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  2. bedjy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Hey everyone, I'm not leaving the challenge ! But I got very few time for it those 2 summer month. I've started painting things and I will receive my gencon stuff monday, so i'll be back on track at this moment ! So, what I will have painted this month : 1 bayou gator, 1 Sammurai some stuff of the gencon ^^
  3. Just be careful that you know the difference between the Aura symbol (includes the source model), and the Pulse symbol (does NOT inlude the source model.
  4. Franchute

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Thanks and sorry about the blurry picture. I should maybe change the black background or buy a camera. Today I started working on a kentaurai: @bedjy @hemgath @wizuriel by the way, we havent heard from you yet this month. You're not thinking about leaving us, are you? 😊🤔
  5. Fetid Strumpet

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I don’t personally understand why there is any desire to hire henchmen as leaders. I mean they aren’t masters. If Wyrd is going to go with a tiered system master should lead crews, period. Perhaps with an exception for formats where masters aren’t allowed. Henchman on Henchman sounds fine and dandy, Henchman on Master seems non-sensible, and doesn’t add enough to the system to account for all the fiddling that needs to go into making it viable. Same question I asked in M2E, If a Henchman leading a crew is as good as a master, why aren’t they a master? If the goal is to lead the crew with things other than a master, why can’t I lead my crew with any model I want, and have it be balanced, why limit your balancing mechanism to only henchmen? Personal opinion would be to just jettison trying to make henchmen on master games viable, and make henchmen on henchmen a variant format. Seems easier, better, and more elegant all round to me. Again I just don’t see what value in a mechanical system sense their is in trying to make henchmen on master games viable.
  6. CapnBloodbeard

    Thoughts about M3E

    Any ideas how Zipp will link in with existing Outcast models? Some masters you get something really distinctive by playing them in each of their 2 factions. Misaki, I always felt, was poor as a dual faction master. There was nothing special in playing her as Outcasts - she was fairly unpopular too. It was almost like 'well, you can play her in this faction, only she's half as effective, but you can use Lazarus I guess?' So I wonder, not only what Zipp brings to the Outcasts, but what Outcasts bring to Zipp. I literally know nothing about Zipp
  7. Once again I will be at ConCentric on the 15 & 16 of the 9 at the Burnside Community Centre, http://con-centric.com.au/ I will be running some Through the Breach one shot. Honor Among Thieves on the Saturday and The Hand That Feeds on Sunday, the link to register for the games , http://con-centric.com.au/tabletop-games/roleplaying-games/player-signup.html I also have a variety of other games on me like Evil baby orphanage and Darkness comes rattling for anyone who wants to try them out.
  8. Nukemouse

    M3e sculpts

    The moon shinobi look like they are holding a pose, which works well in a still model. A "fighting stance" even if its goofy like moon shinobi works really well.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Arlos896

    Kirai crew

    Has anyone thought about the new Grave Golem with Kirai as a possible summoning battery and back up beater?
  11. Purple Mist

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Guess their value is al least 20 Soulstones.... even more considering your achivements in comparison with mine (I painted the 3 plastic models months ago). @Franchute - Great result with the Crooligan. Guess it's even better live than on these overlighted pics.
  12. Yup. This is the FAQ on the matter. 151. If Hungering Darkness has the Death Contract Upgrade and Lynch has the Rising Sun Upgrade, does Death Contract come into effect before the Hungering Darkness is no longer killed from the Eternal Darkness Ability? No. As the Hungering Darkness is not killed, the Death Contract clause does not come into effect. (11/1/17)
  13. Yes. An Aura affects everybody within, including the model generating it. It's on pg58 of the Handbook. As the example in that section shows, if it's not going to affect the generating model, it'll say "Other friendly models..." As Tenebrous Aura doesn't exclude her, she gets the benefit of it too.
  14. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Speaking about the henchman as leaders thing, I believe if they are the keader, they get an additional action per activation and the other perk is they can hire from any of their keywords without paying extra. Remains to be seen if it's enough, but if henchman actions aren't that much worse than a masters and they happen to have a nice pair of keywords, they could situationally be a thing. This assuming that masters only have 1 hiring keyword and it's the henchman who end up with possible multiples. For example, Wrath could in theory have a crew of crossroads seven and tormented while packing a third action which at the bare minimum gives another alternative playstyle to what something like Jack Daw would do with tormented. Single keyword henchman like Montresor will be harder sells, but henchman led crews have always felt like a novelty or a system contemplated way to handicap yourself instead of a realistic option and I'm fine with that.
  15. I apologize in advance if this has been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything to help. I'm specifically looking at Bete Noire's Tenebrous Aura, which gives negative flips to Sh actions targeting friendly models within 3" of Bete. Does Bete herself benefit from her aura? Thanks!
  16. Morgan Vening

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Finally caught up on this thread. Most of my thoughts have been eloquently (or not) said by other people. There are three issues I have that were mentioned, that I'd like to expand on. 1) Card size. I get that there seems to be a reason for people wanting the larger sizes, but I'd much rather that the standard size be normal poker size, with the option of purchasing larger cards for those who need a greater space for larger text. Personally, I think the increase in art on the cards to about half the real estate on the front, is completely unnecessary (especially if visual aid is a reason), and is much better utilized in the books, than on the cards. And I think it'd be easier to scale up, than scale down. 2) Master Costs. I've read through all the discussions, and while I do tend to agree with the "pay for the first" (mainly because it's a lot easier to fix an imbalance by changing cost, than it is to try and tune abilities to make equivalence), and requiring a Master and a Totem to be a total equivalent cost seems like a frikkin nightmare (given the range on totems is so significant, from Huggy to the Mechanical Attendant), the one thing that came to mind that hasn't been asked or answered, is what about Henchmen? Unless there's a significant change in the way things are handled, it'll be even worse than the current system, where Henchmen were crippled as Leaders. Without potential for significant cache, this seems even worse. Again, they may have taken it in to consideration, but I really liked the idea that you could forgo a Master, take a cheaper Henchman, and get a Soulstone/numerical advantage to compensate for the lack of quality at the top. And given there's several Henchmen that would be interesting to see as leaders that kind of fit "outside" the standard hierarchies, having it be balanced by them having a higher recruitment allotment, seems reasonable. I'm thinking Grimwell with the removal of McMourning ties, Hinamatsu as the new PUPPET leader if there's noone else, and the obvious Wrath. Unless Henchmen get a significant boost when chosen as a Leader (and no, Wrath's +1 AP and minor push action Upgrade wouldn't cut it), then we're back to rarely seeing Henchmen as Leaders. And if that's where they want to go, that's an understandable design choice, but I'd rather have the option there without it being a clearly bad choice. Spawn Mother leading a horde of swamp creatures without needing Zoraida, seems fun to me. Points costs to purchase the leader fixes most of those issues. Make it 70pts, and having to buy Leader and Totem, and that part's solved too. 3) Non-Keyword tax. Others have already pointed out the problem. There's a discrepancy in value between buying one 12pt NK model, and three 4pt NK models. If in the Keyword they're balanced at those costs, then you've created a relative imbalance out of Keyword. Two suggestions to solve it, would be to either have a small tax holiday (say 15 pts?), or a tax on volume, not individual models. So if you wanted, as an example, 10pts of Non-Keyword models, it'd cost a Soulstone. 20? Two. 30? Three. That way you're not getting an issue where someone wanting playing Perdita wanting 3 Guild Hounds, is paying comparatively more than 2 Witchling Stalkers, who is paying more than 1 Dead Rider (using M2E costs).
  17. solkan

    Thoughts about M3E

    Oh, we all know the answer to this one. Everyone who owns a Hamelin or any rats during the time of M2E will be required by M3E to publicly apologize during a game. Even if they aren’t playing Outcasts. ✌️ On a more serious note, I asked about model limits for things like Mindless Zombies And was told that certain cases like that may be given exceptions. But you’re still going to have a limit, one way or the other. Though by definition, because there’s a beta, the details are subject to change. ( It’s not like Mason’s going to say “Malifaux Rats are no longer valid models.” ) Buying one box of everything is going to be safe. Even if rats change how they work, they’ll still do something. Just don’t look at the current “In M2E, I could theoretically have X rats and Y rat kings and Z rat catchers in play at once, and that’ll require multiple boxes...” and think it’s certain to get grandfathered in at the two box limit.
  18. solkan

    Sensei Yu and Yan Lo

    It’s not a (0) action belonging to the model. It’s a (1) Action that it can take as a (0) Action. See, for instance, the Changeling FAQ where just because the model can take an Action doesn’t include it for the purposes of engagement range, even though that is define as So the Changelings can declare attacks that aren’t theirs.
  19. Colour Charge

    Iron Painter - 2018 Rules & Sign Ups

    I’m in
  20. whodares

    Thoughts about M3E

    I'm wondering how drastic the change to Hamelin is going to be. As you said there has been no mention of rats, but they do serve a decent part of the Blight engine, so not all hope is lost there. I'm thinking of getting the entire cat set to play him in a cat theme, but I'm stalling it due to this uncertainty. I'm also hoping they keep them because it made him rather unique. If they change him to being a full Blight master, he's not that much different in concept from Expunge McMourning imo.
  21. There is an faq on a similar interaction where it was ruled you cannot resolve both since they invalidate each other so you need to choose one. It was something about Hungering Darkness exploding on death from an upgrade and then not dying because of an upgrade that does that. So if both abilities are on the same model you need to choose which bonus you want if they invalidate each other. The base rules of the game allow you to resolve abilities with the same timing that are both on the same model in any order you choose so that faq is changing the core timing if it applies generally. Many people assume it applies to other similar situaitons like the one you mentioned. Others go by core rules and let the model resolve both in any order the controller chooses. If the abilities are on different models you go by normal timing rules. First the model currently performing an action, then any model defending, then models from the first player (whoever took the first activation of the turn) and finally models from the second player.
  22. SAYNE

    Thoughts about M3E

    Parker's ability to charge and shoot seems to facilitate the run and gun play since charge is a single action I believe. It never said they need to use their guns in melee I don't think? So for example. Parker "charges" perpendicular to an enemy model and shoots. Then "charges" back to his original location and shoots again. It's basically a free shot every time you move... At least that's what I'd hope for and believe would make sense. Especially if they keep their middling damage tracks or low accuracy. Bandits aren't known for their crackshots. Just tons of feckin' bullets
  23. Nikodemus

    Are The Carver and Killjoy Legal?

    Killjoy is a legit model and Carver is legit proxy model for Killjoy. Carver does have its own unique rules for use in story encounters, but in regular games you can use him as Killjoy. edit: check the Gaining Grounds 2018 document for list of official proxy models:
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