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  1. Clockwork_Fish

    Kaeris impressions

    Out of curiosity, are Kaeris' pyre markers the same as Reva's pyre markers? Can a Lampad eat them?
  2. Clockwork_Fish

    Domador De Cadaveres - Special Dispensation

    Three other possibilities; 1 - Give them an action that powers up those Mindless Zombies, like a trigger on Decay that gives nearby MZ Focus 2 - Remove Special Dispensation from the card and give them the Zombify trigger 3 - Any Mindless Zombies hired by the Domador's crew automatically gain an upgrade card. What it does, I dunno. Maybe 'This model may use an action printed on a friendly Domador's card. Then discard this upgrade.'
  3. Clockwork_Fish

    Colette Survivability.

    Maybe flatten it a bit then? 3/4/5?
  4. Clockwork_Fish

    Colette Survivability.

    I agree, and would remind others of what happened last time an overpowered Colette was released into the wild; hit with a nerf bat so hard her ancestors felt it. If Serene Countenance is only there to protect against bury mechanics, replace it with an ability that works like it, but only when buried. Or leave SC alone, and replace the bury mechanic with a place effect, affording your opponent more chances to take her down. Finally, lower the weak damage on Sabre.
  5. Clockwork_Fish

    Steam Trunk, aka "The Baddest MF in the Freikorps"

    It was nice of Von Schill to give that agoraphobe a job. 🙂
  6. Clockwork_Fish

    Pray for Abuela

    It’s not just that it makes for a boring turn 1, it also makes them very predictable. Bravado can only push towards an enemy model in LoS, so you need careful positioning to go where you want or take advantage of terrain. On a terrain heavy board, like a city board, Bravado can be flat out neutered (worst case, but something to consider). Assuming everything goes fine and you shuffle forward turn 1, your survivability and damage output peaks turn 2. Once your models start getting stuck in combat, it’s harder to justify spending an action to focus. And Bravado’s push is less useful if your goal is to move away from the enemy, or to move past them for scheme shenanigans. Family kind of reminds me of M2e Colette. I’m depending on a resource I can’t generate efficiently and wasting actions while the enemy advances.
  7. Clockwork_Fish

    Anna Lovelace

    Anyone else trying hard to resist making a “When I was your age” post? You young’uns ever hear of Chaos Dwarves? 😃
  8. Clockwork_Fish

    Pray for Abuela

    Perhaps give Perdita an ability that lets Family focus for a action, similar to 2e Shen Long? And let Abuela hand focus out with a tactical action, rather than a pseudo obey?
  9. Clockwork_Fish

    Arcanist Masters and their keyword models [M3E]

    Okay, that actually makes sense.
  10. Clockwork_Fish

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I made a joke in the Neverborn forum a couple months ago about Barbaros joining the family and I guess I might not have been wrong? 😟 Definitely want to try out Perdita and Nellie first, but I’ve gotta try the ‘Angels’ idea now that I’ve heard it.
  11. Clockwork_Fish

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    I like the new Dreamer, Coppelius and the Alps. Chompy, I like...bits of him? His head and enormous crazy mouth, that I like. Looks much more nightmarish, and aesthetically links him with Insidious Madness. But it doesn't really match his arms and body. Give him more mouths! 😈
  12. Clockwork_Fish

    Arcanist Masters and their keyword models [M3E]

    Kinda feel like the Medical Automaton should be versatile. I get that it's a robot, so obviously goes with Hoff, but in current edition it heals living models, which are few and far between in a construct crew.
  13. Clockwork_Fish

    Waldo's Weekly - "I am the Key(word) Master!"

    A crew led by the First Mate will be the wackiest goddamned thing ever. Gators and catfish men parachuting out of the sky, dropping pianos on people, then stealing all their valuables. How do you put that in an incident report?
  14. Clockwork_Fish

    Waldo's Weekly - "I am the Key(word) Master!"

    Happy to see that Last Blossom was expanded to include pretty much all the models that logically should be Last Blossom. Poor Arcanists though, lost their Raptors to Guild. And it looks like the Soulstone Miner is moonlighting for .... Ma Tucket. Yep, Malifaux’s greatest scientists and sorcerers once again outwitted by swamp folk. Surely they will soon throw off the shackles of their Guild oppressors, he said as he fed diced mage bits to his new pet bird. 😇
  15. Clockwork_Fish

    Waldo's Weekly - Carrion My Wayward Son

    Oh my God, I’m going to have that song stuck in my head for hours. 😟