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  1. Just had a 50SS match today, Corrupted Idols/Flank Deployment against Ten Thunders. My list was Basse, Bernadette, Reichart + LL Coat, Jury + LL Coat, Guild Steward, Pathfinder, Paul Crocket and Frontiersman. My opponent had Youko, Chiyo, Hinamatsu, Misaki, Minako, Bunraku, and Kunoichi. That was a bloody affair. We called it mid turn 4, as my opponent said at that point he couldn't win. First turn, Basse, Reichart and Crocket moved up the left flank towards the first Idol on turn one, and Misaki, Minako and a summoned Katashiro did likewise. Jury, Frontiersman and Steward held the middle and Pathfinder and Bernadette quietly held the right flank. Got lucky on the left, with Misaki; Jury plinked some auto damage on her when she activated, then Basse softened her up with some quicksand, only for Paul to Red Joker rifle shot. She ended the turn 6 wounds down. Second turn was a goddamn title fight, with Basse using up my whole hand and 4 soulstones just to stay alive. I wish I'd put a LL Coat on him instead of one of the henchies, as it would have been easier. But he lived, and put down Misaki. Reichart got distracted, so spent the rest of the game Stoically nodding at Basse. Crocket was originally supposed to hang back and shoot into melee, but instead Basse said "Paul, come protect me from great danger. I need a human shield!" So instead he moved up to shield Basse and move an Idol, and got eaten by a paper monster. The Frontiersman was killed by the Bunraku, and the Bunraku was killed by Jury. Turn three was just silly. On the right flank, Bernadette and the Pathfinder killed the Kunoichi for Dig Their Graves. The Steward engaged Hinamatsu and tried to slow her down, only for her to carve him up and die to Reprisal in a weird suicide pact. Basse picked away at Minako with Quicksand, while Reichart tried feebly to heal him. Turn four, Jury killed Chiyo, and that was about where we called it. Final score 2 - 1. Overall quite happy with the Frontier crew. Was hoping to get more mileage out of some of them, but Youko puts pressure on your hand. The Steward never got any heals off, as I never had the cards for it, so never had a chance of saving the poor Frontiersman. Pathfinder is great as always, but again, needs cards. Bernadette and her murder knife did just fine. Basse was a champ. Reichart was safely neutered by Youko and accomplished nothing but healing, so no opinion there. Jury was okay, but surprise! Needed more cards.
  2. I used contrast paints, then highlighted. The base is a piece of cork, and skulls from that GW box o' skulls. She's not quite done yet. I don't mind the pose. I don't see this as a combat pose, per se. To me, it looks more like she's standing in the fray letting out a battle cry. I never liked her old plastic sculpt. She was just so tiny, and her sword was even smaller. She just had no presence, especially compared to her big, flashy Death Marshals.
  3. Posting this here, as it seems relevant. Here's what she looks like the flesh, so to speak.
  4. For a more tourney legal Grave Golem, you could use the official model, but chop off the tombstones and replace them with bits and bobs from the pet store to make a ‘reef golem.’
  5. I imagine the typical Lovecraft protagonist of a stuffy, high strung Englishman working. He’d be the Nellie of the Explorers, not really attacking, but running around distracting and running schemes. Mostly he’d focus on running away and screaming. As for how a Lovecraftian crew might work, given how his stories tended to go, I’d theme it around Wp duels and weird defensive triggers and abilities. For example The Last Words of ... : (Wp/Df) After resolving, place a scheme marker in base with this model. Gibbering Madness: If this model fails a horror duel, all models within 3” gain Distracted +1 Grit (Squamous) - when reduced to half it’s original wounds this model gains Terrifying 12 A crew where if everyone is dying horribly then that means it’s all going to plan 😈
  6. The Effigy should be a golden idol and the Emissary a giant boulder! I'd like to see a Resser/Explorer dual faction. Basic idea would be an expedition that set out into the wilds of Malifaux shortly before the Breach closed the first time around, and no trace was ever found. Turns out they ran into a Tyrant's prison and now a century later it's using them all as meat puppets. It's looking for ancient relics to help it's ascension and it's thralls are posing as treasure hunters.
  7. Has anyone tried Paul? Without stronger beasts than Raptors and Hounds, it seems Scent of Blood is kind of wasted. However, he still has Expert Shot, and his Carbine is a respectable attack for a 6 point model.
  8. I was just going through some Ten Thunders cards and noticed that the High River Monk's Risky Maneuvers ability is a regular action, while the Bunraku can use it as a . Is this maybe a typo on the HRM's card? Seems he'd be more effective if it is.
  9. Had my first game with Shenlong today; Turf War against Ulix. My opponent conceded middle of turn 4 when Shenlong burned through Penelope an Ulix in a single activation using High River Stance. My crew was Shenlong, Sensei Yu, two Students, High River Monk, two Wandering River Monks, a Low River Monk, a Tanuki, and a Samurai. The Samurai did a great job holding up one flank, while Shenlong and Yu kind of held up the middle. The Tanuki mostly sat between the Samurai and Shenlong and Sensei Yu, handing out focus (mostly successfully). It's certainly a big change from 2e. I had a ten model crew, where previously I would rarely have more than six. Wandering River Monks were slippery little eels and got to my opponent's deployment zone easy peasy. The game board had some buildings that worked to the Monks' advantage, allowing them to leap around and drop scheme markers for breakthrough without interruption. The spent all their Chi on defense and making sure Leap succeeded. Only thing either killed was one or two piglets. High River Monk was ... present (?) for the battle. I can definitely maybe say that. I found him a bit sluggish, and the terrain was not favourable to him, so he didn't get to do much. Will have to try him some more. Definite improvement over the OLD High River Monk though. Their damage output is rather flat, with the exception of Shenlong himself. Everyone's 2/3/4 or 1/3/4. They hit very consistently though, thanks to Chi. Hence why I took a Samurai, to add a little oomph. Overall really enjoyed it. 😃
  10. Fire Golem! I was really intimidated by this model when I first got him.
  11. Here’s a question; do different Mantras stack? If a Gamin is standing next to two Oxfordians, he only heals once when he concentrates. But if he’s next to Kandara and an Oxfordian, does he have to pick a Mantra to use?
  12. H'okay, not perfect, but still, quite proud of the fire effects. Dunno why I was worried about it not working before. Just did what I did with Kandara's hair in reverse. This was really fun, and I think the Fire Golem will be next!
  13. Everything on this was contrast. Skin was a thinned down Talassar Blue. I tried using it straight from the pot, but found there wasn't enough detail on the skin to make that work, so thinned it down bit and it worked fine. I'm finding that Contrast Medium is the solution to a lot of the problems I've had with the stuff so far. The darker colours work poorly on larger, flatter, less detailed surfaces, and work as intended on small, detailed things. Templar Black, as the darkest of all, is great on things like guns but has been giving me grief trying to paint Batman mini (he just came out of the Simple Green). I'm thinking multiple thin coats will be the answer for Mr Wayne. As for the arm and leg bands, those were an experiment. I painted them using a light yellow, then went over with Agaros Dunes. Then added a few highlights. Turned out okay. The hair was done by laying down pure contrast medium onto the hair, then adding a new colour while it was still wet. Did that over a progressively smaller area with progressively darker paints.
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