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  1. I've been playing von schtook's crew using proxies. I plan on playing Euripides as well, but seeing as his crew is a lot of 50mm models, I don't really have enough to proxy him. I'm pretty new to malifaux as well, I play mostly with 1 friend who doesn't mind proxy obviously.
  2. In the "upcoming" page on the wyrd webpage, they added the releases for June, which contains Basse's core box. Is the model one of those : Basse core box contents
  3. Yeah I noticed those boxes don't have new sculpts, so hopefully they aren't the student boxes and we will get new student sculpts and not several identical students.
  4. I would bet for 2 boxes : once with the Valedictorian & 3 students (either sinew or steel), and another box with the other 2 types of students (so 3 steel/sinew, depending on what was in the first box, and the 2 students of viscera). I think all 9models in one box might be too big for an "expansion box" (as in now a crew box). Though I definitely wouldn't mind being wrong here But I'm not sure any of the revealed box contain the Transmortis models. None of the named resurectionists boxes have the "*" indicating that there are new models, and I would be really surprised if each type of student had the same model 2/3 times. We'll see when the transmortis boxes are revealed (like in next week's Waldo's Wekkly - pwetty pwease )
  5. Student of Viscera are minion(2) (on a 50mm base), so their box will probably only contain 2, but yeah I expect a set for each student.
  6. To me that 3rd looks like he would be a bully in Transmortis. He looks like he's looking for a fight, with that "defiant attitude" & the big exhaust pipe or whatever piece of machinery this is. I'd say it's my least favourite of the 3, but since each one are do different from one another, I don't feel too much like he's out of place (but I get why you do). My favourite is definitely the 2nd one. The skull face, the hood, the the 2big mechanical thingies on his back, and that big spikey fist weapons I definitely prefer the previous sculpt as well. I'm thinking I would like the new sculpt better if the left arm wasn't completly exposed, it seems weird to me. Yeah, that and Academic Broadcast only working on Transmortis models really make him need to stay in theme. One model out of theme shouldn't be too much of a problem though. Carrion emissary can be fun to have a supply of mindless zombies for Anna to detonate
  7. Yeah I saw that one but it's a bit too pricey indeed. I actually managed to find some images of the letters on a review of the Transmortis box, so at least I got that out of the way. I'm not sure it's worth buying the Transmortis box anyway, I'm guessing the students & valedictorian are bound to have new boxes, and probably new sculpts (at least for students, you're not going to have 2/3 times the same sculpts for each student)
  8. Though in the release schedule they showed, there are a few boxes with names that do not explicitly state their contents (like " Six Feet Under ", " Surgical Staff ", " Support Staff "). So it's hard to say if the students & valedictorian will be in one of those boxes (though none of the names I saw seem to have a Transmortis vibe) EDIT : thanks @Black_Shuck for this image of Albus Von Schtook's crew box. it's nice to see all the undergraduates' models. Where did you find it
  9. I hope this will be in the M3E resurrectionists' book in some form, because the transmortis box seems to be out of stock, and I'd like to know more about this. Unless the story book is available in pdf on drivethru ?
  10. Oh I didn't know about that! Looks like my plan on playing Von Schtook & Molly is spot on!
  11. Hi, As far as I know most of the lore is currently in the Through the Breach expansion book "Under the quarantine" (has options on how to make an undead character, even a student of transmortis, and a bit of lore about the university and so on) and a bit in the M2E expansion book "Crossroads" (there are the stats cards of the encounter box and a bit of lore on each model in it). I don't know if there are other stories elsewhere. A quick summary from what I can remember : Albus Von Schtook is initially an professor of astronomy (who had a radical career change, to say the least. I don't remember if there some info on what happened to cause this change) The university of transmortis is in some part of the sewer, under a cistern. Von Schtook kidnaps people to visisect them and then sometimes turn them into new students (turning them into undead & adding some mechanical parts to them). I look forward to having more information on Von Schtook and his crew in the resurectionist book in the 3rd edition
  12. I did a quick check, it seems that if we exclude the dual masters (Yan Lo & Jack Daw), there's only Reva who can take the Wanyudo (from Ten Thunders, due to the Revenant keyword). As I said it was just a quick check so I may have missed something.
  13. I really like that they changed studied opponents to provide card draw (and making it once per activation should prevent it from being too powerful, and gave more health to Albus Von Schtook. The transmortis crew should be very nice now. Adding an upgrade to the marshall's summon will prevent it being too good to I guess. He seemed a bit too powerful before IMO, being able to add a model per turn (even if slow and at half life) I haven't watched the other crew too closely so I don't have much of a thought to their changes.
  14. Thoon's frozen trophy is now once per turn. This should prevent abuses quite nicely.
  15. Novels? You're not thinking big enough! Let's do a Wyrd cinematic universe
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