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  2. The riders in general tend to be awesome because they essentially have three actions (because their bonus' are so good). Ride with me also means they can be great for repositioning friendly models. Ruthless, hard to wound, 9 wounds, solid defensive stats, and movement 7 mean you have an epic front of the card to work with. Then each rider has a decent to amazing attack on the back of the card. Pneumatic rifle thanks to the trigger is one awesome tool. Then you throw in one of the best bonus actions out of all the riders (the base heal has so much potential), with the most devastating trigger (2/3/4 irreudicble damage in a 14" circle... PLUS two conditions), and you get a model that can do everything. It isn't the tankiest thing ever, but when you're that maneuverable, you could survive with no tankiness. Being that maneuverable and tanky is just amazing. My thoughts anyway (from playing two of the other riders).
  3. I read that the Pale Rider is such an awesome model - but why? People call him "unstoppable from turn 2 on". But why? If I understand him corretly he gets 1 marker per turn number. So turn 2 he got 3 markers in total. Not much you can do with them...it takes until turn 3 until he can use alls his abilities. To be "unkillable" he needs to waste the markers for his armor effect. So what is making him so good in the experience of people?
  4. You have played Toni. You know the bits that make you struggle. Those are the bits you want to try and enforce happening. You know the things she is good at. Try and not let her do those. Go into the game hoping you both learn things. You will hopefully learn how other people react to the things you struggle with when you play Toni. Those things might not be things you always want to do, but its always good to consider other options. You will also hopefully get an idea of how much effort opponents might need to put in to get around Toni and her strengths, Hopefully you'll also learn how difficult some of the plans that Nekima crews do actually are to implement. Good luck, and have fun
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  6. I agree with a lot of what you're saying. I've found the biggest use of Landmines is to give it to something that is just about to die in a group of enemy models. I'm not sure how niche that is, but its hurt me enough times that I play slightly differently because of that option. I'm going to disagree on Ariks action. I do think part of this is you are of the opinion that Hannah can copy a charge action, which I'm not sure about. If She can't copy charges, then Ariks ability is a much better option for her to look at. Even if she doesn't do it, her ability to easily do 9 damage on 1 attack is pretty scary and needs to be planned around (I don't know why 9 damage and a 2" push seems so much worse than 8 damage. Maybe I'm just a fan of overkill. Or it may be the minimum 5 which does seem a lot scarier than the minimum 4, putting a lot of models under threat of being killed by 2 weak attacks). (The difference in view over the action may also be I'm used to every iteration of the strong arm suit having been able to adapt to hitting, shooting or being hit each turn, so I don't get the same feeling as you do).
  7. Thanks all for taking the time to raply. All tips taken on board.
  8. Definitely take on the feedback in the future and maybe I did write too much in some places, but there is also a lot in each section on how and why I use certain actions which need a bit of context so maybe I'm not "wasting everyone's time" as you say. It's all subjective, some people will naturally find it less useful than others
  9. Edited the original post, added a bit more of my thoughts on some specific models
  10. I appreciate that people take their time to write something up to help newcomers, but is it really necessary to paraphrase almost everything what is on the card in a verbose manner? Having read the paragraph on Tara I feel I have wasted my time. Completely irrelevant reference to Hamelin was just too much for me. Sometimes less is more.
  11. I don't think the showgirl is as bad as some people say, but I agree I rarely feel like she's been critical to the outcome. Rotten Belles seem a lot better for the same cost, though obviously it's hard to compare models like that out of context.
  12. Climbable is a specific terrain trait, it doesn't get included in terrain unless specified. So just being able to "move through" an ice pillar doesn't grant the capacity to move vertically up and down it. In other words, if you move through an ice pillar, you'll be moving across whatever terrain the ice pillar's standing on. And that's it. Hmm. Ice Skating applies to both enemy and friendly movement effects that are used on the Ice Dancer. You probably don't get to "choose" whether you get moved through an ice pillar, although you will get to choose whether or not to place the ice pillar. Triggers are part of the action. If an effect allows a model to take an action specified on another model's card and you're not supposed to be able to use the triggers of that action, the action will say so (usually by saying you can't declare triggers). I =think= when an action like that specifies 'use a stat of X', it leaves any suits or built in fate modifiers for the action unmodified and just changes the numeric stat value for the action.
  13. Haha, you joke, but we all know how easy it is to tunnel vision. Lots of people focus on killing the enemy rather than beating the enemy. Part of this might be my meta, but Dreamer is on the lower end of mobility compared to (for example), Seamus + rider, Molly and co, Misaki, Titania, First mate and silurids, etc. In particular, Dreamer is highly mobile but has to commit to a space (once a summon unburies, it stays unburied). Dreamer is not as flexible with his mobility and involves more commitment. Dreamer is a bit of a cumbersome crew (very great at going and claiming territory, not as good as shifting rapid fire between different locations except the spiders. If you can deal with the spiders, their responsive maneuverability is much lower). Running away works pretty well for a rider, for example, swapping to wherever the enemy is weakest (or Archie, First mate, etc). The summons popping out is the point. Once a summon comes down, it is locked in to that location and if you're a maneuverable crew you can leave it behind. Hit and run tactics are going to work far better than getting into a slog for a few turns. It may have been the other thread where I said this, but Turf War is his second best strategy I reckon. So I don't want to suggest it is a cake walk. But just that there is some room to work. Yeah, Dreamer on Idols is ROUGH. Some scheme pools are pretty doable against him though. Dreamer with his ideal scheme pool on idols has got to be one of the most favoured matches for a master though, I feel. Overall, though, I think a lot of my emphasis is on hit and run tactics. You don't necessarily need to hit and run models; hit and run objectives.
  14. Hello to my fellow Thunders players! I'm primarily an Outcast player, and I have a few similar writeups to this on the Outcast forum, but Misaki has always been a character I loved so I've stuck with her in 3E as my in-road to Thunders, and written up my thoughts on the crew as a whole here. If anyone has anything to add feel free to in the comments, I know I'll be amending and updating this once the errata and GG1 come out too Keyword abilities- Charge Through- On a crew that is fairly heavily tilted towards melee combat this is really good to have. The shooters don’t have it obviously, but it just gives positives to damage on melee actions generated from a Charge action. It’s simple but it works, and it can counter things like Hard to Wound pretty well. Assassin- Quite a simple ability that is on a lot of the models in the crew, if they kill models that haven’t activated they gain Fast. It’s swingy but also very good, especially when you consider this crew as one that fights to achieve schemes in advantageous positions (yes that’s most things, but it’s a huge part of Last Blossom) Shadow Markers- Not an action or ability per se, but a lot of things in the crew play off of Shadow Markers. They themselves do absolutely nothing but a lot of models in the crew have tricks with them (mostly placement, but Minako can summon off them and Yamaziko, Crime Bosses and Snipers use them for card draw) so it’s important to make sure you have ways to generate at least a couple outside of Misaki because they really are great value. Extended Reach- A more universal ability than any of the others, but Extended Reach is in multiple places in the crew so bears a mention here instead of individually below. It stops enemy models within aura 2 of the model from taking attacks off of charging which in many ways acts as a bubble of Disguised (Disguise Misaki isn’t dead, just different). It doesn’t work against Run and Gun, but pretty much any other form of an actual charge action is shut down by this which is great. Keyword models- Misaki- The star of the crew, Misaki is a real lynchpin for Last Blossom as a whole because of all the work she does. She has Charge Through and Extended Reach as you could probably expect, Mobile Warrior to charge while engaged, Df6 and Wp7 with 12 wounds and a slightly low for the keyword Mv5. She can however choose to play a shell game with Shadow Markers, as she can choose to bury in the start phase and place 2 Shadow Markers anywhere within 8” (which happens every time she is buried- even by enemy effects) and then in her activation can choose to unbury at any Shadow Marker with the penalty of -1Mv for every 2 friendly models that have already activated that turn. In all this is a really great way to keep your enemy on tilt and to make sure your own plans can go off safely, while also just being a free way of moving Misaki around every turn (as long as you keep some from earlier turns, she can teleport around like crazy). As for her actions they are very good, with 4 actions that all make her work differently. Her bonus action is a tactical and needs a 4 to go off, and lets her shuffle cards from the discard back into the deck for every other friendly that hasn’t activated. It means if you have a really hot hand she can activate early, do a ton of work and then put your high cards back into the deck to use later in the turn. The crow trigger lets her hand out Stunned to enemies within 8” unless they discard cards for each crow you shuffle back in (this works really well with Execute- cheat high cards for Execute and then put those cards back in to try and force Stunned). Her other tactical action needs an 8 and targets any other friendly model within 8”, letting them take the charge action (or if they are Last Blossom, they can charge while engaged). This is a great way to extend the rest of your crew and reposition but also to hurt enemies more in advantageous positions and use your good beaters for more damage (mainly Crime Bosses and Ototo). As for her attacks she has an 8” range Shockwave that needs a 6 to go off, and is Shockwave 1, Mv13 and damage 2 which plays into her hand destruction mechanics. As for triggers she has a ram trigger for a second Shockwave marker, or a tome trigger to make a Shadow Marker in base contact with the Shockwave just before the Shockwave is removed (so the action still fully resolves as normal). Her Bisento is her main attack though, being a stat 7 attack vs Df which is always excellent despite the somewhat average 2/4/5 damage (which can be boosted by Crit Strike) and the action has a 2” range so she can hit models while usually being somewhat safer. Reposition on a mask gives her some movement potential to get around while attacking, while Execute threatens killing the opponent or hurts their soulstones and hand which is a great way of controlling the enemy crew. Shang- As far as totems go Shang is pretty good cause it plays nicely with what the crew does but is still somewhat unique in how it works. Arcane Reservoir is nice for the crew in general (but especially Minako) and for 4 stones Df5 Wp6 and 4 wounds is definitely acceptable. Insignificant is fine and Assassin is sort of there, and Shang also ignores all damage from Burning but the big ones are its support roles to Misaki. It has the same Channeled Healing action as Karina being able to target buried models (only Misaki in this crew unless you play against models that bury you) and Flickering Flames allows Misaki to treat Shang as a Shadow Marker to unbury from at the penalty of dealing 2 irreducible to Shang (half its wounds which is big). Attack-wise there’s nothing special, It’s Claws are decent for a totem with Flay(cheat damage through negatives on a mask) and Blaze(Burning 1 for each Tome) as great triggers while it also has the Heavenly Blaze Shockwave attack needing a 6 and at range 8”. It’s Shockwave 1, Mv12 and damage 2 which is decent as a way to get through an opponent’s hand, and as far as Shockwaves go it’s pretty damn good being only slightly worse than Misaki’s Shockwave Ototo- Almost about as unsubtle as Last Blossom get, Ototo is a big beatstick. With Ruthless, Charge Through and Assassin he is already geared towards combat somewhat but having a 2” range 3/4/5 weapon at stat 6 vs defence, plus possible Crit Strike he hits super hard when he needs to. He has another trigger which is pulse 2, all enemies must pass a TN13 Mv duel or gain Slow which ties into my next point with him- he’s tanky. Despite his Df/Wp4 which is pretty low for 10 stones, he has Armour 1 and Hard to Kill with his 10 wounds meaning he takes a beating before he goes down, plus his only bonus action is Juggernaut for healing which he will usually do. Slowing enemies with his pulse trigger makes him harder to take out, and when he does get below half his wounds he gets positive flips to attack and damage (meaning a whopping double positive to damage if he charges and on top of that possible severe of 7). Mv5 is somewhat slower in the crew, but he has 2” range, Misaki to make him charge outside of activation (and even while engaged) and his other tactical action The Storm is Coming which is a 6” range Shadow Marker drop on a 5 that has some additional effects. If he is within LoS of a friendly Leader the Shadow marker has the same effect as his Thunderous Blow trigger but on Wp instead of Mv (pulse 2, TN13 or gain Slow) which is great to control AP in enemy crews, plus the mask trigger on this action lets Ototo place in base contact with the Shadow Marker. Because of how the place works, his 40mm base and his 2” melee it can be a huge threat extender while still getting out Shadow Markers for the rest of the crew. Minako Rei- Easily one of the best henchmen in the entire game (and bound to be changed in the coming errata), Minako is an excellent piece with special synergy in a Misaki crew. With Charge Through and Assassin as expected, Minako also has her own special piece of kit based around her Karmic Fate upgrades on the front of her card. As a Df/Wp trigger on a Mask she can discard any in play Karmic Fate upgrades and choose to attach it to the attacker after resolving the attack, and afterwards whenever Minako suffers damage a model with the Karmic Fate upgrade suffers an equal amount making it a big risk to hit Minako at all. Her stats are pretty great at Df and Mv6, Wp5 and 8 wounds for 8 stones, plus she also has Laugh Off to shut down enemy movement effects on her. On the back of her card she has some nice actions, with her attack being a 1” range stat 6 vs Df attack that does a respectable 2/3/5 damage, but the built in trigger makes it Irreducible if the target has a Karmic Fate upgrade which is a great way to penalise people trying to attack her. The ram trigger is also very useful in that it gives Adversary (Last Blossom) which will obviously not matter much when she is being taken as a Versatile hire but is very relevant in-keyword. She has a 3” ranged summon which I will discuss a bit further down in more detail (but it’s great and fairly reliable in-keyword plus in a couple other keywords) and her bonus is to simply draw a card if the opponent has more cards in hand which is very nice if it happens. Yamaziko- This is the henchman I would most skip for a variety of reasons. Although she has some good stats, abilities and actions she doesn't entirely work with what the crew does best and dictates a specific kind of list built around her to get her most value. Charge Through and Extended Reach are fairly standard and Honorable is nice, but Nimble will only be used the first couple of turns unless you’re in a position where neither of her other bonus actions will be relevant or because you want to set up either scheming or an attack run, which are jobs that should be done by other models in the crew. Finesse is good if you’re at risk of attack but not amazing, while Great Teacher takes a card to use but it synergises really well with a lot of the keyword and some Versatiles. A gunline with her using Samurai, Snipers and Archers is pretty effective and can put out a ton of damage but it’s leaning hard into her and she isn’t a tough kill by any means. Her Yari has a good range to engage things and it’s an ok attack overall with decent triggers, but it’s not something to rely upon and a melee henchman with only stat 5 isn’t great at any cost. Master Tactician could be useful to eat the opponent’s hand (and then set up Execute runs with Misaki) but it’s very specific in who it can target and reliably go off on (that being a Leader with low Wp). All in all she’s a model who looks good on paper but every time I try and put her on the table I struggle with how I could’ve gotten more value out of something else as Yamaziko whiffs yet again. Katanaka Crime Boss- One of the equal most expensive minions in keyword (which isn’t really saying much, they’re all between 6-8 stones), the Crime Bosses are pretty great models for area control if only a little slow in reaching those areas. They have Extended Reach and Charge Through, plus Protection Money to draw cards after enemies drop schemes near them (including if Wokou force them to) and they can choose not to move from enemy effects or in enemy activations which flat out removes a lot of control options unless you want them to happen. They have a chunky 8 wounds with Df5 and Wp6 so aren’t too fragile, but Mv4 hurts them a bit. They do have a 2” melee range to compensate though which is excellent, and their stat 6 vs Df 3/4/5 damage is very nice. It has Unworthy of Her Attention for card draw and a Pass, but also Heave on a ram to place the target anywhere within 3” of the Crime Boss to play into its area control role. The other attack it has it Pressure which is range 8” stat 5 vs Wp and must target non-Leader enemies within 3” of a scheme or friendly Shadow marker but has an excellent effect in that the target must either discard a random card and take 2 damage or function as an Obey. The mask trigger then pushes the target 2” away from the Crime Boss to play with placement more which is great fun as the Crime Boss can lock down zones so the rest of your crew can do their thing. Its bonus action tactical needs a 4 to go off on a friendly scheme or Shadow marker within 6”, and then places the Crime Boss into base with it (even the slowest model in keyword has speed tricks) before pushing all enemies within pulse 2 away 2”. By removing an enemy scheme marker within 2” you can take an attack against a model pushed on a ram trigger, while on a crow you can remove a corpse marker to instead give every enemy pushed Distracted +1. The ram trigger is better given the choice, but if you have the crow trigger and nothing else you take it. Katanaka Sniper and Thunder Archer- The shooters in Last Blossom, both are cost 7 although the Sniper is probably slightly worse. Both models are Df5 and 7 wounds, but Thunder Archers have higher Wp, Mv and the bonus of Chi tokens to add to their duels so are more survivable, plus Archers have a very relevant Df trigger to get out of combat. They both ignore Friendly Fire and Concealment and both have Assassin, but the advantage of the Sniper is that it can engage in combat far quicker with From the Shadows and Sniper to all but guarantee turn 1 shooting with at least one shot or just to start in a position to scheme right from turn 2. The Sniper also ignores Cover which is great and has one higher severe damage, plus Crit strike, Reposition and Unworthy of Her Attention to gain Pass Tokens. It is, however, less accurate even before factoring in Chi tokens and the triggers on the Archer. The Archer ignores Incorporeal on its attack which is great in that situation, and with its triggers can get Irreducible damage for a ram and a Chi, on a tome can draw a card if they cheat damage and on a crow can give +1 damage and Staggered if the opponent is within 3” of a friendly Shadow Marker which are all very useful. The Sniper actually has a melee attack which stops it getting locked in combat, plus its bonus to freely move out of combat, which is a good bonus over what the Archer can do outside of damage. The Archer has Target Practice to remove markers up to 18” away (with the difficulty increasing with the range) and as a bonus can add blast damage to their shots needing an 8 (with a tome trigger to Concentrate and thus gain Focus or Chi). In general, I would take an Archer in most cases except for when there are either incredibly fast enemies on the table (primarily Neverborn) or if there is an abundance of hard cover on the table in which case the Snipers are better. Torakage- In my opinion these are one of the most efficient scheme runners in the game, a far cry from their 2E mediocrity. Mv7 Agile alone means they will get where they want when they want, but their bonus action Ninja Vanish is another possible 6” place on a 7 and their Shurikens have built in 3” movement as well with Onslaught so they can be throwing out damage while they move. Stealth is a great way to keep them alive too as even though Df and Wp 5 isn’t bad with 6 wounds it isn’t fantastic either. Offensively their ranged attack is low damage but high utility, and their melee attack is respectable with a movement trigger (have I said Torakage can move?) and a trigger that is on both their attacks. No Witnesses is conditional and requires no other enemy to be within 12” and LoS of the Torakage (so use terrain where possible) and if so you get +1 damage and ignore armour which is very useful in Thunders in general. Wokou Raider- A shared keyword model with Parker, Wokou Raiders are a bit odd in how they work but they’re very good nonetheless. They’re a melee model with a little bit of shooting, working as a tarpit and damage dealer that still has the classic Bandit scheme marker removal you’d expect. They borrow Charge Through from Last Blossom, getting positive flips to melee damage flips on Charges which goes well with their damage track (2/4/5) and positives to attack built in with some great triggers. Drop It! is typical as a Bandit, Critical Strike is good for the extra damage should you get rams and Coordinated Attack is better in Last Blossom than Bandit given the melee preference over Bandit’s gun focus, but always good when it’s relevant. Defence 5 is pretty average for something of their cost, willpower 6 being good, but Combat Finesse and the fact opponents can never cheat melee attacks against them is a very big boost to their effectiveness. Bullet Proof is something they share with Gunslingers and Kunoichi giving them a little edge against guns as well, while they have Life of Crime to gain Fast when they activate and not Assassin. This is somewhat easier to trigger if the opponent is using scheme markers (or in Parker), and synergises well with their Ever-Changing Wind which lets them move (not push) 3” when an enemy scheme marker is placed within aura 6, meaning you’ll easily be able to get in 4” to remove that marker when they activate. A New Horizon lets them place scheme markers around as a bonus action for a 4 of tomes, moving the marker 6” of its current location when the action is declared which can counter an opponent very well. OOK/Versatile models- Samurai- One of the higher cost Versatiles, the Samurai often get compared with Fuhatsu because they are both high cost Versatile tanks with gatling guns. However for me the Samurai edges out over Fuhatsu for a few reasons specifically related to the two masters I play in Thunders (Misaki and McCabe) and basically boils down to it being a minion over a henchman. In Misaki's keyword, the Samurai can benefit from Yamaziko's buffs but also gets the big benefit of being able to take From the Shadows and be made to charge turn 1 from Misaki with very little setup (which then gets the benefit of both Rush and Blade Rush so he's better at it). The Samurai is also great at both shooting and melee (with its Daito ignoring armour, something Last Blossom tend to struggle with) while being deceptively tanky for Df4 between Armour 2 and Juggernaut, and having the option to Concentrate as a bonus action and thus gain easy Focus if he doesn't need the healing. On top of all that once he does die he gets to make an attack action targeting the attacking model (notice attack action, he can shoot or melee as long as the Demise is triggered) for one last little bit of extra damage before he goes away (and see just below how you can repeat it!) Terracotta Warrior- As a cheap model it has its own value as an activation, and for 4 stones it's pretty good. Ruthless and Armour 1 for it's cost are both great, and Df5 is solid despite its 4 wounds. Its melee attack is definitely not fantastic, but its tactical actions are because of the sheer versatility they give to the crew. Just Like You! lets you copy any non-bonus tactical action from a higher cost model in the crew at -2 stat (things like Ototo's Shadow Marker drop or Misaki's charge order are great options if you have the cards) and Mold of the Other lets you replace the Warrior with a minion or enforcer that died earlier in the game (another big reason I like Samurai over Fuhatsu is this interaction). This replace also heals it 3 so it isn't then super easy to kill, but is a good way to turn a cheaper model into something that can possibly have far more impact on a game. The Minako Summons- Katashiro- Cheap glass cannon summons, Minako only needs a 10 of tomes to summon one off of a scrap or Shadow marker which "only" gives it a Flicker token and Slow (which you don't majorly care about). Shadow markers are more reliable, but once the Katashiro dies it becomes its own resource to continually summon off if that's what you want to do. It has very low defensive stats and is easy to kill at Df/Wp4 and 5 wounds, but they can put out some decent damage for their relatively low cost to the crew. They have Made to Kill to attack once they're placed (including when summoned), Blade Rush for if they charge through models (not too common but useful, also synergises with Misaki) and the standard 2 Oni abilities in Flicker. This means they can gain a Flicker token every time they perform a duel to gain positive flips to the duel and any damage flips working like a far easier Focus, but if they have 3 at the end of any activation they die meaning you have to manage it (or just not care because they're summons). They can discard one if they kill a model but with the way you'll usually be using them they'll be at a point it will kill them regardless of if they discard a single one or not. Their back of card has a few actions, with 2 bonus actions- one to discard a card to end a condition, and the other to place within 5". You might think at first glance the trick is to remove Slow when they activate, but in reality the far better option is to use the place and get a free attack off it anyway that can then generate another attack with its trigger so you still cap out at 4 attacks a turn (it's 6 without Fast or Slow but that assumes you're using the place and not removing conditions). It has a 6" range action that removes a condition on the target and puts it onto the Katashiro at up to +2 of its value at stat 5 vs Wp and needing a TN of 12 to succeed. It's not a bad way of getting around things like the Fire Golem, Experimental models or just anything with Focus because it forces a hard decision on them that can very easily risk death should they fail. Their Claws action is the way they become bombing blenders though as even though it is only stat 5 and 1/2/4 damage Flicker fixes that with its easy positives, and the excellent mask trigger to gain a Flicker and attack again so you can just keep going. You'll likely end their activation with far more Flicker than 3 which will kill them, but it drains cards and deals damage so is probably worth it. Wanyudo- As a summon, it’s not super reliable. It requires a model to first damage Minako Rei, her to put the upgrade on with her trigger and then the model with the upgrade to die which is possible but very specific and they can just pitch cards to get rid of the upgrade before that (which is still bad, but it stops a swing if they die). If Minako doesn’t kill the model it also takes 3 damage and gains Slow which shuts down its ability a lot more as well. As for the Wanyudo itself it’s a very good model for Misaki’s crew but doesn’t do all that much that’s unique. It’s Mv7 Unimpeded with Trample so can get wherever it wants to go, as well as forcing TN12 Mv duels when it moves through models with Burning 1 and 1 damage as a downside if they fail. It itself doesn’t take damage from Burning and can charge while engaged (nice with Misaki making it charge to force even more duels). Its actions are decent with a great melee attack resisted by Mv that puts out Burning and moves it around more, Breath of Fire for ranged blast damage (strictly inferior to just charging with it’s range) and a bonus action to force enemies to take a Burning damage immediately in pulse 3. All in all it’s a great mobile model that is probably best used to hunt down scheme runners and run schemes itself, but I wouldn’t really hire it in a Misaki crew. Upgrades- Trained Ninja- The regular effects of Unimpeded and Stealth are quite good and synergise with Last Blossom pretty well (so they should- thematically Misaki has a bunch of ninja-esque models). The minion buff however turns it up even further, giving From the Shadows which is great value for 2 stones. On Samurai it’s expensive but excellent, Torakage can get into position to scheme very quickly and Archers can use it to shoot from turn 1 to name a few good interactions with it. Masked Agent- This upgrade is the best option in Thunders and really helps out your combat models. It adds With Me so the model can carry a nearby friend when it takes the Charge action (even out of activation- thanks Misaki!) and Unnerving Presence to shut down Resistance Triggers in a huge bubble, while adding Coordinated Attack as a trigger to all minion attacks. Wokou already have this so it isn’t hugely beneficial (but they gain the same benefit as any non-minion), but the best in terms of most benefits gained is the Crime Boss as despite its slow speed it gets the bonus from every part of the card. Ototo or Misaki herself are other good options but lose Coordinated Attack, which isn’t really that huge anyway when you’re as reliable as they are (and have better triggers in Misaki’s case) Silent Protector- This gives Hard To Kill and Challenge normally which alone are good in the right situation (that being something already tanky) and minions add on Take the Hit. Misaki as a crew don’t have a huge need of this upgrade given their trend towards more mixed scheming than heavy combat, but it could be decent to protect the weaker pieces in the crew. It has jank with Yamaziko giving them positives (so pass off Yamaziko onto this model who then has a positive to defence) but that is more of a gimmick than actually always good. Deployments- Really, all deployments are good for Misaki because the crew has enough tricks to get up the table blindingly fast and do what they want to. It only really affects scheme selection and how they play that way because some things are affected a lot. Strategies- Reckoning- While you can manage a pretty top-heavy crew of beater henchmen here it also gives up a lot of points when doing so. My advice would be to stick with the minions that can dish out damage (Archers, Wokou and Crime Bosses primarily) with a henchman or two to support (usually I would say Minako and Ototo for summons/beating and straight up damage respectively) Plant Explosives- Easy, you can move around far better than most crews to actually get where you need to so once you've done that you're set. Corrupted Idols- With the ability to just pop up almost anywhere on the table pretty easily they can get around to toss Idols, but at the same time the super mobile models don’t have a huge amount of wounds so they risk getting badly hurt in the process. Shang can help mitigate this though and going OOK there are great ways to get healing in crew (Sun Quiang and Low River Monks especially) so it’s not a bad option Turf War- Like Parker and the Viktorias before, Turf War is a decent strategy for Misaki. She has mobility and damage in spades so she can do what she needs to in order to score points. Tossing Shadow Markers at Turf Markers to set up scoring vectors is also really good to do to put pressure on an opponent and make them try and play a shell game with things that might not actually happen- just like how the ninjas should be Schemes- Detonate Charges- Not a bad scheme to take because of the mobility and ease in disengaging of Torakage as well as the marker movement of Wokou Raiders, but the crew lacks major ways of putting out markers without the Interact action so it’s not a super easy thing for them to do. Breakthrough- Misaki herself makes this somewhat easy, but an opponent can still play around it by destroying Shadow Markers, and it’s still dedicating your (somewhat combat focused) Master on dropping schemes in the backfield Harness the Ley Line- Torakage are who you take here, because they will get where they need to be quickly and put down the markers. It’s not unreasonable to expect a turn 2 scoring of Ley Line with this crew because of their mobility Search the Ruins- Another one that’s fairly good to take because of their speed, just use the movement to jam into the opponent’s half and start dropping markers down. Dig Their Graves- Not bad but not great either. Some jank can be done with suicide Katashiro to get scrap out and the mobility of things lets you drop markers where you need but Dig is just far better done by Mei Feng in faction Hold Up Their Forces- Not a great choice given the focus on expensive models. Might be worth it if the opponent has even more expensive models (some Resurrectionist builds in particular) but you’ll be giving up points here more often than scoring. Take Prisoner- Easy to deny with the crew and not bad to score yourself. It plays into exactly what they want to be doing on the more expensive models (being in combat) and is especially good with Wokou Raiders Power Ritual- In Flank and Corner deployment this is easy VP. Use your movement on the fast stuff (Torakage and Misaki in particular) to run up and get markers down early and be safe in stopping your opponent countering (you will get there quicker in almost every case) but don’t take it in Standard or Wedge because it’s too difficult to get into the opponent’s 2 corners to get the VP Outflank- With the amount of tanky models in the crew (particularly henchmen) Outflank is an easily telegraphed but not so easily countered scheme. They don’t do it especially well compared to other options but they do a good enough job at it any Last Blossom player should consider choosing it as a scheme. Assassinate- This one is really worthwhile depending on who the enemy Leader is. If they’re someone you can get into and cut down quickly then go for it, but the more defensive Leaders (especially ones with Protected) are going to be a slog where you can’t just scalpel them out. Misaki is safe enough against it with her tools, but it is something you have to use subtlety and careful placement to get right. Deliver a Message- Again, Torakage. You have the potential to easily get to the enemy Master and interact so the first point is doable, the second one is somewhat harder. Like most crews it’s done with careful planning but you have to have a plan to get the 2VP Claim Jump- This one can work very easily, but the opponent can counter it easily themselves. Ototo is a good pick for it as are Wokou because they can stand long enough to get out of engagements and score the point (or just beat down whatever is engaging them) and Ototo in particular has heals to keep him above half wounds. Vendetta- Not great. Sure you have some excellent mid-cost models (looking at Wokou and Crime Bosses in particular) but they also have a ton of 8-9 cost models which will absolutely be targets for Vendetta. Like in Reckoning I would restrict the amount of henchmen I take here because it gives the opponent a lot of choice.
  15. I can entirely vouch for their mats. I don't actually own any for Malifaux, but I have 3-4 6'x'4' space mats for Battlefleet Gothic, and both the art and materials are top notch.
  16. Going to start a thread based on the boards we use at Lost Planet in Torrance, California. We're starting to reach a point where our play is becoming more sophisticated. As a group, most of our players are new to Malifaux with 3rd edition, so naturally the beginning was about basic rules and mechanics, learning crew building, etc. But now we're seeing people pick tech pieces, try Dead Man's Hand, and explore some more advanced elements of the game. Part of this developmental process is a growing appreciation of the impact of terrain, and so also, we're trying to play on more varied and challenging boards. Here's three we used last Saturday. I forgot to take pictures of two others we had demos on, which were much plainer and straight forward. This is our desert board. I'm kinda OCD about theme, so unfortunately this board tends to see relatively little variance in terms of what we put on it. I like to stick to desert type stuff, and so our choices are more limited. Still, here we have a board with wide open lanes, but several pieces of blocking terrain, forests, and the sniper nests. Those don't tend to get used very often, but partially I think that's because people don't appreciate yet quite how useful it can be to set someone up there. Enemies shooting up are going to lose a lot of range, so a sniper can use that fact for some additional defense. This table also has some built-in ledges which, while we only count as height 1, can sometimes impact the way charges and pushes happen. This set up originally had the "southern" building within the walls, but the players swapped it out for the forest when the app generated Turf War. It's a rough board for shooters in the middle, and particularly effective for crews with movement tricks and indirect effects. But the side lanes are much more open, potentially adding complications to strats like Idols or schemes like Outflank. @Diceman87, one of our resident veteran players, craftily choose to play Wong on this table, which is a good reflection on the way experience helps identify crews best suited to the terrain. Sheesh, talk about claustrophobic. I'll admit here, I happened to find a second set of carnival terrain I had forgotten I owned, so a lot more got put on this table than maybe I would normally have done. Still, this board does have some options for ranged crews, with a few wide lanes cutting diagonally across the middle. But it's obviously friendly to close in keywords, and all the blocking terrain would be nice for Redchapel or Wastrels. I believe this table hosted Brewey v Kaeris. The pyre markers probably closed off even more than normal, but at the same time, the packed in terrain may have helped the poison spread.
  17. So score points while denying your opponent's points >.> Nice advice captain o7 Joking aside I wanna hit on a few things. This strategy only works with hypermobile crews (which are different from just mobile crews) such as Molly or Nekima. The pair of spiders is actually very dangerous and requires significant investment to stop, because while Bandy is a bit squishy, Widow is not, and if you lose a model to them (any model), stitched are going to become an issue for you, which also means it frees up summons on the part of the board you're not on (i.e. where dreamer is). This strategy can get out of hand very quickly if you underestimate the ability of the crew to put a lot of force in more than one place. Good news, bad news. Good news: Nightmares are not the hardest thing in the world to kill and scoring 2-3 points on this is fairly reasonable for you. Bad news: Nightmares are some of the deadliest and most mobile things in the world, and will almost certainly be scoring as many if not more than you do on this. Claim jump/Prisoner/Outflank all make this a rough, high-scoring ride. Running away doesn't work so hot because the summons pop up off your models, unless you run so far away that wp duels become a non-factor, and at that point how have you managed to kill anything to score? Advice: Bring guns... lots of guns. This one looks better on paper vs dreamer than it actually is. Remember that Dreamer is a summoner. The fact that you can only nuke markers down to neutral means that he's going to have spare models to activate to reclaim those turf markers. He can also unbury Insidious next to your models that have activated markers, and then activate them after scattering you. Also, remember that Dreamer wants you to come kill his stuff, because as you said, that's his castle. Turn 3 onwards you have to come to him to get points. Ancient pact daydreams makes this very difficult as you say, particularly if he gets a good hand early. Turn 3 onwards, unless you're playing as Mah or something, you're not going to be able to control the markers, because the lucid deck will start coming into effect by then. Best bet into this one is to try and pick 2 schemes that don't require any interaction with the enemy to get 4 points off, then try and go all in on winning an early T2 or 3 initiative to score a point off Idols. Dreamer with more than 5 points in this strat nearly always wins.
  18. This is only half true. If the target is killed you can still unbury a model, however since the legal unburying target is no longer legal, it would unbury in your own deployment zone (which lead to some interesting shenanigans).
  19. Just keep the two keys in mind. Either pull Amina away, or avoid the bubble entirely. And remember that Toni's "Bring it" has a massive range on stat 7 so be mindful of what can be dragged in that's already activated.
  20. I have managed to find stat cards on the community page, gotta love Chinas internet, 4mb files are taking 20 min to download Cant access app store so no luck with the crew builder yet, I will get it as soon as I can get online fully. To begin with i'm going with some simple shooty/melee/magic crews like Von Schill or the Ortegas and 1 crew that will allow me to paint something colourfl and funny, maybe Mah Tucket but it has to be gremlins. Other crew will be painted up to so people can play around. Weremarshall i have sent you a message, I'm in Shenzhen, only 1 days train ride away
  21. Thank you this and the threads helped.. I've never faced Toni Ironsides because I'm the only Arcanist in my meta. This game will be a weird game for me.
  22. models and alternate abilities are going to be added, right? Wyrd still wants to sell stuff
  23. I'm in China too. I have to have my stuff shipped to family in the US and they send it to me here. Where are you at? I'm in Chengdu. I've been assembling models to pass the time because of the virus lockdown; I'm painting today. However, its been a while since I've played. I play with my girlfriend from time to time, and I used to play on Vassal with a friend in Korea. I'd love it if I could find a group here or even start one, but its easier said than done. The app is amazing and I'd highly recommend it. With the app and the rules you could play on Vassal to test out the new system. One thing I've had issues with here is finding primer. You can get Tamiya primer online but I've been using Dutch automobile primer. You can get GW primer from Shanghai or Hong Kong, but its not easy. Out of curiosity, what is your plan for starting crews? Teaching it to my girlfriend, I've found that some are better than others for beginners if you plan to bring players into the game. M3E has a bit more bookkeeping than M2e as a lot of Masters have a signature skill that relies on unique tokens, but the new conditions and consistency of named actions and triggers across models is great.
  24. Even an individual crew can be soooooo much to learn. Instead of recommending a particular crew, I'll recommend a very slow start to learning. I wrote this introduction series here which you may find useful: For a super simple version, I'd go with... Do a very brief practice 'game' with a single minion on each side, to learn moving and attacking. Learn the interact rules. Do a simplified game with a henchmen and 1 minion. Do a simplified game with the same henchmen and 3 of that same minion. Do a regular game with a master, totem, same henchmen, and 1-3 of the same minion. Then you don't have to learn *too* much from the get go. Plus, a single core box can get you to do all that, and that should be enough material for 1-2 months of playing once a week Malifaux has a really terrible learning curve, and it is worth going easy on yourself and just doing some super simple games and only adding one new model at a time. Don't overwhelm yourself
  25. Can I have your display name so I can check your data for corruption?
  26. Most games with new players have people spending far more time fighting and less time scoring than they should. Dreamer excels in these matchups, so yeah, he does super well in new player games! And even in experienced player games... Just a very strong crew overall (stitched or no stitched!) This is probably correct, in my view. 10s are just good enough that you really want to use them for an attack rather than a summon if possible. Alps have enough utility that you're happy to summon them (and first turn, alp + day dream is a common summon for me if I have a 12 or whatever it is). Stitched really are powerhouses, so it would be rare that you would summon an alp off a ten over an alp. However, it can vary hugely, so maybe try it both ways and see if you're sad you used up the 10. But for my personal playstyle, cheating in a 10 on an attack and summoning an alp is better than having a spare 9 and summoning a stitched. Also worth prioritising the stitched if you don't have any, as you really want to be able to return high lucid dreams if needed. It's true. If the crew wasn't bad at scheme markers, it'd probably be the most powerful crew in the game. The crew is really good at denying scheme markers, at least! So learn to abuse Lord Chompy Bits for denial. That's probably the key thing to master for scheming. Also don't forget that Dreamer, Teddy, Lord Chompy, etc... Can all lay scheme markers! No shame in using big guys to score points (not ideal, but you sometimes have your other options denied). Killing Dreamer is a trap, in my view. I felt so strongly about this that I wrote a whole post about it. Corrupted Idols and Turf War are extremely good strategies for Dreamer, IMO. Anything with defined areas of the board that he can lay claim to are really helpful. Plant explosives is probably his weakest. Reckoning... It depends on the schemes. Reckoning + claim jump + outflank is massive for Dreamer. Reckoning + five scheme marker schemes is way trickier. Nailed it. Also note the positioning schemes (claim jump, outflank) are extremely good for you as well. Glad you're enjoying yourself!
  27. I played a fair bit of Dreamer before swapping back to Ressers, and have been inspired to write this post by some misconceptions about beating Dreamer. At least, I think they're misconceptions! I am by no means an expert, but I did quite well with Dreamer and wanted to offer a different perspective on waking from the nightmare. The 'bad' advice: hitting him where it hurts. Often you will see people say that the way to beat the Dreamer is to take out some key models. Sometimes they mean daydreams, sometimes they mean Dreamer, and sometimes they mean Dreamer's beaters so he is stuck using only his minions to kill you throughout the game. Here's the thing: Dreamer is one of the most brutal combat crews in the game. He wants you to come over and start hitting, and then his guys will start hitting you. Guess who is going to win if this goes on for a few turns? Even if you kill Lord Chompy Bits, stitched and even alps are going to start hitting you for min 3 attacks and you're going to die. The Dreamer strategy explained. If the Dreamer wanted to, he could spend all game summoning from some obscure corner and never get near danger. Why does he go near danger, then? Because he is comfortable with it. If you get close enough to the Dreamer and his Daydreams, you are in the middle of his crew. You're in his castle, and you're going to pay for it. From his castle, Dreamer sends out the troops. He stakes a claim to an area of the board, and then continuously deploys more and more forces until he owns that part of the board. By the end of the game, he aims to own most of the board. You can't infiltrate his castle, and once he has claimed territory he is extremely difficult to push out. If you come to his turf, you're going to be ground to dust by one of the scariest crews in the game. There are some exceptions. Exceptional ninjas can sneak in, do some sneaky killing, and sneak out. Misaki is a prime candidate for this. Archie can rush in, get a few hits and eat a few resources, and then leap away and carry on with his day. So this approach is something to keep an eye out for, especially when you can do it at low cost and low risk. Poke the castle a bit. Just don't plan on staying for long. So he can't be beat? Exactly! Submit to the eternal nightmare! LORD CHOMPY SHALL REIGN SUPREME!!! *Ahem*. Sorry about that. No, it is not hopeless. Read on! My advice: don't try to stop the Dreamer's crew, try to stop his points. And secure your own! The Dreamer can go lay claim to a section of the board. But it takes him time to do it. He is very inefficient (as some recent posts note, he feels HORRIBLE for things like having to do a bunch of interact actions). So the key to beating him is to go secure your points. He will have trouble stopping you, as he is a slow roll devastator. Feint him. Go try to score points somewhere, and then when he lays claim by unburing a couple nightmares... Go somewhere else and score points elsewhere! His nightmares are now stuck, as they've unburied. You are free to go do some shenanigans somewhere else. Move away. Reposition. Outmanoeuvre. Let's look at some examples! Plant explosives If I was playing against Dreamer on say corner Plant with Molly... Here's how I'd tackle it: Turn 1, get 2-3 bombs planted, far away from Dreamer (far enough that only his spiders can deal with them). If his spiders come to deal with my bombs, precision strike them down, steal their bombs OR run away and leave them to it (depending on how long it'll take them to deal with the bombs). If the spiders go to put down their own bombs, go disrupt them. Turn 2, go kill something with a bomb. Turn 3 Dreamer is probably catching up and has claimed the first area where I have laid the bombs, and might be able to pick up two of them by now. Go start laying my other bombs/some of the bombs I stole. Steal another bomb with pocket crooligans if possible. Snag his bombs and run wherever possible. And just like that, the entire plan is basically 'RUN AWAYYYYYY', but it would be a nightmare for Dreamer to deal with (hehe...) Dreamer is slow to take over territory. So you want to zip into a location, disrupt and score, and then run away again. Don't let him pin you down in a fight. Reckoning This one comes down to the schemes. If there's outflank and claim jump... Well, just get a crew that does the pool better than he does, because it is going to HURT. However, for the average scheme pool, he is providing you with lots of opportunities to score. Snag your points, and then just start running away and not letting him score by killing your key models. Dance around him and disrupt where possible (it can be agonising for dreamer if he goes to the effort to place a few scheme markers and then you casually whisk them away with 1-2 actions). It is hard to be more specific without a specific scheme pool, but if you want advice on a pool, let me know and I'll give an opinion! Turf War I'd argue that Dreamer is pretty strong on this one. His key weakness is that you can just keep flipping his turf war markers by killing things. He will fill up the board, so focus on getting a solid lead early, then just precision strike things down to stop him ever having more than 2 turf war markers. If he doesn't leave anything in a table quarter, just flip it by sending someone in. You don't need markers to be friendly. Just stop him scoring, and then use your own lead (that you probably got by scoring better schemes and early turf war markers) to coast to victory. Corrupted idols Oh, you're facing Dreamer on corrupted idols? Well, fuck... All joking aside, this one can be rough. Here you're wanting a crew that is just really, really excellent at the strategy. Dreamer will be doing a solid job of covering the entire centre line, so it is harder to do the important stuff in territory he hasn't claimed yet. So take a strong idols crew to the matchup. Schemes will be super important here, as Dreamer will be stretched a bit thin covering all the idols. Abuse this by doing schemes away from the centreline to spread him out thinner. Also be aware Dreamer is resource hungry, so he sometimes won't be able to force idol placement. Keep an eye out for being able to force awkward idol placements, especially turns one and two. If you can secure an early lead, he will be spending a lot of the game scrambling to undo your lead. Perfect opportunity for you to disrupt and secure more points. If he gets an early lead, he will snowball you horribly. What do you think? What do you all reckon? Am I wrong about avoiding the fight and just focusing on scoring? Have you won Dreamer games because you've manage to take down key pieces early? What's the balance?
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