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  1. We are adding more playtesters to test new content for The Other Side and Malifaux! We are especially looking for new testers for Through the Breach, so if you're a Fatemaster who is hungry for content, sign up to be the first playgroup with access to the latest and greatest! This also bears repeating: not all requests are approved, as there are multiple factors that we are looking at when seeking playtesters. Make sure to read the questions closely, as we are looking for knowledgeable players who are able to find flaws in our crazy ideas. To sign up, scroll up in this thread to find the link.
  2. Quick update: due to some unexpected forum difficulties, the voting poll will be posted a day late (tomorrow). Sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll get it all sorted first thing tomorrow.
  3. Hey everyone! A quick update. We're experiencing some forum difficulties for setting up the voting polls, but should have everything sorted by tomorrow. That just means that voting will be delayed a day. Thanks for understanding!
  4. Thanks for the feedback, Tors. We want to make sure that these translations are as accurate as possible. If you find any errors in the translation, we encourage you to let us know. Feel free to PM me your feedback so we can get those errors adjusted accordingly.
  5. Hey Wyrdos, We are excited to announce that both the German and Polish translations of the Malifaux Third Edition Core Rulebook are now available! You can find the German translated rules here and the Polish translated rules here. Don’t worry if you forget the links. You’ll be able to find these translated rules in the Resources section on the Malifaux page. Spanish, Russian, and Italian translations will be made available as soon as they are ready! As always, if you have any difficulties downloading the rules (or even find a typo), make sure to reach out to us via our Contact page so we can get it all sorted out.
  6. In episode 120 of Tales of Malifaux, we begin part one of The Coming Storm, starring Misaki! Episode 120: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-120/
  7. Hey Wyrdos, 2019 was both an exciting and challenging time for us at Wyrd, and in 2020, we are looking for ways to improve and grow. One of the biggest obstacles we saw last year was getting our games onto store shelves through traditional means. To address this, we have begun the Direct to Retail program. If your brick and mortar local game store is having issues receiving our products, let them know that a new option is now available. If you are one of those stores that has experienced difficulty stocking any of our items, head over to our Direct to Retail page to find out more details, including how and where to sign up. The program is now live, but please allow for some time to go through the application process.
  8. In this episode of Earthside Echoes, we rejoin Prince Unathi, fresh from his first military victory. But one of the prisoners from the Barbary League is acting very strangely. Episode 04: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/earthside-echoes-04/
  9. The benefits from volunteering depend from show to show, as well as the amount of coverage a volunteer is willing to help with. As we get closer to each show, we'll post details about shifts, schedules, and goodies. As in general help in a booth? While we might provide volunteer shifts like that for future shows, historically, that type of volunteering is generally only needed for Gen Con. The volunteer submission page on the Upcoming Shows page is more or less to get in early interest for those who already know that they will be attending and want to help out. We'll be making more specific callouts for exactly what we'll need when we get a little closer to the shows themselves.
  10. Before the year ends, we thought it’d be a good idea to look toward the future. We just launched our Upcoming Shows page for 2020! We’ll be starting off the new year by heading to a show for the first time: the Las Vegas Open! There’s already a fantastic group of players that will be running tournaments and events there, so we’ll be accompanying them with demos for The Other Side and Malifaux. We’ll also be setting up a booth there, so you can scoop up some goodies while you’re waiting for the next game. It’s important to note that the Upcoming Shows page only currently details the shows we are already committed to, so keep an eye on that page for any more additional shows that may be added as 2020 moves forward. You’ll also notice that we have a Volunteer Sign Up sheet on that page, as well. Starting with Adepticon, we’re looking for volunteers to help out with events, demos, and general assistance in our booths. If you’re headed to one or more of these shows and want to give us a hand, sign up to be a volunteer! We hope to see you there (at any and all of these shows, that is)!
  11. Part two of Gremlin General is now available in the latest episode of Tales of Malifaux! Episode 119: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-119/
  12. Hey Wyrdos, There is no Waldo’s Weekly today. Waldo is out buying gifts for us (we’re terrified), so we figured it was a good time to wish everyone in our amazing community to have a happy holiday. Just as every year, we are taking an extended break to recharge our batteries, but we will be back in the offices on January 2nd of the New Year. This means that if you reach out to us via customer support between now and then, please wait to hear from us until we get back. In the meantime, don’t forget to participate in the Bah Humbug Bonanza, our first ever multi-part holiday contest! Whether you’re into painting miniatures, building terrain, or coloring, there’s something in it for you! You can find out more information about Bah Humbug Bonanza by visiting the news post here. We’ll see you in 2020! Happy Holidays! -Wyrd
  13. Hey Wyrdos, Do you prefer to read stories on an iPad or PC? Do you absolutely hate bookshelves? Are you terrified of paper cuts? Well, we have good news! All seven of the Malifaux Third Edition Faction Books are available for digital purchase! Head over to DriveThruRPG to download them all. Here are the links to each individual book: Core Rulebook Arcanist Faction Book Bayou Faction Book Guild Faction Book Neverborn Faction Book Outcast Faction Book Resurrectionist Faction Book Ten Thunders Faction Book
  14. A quick update: After receiving some additional feedback from some of the Italian Malifaux community members, we have decided to temporarily take down the Italian translation until a few problem areas get sorted out. We will have the Italian translations available again as soon as these errors are addressed. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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