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    • I think he gets way too much value on his card. He never, or rarely ever has to spend any of his own AP on movement. He gets free value on card draw and marker removal without having to spend an action. He gets the ability to just give out his upgrades at vast range and with little to no downside. Hole in the World is a bonkers strong trigger on any model and especially one that can SS for the suit, and or just make sure it's there, and that's before we ever talk about combos the abilities he has with other abilities. I don't dislike any one thing on him, but the combination of abilities COUPLED with the fact that he has arguably one of the strongest keywords means he really does need a whack with the bat in my opinion. Conversely, if he is a reasonable power level, a significant amount of keywords, and masters in the game, need a SERIOUS buff to be relatively close to him in viability.
    • Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo built a model train set from one side of the office to the other. He steamed pretty occupied, but we didn’t want to cross him. Clearly, he had a one track mind and didn’t want to lose his train of thought. Either that or he needed to get his engin-ears cleaned. Upon further inspection, the boxcars all had bite marks in them – they must have been chew chew trains. Realizing that there wasn’t much that we could do, we just kept calm and carriaged on. So, while we try to keep a freight face, let’s take a look at something spooky arriving soon: the Fox Sisters! The vast majority of the Haints in Vagrantsong are inspired by real American ghost stories, stretching from Maco Joe’s lights to the Bookbinder’s graveyard and everything… In Between. When designing the latest Scenario for our spooky boss battler, we decided to look at where gathering ‘round the table to speak to the dead all started: the Fox Sisters. As three of the most popular and influential mediums in America’s history, the Fox Sisters convinced the world that they could communicate with spirits by using “rappings”, a type of clicking with their toes against the floor, amongst other clever techniques. Despite later admitting that their act was a hoax, in Vagrantsong, these three sisters (and their actions) are very real. Players who push themselves to discover what is beyond the unknown might find that their path toward escaping the Silver Ferryman is blocked, and the only way through is by solving the challenging riddle that the Fox Sisters put in front of them. The Fox Sisters Scenario will include new Vagrant Exclusive Skills to obtain, new Rituals to complete, and a devastating tug-of-war for one’s Humanity. While we won’t spoil everything that comes with the Fox Sisters, one new mechanic (and its associated component) will make tracking turns just a little bit easier throughout the campaign: Portrait cards. While these cards will be used for a specific reason during this Scenario (and you’ll just have to play it in order to find out!), in every other Scenario, players will be able to use these to track who has taken their turn by simply flipping over their Portrait card once their turn is over. Problem solved. You’ll be able to get your hands on the Fox Sisters Scenario at Gen Con, during our annual Gen Con online sale, and after the convention on our website (while supplies last) for just $13. And believe it or not, Gen Con’s just a few weeks away, so the wait won’t be long. We know that Vagrantsong has been tough to come by in the last few months, but that problem will be solved in August. Not only will we have copies available during Gen Con, but the third print of our spooky boss battler will cover enough ground to have the Silver Ferryman stop by your local game store shortly thereafter. The Fox Sisters are just the beginning of how we are working on expanding the ghostly world of Vagrantsong. Keep checking back on future Waldo’s Weeklies to hear about the upcoming expansion!  
    • New podcast this one about Ironsides https://www.ivoox.com/temporada-3-episodio-10-antonia-ironsides-punomante-audios-mp3_rf_89170875_1.html Only spanish avaliable. Stay Tunned!  
    • More accurately the question would be: When a model with the ability Animated Remains or The Walking Dead is removed from the table, does RRR trigger? (Bury is a consideration) That answer depends on if the literal removing of the model is enough to count as removal of a marker (I think it does), or if an explicit wording saying “remove” is needed (a little clunky imo).  
    • I think we're going at this the wrong way.  We should instead ask a question about triggering:   When a model with 'Animated Remains/Walking Dead' dies from that ability, does it trigger Insanitary's 'Reduce,Reuse, Recycle'?
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