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  1. Howdy. This thread certainly blew up, huh? So many opinions! So much feedback! Thanks for everyone letting us know how they felt about both proposed changes. Because we just provided updated files with the new changes, it's for the best that we close this thread so that we can focus on other parts of the playtest. With these changes, some models may need some additional adjustments. Please give us that feedback in the appropriate subforum. Thanks again for all of the help!
  2. Kyle


    Hey everyone, This week, we’re addressing some big things with small changes (lots and lots of small changes). We took a nice, long look at Conditions and how debilitating they can be to play against and made adjustments based on the feedback you all provided. Some models saw very slight numbers changes while others received more significant facelifts (no, Pandora, I’m definitely not talking about you – okay, fine I’m talking about you). Here’s what was updated this week: Changelog Typos, Grammar, and Wording “Stand Back! It’s Evidence!”: Adjusted wording so it now also includes “after resolving the current Action or Ability…” A Song of Night and Day (on Tengu and Squaler): changed “Heals” to “Heal” Pine Box Action: Cleaned up wording. Brutal Emissary: Cleaned up the wording on Into the Cage so it is clear as to who is Unburying the model. False Accusation: Adjusted wording to “Until the End Phase, the target gains the Undead Characteristic. Arik: Charge Up is now worded to be closer to how other similar effects are worded. Grimwell: Skull Saw – Adjusted so it now says “must either…” Immolate/Blood Poisoning: no longer specifies that the Action provides kill credit, as it is now specified on page 32 of the rulebook. Shenlong’s Wandering River Style: Changed to “Enemy only.” Unyielding: Now refers to the owner of the model for further clarity. Lynch: Dazed and Confused now spells out “three.” Rulebook Page 10, 23, 28, 30, 37: Soulstone use is now restricted to one at a time in all instances. Page 6: Removed a rule that was listed twice in two different ways to reduce confusion. Page 11: Resistance Triggers can’t be declared when disengaging. Page 25: Concentrate is now Once per Activation. Page 26: Cleaned up “Enemy only” special restriction text so that it also works for resistance Triggers. Page 31: Provided additional wording on how to draw LoS to a marker. Page 32: Distracted – reworded to be Actions that target enemy models. Page 32: Adjusted Injured so that it only affects Df and Wp and ends during the End Phase. Page 32: Adjusted Stunned so that it allows Bonus Actions to be used, but restricts them to also count toward a model’s Activation limit. (but it's still a Bonus Action, so only one can be taken per Turn) Page 32: Adjusted wording so it now states that if an Action kills a model using damage from a Condition, the model taking the action gets credit for the kill. Page 34: Cleaned up the Shockwave text example. Page 35: Gaining tokens from Replaced effects were moved from step 4 to step 3. Page 35: Replace now clarifies that Leader is a game effect in this instance. Page 35/37: Replaced effects work at the same time as Heal effects in regards to death timing. Page 38: Removed any and all references of Pass Tokens drawing cards (we swear this is the last time!) Page 46: Adjusted wording on Take Prisoner and Deliver a Message to be the same, but cleaner. Mechanics Arcanists Soulstone Miner: Drill into the Earth – gave Stat 5, TN 10. (Also worth noting that with the Stunned changes, this model is staying the same, so it can now Dig for Stones and Interact). Kamaitachi: Into the Vortex no longer deals extra damage (but still deals damage from Hazardous) Mechanical Doves: Smuggled Soulstone now kills the Doves. Sandeep: Summon Upgrade gained the “With Our Powers Combined” Ability, which allows for three Gamin to turn into a single Golem of the same type. Eternal Flame: Adjusted Heat Exhaustion to “During the Start Phase, enemy models within aura 6 with Burning gain Injured +1.” Snow Storm: Ice Tornado – Adjusted unnecessary wording. Stuffed Piglets: Reworked model so that it was easier to understand its intended functionality. Medical Automaton: Gained Quick Cure. Howard Langston: Gained Terrifying (11). Joss: Adjusted Arc Axe so that irreducible damage isn’t always built in. Replaced Spool Up with Hyper Reactor. Kaeris: Increased stat on On the Pyre by 1, adjusted Third Degree Burns. Firestarter: Gained Draw Out Secrets. Bayou Kin: Flinch is now a “may.” Big Hat: included the overhaul to Big Hat models from the small-batch update. Akaname: Gained Putrid Viscera. Mah Tucket: Gained “They Be Trash Vipers!” Trigger on Handful of Snakes. Test Subject: Adjusted Failed Experiment because of Injured adjustments. Mancha Roja: Adjusted Takedown (which is now called Drop-Down Takedown) now gives Injured +1. Also gained My Time is Now. Bacon Bomb: Now gives Injured +1. Bayou Gator: Added a RAM to its stat on Mighty Jaws. Olivia Bernard: Reworked Tossed Sparklers. LaCroix Raider: Removed Spiked Club and Feud, gained Gunfighter and Under Pressure Trigger. Lenny: Random Bout of Brilliance has been reworked, Gremlin General has been reworked. Lookin’ Down on ‘Em: Is now Big Hat only. Bayou Gremlin: Gained Buckshot Backfire and Screwed the Hooch. Good Ol’ Boy: Gained Buckshot Backfire. Wrastler: Gained Slingshot Slobberknocker. Brewmaster: Adjusted Intoxication so that the aura is 8 but requires Poison +3. Guild Hoffman: Reworded Emergency Power Transfer so that it is less confusing. Abuela: Nice Shot now has a LoS requirement. Sonnia: Smothering Flame now requires LoS and Scorch the Soul is now Burning damage. Frontiersman: Changed Custom Firearm to Clockwork Pistol. Reduced Clockwork Pistol’s Stat to 5 and replaced Unyielding with Survivalist. Pathfinder: Gained Follow My Path and Trailblazer, removed Expert Shot. Sanctioned Spellcaster: Changed Charge Collar so that it now gives -1 to duel totals until the end of Activation. Guild Guard: Increased Df by 1. Rifleman: Lowered stat on Clockwork Rifle by 1. Agent 46: Increased Health by 1, adjusted Inhuman Physiology so that it only works when he is attacking. Nurse Heartsbane: Corrected spelling on Straitjacket and reworked to be less restrictive. Printing Press: Lowered Weak damage by 1. Neverborn Thoon: Adjusted Frozen Trophy so that it only works if the marker was placed. Killjoy: Can now Activate after being Unburied. Woes: Re-woeked (okay, maybe that pun doesn’t work, but I had to try). Reworked Pandora’s Keyword. Lucid Dreams: Now shuffles a card back into your deck. Corrupted Hound: Increased stat on Snapping Jaws by 1. Grootslang: Gained Blindfighter. Outcasts Parker Barrows: Replaced Drop It! with Highway Robbery. Marlena/Rusty Alyce: Aetheric Healing – discarding a card is no longer a cost but an effect of the Action. Hannah Lovelace: Adaptive Tactics now works with Bonus Actions. Arik: Increased Cost by 1. Lazarus: Lowered Cost by 1. Von Schill: Custom Rifle now ignores Cover. Also adjusted Load Up so it is only Friendly non-Beast or Freikorps models. Doc Mitchell: Increased Cost by 2 and gained Quick Cure. Guilty: Can now summon near the leader or in the Deployment Zone. Scavenger: Armor is now worded correctly Resurrectionists Shieldbearers: Gaining Staggered now matters. McMourning: Increased the range of Twisted Genius by 1. Copycat Killer: Gained Redchapel Killer, increased Cost by 2, lowered Terrifying by 1. Asura Roten: Adjusted summoning so that she summons in base contact with herself, and now has a Trigger to summon on the table edge. Rottenburg Residents now also requires LoS. Crooligan: Lowered Df by 1. Sybelle: Replaced Barbed Whip with Bleeder Lash, removed built-in RAM on Action. Also adjusted Undivided Attention based on recent Injured change. Bete Noire: Gained One with the Night Trigger. Nurse: Gained Quick Cure. Seamus: Adjusted A Cause for Celebration so the corpse removal aspect is now Leader only. Necropunk: Lowered stat on Leap by 1. Undergraduate: Removed Drawn to Pain, gained By Your Side and Patronize, increased Df and Wp by 1, lowered stat on Spiked Club and Lead the Way by 1, increased stat on Study by 1. Anna Lovelace: Gained Grade Assignment, replaced Weigh Down with Zombify. Reva: The Forgotten Dead now requires a Corpse or Pyre Marker. Toshiro: Lowered stat and increased TN on Fealty, gained Daimyo’s Gift. Ashigaru: Replaced Under Pressure with Puncture. Mortimer: Gained Necromantic Font. Francis Kitchener: Lowered Cost by 1, lowered stat on Dispel Magic by 1, gained By Your Side Ten Thunders Sun Quaing: Gained Quick Cure. Komainu: Lowered Wp by 1. Shadow Emissary: Gained 2 to Wp, gained Hard to Kill Yasunori: Replaced Startle with The Wind’s Wrath Across Multiple Models and Factions Dismember: Changed to “Enemy only.” Hide in the Barrel (on Undercover Reporter and Cooper Jones): Changed to “During the Start Phase…” No Witnesses: Now is an enemy within 12” and LoS. Remote Detonator: Adjusted so that it now only gives Injured +1. Shrug Off: Removed the mention of “This model may be taken while Stunned.” Mighty Jaws: Increased Severe damage by 1. Twist Reality: Is now a Projectile Action again. Seize Prey: Now limited to 12” (no longer LoS). Drunken Kung Fu: No longer affects damage flips. One thing that is important to mention: there will NOT be an update next week. We want the dust to settle. We want to see the game as-is in as many playtests as possible. We want to see hard data (as in battle reports!) based on the many changes we’ve made in the Open Beta. We also want to give you time to digest all of the rapid adjustments that have happened in the last month or so. So, in between this update and next, please take the time to look over everything, play Ten Thunders crews (seriously, please! - and report those games!), think about every crazy combination, play the game how you would normally play the game (without the playtester lens), try breaking the game if you’d like, and most importantly, enjoy yourselves. OB_Arcanists_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Arcanists_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_Bayou_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Bayou_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_DMH_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_DMH_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_Guild_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Guild_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_M3E_Rulebook_2.14.19.pdf OB_Neverborn_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Neverborn_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_Outcasts_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Outcasts_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_Ressers_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_Ressers_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_TenThunders_Cards_2.14.19.pdf OB_TenThunders_Upgrades_2.14.19.pdf OB_2.14.19_Files.zip
  3. Episodes 96 through 99 of Tales of Malifaux are live! Episode 96: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-96/ Episode 97: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-97/ Episode 98: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-98/ Episode 99: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-99/
  4. Hey Wyrdos, Are you attending Adepticon? Want to volunteer and get cool stuff for helping us? Well, you’re in luck, because Wyrd is currently looking for volunteers! To volunteer for a demo shift, you must require a good working knowledge of the game in question. You are welcome to take as many shifts as you’d like. Here are the volunteer shifts that are available: Wednesday, March 27th: 1pm – 6pm* Thursday, March 28th: 8am – 1pm (Event Hall) 10am – 2:30pm (M3E & TOS Demos) 12:30pm – 5:30pm (Event Hall) 2pm – 6:30pm (M3E & TOS Demos) 5:30pm – 11pm (Event Hall) Friday, March 29th: 8am – 1pm (Event Hall) 10am – 2:30pm (M3E & TOS Demos) 10am – 1:30pm (TTB Adventure) 12:30pm – 5:30pm (Event Hall) 2pm – 6:30pm (M3E & TOS Demos) 5:30pm – 11pm (Event Hall) Saturday, March 30th: 8am – 1pm (Event Hall) 10am – 1:30pm (TTB Adventure) 10am – 2:30pm (M3E & TOS Demos) 12:30pm – 5:30pm (Event Hall) 2pm – 6:30pm (M3E & TOS Demos) 5:30pm – 11pm (Event Hall) Sunday, March 31st: 8am – 1pm (Event Hall) 9am – 12:30pm (TTB Adventure) 10am – 2:30pm (M3E & TOS Demos) 12:30pm – 5:30pm (Event Hall) 2pm – 6:30pm (M3E & TOS Demos)* *Marked as set-up or tear-down shifts. For these shifts, you will need to be able to lift heavy objects and perform some manual labor. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Matt (matt@wyrd-games.net) with your full name, your t-shirt size, and the times that you are able to help out. We ask that all of our volunteers are presentable and courteous. We will provide you with a Wyrd t-shirt to wear during shifts. We will be providing booth credit and various rare products to all volunteers. For more information on what will be provided per shift, please reach out to us with your availability and the shifts you’d like to claim. Thanks!
  5. Hey Wyrdos, We found Waldo playing in the trash this week. Somehow, it didn’t surprise us in the slightest. What did surprise us, however, is the rare gem that he found among the garbage. After pushing away old pizza boxes and coffee tins (and a bottle of whiskey or two – don’t ask me how they got there), our favorite mischievous imp stumbled upon something that is only ever found on beaches and in cheesy 80’s songs: a message in a bottle. So, this week, we’re opening the bottle and unraveling the notes in this unique short story about a Crow Runner in The Other Side. You can either visit the website here or directly download the PDF by clicking on the link below. Enjoy! WaldosWeekly_0213.pdf
  6. We've begun the export process and hope to have updated files available today. EDIT: We've updated the files!
  7. Remote Detonator is now brought to you by Advil. It was an error on our part. It should do the same thing as it did last week.
  8. Yes, we're quickly finding out that there were a few snags in the exporting process that made some unintended changes. Waldo's up to something. If a change was made but it's not listed in the Changelog, please treat the effects as written from the previous update.
  9. Hey everyone, It looks like a few things zigged when they should have zagged in the latest update files. These things happen. It's one major reason why we run a Beta at all - to find the kinks in our system and to stomp them out. With over a thousand cards and thousands of Actions, Abilities, and Triggers, sometimes we miss a few bugs (or in the case of this update, more than a few). If a change was made but it was not listed in the Changelog, then the change was not intended (Execute and Remote Detonator, I'm looking at you). Please let us know what issues you found in this thread. Thanks for understanding!
  10. Burning has been this way since the start of the Open Beta and was tested for a significant amount of time during the Closed Beta. We have no intention of adjusting how Burning works. We're happy with how it works. Also, making a change like that would seriously impact a large number of models.
  11. The version number didn't get changed. It's an early step in the export process that was unintentionally skipped over. Because of the length of time it takes to export the files, it would eat up more time than it's worth to re-do the process to update the version number. We decided that because we are making significant adjustments to Som'er and Big Hat between this update and the next (which is stated in the changelog) that we were not going to address those types of issues in this update.
  12. Yep, sorry about that. It's a little late for us to make the change now, but we'll make sure it doesn't happen again in next week's update.
  13. The Riders are the exception, but not the rule.
  14. Yes, it does. While it was not our intent, and I can definitely appreciate the frustration this error might cause, it would take more time than it's worth to make that adjustment now. We'll make sure it doesn't happen again in the next update, though.
  15. Kyle

    Colette Card

    Good catch. We'll keep an eye on that. It'll likely need either a "Once per Activation" or "Once per Turn."
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