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    • I love how The Crossroads Seven are all Henchmen now.... that's a might powerful crew, but I wonder how many points are they now as they may not have a lot of Soul Stones left over. Maybe whoever you're declaring as a faction, that member is the leader (Outcast declared, Pride is the leader and gets 3 AP).
      Not much switched over to Qi & Gong, but is it coincident that half of them were also puppets?  I'm happy, thematically as a Ten Thunders player, that we have access to Hinamatsu now, but how do we know Colodi didn't just hop into the "love doll" industry in secret?  Also props on renaming the Oiran to Kunoichi; I hope they become more useful in their assigned assassin role.
      The Midnight Stalker & Johan(a) as Infamous?  A weird paring with Zipp... but I'll take it!
      Sad to see Ryle Hoffman in the Deadman's Hand.  Also sad to see Sue and Convict Gunslingers be labeled Bandit and not Versatile, but that's because Bandit does absolutely nothing currently; maybe it will be worth something in the next edition.... it can't be less!
    • Everyone who isn't still going by "Cher" rules, anyways.
    • *Points at Avatar Ramos going full Dr. Arachnid*  *Points to headlines about Ramos being arrested as the head of the Arcanists* It's clearly discrimination against arachnoid automata.
    • *collects all the collectible Arcanist stompybots, sorts...looks puzzled* I thought for sure Hoffman would pick up Ramos’ pets. But it looks like he took all the littluns that weren’t Ramos’. The spider is the new symbol of rebellion?... ... Excuse me. I need to go elsewhere and vent my unhappiness. It will be very loud and very empathic and very educational. *sets the stompybots down tenderly, and leaves*
    • There have been recent allegations that it's Wayland that's doing European Kickstarter shipping. Apparently the Field Intelligence Corps boxes ran short initially, and when the remaining quantities arrived they got shipped directly from Wyrd.  So whatever the holdup with shipping for the main packages isn't slowing those down.  
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