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  1. @Franchute smoooth! This thread is a joy to watch every month. Good progress for everyone (some more than others). I could theoretically finish a Wyrd mini this month still. Here's hoping.
  2. There's also Samurai, Fuhatsu, Sidir and maybe a few others with +12" range attacks. I haven't figured out a clear favourite re: sniper vs archer. Both have their uses. However, out of keyword I'd much rather pay 9ss for a Samurai than 7+1ss for either of the two.
  3. True it could go either way. There's a few bits of muddy wording in the game. Stealth is another fun one. I'm also biased as a Marcus player. I don't want to be the jerk who lawyers in favour of himself when convenient
  4. Charge is a push and an optional punch. "Charge Once per Activation. Cannot be declared while engaged. Push this model up to its Mv in inches. It may then take a Action that does not count against its Action limit." Page 22 of the beta rulebook.
  5. "Actions generated by Triggers cannot declare Triggers, and like all other generated Actions, they do not count against a model’s Action limit." -page 12 of the beta rulebook. "Call of the Wild 6" 6 - 12 Friendly Beast only. Target may move a number of inches up to its Mv. Hunter's Call: When resolving, instead of moving, the target may take the Charge Action" -Marcus' card Seems quite clear to me that Call of the Wild charge is generated by a trigger. Therefore the charge cannot declare any triggers of its own, as per trigger rules.
  6. Faction restriction only applies when hiring (beta rulebook page 6).
  7. "Trained Raptors". Guild Models. Frontier keyword. Raptors are among those models that switched factions.
  8. https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases If you click on the faction pack icons, you get a list of all cards included. Packs only contain models with their particular faction (dual faction models show up in multiple packs). eg. if I was going to buy these packs for my TT, I'd have to buy TT, Resurrectionist and Outcast just to have all keyword models for my Last Blossoms and Retainers. Thankfully Wyrd will be offering all cards for free online. As a cheapskate I'll be going for that option
  9. 1. "Crew" consists of models and upgrades (see beta rulebook page 42). 2. Nowhere in the rulebook does it tell you to add the Cost of a model and its attached upgrade together to make a new model Cost. Models have a Cost and upgrades have a Cost, which are independent of each other. Vendetta text specifically concerns itself with model Cost. (in case you're wondering, +1 out of keyword tax only applies during hiring, for scheming purposes you only look at the Cost that's on a model's card, also explained on page 42)
  10. I don't play Mei, but I've liked Dawn Serpent. Mainly for Plant Explosives. Quite reliable there. Usually keyword synergies mean I hire something else if I just want an expensive min3 model.
  11. Remember when I said I'd do all those high cost TT models this month? Here's another Latigo Pistolero: Didn't paint for a week and that tends to get me a bit down. To fix that I usually toss some paint on a model slapdash and call it done. Tends to get the spirits up instill some routine back
  12. You seem to be getting good advice to get started. I'll just add that nothing really beats actual play experience. Get a few games in, don't stress too much about optimising every last bit of your list. Once you've got some games in, in general and with specific models, you'll have a better grasp at theorycrafting some lists up to fit an individual match. Other faction entirely, but I played over ten games with Misaki in a row. She's ostensibly a straightforward beater master. Almost every game, up to game #13 taught me more things about how to play and build her crew.
  13. Faction books have lore and model stats. Rulebook has rules (and lore). Stat cards and rules will be free to download on release. So buy the books if you like. They're far from mandatory though. If you hire entirety of Mei box, Gamins and Golem, you'll be at 49ss. Game size is 50ss and you probably want a few upgrades and leave some ss for your cache. So yea, a full crew in that sense. You may want a few extra models to handle some schemes and strategies better though. I don't play Mei so I wouldn't know what those are.
  14. Demise and Replace stuff in the crew tends to require LoS to other models. If enemy can bury me and attack buried models, they can bypass it to some extent. Had a challenging game against Tara the other night. Not sure if Lady J would pose similar issues. Can't really comment on Yan Lo's relative power level yet. I've won against weaker players and lost against stronger players. Hoping to get more games with him in the build up to release. On paper he does seem rather (too?) sturdy I'll grant that.
  15. It is a fifty usd box. Crew boxes are fifty usd and those come with master and a henchman. Doesn't seem at all much to me. Sure it could be any mix of models. But at a crewbox price I expect a crewbox-like content.
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