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  1. end of month almost finished my neph group. Still about 5/6 minis to paint and im working on being able to take better pics for the next month
  2. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! love it, great work
  3. @Caedrus those reds are on point!!! I also love the purple/orange combo on the casters
  4. Ill try and get a better pic tonight but here are the three completed
  5. Hey all after Heyreddin, am located in Australia. Have $$$ or a bunch of 1e and 2e guild Sorted, not sure on how to close thread.
  6. Really appreciate the comments and suggestions! @Nikodemus @zesty @lusciousmccabe I've decided to step back and work on Lilitu before going back to finish them, see if I can get enough mojo up to add a few more adjustments before basing. I cant put my finger on why I have such an aversion to these guys 🤔 Anywho, in progress pic of the whip lady
  7. progress on 2 bbs. I know i can highlight more but im going to be honest, i really have not enjoyed these models...I dont know why as I love all the other minis in keyword but I am just not feeling these. Maybe Ill just base them and be done
  8. well, have a bunch primed. Hoping to finish 2 black blood shamans and Lilitu at minimum but will see if I end up with time to do some of the others
  9. @Caedrus wanting to go in at Enforcer this year,just incase i do run into issues again
  10. Well I am back for this year and bring you more potato quality pics of the fun i'm having.
  11. New updates for trade/buys/sell Have The pen is Mightier Nellie Box - Sealed, New on Sprue Guild Exorcist 1e - metal, sealed, new in box Peacekeeper 1e - metal, sealed, new in box Sonia crew - primed Extra witchling stalker x 2 primed Witchling handler x 1 primed Guild hounds x 4 primed Mounted guard x 2 primed Austringer x 1 built Hoffman crew Metal 1e Want Seamus Avatar of Dread Alt Seamus - Army of darkness movie pose
  12. Im in ...again. But this year I will make sure to carry on through the year. May take a smaller pledge though
  13. I'm so disappointed I fell off the wagon so early on. I'm amazed by the quality of all the work you guys are doing, I was already impressed at the start of the year but you guys are getting next level. Truly great job pushing this @Caedrus, hope I can join again next year
  14. Ill have picks up when i get home from work tonight!
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