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  1. In part two of Student Bodies, Anna Lovelace brings some much-needed reforms to Transmortis University. Episode 132: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-132/
  2. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo couldn’t figure out what to do to bide his time in the office, so he decided to put it up to a vote. What he didn’t expect was the unanimous write-in decision for him to “not burn anything to the ground.” So, while he figures out other methods of destruction, let’s take a look at the remaining characters in the upcoming Outcast Starter Box! The Catalan Riflemen make sure that that anything and everything related to the Condor Rails rail system moves forward without a hitch. These cheap, reliable gunmen are loyal to Yannic Waller and the rest of
  3. Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo decided to give his wings a rest and attempted to do a little train-hopping to get from one place to another. Unfortunately for him, he hopped on one owned by the Condor Rails and ran into Anya’s armed security. Since he looks a little like a Nephilim who needs to go on a diet, they treated him about as nicely as they would of any black blood in the Knotwoods. So while he’s nursing his wounds (and ego), let’s take a look at one of the characters in the upcoming Outcast Starter box! The Outcast Starter Box includes 4 models: Yannic Waller, 2 Ca
  4. The Easter Extravaganza Event has started! Head to the webstore now to see everything in stock!
  5. Tales of Malifaux is back! In this episode, we dive into the Cistern in part one of Student Bodies to find out what Professor Von Schtook has been up to all these years. Episode 131: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-131/
  6. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we’re taking it easy and focusing on what’s to come tomorrow. So while we prepare for the event, let’s take a look at what Waldo’s been up to as of late. Well… great. Looks like he’s hoarding all of the Daredeviled Eggs for himself. Omlettin’ him have one, but we’ll pry the rest of the Daredeviled Eggs from his greedy little imp hands so they’re available tomorrow. The Easter Extravaganza Event will start early tomorrow, April 1st (and that’s no joke!). As a reminder, we’ll be running these THREE promotions during the event:
  7. Hey Wyrdos, As you might already know, we’ve been actively working on a brand new board game behind closed doors. Playtesting and feedback have been going over extremely well so far. We’ve made a ton of breakthroughs and adjustments based on game reports, and we are super excited with how the game is shaping up. Over the last few months, we’ve been adding tons of content, and because of the amount of stuff in this game, we need as many playtesters as we can get to make sure that it is as awesome as we're aiming. This is where you come in! We need more playtesters so t
  8. You get the entire sprue - all 8 of these larger Puppets.
  9. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we’re taking a closer look at what will be available during our annual Easter Extravaganza Event, which starts on April 1st and ends on the 9th. Like with every Easter Event, our limited and alt models will be listed on the webstore. We’ve got almost everything still in stock, but there will be a few things that have sold out (Rotten Harvest Pandora). If you’re looking for the Rotten Harvest Candy and Kade, though, you’ll be able to find them during the Event. For a comprehensive list of everything that will be available, you’ll just have to visit our webs
  10. In the Explorer's Society book, the Maxine and EVS story by Mike Wallace covers Harata's relationship with Mr. Ngaatoro. It's also just a really fun story, but maybe I'm biased. 😄
  11. We are back with another installment of Chronicles. And this time, we have two episodes in one! Episode 20: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronicles-20/
  12. Since the launch of M3E, Gaining Grounds has moved to a more flexible 'seasonal' format rather than releasing in a specific window. This allows us to to make more rapid changes if we need to (as we saw with Gaining Grounds Season 0 to Season 1), as well as take the time needed to ensure that any new Strategies or Schemes are fun, challenging, and engaging. We also want to make sure that the content is played, which isn't the case for everyone when it comes to Season 1. While lots of players have played with the Strategies and Schemes of Gaining Grounds Season 1, there are still plenty of
  13. Hey Wyrdos, This week, we’re giving Waldo a break to take a look at some upcoming releases slated for June. Malifaux Outcast Starter Box - $45.00 Turning Tides - $50.00 Hush - $45.00 Off the Deep End - $25.00 Here Lies… - $45.00 Razorspine Rattlers - $35.00 Iconic Fate Deck - $13.00 Bayou Bash - $55.00 You read that right. The Iconic Fate Deck is making its long-awaited return and will be available for purchase soon. The Razorspine Rattlers got out of their boxes and those snakes terrified everyone in the
  14. What started out as a constructive conversation about the balance in the Bayou turned ugly really quick, for little reason at all. We encourage discussion about what players feel are too good in the game. It's one of the many resources we have as designers to utilize when considering future errata. It also helps players think about certain crews in new ways that they might not have before. What isn't encouraged, though, is being uncivil with your peers. For those involved in the negativity and mud slinging: we suggest learning how to disagree with someone while still holding a civi
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