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  1. Hmmmm, let's keep it simple. I mostly have just crew boxes and a few extra models, I don't have a complete keyword yet. PAINTED: Raspy + Lilith + Ophelia + Pandora (almost there) UNPAINTED : Colette + Mah + Zoraida + Nekima WISHLISTED : Reva + Molly + Lady J + Titania + Nightmare Ulix + Kaeris PLAYED : let's not dwell into this 😅
  2. I see your huge insane pledges and I raise you... One Raphael 😜 I've worked on him for a fair but since I took the pic at the beginning of the month and I am simultaneously touching up the rest of my finished Lacroix as he's the last from the crew box. I hope to take a nice family shot 😃 On the terrain front, I also pledge a Playmobil gazebo I bought at a flea market for 50 cents 😎
  3. Talking about burnout, I had a hard time to motivate myself this month, but this thread and all the photos in it made me sit down and paint. I am usually a very slow painter, so the slow progress can be disheartening, but I try to get at least 6 SS painted every month to fulfill my pledge. Nothing like a good deadline lol I am glad I got down to it, because Merris turned out to be one of my favourite Malifaux minis to paint. She's simple, but there's enough detail to keep her interesting. I bought her second hand with the flames already removed and I prefer her this way... not only because I totally suck at painting fire *cross my heart* I didn't even start working on my pledged Sammy, but one mini painted is still more than zero minis painted And here she is for 6 SS:
  4. I made quite a good progress at the beginning of the month, but then took a 2-week break. The weather forecast is not very good, so I hope to finish Merriss in the next few days. I decided for a non-green skin tone to bring a bit of variety to my kin crew. No idea how I'll paint the rocket yet.
  5. @lusciousmccabe I can't wait! That's the best teddy. I have one too any my boyfriend claims it gives him nightmares lol I'm gonna work on these three as their family in the background is getting impatient. I'll have to find some tutorials as my ambition is to paint Merris' wings in NMM. Wish me luck
  6. Amazing job everyone! This thread is the best motivation to keep going. Here are my July boys for 13 SS. Only one more model and Ophelia's box will be done! Painting gremlins is quite fun and I am slowly learning NMM.
  7. Yes, I am sorry. My brain must have overheated 😅
  8. @misterfinn I really like your Trixie! I struggle to achieve such high contrast, very well done. And you improved on the original pose. Any pointers for painting fast? @Caedrus You're brave for going with so much red. Those tokens will look excellent on the table! @Nikodemus Great job. The grey white hair is my favourite part. @emiba Wow! That's the way to do it I like the colour scheme you picked for the doctor, very striking. @Boomstick I like the blue light coming from the gamps in the armor, I'm sure it'll turn great. As for me, I am still sloooowly, gently painting my Kin crewbox: I am working on Pere Ravage and Rami this month. It's so hot here that paint dries on my wet pallette, which doesn't help matters much, but I keep fighting on! I've also primed Merris and Sammy for August, I must say that I am looking forward to painting Merris, such a fun model.
  9. I did it! With 6 hours to spare!!! Through the heat, I battled on and finished my huuuge 6SS pledge. Now, I am gonna look through your submissions while sipping my well-deserved beer.
  10. I am going to paint ALLL THREE Young Lacroix. Might not seem like much but it's three times what I usually paint. Wish me luck Looking forward to seeing everyone's minis! I don't comment much, but I look and like everything. This is easily the best thread on the forum.
  11. LOL, you are completely right! I am going to paint the three Young Lacroix in June. The French Malifaux community has a challenge of painting three minis for the M3E release and I picked the three totems as it seemed fun and also would net me 6 SS for here. But damn do they have a scale problem! They are gremlin giants
  12. Great job everyone, this thread is a real motivation! @Viruk, it's very cool that you get to paint new models, I cannot wait to see them. I did better than last month. I finished BEFORE the last night of the month I enjoy painting Gremlins, they are small and the green skin is fun. The only problem was Ophelia's face, she has no sculpted nose and basically no sculpted eyes, so I had to improvise.
  13. With one hour to spare I present you my first gremlin: Francois Lacroix for 7 SS 😅 I didn't paint much this month, I need to catch up with the thread to see your creations.
  14. Yes, that's my goal as well, but I'll have to fight my perfectionism every step of the way 😁
  15. Last month I finished my pledge early, so I had time to start prepping my second-hand gremlins. These models are tiny!!! So this month I hope to maybe finally finish my Pandy pledged in February (that mini is a real struggle, she hates me) and paint as many Lacroix as I can. I've been having difficulties with my back, so I'll see how it goes.
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