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  1. I have it on good authority (certainly not Kyle) that the Dead Man's Hand masters will be forming a new faction called the "Blackjack and Hookers," but basically they just pool their money to get a nice place Downtown. Hijinks ensue as they try to live under the same roof. Will Ryle (re)learn what it's like to be a real boy? Will Ramos win his PTA presidency bid? Can Lilith and Nicodem live with their burning romantic tension? And what about Collodi's quirky home business? Find out every Thursday at 9 (MCT), only on Guildvox Channel 4!
  2. You can't trick us, Kyle. We know Wyrd is going to join the Area 51 raid this year and try to re-open the Breach.
  3. You speak truth, wisdom, and... sexy. MORE UNDEAD PIRATES!
  4. Hoy there Mary, "Blacktongue" Bonnet Maiden of the heartless sea! I gave my vows with a cuthroat scowl And a skellywag she made me! Hoy there Mary, blackguard bandit There's no man she can't best! So hoist her colors and raise 'em high We'll bury him with the rest! Hoy there Mary, Brine and Bones The Whisper's calling me! There ain't no rest in a dead man's chest So we're sailing endless seas! *Runs around shouting shanties until the rum takes him*
  5. YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME! [Flying Powerbombs himself]
  6. Love 'em. Jake and Taelor look like the two-handed butt-kickers they are, and the Student is adorably deadly. Bring 'em on!
  7. Hm, I can't recall all the Miss/Mr models. Well here are a few ideas off the top of my head. Miss Direction Alt. Colette Crew. An all-female group of street magicians dress like men. Miss Direction looks like Charlie Chaplin's "Tramp" character, complete with fake mustache. The rest of the troupe looks the Marx Brothers. The group puts on cheerful, goofy street performances, while simultaneously grifting everyone they can and robbing them blind. Their metal doves and mannequins look far more ramshackle. The Lizard Brothers Alt. Viktorias Crew. Seth Dusk and Richie Dawn are two ruthless bank robbers dubbed the "Lizard Brothers" who got in over their heads and had to flee in a hurry, choosing to lay low in Malifaux. The family they met on the train looked like decent hostages, so they used them as cover as they traveled to one of the southern contract towns, only to find the locals killed by bloodthirsty Neverborn. It was a wonder they made it out alive. Lord Justice Alt. Lady Justice. Seamus was once a kindly hatter, until the day his own wife mutilated him and stole his eyes. Delving into the same necromancy that had driven her mad, Seamus restored his sight and went on to found the Death Marshals, warriors committed to destroying Resurrectionism. While he is far less cheerful and kind these days, Lord Justice remains a popular hero of the people. Lord Justice looks like a blinded, lightly armored Seamus, trading his big flintlock for a sword, maybe wearing a Death Marshal coat over his shoulders like a cape with his sword sheathed at his side. He still has the hat. Miss Redchapel Alt. Seamus. Seamus once had a doting wife, who changed when she discovered The Book. Convinced her husband was having an affair, she cut out Seamus' eyes and fled into the night. Now "Miss Redchapel" stalks the brothels, murdering women whom she believes are rivals for her husband's affection and leaving cryptic invitations for Seamus to join her for "tea." This dark alternate timeline Lady Justice is dressed similarly to Alice from the Wonderland books, only far more insane-looking, and wielding a great big flintlock pistol.
  8. I suspect they'll be a bit bigger, so that each Master can have their own short fiction attached and maybe a breakdown of the Faction as a whole like in The Other Side rulebook.
  9. Okay, but, why does he look exactly like me?
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