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  1. Your blending skills are out of this world! It's nice to see such an original colour scheme.
  2. @misterfinn I salute your research and you did a great job on the painting. With a few exceptions, Malifaux female sculpts tend to have the same body shape. @Athiko The base starts great, I like the mixed textures.The brick sheet looks useful. Where is it from?
  3. @VirukI am really sorry about your cat. They become such loyal companions and part of our daily lives ❤️Your painting is excellent as always. @bedjy If you want to paint my minis, I've got plenty of them
  4. An English-only game in France will have about as much success an a Spanish-only game in the US. There'll be a small motivated community, but the general public will look elsewhere. This is much less of a problem in smaller countries, because there's less choice. But if a French player wants a miniature game in French, the offer is huge, the market is already saturated. There is absolutely no need to make the effort of playing in English. And that is before mentioning how difficult is to buy Malifaux in France, when every bigger town has a Warhammer store. Also, non-native English speakers registered here do not represent the entire player base and even less the potential player base. We registered here, because we already speak English well enough to follow the forums. Members are not asking for the translated version of the rules for themselves, but for all those potential players that will simply refuse to play a game that's only in English. P.S.: No, I am not French, just an observer
  5. @murakiI am a big fan of your winged lady, she looks like an anime character. It's nice to see so many different styles of painting
  6. Beer-themed Brewmaster. Octoberfest or even Saint Patrick 🍻
  7. Thanks to everyone for lovely comments! I wanted to experiment a bit on the dress. My plan is to make a matching Reva crew in greens and browns....once I buy the box. Tbh, green is there, because I didn't have any other tufts and was eager to finish Molly's...ehm...Asura's skeletons. I had never painted green before, I only have three pots of the colour. @lusciousmccabe I don't know who April is, sorry 😅
  8. Miracles happen, I finished my pledge early I present to you my Asura Roten made from V1 Molly:
  9. A mid-March update! I pledged a farm. To begin, I had to harvest synthetic fur guarded by a fiercome beast. "Sssso you wanna steal my precioussss? Ssssso sssssoft!" Things seemed hopeless, but the beast left to feast on her dinner, so I could sneakily cut off a bit of fur and use it for a thatched roof! (The farm is a TTCombat building with some added texture, balsa wood and spare bits.) Since the farmer needs to seel his wares and I need some scatter terrain, I made a town market: I really love making terrain, so much faster than minis. Especially since I got myself Agrax Earthshade. That thing is magic in a bottle!
  10. That's a good idea. Even an alt male mature nephilim for more variety would be nice.
  11. Viktor Brothers! A sexy swordfighter duo. Bonus point if they look like they could be featured on a bodice-ripper cover. Something like this? Ms. Sandeep - I imagine a cool lady with some magical effects around her. Maybe a bit older than in the picture to differentiate from Kudra, but you get the idea:
  12. I bought a bunch of second-hand built gremlins and I am slowly prepping them for priming. The horror! Just getting rid of mould lines and gaps on the Easter bunny model should be worth 5 SS at least In other news, my pledged farm house is advancing well. There's a new green spot on the carpet, but you can't really see it thanks to the busy pattern. I chose my hobby room carpet well 😎
  13. @misterfinn What an eye candy! I've always said we need an all-male alt Vicks starter box That skin tone is just excellent, also those brown-black pants.
  14. @Boomstick I really like the colour transition on the cloak and the ghost. Your wisps look promising, too I am digging that bright orange
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