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  1. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - December

    @Chou A forum badge would be fun, that's a great idea. I actually like the idea of small rewards from Wyrd. A raffle at the end of the month/year among all participants would add a bit of excitement. I never win in them, but I still love raffles 😃 On the other hand, I wouldn't like competitive prizes. The force of the challenge is that it is not a competition and welcomes all levels.
  2. PetitDalek

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    @Franchute thank you so much for running the challenge ❤️ This was my first year and I had a great time in our little community. You were all very helpful with your advice and comments, I appreciate it a lot. I even learnt how to use GreenStuff to hide gaps, yay! @Caedruscontacting Wyrd sounds like a great idea. I hope you'll be our new chief for 2019 I will sign up for the next year as an Enforcer. A step up from this year's Minion pledge
  3. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - December

    These metal mindless zombies are really nice. They have a lot of character. I pledge plastic terror tots, they are already built and primed. Then I want to start Lilith to finish my Nephilim 😃 --- As for running the challenge, it might maybe go on without a moderator if noone can pick it up? It'd be a pity to disband our small community and we could still share our monthly work with each other.
  4. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - November

    I finished two Nephilim boys for 17 SS. I am very happy with how Barbaros turned out 🙂
  5. Teddy and the Tardis, now that is a show I'd watch every Sunday 😃 A very fun touch for your table, thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. PetitDalek

    Thedeadclaw's Painted Crews

    Thank you for showing your crews! I enjoyed looking at them and reading about how you painted them. Titania and her wings are my favourite 😍
  7. I have thematic Lilith and Pandy, so these two would look great in my crews 😊
  8. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - November

    Could you post a picture of the back too, pretty please? I have this model waiting and I have trouble fitting the bottom piece of the coat to her body.
  9. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    I didn't have time to paint in October as I was away from home, but I went through your submissions and they are all great! My finger almost hurts from clicking 'like' on so many posts @prof_bycid Your Grootsland is really cool, it looks like a real lizzard with those yellow spots. @bedjy You are a man possessed, there's no other way to paint so well and so fast
  10. PetitDalek

    Make 2 intro crews in NB

    Good idea! What do you use with him?
  11. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    @bedjy We need closer pics! That rust amd smoke on the golem look really cool. And I see there's some flower freehand on Ama
  12. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    @Caedrus @Purple Mist @Strangely Brown Thank you very much for your advice! I soldiered on with the plastic putty. You can still see some marks on Barbados' back, especially after applying a shade, but they are not too visible and I should be able to cover them with more paint. Caedrus, your skin work on Pam is amazing. Woow! Here's my converted Little Red Riding Hood for 10SS:
  13. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    This month I've already advanced my custom converted Hooded Rider (Crooligan on a wolf, because my theme is creepy kids) and built Lilith, Barbados and metal Raspy. Gonna finish the Rider and then it's either Lilith or Raspy. QUESTION: I am very new to building minis and I'm having a hard time. How do you fill visible gaps on smooth surfaces? Notably around wings that slot into Barbados' back. Greestuff? Vallejo Liquid putty?
  14. Have you tried posting in Wyrd Trades Facebook groups? You should get more views over there 😀 https://m.facebook.com/groups/877366588968261 https://m.facebook.com/groups/1668909683388591
  15. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    My fastest finished pledge ever. A Crooligan cosplaying as Iggy cosplaying as The 4th Doctor for 5 SS I am moving onto a metal Lelu now.