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  1. Rules pdf page 3 under "Breaking the Rules":
  2. That's not without precedent though. Arcanist box "Burning Bridges" has 2 Wildfire models and 1 Wildfire/Elemental model. Somewhat annoying if you're an Elemental player. Anyway, we already know Gators are in a box with McTavish ("See You Later").
  3. Nothing in particular. Eternal is good on everything. I do like Kabuki Warrior (Greatsword, 2" aura -flip to WP) in Yan Lo and he's a bit on the fragile side.
  4. @Caedrus finished 28ss (Sidir 9 + Komainu 6 + Komainu 6 + Sun Quiang 7). (edited wrong values) Sun Quiang done early weekend. Didn't have time to go anymore in-depth on him but I like where I stepped off. Got two games with him on Saturday and three more on Sunday. Was quite happy with his performance. Probably won't have time for any more Wyrd this month. Might sneak in a Mecharachnid but unlikely, seeing how its still in pieces.
  5. Yan also has an ascendant upgrade to give unresisted Staggered to enemy models within X inches when attached (X=turn number). Manos has a 12", stat5, rst:WP attack with a trigger to give staggered in 2" aoe around the target. Either could be fun with a Wanyado. Since it targets enemy MV.
  6. Core has been: Silent Protector on Yan Lo (stat 9 Challenge is funny, but it's mainly for Hard to Kill) Manos Izamu Chiaki Gokudo 33/50ss Theoretically I could drop out the Gokudo but in practice I always hire at least one. They're just so efficient to Rebuild Corpus on. Komainu/Ashigaru are good minions but more situational picks. Against any melee crew, like Nephilim, I'd be tempted to go 1-2 Ashigaru in addition to or instead of Gokudo. I like their 2" enagement and Extended Reach. I recently got Sun Quiang painted and managed to get five games with him this weekend (four in Yan Lo crews). Probably not an autopick, but very good at what he does and I wouldn't be surprised if I end up hiring him more often than not. Between focus and healing he always has something to do. What Sun Quiang contributes in anti-Alpha Strike context is Bedside Manner (3" aura, after a friendly more suffers damage, discard a card to place them in base contact with Sun), King of Medicine (friendly models placed within 3" heal 1) and Healing Droughts (friendly models activating within 3 heal 1). I got a lot of incidental heals out of him. His "place & heal after damage" is poor man's butterfly jump, as I believe one recent podcast put it. Between an Ashigaru, Sun Quiang and a few cards to discard, I can see things being very difficult for an opponent wanting to take out df 3-4 Yan Lo. This relies largely on me having a hand and my models where I want them to be. Any forced movement is going to hurt. Depending on how exactly I build my crew, you can expect a lot of armour, hard to kill and/or healing. Having tools to handle those helps a bunch. Having actions to forcibly move my models out of range of various abilities and actions is also helpful.
  7. It's 1 Chi, 1 Focus. Monks can gain Chi instead of Focus when they do the Concentrate action. But Risky Maneuvers doesn't do Concentrate. It just straight up gives you Focused +1, so you don't get a choice.
  8. Bit of walking (or charging) never killed anyone And my Shen didn't exactly lack boosts when I tried him out. But it's definitely a valid choice. I just have bad experiences with support models hanging too far back to be of any use when it matters.
  9. Oh yeah that would work. I think I'd rather have my monk move up some and not just spam concentrate, but that's playstyle.
  10. How are you doing three? You get 1 if Sensei Yu is near. Totem can transfer one from LRM to Shenlong. Where's the third Chi coming from?
  11. Yes it's cumulative. Each model resolves its own Leverage ability, netting you the effect for each model.
  12. I always stone cards t1 if I don't get that mask in my opening draw. Stoning for cards, you're going through 9 cards (6 initial + 2 stoned + 1 from flipping the action) and hoping to get the mask. I haven't used any other models for card draw but I've considered the idea. Emissary swaps your whole hand, which sounds good if you're just looking for that single low mask. I'm a fan of Tannen in general, and his rig the deck+2 adds a few cards I can look through. Him or other Honeypot folks, but I haven't checked their cards too closely. There's a few others I've spotted, but nothing that seems really good.
  13. What Adran said. Specifically look up "Damage Timing" from the rulebook. Page 34 in the pdf. Here's the most relevant bit: Death Row would happen at 6c, but Eternal happens before it at 6a. Since you're presumably no longer killed after 6a, none of the other things happen. So no Guilty.
  14. That happens way too often for my taste. And yea its best to just push on and apply pressure.
  15. He's got Chi so he's hitting your df 5 with stat 8. You've got Serene Countenance so he hits you on a +flip. You've got Hard to Wound so he's hitting you on a straight damage flip at the very least. Usually at least a +flip. 2/3/5 damage track, but he's always hitting straight flip minimum with triggers to Stun you, do the attack again, or deal irreducable damage. It takes a few high cards sure, maybe stones to guarantee suits, but it's not an unreasonable thing for Shenlong to 2-shot Molly if he gets close (and he's reasonably quick model by himself). Look up his card and "Fermented River Style" upgrade to get the basics of how he's a threat to Molly (or most models for that matter). That's it really. Usually you can assume that your full health master will survive a single activation from most things, if only by a sliver. Not so with Shenlong.
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