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  1. Now they're showing up. Looking good! Seems you put a bit more effort into Schtook.
  2. Lovely work on the acolyte. It's a fun core box to paint. Gotten anything more done on the painting front after march?
  3. I occasionally did 3ss hound spam with Marcus. I can't say if it was international top table competitive, but it did well enough locally.
  4. Ooooh, nice blacks 'n whites. Best of luck with the keyword.
  5. I painted six of the basic Tzaangor last year. Pretty minis. Awful to paint. Yours looks good. Nice gloomy emissary.
  6. It can be tricky to get darker skin to look right. I really enjoy painting them. Toni looks good. Orange jacket fits the scheme well. Really good job on Howard.
  7. When I did Miss version of him I pinned the mini to the base. Pin was attached directly to the centre mass.
  8. Goes to show how great things can look if you depart from "expected" colours.
  9. Image doesn't show up properly for me. Link is still legit though. Good painting.
  10. Nice chunky style on the Yan Lo crew. Digging it.
  11. And I worry I've forgotten how to paint after a few week's break. Great stuff. I guess it's like riding a bike. Will be interesting to see what you can manage with the Colette crew.
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