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  1. Hello, I want to pledge Enforcer like last year. 6 SS should be doable even though I started painting Mansion of Madness on the side.
  2. @Antinea@Yore Huckleberry Yes, I mixed some Greenstuff and flattened it inside the base. Then I rolled a textured roller pin over it. The main downside was that some Green stuff spilled over from being flattened and I had to cut it away to keep the edges clean. .@Antinea I had a good look at your lovely Viks again and now I see you did the bases just like me The sheet method sounds like a great solution, but I'd have to find good size steel punches somewhere. Where did you get yours?
  3. Starting 2020 with bases for my crazy pyromaniac crew. It was my first time working with GreenStuffWorld textured rollers and I like them a lot. The results aren't as elaborate as store-bought resin bases, but you can make as many as you want in any size. A good idea for tiny Malifaux legs is pressing the model's legs into the Green stuff while it's still soft, making the contact point for gluing bigger. I did this for Kaeris and it worked very well. Her base is the one in top left corner. All that said, 0 SS so far lol
  4. Yellow is one of the more difficult colours to paint, but what works is applying yellow over a white base. Paint the area with a well-covering white/beige, you can even apply highlights and shading. Then paint over with yellow. You'll get a nice vibrant yellow.
  5. Welcome everyone! Let's start the 2020 optimistic! I pledge: The eternal flame (it's already pretty advanced) 2 or 3 fire gamins (I need to decide how many I want to build, they are still NoS) And as that will finish my current Wildfire keyword I will hopefully advance on Colette's crew, so I pledge 2 mannequins I got two GreenStuffWorld rollers for Xmas, so I will experimant with bases for my Kaeris crew. I might also start another random mini, I have quite a lot laying around. I don't think I'll get more organized in 2020, I'm too old for that , so we'll see at the end of the monthπŸ˜‚
  6. Here's my last pledge of the year: Kaeris and her crazy friend The firestarter for 22 SS. Kaeris was one of the mini's that drew me to Malifaux, so I'm happy about finally having painted her.
  7. @lusciousmccabe Those MDF houses are THIRSTY. What works for me is a base coat of paint mixed with a bit of water and cheap wood glue. However, I use only brushes and I don't think it'd work with an airbrush. @emiba that's lovely! Yes, I imagine something like that with a bit more grey in it. Most people paint her very dark, but I like the white horse look. We seem to have similar tastes πŸ‘ @Nikodemus It's fun to see Barbados in shiny flashy armour. Your NMM looks good, not an easy feat to paint all that metal. Kaeris and her crew will get bases later. The boxes are just a piece of scatter terrain to keep her standing as she isn't pinned. I might try to greenstuff some cobblestones or factory debris for the crew.
  8. @emiba Excellent! Those flames and scythe look very cool even as WIP, can't wait to see her finished. I'd like to paint Reva on a white/light grey horse, because apparently I am a sucker for punishment πŸ˜… My Kaeris is progressing nicely, here you can see her getting her morning baguette on the market. Her wings got rusty since Ramos isn't there to do maintenance....poor girl. She doesn't have a proper base either. The mini's less contrasted and saturated than on the photo, the phone camera got overly optimistic.
  9. I am in! Otherwise I wouldn't get anything finished. There are too many WIP's lying around my desk and the challenge makes me finish at least some of them. As for introduction: let me start with a confession. I've played exactly one demo game of Malifaux. One. Ehm. However, that doesn't stop me from building thematic crews and terrain and sloooooowly painting them. I am a huge fan of the Malifaux minis and the lore, so the hobby aspect keeps me happily occupied. Who knows, I might even get to play one of my crews in 2020? πŸ˜†
  10. I started working on Kaeris, so I hope to finish her. I always see her painted all clean, but I am trying a weathered wings + distressed leather coat look. I saw that @Viruk was painting one too, so no pressure at all πŸ˜‚ I'll try to get her totem done too, all rusty and greasy. @emiba I can't wait to see your Reva. I finally snatched one in September, but I am too afraid to touch her. I have a colour scheme in mind, but it's challenging as I've never even painted a horse before. Good luck everyone, only one more month to go! And huge thanks to @Caedrus for taking care of this great challenge. It keeps me motivated to work alongside fellow painters.
  11. I did not paint much this month, but I motivated myself and finally finished Mah Tucket and her totem. I can't believe there's only one challenge month left 😲
  12. I used a crooligan (just like everyone else apparently)Β° and added greenstuffed scarf and flames:
  13. Hahaaa, I made my first display board. I am happy, it really ties the crew together. Behold, the glory of December (in October) Originally, I wanted to start with a swamp board for Ophelia, but had no resin on hand. Which turned out to be a good thing, because last weekend I found a toy boat on a flea market, which will be perfect for her board. Seeing the board made me want to update my december crew, so I actually spent more time updating their look, than making the board. Things looked pretty dire midway through the transformation and i regretted everything, but it turned out OK in the end. I am leaving away for a week, so i'll probably won't be able to to finish anything more, but my other WIPs are going well too.
  14. October already! I started working on Mah Tucket and her totem. I am also slowly chipping away at the War Wabbit. That mini is quite big and quite difficult to paint assembled. Well, learn from my mistakes and don't glue those riders, if you get one πŸ˜† In other news I bought lovely Kaeris, so I might try that nice style @Winterbloom used on his Ressers. And I'd also like to make a display board for the Lacroix, probably from a picture frame. I've never made one, so I am currently debating slots (nicer, more difficult) or no slots (easier for a first board, more versatile). Probably no slots. This is more of a wishlist than a pledge, I hope to get at least Little Lass done by the end of the month πŸ˜†
  15. Here's Raphael (8 SS) inspecting the new Playmobil gazebo (?? SS). It was really fun to paint and the scale works great for minis.
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