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  1. I think I would try to go for Von Schtook, with Emissary to add another model with flight & the movement aura. That way with the emissary & valedictorian, I got 2 flight models, with research assistant & emissary, 2 +1Mv aura. Depending on the schemes & the ennemy crew I would go for necropunks to leap or undergraduates to push von schtook more (I would still take one to help VS get around the train.) Though if the strategy & schemes really don't have much killing but are more about moving all over the place, then I could very well go for Molly, with at least 2 night terrors to profit from their huge movement potential & flight. I would probably take crooligans too but I'm not sure I would take Archie to use by your side on them, since the leap can be tough to get. I might try Phillip instead, with his deadly pursuit and his ability to profit from the Night Terror's fading ability, he should have the movement to get around the train if needed.
  2. So you're saying it should have the action "POWERFUL frantic flailing", then?
  3. I wonder if the model is going to be flat or have some crevices or something to represent the rune
  4. Don't forget the "hold down" trigger on Ullr's trapping jaws for another bonus shot! For the hunters ability with traps, fortunately for the opponent, he can discard a card to prevent being shot. So I'm thinking that this ability might be more of a board control/resource consumption forced on the ennemy (you can't go there or you'll get shot/loose a card). Then again the bear trap launcher trigger on the hunters puts it in base contact with the ennemy, so he can't really avoid it. And with intimidating roar on Artemis, the tendrils & tail whip on the malifausaurus rex, and other move/push effect on other models, you can force the ennemy into the trap. Combined with the crypsis corps' beneath the leaves ability, that increases the range of concealing, severe & hazardous terrain for ennemies, it feels like playing the traps well might take a bit of getting used to, and have a big potential to be a huge pain to deal with. I'd say that is why I'm even more interested in the crew now. I initially was into it for the "big game hunter" vibe and the prospect of having a shooty crew (which I don't have right now), with some potential beasts here & there to go engage ennemies. But when seeing the trap shenaningans, the move/push options (for your models or the ennemies) on a lot of models, the auras of the M-Rex or Model 9 to help target ennemies around them, and also these really interesting totems, the crew seems to have a really interesting way to play that will not be much straight forward. I'm looking forward to see more of the explorer's society, including the upgrades & versatile models!
  5. Oh I see. Then yeah it can definitely be used like that. I'm guessing using them to get killed by ennemies, by Lord Cooper, or make them leave the board will be important decisions in the crew
  6. What rumor? if you mean the deployment on the centerline, it's true. But they are insignificant, so don't get your hopes up too much to put scheme markers all over the place. FYI they showed the cards during yesterday's game :
  7. On the GenCon event thread, it was said you could : here
  8. On the bright side, the upcoming page shows the "study group" box available on september, and on the forum banner yesterday, I saw it mentioned the "honor group" box as available in august (even though it doesn't show in the upcoming page) So that means that in about 2months+ we should be able to get those boxes. That's not that much to wait!
  9. On the GenCon sale details article (here), they are listed as 50$ each : *WYR23207 Honor Roll $50.00 *WYR23208 Study Group $50.00 That should at least give you an idea of what the price of retailers should be
  10. Waldo is so excited that he's behaving? Sounds highly suspicious to me Joke aside I'm curious to see how the online event is going to turn out. It must not have been easy to change from what is usually done. Good luck to you all
  11. They look really nice! There won't be any doubt those block line or sight 😄
  12. Looks good! They should look great once painted!
  13. While browsing the pre-order section on wayland games, I saw that they list boxes for the transmortis student & valedictorian. There's Valedictorian + 3 Students of steel, and there's 2 Students of Viscera + 3 Students of sinew (but for some reason the back of the box says student of steel, probably a typo that will be fixed on the actual boxes) It shows them as to be released end of august, which seems unreliable since Wyrd's upcoming page does not show these boxes to be released in August. But at the very least now we now how the students will be packaged (I don't think wayland games have made up the boxes front & back art ^^)
  14. It's just a guess from me, but seeing which models got resculpts based on the app/book art + what undead models are already released or in the upcoming section of wyrd's website, I would say his corebox would be him, sebastian, the chihuahua & 3 flesh constructs
  15. If you check the "upcoming" page on wyrd's website here You will see that in the planned releases for May (which should happen at the end of the month, plus maybe some days for your store to get them) there is the box "dessicated", which contains the grave golem + 3 bone piles : see here
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