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  1. I would point out that the alt-Nicodem model is named Amelia Bathory. I don't know if she's technically canon, but that's a vampire reference at least. Actually, Wyrd, if you're paying attention, how about make her her own thing instead of an alt-Nicodem? Kinda like you did with Carver? Maybe a versatile henchman for Ressers who heals up by drinking the blood of her enemies and turns their withered husks into zombies thralls? It's a really cool model and I'd love to get more use out of it! 😉
  2. Regarding Embrace the Flame, I really don't want to stack Burning on Reva to heal her because it's a clunky waste of actions and it's dangerous on account of how squishy she is. So the best use of it appears to be to keep a flaming Corpse Candle or Lampad next to her at all times. If healing is her primary defense, I'd prefer it were less clunky.
  3. I think this could work if they also changed the Tactical Planning trigger to give Focus instead of Pass tokens.
  4. Cool! Are those GW Goblin Town kits used for the catwalks? How many did it take to for the one board?
  5. Agree that the pose is a bit static but otherwise love the art. I like the art mask more than the render one. But that’s an easy fix with green stuff. The art mask looks unnatural but in a good way. Sort of reminds me of Silent Hill. The pose is also an easy fix, as it’s really just the position of the arms that’s at issue.
  6. Or their soul wrenched from their body to feed the winter Tyrant 😃
  7. I’m not really a fan of the bury mechanic on masters, especially if they keep off the table for long stretches. Colette should be on the board, taking centre stage! 😃. I say, replace bury with a place, and bump her up to Defense 5.
  8. Perhaps if Celebration could only be used if an enemy model had died during the turn? Or died within 6" of Seamus?
  9. To be fair, nobody suggested dropping her to Df 4 as a solution. In past betas they have thrown out weird, radical changes just to get reactions and feedback. This may be such a change.
  10. Small issue, doesn’t numbskull stop Archie gaining shielding?
  11. I’m still not feeling great about Ortegas right now. They went from a highly mobile elite hunting party to a slowly meandering gun line. The tough as nails change is an improvement, admittedly.
  12. Out of curiosity, are Kaeris' pyre markers the same as Reva's pyre markers? Can a Lampad eat them?
  13. Three other possibilities; 1 - Give them an action that powers up those Mindless Zombies, like a trigger on Decay that gives nearby MZ Focus 2 - Remove Special Dispensation from the card and give them the Zombify trigger 3 - Any Mindless Zombies hired by the Domador's crew automatically gain an upgrade card. What it does, I dunno. Maybe 'This model may use an action printed on a friendly Domador's card. Then discard this upgrade.'
  14. Maybe flatten it a bit then? 3/4/5?
  15. I agree, and would remind others of what happened last time an overpowered Colette was released into the wild; hit with a nerf bat so hard her ancestors felt it. If Serene Countenance is only there to protect against bury mechanics, replace it with an ability that works like it, but only when buried. Or leave SC alone, and replace the bury mechanic with a place effect, affording your opponent more chances to take her down. Finally, lower the weak damage on Sabre.
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