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  1. If you don’t mind buying an encounter box the Undying Box is a great purchase. On the Resser side you get access to Manos, Grave Golem, and Mourners. It also comes with 10 Thunders Minako, Katashiro, and Wanyudo. Wanyudo and Mourners are all Revenants and good models. Grave Golem is versatile and can throw Reva’s Candles at enemies. Besides that the Lampads are a good choice for Reva. Edit: If you don't mind making a single purchase out of keyword now then Anna Lovelace is a good purchase for Reva as well. Adds scheme manipulation, bombs, good auras for denial, card draw (!), and she is a decent mixed attacker.
  2. Played my final Beta game. Reva vs Misaki rematch. Corrupted Idols. Misaki conceded. Score assumed to be 6-4. My crew: Reva 2 Candles 2 Sbearers Mourner- Killer Instinct Lampad Restless Spirit Anna Cache 7 We played with 3 things changed to test last minute fixes. 1. Idols would be placed based on loser of Initiative. 2. Studied Opponent on Anna was worded to be once per activation, after resolving, and would allow you to draw a single card if any suits matched in an opposed duel. Cards drawn: 1 3. Restless Spirit had Protection from the Grave instead of Funeral Pyre. This allowed him to, once per activation, give a target other friendly model Shielded +1 at the end of a move action. 1. This seemed like a big improvement over the winner choosing. Only concern was that summoners may have it a bit easier as they will be giving opponent pass tokens which will make them choose Idol location more often. 2. Opponent didn’t mind the card draw. Made it quick and easy to resolve and the game wasn’t slowed down. 3. Opponent didn’t mind. For me it made the RS’ activation much more interesting as I could give Shielded out to models for protection or for nodes to shoot from. Very fun. Could be redone to Once per turn though. A lot of discussion has been made about Reva and her survivability. I would recommend doing my proposed changes to the RS as it makes him a 4 stone model worth taking and can be an option to help Reva live a little bit easier.
  3. I’m actually playing a final game right now testing studied opp with the card draw and my recommendation for the RS giving out Shielded within 1” at end of move. RS already feels so much more interesting at 4 stones with it. Edit: I guess I should provide recommendations, they will be in reverse order though for reasons... Also I consolidated the list into two halves as I feel they all go together. 6- 4. Nicodem and his Keywords- I am extremely confused by not only the choice of models for Nicodem, but also why I would ever choose to field him for mechanical purposes. He is trying to be a half Seamus and half McMourning crew with none of their flair. These two keywords each offer a unique mechanical and thematic approach to playing the game and it feels like Nicodem's crew was thrown together as an afterthought. It also feels like his actions are bland, limited, and boring and I don't know if this is done out of a fear of making him the juggernaut he was towards the end of M2E. 3. Draugr- I appreciate the idea behind these guys very much, but currently they do not last long enough to make up their stones. They remind me of Hayreddin's initial release in M2E in that he was a glass cannon combat model that was not often hired because he would often die before doing anything of significance. I want to hire the Draugr, but they no longer make my lists as I would rather hire something that will live long enough to impact the game. Please increase their durability by increasing their defense to 5.* 2. Reva- Reva is not unplayable, but feels a bit beneath the curve still, largely due to her fragility. I would recommend increasing her total wounds to 12 to allow her a better chance at being able to stabilize with healing.* Revenants are already finicky enough with juggling Pyres, Shielded, Burning, and corpses without having to worry about her fragility. 1. Restless Spirit- I made the Restless Spirit number 1 because I have talked about him non-stop and I hope readers don't tune out my suggestion because of this. His actions are terrible. Terrorize is circumstantial due to its low stat 4 and Dead Man's Collar is doing nothing. Funeral Pyre is also doing nothing. He is currently designed as a combat model that keys off of a condition that only happens rarely, and only if you hire Vincent, and only if you want punching things instead of shooting. He is also squishy which wouldn't be a problem for a 4 stone model, except his aforementioned design for combat. Revenants already do this in spades!!! Currently his value lies in 3 things: 1) Walk 5 2) Incorporeal 3) His bonus. That does not feel worth 4 stones, and also does not make for an interesting activation. My proposal is to remove Funeral Pyre and replace Dead Man's Collar for something weaker. Instead give him the ability Protection from the Grave: Once per turn. When this model ends a move action, you may have target other friendly model within 1" gain the Shielded +1 condition. This would add a lot to the crew. First off, it would help add durability for select models, ie Reva and the Draugr. Second, it would occasionally help with providing attack nodes for Reva. Third, it provides additional value to what he is actually spending his actions on: Walking and Interacting. Fourth, it helps make the crew a little less finicky since their is an additional source of Shielded. Fifth, and finally, it would actually provide interesting decisions for the Reva player during the Restless Spirit's activation, as they will have to decide if, and whom, to give Shielded to for all of the above reasons. *As a finally caveat, I believe these small tweaks to the Restless Spirit are good enough to make him worth 4 stones, as well as address the divided opinions on Reva's fragility without tweaking her card in any way. Revenant players will have the option to shore up her defenses, but only at the opportunity cost of hiring the Restless Spirit. This should hopefully be a win for everyone as the Restless Spirit has a needed role, Revenant players are happy(er), and opponents' don't have to worry about an unkillable master.
  4. I have one final suggestion to help with Reva's survivability: What if we change the Restless Spirit. Keep him at 4 stones with his Bonus action, but remove his combat focus since Revenants do that in spades anyways. Instead, give him an ability that reads something like: Protection from the Grave: Once per Activation. When this model ends a move you may have target other friendly model within 1” gain Shielded +1. Now there is more protection in the Keyword, not built into Reva's card. The Revenant player now has the choice to increase her odds at survival, albeit at the opportunity cost of hiring the Restless Spirit. It also finally gives the Restless Spirit a competitive niche in his own Keyword as only Vincent can give Shielded out to other models currently. If there are concerns at this being abused we can make it Once per Turn instead. Let me know your feedback please.
  5. It sounds like a fun idea, don't get me wrong. The way I imagine it would interact I think it would also avoid the "Shenlong Muscle Team Workout" pitfall from updates past as well. My only reservation lies in that is a rather unique change that could have some weird unintended side effects. We are near the end of the Beta so my fear is we pull a 2E in the form of Tara or Leveticus, which would both be bad for the game. Given how people are speaking of Tormented however, they already may be 2E Tara clunky so it may be worth doing anyways...
  6. To bring this discussion around to the Restless Spirit, like I do every week: I still think he needs something to do other than his bonus action. I still don't see him ever being taken in combat so I don't know why he has an ability that cares about him killing something and an attack action that gets better off of a condition the Revenants only put out on a single model that doesn't want to be engaged. Why don't we instead give him an ability to that reads something like "Once per activation. When this model ends a move you may have target other friendly model within 1” gain Shielded +1." If we are afraid of this being abused then we can make it Once per Turn instead. Call it Protected From the Grave? I think it would make him worth 4 stones. Honestly, I would even take this instead of Reva at 12 wounds as it would give him a role needed in the Keyword and give Reva players a way to increase her survivability. What do you think @matt and @Kyle? I have time for one more game tomorrow and I’ll test the ideas for RS and Studied Opponent with Reva.
  7. I think the problem is that it doesn't read as "other friendly". This means that the Guilty can consider themselves as enemies when they declare their own Walk Actions, meaning they needn't bother with the Disengage action ever, which means they can always walk away and then drop a scheme marker. Your idea sounds interesting and unique. Not sure what to make of it at this time though.
  8. Played a game against Misaki as Reva. I hired Anna OOK and played Studied Opponent as your suggestion. The card draw was appreciated and didn’t seem OP.
  9. I have added an additional question for those that would like to further clarify their opinion.
  10. The Killer Instinct upgrade provides this ability to whomever it is attached to. It's one of the more powerful interactions in a Reva crew.
  11. I tried searching for the Draugr build instructions and haven’t been able to find them so I am asking here. Where can I find the build instructions, if there are any? I read gmchaotica’s unboxing and he or she said there were none at the time.
  12. Btw thank you for everyone that contributes to this thread, whether they took part in the poll and/or commented. The discussion provides a clearer picture for the designers, as well a good back and forth for tactics for Reva players/opponents.
  13. Not to be sarcastic, but often enough to try and prevent her from dieing. Also, spending a Master’s action, a card, giving the opponent a pass token, and discarding a marker to heal 3 isn’t the best trade. This severly drops damage output for the crew given that she isn’t punching anybody and you may not get the resources back in markers considering the rules on placement of created markers. Using Embrace to heal her is fine, though that means no healing for any of the other crew. I have mostly played against Misaki, though that being said I haven’t ever seen anyone else have trouble reaching her. Her range for maximum effectiveness is 8” out from her targets. Now that charge is a single action anyone can walk-charge, or disengage-charge, which greatly increases their threat range. Even if they fail in killing her now Reva’s range with one of her best attacks is reduced because Ethereal Reaping can only shoot from nodes if unengaged. For a final point, I believe Reva is fragile because healing doesn’t change how fragile she is or isn’t. She is only 11 wounds and Def 5 and that goes down fast. What healing does is provide a way to stabilize should the opponent fail in killing her. Healing is always going to be worse than outright damage reduction because healing is only valuable should you be alive still. That is why Reva players are/were asking for HTK. HTK, which she had prior to SiTF, provided a reliable stop so that we had a chance to try and heal her back up to stabilize. That stop is now gone, meaning she can easily suffer enough burst damage to die and there is no healing back from death. I feel that she should have some more wounds to compensate. For a start, going back to 12 wounds, when paired with Shielded, changes the math for how quickly she dies without making her as “tanky” as the designers don’t want her to be (that was a terribly worded sentence...). This would mean 13 damage would need to be inflicted before she dies. That means: 7 min 2, 5 min 3, or 4 min 4 damage attacks. This is more than the current math for 11 wounds, which allows 1 less attack before death for each attack respectively. This doesn’t appear broken to me, as it allows the Reva player the narrowest window to still recover while avoiding the consistent damage mitigation of HTK. Hopefully this explains where some of Revenant pkayers are coming from.
  14. Agree on both. However, they already explicity said that Reva will not be getting HTK back as that would make her tankier than they wish her to be. Given this, I would say to make her 12 wounds again. I would also say the Restless Spirit needs +1 to Terrorize so he has an action he may realistically use beyond his action.
  15. Given the number of weeks that Reva’s survivability has been brought up, I thought it would be good to get a clearer picture on testers’ opinions. If you vote Yes, can you provide a suggestion for what would be an appropriate improvement for her, other than HTK? I feel she is too squishy given that she will likely die before having the chance to burst heal back up and that giving her additional wounds back to 12 could help.
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