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  1. Just a few days ago I was talking to a friend about how I was wondering how the Geryon looked like (especially given what the Geryon is in Greek mythology). I was not expected something so ... weirdly formed, but I like it! EDIT : I wonder if they will be released with the Lyssa?
  2. I would also mention the case where you are attacking a model with an ability that gives you a (like manipulative or serene countenance) Having a will counter that and you'll still be allowed to cheat. So in such a case I'd say stat 6 is probably going to be a lot more useful that stat 7, no?
  3. Oh yeah I completly forgot about the Lyssa! Sorry about that and thanks for the reminder
  4. I received a mail about my order (with both Euripides & Von Schtook) being shipped about 10h ago. So I guess either if there was an issue it's now resolved, or that there wasn't an issue, just a huge backlog of order to treat ^^
  5. Cycolops as well. The bultungin & the primordial magic are the only savage models without a 50mm base
  6. I noticed that the "Upcoming" page has been updated with the boxes for September. The Von Schtook box is not there, even though it was previously said it would be released in September. So I'm guessing there might be some kind of delay with that box, indeed.
  7. Thanks That's what I thought, since it's pretty standard (hence the "probably stupid question" ), just wanted to be sure.
  8. I have a probably stupid question. I ordered some boxes during the gen con sale, and this was my first purchase on Wyrd's store. Here's my question : when the order will be treated and dispatched, will I receive a mail? Of course I know it will take some time to process all orders, since Wyrd was obviously busy with being at gencon, and I guess there were more orders than usual done during the sale, so there's some backlog of orders to go through. I have no problem with the wait. It's just to know what to expect.
  9. True, I guess that makes sense. There are some models packaged alone though, like the necropunks (but they not only have 2 keywords, but keywords of masters from 2 different factions, so maybe that is the key difference), the swine-cursed, the draugr, etc. Thanks for the examples! In any case there shouldn't be too long to wait until we see the contents of the september boxes, and learn more about the next month's releases as well
  10. I agree. The only difference between a action done as part of a charge and one done without a charge is if the action counts towards your action limit or not. The rest works the same, including declaring the action.
  11. The bultungin are dual keyword though (fae, savage). Is there any example of dual keyword models bundled with single keyword models?
  12. I was thinking maybe the delay was just enough that they couldn't have stocks for gencon, but not enough to prevent the online purchases? A clarification surely would be nice.
  13. Indeed! I ordered the Von Schtook box a few hours ago!
  14. I think in september there is a "the howling" box to be released. We don't know yet what the exact content of the box would be, but looks like it could contain rougarou (the word rougarou comes from the french "loup garou" which means werewolf, and I think the howling is a name of a werewolf movie, right?).
  15. If you check on the upcoming page (https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases), they are listed as part of the June releases. I was able to order them on an online retailer (wayland games) at the end of June, and I received them. I guess there should be other retailers having them in stock too.
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