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  1. TheJoyInGaming

    Design Goals of Open Beta

    What are the design goals of the Open Beta? For instance, it was sometimes quoted that one of the design goals of M2E was that somebody should be able to have decent success with only a single master. Is this the same for M3E?
  2. TheJoyInGaming

    Models you'd like new sculpts for

    Yin. I have been holding off from purchasing her because i am waiting for a more dynamic sculpt.
  3. TheJoyInGaming

    Getting Started Reva

    Shieldbearers are sold seperately. You may be able to find her henchman and totems at gadzooks.com
  4. TheJoyInGaming

    Distribution / Restocks?

    You’re welcome lol
  5. TheJoyInGaming


    This would be a good point if not for the fact that forum-goers are autonomous agents with free will and can choose what they read. It is healthier for the forums on the whole for the closed beta testers to be able to post their opinions. Non testers who choose to read information should be skeptical of opinions until they can play with the rules themselves.
  6. Ouch. Good thing Ressers are Hard to Wound... Maybe she develops relationships with the waifs and begins their paths to mechromancer...hood...ness?
  7. TheJoyInGaming

    Alt Reva!

    Hi! I just wanted to take the time to call out Blue Wyrm Paint Studio for their recently finished commission i hired them for. I have always been a tad fascinated with Joan of Arc and that actually led me to purchasing my first real master, Reva. Her alt being announced seemed like the perfect opportunity for Joan to come through the breach so here are the results! I really love what they came up with considering the instructions i gave them. I wanted this to be as if Joan in her traveling clothes came upon St Catherine, her famous “scythe”, and took it into battle, rust and all. The flames were made blue to highlight her blue eyes. The basing is supposed to be ash being disturbed by the circulating flames. Ash was chosen for the base because of Joan’s tragic end, as well as Reva’s coming use of pyre markers. This model is even more beatiful in person and i cant’t wait to do business with Blue Wyrm again.
  8. Poor choice of company?
  9. TheJoyInGaming

    Waldo's Weekly - "I am the Key(word) Master!"

    Reva can take the Wanyudo?! Interesting...
  10. TheJoyInGaming

    Tamiya and Malifaux

    Thanks again for the advice!
  11. TheJoyInGaming

    Tamiya and Malifaux

    Thank you for the replies! I have checked it since and the bond appears to be much stronger now. I am thinking that a combination of cluminess, impatience, and finger girth contributed to the error and my tries at rebonding increased the curing time. if i may ask another question though, how would you suggest bonding the smallest pieces in the future?
  12. TheJoyInGaming

    Tamiya and Malifaux

    Help wyrdos! Bad things may have happened... I’ve been trying my hand at using tamiya extra thin plastic cement and may have messed up (meaning i did) I was putting together one of the mourners and applied a dot of tamiya’s to the seam where her head and neck meet and to make a long story short i moved the head and it didn’t bond properly. I have tried rebonding but it is not getting any stronger and there is still movement in the neck. I have even seperated them slightly to apply the cement more directly which seems to have helped somewhat but i can tell it has not bonded like it should because there is still slight movement there. Any advice?
  13. TheJoyInGaming

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    What are thematic Crews? Crews within Malifaux will now be hired based on the Keyword of the Crew’s Leader. Crews can hire any model (regardless of Faction) into a Crew if it shares a Keyword with the Crew’s Leader. Any other model within the Crew’s declared Faction can be hired, albeit at a slight penalty of +1 Soulstone Cost. The above is from the official M3E FAQ.
  14. TheJoyInGaming

    Unofficial M3E FAQ

    Not sure when it appeared but there is now an FAQ about 3rd Edition on the website. Apparently every model can now have an upgrade and masters can have two. Interesting...
  15. TheJoyInGaming

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    How about Reva as the topic? In the issue of trying not to have my cult leader hog all of the spotlight though, how about choose a Master or Henchman from each faction based on popular vote and reveal some models that share their keywords? My vote still goes to Reva of course...