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    TTB "balanced" Drama Time

    That would be great. So far the only response to this I've seen amounts to "adjust the numbers and figure it out". You'd think a $60 core book written by a skirmish game company with years of experience creating game balance would give you a bit more material and guidance.
  2. ezramantis

    Best method to introduce people to the game?

    When I teach people I use two identical crews. That way anything one players dudes can do, the other player's dudes can do as well. It cuts down on the number of "new things" to learn and remember, since the uniqueness of actions in mfaux can be overwhelming to new players. I actually made a set of paper models on 30mm bases for these learning games. This let me pick whatever models i thought work best. I try to avoid models that add conditions (slow and fast are ok), models with (0) actions, and models who's actions have more complicated timing issues. 4 - 5 models was plenty. 1 master, 1 enforcer, and 2-3 of the same minion. I chose 1 shared kill scheme and 1 shared marker scheme but no strategy. 2 objectives is plenty and illustrates that you can win muliple ways.
  3. ezramantis

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Hope there is a rework of the elevation rules for this edition. While I've been able to wrap my head around them I can't seem to explain them sufficiently to most of the people I manage to get playing. So our boards are usually pretty 2 dimesional just to avoid the issues of LoS.
  4. ezramantis

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    One argument in favor of only being able to cheat when you have a skill, purely from a mechanical standpoint, is that it makes getting those 1,1,1,1,1 flips during character creation more appealing and balances out starting characters a bit better.
  5. ezramantis

    TN: Hidden or Public Knowledge

    I have thought about creating a general talent that allows players to know TNs if they are hidden. Possibly tied to specific skill categories. Not sure what I would call it.
  6. ezramantis

    TN: Hidden or Public Knowledge

    In most of the rpgs I've played there are certain rolls where the TN is not known to the players. Most notably things like perception checks, surprise checks, detect traps, or sense motive work better if the players aren't sure if they could have gotten more or better information or don't know the TN since the info they're trying to aquire is hidden. But with TTB players aren't stuck with the results of their "roll". They have the opportunity to cheat fate after seeing the result of their flip. I'm just sort of taking a poll here and trying to get a feel for what people who've had more experience with this system have learned. Do you prefer making all of your TNs public? Only certain ones? Do players get annoyed if they spend a card to cheat fate on a hidden TN and still get an unsatisfactory result? Are there some situations where a hidden TN is detrimental (like for ongoing challenges)? Even with a hidden TN players can still recognize a bad flip and determine when they really want to hedge their bets. For those of you who use hidden TNs: do you allow a card to be cheated in after success or failure is revealed? How 'bout attack and defense flips? I've always liked having to learn your opponents strengths and weaknesses in battle. A roll of x doesn`t hit?! This must be a tougher bunch of mooks than the last ones we faced!
  7. ezramantis

    Effect Timing

    Thanks guys for your ideas and input. I like the suggestion of using a (0) action to trigger the spell immediately. Ima use that. We are long time Malifaux players so we instictively apply our understanding and terminology to TtB. And since I really like the creativity that the magic system allows for I hate to restrict that creativity without some clear guideline or official ruling. It makes sense that the trigger for Delayed should be more "real world" and less "game rules". Of course it's gonna turn into a game of trick the genie with the FM ruling on semantics rather than intent to curb the power. For example, knowing this player well, he will eventually make the trigger "when an individual who is not (fated A, B, or C) begins to perform an act that has the potentional to directly and intentionally cause physical harm to (fated A, B, or C)". Of course I COULD increase the TN for each potential target involved (on one or both sides). Or I could allow for a FMC to have a wp, speed, or grace save vs the casting result to maintain their AP. But consistency becomes a problem when making rulings. They'll wonder why the adjusted rules apply to certain charcters, spells, or situations but not to others and then people feel cheated or singled out. I love the idea of using delay as a defensive option too, so I'm loathe to hobble it. His "tradition" is based on his Station flip which made him a servant. The delay immutto comes from him training to anticipate his masters needs and be johnny on the spot. I think that's purdy durn neat. And I can always add some mooks to an encounter specifically to sacrificially trigger his spells. That gets a little meta-gamey but it might get necessary.
  8. ezramantis

    Effect Timing

    My player has a starting grimiore that is bringing up timing issues and questions. Just want to get some clarification to make sure I'm not hobbling myself and giving the players too much license. 1. If the Natural and Wind immuto are added to a spell, which "after damaging" effect triggers first, Rooted or the push? (If rooted triggers first the effected character will automatically take 3 extra damage.) 2. Delay immuto with the defined option. Can the defined situation be "when this spell is successfully cast" effectively erasing the immuto? My player ingeniously chose this as his Tradition immuto so it must be added to every spell for free. 3. Delay immuto. If the defined situation is "when target declares an attack" does the spell then interupt the attack and go off before any flip is made? He used this defined situation with the Wind immuto so when the character he was engaged with declared a melee attack it pushed out of range. Since the attack was declared, but the target was no longer valid, the attack failed.