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  1. Both Vintage McMourning and Miss Terious will come with their associated M3E cards when purchased during the Easter Sale. The mistake was on our end, but has since been remedied.
  2. No new news on Bayou Bash, but it is still coming out. Some things just take longer than others is all. We'll have more updates as we get closer to release.
  3. If you see "Impassible" anywhere, feel free to point that out. Impassible means "incapable of feeling pain," so Impassable is the word we want.
  4. Hey Wyrdos, We just got back from Adepticon and while we were gone, we found Waldo making a house of cards. Amazingly enough, it was in the shape of Nicodem’s mortuary. As soon as we told him that we were impressed, he dropped another house of cards on it, and then set them on fire. Huh, fitting. Anyway, now that we’re all out of cards in the office, we thought it might be an opportune time to release TWO new Fate Decks! And they’re available for print-on-demand on DriveThruRPG… RIGHT NOW! The first Fate Deck is none other than the Pixel Fate Deck! Take a trip down nostalgia lane to travel back in time (or forward in time, if you’re stuck in Malifaux…) to when the greatest in graphical technology was 16-bit sprites. You can get your hands on the Pixel Fate Deck for only $12.00 by following this link. The second Fate Deck is the Saloon Fate Deck, which was drawn by one of the community’s favorite fan artists, and we are excited to finally have it available. The artist took a fun and burlesque approach to some of Malifaux’s leading characters. You can find this mature-themed (as in not for the young or faint of heart) Saloon Fate Deck for only $12.00 by following this link. Both of these fantastic Fate Decks were made by members of our community; the Pixel Fate Deck was created by Milos Kostic and the Saloon Deck was created by Felis Ryltha. To get your hands on both of them, head over to DriveThruRPG.com. Expect to see more of these decks coming out of our vault in the future!
  5. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found Waldo cleaning. Yes, cleaning. We couldn’t believe it either. As it turns out, when no one is around to watch the stuff you set on fire burn to ash, it isn’t nearly as much fun. With us at GAMA last week showing off some of the fantastic stuff we have in store for 2019, Waldo was driven to absolute boredom - to the extent that he resorted to cleaning up the place. But now that we’re back, he wanted to see some of the new stuff that we’re planning on for the future of Malifaux (before he sets it all on fire, of course). The beta for Malifaux Third Edition is coming to a close (finally!). As we’re wrapping up stats and abilities on some of your favorite models, we figured it would be a great time to show you what else will be coming alongside the release of Malifaux Third Edition. So, in addition to new boxes, sculpts, models, cards, rules, and ways to play, we are also releasing new Malifaux books. That’s right, books, as in plural. Many, many books. So many books that we might be building a book fort in the offices. One book per Faction will be hitting store shelves either at Malifaux Third Edition’s launch or shortly thereafter (we’ll be staggering book releases a tad, but don’t worry – all of the information you’ll need to play will be immediately available). Across all of the books, we’ll be covering new characters, art, bios, and stories (so many stories!). These stories will push the lore and world in new and exciting (sometimes scary) directions, further expanding what we’ve grown familiar. Dig deep enough into them and you’re sure to find a secret or seven along the way. Some are more obvious than others. So, this week, Waldo wanted to reveal just what those books will look like. Here are the covers of all seven Faction books! Above all else, though, the most important book to own is the rulebook, which will be available immediately upon Third Edition’s launch, either on our website for free or on store shelves in print. So that’s eight books in total! Now, with all of this “launch” and “release” talk, you might be wondering when. Well, wonder no more, because Malifaux Third Edition will be available… Next week, we’ll be at Adepticon, so Waldo will be too occupied keeping the office from setting itself on fire, so we’ll be giving him another week off. Once we get back, we’ll have more awesome stuff to show off and talk about! See you then.
  6. That's the plan/hope. We're aiming for Thursday.
  7. I understand and empathize with everyone's frustrations in regards to distribution issues, but a thread in the Open Beta about it closing up shop is not the place for those types of criticisms. For one, the design team does not deal with the distribution side of the company. Secondly, it detracts from our current goal: making Malifaux Third Edition the best it can be from a design point of view. If you are concerned with distribution, the best place to bring those issues up is through our Contact form here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact Let's get back on track. If anyone has any other issues in regards to Malifaux Third Edition, please bring those criticisms up in the appropriate Open Beta subforums.
  8. The rules and stat cards will be translated into seven languages, which will be available for free on our website, just as we did with The Other Side. We already have translation partners that are ready to work with us once the rules are considered final. There is no reason to begin translations earlier than that, as the rules have been changing on a weekly basis, and having our partners keep up to date on every change would make the process more difficult than it needs to be. The translated versions of the rules and stat cards will become available as soon as they are ready.
  9. Titan Smash is definitely still happening but does not have a tournament packet. You can find the rules on how Titan Smash works HERE. The links should work now.
  10. Hey Wyrdos, We’re excited to finally provide the tournament packets for this year’s Adepticon. If you’ve signed up for an event, here’s all of the information that you’ll need before this year’s premiere wargaming convention! If you haven’t signed up for events yet, head on over to Adepticon’s Event page and search for Malifaux, The Other Side, or Wyrd to find the event you’re looking for! Malifaux 2nd Edition - Enforcer Brawl The age old question...Who is the best Enforcer? Come, test the skills of both yourself and your chosen Enforcer in this battle royal. Each round will match your model against 3 other players in a ring of death. This event will utilize the Official Enforcer Brawl format, which can be found HERE! Malifaux 2nd Edition - Henchman Hardcore Sometimes all you need to do a job is a Henchman and a few minions. Leave the Master behind and see if your Henchman has what it takes. This M2E tournament will consist of 5 rounds at 30 minutes each and will utilize the Official Henchman Hardcore format, which can be found HERE! Malifaux 2nd Edition - Send-Off Tournament This is the end of an era. The best of the best are coming out to fight for the final title: Champion of Malifaux. This is the last Wyrd run M2E tournament. Think you are strong enough to claim ownership of Malifaux: Second Edition? Grab your faction and test your mettle. Reserve your spot now! This is a 3 Round, specialized Gaining Ground 2018, 50SS Event that will use some old favorites for Strategies and Schemes. Find out more information about the Tournament HERE! The Other Side - The Battle Begins Tournament Fight for control of Earth and for the dominance of your Allegiance. Bring the force of your Company and battle it out for control of Earth. This is a 3 Round, 1 Commander, Fields of Glory Event. More information can be found HERE! Lastly, we still need some volunteers for Adepticon. If you're able to give us a hand, we'll greatly appreciate it! You can find out more about volunteering here: We’ll see you at Adepticon!
  11. We hope to have a small update tomorrow, and another one the week of the 18th. Next week, we'll be at a convention, so we'll have Waldo watch over the forums.
  12. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found Waldo rummaging through the M3E rulebook. At first, we got excited because we thought he was trying to learn the game, but as it turns out, the amount of ink each visual example requires makes the pages an impish delicacy. Maybe our Henchmen are brave enough to teach him how to play, but we’re not. We like our hands right where they are, thank you very much. Before he ate all of the pages, we couldn’t help but notice the stealth reveal of a Master’s new look in one of those examples. We figured that showing off what the rest of her art looks like is probably the right thing to do. So let’s take a look at the Ten Thunders’ new Oyabun, Misaki! When building a Misaki Crew, players will be focusing on dancing in the dark by utilizing stealth and movement Abilities that make Last Blossom models hard to see and hard to hit. The combination of Misaki’s Into Shadow and From Shadow Abilities allow her to hide from her opponent by Burying while simultaneously placing Destructible Concealing Shadow Markers on the table that (generally) only the other members of her Crew have the experience to see through. Other Last Blossom models are going to be utilizing those Shadow Markers in special ways, too. For example, not only can Ototo drop them, but if he’s also in line of sight of Misaki, he can create a pulse to hand out Slow (from his Action, The Storm is Coming), which will help to keep the enemies he wants nearby to stick around for a while. In addition, Minako Rei can summon Katashiro by discarding Shadow Markers (with her Create Katashiro Action), Yamaziko can draw cards and Pass Tokens on her Unworthy of Her Attention Trigger, Torakage can teleport to Shadow Markers and turn them into Scheme Markers (with the Ninja Vanish Action), and the Thunder Archers can bring the pain by handing out more damage to models that are lingering too close to those Shadow Markers (via their Shadow Pin Trigger). And that’s just the beginning of the synergies involved with Misaki and her Last Blossom Crew. To celebrate her new rank as Oyabun, we’ll be providing a wallpaper of Misaki Katanaka’s glorious new look, too! Next week, we’re letting Waldo rest a bit while we’re in Reno, visiting the fine folks at GAMA. Hopefully the office isn’t burned to the ground before we get back.
  13. Thanks @santaclaws01 - It's kind of hidden, but in that Fork/Spoon thread, I just mentioned that we're taking one last look at problem models. I think creating a comprehensive list of absolute broken/unfun models would be beneficial. We are not taking a look at models that players think that they could use some "nice to have" actions and abilities, just things that the majority of players agree on that will not see the table.
  14. Hey everyone, We are still reading feedback and battle reports. You have spoken, and we're listening. We are taking some extra time to address some of the corner-case models and Crews that we've heard since this announcement as "definitely not ready." This is very much not an update for things that are nice to have, but rather, an update to address models that are considered never worth putting on the table. Expect a stealth update that covers only a few models, and another update of similar size in two weeks. But then... we're done! Definitely this time! Seriously! I mean it!
  15. The forums were recently updated since this post. Are you still experiencing this issue?
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