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  1. You've got a lovely colour palette. Looking really nice.
  2. @Caedrus I appreciate your efforts this year. Despite me half assing it a lot lately, I've enjoyed tagging along and seeing everyone work on their stuff throughout the year. __ For December I'm doing plastic Ryle as a gift for a friend. Will be towards end of the month though as I'm prioritising ten other non-challenge models first.
  3. @Caedrus Finished my 4ss Pistolero Latigo for November and 6ss Order Initiate for October/Rotten Harvest. Fun little distractions.
  4. Not sure. It isn't too dark, which immediately makes it better in my eyes than blackest darkness possible. In general I feel that a dark background makes the photo look better, though that doesn't always make for a true to life representation of the mini and paintjob. So personally I prefer the more midtone grey of your usual background, but you've managed to get a decent dark without it being pitch black. So you're good either way in my mind. Maybe post your next few minis with the dark background and see if that gets you more upvotes on instagram
  5. Doing my last metal Pistolero de Latigo for November: Metal Wyrd. Should be fun.
  6. Old Lazarus is a beefy model. Interesting experiment on a posable miniature, even if the end result was a bit questionable. As for gluing Kitty by her foot tips... You can call my Misaki "Misaki thrice glued"
  7. Managed to exceed my low goals. Group shot of the six Tzaangor. Chore to get through, but now they're done. I hear some silly people play army games with hordes of these models. Also for Silver Tower I managed to paint a paladin hero. Knight Questor it's called. And my final model for October was my Rotten Harvest entry. Nothing much, but it's fun to participate. Will add it to the thread once it's ok to do so. January: 21 minis February: 28 minis March: 17 minis April: 1 mini May: 2 minis June: 0 minis July: 43 minis Aug
  8. Yan Lo is fun. Even with the nerf. Always felt a bit silly using Manos' reliquary. New crewbox coming december/january. Yan Lo's powering up mechanic is cool as long as your games don't get cut short. His attack action to place next to a model and then push said model 2-10" is oddly pleasing. Lots of eastern themed models in the keyword, in case that's a pro or a con for you. What I enjoy is the general tankiness and mobility inherent in the crew. But I've not played McCabe so I can't really compare. I bet there's cool stuff to pull off with artefact shenanigans. Plus you get to pain
  9. @Caedrus I did a simple 2-nighter for Rotten Harvest. Will post it in the current challenge thread when it's ok to do so. Good to see many finished paintjobs this month. Beautiful things. _______ As for the shelf of shame bit... My stuff is a bit all over. Lot of it unbuilt to save space, includes a few crew boxes and a bunch of singles from many factions I have lying about. One core box is just full of random single sprues. Real box of delights. Here's things that are built and taking space at my hobby corner: All stuff that I'd quite like to paint, b
  10. Inspiring use of green to tie the band together. Very nice.
  11. Quick work with those metallics. Looking good!
  12. Finished the Elven warband and started on another big-ish project (51 minis). Will be a while before that's done though. Skaeth & Lighaen. Centaur & battlecat. Below a family photo of the entire warband: ___ My Wyrd mini for the month was Paul Crockett: Co-worker wanted me to go paint at their place, a little paint jam. Was a fun night and I guess I now have a painted Paul Crockett. ___ Month ago I was planning to buy an OOP GW boardgame. Space Crusade to be exact, but on payday afternoon I noticed that some bugger had bought the game that v
  13. Your metal crews kick ass. Eager to see what you manage to do with Ulix crew.
  14. @Caedrus Painted 6ss Finished Paul on Thursday: I always forget how poor lighting is when I go paint & chat. And sometimes ergonomics. Still, was a fun paintjob over an evening. I was really surprised how big Paul is. Wide shoulders and pretty tall even in this semi-crouched position. I wouldn't want to bump into him on a forest hike.
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