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  2. And then the Ricochet trigger should be able to hit the original target also.
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  4. Fly With Me, unlike Ride With Me, can not be used in combat or to carry someone who is engaged. The Iron Skeeter shouldn't have been able to do this. Thank you for the reports BTW, I enjoy them. I just bought Dashel during the Easter sale and I love some of the new models!
  5. Another thing to consider is how many cards a crew has to spare. Coffin making requires a cheated card ~50% of the time IIRC.
  6. Yeah, I think so as well. You could play the Emissary, it's still a good model, but it hardly does anything unique in Experimental. The big thing is the terrain creation but I would think twice if that's enough.
  7. What about galvanize? It says another friendly model within 3" of this model. So if target is within 3" he can gain focus?
  8. Interesting list... Could you please explain how it works? I'm quite curious about: Why Greed? How do you find the Queller? Why the Witchling Handler with no Witchlings?
  9. Coloured Pencils non digital, thank you wyrd for this I needed it the other day
  10. Was wondering the same about the Dead Dandies. They update the special orders ever quarter and I was hoping we'd get the new special orders during this Easter sale.
  11. Happy to see that Marcus and Raspie's avatars are being added to the pool.
  12. I find Basse is quite good. Clockwork traps are quite good at denying a symbol. Put two on a symbol and the opponent won't be able to interact without don't mind me. Most schemers won't be able to both kill a trap and take an interact, so if they kill one you move the other up and suddenly it takes three turns to take a symbol. Also an increased deployment really helps in this strat. Rider plus grimwell is an expensive, but very fast combo, that can quickly cover ground.
  13. goth

    Terrain Board 3.0

    Sure thing! The bad news is that I have been super distracted from what was supposed to be a fast, focused build... the good news is I’ve gotten four Vassal games in since Wednesday!
  14. goth

    Gorar Size 3?

    It doesn’t even have unimpeded... vestigial-arm-facepalm
  15. Hi, should/will the dispatcher be made into a special order?
  16. As Sebastian and the Chihuahua both got new artwork there probably will be new sculpts, too. Maybe those will address the problem. The Chihuahua artwork seems to hint at him/her growing in size.
  17. "Other than this model" in the context of My Loyal Servant refers to the card its on, ie the model taking the action. It is a clarifying statement as opposed to an additional restriction. Text is always written from the perspective of the card, so "this" could not refer to the target of the action.
  18. Please explain why you're choosing to ignore the specifier "other than this model" in the text. Attempts to strategically ignore text do not define the rules as written.
  19. Actually that doesnt read that way, "previous legal target" isnt the clause to change what "another" means. You can only invoke the "another will never refer to previous legal subject" in cases like Ride the Rails, "If this model is within 1" of a Scarp Marker it may place itself into base contact with another Scrap Marker within 12"" In this way, the FAQ makes it clear that another cannot refer to Mei Feng (because that doesnt make grammatical sense) and the last sentence tells us that "another" cannot refer to the first Scrap Marker chosen, meaning you need 2 to RtR RAW My Loyal Servant would allow you to heal the target.
  20. Another always refers to Von Schill (or any other originator model with My Loyal Servant). You can heal the target of the ability with My Loyal Servant. In the example, you could heal Hannah. You could not heal Von Schill, even if you used the ability to give the equipment to Von Schill. The parenthetical is a clarification of what is meant by "Another model" (Parentheticals serve a clarifying role). Another doesn't refer to "the previous target", it means "a target other than the model from which the text is written."
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  22. The FAQ statement is: So the FAQ says because it’s “another model (other than this model)”, you can’t use it on the target of the action (because that was the “previous legal target”), and the parentheses prevent it being used to heal Von Schill.
  23. Wait, now I'm confused. Have I just inverted the two (another excludes VS, other than excludes Hannah), or is the "other than" superfluous? English. Come for the lack of clarity. Stay for the counterintuitiveness.
  24. Another excludes the model taking the action.
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