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  2. My Molly vs Radek's Som'er. Mine: Molly & Machine Sloth Dead Rider Archie Yin Student of viscera Crooligan 1 stone His list: Somer + Inferiority complex Georgy and olaf Lenny with two gremlins Gautraeux Bokor Big Brain Brin 8 Stones Let's see if I can pull this off!
  3. Look at those pretty badges! If you should have a badge and are missing it, holler at me so I can make sure you get it!
  4. All you needed was some Land Mines to shove models through
  5. I copied Arik’s bonus a couple times in my most recent game. Coupled with Siphon Power (Ram) and the cheatable high Ram, I was hitting moderate 7, which was rather sexy
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  7. Very nice shots. Continue to celebrate the photography
  8. I did recently rebuild it with some new default values for the setups data doc so *shrug*.
  9. I don't see how an M2E faq is relevant here. From what I understand a lot of the rules and intentions have changed since M2E. The GG1 FAQ ruled on start of activation effects. We queue them up, then resolve them all disregarding any new effects that would interrupt or add to the sequence. Why would that same logic not apply in this situation? You queue up all after resolving/hazardous terrain etc. effects and then resolve them. From GG1: "18. If during Step 1 of a model’s Activation (pg. 21 - resolving Start of Activation effects) if it would be affected by a new Start of Activation effect (such as by moving into another friendly model’s Healing Draughts’ A) does it resolve the new effect? a) No. Effects that resolve when a model Activates in Step 1 (such as On the Move, Life Leech, Goad Witchling, etc.) are generated at the start of Step 1 before resolving any effects. If a model would generate another effect that would normally resolve during this step, the effect is not generated."
  10. Nellie and Hoffman are probably my top crew's for most games. Basse is a good choice but only if i see a table with enought concealing/severe terrain and good blocking fer their cover.
  11. Putting this in a separate post to avoid editing the previous one... Here’s one of the discussion threads which was the context of the M2E FAQ:
  12. Not really. It turns out that tempo and positioning abilities are just always good. There are scheme pools and matchups that other keywords like better, and she has some distinct holes in her kit (minimal ranged damage, situational offensive repositioning, relatively low survivability, etc). I think Von Schill is the other one I'd drop into any pool - I just don't like his aesthetic though.
  13. Just to add to the pyre. A model standing in hazardous terrain attacks Zoraida, cheats and declares the Execute trigger. Zoraida has the Inhuman Reflexes upgrade to trigger scamper and declares Regret as well. Which abilities/effects happen? Regret would resolve before Execute because of the timing of simultaneous effects. This ends the active models action. Does execute now dissapear from the "queue/stack/generated effects pile"? What about hazardous terrain and scamper, both of which resolve after resolving but before timing step 3C (end activation step) presumably. Is there any precedent in M3E for resolving unresolved, generated effects simultaneously?
  14. I get you, working full time, two kids here. If my partner didn't play I'd never get a game.
  15. What about changelings? They create pillars for 5 Stones.
  16. I could think of many good reasons, like from a balance perspective it's not that good, it's insignificant, once it gets engaged becomes useless, requires from external support to use his only trigger in its main attack, doesn't do direct damage and it's just a simple duel... From a fluff perspective, it's a catapult, so it just launches stuff after targeting it in a direction and setting up the tension of the cord, not a gun or a cannon, so it should perfectly be able to drop someone in the shadow of a building.
  17. For casting outside of dramatic time(or arguably using any skill) you could take inspiration from D&D 3rd edition's "Take 20" mechanic. When trying to do something while not under any threat and there's no significant consequence for failure, your task takes 20 times longer to do in exchange for an automatic success. In D&D, it's representative of rolling the dice a bunch of times until it comes up 20; here, it would be the same thing as flipping through the whole deck until you get the TN/suit combination you want, but this method can also be used to bypass players trying to rack up Twist cards through their On the Pursuit abilities by flipping so much or trying to play the deck out of cards. Generally speaking though regardless of system, if failure is uninteresting or doesn't have any stakes in the narrative then simply let your players succeed.
  18. i mean if you want a casual game sometime i would be more than happy to oblige. i just cant commit to a full event.
  19. You're probably right in that Freikorps are pretty easy to play out of the gate, but I do think they are challenging to play to their full potential. There are a ton of tricks and options for a Von Schill crew with the upgrades, copying actions, the pull trigger on VS, and abilities like I've Got Your Back. They're easy to start with, but have quite a bit of depth and growth potential.
  20. Yes, Hannah can copy actions from equipment upgrades. It's great for her because she can use the leap from Rocket Boots, which will be on Arik to hop forward and fire her rocker launcher round one. Opponents don't always see that one coming but more importantly, Arik still has his boots on! That's often a turn 1 move, since turns 2 & 3 you're likely copying Arik's charge up to increase melee damage (or at least that is what I am normally doing).
  21. Honestly always assumed that it was the model-placement that people used it for the most - But I've also got a very negative view of Shockwave-duels. They never seem to hit home, and this one "only" does 2 damage (obviously excluding the potential Bacon-bomb that follows it). But I see what you mean.
  22. If other TT keywords are not aesthetically appealing to you, then you should probably stick to English Ivan. In any case you should know that Youko's profile has been entirely reworked in the latest errata. The way Malifaux is played is that players declare masters before they compose their crews. If your Colette (who was also heavily changed in the last errata btw.) friend knows what is coming (s)he has to adjust and pick other models. I understand that (s)he may not have a large collection yet, but the very nature of the game requires having at least some options. Having said that, Ivan is indeed a very strong master, and Colette used to be one of the strongest (not sure how she fares now after the nerf), but in competitive scene she was played mainly with models outside of her keyword, so if your friend stays mainly in keyword (s)he may get different impression (especially if you insist on playing the latest, i.e. nerfed, version of Colette's profile). Anyway, I hope you will find the way to make the game enjoyable for everyone.
  23. Sonnia (when I was playing) Guild for me was the drop into most pools before I went for a 'one master per strategy' approach. Its mainly the speed and reach witch hunters can bring which just helps sssssoooooo much. And this is before we get her more controlly version in the starter set. Also didn't have Spell eaters either. Recognize Basse fulfills the same role, but I found previously once they are set, its hard to re-position. I haven't played with Sand worm and Rough Riders, but have played against it and they do help a lot. Hence I would have to really play with the updated Basse/Frontier to see if they compliment or substitute Sonnia and others.
  24. Most MVS games can be arranged to play at that time so #excuses! 😜
  25. Shockwave rules say that shockwave marker must be dropped in range and los. Pigapult doesn't drop shockwave markers and shockwave happens after the model is placed. Why should we ignore half of the action wording?
  26. Pause for a moment and forget about the part of the action where a model is being placed, and look at the part of the action where it generates a shockwave. The basic Shockwave rules explicitly include "in range and line of sight" as part of the shockwave process. Seems like you'd need a really good reason for a model with a range 18" shockwave attack (pretty much the longest range shockwave in the game) should get an exception that no one else does. 🤷‍♀️
  27. Hi All. I've been interested in playing Malifaux for years and recently three friends have bought some core boxes so I am finally taking the plunge. the problem is I am having a hard choice between two starting boxes. Either English Ivan or Youko Hamasaki. Both have play themes I love the idea of, subterfuge and underhand dealings. I am reading Qi and Gong cards and thinking it might be a little technical for a new player, but still seems very fun and I don't mind a learning curve. My only7 worry is Qi and Gong keyword I like the look of in Ten Thunders, so if I ever take the plunge to become a serious player I don't think I would have many options i'd enjoy. Ivan on the hand has a full range of models i'd be interested in from the other keywords. The one concerned I have is that he seems to stomp on one friend due to the match up and possibly just be a negative player experience. They are playing Colette who seems heavily focused on causing Distraction. While I know there is the argument that a good player will still be able to win the match up, we are just new. Am I over valuing what i've read about Ivan? I was also tempted my Reva as a good middle ground but there is no stock in my country and waiting for the delivery would kill me. Any words of advise before I take the plunge.
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