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  2. Both Zoraida and the Voodoo Doll are marked "Neverborn, Bayou" in the PDF file.
  3. hey guys ! Things are going pretty well right here, I've already painted 9 ToS models and Adeodatos. I'm also into the industry of base-making right now, so it slowed my production by much... But once it'll be done !... Everything will be faster
  4. I'm curious due to Big Brain Brin's protection (Bayou), which seems essentially like slippery was but now I'm wondering if I can't push damage onto the doll anymore.
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  6. Love it! It's like a cross between Pan's Labyrinth and Lovecraft.
  7. Looking at the schedule, that's closing the Open Beta forum on May 28, and releasing 3rd edition on June 28. Where are folks looking for the beta files in those in-between four weeks going?
  8. If you're just wanting toss, can get if from Cojo as well, or Banasuva if you bring Sandeep. Mei as a beater in a Sandeep crew probably wouldn't be that bad either, metal gamin/golem are in keyword for him, so she'd have some easy scrap to jump to, and she doesn't lose anything for not being a leader.
  9. Just wanted to thank and congratulate everyone who helped make the Bayou a better place this past year. It was great reading up everything you could come up with and all the changes that were made because of that. So give yourselves a pat on the back for all the time and effort put in. If anyone has any closing thoughts, regrets, memorable moments, or the like you should post it now before it all disappears! So I'll start first: I wish I had made more battle reports. I'm gonna miss summoning 10+ Bayou Gremlins for explosion fodder. Big Brain Brin is probably the new Francois and finds his way into every crew. I think Mah still needs a few touches but I still think it's fun. The flavor of all the Keywords is perfect. I think I made a big impact in the generation of the new Bayou Gremlin triggers with my suggestions and I feel very proud of that. I want all the designers past and present to know how thankful I am to be a part of this journey. And lastly, I still want a Napoleon Lenny.
  10. That sounds really cool!
  11. Will the current gremlin forum become the new Bayou forum? Or will that for he lost also?
  12. Thank you! You were both helpful! One character I had was descended from an ancient Neverborn lord who fell in love with a human and sent her back home through the original Breach before it closed. My character was the grandson of that Neverborn who returned to Malifaux to find out the truth behind his strange visions.
  13. @Gnomezilla that sounds like a regular day on the Bayou, but swap coffee with shine and everyone dies in the end.
  14. I might be able to get a game in with MEI to try Amina too this weekend... Also tempted to take Hoffman and use a guardian to toss MEI into harms way, fast, with her totem putting down scrap she can escape to... Not sure it'll be that effective in letting me achieve my schemes/Strat but should hopefully be fun as hell!
  15. I have it on the best authority, just ask any of my friends, that Latigo will pay for the wall. It's a gunna be huge, beautiful. I make the best walls... - Attributed to the late Governor General
  16. This is true of her minions, but the Duet, Cassandra, and Carlos can hold up pretty decently. And the minions can be swapped out for the much more durable versatile minions elsewhere in the faction.
  17. Looking at Vogel and Amina, I'm really uncertain that they'll be able to catch up with the rest of the crew so the Shielded thing seems unlikely to be super helpful. That said, Vogel's ranged Wp attack and card draw on walking near a scheme (and he'll sure be walking lol) could be nice, and Amina's Extended Claims and Obey could both be neat. Walk the Line though is honestly really tempting me, especially as a source of ranged Burn Out and possible card draw. At 9 and 10ss respectively it's a hard sell but I think I'll try Amina out next time and see how she feels! I have not tried Sandeep as a hire, mostly because I think the whole him plus Banasuva being 24ss and Banasuva's Mantra not even being usable at that cost kinda kills it for me, especially when the Metal Gamin/Golem aren't quite as critical to the game-plan as the Fire Gamin/Golem are.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Oh man, anything would be great, but yeah, my Fated are always so drawn to the Neverborn. They really set Malifaux apart from other settings, and all of my campaigns tend to come back to them, whether I plan it that way or not. When I ran Night of the Carver, they followed it up by heading off into the wilds to investigate Neverborn crypts, and it turned into a Malifaux version of Indiana Jones from there.
  20. Look in the diseases section. Basically, if you touch a Nephilim's black blood, you slowly turn into a half-breed. The last stage makes you loyal to the Nephilim, but if it gets cured before then, you still retain all the physical changes. My wife has mentioned playing a corrupted character who files her horns down, Hellboy-style. As for how the other Neverborn see half-breeds, they're usually second-class citizens, but not always as reviled as they are Lilith and her followers. With Titania's return, I'd imagine more and more Neverborn are adopting more "progressive" attitudes. I mean, Nekima's new henchman in M3E uses necromancy, for pete's sake! If you set your game closer to the current Malifaux time, your Neverborn player should have a much easier time in their adopted society. The other option, of course, is to play as a Zoraida-like character. Someone who came through a little breach on their own, and has been in Malifaux so long that they've been accepted, both by the land and the people. Mechanically, they'd be the same as any other Fated, so it's up to the flavor and backstory to set them apart. Their manifested powers would feel more natural and in tune with the natural order of Malifaux, that sort of thing.
  21. Finished another Merc, this time Big Jake.
  22. I've played the rider in mei feng.... the card draw and the dropping scrap where it need to be isn't bad I've also tried the steam arachnid swarm as it can heal off the scrap and is fast enough to keep up with the crew
  23. In the book Under Quarantine, there are some details about how people become nephilim (with some mechanics) but it hasn’t been outlined very much.
  24. I think Sandeep and Mei will be up their as two of the most powerful masters for arcanist. I've made my points clear on my sandeep tactica but Mei brings so much mobility that sandeep doesn't have. the issue i have Colette is the rest of her crew falls over to a stiff breeze and Colette doesn't do enough on her own to remedy this
  25. Also dont forget that you can only submit the quiz if you have selected an answer to every question. So someone like me who only owns Mei Feng, cant speak for the other masters, and doesnt want to vote randomly in case it skews results, just doesnt vote. It'd be interesting to see how many people "havent tried" masters to see how that changes things
  26. I almost didn't make it in time! Thx for the heads up!
  27. This. We have been doing Mathifaux since day one of closed beta. Lots and lots and lots of it. Obviously there are a lot of opinions on both sides of this argument, and the math is pretty clearly fuzzy. The only way we are ever going to really figure this out is repetition. Give it 6 months out in the wild, and we will see what happens. If Dreamer ends up dominating, then we can adjust
  28. So having discussed this with the group of people i play with we boiled it down to the following. They dont enjoy it because they can see by turn 3/4 how hard it makes their attack / defense flips and that they lose more often than not before cheating. There is no counter play to it except to kill those models asap. I then compared it to Parker's crew abilities to put down an incredible amount of scheme markers (yours and theirs) and then use those scheme markers for fast on models that hit with + flips built in. There is nothing you can do to stop it except to kill those models. In Malifaux crews arent balanced perfectly against each other, this isnt chess. Most crews have something they can do that others can not. That Parker Crew can kill and scheme like a boss, dreamer wishes he had that much killing / scheming power. However Late game Dreamer with his card engine can actually stand up for a bit and get some schemes done. So i guess what i'm getting at is each crew is good at something that i've seen and you have to play to your strengths. Parker was able to out score me early but i was able to catch up late game. Obviously the pool of schemes and strats changes every single game so you wont be playing the same way twice too often. So looking at just one ability in a vacuum isnt the most helpful. I think you need to play games and see just how good or bad it is in the different schemes and strats.
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