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  1. Anyone else having trouble with the app loading but not actually allowing you to use the app? The initial menu isn't coming up so I have no way to interact with the app. Worked fine before the latest card erratta update...
  2. My guess is, that since Consumed by Pride says "The enemy model cannot Cheat Fate again during that duel" it implies that fate has been cheated, since it cannot be done "again" unless it has already been done at least once. So Zoraida's ability would take effect. It does say the card is discarded "instead" of cheated. But I think that applies to the card, not the "act" of cheating. I feel like if the intent was to negate the act entirely the ability would read "the enemy model does not cheat fate and instead discards the cheated card". This is based on the way the rules read on pg 25 of the rulebook concerning killed models healing after being killed. This ability is not worded in that way so I believe the cheating still occurs.
  3. Well there ya go. Missed that. I'm still making too many assumptions based on the M2E rules. The Marker had LoS but not range then. Thanks santa
  4. Thanks Adrian. I should've read further it seems. It all makes sense to me now.
  5. How do Pulses and Shockwaves (also pulses) interact with models and elevation? Does a pulse extend vertically to an infinite height? Or is there a limit? The Size of the model or object generating the Pulse? The Pulse rules offer no clarification that I could see. We had a situation last night where a model was on a ht 2 building. A Shockwave (2) was dropped right next to the building. The model was within 2" of the marker horizontally. (For visual reference you can use the picture of Dashel and Parker on pg 18 of the rulebook. Dashel represents the Shockwave Marker and Parker the model). I reasoned that it depended on whether the Marker had LoS to the model. The building had the blocking trait so it would block LoS, but I haven't experienced too much of the new elevation rules so I consulted the rulebook. According to the rules "When drawing LoS between two objects, any intervening models or terrain with a Size or Height that is lower than either of the two objects is ignored." So the Height 2 building is lower than the Ht2 + Sz2 model on the roof so LoS is not blocked. The Shockwave's Pulse would effect the model, right? It as LoS and is in Range. But the Shockwave is in the Shadow of the building, so the LoS is blocked, since "if either model is in the Shadow of terrain with Height equal to or greater than the Size of that model..., any sight lines that pass through the terrain generating that Shadow are blocked" (Shadow rules pg 18). So there is no LoS. The Shockwave's Pulse would not effect the model. Except this: (pg 28) "Unless otherwise noted, Markers....have no vertical distance (ie., Height or Size)" and so figuring LoS using rules that refer to the Size or Height of objects that have no Size or Height leaves questions in my mind. Do Shockwave Markers ONLY effect objects and models on the same elevation? If they had Size of 0 they could add the Height of the terrain they were on to figure LoS. But they don't. So I'm assuming LoS is ALWAYS blocked by any difference in elevation. The Shadow rules also refer to "models", not "objects". But I assume that the intent is that the rules apply to objects (such as Markers) as well regardless of the exact wording? Also: if the model had been within 1" of the edge of the terrain, it would ignore the terrain it was on. That would give the model LoS to the Marker, but does it also give the Marker LoS to the model?
  6. Thinking about getting "mutant year zero: road to eden" for ps4. Supposedly has a "stalker mode" that lets you just play missions with characters and skills unlocked.
  7. So if an insignificant model KILLS a model in Turf War, the marker doesn't flip, right? Since the insignificant model is ignored in EVERY way?
  8. I've been playing Zoraida since 1st ed and will continue even if she turns to trash in M5E. I just love the swamp voodo witch theme and grisly looking hag model. Add to that a big monster made of muck, a bunch of amphibian creatures helping her out, and some swampy tree monsters and it completes a very fun picture for for me. A powerful hag with the swamp at her command? Yes please.
  9. Will this scenario be added to the crewbuilder as a game setup option?
  10. I play with lengths of aluminum wire I bought from a dollar store (you could also go to a craft store). i have them in 3 colors. One is in multiples of 3 (3", 6", 12"), one is multiples of 4 (4", 8"), and one is multiples of 5 (5", 10"). They are nice because they make measuring movement around corners easy. I also cut one at 7" because in M2E my silurids had a 7" leap. And now in M3E I'll prooly need a 14" for a few models. I also have a little piece of cardstock cut 1"x2" for measuring engagement range and short distances. The only downside is having a bunch of measuring sticks sitting around the table but that doesn't bug me too much. My buddy actually built a little rack/holder for his. I've thought about cutting a few pieces and marking off 1" segments, maybe a short 6" piece and a 12" piece. We'll see.
  11. As someone who stuck with Zoraida and her swampfiends through M2E when she was considered a low tier master, I'm glad to see she's now actually a concern for other players . As someone who stuck with Zoraida and her swampfiends through M2E and managed to play her reasonably effectively against stronger crews that had easier synergies and tactics, I say it's their turn to get creative to play against me . As someone who yadda yadda yadda...I'll be pretty bummed if she gets nerfed into low tier again as a reaction rather than the community discussing counter strategy and learning to play against her. So I'm glad to see some really good suggestions on dealing with her in this thread.
  12. Well, I've tried out Banner Saga and while it does have some push/pull mechanisms the battlefield is a featureless grid so they seem largely trivial in the long run. Also it's essentially a maths puzzle where I subtract from my enemy's armor until it makes sense to subtract from it's life/strength. Maybe I'm missing some positioning nuances that would come from repeated play but it's not engaging enough for me to get there. So I'm back to XCOM with a new dlc purchase: War of the Chosen. So far it's adding enough to satisfy me. Would love if it had a "one off" mission mode so I didn't have to play through the strategy layer to get to the skills and equipment that adds spice to the game. Plus I get attached to my troops gosh dangit! Losing a good soldier in a mission means they're gone. I think my best bet at this point is to play through the game on easy to build up a "model pool" making save games at points in the story that allow me a variety of missions/soldiers and then just loading up those saves when I feel like a quick battle. I could see how long I can put off spending upgrades/level ups so that I can custom build a "crew" every time an pick which mission I feel like playing. At any rate, would love to keep this thread active as a library of suggestions, cause I'm always looking and I'm sure others are as well.
  13. I have done this with my brother. It's great cause he lives elswhere. Unfortunately he's recently married with a kid so no time to play with his brother. Which isn't fair! I've known him longer daggit! Haha My goal is to have something I can play whenever I get the hankering without scheduling conflicts.
  14. Every few months I buy a tactical rpg for my PS4 in the hopes that I can get an experience that even remotely compares to Malifaux. Every one has ended up boring me after I get past the discovery stage. Almost all of the skills are "+percent to thing you do". Boring. No pushes or moving other models. Boring. If there are objectives outside of "kill all da udder guys" they end up having far less game impact, value, or efficiency than just wiping the board. Boring. I dislike moving all my guys and then the computer moves all it's guys games. If there are actions that buff a team mate, debuff a foe, create an aura, or set up shennanigans they ultimately aren't as worthwhile or efficient as just hitting the enemy with your sword instead. Malifaux has ruined me. I buy games with 8+ review ratings and they feel like 5's at best compared to the experience of Malifaux. Now I HAVE gotten hours of play out of XCOM 2 and Mordheim but after a while they get stale because of reasons I've mentioned. Anyone have any recommendations for video games to check out that might live up to malifaux?
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