. Dead models don't have conditions. They don't have a "state" in the game once they've been killed. The ability also makes no reference to any upgrades which were attached to the named model which was killed. That suggests there's no rules interaction allowing this ability to revive a model with upgrades attached. Otherwise, it should've said so in clear terms. For those reasons, I'd say you don't get a model back with upgrades.
  2. I like how it's rocking the uncanny valley vibe - as though it's really close to human but still giving off the creepy feeling that it's clearly not human. The legs are just that bit too long, the set of the arms and shoulders just slightly... off. Remember, if you can see Agent 46, Agent 46 can see you. If you *can't* see Agent 46, it's already too late...
  3. Agent 46 might draw them across his/her/its body? Alternately, perhaps Agent 46 is simply that good that it doesn't matter... or its scabbards know better than to protest. Either way, my wallet is ready.
  4. I'm quietly hoping that "Agent 46 Facts" becomes a thing...
  5. I'm really keen for Barbaros as an Outcast. Mixing desperate scoundrels and refugee Nephilim sounds like a very entertaining crew. Also, I can't wait to see how the revised Tara works.
  6. That's exactly what I thought. Chompy's new cast is brilliant precisely because it's so... off. Tastes may vary, but that's my impression. If I were a shapeshifting almost-god of terror and nightmares, Plan A would be to not fit with the cattle's expectations. That's just common sense. If that means skipping leg day and carb loading like a mofo... well, Tyranting ain't easy.
  7. Unless the average M&SU member is not fully aware of the more destructive Arcanists' connections to their movement. They dislike the Guild enough as it is, but if Ramos is publicly exposed as being the head of a criminal syndicate which engages in terrorism (which is in turn used as the justification for further Guild crackdowns which affect the miners and steamfitters), it might not be quite as damaging. Besides which, Marlowe knows that he can hold that little story over Ironsides for leverage if he really needs it. Toni cares far more about people than her own power, unlike Ramos. That makes her easier for the Guild to work with and to manipulate, within limits, than someone like Ramos.
  8. Lucius wouldn't be inclined to genuinely help the Guild. It aids him, and his queen, to keep the humans as divided as possible. In 3E, the Neverborn have Marcus for an inside ear on the Arcanists, and Lucius in a lesser but still influential position in the Guild. Titania probably thinks she can cut a deal with the Grave Spirit (she's done it before), although the Resurrectionists themselves may be a problem. Zoraida can have the Bayou folk, it's not as though Titania or Nekima take them seriously as a threat anyway... If anything, Titania's Neverborn are probably more concerned with the Outcasts (especially Barbaros, Tara and the Viktorias) and Ten Thunders as wild cards and players beyond their direct influence. Keeping the different human factions weakened by their own conflicts doesn't take much effort - and it's not as though the Autumn Queen didn't already return to power over the Neverborn by doing exactly the same thing, without the same advantages. Heck, who's to say that Lucius wasn't nudged into pushing Lady Justice after Nicodem? Yes, the Thunders had their motivations, but Lucius would've known that removing either of those two works to the Neverborn's advantage. As it played out, there's even a bonus - Lady Justice will never truly trust him, but he's at least proven himself a reliable ally of convenience for her, which could help limit the Resurrectionist threat.
  9. Intrigued that Barbaros is now an Outcast, but saddened that he specifically can't be hired into Neverborn. Nice to see Hayreddin and Killjoy back, though... I might need to get an Outcast crew in M3E. Alternately, a rogue Nephilim group led by Lilith and/or Barbaros would also be a lot of fun. Also, my Neverborn and Nephilim will really miss having Mr Graves around. Almost as much as it'll hurt paying more for the Nephilim twins in Pandora.
  10. It's only available in the No Shelter Here starter box, unfortunately. Of course, that's still a decent buy if you want extra Sorrows for summoning, or if you want Kade and Candy as well. Plus, the plastic Pandora sculpt is nice.
  11. As a Pandora player, I'd support the Seamus and Molly suggestions. I'd also suggest bringing Chiaki. Be aware that Pandora won't necessarily spam only Wp duels against you. Teddy and Baby Kade, Nekima, Barbaros and even Mr Graves often make my lists purely as counter-options with Df-targeting attacks that have good Weak damage but still synergise well with Misery effects. Seamus drops Wp and has a solid one himself, which makes him much more effective than most masters against Pandora herself. Also, Belles can help a lot with reducing the impact of the Mood Swing and Nobody Likes Me conditions by keeping models where you want them to be. Molly turns Misery chip damage into a liability for Pandora crews. However, most Pandora players won't bunch up enough to make it worthwhile. I haven't played Reva, so can't comment on her effectiveness.
  12. I've found Carrion Effigy useful with McMourning when using Nurses. However, his aura is only situationally useful.
  13. It's not an issue except for tournaments. And possibly not even there. The story has moved along, and I'm curious to see what happens to Collodi. It's easy to be upset, but what actual change will there be? What's actually going to stop you using them outside of tournaments? I'm miffed that the Lilith I've *just* finished painting may not be usable in tournaments, but there's still casual games - which are perfectly fine fun.
  14. I'd been going for a 'Hey Duggee' McMourning with Test Subjects - so if I can use any of these models for it, I'm all over this release. Plus, one of my mates is a total Brony and this kit will be plastic ecstasy to him.
  15. On the upside, it doesn't detract from the value of those models for other masters. Kentauroi are still good chargers and taxis. Asura is still great for activation control and her ability to pass around a better Ml attack. Neither can now be used in the way they had been to enable Nicodem's summoning engine shenanigans or a low-cost, low-risk alpha strike.
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