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  1. its AK interactive water effects - swamp green First time using it and the pics dont do it justice
  2. @Diddick @Caedrus @Viruk @Athiko guys...........just wow! Infact everyone already producing the goods, great work! Ive only just started my April pledge, the start of alot of bacon Also got some bases onto last Feb and March's pledges (sorry about the pic quality)
  3. @Caedrus thats actually a huge compliment for me. I absolutely love 80's greenskins. Orks were my first minis and although that era's skin was painted stupidly bright, I've always preferred it over the muted variations of paint jobs that came after, so thank you very much! Hopefully this month ill learn to take pics a bit better aswell and retake pics so the details are more discernible
  4. So so so many amazingly painted minis this month, i feel hesitant to put these forward 🤣 3 completed Grems to tip my pledge. My basing material finally arrived on Friday so this month, these three and my whiskey gamin/golem will be getting their bases on
  5. @Caedrus i like to live dangerously. Ive got 3 minis started and a weekend to finish them 😫 Ill make it....just
  6. @Caedrus that vulture is awesome! good work
  7. Polar43

    Moon Shinobi

    What role do you guys feel they should sit in? Im only new to brewey so Im trying to get a feel for what they should actually be doing
  8. well, they are not as pretty as halfway through due to my response to time constraints being "wash everything.....repeatedly", BUT im not unhappy with the result. Completed at 11:45 on 28/02/19 here in oz
  9. @Viruk thanks!!! I ruined it though in my attempt to finish the golem and gamin quickly. Too much wash has destroyed the effect, but its allowed me to be within an hour or two of completion which ill do today. Lessons learnt for the nightmare edition when i paint it.
  10. 2 days left and i'm desperately trying to finish these off after only having access to my paints for 3 days 😣 sorry about the bad light
  11. @Caedrus hey mate, how do I get the spread sheet updated? I finished Santiago, Nino & papa for 21 ss
  12. well Nino completed. to be honest I wasnt feeling him while painting and probably should of left it for a day or two as I ended up rushing him. Still he's ok i guess. Happily that finishes off my Jan pledge aswell as my Perdita crew. Now I get to set up for Feb with my next crew in line
  13. thank you....i knew that, dont know why i was so confused this morning. More sleep needed. 😆
  14. Hi in the latest update the cck has the ability Copycat Crime: When this model Kills an enemy model, a friendly Seamus may be treated as if it had Killed the enemy model instead. What is the purpose of this? Am i missing something big and am just too tired to realize it?
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