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  1. I did it! With 6 hours to spare!!! Through the heat, I battled on and finished my huuuge 6SS pledge. Now, I am gonna look through your submissions while sipping my well-deserved beer.
  2. I am going to paint ALLL THREE Young Lacroix. Might not seem like much but it's three times what I usually paint. Wish me luck Looking forward to seeing everyone's minis! I don't comment much, but I look and like everything. This is easily the best thread on the forum.
  3. LOL, you are completely right! I am going to paint the three Young Lacroix in June. The French Malifaux community has a challenge of painting three minis for the M3E release and I picked the three totems as it seemed fun and also would net me 6 SS for here. But damn do they have a scale problem! They are gremlin giants
  4. Great job everyone, this thread is a real motivation! @Viruk, it's very cool that you get to paint new models, I cannot wait to see them. I did better than last month. I finished BEFORE the last night of the month I enjoy painting Gremlins, they are small and the green skin is fun. The only problem was Ophelia's face, she has no sculpted nose and basically no sculpted eyes, so I had to improvise.
  5. With one hour to spare I present you my first gremlin: Francois Lacroix for 7 SS 😅 I didn't paint much this month, I need to catch up with the thread to see your creations.
  6. Yes, that's my goal as well, but I'll have to fight my perfectionism every step of the way 😁
  7. Last month I finished my pledge early, so I had time to start prepping my second-hand gremlins. These models are tiny!!! So this month I hope to maybe finally finish my Pandy pledged in February (that mini is a real struggle, she hates me) and paint as many Lacroix as I can. I've been having difficulties with my back, so I'll see how it goes.
  8. Welcome to the forums! Your Reva is really nice, the tree and candles give a mysterious feel. I've never realized how small she was on her base. Looking forward to seeing the whole crew
  9. Mature nephilim. He looks to me like he's dancing in a flash mob
  10. Your blending skills are out of this world! It's nice to see such an original colour scheme.
  11. @misterfinn I salute your research and you did a great job on the painting. With a few exceptions, Malifaux female sculpts tend to have the same body shape. @Athiko The base starts great, I like the mixed textures.The brick sheet looks useful. Where is it from?
  12. @VirukI am really sorry about your cat. They become such loyal companions and part of our daily lives ❤️Your painting is excellent as always. @bedjy If you want to paint my minis, I've got plenty of them
  13. @murakiI am a big fan of your winged lady, she looks like an anime character. It's nice to see so many different styles of painting
  14. Beer-themed Brewmaster. Octoberfest or even Saint Patrick 🍻
  15. Thanks to everyone for lovely comments! I wanted to experiment a bit on the dress. My plan is to make a matching Reva crew in greens and browns....once I buy the box. Tbh, green is there, because I didn't have any other tufts and was eager to finish Molly's...ehm...Asura's skeletons. I had never painted green before, I only have three pots of the colour. @lusciousmccabe I don't know who April is, sorry 😅
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