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  1. Polar43

    Serpentarium's Malifaux Mondays - HEAVY PICS

    This is amazing, what colour palette was used to achieve thise greens??
  2. Polar43

    Webstore down?

    Thank you!
  3. Hi The webstore seems to be down, any one have an idea when it will be available again?
  4. From precision, but i re read it and its the duel total that increases not the rams. Thanks for making me look though!
  5. hey all, just wanting to clarify on the precision rule and its effect on critical strike I have a ram built in, I flip a ram and hit. precision says increase by 1 for each 1. So now ive 4 rams in my final duel total. I flip moderate damage "3" and due to critical strike that is now 7? is this correct please?
  6. Polar43

    How to paint snowmen.

    They look awesome!
  7. Polar43

    2D6's Guild

    They're great! good work Where are those cactii from?
  8. Polar43

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    maybe im not grasping this correctly , but besides what I am assuming are a specific number of tournaments, you can still use the removed masters any other time. I would think casual, lgs or with friends was 90% of games played, in which case, surely those you play with are not going to care or whine about your master choice? Im not being argumentative, Im just trying to get a feel for why people would be very upset over what I imagine is maybe 10% of their gaming time being new though, I may be speaking of things I know nothing of....
  9. Polar43

    Introductions Forum

    Hi all, New player from Sydney Oz, from the usual background. Lots of GW specialist games, lots of 40k, moved to historical and xwing as GW in my view became ridiculous in cost and fluff. Saw Malifaux, loved the mini's and roped a mate into it aswell. Have the urge to buy all of the things, have settled on Dita and her crew to start. Seems to be an interesting time to be joining with 3rd edition announced but looking forward to it!
  10. Polar43

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    As a new player, I dont think I have the investment in 2e to result in being upset although my thoughts on lilith and dreamer for down the track may alter now. The only thing i dont like is the card sizes, I know sleeves are cheap but it would of been nice to be able to recycle my current ones
  11. Polar43