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  1. Nikodemus

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    You could always paint them differently. Different skintone on the riders, different patterns and pigmentation on the pigs.
  2. Nikodemus

    Alt models : Ototo / Tannen & Graves

    Neither can Ototo. Still, Serpent does make it into more of my crews than Ototo does.
  3. Nikodemus

    Our worst models

    Her 50mm base is just short of 2". So from end to end that diameter is 2x4" + 50mm. "Almost 10'' diameter" as was said. In my experience most of the board doesn't matter. Generally speaking, a 10" bubble in the correct area is quite significant. Not that I've gotten use out of Ama No Zako's hazard aura specifically. I mainly play her for looks myself, I don't have Parker's soulstones and Emissary's trinkets to buff her.
  4. Nikodemus

    Gunline suggestions

    I can't speak for Outcasts, but I own about 25-33% of TT models (I think it was 33% before last one or two waves). I don't need more. Looking at doing well competitively I could actually get rid of some rubbish models I got mainly for style points. If you're buying just to do better competitively, get the great models, OP models, those that do what others in their price range do but better. You can easily leave all those "bad" and "good enough" models on the shelf if you're worried about having to buy everything. I look at all the models I still don't own from factions I play and just go "I don't need that, not that, not that, hey that might be fun to paint, not that, not that".
  5. Nikodemus

    Scoring schemes and strats on a phone/app

    I don't think it would be, but you probably want to have pen & paper ready. In case you care about the Gaining Grounds document, it says: "When a player selects their Schemes, they must document them in a manner chosen by the TO. The selections must be clear, using the full name of the Scheme and all variables (such as chosen models for certain Schemes)."
  6. Nikodemus

    Alt models : Ototo / Tannen & Graves

    If I had another 100€ in the hobby budget, yeah Graves & Tannen could very likely be bought for painting purposes, and I'm quite 50/50 about whether I'd hire human Graves or Nephilim Graves as TT. Original Tannen though, that model is amazing. That grinning hunchback hits the devious look his game mechanics evoke so perfectly. Not that I mind the alt look, but dang og Tannen is one of my favourite M2E sculpts when considering mechanics that go along with it. I have some serious issues with current Ototo sculpt so he'll be a must buy, even if I rarely try to hire him. Got any nuggets of wisdom to share?
  7. Nikodemus

    Competitive McCabe

    Outactivation = you activate last in a round. Win initiative, activate a model, companion a hound. Boom you got three (or more) activations in a row.
  8. Is there a time limit? How comfortable are you with all those masters and models? If you're just starting out with timed events it's often better to use models you know well so you'll actually finish your games in the allotted time.
  9. Nikodemus

    Schemes & Stones July 2018 Errata Episode

    I've done that mistake a few times as well, hah. "...whenever a non-Peon model kills or sacrifices a non-Peon model..."
  10. Nikodemus

    Schemes & Stones July 2018 Errata Episode

    Huh? Public Executions doesn't score off of peons.
  11. Nikodemus

    Comments on my first game

    If it was printed/packed after the errata, sure. Yasunori seems to be a fairly popular kit so I guess it's possible. Keep in mind when starting out with 50ss two player games, that you can use strategies and schemes from the core rulebook, or from various tournament packs "Gaining Grounds 20XX". GG 2018, or gg18 for short, is the current one and as such probably a good place to start. GG18 pdf can be found at Organised Play Formats at Wyrd site: https://www.wyrd-games.net/resources/ You can also view schemes in the official app Bad Things Happen and unofficial Crewfaux. From what I've heard Crewfaux works a lot smoother, but it doesn't have model stat cards in it. Most local players here use official app for stat checking and Crewfaux for crew and encounter generation (which can be from core rulebook or various gg's, so very handy).
  12. Nikodemus

    Comments on my first game

    If you enjoy competitive play I strongly urge you to get some 2-player 50ss games. That's where this game shines. That's what most people play so you're also going to get more and better advice. You misplayed Shenlong. His (0) Monk of Many Styles Styles says: "...This model may discard a Limited Upgrade it has attached to attach the chosen Upgrade". ie. You need to start the game with one of his 2ss Style upgrades in order to swap them around. No upgrade means you've got nothing to discard means you're not allowed to attach a new one. You can cheat horror duels, unless you're on negative willpower flips (certainly a possibility with Yin's 0 action). Just in case you played horror rules wrong: bear in mind that once you pass a horror duel you're immune to horror duels from that particular source (=Yin) for rest of the turn. You also only take horror duels if you target the Terrifying model or end a Walk action in their engagement range. Also if you're all new I suggest you take a look at Errata'd cards for your factions: https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata At least Yasunori and pretty much all of Tara's crewbox have had errata.
  13. Nikodemus

    Yamaziko's Master Tactician with Brewmaster?

    Haven't tried it. Yamaziko is a reasonable choice in most any crew so why not I guess. I wouldn't mind charging her into a swilled model, especially if they've got a friend or two within blast range.
  14. Nikodemus

    Accidental Von Schill

    Yep. Great for all those "ignore everything except LoS" chargers.
  15. Nikodemus

    Does charge count as a walk action?

    No. Once a model passes a horror duel, it's immune to horror duels from that model for rest of the turn. Check the rulebook for "Horror Duel".