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    • It's also worth noting that we already know what stuff 3E Jacob Lynch "likes" to have around, and the upshot is that it's most of the stuff he likes right now.  What that means is that if you want to get into Malifaux and love Jacob Lynch for his models, you're likely free and clear for the time being so long as you start with stuff that's off this list. Jakob Lynch - in the starter box Hungering Darkness - in the starter box Illuminated - in the starter box Gwyneth Maddox Mr. Graves  Mr. Tannen Beckoner  Depleted I'm not an expert in Lynch (in either edition) so I can't speak to what he wants to see BEYOND this list, but if what you're looking at getting is strictly the thematic models (the ones above) then you're likely good to go, regardless of edition.
    • All of the stuff that was associated with Lynch in M2E is still associated with him in M3E (at least at this point in the beta) so picking up his crew box, Beckoners, Depleted, Mr. Tannen, Mr. Graves, and Gwyneth Maddox should all be safe purchases. Those models are all very closely tied to Lynch in theme and in the fluff, so it would be very surprising for them to be changed to no longer work with him.

      As Adran noted, Lynch is just Ten Thunders now, so that will affect the rest of the model pool that you may want to buy to compliment him. 

    • The answer depends on who you are going to play with. Today we are expecting to see the public beta rules for M3 released. If you are joining an existing play group, you probably want to see what they are planning on doing. If you are starting up a new play group its probably easier to just learn M3, rather than learn M2E to then discover everyone else is playing M3 (although M2E is a fine game and is you only play that with your friends you'll still enjoy it). One thing to note for your purchasing. Jacob Lynch is duel faction in M2E but Ten thunder only in M3, so if you are likely to play M3 at any point, you're probably best buying things from TT rather than Neverborn.  
    • I have been branching out into other games from GW. I have heard great thing about Malifaux and was thinking of picking up the Jakob Lynch box to start. However. my research showed that 3e is coming soon. Should I wait until the 3e rules come out or should i still get the 2e condensed rules?
    • in the broken promises rulebook, thers a new nicodem upgrade called "circling buzzards". One of the abilities it gives Nicodem summons a vulture, with any non-vulture friendly totems being sacrificed. does this mean Nicodem can have multiple vultures now? is there a way to buy individual vultures?
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