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  1. Do these special orders extend to encounter boxes? I am asking because Minako and Reva are competing for the 1 Wanyudo in the box.
  2. Yes, I still run KI, though not with the frequency I did before the last change to The Forgotten Dead. I only run it IF the push will contribute to VP and, even then, I will only make use of Loot Their Corpses 2 or 3 times so that it pays for itself. Some additional factors for me are who the enemy master is, and if Assassinate is in the pool. If I take KI my stones are usually light at the beginning so I don’t want to make Reva too big a target before I can Loot some additional stones. I am glad you brought up the Corpse Markers as that is something I’ve wanted to talk about but haven’t found the time to yet. I think it can become a trap for players to try to do too much with Corpse Markers in one list. In Keyword you want them to stick around for Ethereal Reaping and Feed on Grief, but at the same time you also want to expend them for Blasphemous Ritual, The Forgotten Dead, and Mourn the Dead (you can also expend them for Cremation and a trigger on RS’ terrorize, though I have never wanted to do either). Out of Keyword Corpses can be used for Grave Golem, Bone Piles, Anna Lovelace, Killer Instinct, and Toshiro, though I am wary of Toshiro’s viability with summoning with it being more difficult now. With all of the above competing for Corpses it can stretch Reva’s resources too far if one is not careful. Regarding KI, I have not found the upgrade to stretch her engine too thin if I am not being greedy with Loot Their Corpses, though it has gotten close some games. It is a good interaction for the crew to take advantage of should the Strats and Schemes line up, though it is by no means an autotake. As a last note, I am really happy with what the designers did to TFD as I was worried about KI being too strong when Reva could summon Candles with no restriction. Kudos!
  3. To answer your original question on lists, I do not have one because that is entirely dependent on the Schemes, Strats, terrain, and declared Master. That being said I do have synergistic combinations of models I like. One scheme running group I really enjoy is: Anna Lovelace 11 Mourner 6 Restless Spirit 4 The RS provides corpses for the crew which can be used in a variety of ways. Both Anna and the Mourner can turn them into scheme markers and they make the Mourners Feed on Grief more accurate. He can also provide opportunistic Shielding to both of them which is great with Anna’s Armor and SS reduction and the Mourner’s Final Veil. His Terrorize is also more useable with the Mourner debuff. Above all else, he can also just drop scheme markers to help with schemes. The Mourner is great because she also provides a corpse at the beginning for whatever use the crew needs, such as becoming a scheme marker or making her attack more accurate. She can require a few more actions to get rid of from the opponent with Disguised and Final Veil. Her WP debuff is great here, as Anna’s gun can make use of it, as well as RS’ Terrorize, though the latter is more circumstanial. Anna synergizes with both of the above models quite well. Her gun can make use of the Mourner’s WP debuff and she can turn the corpses provided by them, as well as the ones she might generate, into scheme markers. She also has a decent melee attack. With SS and Armor she can make great use of the RS’ Shielding. Her auras are also good, as they annoy the opponent and, depending on positioning, make the opponent have to abide by the Mourner’s Disguised ability. Of course, this is a heavy investment of stones at 21. While they work together well, I would only take the group if there was a heavy concentration of schemes requiring scheme markers middle foot of the board. If you want to be really annoying, you can take KI on the Mourner to allow her more flexible scoring at EoT. The push also pairs nicely with Disguised. This does push the total stones to 23 though.
  4. I have 9 translucent 50mm Orange bases I use and that has been enough so far.
  5. I have been trying to think of something consoling to say in response to this but I have not been able to come up with anything. I am grasping at straws for a silver-lining, but maybe Alt-Reva will be available again during Easter and you can get one and start over?
  6. @Haunted_Miniatures There are a number of discard effects within the Revanents and I prioritize them as follows: The Forgotten Dead Possessing Flame Rapid Fire Take the Hit Juggernaut TFD is the most important to me as the Corpse Candles are what keep the cycle of Corpse and Pyre Markers flowing. Next is Possessing Flame, because if I hire a Lampad I want him to stick around. Rapid Fire is circumstantial, in that I don’t mind giving up a card for it when I can, though I find often my hand has been reduced by duels , tests, or the previous discard effects to be able to Rapid Fire reliably. Take the Hit I find I pretty much never use, as Shieldbearers are often not in range to use it. Juggernaut I also never use, thouh in this case it is because I have not tried. Best thing to remember is that above all else, do what earns you points. If using TtH or Juggernaut, or not using TFD or Possessing Flame, earns you points, that is the correct play more often then not. Regarding card generators, Revanents maintain card advantage with the Focused condition, rather than direct card draw. Blasphemous Ritual and their high mobility allow them to stack Focused very well while stick advancing up the board. If you want something that directly draws you cards, you would have to look at hiring a model from the Tormented or Transmortis keywords, or at hiring Molly as a second Master. My favorite among these options is Anna Lovelace. She can turn a scrap, or corpse marker(!), within 6” into a scheme marker, with no flip, while also drawing a card. She can also blow up an undead model, like a Candle or Lampad (there is a fun synergy here with their Demise ability), to drain the opponent’s hand and/or damage their models. This action does NOT require LOS, has a range of 18”, and also draws a card. She can also draw a card with Studied Opponent Once Per Activation. She has a decent Melee attack, and her gun, which can produce corpse markers, is very effective with the Mourners WP debuff. Her auras are both great as well. Stopping models from placing means that they have a harder time getting out of melee, or HzT, and stopping models from targeting friendlies is just a massive pain. She is amazing, though costly at 11 stones. I hope this helps. I cannot speak to Keyword synergies just yet, as I have a lot of test to study for at this time.
  7. I think this is correct. Wyrd defines range on Pg 13 in this paragraph: Many times, a player will need to determine if an object is in range of another. This is referring to the distance between the two objects. An object is within range if any portion of that object’s base is at that distance or closer. Any effect that references an object being “within” a distance is talking about range. And defines targeting in this paragraph on Pg 23: If the Action requires a target, the target must be declared at this step. The target must be within the Action’s range as well as within Line of Sight of the model taking the Action, unless specified otherwise. If an Action has no legal target, it fails; skip steps 4 and 5. A model may not target itself with an Attack Action. This means that Beyond Time's targeting exceptions can be reworded to state: Beyond Time: This model may target Buried models with Actions, ignoring the distance between two objects and LoS. Stealth, I think, can be best understood as adding an additional sub-requirement to range for the purposes of targeting. So to target a buried Bandersnatch that has Stealth, you would need to meet all of the below requirements: Have LOS Have an action that targets Buried models Be within Range (Stealth's additional requirement) while being no more than 6" away. Beyond Time appears to meet all 3 criteria as it explicitly allows for the targeting of Buried models while ignoring LOS and range, or as reworded above, "the distance between two objects". As I understand it, because Stealth is a sub-requirement of range it is also ignored by Beyond Time.
  8. I’ll bite. (haha) Of course the Master and crew I tested was Reva and her Revanents. Before I begin lavishing praise about her mechanics and how she turned out, I do have to point out that I have no idea how she was thematically justified in becoming a Burning Master. It felt like the designers looked at the Lampads and Reva and said “Well we didn’t say she didn’t have fire powers...” That said if there is a story I missed about this please point it out to me Wyrdos! Some background first. I was starting to explore NB when the new Masters where being revealed. I saw Reva and immediately switched to Ressers and never looked back. I was disappointed then when Her optimal playstyle during M2E was very boring. Spamming Ethereal Reaping each activation from her ridiculous range made things uninteractive compared to other crews for my opponents, and myself, so she was not used as frequently as I would have liked. Now onto the lavish praise. I absolutely LOVE how the Revanents turned out. M3E appears to have addressed all of my complaints about Reva and her crew. Now she is a very mobile and hard hitting mid range Master with minor area control elements. She still is very versatile in how she can attack targets with actions that target Df or Wp, and a nice pulse for enemies that like to clump up. She has access to a lot of resources and conditions to juggle which can be a bit clunky, though the last update seems to have helped with smoothing that out some. Her Candles are great. Their frequent death helps provide much needed healing, corpses, and Pyres throughout the game. They can try to push enemies into Pyres. They can move other corpses. And they just keep coming back! Excellent totems. The rest of Reva’s crew is varied, yet each model seems to have a distinct role now. We have Vincent for ranged damage, Pyre movement, and Shielding. The Wanyudo is a good solo harassment piece and scheme runner. The Restless Spirit is a good resource generator, and minor scheme runner, with his corpse and Shielding generation and Incorporeal Wk 5. Lampads are very resilient scheme runners. Draugr are good glass cannons, now with a little less glass and a little more cannon after the last update. Mourners are great at schemes requiring scheme markers with their Mourn the Dead action. And the best for last, the crazy cultists themselves, the Shieldbearers. Wow. I love the SBers, almost as much as Reva. So tanky, always hanging on by a wound or two. They can buff your team with focus, or act as nodes for Reva from which to shoot. All the while they hold their ground and never. Stop. Healing. Fantastic models, and I always take at least 5 (that is there rare limit right? Its not just my files that say that?) Outside of her models, OOK units and upgrades can fill any “holes” the crew may have. Anna Lovelace is practically a Revanent already, being able to use corpses for scheme marker manipulation and card draw. Her long rang gun has the chance to produce more corpses and it also can take advantage of the Mourners' debuff. Anna can also turn undead, like Lampads, into bombs! I haven't even mentioned her nasty auras that prevent enemies from targeting each other, so that can heal each other or use conditional removal, or placing, so that they need to be honest and walk through the Pyres like everyone else. Resser Upgrades seem to do well with her crew. Grave Spirit’s Touch can provide some additional resiliency to key models. The Whisper can be put on Reva for some more card draw because it rewards her role of stabbing things to death. Killer Instinct, while not quite the auto-include it once was, has great synergyl with all of her amazing non-totem minions. Its End-of-Turn pushes are great for some hard-to-disrupt scheme scoring for Mourners, and can dial the already very mobile Lampads to 11. The best part of this upgrade is that it can do this while potentially earning back its cost, or more, over the course of the game. All of this adds up to a flexible crew that is playable in a wide range of Strats and Schemes. Corrupted Idols seems to be her best Strat, with her crew’s mobility, damage, and healing allowing her to better survive Idol placement, all the while killing off enemies weakened from Idols and Pyres. I next like her Turf War, as she is great in holding the line and then charging through to claim the last Turf Marker, and I think she is perfectly playable in Reckoning and Plant Explosives. Regarding Schemes, Search the Ruins and Dig Their Graves seem made for her crew as they can produce the additional Markers required for each scheme with ease. The Revanents also seem like good choices for Leyline, Detonate, Claim Jump, and Assassinate mainly do to being able to convert corpses to scheme markers their damage output, and their light area control. I don’t know if the Revanents are the best crew, but I have never had as much fun playing Malifaux as I have right now, and this is just testing! Overall, Reva and her crew seem to have found their niche while keeping a distinct, if not confusing, theme. I enjoy the fact that they specialize in mobility, damage, and area control. Most of all though, I enjoy the tension created in the crew because of the lower Df/wound models and trying to break parity with my opponent inside of Hazardous Terrain. I also have an alt-Reva painted like Joan of Arc so that doesn’t hurt. Lol
  9. I can see that. I’m hoping that in each Master’s section of the Books (assuming that each Master has a section) they have a compendium or something showing all their Keyword hires available at launch. Each Book would also hopefully include directions to model stats online.
  10. For further clarification, what is happening with OOF models that are part of keywords with regards to Faction Decks and books? For example, the Wanyudo and Revenants or the Necropunk and Amalgam. I doubt they will be part of Faction Decks but am wondering if they will be part of the Books.
  11. In regards to enemy models, correct. However, if for instance a Shieldbearer killed a model and placed a Pyre under itself, timing wise it would be before the action is resolved, and therefore would suffer Burning from the Pyre and trigger Spirits in the Flames.
  12. Previously Pyres were Created through Funeral Pyre, Smoldering Heart, and Cremation. Per the Marker Creation rules on pg 28: When a Marker is added to the table, it can be either Dropped or Created. If a Marker is Dropped, it is simply put on the table in the indicated location without any further game effects; this is not considered moving the Marker. It can be put into base contact or even under a model’s base without issue. If an Impassible Marker is Dropped, it is always treated as being Created instead. If a Marker is Created, it is treated as Dropped, with the following additional rules described below: • Created Markers can overlap non-Impassable terrain, but they cannot overlap other Markers. • Created Markers cannot be put into base contact with any models except for the model creating them. Impassable Markers cannot be Created in such a way that their base overlaps the base of the model creating them. The last update changed these actions and abilities so that they now Drop Pyres instead of Create them. That means Pyres are no longer forced to follow the two additonal rules and they can now be Dropped: So that they DO overlap Markers, like Idol Markers. It also means Pyre Markers cannot be denied by scheme, corpse, scrap, or any other type of the usual marker. So that they can already be in contact with a model’s base besides the model it is being created B2B to. For example, you can now kill a model with a Shieldbearer and place a Pyre touching the model being killed and underneath the base of a nearby model. The new wording allows a much better area control game for Revenants, whether that be to stack more Burning on enemies or to trigger all of the synergies of the crew more often. I cannot emphasize enough how substantial this last update has been for Reva and her crew. Last notes here, a Hazardous Terrain Marker, or HT Marker, being Dropped does not count as a move, meaning it does not make a model it is Dropped in contact with suffer its HT effects immediately. A model B2B with a HT Marker also does not suffer its effects if it is at no point overlapping the HT Marker, so make sure to put the Pyre slightly underneath their base to make sure they feel the Burn!
  13. Where do we see our Masters doing best now? Revenants being sturdier and being able to Drop Markers now seems to make them a great choice for Idols.
  14. In addition, Created Markers cannot be placed over other Markers, while Dropped Markers can. It is vastly easier to get Markers where you want now. So while Kaeris appreciates this, I am sure Reva players do as well!
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