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  1. Gnomezilla

    How do Alley Cats work?

    Either you glue a piece of weak sheet magnet on whatever bit of base you glued under each cat, or you somehow drill a tiny hole into each tiny cat and stick a teeny-tiny rare earth magnet into that (I don’t know the details—asked my husband to do the magnetizing as he knows where the magnets are kept). If I had to do it again I think I would magnetize what the tiny model was standing on. My arachnids have magnets on their tummies, but that isn’t flush with their toes so the metal on their bases had to stick up in order to make contact. Flat magnet to flat washer would have been easier. Someone already made a cat condo. The crazy cat lady theme was expanded into Leveticus, so Ashes and Dust became Catlitter and Poo, and the Ashen Core part of the mini became a cat tower. Which reminds me that I should probably arrange to buy a sprue of just alley cats.
  2. Gnomezilla

    How do Alley Cats work?

    Why not borrow solutions from the Ramos players and their arachnids? Mount each cat to a bit of base decoration, magnetize the decoration, place washers on 30mm bases (rats) and 40mm (extra kings, should you run short of princesses). There are even handy-dandy inserts from custommeeple which fit together for you, no magnets required. My local Catelin keeps threatening to make a cat king out of several cats and a wand-like cat toy dangling above a 40mm base. It sounds cute.
  3. Gnomezilla


    ...You are using words I simply cannot understand. I have every intention to run TtB as a less-than-serious Paranoia mash-up (The Guild wants you to be happy. Any other factions are beyond your security clearance.) and will probably borrow its scenarios whole-cloth.
  4. Gnomezilla

    Waldo's Weekly - A New Study Buddy

    I still want to know whether those circular projections are dissection pins size XXXXL, or ring terminals which fit the common size of mad scientist lab electrodes. Now I know how I want to convert mine. One needs an autoclave tray, too.
  5. Gnomezilla

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    Surfing down from the sky, end-of-Dr.-Strangelove style, on piano-back!— *at this point Gnomezilla’s meta intervenes again with the duct tape*
  6. Gnomezilla

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    *positively quivers in place trying to hold back the most obvious as well as bestest suggestion of keywords crossing factions even if they didn’t before but they totally did c’mon but it’s obvious what they are and therefore the worst idea for a suggestion* Ok let’s go with that instead. Puppets are a kind of stompybot. What happens to a wicked doll? Who gets them in theme? Just Collodi? Where does Vasalisa go?
  7. Gnomezilla

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Since I saw Australian recipients before any other international shipments, I figured your region had been lumped in with those and yours would have them enroute already. 😕
  8. Gnomezilla

    Master list of base sizes?

    Check ‘A Wyrd Place’ on Facebook, think someone uploaded base size lists there.
  9. Gnomezilla

    Black Friday 2018

    LOVE the threshold/individual dual pricing (and dang that is a pretty alt-sculpt)! That’s a rider model rearing up but possibly with extra attachment points to its base. Is that allowed?
  10. Gnomezilla

    Waldo's Weekly - Carrion My Wayward Son

    I take full credit for the peacekeeper and/or soulstone miner slap upside the head you are about to receive.
  11. Gnomezilla

    TOS - airbrush tabletop work

    I have seen reports of boxes arriving in Australia so they have crossed one ocean...not the right one yet, but they have cleared the US border at least.
  12. Gnomezilla

    Mike Asks Questions

  13. Gnomezilla

    Waldo's Weekly - Carrion My Wayward Son

    Trying to figure out which Outcast master is going to pair with most of the M2E popular mercenaries is not easy. (Really, who gets the loyalty of Johan? Disloyalty is kind of his entire story.) They seem like a good place to start with versatile tagged models.
  14. Gnomezilla

    Waldo's Weekly - Carrion My Wayward Son

    And here I think, I love my effigy enough to hire it (Brutal forever, and Hodgepodge sometimes), I want it to hang around for as many turns as it can. The one good thing is, I hire effigies for their auras*, and at least this emissary also has the same aura on tap. I won’t have to lose the aura for which I hired it, and get a slightly higher hitpoint package to carry it. It is my headcanon that the emissary sculpt is what most people see, but that people close to the master leading the crew instead see it as the avatar sculpt (Rusty Alyce hasn’t ‘seen’ the Hodgepodge Emissary properly since the night it was born; Abuela Ortega perceives the authority of the Brutal Emissary as her granddaughter riding as a royal over her domain). *I have lost so many VP to the shadow effigy action, it’s absurd (surprise scheme marker right where it’s needed!), but that is the only time I have seen a non-aura aspect of an effigy be its reason for hiring.
  15. Gnomezilla

    Which Box is best for starting

    At this point I’m really surprised the Guild will let him decommission one of their better assets....