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    • I tend to agree with this. Anna gets so many complaints because she counters some of the most powerful things in the game. She is good against places (the best form of movement), and good against preventing support models from supporting (a huge part of the competitive meta) and is good when people just want to dogpile into a brawl (because she is aura based). But she is remarkably weak to "lol, I'm just going to run around you." That said, she may be  bit overpowered in GG2 because it heavily incentivises just claiming territory, so Anna can happily just camp objectives and get value out of her auras that way.
    • Anna is fine, she's powerful, but she costs 10ss and she's easy to ignore. She has Mv5, if Anna is in the opposing team, just spread and don't try to kill her unless you have to tools to do it. Reducing the range on her auras is not an option, because it would impact a bunch of other models. I mostly agree that models that definitely need buffs are: Philip and the Nanny Mourners Asura Rafkin But there are also quite problematic models from Malifaux Burns: Gwishin: Absolutely bonkers for 6ss. Incorporeal + Take the Hit + 7 Wounds + Vengeance +2 for 6 ss? Can remove Scheme markers and has trigger both to heal itself for 2 (that can be used on friendly models), to heal your master, it hands out adversary and staggered. WTF? Like for real, WTF? Kirai 2: I've played 5 games against her ratio is 10ss/turn in summoned models. She's just stupidly good. McMourning 2: Plastic Surgery shouldn't include masters or even non-Experimental models, it allows stupid combos that break the game and every new Resurrectionists release could be problematic.
    • And the next tri-chi member done. Now only 1 Gamin, 1 Golem and 1 lady with a flamethrower left to complete the keyword.  
    • I put together a video explaining what a starter box is in Malifaux and what you get in one.  
    • Tara is almost always going to be the most mobile crew on the table. My own experience says that your opponent usually only gets to kill the models you're ok letting them kill, and Aionus by no means spends the game in the deployment zone. He'll usually head down one flank when I play, and Tara herself generally takes another. Your opponent may recognise that the best strategy would be to kill one of these 10+ health soulstone users, but whether they are able to do so after running half the table length only to see the target vanish and reappear on the opposite table edge is another.   Seeing as most buried models in Tara unbury base to base with enemy models, I've always considered Tara's summons useless for scoring anyway. Their job for me has been to tie down enemy models and keep them from doing anything more than play whackamole, and maybe even burn out the opponent's hand with a bunch of Glimpse the Void checks if I get lucky on my attack flips.    But it's all sort of immaterial. Tara is the best performing Keyword in Outcasts competitively apparently, so we probably won't be seeing buffs there.
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