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  1. Mike Wallace

    How does Ghoul play?

    A good way to deal with it is to have some intrepid Guild investigator using evidence of the cannibalism to hunt the Ghoul down. Constantly being traced would make the Ghoul less eager to chomp down.
  2. Mike Wallace


    Just remember the rules for giving constructive feedback. 1. Bias or subjectivity is something to avoid. 2. Always test your Crew against as many opponents and in as many scenarios (not all at once) as you can. 3. Do know that Albus Von Schtook is the best Resser. 4. Take things out of your comfort zone and build Crews with models you wouldn't normally take for a scenario. 5. Have a notebook and take notes as you play. 6. In the end the Grave Spirit will eat the Burning Man out of the sky and all will be as night, starless and still. 7. No Beta Test is complete until you've played it so much you hate it (not really), like any good editing job. 8. Get a good, filling breakfast with protein. 9. Seek out advice if you don't understand a rule. 10. Have a final report to turn in near the end of the Test that includes all of the relevant data. 11. Avoid arguments. Both the players and the developers have a vision of where we want this to go, but ultimately it's the developer who decides. Try to respect that. 12. Present all belongings for review whenever a Guild Inspector commands. 13. Please be civil and honest in your feedback. We all want M3E to be the best it can be, so we should be having fun, not making things harder for all concerned. 14. Every Beta Test has a few inconsistent players; they sign up and then just kind of sit there (I know, I'm King of the "Sitting" Volunteers). Don't be that kind of player. You wouldn't like me as your King. 15. Now go back and read the first letters of each step in this list: it will spell out a secret code!
  3. Mike Wallace

    Thank You, Mason

  4. Mike Wallace

    Bundle of Holding: Through the Breach

    I now own all Through The Breach material ever published! I even have a pile of downloaded Wyrd Chronicles, which, are you guys ever gonna start posting one-shots in the Chronicles, in whatever form it takes?
  5. Mike Wallace

    Breaking Soulstones

    I wonder if the North is full of old caves and tunnel systems that routinely get flooded because those are the remains of Old Malifaux mines.
  6. Mike Wallace

    Wyrd Chronicles 39 - Bah Humbug

    I think they had a vote or brought up the subject earlier this year about switching Chronicle to a blog format, simply so it would offer more convenient access. Some people thought it was a fine idea, as it would allow for more varied material drip-fed to people over the months instead of in bi-monthly bursts with specific formats. Others expressed uncertainty that they would not be able to download the material and read it at their own leisure, as well as having an entire "magazine" of material to read offline. I believe someone (Aaron, perhaps) mentioned they might archive the material for those who still want to download it but I'm not sure what they've got planned. Personally, I'd like to see some more Through The Breach one-shots. Those have been great material for my weekly games.
  7. I've never looked twice at most Neverborn, except maybe Lucius because he dresses so sharply, but Euripides honestly looks like a lot of fun. The rule states you move the used card to the bottom of the Discard pile, so I suspect you can only draw the top card with this ability, not rifle through your Discards for the card you want.
  8. Someone find the author, he's a genius and a creative mastermind.
  9. The Arcanists know the Tattler is a Guild rag, they wouldn't believe it. But if they believe the information is real and wasn't meant to fall into their hands, they are doomed! Expose the truth and you shatter the faction into warring cells, each convinced the others are Guild operatives! Keep the truth, and the paranoia and disdain festers as you believe your cause is just another tentacle of the many-armed Guild octopus! You turn on your own people, rumors poison trust and erode loyalty, and in the end they will eat themselves alive!
  10. The best way for a totalitarian state to deal with rebellion is to co-opt it. Lucius writes up the draft notes of a meeting discussing the creation of an "Arcanist Special Division," dusts them up to make them look old, and leaves them somewhere an enterprising muckraker would find them. Think of all the delightful chaos, Mason. Steeple your fingers and bwahaha with me. You can keep your canon canon, but this scenario sounds like too much fun for me to not try it in my TTB game.
  11. But if I were part of the Guild trying to divide the M&SU and its Arcanist members, I'd start planting the rumors that the Guild created the Union. Then I could just sit back and watch them paranoid themselves to death. All things serve the Guild.
  12. Everyone who isn't still going by "Cher" rules, anyways.
  13. Mike Wallace

    Tarot Differences

    Possibly, it might just be a mistake that they decided to hold onto for the sake of making the tarots more unique. As for Pursuits, the first time a character takes up a Pursuit they get the Starting gear/ability, and the Step 0 Talent. When you choose a new Pursuit, you only get the Step 0 Talent, not the Starting gear/ability. As long as they are pursuing that Pursuit, the character gets the "On the Pursuit" ability, but it is removed if they aren't.
  14. There are some nice possibilities here. And I see everyone gets a last name now.
  15. Mike Wallace


    I'm mostly being facetious about Deadlands. The similarities are there, but I think everyone has come to accept the obvious and are probably just rolling their eyes at us for bringing it up like we're the first people to do so.