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  1. Marcus can hire "Chimera" models from every faction. "Beast" models from his declared faction (in this case Arcanist) are Versatile, so he can buy them without the +1 tax.
  2. Busy week. Was painting at a friend's place. While waiting for my ride home I offered to basecoat this lovely lady. Ended up painting the whole thingHair looks a bit faded in the photo for some reason. I'm particularly happy about the one minute (ok maybe 90 seconds) lens effect I smudged onto the camera. These boys were done in the same session. Not quite so fast though. Metal Vik. Lovely figure. I've been struggling with my purples but I'm happy how they turned out this time. Moleman. Simple figure. Not much to say really. He was fun. After spending over a week on that Batman it was fun to just blast through some tabletop ok minis without dwelling on any of them.
  3. 7Treachery! - Paint a miniature for a faction you don’t play Filthy Guild 7I have to go twosies - Use a size two brush (or larger!) for an entire miniature.  6Old School - Paint a metal Wyrd miniature. Metal Vik. Painted with W&N Series 7 #3 (awesome brush for eyes too, not that I did on this model) and Kolibri SQI24 #4 synthetic (comparable to #2 from W&N). I do most of my painting with large brushes, especially detail work. But my primary metallics brush currently is a #1 and one of my "trash" brushes I use for the occasional basecoat or wash is also a #1 equivalent. Hence why it took so long to get this one. Totals: 4, 3, 3, 3 Up to 13.
  4. @Burnin' Coal Really nice clothwork on a few guys. And that skin! @Boomstick Busy bee! ___ Finished my pledge of 31ss (Master Vik, 2x Austringer, Moleman) Decided to have some fun texturing this guy up. Lots of hashes and some stippling. Skin is basecoated with dark grey and I used black ink to shade underareas and between the muscles. Easy, quick contrast for tabletop. Gems and eyes are blue with white spot highlights but my phone camera software has a hard time distinguishing them. In my haste I did overdo the white on a few gems. Phew. Five models (1 off pledge) in six days. Less than six days of actually painting. Results aren't too shabby for time put in if I say so myself
  5. VGC Heavy Charcoal spotted! Used it on every challenge figure this monthLovely dark grey.
  6. @Viruk Inspirational painting dude! Can't wait to see the finished product. ___ Day 2 for this paintjob and a finished Viktoria. Really happy with this one. Nothing amazing technique-wise, but sometimes you just love what you've done, you know Started some early work on Moleman: Plan is to paint the little rocks embedded into him blue. not sure if I want to play around with OSL from them or not. Would give him bit of colour either way.
  7. 145ss for me. 20 models. 6 factions. Probably a few more but that's what I can verify. 8 plastics and 12 metals. Surprising even myself, only 8 were for personal use. Painted most of my malifaux models back in 2016 and 2017, so the last year+ has been a painting journey to other manufacturers
  8. Red's highlight was drybrushed in a few layers. Afterwards I gave a very selective dark brown wash, targeting recesses and such. On flatter areas I'd leave it out or try to feather it a bit. Using layers gives depth. Some parts have more than one layer of wash (I'd almost rather describe it as a glaze, technique wise). Some highlights were done with a few thin layers on decreasing surface area to build up a rough blend. Not on all parts mind you, plenty of places got a single opaque highlight to just to bring out the shape. Sometimes I do basecoat+highlight+wash+highlight. Doing a wash after highlights blends things out a bit, but I still get those crisp extreme highlights by doing them last. Overall colours were also on the dark/brown side of things, which I think made it a fair bit easier. I could be pretty gung-ho with brown recess washes and still have things look good. Bright & clean doesn't go quite so well with quick & dirty, in my experience ___ Tonight's effort. wip Viktoria. Gun is done. Skin is done. Hair is done. Grey is... I want to say it's done. Not really feeling the blends this week. It looks good at arm's length despite brutal photographs. If I feel the itch tomorrow I'll toss in a few glazes to try smooth things out. But this particular paintjob really doesn't need it. We'll see. Also did the blade but I think I'll repaint that. It's way too dark now. Purples and various browns to go. Plus the blade.
  9. @Maxooo Ooh that skin is dreamy! ___ Vik WIP post. More than a little bit she reminds me of David Bowie
  10. Started working on my pledge today and finished two austringers: Rough 'n fast paintjob for these boys. Vik & Moleman to go. They'll get more than a day though.
  11. 4 Sir Astro / Wet-blend a miniature Wetblending is something I only occasionally try but (/therefore)I still lack practice and confidence with the technique. But this Batman's large, flowing cape really lent itself well for the technique. I did go in with glazes afterwards to push some shadows, highlights and smooth a few transitions but it really did a lot of work setting the initial values for surprisingly little effort. Totals: 3, 3, 3, 1 That's 10 down!
  12. First mini of February done. Gosh that took a while. Batman based on the Frank Miller comics, from Knight Models. This guy is solid metal. That cape is godawful for a gaming piece. Looks good though I like the... I lack words, "rougher" style I used with this. Was a lot of fun to paint. Got this in a Christmas mini exchange. I didn't do as much painting as I'd have liked this past week but everything went into this model. I'd like to think it shows. Plenty to improve, of course. But happy to call this done. More minis to do. There's a monthly Wyrd challenge going on!
  13. I think there's room to play around with it, if you're not locking yourself into a very specific hue. Green and white would make a nice ghost, or a skeleton. Throw some rust (=orange) on the inevitably tattered piece of gear it's carrying and voilà! Probably not the most patriotic representation of one's coloursBut that's what I thought of first for that particular colour combo.
  14. @Chou Very nice on the bone. Solid piece all around. @misterfinn I know I'd be tempted to push the contrast up a bit further, but I like the exaggerated style. Really good as is though. I could see myself leaving the skin at that if time or motivation was a factor.
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