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  2. That's how I interpret it as well.
  3. newsun


    Crit strike is a big deal in conjunction with rapid fire and the ability to guarantee this with stones and cards can make sh6+ shoot min 4dmg 3x. Fuhatsu is the shooter hands down. Fooling yourself or not reading everything if you think otherwise.
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  5. The resummon is a ton of value. If you get to resummon a model for free after it dies, that is value. Now, you may not always get the resummon, but it is value when it goes off. The threat of this value is what forces opponents to play around this effect (kill it with a minion or a condition). Now, even when a players does kill a guilty with a minion they are still giving the Jack player value (+1 hand size and the model now generates value for the Jack crew when attacked). People will play around this. You can't win a game by giving away value (usually). In response to players playing around this we shouldn't implement rules to make the Jack Daw crew to always get the maximum value out of their models and decrease the ability to play around it. Maximizing the value of a model should come through your gameplay. You can see the enemy's minions and models that hand out conditions. Play around them. Limit the ability of these models to access the guilty if you really want full value or make it extremely costly for your opponent to kill them "properly." To truly interpret your gameplay results I would also need information about how many times you took the guilty, how many you took, how many games were repeat opponents, how often the guilty died, and maybe some input about how the opponent played against them (did it cost them anything to "correctly" kill the guilty). Your statement about 2 summons in 25 games needs additional data to interpret correctly. Now, I'm not saying you should give me all of these details right here (Wyrd has them in battle reports presumably and their opinion is what really matters) but I can't draw a conclusion from the statement. Honestly, in competitive play I would expect their demise ability to almost never trigger but instead to modify the lines of play that an opponent has to make. Is that good ability design? I don't know. It is just how you have to play against the ability if you want a chance at winning. I'm not saying that the tormented crew is perfect, but I definitely wanted to throw my opinion in on this suggested change. It's a crew that has previously been a NPE for the opponent in the beta and it could easily become one again given its core mechanics.
  6. Is Lady J better? Yes. Is she enough better to justify being 16ss(17ss to hire out)/master while the first mate is 9ss (10ss to hire out)? No. The comparison is not flattering.
  7. maybe Information Network trigger could be on backroom dealing instead (so that it's built in) action instead ? Blackmail definitly could be stat 7. Or let it 6 with We Own You trigger built-in. If you want space on her card to do whatever thing, just remove the No Witness trigger.
  8. Pandora counters Sandeep. Get plus flip and removes your focus, and u Will have alot with focus.
  9. Not right now but soon after 100th episode. Originally we not planned to do this project so long so one hundred and few more Malifaux Mondays will be a great result I think.
  10. version 0.17 * Now able to handle upgrades with more than one action * Now able to handle Ariks bonus-action (non-suit trigger-like rules) * Faction Upgrades button should now work properly (Thanks @AndreyF)
  11. hemgath

    Coryphee duet

    Suggest that in an other topic: Duet: A way for healing or maybe juste change they re healing from to 
  12. Sebasthos

    Coryphee duet

    Maybe not easy, but certainly doable for a Stat 6 attack.
  13. @Ravenswood: There's an end to this project? Hopefully not - I adore your painting style, and want you to keep on painting! Love that Draugr!
  14. Oh yea, I don't think I would concede if I had to play Foundry into Albus, but its definitely not a good matchup
  15. FAQ 23: If an effect would allow a King’s Empire Fireteam to take a Action, can the Fireteam take the Action as a instead, using the Bayonets Ability? a. No.
  16. Sandeep, banasuva ramos, kandara and metal gamin metal gamin forcus for cards and scrap, Sandeep can blow one up with a time for 2 cards
  17. Charles Edmonton has an action "volley fire on my mark". it allows one fireteam in the target squad to take a projectile action. Kings empire allegiance "bayonets" ability allows fireteams to use projectile actions in melee as if they were melee actions, but with a -2 penalty. Based on this, can Edmonton e.g. target engaged royal rifle corps unit, so that they make additional melee attack on unit they are engaged with? or can they only shoot, for which they would need to be unengaged?
  18. Nah stat 7 is too cool - no faction has it especially ShenLong suffers... 6 stat... +2 for chi... he won't hit... ***sarcasm To my mind most guild stats were made for old injury... after it changed everything seems a bit broken... But it might be only my opinion...
  19. I react with thanks as a way of both thanking everyone that helps me and also as a way to track if I have done something so I don't have to remember if I have done it.
  20. Try it against Nekima for instance... Agent now is so weak to survive - mostly he burns out stones sooooo fast. Why does Lucius have cane and hidden sniper? with 5 stat it's always Obey...
  21. Haha, yeah I realized after I posted, I should have put this in Ressers, even though chiaki is TT
  22. It appears this was a bug and instead of health 8 cost 7 it should be health 7 cost 8. that is at least how I interpret Matt reacting with thanks to my post in the grammar thread.
  23. Takes a lot of good suits/stone, but yes. Albus vs anyone that needs Scrap like Mei-Feng can be a rough match. Albus is pretty squishy though.
  24. Do keep in mind that the GAMA trade show is listed as My emphasis added. These presentations are probably mostly for convincing distributors and such that the various game companies are doing things that people are going to want to buy. I think that's pretty much why all the pictures out of the presentation that have been circulated are boxes.
  25. I can't deny slippery is likley over kill. It was quite potent. Perhaps something more along the lines of recieving armor when near Gracie? Something to simulate him taking cover behind her pots and pans. I imagine I am perhaps trying too hard to keep them tied together to keep the whole "Big Trouble In Little China" them tied together. But really enjoyed them as a duo, and seeing as the main complaint is that he is a a bit too fragile, think it could be a nice way to get two birds with one stone. Also it makes upping his survivability come at the cost of a fairly large investment commiting so much of your crews soul stone pool into the two of them. Just my two cents.
  26. Poll to look at who folks think is best for each strategy and also what strategies folks think each master is viable into at all. I am also very curious about polling the "viable into" question for schemes, but that would take forever to create that poll. If there is strong desire I might make it later.
  27. Im mean. Why the hell not? Certainly not to powerful and makes use of the Winged plauges push to. On top of that it will "use up"/reduce the blight with - 1 since that is what poison do aswell.
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