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  1. Surprise new favorite Colette! The dove on the wrist, the grand swooping gesture, the dynamic hat...this one is frozen mid-gesture and it works! ...admit to being worried how the render is going to handle that bustle, it needs more detail on the backside than they can get from the art and I hope the sculptor realizes that.
  2. And here I’d questioned the need for side-eye in the official art... In a keyword blessed with several 10ss options, you would spend three more for your showpiece beater?! (and that isn’t even going into the armor/ping damage/armor piercing ‘oh look, here comes Hoffman, let’s hire a stick to put in his spokes’ argument again)
  3. Alt-movie-musicians Crossroads Seven, to include this and Gluttony as Bluto Blutarski smashing the weenie’s guitar mid-swing...anybody got a spare Mancha Roja?
  4. That’s what he gets for being a miserable turncoat! [/Guild]
  5. Specifically for Hoffman, I think I would give him a guardian in every crew to Toss him forward until one breaks the habit of trying to move him with M2E ‘Magnetic’. He has to use actions to move himself now, and it is disorienting. (The mechanical attendant’s new magnet-pulse is an immense help but it takes practice to line up the shots.) Forgetting that obey was a playstyle is easier—just play Lucius instead. I grasped power tokens instantly, so if there are tricks to learning their use I do not know them. Only tricky things are remembering that Joss cannot usually spend them like the rest, and that only Guild stompybots share tokens when they die.
  6. I am sorry to ask, but having a violent case of ‘can’t read what’s in front of my nose’ today, and searching the M3e core rules for “reduced” hasn’t helped either. Can a model’s stat be reduced to 0? below 0, if I’ve managed to land Staggered on the Ashen Core?
  7. Not really. If I have an itch for hazardous I run Hoffman and haul in Hank. Vent Steam is dirty. (Note to self: still must try tagalong Nellie trying to pry an interview out of Hoffman to feed Hank markers for Trail of Gore to showcase obvious and unending brutality of the Union hey give me back my notepad!) Basse can flip terrain to hazardous but that’s also cramming yet another master into the list.
  8. One note on the night terrors: those were one of the few models my playtest group hired out-of-keyword. The aura of concealment proved to be an effective deterrent against shooty crews and non-damaging ranged attacks like debuffs. Yes, sniper models ignore concealment and often selected the night terror to eliminate first, but it meant the rest of the shooters didn’t snipe the rest of the concealed models or the rest of the debuffers slow/distract/stun the concealed models. Moreover, debuffer models rarely if ever ignored concealment, so they had to scrounge for a positive flip to ever get a chance to effect models in the bubble. And even fewer models have attacks ignoring line of sight, so sticking a large base model in front of the night terror yet within the aura left the big base with concealment and the night terror untargetable.
  9. Sounds like the awkwardest first date ever. My meta is still learning how to counter-punch themes which aren’t stompybots (do not take Augmented against the suspicion of any type of hazardous spam which isn’t Vent Steam) and even then it has been more against Guild than by it. I have run a shockwave list with plenty of No Prisoners and Miss Kore (and the occasional well-timed fast from Hoffman) as a counter. It avoids targeting trouble, but it’s too unreliable at TN Df12, too possible to top-deck succeed avoiding the assault. Even having Miss Kore nudge the TN up by one seems to increase damage output to something like reliable. When it works, it’s fantastic, have made Pandora and Ulix regret life as they hit a streak of weak cards on the resists...but Hoffman should equal reliability, and this tactic isn’t! (Nor is the availability of his free action, and that is driving me absolutely bananas every game.)
  10. Extended Reach is very much a Ten Thunders thing, almost nonexistent elsewhere but the keyword system encourages stacking up several models with it and suddenly it starts to matter a lot. Between that and the darn upgrade which gives Stealth I am considering unorthodox ways to close into melee against any 10T crew, never mind the leader. I don’t think that is Leveticus’ specialty, though I’m not enough of an Outcast yet to say whose it is (*eyes iron skeeters hopefully*). If you want stones mid-game the prospector isn’t a bad idea. I was running one with the Child (now significant and our 3ss extra cheap schemer) to feed it schemes for stones as they snuck up an unused side of the board. Maybe not relevant in Reckoning.
  11. That’s Basse’s henchman Reichart, not re-packed with his own crew.
  12. Soulstone miner is an elegant design. It can do several good things, but only one at a time. Right now, they are my MVPs solely for chasing down some rather slippery tanuki. Their mobility plus power to turn off defense triggers breaks the fuzzy little teapots. I also just managed to drop someone into a pit trap, which was only 1+injured 1 in the end, but it was free damage, so.
  13. Thank you for looking out for us on shipping, but since the prices on USA->international shipping have this year shot up to over $10 on thin flat paper envelopes alone (I have had to mail a sewing pattern and got a shock) I haven’t much hope. Can’t decide which deck to get—maddening!
  14. Re-run of the ‘concealment auras’ Hoffman list, this time into a list specialized to farm focus and spam shots. Bringing Augmented took some of the edge off of that list which has mutilated my models previously, but my opponent sets that down to the armor more than the negation of at least some of his positive attack flips. Miss Kore seems to have inherited Ryle’s ability to find the black joker. However, I cannot complain about taking either the two Trail of Gore models or a soulstone miner (which ignores defensive triggers) against multiple tanuki.
  15. By the end of the beta, we were trying to find masters that had found ‘auto-take’ upgrades and boost their base cards instead so upgrades were not necessary. Definitely a shift in principle from second edition. Also, with the minion bonuses upgrades are given to expensive and durable minions most of the time. Lynch’s keyword minions are on the cheaper end of the scale and his crew is otherwise full of enforcers so there are fewer attractive holders for upgrades. 10T got nice general upgrades though, been seeing a good mix of them in play...just in other keywords mostly.
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