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  1. Nikodemus

    List of alternative models

    There's the old metal Egg Hauler (Slop Hauler). Little green guy in a bunny costume. War Wabbit (War Pig).
  2. Nikodemus

    Oath Keeper doubts

    I'd suggest you re-read "Activations" (page 33, small rulebook). It goes over various phases of an activation.
  3. Nikodemus

    Can you make Shen into a brawler?

    Sure. Obligatory style upgrade, Yang (3 attacks on charge + 1 dmg pulse) and your pick of Recalled Training or Misdirection. I usually go for Fermented River Style on the turn I want to do some beating to get those straight or positive damage flips. You kinda need one or two of those severes to do appreciable damage. Doing 1 aoe damage at end of activation is a huge help against hard to kill. 3-4 attacks an activation and you ought to be killing things, even something like an Emissary. I don't usually build my crew too differently for this. You definitely need more beaters and I like having Mr. Tannen up near the action. With Drunken Kung Fu it's really hard to attack on +flips, so to offset my need to cheat more often it's nice to make cheating expensive on the opponent.
  4. Nikodemus

    Shenlong Noob Question

    Price for each upgrade is listed on its card. You need to pay the SS cost when building your crew, but if you get new upgrades during the game (like from Monk of Many Styles) you don't pay any SS for those.
  5. Nikodemus

    Loudest squeal clarification

    Check "Attacking Friendly Models" box on page 27 of the small rulebook. Defender can't declare triggers when relenting so you need to flip for both attack and defence. You follow the standard proceedings for an opposed duel.
  6. Nikodemus

    Shenlong Noob Question

    1. If you're within 6'' and line of sight of Shenlong, you can take Focus and Defensive Stance actions as (0), rather than (1) as normal. There's no passive benefit from standing next to Shenlong. 2. Read "Fermented River Style" and "High River Style" upgrades. They make use of poison and burning conditions. 3. They're rare 2, so you can only ever have two on the table. No other limit though, so you can endlessly summon peasants provided you get one of them killed to make room for another one. 4. I don't quite understand this question. There's no limit to how much Defensive condition you can have on you. Flow Like Water doesn't impact that in any way. 5. (0) Monk of Many Styles lets you discard one of your 'Limited' upgrades to enable you to attach another one. Only 'Limited' upgrades available to Shenlong are the various "River Style" upgrades. 'Limited' means you can only have one of them at any one time. Basically how Shenlong works is you buy one of those upgrades in the crew building stage, then during the game you can use your (0) action to swap them around depending on what you need to do.
  7. Nikodemus

    The Viks

    Johan is never bad and Big Jake is pretty good in some strats and schemes. Especially if you can give him bit of a boost, Oathkeeper Jake can threaten a Symbol of Authority for mere 6ss and a support AP. Coming back turn 5 to cheekily grab the last Symbol or Evidence is always fun.
  8. You don't pay any SS at crew hiring stage for models you might summon. They're essentially "free".
  9. While there's certainly people who successfully build a (mostly) fixed list and play like that, way Malifaux has been designed is you first generate a game and then build your list to suit that. By the book only thing you decide beforehand is your faction. So having master options besides Nicodem is "intended" even when we're just eyeing 2e. That's before we even consider that some models are exclusive to crew boxes. Nico loves Philip who's only available in Molly box for instance. All that is to say I think it'd be good for you to have "another list", eventually, even if there was no 3e on the horizon.
  10. Nikodemus

    Need help with Molly

    Don't forget upgrades when counting up your SS cost. Not using any is handicapping yourself pretty hard.
  11. Nikodemus

    Pandora- First Game Request for Feedback

    That's an amazing aura and reason enough to hire Tannen regardless of what else is on the card. But how so against Lynch? Half the time Lynch is just going to discard an ace which he gets to pick up again.
  12. Effigies and Emissaries (and others?) will be "Versatile" so they can be hired without +1 penalty.
  13. Nikodemus

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    Oh absolutely. Pretty nice figure to paint as well.
  14. Nikodemus

    Barbaros looking forward

    "Oi, Graves! Who's that human you hang out with? I need to lay low for a while"
  15. Nikodemus

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    Midgame scheming potential is nice. Walk 3, no From the Shadows means Hans won't be threatening to drop scheme markers down on the centre line. Sh5 vs Sh6 and nature of many Hans' triggers means Hans tends to eat cards out of my hand, whereas Trapper is pretty hand neutral.