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  1. You've got a nice drab & weathered style. Looking good.
  2. 8 out at once in previous game. Ototo and 1x Torakage included in the list. I guess some of it was on my opponent for not getting rid of them. That's two out of three games where I've had more than 5 out. I wouldn't be surprised if the number went down as people get more used to 3e in general and Misaki shenanigans specifically. But for now I'm happy I did 10 markers.
  3. Orc with Blunderbuss by Spellcrow. Been doing this guy on & off for the last few weeks. Finally finished. Turns out output is slow when you don't paint as much. Had a lot of fun with this. Not very many bells & whistles and what's there was well sculpted.
  4. Interesting departure from the usual "dude on a 30mm base". Eager for more
  5. Played a game yesterday (Misaki, Ototo, 2x Torakage). I didn't go higher than 5-6 at any one time. I might've, if Ototo didn't go down in a blaze of glory. If Torakage hadn't failed so many Ninja Vanishes. I don't see myself fielding 2x Torakage by default once I get comfortable with 3e, just keeping my list building simple for now. Six was pretty easy (though I was focusing on getting them out), I could see getting maybe to eight shadow markers in a game if stars align. Will still make ten since I started them alreadyNever hurts to have a spare.
  6. "Premium US Poker Card(s) in Tuckbox" I couldn't find an option to opt out of a tuckbox.
  7. You can check shipping from drivethrurpg. Shipping included it's a bit over 24€ for single deck to my location. 54€ for three decks+shipping, or 18 per person if I get a threeway going on. Customs may or may not screw that completely... Assuming material is the same (or better) as my errata cards from few years ago, I'll seriously consider getting a deck so long as I can split the costs with others.
  8. I'm thinking about keeping mine fairly 2d since they don't inhibit movement. Thought about doing my usual basing and painting on some thunder/lightning symbol. If Misaki had an "element" that'd be it after all.
  9. As in the title, how many Shadow Markers should I get for Misaki? How many have you guys needed in actual games (I've only played 3e once)? By my understanding Misaki creates 2 markers start of the turn and removes 1 when she pops out. Ototo can create 1-2, Torakage can create 1 (likely Ototo & Torakage create at most 1 shadow marker per model per turn). So that's a realistic cap of 5-1 markers per turn, assuming I hire Ototo and two Torakage. When I put it like that I think I might want to play it safe and go for 10 Shadow Markers. Excessive? Not enough?
  10. Pink-black-blue-turquoise... That's the current idea for my Tengu. Who knows what I'll end up with after highlights and shadows. Pics when I've got more than just basecoats. Eager to see what you'll cook up with that mindset.
  11. @lusciousmccabe is that opinion based on the sculpting/casting quality itself or just the perceived scale of it? I'm quite excited about getting my hands on the big bad wolf before the year is through. For reference I think Jorogumo look pretty awesome as stand alone models. I think they're really stupid as Malifaux playing pieces. They look like they should be on quite a bit bigger base and it's just dumb that they're the size they are and still only 50mm.
  12. Occasionally painting videos as background noise. Dr. Faust in particular has a pleasant softness in how he talks. Vince Venturella if I want to pretend I'm listening and learning something. Often music. Lately it's been metal focused. Very lately there's been a lot of Battle Beast and Beast in Black. So much so that I bought a mini inspired by their album artwork and started watching Berserk (both bands' chief source of lyrics) with the wife In other news I finished Tengu's base and made some decisions on the colour scheme. But more on that when I have pictures.
  13. @Purple Mist would you say that there's a difference between some random black primer and GSW Black Matt Primer?
  14. @Franchute I believe you're referring to "hazard stripes". Plenty of tutorials for those, as they're a common enough feature in the 40k setting. I'd start with opaque paints to block in the pattern first.
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