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  1. Ah, there it is. Yes they do get 3 AP
  2. That's an interesting point I'll have to think about. Aren't you getting 150%of 15 pts with a master? Do hired second masters still get 3 AP?
  3. I'm considering using Bad Juju or Spawnmother to lead my swampfiends, but not becausenI think they'll be BETTER, rather because the new player I'm playing with gets quite frustrated with Zoraida. I too have been curious to see how it'll turn out but really I can't help but think of it as a handicap. SS value alone indicates a handicap (going from a free 15ss master to a free 9/8ss henchman). BUT that handicap can let me play my best and not overwhelm a new player.
  4. It helps me to think of a rifleman lurking at the edge of the woods to shoot a foe in a field. The rifleman has stuff to hide behind but there isn`t enough stuff in the way to obscure his shot. Any deeper than 1" though and it gets tougher to see through the thick.
  5. I made up my own cheat sheets in a word processing program. They have conditions, general actions, cover/concealment rules, ss use, and accuracy charts. Tried to think what would help new players. Make up a set. Takes a little time but you can arrange them however makes sense to you.
  6. I am a player with precious little disposable income. As such, I started playing with the 1st ed rulebook and proxy models. My brother and I tried every master we thought was cool this way until we settled on what we wanted to actually invest in. Now 1st ed had FAR fewer models than M3e but I still do this with new players. I make paper proxies so they can try masters they like. Every one of them has quickly chosen a master and been happy. Even something as simple as a 30/40/50mm flat token with a picture on it lets ya try stuff out. I will also say that choosing a theme you like goes a long way. Even when my masters and models were considered underpowered in M2e I still loved playing them because of the narrative that existed in my mind.
  7. Silurids are awesome scheme runners. Of course they come with her crew box (or at least did in M2e) so maybe not what you were looking for, but still.
  8. That's a bummer. I was hoping I missed something and they actually had some tricks. Any "wall" I make might as well not be there with the 2" gaps. I guess I can create some concealment for protection at least. Just feels like I'm going to be telegraphing my moves if I try to set up ambush points (though that could be a good bluff once my opponent catches on). I love the models and my paint jobs so I'll probably keep playing them. Maybe I'll find something. Thanks guys
  9. So when a model "creates" a marker it cannot be placed in contact with another model (pg 28). So I can't just use germinate to create a marker in base contact with my Waldgeist and a nearby model to increase the range of my tangling roots. I can only create 1 underbrush marker in base contact with my Waldgeist to extend it's Tangling Roots 1" threat range because underbrush markers cannot be place within 2" of one another. (A sad drop from it's 2" threat range and potential 9" threat bubble in 2e) I can't use germinate to create a marker in base contact with one of my friendly swampfiends to help prepare them to use their Ambush action on their activation. (I can only place it nearby so that said swampfiends can move into it on their activation) I can't use germinate to create a marker under an enemy model to slow them down with severe terrain. (I can only make a "wall" with 2" gaps and make them either weave through the forest or have their movement halved by severe terrain) I can't use my Underbrush marker to bridge the gap between my Waldgeist and a nearby piece of severe terrain so that I can attack any model in that severe terrain with Tangling Roots, since the marker and the severe terrain would be 2 separate pieces of terrain not the same terrain. Is this all correct? I'd hate to be hamstringing myself because I've misinterpreted the way the new rules interact with the new models.
  10. Concealing: If a sight line drawn to a model passes through Concealing Terrain, that model has Concealment. When drawing sight lines, a model in Concealing Terrain may ignore that terrain’s Concealing trait if any single sight line drawn between the two objects passes through 1" or less of that terrain. Most fog banks count as Concealing Terrain. Only a model IN the shadow marker will ignore the marker for concealment.
  11. This is one of the most annoying parts of how this game is presented. Don't give me something in one book that uses rules for something that can only be found in another book. Especially one that's not out yet and with no release date! It makes me feel manipulated as a fan. Either put it in the book so that I don't have to reference 3 books to find rules or omit it entirely. Use some of the massive amounts of white space in the layouts to include the rules for what's being presented instead of using it as a teaser to sell books. I'd rather have rules redundancies than things printed that I can't use because I don't have the rules.
  12. Would adding objectives to the combats help? Sure they can kill all the mooks in the factory, but can they shut down the doomsday device the mooks are protecting in time WHILE fighting mooks? They can defend themselves but can they protect the high profile dignitary they've been hired to escort? How about environmental Hazards? Fighting down a ladder that descends into the mouth of an active geyser, the only way into the crypt they are trying to access, could see them fighting with one hand while making strength/balance checks to keep from falling. Add to that checks to avoid taking negatives from the heat and an ongoing challenge to reach the bottom before the next blast of superheated water. Swamps could slow their movement while having them fight off the effects of halucinogenic gasses. Icy conditions could cause them to fall prone. All environments that their assailants are immune to or just more prepared for.
  13. Thanks. I see it now. I guess I was reading the parenthesis as a clarification rather than an addition. I'll never get that wrong again ☺️
  14. See that's where I got unsure. "(Other than this model)" seems to refer to zoraida. If it meant to exclude the target rather than the model performing the action, wouldn't it read "another model (other than the target)"? It feels like voodoo doll got nerfed in this edition and thought this might be a way the designers allowed for it to be somewhat effective, even if it's tricky to pull off the right damage to healing results.
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