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  1. I buy old style bases from ebay etc.. 10$€£ for 100+ bases including shipping. Just search for "30mm lip base".
  2. Free action, to use the correct terminology, but yes. I've been playing a bit of Sonnia recently and I just use something cheap to do the idol interacts. Sonnia & buddies blow stuff up nearby.
  3. It's a bonus action so you can do it whenever you'd spend your other APs. It doesn't let you ignore the Once per activation limit. But once per activation means exactly that. If Lady charges on her own activation, she can still charge on the rider's activation.
  4. Have you any frozen non-Contrast to compare? I believe acrylics in general really don't like being frozen.
  5. Most of the measures here are dual marked imperial & metric. Not an issue where I live.
  6. Still paintingBeen stuck on the wings for a while now. On the plus side I've already painted 19 minis this month. Quick 'n dirty boardgame minis, but still It's all glued together. In retrospect I should've done the rider separate. Would have made painting some areas a bit easier. If you're particularly hardcore I think you could even do the wings separate. Pretty clean model for subassembly painting I think.
  7. Marcus box is all new sculpts and Initiates are on special order.
  8. 'Hard Throw' is an action trigger. And rules pdf page 12 tells us this about action triggers: Accuracy modifier is a game effect, so yes it will potentially give the trigger a positive, negative, or straight flip.
  9. Do note that at least Deliver says "leader or master", so either would be a valid target.
  10. Dead Outlaw has a Tactical Action "Covetous Cravings". It discards a scheme marker to give Fast to a friendly model.
  11. @Ogid 1) I strongly consider mutation allocation pre-game. I can set up 4 models (including 1 Jackalope) with mutations t1, that puts a cap on how many beasts I can reasonably hire. And when hiring them I try to have a spread of them to have enough "optimal" mutations for everyone. [edit: I can do more, but 2ap for 4 mutations is my comfort zone in this regard] 2) I don't necessarily have all my mutations attached ever, but most for sure. Standard operating procedure is: 4 mutations via Chimeramancy, 1 via Marcus, 1-2 via Myranda (and Order Initiate). T2 I add another 2 mutations. Assuming single Myranda/Initiate, that's 8 mutations down. T3 I might add another mutation or two but often I can't spare the AP. Depends on the game state. T3 mutations go on Jackalope and if I absolutely need something on someone else. 3) Cerberus gets Camouflage/Wings/Serrated, usually one of the first two. Really depends on what my opponent has. Blessed of December gets Camouflage, Wings or Horns. Slate Ridge Mauler gets Armour t1 and Horns t2. 4) Jackalope gets Serrated and then any left overs. Often Horns or armour. Actual mutation effects are secondary. 5) Marcus tends to obey charges and try to set up adversary (not necessarily with his own attacks), then companion into a beater beast. Often he plays in bit of an offensive bubble with Jackalope and Bear or some other beast. But he's flexible, double walking 14" and Interacting is certainly a thing I've done. I don't use a whole lot of chimeramancy in t3+, apart from on Jackalope. Admittedly I've been a bit lazy with Adaptive Evolution, so that might well change in the future.
  12. Its an ability on Minako Rei, therefore she is the one doing the killing.
  13. for the LoS question: Rules pdf page 32 under "Summoning" says: So the summoned models do indeed need to be in LoS to Anna. None of the relevant actions or abilities state that she gets to ignore the LoS requirement.
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