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  1. Indeed, I don't see why you would do this trigger instead of the built-in syphon life. Poison doesn't seems to synergize with anything in the crew. If the trigger was giving injured now that would be interesting (sacrifice 1damage 1 heal from the built in trigger to instead help other models to attack the target).
  2. Oh indeed it is! Silly me (again), I didn't notice it. That's nice
  3. By the way, I wanted to make sure I properly understand something about Made to kill and the once per activation limitation on it. If the undergraduate is summoned, you get to use Made to kill there (during the activation of your model that just killed someone, triggering the summon), and then when you activate the undergraduate, if you use By your side, you can use Made to kill again, right? Because the first usage is during the other model's activation, and the second usage is during the undergraduate's activation, so it fits in the "once per activation" rule, correct?
  4. Well, having an upgrade on a friendly model will allow you to put the fast condition on it with the "positive results" trigger on administrative review., so it's not completly useless. I wouldn't mind another bonus action, though. Or maybe another lecture upgrade, that boosts the affected model in some way?
  5. I had the same thought on DF, no way it was 3 before 😛 Patronize seems interesting indeed. Must be careful to not give a suit that will help the model get triggers too much, but it helps use Studied Opponent, so I think it will be beneficial for the crew more that it benefits the ennemy. EDIT : Silly me, I just realized that you don't have to worry about patronize helping the ennemy doing triggers if they are stunned :P I really like the changes to Anna Lovelace as well. Another bonus action to replace a corpse/scrap marker with a scheme marker? pretty good. A trigger to make a mindless zombie so you can detonate it? it might be a bit tricky to get both the kill on a model and the trigger, but it sounds good to me.
  6. I really didn't play much M3E and Albus, but I agree with your statement. Albus, his totem and the students are very nice. I would really like another bonus action for Anna since you're not going to use the detonation each turn.
  7. With the new update on cards, Anna Lovelace's "Remote detonator" action now says this : Remote Detonator 18" 6 - 10 Friendly Undead only. This Action ignores LoS. Bottle Of Painkillers Looks like there was an issue with the text. Since there was no changes announced for her, I guess it's the same as before?
  8. Just a small correction : I thought my friend was going to play the dreamer, but he might use another crew this time. Anyway, I'll try tell you how it went tomorrow
  9. I should play a game with him against the dreamer tonight. That being said, I'm pretty new to malifaux (I must have something like 5-10 games so far, none in M3E for now), so I'm not sure how interesting my impressions will be. But I'll try to share tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for the precisions! When I first read Albus Von Schtook's card, and then saw that "lecture" wasn't the name of the upgrade, but the upgrade type, my first thought was that this will enable the addition of other lecture upgrades in the future. I would really like it as it would give more versatility to the bonus action.
  11. You may be right. The limit of how many times you can take a model seems to be the number of models in its box. Since student of viscera is minion (2) and the 2 others are minions (3), this might be an indication that they'll have their own box with 2/3 models.
  12. I'm thinking this is probably the most likely option. Especially since the transmortis box seems to be unavailable right now. Don't you think the valedictorian would be in the box as well? There's usually a henchman in boxes, no?
  13. That and being to pull off a duel total with all 4 suits (2built ins, 1 from soulstone, 1 from card). Useless but sooo fancy!
  14. I really like the new gruesome lecture! Blasts that makes damaged models injured? Sounds nice (though that must be one baaaad lecture to sit through to be that damaging)! The 2 built in suits in the action to help use the studied oponent ability is a nice touch. Administrative review seems pretty useful as well, both on friendly models and ennemies. You can use the lecture upgrades to make the "positive results" trigger more impactful. Ans since the academic broadcast work on all friendly transmortis models regardless or wether they have a lecture upgrade or not, it's not going to be a downside to have the lecture upgrade on models anymore. I like that the bonus action to attach the lecture upgrade as well (and that you "only" need a 6Crow to pull it off) Seems fair since you'll then need to kill an ennemy model & are limited by that model's cost to summon. Overall I'd say he seems a lot more interesting to play now. P.S : I'm really curious to see his crew box, and/or see the research assistant's model.
  15. I'm not sure but I think this might be a typo. On Albus Von Schtook's card, the "Seen it all" ability says " This model cannot gain the Stunned." Shouldn't if be "the Stunned condition" ?
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