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  1. A quick update: After receiving some additional feedback from some of the Italian Malifaux community members, we have decided to temporarily take down the Italian translation until a few problem areas get sorted out. We will have the Italian translations available again as soon as these errors are addressed. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
  2. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo thought he’d get ahead of the curve and gave out Christmas presents a little early. And this time, he even wrapped them. Where he got the newspaper from is a strange curiosity, and the blood splatter raises some questions, but we’re thankful all the same. So while he’s off playing with the trinkets and baubles he got everyone in the office, let’s take a look at the wrapping paper he used for one of the gifts. It seems that some stories can’t be contained in just the world of Malifaux. What sort of presents were you able to unwrap? How did Waldo get this paper (and from whom)? Let us know your thoughts right here! Make sure to download the desktop wallpaper version of this newspaper right here. Next week, Waldo will be busy putting up holiday decorations. We’ll be there, watching patiently with fire extinguishers at the ready, so this will be the last Waldo’s Weekly of 2019. We’ve been working on a lot of fantastic content and can’t wait to cover it in 2020. We’ll see you in the new year!
  3. Hey Wyrdos, We’re thrilled to announce that the Malifaux Third Edition rulebook is now available for free in French! For our French players, you can find the French rules here. Alternatively, you can also find the translated Malifaux Third Edition rules in the Malifaux Resources page here. We will be releasing translated rules for our Spanish, Polish, German, and Russian communities as soon as they are completed. Keep an eye out for news posts for them when they are made available! EDIT: The Italian translation has been temporarily removed. Thanks to our amazing community, we've been notified of a few problem areas that need to be sorted out first with the translation. Thanks for your patience!
  4. Tales of Malifaux is back and stranger than ever. Find out what happens when a bunch of Gremlins get together for a vote in part one of Gremlin General. Episode 118: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-118/
  5. Hey Wyrdos, This week, as the temperature in Georgia is starting to drop, we found out what happens when Waldo gets cold. His metabolism slows down to a crawl, which means he stops eating everything in sight. We’ve also had to put out considerably fewer fires. Needless to say, we’ve adjusted the thermostat so that it always feels like we’re developing games in a walk-in freezer. So while we figure out how to type with mittens on, let’s take a look at the latest Through the Breach One Shot, available now! In The House that December Built, the Fated will be tasked with entering the Strangerskeep Quarantine Zone to recover some old documents from an abandoned manor. Get in, find the papers, get out, and receive a nice big bounty at the end. Sounds painless enough. Sure, Strangerskeep might have a reputation of being haunted, but those are just wild yarns that the stubborn inhabitants have spun up to keep inquisitive noses out of their business. …Right? While they might expect to find the occasional wandering undead or plagued rat, what the Fated find at the Caulfield mansion will make them wish they were dealing with ghostly spirits, because what’s there instead will chill them to the core. Bundle up! Nothing will quite prepare you for the secrets beneath the frozen floors of the Caulfield manor. You can download this chilling One Shot Through the Breach adventure for just five bucks on DriveThruRPG!
  6. @kOOn Your best bet to get anything sorted about an order is through our customer service. Provide information about your order and they'll be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have.
  7. In the latest entry of Earthside Echoes, we are brought to the Empire of Abyssinia where a war with the Barbary League is underway. But the young Prince Unathi suspects Guild involvement. Episode 03: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/earthside-echoes-03/
  8. Our annual Black Friday & Birthday Sale will be ending later today, so make sure to head over to our webstore for any last-minute purchases. While you’re at it, DriveThruRPG’s Black Friday sale is also ending today. This is your last chance to scoop up any of our digital books for 33% off. There’s no better time to catch up on our extensive Malifaux lore or scoop up that Through the Breach Penny Dreadful you’ve been planning on running than right now.
  9. You can cancel your order and then resubmit. We'll gladly fix the issue for you that way.
  10. Fixed! That is Emeline Bellerose.
  11. Here are some of the renders for the new limited models that you can scoop up. Bah Humbug Waldo Charles Edmonton Salty Seadevil Silent Knight
  12. Here is the complete list of special and limited models that you'll be able to pick up during the Black Friday sale. LTD | Alt Draugr LTD | Alt Swine Cursed LTD | Alt Tanuki LTD | Alt Titania LTD | Alternate Perdita LTD | Barbaros LTD | Bayou Gator LTD | Bete Noire Translucent Red LTD | Bishop Alternate LTD | Brine and Bones LTD | Burning Revelation (Kaeris) Dayglow Orange LTD | Burning Revelation (Kaeris) Translucent Orange LTD | Children of December (Rasputina) Translucent Blue LTD | Coryphee Duet Translucent Red LTD | Coryphee Nightmare LTD | Curiosity Killed the Cat (Hamelin) Nightmare LTD | Curiosity Killed the Cat (Hamelin) Nightmare - Translucent Green LTD | Dark Carnival (Colette) Nightmare LTD | Dark Carnival Crew (Colette) Nightmare Translucent Red LTD | Dark Debts (Jacob Lynch) Dayglow Purple LTD | Dark Debts (Jacob Lynch) Translucent Purple LTD | Dr. Alexei Sokolov Alternate Joss LTD | Dr. Dufresne Alternate McMourning LTD | Emeline Bellerose LTD | Firestarter LTD | Francisco Ortega LTD | Gremlin LTD | Guard Sergeant LTD | Guilty As Charged (Jack Daw) Translucent LTD | He-Kome LTD | Herald of Obliteration (Tara) Nightmare LTD | Herald of Obliteration (Tara) Translucent Smoke LTD | Hide and Seek (Dreamer) Dayglow Pink LTD | Hide and Seek (Dreamer) Translucent Pink LTD | Johana LTD | Kaeris LTD | Kandara - Translucent LTD | Katanaka Sniper Alternate LTD | Killjoy - Translucent LTD | Malifaux Child Translucent LTD | Mindless Zombies Translucent Emerald LTD | Miss Anne Thrope LTD | Miss Deed LTD | Miss Ery - Bad Teddy LTD | Miss Feasance LTD | Miss Fire LTD | Miss Step LTD | Miss Terious LTD | Nightmare Cat Herders LTD | NIGHTMARE- CAT HERDERS TRANSLUCENT GREEN LTD | Nightmare Cat Princess LTD | Nightmare Cat Princess - Translucent Green LTD | Nightmare Hanging Tree LTD | No Shelter Here - Smoke Translucent LTD | No Shelter Here (Pandora) Dayglow Lime LTD | No Shelter Here (Pandora) Translucent Lime LTD | Rafkin Alternate LTD | Reva Nightmare LTD LTD | Ross Jebsen LTD | Teddy - Translucent Purple LTD | Unicorn Vomit & Pixie Farts - Nightmare Edition LTD | Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) Dayglow Lime LTD | Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) Translucent Lime LTD | Vintage Hamelin - LTD LTD | Vintage McMourning - LTD LTD | Vintage Misaki - LTD LTD | Vintage Pandora - LTD LTD | Vintage Rasputina - LTD LTD | Vintage Som'er Teeth Jones - LTD LTD | Vintage Sonnia - LTD LTD | Whiskey Golem Nightmare LTD | Whiskey Golem Nightmare Translucent Root Beer LTD | Will O' Wisp - Translucent LTD | Winter Wonderland - (Rasputina) Nightmare LTD | Witchling Handler LTD | Witchling Stalker Translucent Red In addition to these limited models, you will also have access to everything else on our web store, including M3E Faction Books.
  13. Hey Wyrdos, We are celebrating our 14th anniversary as a company by going all out for this year's Black Friday with more alt models and more ways to get them than we've ever done before. Keep reading to find out everything we're planning for our annual Black Friday sale, which will run from November 27th to December 2nd. This year, we'd like to start off by talking about something entirely new: Waldoscapes! Our favorite little imp has escaped our offices and has started to invade our game tables. Players can use this 50mm based Waldo mini as scatter terrain (if you've been reading our Waldo's Weeklies, you'll know he's pretty Hazardous) or as part of the special holiday Encounters that are provided with his purchase. This Bah Humbug Waldo is the first of many Waldoscapes. Because of the limited quantities, he will be available in metal for $30. Included with Bah Humbug Waldo will be a tarot-sized card with a M3E Strategy on one side and a TOS Operation on the other. All orders of $150 or more will get a Bah Humbug Waldo for absolutely free. Make sure to scoop him up while you can! For the full render, just scroll a bit in this thread. To celebrate The Other Side's one year anniversary, Charles Edmonton is receiving a new sculpt to reflect the struggles he has been facing as he defends his homeland from the Hordes. Even this fearless sniper has to hunker behind a wall to reload every once in a while! Not only will this Special Edition Edmonton come with a new pose, but he'll also be flaunting a Special Edition card as well! You can get your hands on this (unassembled) metal miniature by purchasing him directly for $35 or through our special offer (more details on that below). For the full render of Edmonton, just scroll a bit in this thread. For Third Edition's first Black Friday sale, we're releasing not one, but TWO alt models for Malifaux! The Salty Seadevil, an alt Rogue Necromancy, is the perfect fit for your Brine and Bones Nightmare box. This mutated angler comes in plastic and will be available during our annual sale for $35. The stoic Silent Knight, an alt Killjoy, can accompany your Fae and their Autumn Knights this holiday season. Like Waldo and Edmonton, the Silent Knight will be available in metal. You can scoop him up during the Black Friday sale for $30! And in case you missed it, we recently released two Through the Breach Augments for free so that Fatemasters can include both of these fantastic characters into their campaign. You can find them both in the TTB Resources page. To see the full renders of these models, just scroll a bit in this thread. In addition to the four limited miniatures that we're releasing this year, you'll also be able to find some of our other alt models during the big sale. You can find the full list of special models that will be available in the post below. Of course, everything else that is on our web store will also be available during the sale. Oh, it looks like we forgot to mention the big special that we're running during this year's sale. This works a little differently than our specials in the past. For every $100 spent during the Black Friday deal, you will be able to scoop up one of the exclusive models listed below. Yep, that means that if you spend $300, you'll get 3 of these models of your choice. Pick and choose what works best for you! Miss Fire (M3E) Miss Step (M3E) Miss Terious (M3E) Miss Ery (M3E) Miss Deed (M3E) Miss Anne Thrope (M3E) He-Kome (M3E) Ross Jebsen (M3E) Special Edition Charles Edmonton (TOS) Speaking of stuff that will be included with your purchase, you might become the lucky owner of these fantastic Waldo Tokens made by our friends at Custom Meeple. These holiday-themed Waldo Markers are 30mm, so you can use them to track all sorts of fun stuff across our games. We will be providing a handful of these in every purchase until we run out of them, so make sure to get your orders in fast! Disclaimers on Black Friday Purchases: One pack of Waldo Markers (per customer) will be included in orders until supplies last, regardless of the amount spent. Orders that reach $150 or more will receive one Bah Humbug Waldo, regardless of the amount spent beyond that. For every $100 spent, you will get to choose one of the special models listed above (and this accumulates: $200 will get you 2 models of your choice, $300 will get you 3 of your choice, and so on). With four unique models that are available this time around, this just might be our biggest Black Friday sale yet. Make sure to set your browser to our webstore while repeatedly pressing the refresh button on November 27th, because that's when the big sale begins. You'll have until December 2nd to scoop up all of these limited characters, so make sure to act fast! See you then!
  14. We're back with another episode of Tales of Malifaux. Find out what happens when the new Governor-General makes some waves with Malifaux's mercenaries in part one of Horizon's End! Tales of Malifaux 117: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-117/
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