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  1. Definitely would be nice to be able to do that. It may need some kind of dictionary of icons to search keyword to be available somewhere. Also, maybe have something like ":blast" (colon at the begining) to note you are looking for the icon and not the word blast (might not be useful for that particular icon but might be for some others).
  2. No, since the models are pretty new. They aren't officially released yet. Worst case scenario, you could ask questions here, I or others that assembled the box may be able to help
  3. Maybe the reviewers will start playing the game after that
  4. Someone asked this question on the Waldo's Weekly forum thread. Kyle replied So keep an eye on the Waldo's Weekly forum thread, it should get updated when the app goes live on the appstore
  5. Holy Molly (Squidpiddge) indeed
  6. With the newly released app, I've seen the new artwork for Phillip & The Nanny and the Rabble Risers! I need that new Molly box
  7. I've been playing around the app a bit and it looks nice! Also, nice to discover the artwork for the Lyssa
  8. I understand this point of view but for me since the example in the rulebook are puting a big emphasis on only one fireteam (with "only target fireteam" for instance), and the skulkers rules didn't put as much emphasis, I wasn't sure this should be interpreted as "only this one". I agree the rule as intended is very probably to move only 1 fireteam, because it could be too powerful otherwise, but I really think the whole "placing only 1 fireteam or whole squad" is unclear. The thing is, any rule about placing a fireteam will always technically mention just one fireteam (otherwise the rule would mention the unit/squad, like the cult's portals). For instance, the Frenzy's "toss around" trigger : Here again, there is no particular emphasis on placing only one fireteam. But it is talking about the target of the action, so it is talking about 1 fireteam. So should we consider this to be "specifically stating otherwise" or not? If not, then how do we know for sure what language is enough to mean only one fireteam, and what language isn't? If so, if each time a rule is mentioning a fireteam (and not a whole unit), we consider it to be "specifically stating otherwise", then why is there a section in the rulebook saying "When a Fireteam from a Squad is affected by a place effect, every Fireteam in the Squad is placed" ? Why not just have each rule either say place fireteam or place unit/place squad/place all fireteams in the squad. I think it would be clearer if the rulebook's section is removed, and each rule with a place effect clearly states what should be impacted.
  9. You might not get a Gremlin Steve Irwin, but maybe one of the new masters in the Explorator's Society will be someone who wants to discover/study the animals in Malifaux (though it might be somewhat redundant with Marcus)!
  10. If it's supposed to only place that one fireteam then IMO the action really really needs to be rephrased to follow the same wording as in the core rulebook exemples. So something like "Place only this fireteam anywhere on the table" (you don't even need the part about staying in formation since the rulebook states in the "formation" section that a squad must remain in formation at all times)
  11. The rulebook says, in the "place" subsection of movement : The striped skulkers' action says "Place this fireteam anywhere on the table". Since it is not using any specific terms to say "only one", but is using the "basic" wording "place this fireteam", then I think that yes, it allows you to move all the fireteams in their unit. I'm guessing the question might come from the second part of the action's description : "If there are any other fireteams in this unit, the fireteam must sill remain in formation" To me this just means you can't use this placement to break formation.
  12. The mysterious emissary works very well with Titania. Having severe terrain everywhere helps to use several abilities or bonuses on the emissary's card, and adding even severe +hazardous terrain on the board makes underbrush makers even harder to avoid. I don't have much time right now to give more info on all stuff (plus I'm really not that experience in Titania or even the game in general, I only started about a year ago and don't play that often). I may try to talk about my thoughts on other models later though
  13. As far as I know the only difference between the two (aside from how the bow itself looks) should be the cards in the box. So if you plan on printing your own cards anyway, I guess you should be ok. But maybe I'm missing something, I'd wait a bit to see if someone else answers mentions another difference I was not aware of if I were you
  14. That was definitely the thing that interested me the most in Euripides. The need to master all the ice pillar shenanigans in order to be really efficient with them/not end up causing more problems for yourself than the ennemy. The perspective of learning how to master such a master is really appealing to me. About incorporeal, I feel like Euripides' crew may have some interesting tools. There are several tactical actions that can do damage (Euripides' pillar creation and pillar push, Thoon pillar push, the Cyclops' runes) and the damage reduction from incorporeal only works on attack actions. Maybe it's not enough to deal with a big target like the nothing beast though. Another good thing with some actions is that they don't target an enemy model, so it bypasses things like terrifying or serene countenance (looking at you, dreamer 😛 ). For frozen trophy, a crew with some unbury mechanics will indeed make him less interesting. As I said I haven't played the crew yet, so I don't know if Thoon might still be interesting without that or not, but he has some ways to move ennemy models, so maybe that could still be useful.
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