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  1. Briefly messed around with henchman hardcore M3e and tried the rule ‘henchman leader may hire Effigy at no cost, but Effigy then counts against the model limit’. At the time we just plonked the models on the table with no cache, and the henchman with free Effigy and 20ss invested into two other models didn’t get to test whether the ‘extra’ 4ss was worth the less useful actions on the table. Want to try it again later, though. With solkan’s suggestion for cache.
  2. Gnomezilla


    Every battle report with this crew, it seems, I see someone using an ability in-crew (channel) or a trigger (necrotic decay) or an action (essence transfer) to kill (and benefit from demise of) a friendly model. Is this ever legal? Resolving Actions, p.26, Pay Any Costs, forbids a Necrotic Decay trigger model killing itself, and might also prohibit Channel from becoming a suicide, unclear whether it remains purely an ability or becomes a cost of the action. There is now a subheading under “This or That”, p.36, which explicitly forbids Channel from becoming a suicide. But all of these restrictions lie upon the acting model, so is it legal to use essence transfer to kill another friendly model? I hope so.
  3. But I don’t actually own meat peacekeepers. My Sonnia list is strictly shooty.
  4. I second the nomination for bone piles—can see a use for gravediggers as soulstone-miner-esque stone generation, but have no role for bone piles.
  5. Ohhhh. Stealth. That’s different. Stealth can go suck on Big Rock Candy Mountain [/Sonnia] [/and everyone else who used to use blasting off of friendly models to hit stealthy ones]
  6. Gnomezilla


    That’s more a problem with Leveticus (and co., to a lesser extent) having to pay costs to ‘power’ everything they do, that other models just do. So he burns wounds for a positive attack flip? There are baseline 6-positive shooting attacks to be had. (I don’t care about positive damage flips for a damage track that increases by 1 each step.) If Pride’s card stripping attack is annoying people, and it looks like it is, cut his attack stat to 5. His aura was valuable enough to me that I was just stacking focus for defense...which is no longer legal starting this week, interesting.
  7. Remind your opponents that if it weren’t an upgrade, it might not be limited to Rare 2. Butterfly Jump is a pain in the patoot but a deserved one. No no no. Please do NOT invite “after damaging” timing back into our lives. I am begging you. The balance point it provided was not worth the FAQ/RAW/RAI headaches. If something always-on must be powered down, then suggest it becomes a trigger requiring a suit... and I don’t think butterfly jump needs that.
  8. Gnomezilla


    Not worrisome in itself, it has the same counterplay as Colette’s defenses, but good catch in noticing the aura is another, better worded form of Pandora’s primary schtick. Huh. To think we collectively spent all that time screaming about the pair of them and the answers already existed...*shrug*
  9. Shenlong doesn’t have a resist for his conditions swapping either—but I hate that and have often wished that would go away. Still, if you didn’t want to precede the entire power transfer with italicized ‘friendly only’ (which should cover the whole text block) there is at least data on what happens when low river monks bop one of their own upside the head before Shen drops the entire stack on someone else. Efficient...but oh man, lacking in reliability and I never specified reliability! I am a terrible engineer— (*waits for the mental shockwave of ‘no shit, Sherlock’ to pass*) —I was hoping to reliably move two at least, but that power loop is so tempting...
  10. You’re being too logical here. Ikiryo changed range because Leveticus recently changed because he was too easily locked down when engaged. I don’t mind Ikiryo changing either. The lucky knife is probably 1” because it shares its theme of Elite with several 0” garottes and it wanted at least one decent 1” in-theme (Lucius and his cane are not in consideration here). The wanyudo, I don’t know.
  11. While I’m also against the kabuki warriors having that negative flip aura, it’s only because of their durability. The aura could go to a slightly more killable spammable Qi and Gong and be fine (not bunraku as they are summonable and summoning debuff models is equally not allowable, but about that strength of model is fine).
  12. Redchapel ‘Scarlet Temptation’ is not currently limited to friendly Redchapel, but instead affects all friendly models. What can Nicodem hire to further make this a headache with summoning? Summoning models with an aura of negative flips we know is a no-go, as these interactions were weeded out of closed beta, but as a Redchapel exclusive bonus it is constrained enough to be usable and I don’t want it to go away just because Nicodem still (somehow, despite Justice and Guild authority) exists.
  13. Gnomezilla


    Hans has always put in work with us...against me, to be more precise except for one game in wedge deployment because he still melts when pressured. Yes he costs a tad more, but the kit he brings is worth punching through the various detriments and defenses to shooting. I was dubious when he was given the Student of Conflict as a rather expensive spotter, but she moved him in range of fresh targets as the previous targets were deleted. Would need more testing but worked well when I saw it.
  14. Gnomezilla


    I played him with Zipp*. I think his back of card could have been blank except for the aura and I still would have taken him there. The other Crossroads auras can be imba in specific situations or useless if the situation doesn’t present itself. Pride’s aura is always effective. There are always opposed duels. The only circumstances which held it remotely in check was one turn with a godawful starting hand on Pride’s side which had nothing worth cheating. *a lot of models changed for the better after that batrep, but Pride didn’t
  15. First one overlaps Inhuman Reflexes which is itself currently balanced, so no. Have to think on the second.
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