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  1. MajorUndead

    TOS in stores when?

    Hi, A French shop got TOS stuff available to order end of last week and I received it yesterday. So it shouldn't take long to have other shop selling it as well, hopefully
  2. MajorUndead

    Number of tokens that may be used

    The way the rule is written, I understand that pinned tokens are giving a passive decrease to the unit's movement. There is no active usage (by you or your opponent) to discard the token to trigger it's effect. So I don't think pinned token are actually ever "used".
  3. MajorUndead

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    I really like how the summoning has been reined in a bit (Once per turn + the summon upgrade limiting how many summoned models you can have on the board). I mostly play with one friend and we both play summoners (Nicodem for me, Dreamer for him), and I feel like it will be nice to have more variety in play for our masters than "summon as many things as possible". Plus games are long since we're adding new models each turn 😛 As for next week's preview, I would really like to learn more about the new masters and/or how existing masters changed. Especially Albus Von Schtook (I'm really curious how the new resurectionist master will play since I might use him to "replace" Nicodem. Summoning via his students is intriguing).
  4. MajorUndead

    Zeppelin Transcript from The Other Side

    That is a very nice bit of introduction to the other side's story. I hope we'll see more of this, and I definitely hope we'll see stories from the other faction's point of view (especially the gibbering horde's)!
  5. MajorUndead

    Dr. Grimwell & KO

    Looks good! I really like the blood dropping from the doctor's chainsaw
  6. MajorUndead

    Really proud of my Alt. Hungering Darkness

    It looks great! I like the palette choice and color transition, wery smooth.Good job.
  7. MajorUndead


    I've discovered Malifaux thanks to a friend just a few months ago, and I like it a lot. When I started to look a bit about Wyrd, and found about the other side (with all the previews on the website), I've been very excited about this game. The models look good, the game system looks nice (and since it's based on a system we already know, there shouldn't be too much bad surprises there). I can't wait to play some Gibbering horde!
  8. MajorUndead

    Malifaux App errata missing

    FYI there was a new update on the App. The update notes it mentions fixing the re-animator text, and it is indeed fixed now on my end.
  9. MajorUndead

    The Other Side Podcasts

    There is another thread on the forum (in the gibbering horde section) about a podcast on the gibbering horde : I haven't listened to it yet, but in case you didn't see that thread, now you know about it
  10. MajorUndead

    Malifaux App errata missing

    I contacted the app support about a month ago about this. I got an answer saying that re-animator should have already been updated on the app's database and it must have been an update issue on my side. We tried several things like uninstalling & reinstalling the app, or deleting files locally on my phone then relaunching the app, nothing worked. Since it's not that big of a deal for me (it's not too hard to remember that one missing errata), and the explanation I was given indicated it was an issue just on my end, I kinda gave up on the issue. But since I've seen 2 posts (I think) about re-animator not being updated on the app. So I'm thinking there might be an issue with the update itself rather than how it was applied on our ends.
  11. MajorUndead

    Nicknames and avatars

    The "undead" part of my nickname comes from my brother saying I looked like a zombie when playing some video games (and I was really immersed 😛 ), over time it became "undead. The "major" part comes from other students when I was in engineering school (I was "major de promotion" for several years, which is french for the top student, basically). I was never especially found of that nickname but since "undead" is very common and a lot of online registration requires a unique name, I tacked on the only other nickname I had in mind to make it "major undead". The avatar comes from a trailer/proof of concept for a project to make an animated adaptation of the comic "The goon"
  12. MajorUndead

    Oscrix's Mini Gallery

    Wow! They all look amazing I really like the colors and color transitions on those models
  13. MajorUndead

    Your Gibbering Paint Scheme thoughts

    Hi there! I'm a bit late to the party, but I was thinking bright colors. Probably turquoise for the main color. Maybe some pink or light purple for the inside or mouths, the underside of karkinoi, stuff like that. And yellow for eyes. Writing it now I think it may end up being eye gouging I would also like to have them look slimy/shiny, so I guess i'd use a varnish as well
  14. MajorUndead

    July 2018 Errata

    Thank you !
  15. MajorUndead

    July 2018 Errata

    I was checking the malifaux app and I noticed that the reanimator description was not updated. The wound count on Nicodem and the Undertaker upgrade's descriptions were updated, but reanimator still say the summoned model takes half damage insteaf of all wounds minus 1. I made sure I was not missing any updates on the app and that the data base is up tout date. Is there an official contact for these kind of "issues" with the app?