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  1. quietly underlines the 'orders CANNOT be changed once submitted' line That's new for this time and you're usually too good about letting people change their minds. If a box pops up containing the Lone Swordsman, tag me please. Been trying to find that for him for a very long time now.
  2. Marlena went from Ht1 (M2e, a child alone) to Sz3 (M3e with tiny teddy!). Now that she’s broadcasting an aura to multiple models instead of being leashed to a master, that’s useful. It’s not the watcher’s fault it had such a three-dimensional illustration. Still can’t wait for the M3e slender versions though, bet they will turn out great!
  3. @MisterWerks you live with a stitcher, don’t you 😂
  4. Deck manipulation has increased since I last looked at Vassal in M2e. For now I am dragging manipulated cards into my ‘hand’ area so they remain unknown to my opponent, then manually cheating them in when they would have been flipped (which, in practice, has actually involved flipping from the deck, then immediately saying ‘oops’ while my opponent hits the Undo button very quickly, then ‘cheating’ from the mini-top-of-the-deck in the hand area). Is there an easier way to do this, in general?
  5. The scheme markers are decorated with Swiss, or some other kind of cheese with holes. Makes me keep thinking of playing Mouse Trap, and that haphazard approach is not the best approach to Malifaux except maybe for select Bayou Two-Card crews.
  6. I finally got the module running last night and the game is...different with long range visible auras, certainly. I’m broadcasting like heck what I am thinking when I check ranges of this and that, but that is probably nothing new. For now I think I may leave all the threat range auras up all the time. Why are scheme markers cheese?
  7. *makes a disgusted face like a tiny teddy about to make a hairball on the carpet* Then I hope Harness the Leyline and Power Ritual aren’t there any more!
  8. Three tournaments in less than a month?! February 29: Game Kastle Austin March 7: Dragon’s Lair Houston March 21: Dragon’s Lair Austin If you’re in central Texas, we have a Saturday noon event ready for you! Contact @Guslado (Houston) or @redbeardos (Austin) for details, proxy approvals, etc.
  9. “Vegas” ”consequences” What exactly did I miss when most of my conference traveled to LVO? Come Saturday’s tournaments (Austin on the 29th, Houston on the 7th) I’m going to be asking questions and unlike Nellie I expect answers!!!
  10. Basse himself has one weird spot in his approach to the game: that attack which moves people around in terrain while making it hazardous. It is very powerful if it uses the terrain already on the table, not just the dust cloud markers he is making. You have to pay attention to the table layout as though it is part of your crew, because for him it is one of his damage dealers. Does the table have flat pieces of terrain you can walk through, like a wild forest theme? Basse is happy. Is it all buildings and barrels which cannot be walked through, like a western town theme? Basse is not happy. I would move Perdita down in the suggestion list and Hoffman up. Perdita’s crew ability push is only in one direction and Hoffman’s pushes in any direction. It’s easier to use Hoffman’s ability to get out of trouble.
  11. Most of my overwhelmed feeling, early on, came from my opponent. I had enough to think about just learning my own crew and then these mystery beings would show up! The Malifaux M3e Crew Builder didn’t exist then, so I didn’t have their stats on hand either. These days, when I hear what my opponent has brought, I can look it up quickly mid-game in the app. Also I sometimes still ask ‘so what’s your crew generally going to do’ which is easier to answer for some crews that others, and when facing a newer player try to play the same crew I played in our previous games.
  12. He’s the tournament organizer. Unfortunately for Arcanists, and fortunately for everyone who’s still sick of Sandeep M2e.
  13. I broke it! Can get the Malifaux scheme rules from saving the picture instead, but I think the TtB people will want their link fixed in order to get their details.
  14. As far as I remember there is no anti-forced-movement tech in Arcanist constructs that is as useful as Laugh Off from Lead-Lined Coat. The traditional bane of a Hoffball was getting it dispersed by forced move effects. That hasn’t been the case as much this edition in my meta (except for telling a Shove Aside trigger to shove it) but it’s still nice to have...just really expensive. Phiona is special because her strengths run counter to stompybot weaknesses: good raw defensive stats and high wound count. Agent 46 is special because mimic is flexible.
  15. Broadly, I say yes that’s fine to have summon fodder, if not too much of it—but rarely are they as costly as 5ss, which might be the sticking point. Witch hunters/witchlings have one of the few valuable 4ss hires though, so it’s not as much of a loss as it might otherwise be. Go ask Ressers about their experiences with summon fodder, I suppose.
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