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  1. I did a quick check, it seems that if we exclude the dual masters (Yan Lo & Jack Daw), there's only Reva who can take the Wanyudo (from Ten Thunders, due to the Revenant keyword). As I said it was just a quick check so I may have missed something.
  2. I really like that they changed studied opponents to provide card draw (and making it once per activation should prevent it from being too powerful, and gave more health to Albus Von Schtook. The transmortis crew should be very nice now. Adding an upgrade to the marshall's summon will prevent it being too good to I guess. He seemed a bit too powerful before IMO, being able to add a model per turn (even if slow and at half life) I haven't watched the other crew too closely so I don't have much of a thought to their changes.
  3. Thoon's frozen trophy is now once per turn. This should prevent abuses quite nicely.
  4. Novels? You're not thinking big enough! Let's do a Wyrd cinematic universe
  5. What would you think of Albus having Serene Countenance ( Enemy Attack Actions that target this model suffer a to their duel. )? From a "lore" perspective I feel like this would fit his character pretty well (though I admit I don't know much about the character yet.). But would this be too powerful game wise?
  6. That and they might want to wait until adepticon at the end of march to show more things.
  7. I think I would prefer " if one or more suits are in this models final duel total and are also in the enemy models duel total ´╗┐this model may draw a card. " rather than " this model draws +1 card for each different suit in its duel total that is also in the enemy model's duel total.", mostly because it would make it quicker to resolve (I think). I really like the idea of once per activation as well. Not only would this prevent abusing it too much with cycling your low cards, but also this would mean than once this ability happened once in an activation, then you don't need to keep track of suits in both duels for the rest of the activation, which might speed things up a bit.
  8. I definitely agree that it takes quite some time to check this rule, especially compared to how often it actually impacts the result. I don't I'll be able to play test this but huge thanks for people who will, and to Matt for considering this and be ready to check out even more battle reports
  9. Hi, I think you must be talking about the waldo weekly article about the keyword on the existing models, which also listed name changes : https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2018/12/12/waldos-weekly-i-am-the-keyword-master
  10. So you mean you would be restricted by how many models can be buried at the same time because the upgrade restriction? And if you reached the limit you could not bury the target? What limit would you put on it? Something between 2 and 4?
  11. I started M2E less than a month before 3rd edition was anounced, with Nicodem. I'm not particularly drawn to Nicodem in 3rd though. I really like how Albus Von Schtook crew is now, at the end of the beta. Maybe it will need a few tweaks but he's fine to play IMO. Also I really like his theme of professor & students. On the other masters(you can't play the same master all the time, it's more fun to have choices ^^), Molly is the one who interest me the most. The discard cards mecanism in the crew seems really fun to play. It's a bit out of the scope of the topic but I'm also thinking of getting masters from at least another faction (probably not right away but in the future). For now it looks like it'll be neverborn with Euripides & Titania.
  12. It wouldn't seem too weird to me if you couldn't obey a same model twice in the same turn (regardless of who is doing the obey) or even a more generic one to limit to total number of actions a model can do a turn (though it might be hard to keep track of this on top of everything else). After all a turn is supposed to represent a small time frame, it doesn't make sense for one model to be able to do ten actions in one turn. On the specific subject of Frozen Trophy, maybe there could be a twice per turn limit to the trigger? This wouldn't impact much a casual play of Thoon, but would limit shenanigans with obey.
  13. From the replies in the thread so far, it looks like the problem you have is more related to how much obey you can make (on thoon, on ennemies models, or any other friendly model with a good action) than with Frozen Trophy itself. I haven't played such a list or against one, but it looks like pulling off that much flips would be costly anyway, as said by others in the thread. In any case, It seems weird to me that you could make a model act to many times in a turn to begin with.
  14. Indeed, I don't see why you would do this trigger instead of the built-in syphon life. Poison doesn't seems to synergize with anything in the crew. If the trigger was giving injured now that would be interesting (sacrifice 1damage 1 heal from the built in trigger to instead help other models to attack the target).
  15. Oh indeed it is! Silly me (again), I didn't notice it. That's nice
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