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  1. I'm gonna copy what we got for Sonnia! Lucius Mattheson, UNMASKED (like that's ever going to happen )
  2. For Von Schtook, I don't have any clear idea but I would at least like to see an action themed around the whistles that he uses in the stories to call or direct his student. Maybe something making them move, or charge. For Molly, maybe something themed around the influence of the Gorgon on her? Making her have a more direct, attack spell vibe to it?
  3. True, I failed to mention that. Valedictorian was a prime target for the fast. I'm curious now, would people still take an upgrade for her as often?
  4. I'm trying to see how the changes to Von Schtook's trigger Positive Results will impact the crew. Removing the "heal 1" part shouldn't impact much, especially since there's not much hard to kill in the crew. But changing the fast from "if the model has an upgrade" to "remove scheme marker within 2'" is interesting. On the negative side, there's a cost to pay. If you want to give fast turn 1, you'll need to spend an action (preferably from a model without good options turn 1) to generate a sheme marker. Though you could use an undergraduate Study/Ana's grade assignment, if y
  5. Oh I see, then I definitely missed something. In which document is that written? I just saw the link to the errata & faq and I don't think I saw those here, so I guess I missed a link EDIT : nevermind, It didn't occur to me to click on the big "gaining grounds season 2" image. Silly me
  6. I'm not sure I get this one. Are you refering to the change : "On the turn they are Summoned, Summoned models cannot take the Interact Action and are ignored for friendly Schemes and Strategies." If so it's not really new, in GG1 there was already something preventing summoned models to interact on the turn they were summoned : "Summoned models cannot take the Interact Action during the Turn they were Summoned." If not then it looks like I missed something
  7. Gotta love the Alpinist being sideways on its rock
  8. I just saw new boxes pre-order appear on Wayland (but without art so not sure what is in there) : Here Lies... : maybe the grave goo + moorwraiths? Hush : I would be surprised if the archivist isn't in it, but I haven't seen Cadmus' box appear in pre-orders. would be weird to have it released because its core box. Also, who who he be packaged with? Turning Tides : should be EVS. I would guess at least Harata Ngaatoro and TideCaller in there Off the Deep End : I would expect EVS too. with bebe & Calypso. Harpooner could be in either box
  9. FYI the upcoming page got updated with the May releases. It shows (some of which we already knew, but it's nice to have some sort of confirmation) : The explorer's society starter box Maxine's box (Maxine, Orville, Kiya, machinists) Jedza's box (Jedza, Sophie, Mikhail, lamplighters) Fools' gold (rough riders, cryptologists) The damned Austera & Twigge
  10. I just saw these pre orders on wayland : The damned Austera and Twigge While the release date is not guaranteed as we've seen delays a few times, at least we know those 2 will each have their own separate box. If I'm not mistaken it leaves us with the moorwraiths and the grave goo for the seeker keyword. I wouldn't be surprised if they are together in the same box (though I was surprised that Austera & Twigge would have their own box, so maybe the grave goo will have a separate box as well)
  11. The upcoming page shows releases up to April. And before the delay they had Waldo Weekly mentions April for Jedza's stuff. So I would say unless there's another delay, we'll start seeing seeker boxes on May's releases
  12. Ok so we got Jedza, Sophie, Mikhail and the lamplighters. I would guess the rest of the seeker boxes would be : 1 box with grave goo, austera & twigge, and the moorwraiths 1 box with the damned (hopefully, since he's savage too it would be nice to have him alone) Since the surveyors are in Anya's box and Tannenbaum is in the starter box, that would be all seeker models
  13. You can only target friendly models with it. It will do damage to that model and ennemy models in a pulse of 2" around it. So you would basically be doing 1 damage to a friend to do 1 damage to ennemies. But let's not forget that in the Cadmus crew has the parasite mechanic + the "parasitic grasp" ability on the "will of cadmus" upgrade. This makes it so Cadmus models can treat ennemy models with a parasite token as if they were friendly cadmus. So in a cadmus crew the spelleater will be able to target either friendly models OR ennemy models with a parasite token. Note t
  14. Ok but you still can't have Ullr's trigger more than once in your chain, since Ullr's second attack is a "subsequent Actions generated"
  15. Yeah found it. Page 12 of the errata'd rulebook, in the box "actions generated by triggers" "Actions generated by Triggers (and any subsequent Actions generated) cannot declare Triggers, and like other generated Actions, they do not count against a model’s Action limit."
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