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  1. Zesty and catsgamesandpizza do show up as just links for me in this thread.
  2. Last month with massed Battlelore posting : Blood Harvesters Viper Legion Flesh Ripper Brutes Obscenes Blood Sisters Grotesques Berserkers Doombringer Chaos Lord That's entirety of the barbarian faction for Battlelore 2nd edition. Third and final faction fully painted. Took me about two weeks or so. There's only a single neutral dragon left to paint for the game. Feeling pretty good about this. For the monthly Wyrd challenge I did a bit for both my arcanists and Thunders: Some
  3. I wouldn't. But I like having painted stuff in my living room display, so "does it get played?" is the least of my concerns.
  4. It does feel nice when people value your output enough to pay for it. Even if I personally do find commission painting a bit too draining to do all that often. I hope they got delivered safe 'n sound.
  5. I bet he'll fit right in with those flaming marshals. Coming up nicely!
  6. Ooh. Is that from the multipart kit? Cool paintjob.
  7. @Caedrus 17ss done Steam Arachnid (3ss) & Arachnid Swarm (8ss): Few layers of silver metallics and a bit of blue gem effect for the "eyes". The swarm is magnetized so I can play three individual arachnids if I so choose (bases not pictured). Lotus Eater (6ss): Got this guy done in one evening. Long evening to be sure. Considered tattoos and smoothing up the back for evening #2, but inspiration took me elsewhere. "Good enough, onwards to the next one". This was fun to paint. So simple. Another one of those minis where I'd like to give my compliments to the unn
  8. Big thing for July was me finishing Daqan Lords (aka. Knights & Golems) for Battlelore 2nd edition: Greyhaven Battlemages Ironbound (magic robots) Riverwatch Riders (wife helped out with the horse skin) Citadel Lancers (wife said hell no when I asked for help with the horse skin on these as well) Rune Golems Roc Warrior Siege Golem It wasn't all boardgame junk though. Did a proxy ganger for Batman Miniatures Game: Joanne from Hasslefree. This was one of those one evening paintjobs. Lovely simple sculpt fr
  9. Fine looking skin. In my experience painting darker skintones isn't that scary if you stick to a suitably warm brown and highlight towards caucasian skin or beige. No idea what paints you used but looks like you highlighted towards khaki/beige, gives it a really nice look. Really nice flipflops too.
  10. Doing a Lotus Eater for my Thunders. Incorrectly assembled my first one so I can't fit a final part in. Oh freck it, I'll only need one anyway. Two tops. I managed to assemble #2 in proper order. Should be fun. Haven't done skin in a while. Also doing magnetised arachnids/arachnid swarm to clear up space from my built-shelf. They'll be done quick 'n lazy.
  11. I varnish all of mine, but I did play for a year or more without varnishing and had zero issues during that time. And I average 1-2 games per week all year long. I'd say you're more likely to break the mini than the paintjob when playing with Wyrd ____ @GlowingFruit that alligator on the back is just so👍
  12. Ouch, that looks rough. Any idea what caused the issue? How did you apply the varnish? How long did they dry between coats?
  13. Extended Reach is decent defensive tech. Offensively it delivers with stat 6 min 3 with the Oni free focus thing. Throw in the bonus action to block healing and I'll consider it. I've gotten good use out of hiring one in several games.
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