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  1. Kyle

    Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    Episodes 94 and 95 of Tales of Malifaux are live! Episode 94: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-94/ Episode 95: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-95/
  2. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo started shouting about needing a Gatekeeper, something about being a Gozer, and there being only Zuul. Once we explained to him that we were going to be talking about KeyWORDS and not KeyMASTERS, he disappeared in a puff of frustrated smoke. Him being gone works out for us, though, because we’ve got a lot to talk about this time around! Last time we spoke, we asked you what parts of M3E you wanted to hear about, and we’ll certainly touch upon as many of those as possible in future articles. This week, we’re going to take a look at every existing model in the game and which Keywords they possess. This list includes all of the models from M2E. There will be more models to fill in gaps in M3E, but we’ll cross those bridges when we get there. As a reminder, in M3E, your Leader can hire any models that share a Keyword with them, as well as any Versatile models, at their listed Cost. They can also hire models belonging to their declared Faction, albeit at +1 Cost. Totems are not specifically noted on this list but can only be hired into a Crew that contains their Master. Versatile models are denoted with asterisks after their names. Crews can be led by both Masters and Henchmen, both of which have been noted below, along with any secondary Keywords that those models can hire without penalty. As you look through this list, you’ll see a few models that have undergone name changes, which are noted where applicable. And, not that it’s needed to be said again, but just in case: M3E is still in beta-form, and details are always subject to change. To find the list of models, head on over to our website!
  3. Kyle

    Login Button Clarification

    Hey Wyrdos, In the recent update of "Bad Things Happen," a Login button was implemented. There have been questions about the requirements for Login Credentials and if logging in is needed. This button is a placeholder for future functionality that is under development. There are no Login Credentials at this point, and Login is not needed for any of the app's features. The "Bad Things Happen" App has more to come that we're excited to see revealed in future updates, some of which will use that login feature. When the placeholder button becomes more than a placeholder, we'll make sure the information on the requirements for Login Credentials available to all. Apologies for any confusion the placeholder button may have caused!
  4. Kyle

    Iron Painter - 2018 Results and Prizes

    Congratulations to all of the winners! There were some really amazing entries this year.
  5. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo was rummaging through old documents in the warehouse (probably to find out why his attempts at summoning more imps failed - we're still cleaning that mess up) and stumbled across what looks like the scribbled notes of a history professor who had gone missing in the mid 1900s. We saw it as a good opportunity to get you all caught up on the timeline for the Other Side, so enjoy! The World is Burning How Did We Get Here? An Understanding of the World on Fire All is Beautiful in the Fire A Modern History: an Opening Lecture for the New Semester Welcome the new students. Act pleasant. Happy. Stable. You are fine. You are stable. Provide syllabus. Perform lecture on timeline to current day. Do not bring in the book. Do not talk about the book. Do not bring in the book. 1642 - The Beginning, or When We First Discovered Soulstones Abyssinia, a country separated by secrets for centuries, forced to share their knowledge with their allies to prevent overwhelming losses in the battles to come. It has recently been discovered that Abyssinia was the first recorded power to obtain Soulstones after an isolated Breach (which has since closed) opened in their country’s borders. It would be another hundred and forty five years before the rest of the world was introduced to their magical energy. 1787 – 1798 – A Blink unto the Beautiful A bright – if brief - time in our world’s history, a time that most scholars still believe was Earth’s first gaze upon the new world - wrong. The Council opened the portal Breach to Malifaux, walked its city’s streets… but little did they know that the Breach was an open window, and not a one way street. We all know of the events that occurred, but as to how and why the Breach had closed a decade later remains a mystery. Keep it together. You can make it through this. 1803 – 1814 - the Black Powder Wars, or the Rise of a New World Power After the Breach closes, the world bites at the necks of allies and enemies for control over Soulstones. Allegiances form while others are torn, leaving a gap for Guild of Mercantilers to establish itself as a world power in London – thanks to obtaining the majority of the world’s Soulstones in a very short amount of time. A stepping stone for the good and beautiful, born in fire for worldwide civility. 1853 – 1857 – A Stranglehold over the Peace in the East The Guild opens the Three Kingdoms’ ports for trade. Over the next few years, the Guild’s influence over Vietnam, Japan, and China help bring peace over the war-torn countries in a recovery effort after the Black Powder Wars. Why are you lying to them? This isn’t you. Speak the truth, of the wrongdoings, of the police states. Wake up. Don’t think about the man before the Burning Man. He is not worth protecting. 1897 – The Breach Reopens Without rhyme or reason, the Breach bright and blue and shimmering reopens. The Guild seizes control over Malifaux City, and their Soulstone mining continues. A Governor-General is appointed, a Herbert Kitchener, who sought for greatness, and found it in fire. Somewhere in Windsor, a man has visions of a being robed in magma and crowned in flame. Think of something else. Anything else. Fight these thoughts, these bright and beautiful dreams. 1900 – The Sermon at the Cathedral A king god man named Ephraim Wade performs a sermon at the Cathedral of St. Mary-le Bow, and speaks the truth a fearmongering sermon, of an apocalypse wrought in hellfire, and of the Burning Man, who would cleanse the unfaithful and bring about a new order from their ashes an entity who would later become the focus of his book THE BOOK, the Contiones de Rege Flammae, and the words that would form and spark the creation of the Church of the Burning Man. 1902 – The New Year’s Massacre and the Wade Trial Did you take your medicine? Ephraim Wade and over three thousand of his devout followers march to the Thames River in repentance, not celebration. Assaults begin, riots form. Families there in celebration of the New Year are trampled to death. Wade and his inner circle are arrested and put on trial, sentenced to a lifetime of solitary confinement for manslaughter. But ignorance cannot keep the good, the bright, the beautiful, in the dark for long. 1904 – 1905 - The Guild Loses its Footing Breathe. You need to breathe. These dreams, these premonitions… they’re… England announces its independence from the Guild, forcing the Guild’s headquarters to be relocated in Vienna. India, the Three Kingdoms, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire soon make demands of the Guild. ALL FOR NAUGHT. -IT SHALL BE BROUGHT TO ASH. April, 1906 – THE ARRIVAL The Earthquake The Governor-General goes missing BUT THOSE WHO LISTEN KNOW WHERE HE IS, causing more disarray for the Guild. Shortly thereafter, a body of burning flame in the shape of a man, later coined the Burning Man, appears above San Francisco. A week after its his arrival, an enormous earthquake destroys the city, and terrible monsters the devout are released upon the city, and into the world. Can’t… fight… so bright… May, 1906 – Arrival in London The Burning Man arrives in London, sending a wave of panic through the King’s Empire and the world bringing with it the Gibbering Hordes truth in its fiery wake. The madman Ephraim Wade escapes prison. Reaper, sower, borne from the depths of the cosmos in the belly of fire and ash, wreathed in the light of a thousand suns. Let the Earth burn with righteous fire beneath his every step. He brings the good and the beautiful end, and we shall bathe and dance in his bright and beautiful fire. Stop. You should have never read that book. Your curiosity has ruined you. Ruin is a virtue. Pain is the path. The future is forged in fire. You carry the torch. Burn it all. June, 1906 - The Battle of London The Burning Man’s presence begins to warp and transform those who feel close to the flame, forcing Londoners to turn their guns on their fellows. The great and beautiful and bright fire shall engulf the flesh that resists and the flesh that refuses but those that listen and hear and see the radiance in the flame shall find a retribution in the light. The portals are eyes and mouths and see and speak of the Burning Man’s will and we owe it to the great flame to listen for we too will be bathed in the light and in the flame like silk robes carrying us to a new world, beautiful and bright. It begins. It begins. It begins. It begins. It begins. It begins. To download a PDF of this classified file, click on this link!
  6. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we’re headed to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia and hope to see you there! In an effort to make sure that we don’t come back to an office-turned-ash-pile, we’re taking Waldo with us, which means we’ll have to keep this week’s reveal short and sweet. Here’s an art reveal for one of our newest models! Have a look at the Undergraduate, who studies under the tutelage of Von Schtook at the University of Transmortis.
  7. Kyle

    Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    Strange! I just tried downloading episode 73 (https://www.podbean.com/site/EpisodeDownload/PB86330AQDEBA) while using Google Chrome on my PC and didn't have any issues downloading, saving, or listening. The issue is likely browser or device based, if I had to guess. If you try downloading on a different device and/or a different browser and still have issues, let me know and I'll dig a little deeper.
  8. Hey Wyrdos, Waldo spent the week scribbling a bunch of strange symbols with chalk and candlewax on the walls and floor of the office. After explaining to him that is definitely not the way summoning works (though there has been a lingering sulfur smell as of late), he finally agreed to stop vandalizing the place as long as we told him how. So, before we go check on that smell, we’re going to take a look at how summoning works in M3E. Summoning has always been a cornerstone ability in Malifaux, and often, it’s one of the strongest abilities that a player can bring to the table. Not surprisingly, many of the best masters in first and second editions were those who capable of summoning in new models. One of the goals for M3E was to keep summoning as the powerful and unique ability that it is while reigning it in and preventing a summoner from completely running away with a game. To accomplish this, we approached summoning from a couple different angles. Let’s use Dashel Barker, the Guild’s newest Master, as an example. There’s a lot of fun stuff on Dashel’s stat card, but for the purposes of this article, let’s focus on his Call In Reinforcements Action. The first thing that jumps out about the Action is that it’s Once per Turn, which is a restriction that can be found on every Master-level summoning Action. Previously, in second edition, the best thing that a summoner could do was to spam their summoning Action as much as possible to flood the board with models. The rest of the summoner’s card was almost secondary to that action. Just about everyone has played a few games against Kirai and Nicodem where all they did was spam their summoning action to churn out as many new models as possible. Surprisingly, most of our playtesters ended up enjoying the summoning Masters a lot more after this change. By removing the burden of having to create and maintain a summoning engine for maximum efficiency, it freed these Masters up to do other things with their Actions. Once Dashel has called in a new Guard, he’s free to move around or shoot at his enemies without feeling like he’s “wasting” those Actions. While Dashel can only summon one model at a time (most likely due to Guild budget constraints), some of the other summoning Masters, such as Dreamer and Asami, can summon multiple models with a single Action. To do so, they just add the Cost of all of their summoned models together when determining the Action’s TN. This allows these Masters the option of summoning in two weak models in favor of a single stronger model. Each Master-level summoning Action also Attaches an Upgrade to the summoned model. Dashel Attaches the Patrolling Guard Upgrade to his summoned Guard, so let’s take a look at that Upgrade now. Patrolling Guard is Plentiful (2), which means that a player can only have two copies of that Upgrade in play at any given time. If Dashel already has two summoned models with an Attached Patrolling Guard Upgrade, then when he attempts to summon a third model, he can’t Attach the Upgrade (due to exceeding its Plentiful restriction) and the summoned model doesn’t enter play. That’s somewhat restrictive, but if Dashel is his Crew’s Leader, the Plentiful Restriction increases to Plentiful (5), which greatly expands his summoning capabilities. This helps to ensure that the power level of summoning Masters is kept in check when they’re hired as supplemental Masters in a Crew. Crews in M3E can have multiple Masters, by the way. If you want to splash some Guard summoning into a Witch Hunter Crew, for instance, you just hire Dashel like a normal model: you pay his Cost of 15, plus one if he doesn’t share your Leader’s Keyword (which in this example would be “Witch Hunter”). This has been working out pretty well in playtesting, and it’s super fun to have Dashel summoning guardsmen into a battle to support his Witch Hunter allies. Looking back at the Patrolling Guard Upgrade, you can see that after it Attaches to a model, that model gains Slow. In second edition, there were a number of summoning restrictions in the book that always seemed to catch both new and experienced players off guard, such as summoned models showing up with Slow and not being able to take Interact Actions on the turn they arrive. In M3E, those restrictions have been moved onto the summon Upgrades themselves; after Dashel summons a Guard model, for instance, it gains Slow, but it has no restrictions on its ability to take Interact Actions. Because M3E uses Upgrades to track which model is summoned, this lets us treat summoned models a bit differently than normal, purchased models. For instance, the Exorcist has a trigger that flat out kills a model with an Attached Summon Upgrade, making it quite the counter to Crews that do a great deal of summoning. All in all, these changes to the summoning rules have allowed summoning to remain as a strong option for Crews in M3E while still ensuring that there are enough checks in place to keep it from becoming the absolute best strategy in every situation. We’ve also balanced the number of summoners between Factions in order to ensure that each Faction has roughly the same amount of access to the mechanic. Arcanists have Sandeep Desai, the Bayou has Som’er “Teeth” Jones, the Guild has Dashel Barker, the Neverborn have the Dreamer, the Outcasts have Tara Blake, and the Ten Thunders have Asami Tanaka. The Resurrectionists, which have traditionally been the bastion of summoning Masters, have emerged in M3E with Kirai Ankoku and Albus Von Schtook as their summoning Masters (though Albus approaches the situation in a much more unorthodox manner than his peers). Since it’s the holiday season, we thought that we’d leave the topic of the next article up to you! What parts of M3E are you most excited to hear about? Let us know! Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Hey Wyrdos, Our annual Black Friday & Birthday sale is now LIVE! Go, go, go! Head on over to the webstore to get your hands on a wide assortment of rare and limited Malifaux models, including a new alt Reva! As a reminder, we will be out of the office for the holiday, but we will be back on Monday the 26th. See you then!
  10. Hey Wyrdos, We've officially released the Tides of Battle! Tides of Battle is the official Escalation and Achievement League format for The Other Side. With this document, you will be able to play The Other Side in new and exciting ways by earning achievements and creating new Companies in the process. It’s a fantastic way to meet new players and establish a community in your area. In the Tides of Battle, you’ll also find the Garrison system. Every two weeks, your Company will expand with more Scrip to spend on units and Assets, more Strategems to better prepare you for the battles to come, and more Commanders to lead your Fireteams to glory. The Garrison system will also be a part of the upcoming tournament document, which we will be providing in the near future. You can find the Tides of Battle document here!
  11. Kyle

    Upcoming Shows with Wyrd!

    There are a lot of cons that we'd like to attend but can't due to a multitude of factors: team size, balancing con time vs. development time, cost, conflicting schedules, etc. While attending a con might only be a week or weekend, planning for one takes considerably more time than that. We do not have a convention team; the people who are planning these events are the same ones that are making the games (whether it be on the design or production side of a project), so sometimes hard choices have to be made. There are quite a few events that we'd love to attend, but can't, due to unique circumstances for each con. For example, we couldn't make our way out to the UK Nationals this year, either, despite our best efforts. But those events that we cannot reach and attend directly, we do try and support them in whatever capacity we're capable of at the time. I know it's not the greatest answer, but it's an honest one. Captain Con has already reached out to us in regards to providing support, and we've happily agreed to do so. We're excited to see what comes out of Captain Con this year, and wish all of the participants in the first TOS tournament the best.
  12. Hey Wyrdos, We’re super excited to talk to you about the next two conventions that we will be attending. At the end of this month, you can find us at PAX Unplugged. Starting November 30th and ending December 2nd, we will be there in Philadelphia, showing off The Other Side, Malifaux Third Edition, and more! Make sure to swing by our booth and say hello! Then, in March, we’ll be headed to Schaumburg, IL to find out just how competitive our community is at Adepticon. From March 27th to the 31st, players will be duking it out in The Other Side’s first Wyrd-run tournament, as well as a tournament to celebrate Malifaux Second Edition before the next edition is released. We’ve got a bunch of other events that we’ll be running this year, so we hope to see you there! To find out more information about all of our events, head over to the Adepticon Event list here. Just make sure to search for “Wyrd” and you’ll be able to find our schedule! We’ve got plenty to talk about and plenty more to show, so make sure to head to either (or both!) PAX Unplugged and Adepticon to find out the latest and greatest of all things Wyrd. We’ll see you there!
  13. Kyle

    The Other Side App - An Update

    We'll be able to go into more detail about the app's functionality in the future.
  14. Kyle

    To Our Wyrdos

    Wyrdos, We want to apologize for any frustration we may have caused with how The Other Side’s Kickstarter was handled. This apology goes out to those who have backed the game and are still waiting for what they had purchased, to those that received mispackaged or damaged products, and to those who are patiently waiting for The Other Side to arrive on store shelves. As we have stated before, we stand by our product, so if there was a problem with your order, reach out to us via our contact form. We will take care of you. The Kickstarter for The Other Side was a learning experience for us at Wyrd. Releasing a game of this scale has been both a fascinating and vexing challenge. We underestimated some of the obstacles that were put in front of us during the various stages of production and delivery, but have since created solutions so that these problems don’t arise again. Additionally, we want to apologize to the local game stores who are also waiting for the product to arrive. While we try to make all aspects of our community happy, we felt it was important to hold to our word and make sure all of our Backers were taken care of first. Those orders are now out of the warehouse and sent to various distribution centers. Our focus is now on our Retail Distribution Partners. Shipments are on the way and we expect that they will be hitting retail shelves in the next week or so. For those Kickstarters who are still waiting, thank you for your continued patience. Due to circumstances out of our control, some packages have taken longer to reach doorsteps than we would have hoped. The wait should be over soon. Taking the lessons we've learned to heart, we here at Wyrd are walking away from these challenges as a stronger company who believes in their products and community. We look forward to the opportunities to show you, once again, what we can do. Thank you, for keeping it Wyrd.
  15. Kyle

    Black Friday 2018

    The alt Reva will come unassembled, and will be the same plastic material as the vast majority of our Malifaux models.