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  1. Polar43

    Gremlins Blood

    I dont think I recall having read or heard anything in this regard, its a good thing! paint it whatever color you think suits best
  2. I honestly think this truly captures the feel of Malifaux artwork. Well done!
  3. Polar43

    What's the appeal to the Guild?

    You are all obviously reading some strange fluff. M&SU, Ressers, 10T are ALL terrorist. The good citizens of Malifaux should be praising the guild at every opportunity for the selfless work they do day in , day out, to make Malifaux a safer place. If it was not for the shining beacon of justice which is the guild, Malifaux would of been long lost. 😆
  4. Polar43

    Arclight - Iron_painter_2018_round_2_WIP 2

    Such a great idea! the wings look really good. How easy were the sheets to work with?
  5. Polar43

    Hit it with a spoon...simple

    love it
  6. Polar43


    looks amazing, great work!
  7. Polar43

    Trades up for offer

    Sorry mate only just saw this, ill hit you up on PM
  8. Polar43

    First tourney help

    Gotcha, thank you I will give it a go!
  9. Polar43

    First tourney help

    So stalker as is or with the handler?
  10. Polar43

    First tourney help

    Dont have monster hunters available
  11. Polar43

    First tourney help

    Hi Guild brains trust. I'm coming to you all to seek some advice on an upcoming tourney which will be my first. Its a 1 day 3 game event. As I'm still quite new to the game I would like to field one master and one list as Ill remember more abilities then changing masters to suit the strats and schemes. With this in mind below is the list I would like to take and why. What I would like is honest advise or critique. Where will it be strong, where will it suck etc. I am hoping its not too weak a list but we will see Leader: Perdita Ortega - Cache:(2) Trick Shooting 2ss Fastest Draw in Malifaux 1ss Francisco Ortega 8ss Wade In 1ss Diestro 3ss Witchling Handler 7ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Brutal Effigy 4ss Guild Austringer 6ss Pistolero De Latigo 5ss Pistolero De Latigo 5ss Perditta and Franc are my main damage dealers, I can use them close together to focus important targets or separately to jsut output damage in general. The effigy can support Dita with his skills and make her more survivable Pistoleros can buff frank and dita aswell with their aura or they can scheme run Austringer helps the scheme runners with this "relay orders" aswell as the nice no LOS attacks to help control certain areas Witchling handler, not sure about this one, however i see her as a damage dealer who can chase down scheme runners and also potentially summon stalkers when she kills So thats the thought process, fire away your thinking Thanks!
  12. So so many masters I want to collect and play. I love all the options and feels available from most factions have Dita, Seamus, Justice, Sonia, Ulix Want Gremlins: Ophelia, Somer, Mah, Wong, Brewmaster Outcasts: Viks Neverborn: maybe Lillith/nekima, maybe dreamer Thunders and Arcanists just dont do it for me. i dont understand why either as they are beautiful minis and have great backgrounds. I just dont dig em