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  1. Tales of Malifaux is back! In this episode, we visit Lady Justice in part one of The Risk of Reason. Enjoy! Episode 126: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-126/
  2. Earthside Echoes is back! We return to Hunter’s Prey in part two, where we follow Scar-Eye and his shiver as they learn how dangerous the inhabitants of London can be. Episode 11: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/earthside-echoes-11/
  3. The cards are currently available on WarGameVault and on the app. Cards will be added to Dropbox at a later time.
  4. In this episode of Chronicles, we follow a young man looking for love in all the wrong places. Who in their right mind would visit Zoraida for a love potion? Episode 11: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronicles-11/
  5. Breachside Broadcast is a great way to dive into the lore of Malifaux, Through the Breach, and The Other Side. And now there are many more ways to enjoy the podcast! That’s right, Breachside Broadcast is now on Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, TuneIn, and Apple Podcasts, in addition to its home at Podbean. So no matter where you prefer to listen, you can enjoy all three shows - Tales of Malifaux, Earthside Echoes, and Chronicles - wherever you want, however you want. Enjoy!
  6. In the latest episode of Chronicles, we witness a clash between the Guild and the Union during the opening of the Hollow Marsh Pumping Station. Episode 10: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronciles-10/
  7. They aren't gone. We're just taking a break from Tales of Malifaux while we release classic Chronicles podcast episodes. Tales of Malifaux will be back in the future.
  8. In the latest episode of Earthside Echoes, we get the rare opportunity to see the world through the Gibbering Hordes' many eyes in Part One of Hunter's Prey. Episode 10: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/earthside-echoes-10/
  9. Watch the Third Floor Wars live game with Apex vs. Freikorps! The stream will be live in a bit:
  10. Questions about when we're doing stuff? Look no further. Keep an eye on this space, because we'll be posting the links to the streams shortly.
  11. In this episode, we see Malifaux through an outsider's eyes and get a glimpse into the mind of a private investigator hired by the Guild to solve a brutal murder. Episode 9: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronicles-9/
  12. Yes, if your order (before tax) reached $200, you would receive 2 Miss Guided models.
  13. Yes, the 'SOLD OUT' message was a temporary hiccup that I believe has been addressed. If you made an order previous to us cleaning that error up and that order met the requirements for the special offer, you will receive Miss Guided. Unfortunately, some of the boxes didn't make it in time for the sale, which is why we previously mentioned that the list was subject to change (and provided specific mention of certain boxes that were in question).
  14. She's not currently for sale. Miss Guided is only available through the special offer (as shown in the image in the first post). If you are seeing a "SOLD OUT" when you check out - refresh.
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