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  1. @Caedrus 5ss for Wandering River Monk this month. Something quick for the challenge. Safe to say my head's not in this lately. Might change later in the year. I've got some ideas, some motivations, brewing. But for now excuse my absent minded contributions to the thread.
  2. I did a few in yellowish brown a while back: Not Malifaux but here's another example of a brown "greenskin" I did, darker this time: Needless to say I think brown works really well. I quite like pale/albinos too, though never painted those myself. Very pale green might also be neat. Technically 'green' but really more of a sickly pale look. I think I'd like to try that some time. Lots of options besides 'green' when doing gremlins.
  3. Day off tomorrow, part of which will be spent perusing this fine thread. But for now, a small weekend Tanuki I did to break my +3 weeks of not painting:
  4. Painted like proper Guild black-ops. If you're thinking of additions, Guild Steward (old Governor's Proxy) is super solid support enforcer. Fits into pretty much any crew.
  5. @Caedrus 25ss done (Minako Rei 8ss, Wanyudo 7ss, Katashiro 2x5ss). ______ @Diddick Interesting. I've used that Magenta Fluo a lot, but never for intensifying reds. Something to try out for sure. Thanks! ______ Turns out I am all Wyrded out for March, far as painting is concerned. Got some other paint projects that need my time too. But these past few days I've been busy building a cult: It's getting quite cramped at my hobby desk so I pretty much need to start clearing these guys out soon ______ Good to see so many painting up so much this month. Joy to see, everyone👍
  6. @zesty kickass fur on Luna. Very pretty overall 👍
  7. Website seems to still be there: https://www.wyrd-games.net/guilders Haven't used them in 3e yet though.
  8. Minako Rei done. And with her the Karmic Debt box in its entirety. Ended up ditching the freehand idea. I did doodle something on the mini. And a lot more on some paper. Couldn't figure out anything I was really happy with. Oh well. Kill your darlings and all that. Might compensate with my next mini. I think I could do one more for March..
  9. I feel you. At least I got month's worth of gaming out of Yasunori Really digging the skintone for this one. Keep them coming👍
  10. Meanwhile I'm stuck doing full weekends and constantly getting asked to do overtime. Sure could use a little quarantine right about now _____ Anyway, slowly chipping onward with Minako: Mask and pants to go, more or less. Initially thought about doing something tiger themed for pants freehand, to match her claws, but now I'm leaning more towards a flower pattern of some sort. Maybe something similar I did with Manos last year. Still mulling over colour choices and whatnot. Fun mini.
  11. Thanks! Big wheel is certainly... let's say expressive. Fun to paint. Skin was 'just' some thin brush strokes for highlights and some purple glazes for colour and shadows. Simple process. But credit to the unnamed sculptor it's a nice face to paint _____________ Day 1 progress on Miss Rei: Worked on skin, white shirt and hair. Hair especially is going to get some more attention tomorrow. That or I'll learn to love it overnight. Sometimes that happens I've got a little freehanding idea I want to try on the pants. If it works I'll keep the green. If not, I'll switch to yellow pants.
  12. I've used Moleman a few times and... I mean it's a 4ss model. It moves, it interacts. Might get a VP. But it's definitely very very fragile and any good opponent will just remove it before it gets a chance to score that VP or two. For a laugh I once added Camouflage on it and it did ok. Of course, that was one less Camouflage and I felt it for entire rest of the game. But it's rare I hire them. For reasons hashed out already in this thread. I've said it a few times, but Chimera is odd in that it feels like it's designed for me to run less than full theme. Now I know most masters are most optimal using less than 100% keyword, but out of everyone I've played Marcus feels like it has biggest disincentives to go full Chimera/Beast. What with the mutation limitations and attached master AP costs (& stones/cards for the mask trigger). However I do enjoy Marcus. Fun master. Enough good to decent models in the keyword that I can play the theme I dig.
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