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  2. 33 will play in both LJs I personally won't be fielding DMR Judge will be way more useful in LJ2, May even take the spot of the LM in my crews. I'll be running 2 DM 'cause with healing they are wayyy to hard to kill with decent range damage and they got free focus from LJ. Jury may see some more play from my side, will depend on schemes. Always at least 1 Domador! Summing up, my general LJ2 crew would look like this. LJ + LLC | 2 Judge + LLC | 12 33 | 8 2x DM | 10 Domador | 7 This is 39ss so i can easily field Jury, Effigy with up, second Domador or easy scheme putters (Lawyer, Alison, Undercover)
  3. After a couple erratas and a big expansion, we have a lot of new options. One I just tried and worked amazingly was: Taelor, Bishop, Big Jake, Student of Conflict. Taelor and Bishop provide a huge fear factor, as long as they're able to back each other up, you have a 9-10" circle of the board your opponent has to be real careful about entering. Student is feeding fast to Taelor and then can score late if needed (I think people overlook that 6" move, she's scooting across the board when she wants to). Finally the MVP of the show is Big Jake. Outside your opponent teching against him (bringing anti-bury or demise), he's basically a guaranteed 2 strategy points and can easily help with assassinate or vendetta and is extremely difficulty to score vendetta off of. You can just run in and drop a bomb, let your opponent kill him and then unbury him at any point to drop a 2nd. In this game, he only ended up dropping 1 but that's because I made him a super decoy/bait and he was able to 1 activation murder my opponent's leader (I had the RJ in hand and flipped a 13 rams on another attack, so I'm not sure this should be expected, but with flurry and critical strike, there's always a chance). My opponent was running Tri-Chi lead by Popcorn, and while we both decided Popcorn kind of sucks, I think it still shows Jake is awesome. The above list worked so well it might just stay as my Mercenary HH list but I also want to try Kenshiro. Not sure how to complete the list though, replace Bishop and then the Student with a Ronin? Put SoDP on Taelor? It wasn't a problem this match, but there's no healing and no condition removal in the list which could be a problem Some other lists I want to try: Starter Box Hannah, Metallurgist, 2x Engineer I think there's got to be a good Barbaros list but I haven't figured it out yet
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  5. Autumn grows closer, the air is beginning to cool, and the nights are growing longer. As the leaves change color and fall, we want to celebrate this spookiest of the seasons. Round about the paint pot go; On the palette throw Royal blue and bloody red; Thirty-one Days of Dread; Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and paint pot bubble. That's right, it's Rotten Harvest time! Miniatures can be submitted any time during the contest, though none will be showcased until the day voting begins. Submissions will be accepted from October 1st until 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5) on October 31st, 2021. We encourage you to submit your entries early, no submission will be accepted after the cutoff, no exceptions. If you need to make any changes to your upload prior to 11:59 PM October 31st EST (GMT -5), please contact @Hobby Wyrd via PM on the Wyrd forum. Entries are to be submitted here: Rotten Harvest 2021 Gallery Please note that you will be unable to see your entry once it is submitted. If you want confirmation of the entry, you must reach out to @Hobby Wyrd via forum PM so she may address you directly. We have four (4) categories this year for this year's Rotten Harvest. Participants may submit one (1) entry per category. Please take a moment to peruse the rules outlined here for all single and diorama entries. • SPOOKTACKULAR - (Dioramas/Vignettes) - Give your all for this spooky scenic event. Your spooky scene must contain one or more models and be based 50mm or larger. • THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT (Individual Model) - Creatures, critters, monsters, and other things that have a tendency towards anti-social behavior and prowl the night looking for victims. Caution, here be Monsters! And those that hunt them! • WITCHES AND WARLOCKS (Individual Model) - Spellcasters of all sorts. If they carry a wand, cast a spell, or even have a hint of mysticism to them, this is the category for them. • NOT QUITE DEAD YET (Individual Model)- Stumbling around after all the major organ functions have shut down? Have a beef with the living? This category is for the Undead, or as they like to be called the 'Living Impaired'. The voting polls will open on November 2nd and remain open until 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5) on November 8th. The winner in each category will be awarded to the entry that receives the most confirmed votes. Each eligible member has three (3) votes per category. All 3 votes must be used. Anyone with more or less than three (3) votes will have their votes pulled and the tally recounted. Again, for complete Wyrd painting competition rules, please go here! Prizes - Each category will have the following prizes 1st Place: $75 in Wyrd webstore credit 2nd Place: $50 in Wyrd webstore credit 3rd Place: $25 in Wyrd webstore credit Best of Awards - The Wyrd Staff will take a look at all the categories and vote to determine the winner for each of the following. Best of Rotten Harvest: $100 USD cash prize (via PayPal) - Voted on by Wyrd Staff Best of Wyrd Miniature Entry: One (1) Nightmare Box of winner's choice (from a list of available Nightmare sets) - Voted on by Wyrd Staff Show your support! Lastly, show your fellow hobbyists some support! Comment on every entry in the Gallery with encouragement or thoughts and be entered for a drawing! Ten (10) 10$ USD digital gift cards will be given to commenters drawn at random. Voting Due to unsportsmanlike behavior in the past, I need to reiterate that the votes need to come from active forum members. We will be post restricting the polls, so only active accounts with a minimum of ten (10) forum posts (not all in the same day) will be able to vote.
  6. I have a copy of it in the explorers book. It ought to be in the App in the explorers section. It is applied by Calypso Mk II. It is called Belly of the machine, (in its Limitations it is a pilot upgrade)
  7. Where can I find the Pilot upgrase? In the app (browser) is no such upgrade.
  8. Since you declare triggers before you decide who has won the duel, you can't have a suit to use to declare triggers from pipers influence before you resolve pipers influence.
  9. Does the pipers influence give suits during that action? As in would I be able to declare Infestation despite not flipping the appropriate tome? Or does it not work until after you resolve the action?
  10. Schrodingers marker: simultaneously height 4 and 0! Haha Just kidding there, though I don’t think it’s quite the same as friendly/enemy as there is no mutually exclusive aspects. I tend towards agreeing with your take for sure, just saw the discussion on this had dropped off. Whenever there isn’t a 100% clear answer I’d rather interpret it in the way that favors my opponent anyway.
  11. If anyone has tried them, how are Hoarcats now? Both as a summon and as a tech. They look like they could be quite defensive but they don't seem to "do" anything in particular.
  12. To be fair, I think Acolytes need this change, not Raspy2. If not then they're still DOA for Raspy1
  13. Firstly, I don't think any ability actually "targets". If an ability says "heal a model in range" then you can draw range to a buried Pilot Beebe, so he can be healed. So I think most abilities will work exactly as you expected because they don't target they just "choose" a model in range and Line of sight, which the Pilot upgrade allows them to have to Beebe. Drawing Line of sight and range to Beebe does allow you to "attack it" or do tactical actions to it. Aura may be a harder thing. I think that a buried Beebe doesn't benefit from auras because he isn't in the area the aura effects. And drawing range and Line of sight don't help you be in an area.
  14. So wait a minute, does this mean that even if friendly models can draw range and LoS to a buried Beebe, and Beebe can draw range and LoS to them while buried, that Beebe can't be affected by their Auras nor Targetted by their abilities? I have been playing that very wrong then, and it is a very significant nerf to the model. It also seems, unintentional? What would be the point of drawing LoS to Beebe be then?
  15. I wish the terrain in vasssal all had a common border/edge - I realise it would look worst but it's vassal anyway!
  16. Only if they somehow manage to do it separately. From Auras: You’ll still have the two auras on the two models. But standing in the overlap of the two auras doesn’t give a doubled effect.
  17. Yes. This explains where you stand. Too me the manual can be misleading there. But I sounds reasonable, what you are saying. Sorry for the long discussion. Thank you and the other people for taking the time and explaining things. I appreciate that vrey much. 👍 cheers
  18. This exists in various forms. But its a tactical action, because it doesn't have a target. Destructive performance on all the Crossroads 7 models is the first example I came across to illustrate the point, but Arcane burst on the Arcane emissary also works as a tactical action that affects all enemy models in range. It doesn't target any of the models, but they are all affected. This paragraph talks about Actions and Abilities, just because an example is given of an additional modify is given, it doesn't automatically apply to all instances. It says that there might be a limit to the targeting, which is not the same as saying everything that this paragraph talks about automatically has to have a target. That's Why I don't think its relevant to the discussion. Flurry is an ability that is once per activation, and does not require you to target, it just allows you to take the just resolved action again. This is more a case of "flavour text". I wouldn't like to try and use it to argue any points of the rules. Lets look at a few abilities. Armour is something my character is wearing. I wouldn't say wearing armour is doing something. Incorporeal is more the physical state of the model, its not really "doing" anything Hard to wound is just more of a case that my model is likely to take less significant damage for some reason (that probably varies from model to model. I think undead thematically have it because they are powered by magic so a blow that might have severed an artery in a living human doesn't have the same effect on an undead body because it isn't powered by blood pumping around) None of them are really the model doing any form of action, its just the "always on" state for them. Lets look at breath of fire as an action Breath of Fire 6" 5 Df - Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. Models damaged by this Action gain Burning +1. It is an attack action, so we know it has to have a target. (I will also say that look it uses the word target, which is my test for if an action has a target or not) The Target suffers 2/3/4 damage, There is also the blast effect that may damage other models. These models are NOT targets of the attack, even though they might suffer effects from the attack. And all models damaged will gain burning, regardless of if they were the target or not. It also often has the trigger (Not always but breath of fire I think exists in in nearly every faction, and the trigger is on at least 3 factions versions) Blaze: Models damaged by this Action gain Burning +1 for each in this Action's final duel total (to a maximum of Burning +2). lets compare this to another trigger Critical Strike: When resolving, the target suffers +1 damage for each in this Action's final duel total (to a maximum of +2). One of these will only affect the Target, the other trigger will apply to all models that the action effects (Damaged in this case). So if the Critical strike trigger was declared on an action that did , only the target will suffer the extra damage, all other models would suffer the normal blast damage. Since the rules have effects that apply when things are targeted, then we have to have something to clarify when something targets. To me, its fairly simple, if you go through step 3 of resolving an action and pick a model as the target here, then it has a target. You only need to do this is the action calls out for a target. Almost all attack actions do this (shockwaves are the exception) because an attack action is defined as an action that has an opposed duel (Again, shockwaves are slightly different to normal attack actions as they don't have an opposed duel, but I think they got called attack actions so that abilities like Incorporeal would still work) and we need to know who is going to take the duel. But even Tactical actions can have a target, if the action calls for a target by using the word target somewhere in the action description. If the action never mentions the word target, then you never need a target. The definition of a target (in this edition) is all just in that step of the resolving action process. Hopefully this explains where I stand. I have changed my mind during this discussion, as I looked more carefully into target, and decided that Abilities can't target, because they don't go through the targeting step, where as I used to assume they could target if they stated "Target" somewhere in the ability. Tara is NOT the target of her beyond time ability. She is the model it affects but it does not target.
  19. It is an hence is not cumulative. So, similar to Vent Steam, the model only suffers once from the hazard effect
  20. Anyas corporate holdings trigger adds a hazard aura around a friendly model. If she gets this onto two models do enemies take damage from each seperate aura if they move/take actions while inside each?
  21. Not sure if it is suitable to discuss this kind of topic in the official forum, but you may want to check out the Bushido from GCT Studio, which has some impressive Japanese warrior miniatures in similar scale of Malifaux. I would recommend Shiho Clan if you are looking for archer.
  22. I like to ask the question again one year later. Will there be a German translation of the status cards or not?
  23. Norway Open returns to the Malifaux capital of Norway! Where: Charlottenlund videregående skole in Trondheim When: October 16th and 17th 2021 What: 50ss single master Gaining Grounds 2, five rounds. For complete ruleset see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jO3eK2u07d4ZQ5E5m8jkAXmI4lZRQmQsLo_7qtr2s4Q/edit?usp=sharing What else: There is potentially a minitournament or social event on Friday night, depending on the wishes of the participants. Ask, and we will provide. Entry fee is 150 NOK. We have room for lots of players, but we'll probably start running low on terrain if we get close to 30. Everyone are welcome! (provided travel restrictions allow, of course) Current sponsors are: Wyrd Games golem.no For updates and more info see https://www.facebook.com/events/256284906341789
  24. My justification is that I really want it to be true. Please Wyrd, Acolytes really need this. Give us the FAQ we desire.
  25. I was going to say that Mortimer has one, but then checked and he has a new model I completely missed. Lots in Redchapel (Dead Dandy and copycat killer, Rotten Belle kinda, Dead Doxy etc). Maybe sloth is the only other one then.
  26. Understandable. With Nico gone I don't think anyone else in the faction even owns a top hat.
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