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    • Hey all,  I played in m2e, dropped the game for various reasons at the end of m2e and sold all my minis (no regrets - I am not a materialist). I am considering dabbling in M3e as a casual shits and giggles game with the occasional tournament if I have time.  So I am once again asking for your help in choosing some masters. This time I want to play 1-2 masters only, that can cover all of the strats and schemes between them. While I would prefer only a single master, I understand that two is probably how it will be if I want to cover all bases. There's no major preference for any faction or aesthetic, however, in M2e I played all of the Ressers, so I am trying to avoid them as I have already painted every m2e resser model and I don't really want to paint the same things again.  cheers
    • That's why I dislike using the Scavenger on Sue to give him fast.  It's exactly the chip damage your opponent is looking for. In truth, there's only so long most crews can avoid engaging with a gunline that includes Leveticus, because no beater is tough enough to avoid melting from him, and no tech works against him.  Barbaros doesn't have a gun, and running him up there is difficulty, because you overrun Leveticus' range.  If people want to play around Doc Mitchell's healing, and play around running in until they do some chip damage, and try to trade damage at range with a crew that has Levi and Mad Dog... sure.  Rather than play Barbaros, I'd just switch back to Levi and run Ashes and Dust if you really want that.  It serves much the same purpose, and is perhaps even harder to kill (and very good at denying public enemies points). 
    • I do have a bit of a request. If you've put together a Malifaux table, what kind of things do you think are important to have scenery-wise to get the aesthetic for a game? I can sit around and make a whole bunch of terrain bits, but I don't actually know where to start. Mostly thinking of small scatter pieces since I don't have much of a workspace right now, but building styles and things would be great, too! Uh... you come here for miniature photos, so here's the thing I painted today. Which is the base for the Mysterious Emissary. Honestly this base is complicated enough to be a mini of its own. I added some gloss ModPodge to the insides of the plant mouths and over the little baby nephilim or whatever they are since they fell out of the plant mouths.
    • That confused me too, but then I assumed he meant obey Nexus' model to attack a friendly model, friendly model relents and takes basically nothing between shielded and WAL.
    • One issue with Hidden Agenda on Cooper is the attack is SO strong, that the opponent knows you're cheating your best card. It's a bit different on say Basse (where you don't want them to know you just cheated a 5 of crows for the trigger, not a 12 for defense), or McCabe (where you could conceivably be saving your high cards for other things, and it combos with his Mirror upgrade).
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