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  1. Clockwork_Fish

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    I think Nellie ranks up there. The combination of Revisionist History and Run From the Truth is pretty powerful. The ability to cheat in a Black Joker to squash a powerful attack, or ruin a charge by pushing an enemy away is very frustrating. Maybe not the tankiest, but definitely pretty tanky.
  2. Clockwork_Fish

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    I do like the idea of the Doxy dying and handing Perdita fast. I don’t think anyone would fall into that trap though.
  3. Clockwork_Fish

    Backdraft Arcanist models.

    Okay, one last thought on the Fire Golem. He doubles up the damage on Firestarter’s Twirling the Gas Can. So He charges a ‘twirled’ model, puts 5 burning on it with 2 attacks and a 0. Target takes 7 damage immediately then 4 at end of turn. 😍
  4. Clockwork_Fish

    Archie or Rogue Necromancy with Molly?

    I really appreciate the versatility of Archie’s Attack Expert ability. He can charge some poor minion, kill it, then throw the corpse at someone else instead of wasting the AP like Nekima or Yasunori would. Cheating in the trigger to force horror duels on nearby enemies is often worth it and can help keep him safe from counter charges or at least waste enemy resources.
  5. Clockwork_Fish

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    If you're on the fence about simplifying certain aspects of the game, just think of Sandeep. A master who worked his way up to the top shelf, not just by being powerful, but because a lot of people didn't understand half of what he was doing, including some of the people playing him. The net result being Sandeep being played wrong and nobody realizing it because they didn't understand it themselves. On the subject of a pass system, the Batman Miniatures Game uses one, and it's usually played at about the same model count as Malifaux (usually around 5-8 or so). Basically, if your opponent outnumbers you, you get to pass a number of times equal to the difference in crew size but can't pass more than twice in a row. There's also abilities that increase the number of passes you get. It evens things out a bit, but doesn't completely negate the bonus of having lots of bodies on the table. You can't blow all your passes at once, you still get combat bonuses in melee for outnumbering enemies, and, like Malifaux, it's a resource game and the more actions you can take the better. Having more models will always be powerful in Malifaux, but it seems like a lot of the combos that people have pulled their hair out because of in M2E (like the rat engine) have revolved around abusing it. I think it's a reasonable thing if the devs say that activation control is not something to build the game around. Malifaux' tagline is 'Bad Things Happen,' not 'You Will Be Out-Activated and Your Master Brutally Slain by Victoria on Turn One Because Guild Don't Have a Proper Summoning Master.'
  6. Clockwork_Fish

    Backdraft Arcanist models.

    The Fire Golem is making me take another look at Kaeris' Purifying Fire upgrade. I never disliked it to begin with, but the Golem's Wildfire ability ramps it up a lot, by allowing you to heal during the turn and at the end. The ability says you resolve the burning condition as if it was the end of turn, not that burning models take damage. The Golem throws around a lot of indiscriminate fire, so he can potentially generate a lot of incidental healing. The Purifying Fire upgrade also doesn't interfere with the Golem's ability to stack fire like Grab & Drop does.
  7. Clockwork_Fish

    10T Keyword thoughts

    This is pure speculation as to where things might be going, but: - As 3e will be an attempt to streamline things, it's likely that abilities that let a master hire out of faction will be folded into the keyword rule itself. These abilities ate up upgrade slots and filled space on the front of cards. Best to get rid of them. This also means that conceivably any master would be able to hire out of faction if that model had their keyword. So, for example, Von Schill might be able to hire Anna Lovelace without penalty. - Models may very well have multiple keywords. Take Ice Dancers; December cultists who perform at the Star Theatre. Makes sense for them to have both Showgirl and December keywords, right? - Which brings us to McCabe. It's possible that some of his old Guild friends will retain the Black Sheet keyword in addition to whatever else they had. Also, given his being fired from the Guild, it would make sense from a story standpoint if he also grabbed himself some hired muscle paid for by his Ten Thunders employers. So they could give the Black Sheep label to a few Outcast models (Wokou Raiders and Desperate Mercs maybe?) and it would make perfect sense.
  8. They have stated that some models will be considered versatile and can be hired without penalty. We also don’t know yet if models can have multiple keywords. Sort of like Lelu and Lilitu being Nightmare/Sorrow/Nephilim. There will probably be a lot of flexibility in the hiring pool.
  9. Clockwork_Fish

    Backdraft Arcanist models.

    The Fire Golem looks really fast, with its tactical action and high walk. I can’t imagine he’s easy to pin down.
  10. Clockwork_Fish

    Nicodemus M3E?

    He did get his soul stuck in a soul stone. And he’s a necromancer. I can see some stupid Domador taking the stone out of the Guild vault and trying to make a magic ring out of him, only to get possessed. The result being a somewhat frailer version of Nico who drops a “one ring” marker when he dies, only to come back around if someone interacts with it. 😃
  11. Suddenly the recent Monday previews make more sense. Maybe the False Witnesses will be Lucius’ default minion?
  12. Clockwork_Fish

    Undying 10T models.

    Minako seems like she might be well suited to hunt down slippery scheme runners like Torakage, Raphael, Merris, or even Cassandra who rely on pushes and movement tricks to get out of combat. Most of whom have low willpower and would be vulnerable to her 0-action.
  13. Clockwork_Fish

    I'm a Basse man.

    I like the idea of Guild getting a straight up old-timely sheriff and it’s surprising it took this long. And a lot of them had pretty goofy names.
  14. Clockwork_Fish

    Double masters

    Hoffman and Colette! 😃
  15. Clockwork_Fish

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    The only other game I play which uses cards is Batman. The cards are the same size, but I have a lot more Malifaux minis than Bat minis. That's a lot of plastic going in the junk drawer.