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  1. Hey Wyrdos, Head over to our YouTube channel to check out the Bayou Bash trailer! Or, you know, check it out below. Whatever tickles your fancy. Pre-order Bayou Bash on our webstore to receive a free Rooster Skull enamel pin! For more info on this chaotic racing game, head over to the Bayou Bash website!
  2. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo threw himself a little party to celebrate. What he was celebrating was a mystery to us all, but we joined in on the fun nonetheless. Things quieted down pretty quickly, though. After he bonked his head on the limbo bar, he was seeing stars. So, while we wrangle up his constellation prize, let’s take a look at another upcoming Master title. This time, we’re staring at the sky above with Von Schtook, Stargazer! It’s amazing how just a new perspective can shake things up. Thanks to Anna Lovelace livening up the University of Transmortis’ curriculum, Professor Albus Von Schtook has had the opportunity to crawl out from the Cistern Seven and enjoy one of his favorite hobbies: astronomy. But when he stared unto the stars for the first time in years, what he saw was not the same starscape that he had grown so familiar. Something was very, very wrong… Oh, how exciting! Rather than leaning on summoning as his previous version did, his Stargazer title brings him to new heights. Just as he looked out into the open night sky, Von Schtook is expanding his horizons with more versatility for himself and his crew to combat just about any situation, regardless of whether it comes from the battlefield or from the stars above. We could go into detail and tell you everything this starstruck professor is capable of, but why don’t we take a look at his stat card to get a better view instead? Lastly, many of you have wondered if these new Master titles will be receiving new sculpts. Of course! Do you think we’d miss out on a chance to put a headless zombie-turned-telescope into a miniature? To quote the professor himself: “Top marks, top marks!” Are you a registered student at the University of Transmortis? Will you be following Professor Von Schtook to the surface to study the stars? Let us know!
  3. We're back with another classic Chronicles story! In Words by Moonlight, a pair of Guild Austringers maintain their friendship through a series of letters delivered by hawk. Chronicles 23: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronicles-23/
  4. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo heard us talking about classic rock. He got very excited and scurried off… but didn’t stay long enough to hear the whole conversation. When we all came back from lunch, the office was filled with stones, pebbles, and ores of every size. While we all try and figure out how Waldo managed to replace our office chairs with boulders, take a look at some new equally rock-filled content for Through the Breach! In Price of Progress, the Fated are quietly hired for a job by Condor Rails, the largest rail company in Malifaux. The job sounds simple enough: go to a location outside of Edge Point and check to make sure that it’s suitable for a new rail line. The pay is great, too. Suspiciously great, as a matter of fact. It’ll be up to the Fated to do some digging of their own and uncover what exactly Condor has been trying to keep hidden… or just take the scrip and not ask any questions. Grab a pickaxe, head down to the surveyor’s camp, and get rocking with Price of Progress, available right now on DriveThruRPG for just five bucks!
  5. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found (or rather, heard) Waldo’s latest hobby project: karaoke. While we’ve gotten over his song choices and vocal… capabilities, the worst part is his change in behavior. It’s always “mi, mi, mi, mi, mi.” So, while we look for some noise-canceling headphones, let’s take a look at some of the characters in the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side, and what they’ll look like on the table for Malifaux! A while ago, we revealed the Gatling Gunners, an upcoming Guild unit that will be available in The Other Side’s Starter Box. You can find out what they’ll do (and look like!) on the 4x6 table in that Waldo’s Weekly, which can be found here. As you might already know, all of the characters (including the Gatling Gunners) in The Other Side’s Starter Box will include game cards for both The Other Side and Malifaux. You read that right: all of the models in The Other Side’s Starter Box will be compatible with Malifaux Third Edition. While we already showed what they’re capable of in a large scale skirmish, today we’re taking a look at how these Versatile Minions will be helping out the Guild in M3E. Gatling Gunners are usually deployed at the most dangerous parts of a conflict. Here, they can hold fast in fortifications while driving off enemy advances. While their endless supply of bullets can help keep just about any enemy at bay, the weight of their weapon of choice keeps them from tons of movement around the battlefield. Luckily, they provide a ton of help for only 6 Soulstones. Is your Guild crew hurting for some card draw, big guns, or both? The Gatling Gunner can fill those voids with ease with their Camaraderie Ability, and of course, their Gatling Gun Action. Thanks to their Covering Fire Ability, their “spray and pray” mentality can end up being a boon, even if they don’t manage to hit their target, as another friendly model will get a chance to Interact without having to worry about being engaged. They’ve got some defensive tech, as well, with their Dig the Trenches Tactical Action potentially protecting nearby friendlies from pesky gunlines. Let’s take a look at everything these heavy-hitters can offer by checking out their stat card: Joining them on both Earthside and Breachside battlefields are the Guild Mages. Like their stationary friends, the Guild Mages are Versatile models that can be slotted into any Guild Crew with ease. These fortunate ranks in the Guild have been provided a rare opportunity: to use magic. Well, under careful and scrutinizing watch after years of decorated and proven loyalty to the Guild, of course. Why are they crossing over from Earth to Malifaux? Sometimes, in order to fight fire, you’ve got to use fire yourself. On the Malifaux table, the Guild Mage will provide both some healing and enemy disruption. Their Ability, Glory of the Guild, will allow them to heal a nearby friendly model 1/2/3 if any nearby model discards a card. That’s pretty helpful when you have it paired with the Gatling Gunner’s Covering Fire! Their Bonus Action, Disillusion, will help reposition opponents up to their Move value, which can help get a model out from a corner and into a Gatling Gunner’s line of fire (not to mention another opportunity to heal with its Drain Magic Trigger)!. Thinking about adding the Guild Mage to your crew? Let’s take a look at their stat card! If you’re looking to get into The Other Side for the first time or are a Malifaux player looking to expand your Guild or Resurrectionist model list, The Other Side’s Starter Box is a great opportunity to do both! The Other Side Starter Box includes: Sonnia Criid 3 Guild Mages 6 Gatling Gunners Kirai Ankoku Ikiryo 9 Enslaved Spirits 3 Gwisin Tactics Tokens (and other tokens and Markers) 2 Fate Decks (1 Guild and 1 Court of Two) 2 Measuring Tapes TOS bases and fireteam bases Unit cards for The Other Side and stat cards for Malifaux A Quick Start Guide that will teach you how to play The Other Side in minutes You’ll be able to get your hands on this great deal soon! The Other Side Starter Box will be available at Gen Con and at local game stores shortly thereafter for just $100. We’ll have more news about some other releases that will be available for The Other Side at Gen Con soon! How do you plan on utilizing these characters in both games? Let us know!
  6. In part two of The Past Is Never Dead, Kirai Ankoku revisits the room in the Qi and Gong where her lover died, and a mysterious guest comes with her. Episode 136: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-136/
  7. This week, we found Waldo sleepwalking around the office. While dealing with his singed linens is already a daily occurrence, we didn’t expect to see him walking along the walls and double-checking any loose or dead lightbulbs. So, while we clean imp-prints off the ceiling, let’s take a look at another upcoming Master title – the Dreamer, Insomniac – as well as a character who will be joining his (and Asami’s) crew! As you may have noticed in his art and title, the Dreamer has been having difficulty, well, dreaming. Sleep was once a refuge, a place to escape and play games. But since losing his father to the chaos that has broken out across London, the Dreamer’s rebellious phase has been replaced by weariness and anxiety. Chompy tries to assure him that nothing is wrong, and to go back to sleep, but there’s something that his friend isn’t telling him… On the table, the Dreamer’s sleeping troubles are reflected by his constant nature to rapidly exist and then not exist in Malifaux via his Bury mechanics with Abilities such as Drifting Off and Insomnia. While he is still a card manipulator at heart, his Peer Into Dreams Action takes a different approach by discarding cards from his opponent’s Fate Deck rather than his own. Let’s take a look at just how much a lack of sleep can change how the Dreamer plays by looking at his stat card: Last week, we revealed Asami’s title and how her summoning mechanics have been replaced with positioning and teleporting mechanics. One character that is taking full advantage of the drastic changes in both Asami’s and Dreamer’s lives is Lady Yume, an ancient noppera-bō. These oni are devoted to generating unrest and consuming fear across worlds by stealing faces and features from their victims, but Lady Yume is something far greater. She comforts her victims, singing lullabies that infest their thoughts, and when night comes, she follows her songs into her host’s dreams to take full control. When the time is right, Yume’s face splits apart to reveal the true horror beneath, and as her victims scream from the sight, she feeds. With both the Nightmare and Oni keywords, Lady Yume will be joining both Asami and Dreamer on the table. In both crews, she provides plenty of utility by positioning her enemies with her Hole in the World Trigger and her Coil Around Prey Bonus Action while also utilizing the unique resources and Place mechanics of her allies, providing card manipulation through her Warp the Veil and From Two Worlds Abilities. If you’re interested in seeing how Lady Yume works, check out her stat card: Are you a Dreamer or Asami player? What are your thoughts on the new titles and their newest Enforcer? Let us know in the comments and in our brand new Discord!
  8. Hey Wyrdos, Today, we’re excited to announce that we (finally) have an official Discord server! The Play Wyrd Discord is an extension of our community. We hope to make it as bustling in conversation as our forums and A Wyrd Place, our Facebook group. Join in on the conversation about your favorite Wyrd game or Malifaux faction. Show off your latest hobby projects. Find an opponent to play in Vassal or Tabletop Simulator. Or just hang out and chat with the Wyrd team from time to time! Content creators! We have a channel just for you. If you are about to go live with a stream, or you just posted a video, or perhaps you just posted a detailed blog post on strategies to play your favorite Master, showcase your content by posting it in our Content Creator channel! With your feedback and suggestions, we’ll be adding various improvements to the server as time goes on, but what better time than now to join in on the fun? You can join in on the conversation by visiting this link. We’ll see you there! We’re also running another contest, which includes joining the Play Wyrd Discord server as one of the ways to enter. You can find all the ways to enter by visiting the news post here.
  9. Attention Fatemasters and Fated! Ever wanted to preview what’s coming next for Through the Breach? Does your gaming group run through scenarios faster than ‘shine through a Gremlin? Or maybe you just love getting free stuff? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ll be excited to learn that… The Playtesting Wyrd Miniatures is currently accepting applications for new playtesters to get exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at new Through the Breach content! But what does that entail? Our ideal playtester: Is in it for the long haul. You’ll tackle One Shots, Penny Dreadfuls, expansions, augments, and everything else we’re creating for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. Gets games on the table. Test the content out with your group, read it over, and give feedback based on your experiences. Can’t do a game in-person? No problem! Online sessions work great too (just remember to keep everything private and out of the public eye). Catches mistakes. Help our content be the best it can be by identifying any inconsistencies or confusing areas. Interested playtesters should fill out an application by clicking on this link, and visit the Wyrd Forums to participate in the great Through the Breach community we have there! The Perks Being a playtester has its incentives! You’ll see stuff before anyone else, and also get a free digital copy of any content you provide a report on, in addition to any other valuable feedback. You’ll also have the option of including your name under the playtester credits in any published work. While we can’t spoil too much, we can confirm a few things we have in store: A new Penny Dreadful that acts as an expansion to a classic fan favorite! One Shots for days! An expansion book just as awesome as From Nightmares! Get those applications in! We’re looking forward to seeing you all Through the Breach!
  10. Hey Wyrdos, This week, after performing one too many séances, Waldo found a new appreciation in scented candles. Unfortunately, none of the local candle shops offered any of his favorite associated aromas, so he decided to make his own. So, while we try to figure out how to get the smell of “Scorched Packing Peanuts” off the walls and furniture, let’s take a look at the upcoming title for Asami: Takusen! Asami has learned a great deal about herself and her capabilities since she was first introduced into Malifaux in Ripples of Fate. Thanks to the guidance of Yan Lo, Asami has found a deeper understanding in her connection to the Beyond in ways that she never could have imagined without his lessons. Where shame and fear once consumed her, now confidence and control have taken their place. With Amanjaku’s sudden silence – largely due to quelling the warlord Lingxuzi, Asami has embraced a blissful calm and quiet. In this temporary peace, she has found a rare opportunity to focus on what she once feared, and to limit Oni from crossing over from the Beyond and into Malifaux. She still has a great deal to learn, but she is no longer a puppet to demons from another realm; the power she wields now is hers and hers alone. Mechanically, Asami will be taking a break from summoning and will instead focus on keeping her Oni crew on the table by maintaining a stronger control over her Flicker Tokens without having to lose health in the process. Her new Ability, Flickering Lanterns, will allow her to peel off a Flicker Token from a nearby Oni with ease. Unstable Rift, a new Trigger on her melee Action, will give her another opportunity to keep the Flicker Tokens down, as well as reposition her opponents with a Rift Marker. Speaking of Rift Markers, her new Dimensional Rift Ability will have her Placing her Oni all over the battlefield so that they can get a leg up on the competition. To get those Rift Markers in the most opportune positions, though, Asami will have to utilize her new Action, Into the Beyond, which will send out a Shockwave from the Marker to dish out some damage and potentially reposition nearby opponents (thanks to the Pulled In Trigger). Seeing a trend here? Let’s take a look at her stat card: How do you plan on adjusting your crew to this new Asami? Which models will you bring along (and try to keep from slipping back into the Beyond)? Let us know! --------- And in case you missed it, we just fired up a new painting contest! This time around, things are getting Hot, Hot, Hot! Glowing hot weapons, scorching deserts, flames that spread like wildfire… we want to see it all! This summer’s painting contest starts RIGHT NOW and submissions will be accepted from now until midnight on July 28th. For a complete breakdown of what to expect in the hottest painting contest around, head over to this forum post for more details! We’ll see you there!
  11. Try closing the app completely (making sure that it is not running in the background) and then reopen it. That worked for me.
  12. In case you missed it: the iOS version of the Company Builder app is now live! The link has been added to the post above.
  13. In part one of The Past Is Never Dead, Kirai Ankoku receives an unexpected gift from the hanged man named Jack Daw. Episode 135: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-135/
  14. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found Waldo trying to perform a séance with the office dogs. But without lit candles or a spirit board, all they were able to accomplish was leaving a mess on our office floor and angering every cat in the neighborhood. So, while we clean up all the kibble and styrofoam peanuts, let’s take a look at two more characters in Vagrantsong! In Vagrantsong, up to 4 players can choose a Vagrant to play as they navigate their way through boxcars full of Haints that want to trap their souls on the train. Vagrantsong is just as fun for 2 players (as the difficulty scales based on player count) for when you and a loved one are looking for a spooky adventure while stuck inside on a dark and stormy night. Previously, we revealed one playable Vagrant: the Cursebearer. This week, we’ll take a look at two more Vagrants that you’ll be able to choose, as well as some details in what to expect when playing them, as each Vagrant has their own unique playstyle, and their capabilities will grow and change with every Scenario. After failing to bring solace to the bereaved by attempting to speak to the dead, the Revivalist left his hometown to wander, hoping to find his purpose. The Revivalist always has his eyes on his friends and their wellbeing. His Skills focus on restoring Humanity and removing nasty Haint effects from other Vagrants. And thanks to the Revivalist’s past connections to the dead, his healing Skills can also often target Haints, making him a healer with a little bit of punch. After all, defeating Haints is often a matter of saving them, which can only be done by restoring their lost Humanity. Joining the Revivalist (and Cursebearer) is the Runaway! Accompanied by her loyal pup, the Runaway has hightailed from home in search of a new adventure. She’s eager to see the world, but it’s definitely a little intimidating… or it would be, without her shaggy best friend! With two characters to control, the Runaway can spread out across the train and get plenty done in a turn. Is there an Event that’s just out of reach? Send the Pup to go check it out! Not only can the Pup investigate, but he’s also a useful ally when the going gets tough, as the Runaway’s exclusive Skills often give her best friend the ability to restore Humanity for both Vagrants and Haints alike. Let’s take a look at how the Runaway and Pup play together: On their turn, Vagrants use Coins to determine which actions they want to perform and how potent they want to be. More Coins in a single action can help either increase the odds of success or Humanity gains, but spreading out your Coins on multiple actions will allow you to potentially accomplish more in a single turn. As the Runaway, that player can control the Pup by placing their Coins on any of the actions on the Pup card (or by using several of the Runaway’s exclusive Skills). While having a furry companion at your side can help calm your nerves, he can be a bit stubborn in his actions, as the Pup won’t be able to Rummage for useful items or Patch Up your friends. Here, we see the Runaway has placed her 3 Coins on 3 separate actions, and can perform those actions in any order. Starting with 1 Coin on her exclusive Skill, Who’s a Good Boy?!, the Runaway can call the Pup back toward her and restore Humanity to any Haints and Vagrants that the Pup Moves through on the way. Next, her Pup will be able to perform his Bust Action, which allows him to roll 1 Bone (a d6) for a chance to restore some Humanity to an adjacent Haint. Lastly, with 1 Coin in her Investigate Action, the Runaway can try to uncover the mystery of an Event Token in her space, which can provide a variety effects, such as a boon to remind a Haint of their former self, an item to complete a Ritual, or even a dastardly and well-placed trap! Vagrantsong is a challenging game, and many of the Scenarios become more difficult and punishing the longer they are played. Each time a Vagrant loses all of their Humanity, they will flip over one of their equipped Skills or Junk cards to Wounded (or Broken), which temporarily makes that Skill or Junk unusable. While Vagrants will often find themselves in these precarious positions, all is not lost if a Vagrant is down and out. When a Vagrant flips all of their Skills and Junk over, rather than be removed from the game, they instead become Westbound, with their souls on the brink of being trapped on the ghost train. Let’s take a look at what happens when the Revivalist becomes Westbound: After flipping your Vagrant card over to the Westbound side as shown above, you’ll also take your Vagrant’s Westbound Action card and place it over any of your Wounded Skills. As a Westbound Vagrant, you’ll still be a vital part of your team’s success, but your new goal is to get yourself back off your ghost feet and come back to the realm of the living. To do this, you’ve got to gain all of your Humanity back, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds! In addition to your normal Passive effect changing, you’ll also receive an additional Passive effect that’s going to work against you as the train tries to gain its ghostly grip on your soul, not to mention the pesky Haint in your way! But you’ll have to do everything your power to stop that from happening, because if you are Westbound when the Scenario ends, the Skill card that you placed your Westbound Action card on will be lost forever. As for what happens when every Vagrant becomes Westbound… well, let’s just say that losing isn’t the end, so long as you’re willing to make a deal with your soul as the bargaining chip. You’ll have to find out more about that when you pick up Vagrantsong this fall! Looking for more information on Vagrantsong? Head over to the Vagrantsong website to find out more details, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news and reveals! In the meantime, make sure to add Vagrantsong to your Wishlist on BoardGameGeek!
  15. In part two of The Parade, Molly Squidpiddge and Archie use an impromptu parade as a diversion as they seek out the head of Phillip Tombers in the Guild Enclave. Episode 134: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-134/
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