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  1. You can get smaller magnets. You can get roomier bases. You can say to hell with it and have the bases hover a few mm I prefer buying generic 30mm lipped bases off of ebay etc.. About as much room as old style Wyrd bases. Took a rough comparison shot of old vs new vs off-brand style differences in another thread a while back:
  2. Yup. But I'm guessing @Cursed25 referred to stoning for more cards pre-initiative, rather than stoning for the suit with Chiaki. That's what I do, always allocate 1ss for stoning cards t1 if I don't get the right mask.
  3. I'm sure there's more serious examples to be found in history, but consider Monty Python's "struggling together" sketch for some inspiration on same-faction matches.
  4. I may have read too much into it, but way LeperColony worded it, it made it sound like Reichart could be hired into any Explorers crew. Which isn't the case.
  5. Short answer, yes. See the wording on Obey: And Adaptive Evolution: And finally rules pdf page 26 under "Friendly, Enemy & Control": What happens is model A (=Zoraida for ex.) obeys model B (=Cerberus for ex.). Because of the wordings involved, normally Cerberus gets to choose whether or not to use Adaptive Evolution, but since it's being controlled by Zoraida, it's actually Zoraida's player who makes the decision.
  6. I play him on the Arc side but a standard opening for me turn 1 is 2ap on Chimeramancy with the mask trigger both times. I will stone for the mask if I need to. It's that important for my gameplan. I usually do it once (with trigger) on turn 2, but rarely any more than that. Occasionally if I have the time, but I find 6 upgrades out tends to do enough for my purposes. Granted that also depends on whether or not you go full chimera/beast or not. I try to bring a few good Arc models out of keyword so I have a few models that can't take Mutations.
  7. Haven't decided yet, but I might do something for the Rotten Harvest competition, in which case I can't post any of it here until that's concluded. I'll let you know once I know. Link for convenience: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/126-rotten-harvest-2019/
  8. @Caedrus 5+5=10ss done. That pair of saboteurs I've had sitting half finished for a while now, I did them real quick last week. Only now taking some photos: Very definition of "phoning it it" for meJust wasn't feeling it this month. Kept the colour scheme extremely simple for expediency's sake.
  9. That's going to happen. Period. There's enough things you don't understand the power of yet, and enough corner-case stuff that when that corner pops up you will be "oh right I can do this other thing too". It just happens., no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Do try to avoid gotchas and the like, but understand you're not gonna be 100% successful. I try to go over relevant scheme stuff at the start of the game. "Can you do things to my scheme markers?", "can you move my models?", "these are legal prisoner targets", going over model costs with Vendetta etc., stuff like that. If you don't people are going to try to imprison your henchman or vendetta your leader and that's always a letdown, even if it technically is their fault and you win almost by default due to a null scheme. During game I try to ask questions as appropriate. Very specific questions. "Can you move [activated model] in any way this turn?". "Can you damage [model X] this turn?". "Can you do anything to this scheme marker here this turn?". I personally like reminding my opponent of my little rules when I think appropriate, stuff like charge or shooting immunities. I've told people Misaki has a 2" no-charge aura, five or so times in the game, and they've still tried charging her on turn 3 or 4. So I remind people about those little things, possibly every round, few times a round. And I guess a general high level "what does your crew do?" at the start of the game is nice. "I move quickly and punch you". If you've got a big gimmick (Misaki teleports around the table) go over that. Main thing you need to understand is that you're on the clock. You don't have time to go over the crew in detail. You will therefore leave out some details. You try not to leave any really important details out, but you & your opponent might not agree on what's an important detail. That's fine. Hopefully you both understand that going into a game.
  10. Upgrades are, by default, unique. Unless an Upgrade has the “Plentiful” Limitation, a Crew can only possess a single copy of that Upgrade. ^Direct quote from rules pdf page 6. Reliquaries aren't Plentiful.
  11. Nikodemus


    I use my High River Monks. They look pretty similar to spoiled Gokudo art anyway. Shenlong is on the bench for the moment so not like they'd see table otherwise (and they sure didn't back in 2e).
  12. Local scene here did that some years ago in 2e. I can't remember exact limits, I think a few varieties were tried. In my experience it didn't really "help" (I don't really see a problem here to start with). People who were playing with 2 crew boxes had ~12 models to play with or whatever, but profile variety wasn't there. People who had big collections might also play the tournament with just 12 figures total, but they didn't have to take any duplicates, effectively allowing them to make much more optimised lists. I'm not opposed to the idea, but I don't think it benefits much, or even at all. It can easily make more niche models less likely to appear since space is an issue. edit: I guess you could limit actual physical release boxes. eg. "Crew box + any 1 keyword expansion box" or some such. Even so you're comparing new people who have possibly quite randomly chosen master vs. a 1e vet with 8 masters worth of keywords to pick from for the tournament. I'm not convinced you can truly equalise the field as such. But I don't think it's particularly necessary either. For reference I'm someone who mained 1-2 masters per faction for all of 2e and for the first fifty odd games of 3e, in a meta filled with more than a few players who have case of "gotta gatch them all" with their respective factions.
  13. It's not up to A&B's player, it's up to the models. When model decides, the player in control of the action decides (rules pdf page 26). In your example it would be the obeying player, because they're in control, to decide whether they ignore the concealing terrain they're standing in or not. Somewhat of a nitpick in this specific case since as Adran pointed out, neither model can ignore the concealing terrain they aren't standing in.
  14. Only in Guild though. Johnny R isn't dual faction, sadly.
  15. Rules pdf page 23 deals with action resolution. and: Once you start step 1 you're resolving the action. Once you stop, no matter what reason or which step, you've resolved the action and any "after resolving" stuff, like Flurry, happen.
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