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  1. The biggest spoilers were the friends we made along the way.
  2. Well it's early planning stages. The important thing is the flaming hell-pig skeleton. We can stick whoever we want on top of it. Maybe a hooded Gremlin, maybe a creepy child Gremlin, maybe a DEAD Gremlin, rotting away with mushrooms and moss to represent death by stagnation. He literally lazied himself to death.
  3. Well, I wanna be clear. I'm talking more Johnny Cash Man in Black than alien-shenanigans Men in Black. With the trench-coat and the kind-of-mullet and shiny black boots, sharp dressed man off to meet Death on the road, Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Piggy Down Gremlin in Black smokin' a cigarette and singing about the path through redemption by walking through perdition.
  4. Leveticus traded his grim destiny to Zoraida for a fresh cruller and the ability to never forget Rusty Alyce's birthday (thrice is embarrassing enough, thank you). Zoraida gave the destiny to Zipp. Zipp dropped it somewhere over the Bayou. So in the near future, expect to see a sour-faced Gautreaux Gremlin in "Man in Black" attire, riding a mystical, flaming, skeletal hell-pig. The Fifth "Horseman," Stagnation. I made this up.
  5. Whoops. Yan Lo got pasted to the wrong list. Titania I feel is either hiding a deep-rooted madness caused by her exposure to the Grave Spirit, or she doesn't respect the threat it and the Tyrants represent. She is choosing short-term gains over long-term efforts, allying herself with Nekima and confounding Zoraida's efforts to stop the Tyrants for the sake of re-establishing her throne.
  6. This is open to debate, but I think this list works to interpret each character's general outlook. The Good Motivated by the "greater good" (though their interpretations vary). Basse Hoffman Justice Nellie Perdita Euripides Lilith Zoraida Molly Reva Ironsides Mei Feng Sandeep Misaki Brewmaster Ophelia The Bad Ruthless and often sadistic in pursuit of their obsessions. Sonnia Lucius Jack Daw Kirai Seamus McMourning Nicodem Von Schtook Collodi Dreamer Nekima Pandora Titania Kaeris Ramos Rasputina Hamelin Tara Asami Shenlong Yan Lo The Ugly Nominally self-interested, but adaptive and pragmatic enough to know when to look at the big picture. Barker Colette Marcus Leveticus Parker Viktoria(s) Von Schill Zipp Lucas Lynch Youko Mah Tucket Ulix Wong Som'er
  7. Did you know Captain Dashel owns a pitbull puppy named Mr. Mimzy and he's sooo gentle with him? So many hits on the AetherVox, guys. The dog has horns because Malifaux but he barks at his own farts. It's adorable.
  8. I have it on good authority (certainly not Kyle) that the Dead Man's Hand masters will be forming a new faction called the "Blackjack and Hookers," but basically they just pool their money to get a nice place Downtown. Hijinks ensue as they try to live under the same roof. Will Ryle (re)learn what it's like to be a real boy? Will Ramos win his PTA presidency bid? Can Lilith and Nicodem live with their burning romantic tension? And what about Collodi's quirky home business? Find out every Thursday at 9 (MCT), only on Guildvox Channel 4!
  9. You can't trick us, Kyle. We know Wyrd is going to join the Area 51 raid this year and try to re-open the Breach.
  10. You speak truth, wisdom, and... sexy. MORE UNDEAD PIRATES!
  11. Hoy there Mary, "Blacktongue" Bonnet Maiden of the heartless sea! I gave my vows with a cuthroat scowl And a skellywag she made me! Hoy there Mary, blackguard bandit There's no man she can't best! So hoist her colors and raise 'em high We'll bury him with the rest! Hoy there Mary, Brine and Bones The Whisper's calling me! There ain't no rest in a dead man's chest So we're sailing endless seas! *Runs around shouting shanties until the rum takes him*
  12. YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME! [Flying Powerbombs himself]
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