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  1. Gnomezilla

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Boon? Ramos would like to know what sort of a boon that was!?!
  2. It started sometime yesterday, US afternoon time if I had to guess.
  3. Gnomezilla

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    I hope to see the Wyrdscapes boxes previewed before the sale, so I can stop squinting at the pictures from Origins trying to see what’s in what set. Also, what’s ‘Edge of the Quarantine Zone’—it’s not even listed in the tentative sale list? excited excited excited excited so this is what it’s like to anticipate GenCon sale
  4. Gnomezilla

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    In light of the recent “we just realized, we have daughters, what’re we going to give them to get them into our hobby?!” soft-edged direction Malifaux seems to have taken this year, I took some time this week to find other minis games—not board games with minis, straight-up ‘played out of a rulebook’ miniatures gaming, with a player base big enough to maybe find a meta—appealing directly to daughters and not just gender-neutral. I didn’t find a lot. I didn’t find anything, tbh. The closest I found was right back here, with Colette. Wyrd might be on to something, here, with this box. An utterly unanswered demand. Maybe I personally loathe dollies, doilies, and pink because it was and is a safe choice for gifting to a girl, but the need to gift safe things to girls still exists. If the price of opening up the hobby is having to listen to a chattering stream of pony references week upon week, I’ll be OK with that.
  5. Gnomezilla

    Which holes in the Wiki would you like to see filled?

    And now there’s a third new pullmyfinger...*sigh* *flop* Stupid dev secrecy. There’s the Canvas one, the I-don’t-remember one, and the very newest minercreations one (which has the backing of the original pullmyfinger guy but only just unveiled from secrecy).
  6. Gnomezilla

    Gunline suggestions

    I’m with you there on the lack of abomination summoning. It might be an opponent hard-counter problem, though. If I put the upgrade on Rusty Alyce the opposing master places something into her face, stopping her from shooting (the solution to which is hiring Anna Lovelace as a mercenary) and if I put it on Leveticus he ends up dead or engaged on the first activation and isn’t shooting either—and in my meta, if he’s been engaged it’s by a master who can tank his focused melee damage! (Punch Hoffman three times for severe damage, do 2 and 2 and 4 after stone prevention: punch Ironsides for back-to-back flipped red jokers, and yet she carries the upgrade to negate red joker damage...)
  7. Gnomezilla

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    *takes a closer look-see at the renders* Am I deluded or do these stand a chance of not being nightmare level assembly difficulty?
  8. Gnomezilla

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    ...again, well-punned. Nightmares. Augh. I foresee some rabbit-ear headband conversions already. Hopefully far, far away from me. I hate ponies and dollies and doilies and pink! [insert rant in the style of Anna Lovelace]
  9. Gnomezilla

    My Jade

    She hadn’t brought any weapon. The moment the door rattled aside, Alyce flung an abomination off of her shoulder and darted in immediately after, shouting. Leveticus caught the squirming thing in midair: a metallic worm of vertebrae and springs pinned beneath the skull of a Malifaux child, a girl. Marlena recognized the Guild child, and screamed. Alyce glanced down, saw Marlena sprawled on the floor with her arms still shielding her head against the anticipated gunfire, and broke off into a scream of her own. The abomination was flung down as Marlena was dragged to her feet. Alyce let go of Marlena’s dress, flexed her metal fingers—and clawed the girl hard enough to knock her into the wall. Alyce pivoted, her second strike erred high and barely cleared the falling abomination. Leveticus shrank before it, no, he was leading her to overextend, grasping her bloody wrist and pulling Alyce into a clinch, tiny teddy leapt and clawed at the abomination, and over it all Alyce kept on screaming, curses distorted by rage— Marlena scrambled for the door on all fours, dripping blood from the reopened bullet wound, with tiny teddy half a step behind. She didn’t even get to the shop door before the pain of breathing got to be too much to bear. When Marlena sank to the floor gasping, tiny teddy burrowed itself under her arms until she recovered enough to secure a grip upon it. Now it had carried her some streets away, halfway up rude stairs cut into the side of a brick and natural stone embankment, where it was quiet and she could stop and think. Tiny teddy scraped like a cat at a wooden frame affixed to the brick, shredding layers of advertising posters thick as book’s pages. The inquisitive child dangled her legs over the side of the stairs and watched the breeze catch the ragged ribbons of print and whirl them down onto the roofs of the lower streets. To go back was absolutely unthinkable, it was obvious as the wall behind her, a dead-end. But to go on...She reached up, grabbed hold of the fat iron tubing which shored up rotten brick, and leaned forward to inspect the city. From horizon to hilled horizon she could see nothing but Malifaux city, the flat smudges of the river and the occasional air-car line cutting the skyline, but no sign of a single train track. Where were the stations? Where were the boarding-houses with tidy old landladies, like they had stayed at on the way to Malifaux? Where did mercenaries go, when they did not have a kitchen, and coffee for talking business? “...They’re mercenaries, aren’t they?” she asked tiny teddy, which stopped tearing at the posters to listen. “Howard and that other guy.” They had come to Leveticus’ shop, and talked business. She couldn’t see more than a fraction of one of the scrap heaps (cracked pipes of many gauges on top, underneath and never referred to by name some ‘necrotic’ pumps both functional and broken, plus jars of fluids to fill them), but she knew that was one place in the city where Mister and Missus Webster might someday visit. Marlena twisted away from the cityscape, hid her face in tiny teddy’s fur, and wept silently for awhile.
  10. Gnomezilla

    July 2018 Errata

    GG18 open beta—just the open part, not whatever polishing it got before it came back to us, and with dozens of us working on it—took something like three months for eighteen items, so maybe twice a year is the absolute maximum frequency for new stuff as it is. 😕 @KingCrow for awhile there was a trickle of bimonthly FAQs, but that has slowed down.
  11. Gnomezilla

    July 2018 Errata

    That’s not how that w— *visual: setting up game table for Malifaux, husband leaves the hobby room citing need to paint models, no time to play* ...that’s totally how that works. 😕
  12. Gnomezilla

    My Jade

    “I am not pleased with you. I gave you a gift, and you squandered it.” Nobody was pleased with anyone else, just then. For Marlena’s part, she would have been happier if Alyce had been the one singled out for a lecture. She didn’t want to be here. “For all your fear of the Guild,” he went on, “you gave one of their number a handhold upon your spirit.” But did she want Alyce to not be here also? Treasure had dug another bullet out of the fresh wound—the emissary’s, this time—ripped it out with her real hand, because her clockwork arm was still broken. And while she had been rummaging around in the wound, when Teacher ordered her to leave so the lesson could be private, she spat in his face. “Your creature cannot protect you, Marlena, if you are going to give your thread to the first person who asks—to the first of your enemies who asks!—” And Leveticus had tussled with Alyce, thrust her out of the surgery room as they argued, both of them tugging on the recessed door until he won, slid it shut, and locked Alyce out despite her shaking the door almost off of its track. “How am I to protect you if you’re unwilling to protect yourself, Marlena?” Marlena stared at Treasure’s half-a-handprint on the door jamb. That was her blood. It didn’t seem real. Not the blood, not Leveticus’s metal fingers splayed out atop tiny teddy’s head, not his other fingers and their grip under her jawbone forcing her to look up at him. She could not turn away, only look over his shoulder. But once she realized that, Teacher knelt and cut off her view. She leaned backwards from her toes; he drummed his fingers briefly on tiny teddy’s head before his metal arm slipped behind her. Marlena tried to slip sideways then, but he released her chin and grasped a few strands of hair on that side of her head. When he spoke, then, there was no rebuke in it. “Your hair’s starting to curl.” “Stupid girly hair!” she protested, with a surge of shame, “it’s not curly when it’s short.” Marlena hated it, as much as she hated her half-blushing. She felt it start to burn in three spots, cheek and nose and cheek again. Leveticus twined hair around his finger and let it go. She glared sideways at the new curl. “Marlena,” he murmured, “who are the Guild looking for?” “They’re looking for me.” “No,” he hushed her. “They are looking for a girl who was photographed getting onto the train, you remember…” She grasped the lock of hair and tugged the twist out of it. “...A girl in boy’s clothes, with short straight hair. Does that describe you now?” His metal hand grasped the back cross-piece of her dress and held her out at arm’s length. The girl who was once the inquisitive child looked down at pink frills and lace, with curls falling down on either side of her glasses. “...I don’t look like me.” “You don’t look how you looked before arriving in Malifaux, no. None of us do.” He smiled oddly, at that. “It’s one of the ways I keep you safe. Let your hair grow long, let it curl.” She turned her face away as far as she could. “Keep looking out sideways from underneath the curls, like that.” She twisted around again to face him. “Change your demeanor. Be coquettish.” “What’s that?” Marlena frowned. “Nothing—“ Marlena jumped as the door began to rattle in its track again: she hadn’t noticed it stopping. Leveticus sighed. “Better lay down on the floor, Marlena, while I open the door. I don’t believe she has the gun out and hasn’t used it, but we both know Alyce…”
  13. Gnomezilla

    July 2018 Errata

    *Marlena-like sulking noticeable from all the way over in the Outcasts forum, complete with side-eye to be sure you noticed* *see above*
  14. We'll let it slide if you share some barbecue!
  15. Gnomezilla

    McCabe or Nellie??

    Beginner play. Nellie always has several options to consider and that makes her not a learning master. The point about her entire box being valuable is sound, but the new player will still have a VERY LONG game counting Nellie powering up with evidence and deciding every activation about something else.