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  1. Your boy Shen is gonna get nerfed so hard that he’ll even make M2E Lucius look good.
  2. Seems I cannot escape talking about Hamelin... Benny has two Bonus actions of use since Swarm Them only cares about the presence of Vermin, and not if they are friendly or enemy; and Woozy Rat can blow up Vermin whilst Droping a Scheme Marker of your choice. Rat Kings also have two in that they have Consume and can eat Scheme Markers. The Obedient Wretch and Stolen have Inevitable Fate so you can just make them explode. The more I think on it the more it seems Youko vs Hamelin would be an interesting match up...
  3. I love tiny scurrying legs! Weird... By Wanted Criminal do you mean Soldier for Hire since it gives Hard to Kill?
  4. They aren’t cumulative if they affect the same model. Protection Money reads that the model with the ability is the one that draws the card. Therefore, if an enemy marker is dropped between 2 models that each have Protection Money they would both draw a card since each of the two models are only affected once by the enemy scheme marker dropping. A good example of this is the callout box about Bushwhackers on pg. 30 pdf. Sample list: Mr. Slugworth Of Slugworth Chocolates Incorporated Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Hamelin Servant of Dark Powers Totem(s): Stolen Wanted Criminal Stolen 2 Stolen 3 Hires: Benny Wolcomb Freikorps Librarian Wanted Criminal Rat King Rat King 2 Winged Plague Winged Plague 2 I have been liking some healing in my Hamelin lists so after much deliberation between the effigy, emissary, and the Librarian I chose the Librarian. She provides a decent damage track, more card draw, and also doesn’t mind the Wanted Criminal upgrade.
  5. So I thought of some jank I will be play testing when I get back. Feedback on how to optimize it will be appreciated. I was so excited that I bought Benny on a whim for this... I plan to use him in conjunction with 2x Wanted Criminal on my Stolen. No, that is not a typo. I find the idea of getting 3 cards off of Woozy Rat hilarious, and I think the Stolen will benefit from Swagger. The melee will be funny if it comes up. Benny seems best as a counter-schemer as his actual AP seems to be best spent removing enemy Markers with Loyal Rats and walking.
  6. Only reason I know already is because I was corrected after doing it wrong for a bit... 😅
  7. Virtual rules pg 10 state that if a friendly model relents its final dual total is treated the exact same as the acting model’s final dual total. I believe this includes any suits from the acting model.
  8. I don’t think this is true. If it was, models in base contact with each other would be inside each others’ base. Edit: Your reading would actually break the game. Both Turf War and Corrupted Idols have rules which stipulate their Terrain Markers are Impassable and can only be interacted with whilst in base contact. The Impassable Terrain trait stipulates that models may not move through terrain with this trait. If models within 0”, or in base contact, are considered to be within the terrain they are in base contact with then no model may ever end in base contact with a Turf War Marker, or an Idol Marker, and consequently no model may ever interact with them.
  9. Just makes my eyes twitch is all. A full pool makes me feel as if I didn’t Malifaux correctly whilst list building. Lol
  10. That and points filler 😛 I guess I could give Hannah SoDP or take a Prospector instead.
  11. And for those interested in my Burning Hannah list: Love, Lace, And Fire Size: 50 - Pool: 8 Leader: Von Schill Servant of Dark Powers Totem(s): Steam Trunk Hires: Hannah Lovelace Drachen Trooper Drachen Trooper 2 Freikorps Librarian Wanted Criminal Freikorpsmann
  12. I plan on alternating between these two lists when I return: A Burro Of Vermin Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Hamelin Servant of Dark Powers Totem(s): Stolen Stolen 2 Stolen 3 Hires: Nix Hodgepodge Emissary Rat King Servant of Dark Powers Rat Catcher Soldier for Hire Winged Plague Winged Plague 2 A Wretched Burro Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Hamelin Servant of Dark Powers Totem(s): Stolen Stolen 2 Stolen 3 Hires: Nix Hodgepodge Emissary Obedient Wretch Rat King Servant of Dark Powers Rat King 2 Winged Plague
  13. I just realized that the top of his cape that is split is something’s FACE. Must ...resist.
  14. Hi all. I am back with my report on how terribly my game went against my Wife! For those with terrible memories, or a disdain for looking at previous posts, the scenario is below: The Scenario Corrupted Idols- Standard Deployment Search the Ruins Harness the Leyline Deliver a Message Detonate Charges Power Ritual My Crew- Arik Vontresor Size: 50 - Pool: 6Leader: Von Schill Servant of Dark PowersTotem(s): Steam TrunkHires: Arik Schöttemer The Hanging Tree Servant of Dark Powers Hans Freikorps Engineer Prospector My Wife’s Crew- Djinn Size: 50 - Pool: 8 Leader: Sandeep Desai Totem(s): Banasuva Hires: Kudra Steam Arachnid Swarm Diesel Engine Silent One Magical Training Oxfordian Mage Ice Gamin Ice Gamin 2 To begin the summary with a bunch of excuses, my children decided to get sick before our game. This meant that we were juggling caring for them when we were deploying our models and that led to perhaps my worst performance of Malifaux ever. I was the Attacker, so I decided to give my Wife the Deployment Zone that had the abundance of Severe Terrain, whereas my Deployment was obstructed by a rather large Impassable, Blocking Boulder. I very unwisely decided to deploy Montresor and Arik together on the left side of the boulder and Von Schill and Hans on the other. Due to this, Montresor and Hans contributed very little to the actual game so that was 20 Stones down the drain already. Game Summary With Montresor and Hans neutered due to my stupidity, the game basically came down to Scheme-Runner-Schill v. Wind Gamin. I was quite surprised by the effectiveness of S.R. Schill as his combination of Diving Charge, Mv 6, and the Pull Trigger enabled him to Scheme with abandon. I really enjoyed having SoDP on him as this allowed me the freedom to give out more Equipment without wasting a Turn catching up, and a chance to Heal 3(!) on a kill. The Wind Gamin were unstoppable and did what they wanted for the most part due to a combination of a timely Black Joker for damage on Schill's rifle and an Ice Golem in my Deployment. Nothing much of consequence happened during the game. Arik killed a slightly wounded Swarm with a Red Joker for damage and the Engineer killed the Ice Golem due to consecutive Activations with the Armor Ignoring Trigger. Hans missed all of his shots and all of Montresor's plink damage was either ignored by Shielding, healed up by Concentrating around the Mage, or was not impactful because Staggered does not stop the model affected from Leaping away if it is a stupid Wind Gamin. I'm not salty about that though... We called it in the middle of Turn 3 due to exhaustion (see caring for sick kids above). Despite the poor performances it was a hilarious game to play. My Wife gets weird when she gets really tired and was trying to be mystical whenever it was Sandeep's Activation. Think scrunchy face and arm wavings around like she is concentrating whilst summoning something. Takeaways I do not know if Montresor has a place in the Freikorps this edition as the odds were kind of stacked against him this game due to my poor Deployment and Sandeep's crew not caring. I do want to try it again in the future though. I know I will probably be using S.R. Schill again in the future though he will likely take some Freikorpsmann with him as well in case he needs to back up the main brawl that will inevitably happen. So what does the future hold now? I have finals, the holidays, a plethora of birthdays, and hopefully some time for rest coming up so I likely will not be able to play Malifaux again until January. When I do I will post the results here though. I do have some ideas brewing though like a Hannah Burning list I want to tinker with. I also want to explore whether a Librarian or the Emissary is best with Hamelin (I think they serve different healing roles so it probably depends). This is largely due to me having bought a second Emissary to convert it to carrying bags of confections instead of weapons to go in line with my soon to be Hamelin and the Chocolate Factory crew. @psychogeek also said that he doesn't bring much to them so I kinda want him to be wrong (nothing personal lol). I am thinking maybe he can charge Nix Turn 1 to be up about 8" and start throwing junk around. Anyways, have fun Malifauxing! Shalom!
  15. It seems like most points have been made in regards to what value, if any, Desperate Mercs add to the Mercenaries. I will just add one last one I don't believe I have seen yet, and that is the fact that each Model hired in this Edition must take into account the possibility that you may be giving your opponent a Pass Token. Taking multiple DM's can end of giving your Opponent Initiative on a crucial Turn, which is especially bad in Idols.
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