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    • I am curious what benefits they get. Life insurance is probably a no.
    • Hey guys, newbie here.  I just got my first malifo box(colette core box) i had a lot of fun and pain to construct them together, there is only 1mecha dove left but i got a problem with that. It seems like there is a problem with the joins of a piece.  i should join 1 and 2 together, but its clear to see that the join of #1 is much longer than the #2's, also #2 has a different shape. If i fit them together from the front, there is a huge gap on the back. Its not like the mold leftover or anything else, its much bigger than that. It feels the same as when i tried to put non-fitting pieces together with the other models. The dove is made of only 4parts, so its sure these 2 should fit together. Of course i tried all the rest possible combination of the pieces in different angles etc.. With all the other models in the box the joins were so clear and smooth when i put them in the right place, i guess this should be the case with this one as well, but its not. The same piece should join to the dove itself ot the other end. Thats pretty problematic too, but not as much as this end. Can the piece be factory defected or something? Any suggestions?  Thanks (maybe its not the right topic, then sorry.)
    • Having played a handful of Tormented games in GG4, I can comfortably say Jack Daw has promise in some scenarios. Dead Outlaws are incredible anti-schemers. They're mobile with Run and Gun, give you all kinds of movement jank, and have up to 12" of non-linear scheme marker removal that gives your own models fast. I have had a few games where I ate an enemy scheme marker to let a Guilty do the classic interact-move-interact shenanigans, and it's even better if you use Daw2 to ferry the Guilty around. And having two Dead Outlaws on a flank is hard to deal with since they are fairly mobile while still dealing damage, with HtW and easy access to fast. They can easily deny Protected Territory, Outflank, and Power Ritual that way (Outflank is a bit more difficult because they can score the first point by scheming on the other side, but the second point is basically impossible vs Dead Outlaws). Locking down two strat markers on Raid the Vaults is great, and I've seen people talk about how Tormented might be good into that strat. But I haven't seen a lot of people talk about Cloak and Dagger, which is where I have actually had the most success. If you place your strat markers right, you can let the opponent score once, or maybe twice, and end up with three of the four strat markers in your bubble. It has been a nightmare for my opponents to score their last two points on Cloak and Dagger (though my sample size for Tormented in C&D is only two games, so take that with a big grain of salt). Plant Explosive is good too. They have to get into your bubble to pick up the markers / kill your bomb carriers, and if you can pull one of their carriers into your bubble (unlikely but possible), they are going to have a bad time. Plus, all that fast you've got... Auguste Hart is good in GG4 as well. He's so hard to kill if he can get 3+ distracted, and I usually bring a Nurse in Tormented anyway - she can Seduce a few extra distracted onto Auguste over the course of the game, which gives her something valuable to do when she doesn't need to heal / remove conditions (and with good positioning, she can do both!) Crooked Men are gold in GG4. With a 6 you can turn every enemy scheme marker within 3" into a friendly marker, and give all of them a 1" hazardous terrain aura. With how many more scheme markers there are in this GG, I can reliably get 2-4 enemy markers per game this way. Earthquake is also really nice in GG4, since most players are taking more models than they did before, so you can clip more models with the blast and hand out lots of staggered.   I'm really excited for Tormented in GG4. Doing silly janky stuff with Dead Outlaws is my favourite part of Tormented, and not feeling like 2xHanged w/GST is the optimal build every single time really opens up the keyword. They don't fit every strat or scheme though. Sweating Bullets is basically free points to your opponent. Outflank is hard to prevent the first point on (but easy to prevent the second). If there are a lot of non-scheme-marker schemes in the pool (In your Face, Deliver a Message, Hold up their Forces, Sweating Bullets, Take Prisoner) Dead Outlaws won't be able to deny scoring, and that's most of your game plan - Tormented won't score a lot, but Dead Outlaws and the horrible Tormented bubble keep your opponent's score even lower. If your pool has two or more of those schemes, I'd rethink taking Tormented.
    • Couple more Rotten Harvest models. Working on other projects as the year winds down but am still making the pledge (even if just barely).
    • Thought I might get around to doing another model, but haven't and won't tonight (gotta start painting another system for a local league with painting points) so posting this today. Finished Lynch1 finally.  Might have his keyword done in nearish future.  A mix of GW contrast and army painter speed paints  
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