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  1. Maybe, but there might be some complex things happening behind the scenes to make sure the upload works well, there isn't some weird interaction with other recent updates, etc. They might also have other reasons to delay the release a bit (I can't really think of one but I don't own a company ) Moreover, the work done on the app has been great and the developper has been responsive to feedback and issues. So I trust them to handle this well, and I think we should try to not be too impatient about it. It's already great to have all cards (with updates!) available in a game like this,
  2. Hopefully it will be soon But even if the work to add the cards might have been prepared in advance, it's probably still a big update to push to an app. So that might take a bit of time (to test to make sure there's no major issue, to upload it to the apple&google servers handling the app, etc). I'm not familiar with how this all works but I prefer to consider it's going to take a bit of time and be pleasantly surprised if it arrives sooner than I thought
  3. Yeah I thought of this guy when I saw today's preview. The written text mentions that it uses "EVS' anchor" as a weapon. So it's clear that model is from that keyword, AND it seems EVS is the name of a ship
  4. Looks like this can have a lot of interesting ways to be played. If I got that right, when calypso has a pilot, it will basically activate twice in the round? Once has its own activation, once with the pilot's activation making Calypso do actions? Also I'm guessing the reconfigure ability might be the EVS keyword common ability (since it has the suit specified in parenthesis, there should be other instances of that ability on other suits) And the "water elemental" model that was previewed a while back might be part of this crew too, if it's all "water themed" (and since the prev
  5. In the M3E book, it mentions that since temporary portals have opened throughout the past between Malifaux & Earth, some Neverborn went to Earth (like the people in the court of two), and in some case mingled with humans. So some groups of humans, particularly Native Americans, have Neverborn ancestors. On top of that, it says that when the Burning Man went over Canada, it "awakened" this Malifaux ancestry, giving them shapeshifting abilities : So maybe some day we'll see those shapeshifters in Malifaux or The Other Side
  6. You can add these guys in the minion category : Also Anya's box seem to be planned for end of february if this is to be trusted : https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/malifaux/79195-anya-core-box But we know there has been delays before, of course
  7. It's just some examples, but - Sandeep is 15points and his totem Banasuva is 7points, for a total of 22. - Ironside is 15points and her totem Mouse is 4points, for a total of 19. - Som'er is 15points and his totems are 2 Seekers at 3points each, for a total of 21. I haven't check all master/totem pairings, but it looks like there's a few within the same range of points.
  8. Yeah! Thinking about it, I think the healing master will be the one with the "Seeker" keyword. I was parsing through old waldo's weekly to look for the other previews of syndicate models (there was a henchman, and a minion) That minion (here) has both the syndicate & seeker keywords, and has an ability "Chronicle(Geomancy)" that triggers when a model heals within 4. Looks to me like that ability (with different effect based on the part on parenthesis) would likely be the crew ability for a healing master
  9. So we got confirmation that Anya is the master on the image of the faction's deck (in today's waldo's weekly). But she's not the healing master though!
  10. I like the idea of a push to replace the leap. There a lot more counterplay to it and the distance can be adjusted for balance. I'm not sure about the "do the action again trigger", it might be a lot of movement, even in a straight line. But even if that's the case it would still be easier to counter, and to balance in further iterations.
  11. There you go (top right, the crow card)
  12. I'm really curious about what the hidden ability & trigger are on the spelleaters' card. The ability could be "we are legion" (it would makes sense to me that this is the crew's common ability, at least thematically speaking), but the length of the text seems pretty different. Though there have been some time between the 2 previews, so it's possible the ability changed in the meantime. For the trigger I don't have much idea what it could be. Something about parasites maybe? Or just something that mentioned Cadmus models so they didn't want to show that.
  13. I'm not sure since I'm not inside other people's head, but I think what Rufess said is not that this is a problem in itself. But that it's a problem for people complaining about balance without explaining or proving their points. So they are frustrated things don't change from their feedback.
  14. Also on the preview of the faction deck, you can see Lord Cooper/Ivan/the newly revealed Nexus from Wednesday/A woman with tomahawks. So could be her as well (both Anya and the healing master)
  15. Hey guys, while checking about the pre order on wayland games, I saw a few things : Ivan's core box looks like it will be release at the end of February : here So is the faction starter box : here (there's also the outcast one) But there's also an "Anya core box" : here I don't recall seeing any preview on someone with that name. So it would be one of the 3 masters we haven't heard from yet? There's also a "dirty work" box (probably some DUA models for Ivan) and the Malisaurus Rex for the end of January
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