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    • I like making my list ahead of time, and try have them start with as many Soul Stones as possible for maximum usage, so you get the feel of different size and effectiveness of crews with different numbers. Nix, Hodgepodge Effigy, Obedient Wrech, and 6 Malifaux Rats will have a completly different play style and feel than Popcorn Turner, Lucky Effigy, Whiskey Golem, and 1 Whiskey Gamin.  Some people like horde; some people like elite.  I give them a couple options so they can be more comfortable with what they like.
    • Continuing the series, Guild gets Broken Promises: Outtakes. One of those old-fashioned scene boards is held up and clapped in between each take. [*]Perdita storms out of the break room. Offscreen voice: CUT! Sonnia: What do you mean, cameras were rolling?!?! [*]Nellie, flipping through a thin sheaf of notes: Are you sure this is everything? There doesn’t seem to be much plot to this... [*]McCabe finishes scrubbing at the floor, gets back up to one knee, camera keeps panning upward to reveal Lucius had been sitting in the nearby chair all along. [*]Nellie gives the coffee machine a good hard sideways kick, which rocks it backwards...and slowly forwards again until it topples over and pins her to the ground. McCabe laughing onscreen, laughter offscreen. [*]McMourning: ...How are you? Love the hair. Lady Justice leans over and opens the fridge. Inside, Sebastian (or at least his head) pulls a big sloppy smile at her. [*]Hoffman and Perdita eyeball each other, but she cracks up laughing an instant before he does. [*]Coffee machine is still tipped over on the floor, but Sonnia pours herself a cup anyway and leaves again, ignoring Nellie’s protests of ‘is anybody going to get this thing off of me? Help! I’m serious here’ [*]Perdita: (struggling not to laugh) Bitch, please. You thought you had a chance with this? Laughter offscreen. [*]Guild guard: Think fast! She throws the severed head at Lucius, who dribbles it twice off of his knees before kicking it back to her. Cheers, applause from one lawyer. [*]Darkened set. Nellie: This is oppression of the press! Sonnia! Justice! Perdita! ...anyone? You guys haven’t all gone home, have you?...
    • <Modhat> Alright guys, settle down. <Modhat>
    • I think this is the part that broke some peoples brains. Not being able to do anything against it sucks. I would like to see this be cheatable on the flip so my opponent has some say with the stitched being able to grab a card you've taken out of the game now. At least then they aren't sitting there knowing they are going to lose 90% of the time when i have thrown a 12 /13 out of the deck.  
    • Been playing dreamer a lot lately now that interest has been reignited in the local meta. turn 4 and 5 are brutal for my opponent for sure if they let me get the cards out of my deck. However having played against several ranged heavy lists (parker in particular) I rarely have more than 4-5 quick actions (after turn 1 depending on deployment) doing this a turn because the models they are on are super squishy and die in 1 activation from the opponent. Dreamer can summon in 1 model a turn reliably (2 if its day dreams) and they must now spend an action to use their (quick action) as they are stunned.  My opponents agree if you leave dreamer alone and let him get the card mechanic going the last 1-2 turns are hugely in your favor as a dreamer player. That being said Parker was outscoring me left and right with his combo of actions dropping / creating scheme markers and just straight up killing things with + to crap ton of gun shots (which also works in melee because they have gun fighter??). So far dreamer is strong but not crazy unbeatable or even that much of a threat when you start taking out key pieces.  
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