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    • I really like a Tanuki with Fuhatsu to feed him Focus (I'd drop a Bunraku for this), getting those straight flips on damage is so massive for him. He also doesn't need the Trained ninja upgrade in my experience as he is decently tough between armour, HtW, stones and healing from Juggernaut/Tanuki. You can also walk him into some concealing terrain if needed (it doesn't really affect him that much with built-in +ve and focus and means it doesn't matter if the enemy tries to conceal themselves). I liked the above idea of putting Trained ninja on the Geisha to lure up Fuhatsu and Chiyo (although I prefer to use Chiyo more as disruption than just pass token generator unless I want her up a flank running schemes anyway) first turn. She is then decent on the offence too with an almost auto-hitting Slow attack with good triggers (if you can slow and distract a model, it's almost useless for the turn!).
    • And it specifies a limit even on the models that can’t do those things because they use the same wording on all of the copies of that trigger.  
    • It's a great independent, general mobility-beater piece that will work in any crew really. Whilst I haven't actually had him in my starting crew, I've often run the Effissary. I deploy the effigy on a flank then turns 1-2, walk and concentrate (and Storm of Shadows if needed), then morph turn 3 and kill whatever scheme runner they have on that flank or move to the centre and chomp someone with 2 focused attacks! After that, scheme or hunt as required. If I were to start with the dragon, I'd probably still have him hunt a flank turns 1-2 as he has the mobility to move back in as needed.
    • Stone for suit. Ability that adds rams to duels.
    • Might someone please explain how a model can achieve more than +1 damage to an actions final dual total?
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