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  1. While there's certainly people who successfully build a (mostly) fixed list and play like that, way Malifaux has been designed is you first generate a game and then build your list to suit that. By the book only thing you decide beforehand is your faction. So having master options besides Nicodem is "intended" even when we're just eyeing 2e. That's before we even consider that some models are exclusive to crew boxes. Nico loves Philip who's only available in Molly box for instance. All that is to say I think it'd be good for you to have "another list", eventually, even if there was no 3e on the horizon.
  2. Nikodemus

    Need help with Molly

    Don't forget upgrades when counting up your SS cost. Not using any is handicapping yourself pretty hard.
  3. Nikodemus

    Pandora- First Game Request for Feedback

    That's an amazing aura and reason enough to hire Tannen regardless of what else is on the card. But how so against Lynch? Half the time Lynch is just going to discard an ace which he gets to pick up again.
  4. Effigies and Emissaries (and others?) will be "Versatile" so they can be hired without +1 penalty.
  5. Nikodemus

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    Oh absolutely. Pretty nice figure to paint as well.
  6. Nikodemus

    Barbaros looking forward

    "Oi, Graves! Who's that human you hang out with? I need to lay low for a while"
  7. Nikodemus

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    Midgame scheming potential is nice. Walk 3, no From the Shadows means Hans won't be threatening to drop scheme markers down on the centre line. Sh5 vs Sh6 and nature of many Hans' triggers means Hans tends to eat cards out of my hand, whereas Trapper is pretty hand neutral.
  8. Nikodemus

    Help me pick a list for my game in 5 hours.

    Against someone who's never played I'd go with boring Lucius. edit: In that case Condescending Lucius. Gotta show off Big L.
  9. Nikodemus

    The loved and the lost

    Captivating Salvage & Logistics! Doesn't really make it sound any more mercenary, but still. His Crossroads profile blurb has this little bit: "Whatever the job or item required, common wisdom holds that Leveticus is the man to talk to." No idea if that's still accurate far as what's he's been doing in the stories, but sure sounds mercenary to me.
  10. Nikodemus

    Guild investigators disappeared from store

    LGS stands for Local Game Store. Some people add F in there for Friendly Local Game Store.
  11. Nikodemus

    Are The Carver and Killjoy Legal?

    Killjoy is a legit model and Carver is legit proxy model for Killjoy. Carver does have its own unique rules for use in story encounters, but in regular games you can use him as Killjoy. edit: check the Gaining Grounds 2018 document for list of official proxy models:
  12. Nikodemus

    charge and manipulative

    No. Manipulative happens when targeted by an Attack action. Charge is a Tactical action. You need to flip for Attack actions generated by that charge though, since they are Attack actions.
  13. Nikodemus

    Undying 10T models.

    I can't think of a single reason why they wouldn't be.
  14. Nikodemus

    Buying models prior to m3e

    As a pure TT player, I would no longer buy Brewmaster & his thematic gremlin pieces. That's mainly because I'm on a bit of a shoestring and want to get more than "only" a year's worth of gaming from figs (my mind says GenCon '19 release for m3e, could of course be way off base). I can't see a reason not to buy stuff that's in all likelyhood going to remain as pure TT. Far as I'm concerned I'll still get plenty of m2e gaming from them and if they're optimal/suboptimal in the new edition, when that finally rolls around, so be it.
  15. Nikodemus

    A Proud Day for the Ancestors

    Strategy & Schemes? Odd list for sure. I always put an upgrade on Sensei Yu, Promising Disciple with Shenlong and Wandering/Low River Style in non-Shenlong.
  16. Nikodemus

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Whenever we get new players I hammer home that "declaration of intent" is a thing. Just makes everything so much smoother when you don't have to retroactively start figuring out if something's within a certain distance, or in LoS, or anything.
  17. Nikodemus

    Gaining Grounds 2018

    My main issue with gg18 has been that it feels like there's more pools where killing all/most of your own models is beneficial. I like that that works as an occasional tactic in Malifaux (eg. deducing opponent's Take Prisoner and killing it), but it's felt a bit too common this year. I've won a few games where I just killed my own guys to stop opponent from scoring late in the game. Paired schemes are great and overall gg18 has been really fun.
  18. Nikodemus

    Femme Fatale 2018 - Results

    That's a lot of work though. I don't want to do a lot of work when voting. Nice middle ground could be voting (up to) three or so favourites.
  19. Nikodemus

    Diversity in Malifaux

    You can probably just paint over it if your painting hasn't been too thick.
  20. Nikodemus

    Trying New Models

    Congratulations, building crews without that mandatory 11ss tax will serve you well. I consider him if I want a more beaty Shenlong, or if the pool rewards expensive scheme-y models, but a lot of the time I will field either Shenlong or Yu, rarely both.
  21. Nikodemus


    Indeed the default way to use Focus is to use it all at once. See 'Focus' rules on page 62 of the small rulebook. Some models though, Shenlong and Sensei Yu spring to mind, have actions and abilities that specifically let you lower your Focus condition by 1 to do stuff.
  22. Nikodemus

    Nicodemus M3E?

    All "absent" masters will get cards on release, but won't be tournament legal by default (TO's discretion trumps as always). This was mentioned in the announcement thread somewhere.
  23. Nikodemus

    Whiskey in the Gamin-o

    "No longer"... as in when third edition is released which might well be a year from now. But yeah if you're strictly a TT player I wouldn't suggest buying the Brewie box now without a caveat.
  24. Nikodemus

    Mistakes Were Made

    Set Up on McMourning. Start of t2 I pop Recalled Training on a Fast Misaki and proceed to blenderise the good doctor, who was Stalked for a total ++/++ to flips. Probably tossed a few good cards in to seal the deal. That was bit of an oops moment. Still won the game and event.
  25. Nikodemus

    Monster Hunter "Stalk"

    It's a Walk Action so disengaging strikes happen normally.