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  1. Hey Wyrdos! If you are poking your head in this thread, it means that you’re likely about to start priming and/or basing your models from The Other Side. But things are a little different, and you’ve got questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It should be noted that anything suggested here is up to your discretion and we are in no way responsible for any damage done to models based on these suggestions. What Are These? The Other Side models are a special blend of plastic that come pre-assembled. You will notice they have a bit more give to them than Malifaux plastic. This is 100% normal. This material allows the models to be more durable. For example, we’ve thrown some against the wall and they didn’t break (don’t do this at home, though!). Naturally, if you decide to get overly aggressive with something, it will break. When attaching these pieces to their bases, we recommend using super glue. While you are welcome to experiment with other types of adhesives, we have found that super glue forms the best bond between the model and its base. Primer & Paint You may notice that The Other Side plastic pieces are a little more glossy and smooth than other plastics (like Malifaux). No need to worry! As long as you give it a quick clean and hit it with some primer first, it will hold paint with no issues. You can use any sort of model-appropriate primer and paint to spruce up your models. Bent Pieces or Modifying You may notice that depending on the conditions (shipping, heat, etc.), your models may have some of the longer pieces bend a bit. If this is the case, there is a potential fix. Taking the bent piece, you can submerge it in hot water and then straighten it. Hold it there while it cools. The piece should hold whatever shape you give it. You can do this also if you wish to modify or change your models in some small way. Breaking It Apart For the hardcore enthusiast interested in converting and/or painting individual parts of a model rather than the whole pre-assembled version that you received, you may want to break apart the models to be able to customize/paint your piece. While we don’t recommend this (because there’s the potential of damaging your model), we know that it’s not going to stop some of you, so we thought we might as well give some advice! If you place the model in a freezer and leave it there for several hours, the glue will become brittle and with a bit of pressure, or help from modeling tools at the seams, you can disassemble the model. Again, please exercise safety when doing so! If you have any other tips with painting/customizing your models, feel free to post them here!
  2. Hey Wyrdos, With the Kickstarter fulfillment underway, we decided it was as good a time as any to release the rules and stat cards for The Other Side… for free! That’s right! Translated in six languages (Russian is coming soon), both the rules and stat cards can be found on our website here. If you'd prefer to find the links via the forums, the Rules can be found here and the Stat Cards can be found here. If you didn’t have the opportunity to back the game on Kickstarter, don’t worry. The Other Side will be hitting your local game store shelves in the coming weeks.
  3. Hey everyone! We're firm believers in The Other Side and think you should be able to have a solid look at the rules before diving in. Below are links to the rules and cards for all models, also translated into six languages. English French German Italian Polish Spanish Russian (coming soon!)
  4. Hey everyone! Interested in taking a look at The Other Side's stat cards? Look no further! Click on the link(s) below to find all of the stat cards, translated into six languages. English French German Italian Polish Spanish Russian (coming soon!)
  5. Hey Wyrdos, Waldo managed to weasel his way into the Beta. We kicked him out pretty quickly, but before we did, he managed to print off a few of the new stat cards. After throwing some “distractions” (don’t worry, Kyle will recover), we grabbed most of them back. He managed to keep a hold of a few, and said he would only give them back if we let him talk about one for Waldo’s Weekly. With that, we are happy to introduce the new Ten Thunders Master, Youko Hamasaki. As a reminder, Youko is still in beta testing, so some of the Abilities and Actions discussed in this article might change between now and M3E’s release. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s see what this mysterious woman has in store for us. ------- Youko Hamasaki is the new proprietor of the Qi and Gong, the most widely-renowned brothel within the Little Kingdom (if not all of Malifaux City). While she might not appear imposing at first glance, Youko has her delicate fingers upon the pulse of the city and is adept at gathering information, secrets, and blackmail. Youko’s Keyword is “Qi and Gong,” as most of her thematic models are drawn from the employees of that establishment. Each Qi and Gong model has the Leverage Ability, which gives its controller a Pass Token at the start of the Turn… provided that the opponent has one or more revealed Schemes. Furthermore, the model can discard a Pass Token when performing a duel to gain a positive flip to that duel. Leverage lets a Qi and Gong Crew play mind games with their opponent right from the very start of the game. As soon as the opponent reveals a Scheme to score Victory Points, the Qi and Gong crew is going to gain a whole pile of Pass Tokens that they can use for activation control, initiative bonuses, or fate modifiers. Is it worth scoring early and risking such a swing in power, or is it better to wait to reveal Schemes, which gives Youko’s crew time to counter them? ------- Youko’s ability to control the flow of the game doesn’t stop there, however. After an enemy model Activates within 6” of her, her Informants Ability allows her to look at the top card of either player’s Fate Deck and then gives her the option of placing that card on the bottom of that player’s Fate Deck. This Ability serves double duty, allowing Youko to either discard her own undesirable cards or to ensure that the opponent’s high cards end up getting buried back in their deck. She also has Calm Demeanor, which allows her to draw a card whenever an enemy model within 6” discards a card. So long as Youko is near the battle, she’s going to be benefiting from the opponent’s misery. Though fragile at only 10 Health, she is protected from enemy aggression by Disguised (which prevents her from being the target of Actions generated by the Charge Action) and Serene Countenance (which gives any Attack Actions targeting her a negative flip). She might not be durable, but she’s got plenty of tricks in her sleeve to avoid all but the most dedicated assassins. Youko’s most impressive Action is most likely her Bonus Action, Backroom Dealings. It targets an enemy model and forces them to reveal their hand, giving Youko a glimpse into her enemy’s plans. The “Risking It All” trigger further punishes the opponent by letting you guess a suit before the reveal, which in turn damages the enemy model for one damage per card of the named suit in the opponent’s hand. This can be particularly damaging against summoners who often stockpile cards of certain suits. Her other trigger, “Shady Dealings,” reinforces her crew’s Leverage Ability: for each of the opponent’s unrevealed Schemes, they must discard a random card. In addition to this formidable weapon, Youko also possesses Blackmail, which gives an enemy model the option of discarding up to two cards. For each card they don’t discard, Youko’s crew gains a Pass Token, providing further fuel to Leverage. Even if the opponent doesn’t care that Youko gains Pass Tokens, they may want to discard a card anyways; her “We Own You” trigger lets her force the target to take an Action… provided that the opponent discarded one or fewer cards. Backing up her Blackmail capabilities is Riddles in the Dark, an amusing little Action that gives the target Distracted +X, where X is equal to the difference in the number of cards in each player’s hand (to a maximum of Distracted +2). This works whether Youko is up or down on cards, making it quite useful. Rounding out her skill set is Information Network, a simple Action that lets her draw a card without having to flip any cards, and an Exotic Weapons attack that does average damage… unless she can get a model alone and declare the “No Witnesses” trigger, which allows her to deal +1 damage and ignore Armor if no enemy models other than the target can draw line of sight to her. All in all, Youko Hamasaki is an interesting addition to the Ten Thunders roster, providing them with a true control Master who is more than capable of controlling the flow of information during the game.
  6. Kyle

    Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    @Rogue7 Huh, that's a strange one. I haven't experienced any virus warnings when downloading our podcasts. Just double-checked #62, and nothing's triggering on my end. Did that warning pop up in your browser? If so, try clearing your history and website data to see if that gets rid of the message.
  7. Kyle

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 37 is now live – walking into spiderwebs. Starting Malifaux on a Budget – Gremlins: Getting ready for a bayou hoedown? The best advice for throwing together your Gremlin crew can be found right here. Soulstones in the Rough: Shake the dust off of your less used models and get ready to bring some extra diversity to your next game. Augments & Add-ons – The Widow Weaver: Introduce a new predator who stalks the web of Fate to your Through the Breach campaign. The Sundial: When you mess with time, you might find that Time messes back. Community Highlights - Malifaux Around the World: Learn a little more about Malifaux communities from different places around the world. It’s a Dirty Job…: A Death Marshal’s job gets tougher as he has to explore the Sewers underneath Malifaux. You can find the latest issue of Chronicles for the low cost of FREE on DriveThruRPG!
  8. Kyle

    Expansion tokens

    Thanks for pointing this out, @Sybaris. These Warrior standees and the Purity token are now available on the Darkness Comes Rattling website. If you click on "War of the Spirits Rules" in the Resources section, it should provide you with a .zip file of everything for the expansion, which now includes the Warriors and the Purity token.
  9. Kyle

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Edge of the Quarantine Zone is the name used for the current Wyrdscape terrain set, such as the large buildings.
  10. Wyrdos, We just released our Gen Con 2018 Newsletter, but if you don't receive our monthly newsletter (or hate clicking links and/or visiting our website), don't worry: I've got you covered. We're jumping off the top rope and bringing down an elbow drop of awesome onto this year's Tyrant Tournament at Gen Con. That's right; if you're one of the lucky qualifying entrants, you've got a chance to win yourself a Malifaux 2018 Champion belt. While it might not keep your pants up, this beauty will definitely look great draped on your shoulder or hanging triumphantly above your minis collection. But there's only one way to claim this prize: you gotta win. Make sure to bring your A-game so that you can rightfully claim that you're the best (of who showed up)! We've got a bunch of promotions that we're offering this year at Gen Con. You can find a list of our promos below: Get a FREE He-kome model (above) when you spend $100 or more (available in person and during online Gen Con sales). Get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Mansion (below) when you purchase any 2 Edge of the Quarantine Zone Wyrdscape terrain boxes. The Mansion will be delivered to your provided address, at release (available in person and during online Gen Con sales - which will be automatically registered). Play a demo of The Other Side for a chance to win a gift box from one of the Allegiances, delivered to you at release. Get a raffle ticket for each $50 you spend for a chance to win one of the many goodies we'll have to offer at our raffle at the end of Gen Con! Every year, we like to offer something special at Gen Con, and this year's no different. While you might have already seen our preview of this year's NightMARE Gremlin box, we've still got a lot more to get excited about. There is one little thing we're doing differently this year. Like the color of the Burning Man's flames, our schedule is shifting a bit. The next Malifaux book won't be coming to Indianapolis. But don't worry - the sky's not falling. We've got some big plans for our friends across the Breach coming in the new year, and you'll be able to hear about those plans soon. You can find all of our Pre-releases in the Newsletter post on our website, but here's a glimpse of the Alt models we'll have during the big event: Above, we have Alt Rogue Necromancy, Alt Lenny, Alt Tannen and Graves, Alt Vanessa, and Alt Ototo! Are you ready for the best four days in gaming? We've got more announcements to share at Gen Con, and there's only one way to be the first to find out. If you're making your way to Indianapolis, why don't you make the trip to the Wyrd booth and say hello? We'll see you there!
  11. Kyle

    Wyrd Chronicles 36

    Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 36 is now live! Break on through to The Other Side. Comparing Malifaux & The Other Side: An in-depth look at the differences and similarities in our two miniatures games! Storming Into the Breach – Starting the Other Side: Interested in The Other Side but don’t know which Allegiance to pick or what you want in your Company? Let’s give you a hand. Little Star: A mother and daughter down on their luck as a mysterious light appears over London. Painted Model Gallery: A close-up look of some of The Other Side’s fully painted models. The Other Side – Battle Report: The Cult of the Burning Man and the King’s Empire duke it out in a play-by-play breakdown of The Other Side. Lost at Sea – The Other Side Scenario: An Abyssinian destroyer gets bombarded by an unknown enemy. Can you survive the Hordes? You can find the latest issue of Chronicles for the low cost of FREE on DriveThruRPG!
  12. Wyrdos, Happy Monday! This week, we're showing off the Guild's fair and balanced approach to the legal system with the False Witnesses. Need to convict an Arcanist but don't have a lot (or any) evidence? Did a new Guild recruit start a (metaphorical or literal) fire but the blame needs to land elsewhere? Look no further than these brave souls, who are willing to bear the burden of the untruth in the name of justice.
  13. Wyrdos, As you might have already known, we recently had a Game Designer position open up in the Wyrd offices. After some careful deliberation and a few lucky card flips, we finally came to a decision as to who would help move some of our games forward. We are happy to announce that someone in our office has changed their Destiny. That’s right! If you’ve been a part of the community within the last year or so, then you already know him. Introducing, in his new (and final?) form, Kai: Game Designer. As a competitive Malifaux player for years and someone who has kept his ear close to the community, Kai will help us make sure that the future of Malifaux is bright and beautiful. Take a bow, Kai!
  14. Thanks for your feedback, everyone! Your thoughts, concerns, and votes will all go into consideration with Chronicles moving forward.