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  1. This looks like an interesting piece. Extra set of hands will be useful with the card draw from studied opponents, to remove bad drawn cards/cycle your deck. Horrible luck should be way more useful with wong, but here it's still a boost to the research assistant shockwave, schtook 1.0 blast & schtook 2.0 shockwave Condition removal is nice to have, can be useful on both friend & foes (and especially with schtook 2.0 who doesn't have the condition removal of 1.0) Mold of the other can be neat, especially with the strong minions that Transmortis have.
  2. Until the models with champion upgrad get killed and then you have to move back to put it on someone else 😛 But yeah, considering her title is "Autumn queen" and the model seem to show the masamune she has put besides her throne, this might be rather intentional that she won't have to move much
  3. The rune mechanic looks interesting. Being able to be used to have some impact on either deck, add blast (to then do aetheric gaze a second time), or heal. Avalanche will be pretty nice to move models without the ice pillars being in the way. Absolute zero is an easy way to make ice pillars (but no double ice pillar like Euripides 1.0). On the other hand, being able to remove any markers within 2" of it, to make some burst heal is pretty good. And with the trigger to replace each markers by ice pillar, you could just consume pillars & replace them with new pillars, so you don't really loose your pillars. The Kaltgeist might be a good piece too, giving slow, being able to count as an pillar for friendly models, and moving friendly models as a pulse around him + an ice pillar Using the old ways often might be key here to maximize rune tokens.
  4. There is a tree in the artwork/base, but it's branches going up her body (probably so that the model can fly & still have something linking to the base) Thanks for the upgrade pic! I had seen Titania's pic but not the upgrade. It looks interesting : having to choose to discard it or a card at the end of a turn, providing extra range & aura area, and giving suits for garanteed into thorns trigger, or parry on knights (I'll have to check what other triggers are on ram & crow in fae models). Overall she seems very support oriented, with all her tactical actions. Her attack actions being able to move ennemies ignoring severe terrain will be nice to bring them to a champion, by using the champion as range/LoS point of origin, then use companion to activate said champion immediatly, if you fear the model can be moved away before you can activate the champion. The boar looks good as well. Through the brush & ambush should give him a good mobility, since there should be plenty of underbrush markers all over the place. The champion upgrade seems nice on it too, with guaranteed into thorns for max 3 damage, or tear of a bite to heal 2. And also avoid an early end of activation on a Tome
  5. Exactly what I was thinking! (Really looking forward to painting that model btw)
  6. In my mind, weak & moderate damage is a baton bonk, but the severa damage is a stab to the eye of something That would explain the sudden increase of damage ^^
  7. Another possible idea : what if Schtook was paired with Hamelin? Transmortis is located in the sewers after all. I have no clue what the new model(s) common to both would be, maybe a spellcaster doing stuff with corpse markers?
  8. I'm thinking about the story about Him & Anna in the M3E ressers book. At the end of the story, Schtook puts a trial for possible new students to be able to not be turned into undead & attend the school as living beings. If I remember correctly, there's more than one that survives. One of them is the research assistant I think (they mention he probably survived the trial because no one noticed him, which would be in line with the demeanor of the assistant's model). But then there is at least one other person who will become a living student at transmortis. So my bet would be that the enforcer (or minions, the marcus/cooper box and the anya/ironsides box have minions instead of enforcers) could be living students. Depending on their profile (more about spellcasting, more about the necromancy/flesh merging) I would expected them to be also related to either Sandeep, Wong, or Leveticus.
  9. Don't forget The Damned, it's a beast too!
  10. Oh right, that would go with him having stealth
  11. A few things that came to mind : would Mr. Ngaatoro be nice with that version of Cooper. If he obeys a friendly model, thanks to Cooper's Lead the Hunt, the generated action would have +1 Also Lead the Hunt also works well with the Crypsis Corps' patient strike. Since it will generate an action outside of the Crypsis' activation, he'll get that +1 And it works with Ullr's Hold down trigger Quite a few opportunities to get that +1
  12. They could already be turned into trained raptors when played with Basse (Frontier Keyword), so that tracks! The title seems very beast oriented. Can make a beast move/charge A friendly beast can discard a card for a free melee action when he wounds an ennemy model Both attacks from the charge or scent of blood get a +1, too. You'll want the Malisaurus Rex with him, for sure. Though with Ullr you can have Cooper Shoots > Scent of Blood makes Ullr attack > Hold down trigger makes Cooper shoot (no trigger available) > Another beast attacks (no trigger available) You might also want vatagi hunters to have a few pit traps so you can make ennemy models engaging cooper move away with the trigger on the melee attack. Though Cooper can make pit traps by himself, so I don't know how much you need them for that Now, the empyrean eagle. Scout ahead is pretty nice for a cost 5 model. Looks to me like it would be a very nice scheme runner with flight, Mv7 & the vantage point trigger on aerial strike. Especially considering that the crew has a lot of ways to move friendly models, so it shouldn't be hard to ensure they don't start their artivation engaged. Talons looks to me more like a way to try to use the trigger rake the eyes. Though with the +1 from scent of blood, that's easier to succeed so it can be a bit of bonus damage. Model wise : I like a duel headed eagle. Not much to say about it though. I also like the more stealthy looking Cooper with the hooded cape. Not sure what is going on with the antlers behing though. Is it on his back? Is there a full skull with there too? I would guess so with the vibe he has going on.
  13. It has to be an error, it would be a hassle to track 2 different types of markers with the same name but not the same rules
  14. I'm very curious to see both how the master will work, and the story of how the ice guy got corrupted by the flame guy. Game wise, I guess him being a beater is quite probable. But the gore thing on the model might be more about his "haruspex" side. As in reading future from entrails. I know current Euripides already has some "seer" vibes with intuition for instance, but maybe this one will get something out of killing models to reflect this way of looking into the future.
  15. By the way, on the "upcoming" page, it shows a few boxes, like the dreamer/asami/ladi yume box. But it also shows a pair of master titles we didn't see yet : - Nexus, one of many (3) (3 little parasited kids as a master, looks fun). It am very curious to see how this "triple master models" work - Lucious, dishonorable (looks like an assassin) - Cavatica (dandy looking guy with skull face)
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