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  1. Everyone who isn't still going by "Cher" rules, anyways.
  2. Mike Wallace

    Tarot Differences

    Possibly, it might just be a mistake that they decided to hold onto for the sake of making the tarots more unique. As for Pursuits, the first time a character takes up a Pursuit they get the Starting gear/ability, and the Step 0 Talent. When you choose a new Pursuit, you only get the Step 0 Talent, not the Starting gear/ability. As long as they are pursuing that Pursuit, the character gets the "On the Pursuit" ability, but it is removed if they aren't.
  3. There are some nice possibilities here. And I see everyone gets a last name now.
  4. Mike Wallace


    I'm mostly being facetious about Deadlands. The similarities are there, but I think everyone has come to accept the obvious and are probably just rolling their eyes at us for bringing it up like we're the first people to do so.
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    Specifically, I've drawn inspiration from The Dresden Files novels (which I guess draws inspiration from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Series), the video games Blood, Silverload, and Darkwatch, the comic book character Jonah Hex, the works of HP Lovecraft, any kind of Steampunk, and my own imagination which is really weird. Also there's the Deadlands RPG, but no one seems to bring it up so I'm not sure if it's taboo to mention it on the Wyrd Forums. :T
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    How to Duel? (Western Style)

    Here's some quick n' dirty rules for a 1v1 Showdown. Both duelists draw four cards and apply the highest result to the Acting Value of an appropriate Skill for a Ranged Attack action (Pistols for a Pistol attack, Necromancy for a Necromancy spell, etc.). The Spellcasting TN for a spell must still be met. The duelist with the highest result is the winner. The losing duelist is immediately reduced to 0 wounds and suffers a Critical Effect as per the normal rules. If you want to draw it out a bit more in Dramatic Time, you could try: Play "The Ecstasy of Gold" by Ennio Morricone on any nearby sound system. Determine Initiative. Both duelists are Slow until the end of Dramatic Time. Both duelists take Focus actions. For a Showdown, the Focus condition does not end with the end of their turn, but carries over and stacks up to a maximum of +3. This continues until both duelists have Focus +3. If either duelist takes any other action but Focus, their Focus ends and the Showdown immediately moves to the next step. Both duelists draw a number of cards equal to their Focus condition +1. They then apply the highest result to the Acting Value of an appropriate Skill for a Ranged Attack action (Pistols for a Pistol attack, Necromancy for a Necromancy spell, etc.). The duelist with the highest total result is the winner. The losing duelist is immediately reduced to 0 wounds and suffers a Critical Effect as per the normal rules. Ideally, a Showdown should take the length of the song to complete. Intense eye contact must be maintained between duelists. Beads of sweat on the temples are encouraged. When you draw your Focus cards, keep them face down until both duelists are ready to shoot, and don't flip them until the music ends. EDIT: I forgot, in the event of a Tie, both duelists are reduced to 0 Wounds and take a Critical Effect. Good luck!
  7. I'd recommend a bit of reverse-engineering. The rank value for Fatemaster characters is on page 312 of the Core Rulebook. Start from there, using the character's rank in Malifaux as your first step. Here's a nice workaround: the Soulstone cost of the model is a good indicator of their rank value in the RPG. Then use the Derived Aspects (pg. 79) to try and figure out the character's Physical and Mental Aspects. You have a bit of leeway to work with here; sometimes Skills define a Derived Aspect, sometimes an Aspect does. You'll just have to use a bit of your own judgment to decide which suits the character better. Bear in mind what Skills they'll need to use their Abilities. If you can, find out which abilities a character has that are already available to a Pursuit or General Talent. You don't necessarily have to give this character the appropriate number of Pursuit Steps to get the Talents they need. Expunge is a lofty Chemist Pursuit Talent, for example, but there's a small chance that Douglas McMourning doesn't have seven steps in Chemist (or heck, maybe he does). The point is just to apply the correct abilities with the correct wording and Skill/Aspect combinations. If it doesn't exist already in the Rulebooks, you'll have to use the Malifaux version and work out the kinks yourself, working with their descriptions in the model's cards and the Manifested Ability rules in the RPG. I recently converted Coppelius into a Fatemaster character (I'm intent on removing a Fated character's eye(s) as part of his Destiny to convert himself into more of a machine) and it wasn't too terribly hard. The Rank Value takes care of a lot of the dirty work, and I just filled in the gaps where necessary.
  8. Mike Wallace

    Waldo's Weekly - A New Study Buddy

    Top marks, my boy. Top marks.
  9. Mike Wallace

    Is Levi Worth Playing Without Pariah Upgrades?

    As you say, but he seems to be doing alright for himself, considering his philosophy and name. As far as the Tyrants go, raving and dominating all over the place, Obliteration seems almost amicable. Content, even. Maybe I just haven't read the right material yet, but he seems to treat Tara and her Crew fairly, giving her an amount of autonomy seldom enjoyed by those bound to the Tyrants. I'm not saying they're allies, but the Grave Spirit and Obliteration's motivations do have some overlap.
  10. Mike Wallace

    Is Levi Worth Playing Without Pariah Upgrades?

    Oh I know. I'm referring to Obliteration's relationship with the Grave Spirit. It *feels* like him having similar goals and powers is hinting at something. Maybe I'm just paranoid. But that brings up a thought; do the Tyrants have their own Magical Theories? Their followers tend to adopt similar, if weaker, powers, right?
  11. Mike Wallace

    Is Levi Worth Playing Without Pariah Upgrades?

    That feels like a spoiler. What about the Dromedary Cadavers? And other Earth-based forms of Necromancy?
  12. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    I'm starting a thread because no one wants my questions filling up the forum. Can Subordinate Characters advance? If so, in what way, and what the the limits of their advancement, since they are not Fated?
  13. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    The Speed Loading Trigger (Core Rulebook, pg. 221) doesn't specify if the character's Attack action must be a success or failure in order to perform. Does that mean that any time the character attempts the action, they can declare that trigger as long as they have the appropriate suit?
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    I wanted to lure my players away from D&D, so I've tried to flavor my TTB games to be more distinct. Instead of just wandering dungeons, they're Private Investigators. I want to keep them playing, so I'm tweaking one-shots and writing my own to feel like episodes of a TV series, with a core cast of supporting characters that the adventures revolve around, so they always feel like there's something to invest in outside of just having a payday. As we go I've quietly planted seeds to involve them in ever-bigger events. Recurring characters will keep the party on their toes, as the city steadily changes around them.
  15. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    So it's still French territory?
  16. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    Okay! New Question! Has anyone made a list that divides the existing Penny Dreadfuls by geographical location? I'm creating a kind of "Netflix" series for my players, with Season 1 being 13 sessions in Malifaux City, then Season 2 is the North, Season 3 is the Bayou, etc. I can build one myself, but if someone has done the work beforehand I won't complain.
  17. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    Canada controlling Alaska (for what that's worth) and Oregon sounds kind of amusing. *Above the Law* suggests however that the Three Kingdoms managed to invade the east coast of North America during the Black Powder Wars, and there was mention of some kind of death fog (I don't have the book open in front of me). I wonder if there might be a population of Three Kingdoms citizens now living on the east coast, ex-pats or veterans left behind when the Three Kingdoms withdrew? So here's what I'm working with; I have one character, a Sawbones, who's backstory is he learned doctoring accidentally when his culinary skills were enough to get him made into a nurse, and he spent days and weeks amputating limbs and digging out bullets. The Civil War is kind of a necessary backdrop for his character because the war is what turned him from a meek cook into a quietly demented and mostly self-taught "Doctor." The other character is a classic gunfighter and mercenary, think Angel Eyes from *The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly*. The backstory we worked out for him is that after the Guild bought most of New Mexico and a bunch of Texas, there were a lot of local Mexicans that felt abandoned by their country and forced to swear fealty to the Guild or be driven out. He joined a large bandit clan the lived out in the hills, a group made up of Americans, Mexicans, and even Japanese (descendants of the Three Kingdoms invaders). With the Guild throwing its full weight into controlling Breachtown, the bandits were largely driven out, and the ones that stayed turned even meaner and more violent. Seeing the writing on the wall, the gunfighter decided to cut and run, stealing a dead man's ticket and boarding the Iron Ram for Malifaux. Headcanon-wise, these stories probably sound perfectly fine. But I'm trying to give my players the most authentic Malifaux experience I can, because I want them to get into the setting and want to play its various games. I don't want to give them an imaginary version and see them get disappointed when the details I give them don't match up with what they've been told, you know?
  18. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    I'm assuming the Guild have control over the coast of Texas. What about the Civil War? Did it happen? Is it still happening? Does the USA extend to the east coast, north of Mexico?
  19. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    Where can I get some comprehensive details on the state of North America in Malifaux? I've got a few players who are having trouble defining their character's origins.
  20. I've got a Sawbones character (Under Quarantine, pg. 118) who just got the Surgical Instruments talent. Can he give his Doctor's Skill Kit weapon mods? Maybe a brutal scalpel? Sew a grapeshot gun into the material?
  21. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    Depends on how much VP I can rake in.
  22. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    I came up with some homebrew rules, allowing for small amounts of customization. I want my Fated to feel like a Crew, so I'm encouraging them to get some subordinates to fill in that kind of roster.
  23. Mike Wallace

    Surgical Instruments and Weapon Mods

    I am the Fatemaster. /manic laughter I feel that I should agree, because the Doctor's Kit itself isn't used for the attack, it's just necessary to have one to use the attacks given by the Sawbones. But imagine a doctor walking in with a nickle-plated leather bag, with a gigantic syringe and then blasts a guy with the bag's sewn-in shotgun like he's El Mariachi with his guitar case. He'd be the John Wick of house calls.
  24. Mike Wallace

    Reshuffling Twist Decks

    Hey guys, I've just started FM'ing a game with a few players and a question came up that I couldn't find a definitive answer for. If a player has a max hand of 5 cards in his control hand, and is allowed to draw a card, but his Twist deck is empty, does he just reshuffle his discard pile into a new Twist deck, or does he shuffle his hand and his discard pile? I'm assuming that he only has to reshuffle his discard pile into a new Twist deck?
  25. Mike Wallace

    So long! Have fun ...

    Best of luck, Kai! May the Black Joker find himself at the bottom of your deck!