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  2. the Whisper upgrade in my experience isn’t enough to compensate for all the discard. It’s crazy the amount of discard you have to do In keyword if you want to get the full value of their abilities. Personally I find it the number 1 frustrating part of playing revenant. She can already attack through pyres with her “unquiet Dead” tactical action.
  3. The burning management is still there, it just that at the moment your strapped for cards, have to manage corpses, pyres, burning and shielded. Combined with a general feeling she's a weaker master (I'm getting that from other players posts - I don't have anything enough experience to judge), I think a small buff and a slight simplification would do wonders. Being able to convert burning into shielded makes the crew a bit tougher, but still leaves some management with when you convert, and how much you leave for draugrs. Making corpses like pyres could be a way to go about it, but I don't think pyre generation is an issue. Adding sources of card draw might just make her too good - there are several master in ressers with card draw mechanics, making another is just a bit boring. Also, those crews provide OOK options and the last whisper upgrade does a similar job. Maybe changing Reva to attack through corpses and pyres instead of corpses and shielded would help? Edit: no idea what's up with that white bit. You can highlight it to see the text. I might try and fix it on a pc later.
  4. Xekros

    Hoffman Starter

    I've been trying to figure out what they would put in the remaining boxes as well, but I always run into the problem that the various models Hoffman has are pretty specialized into their given roles, with Hunters (of the remaining options) being the most versatile, from what I've seen. The special order thing should work to fix what problems you'll have with the duplication. @theamazingmrg The Kaeris box only comes to 19 points (Kaeris, totem, Firestarter 7ss, 3x Fire Gamin 4ss), so having that low of a SS box isn't unprecedented. I'd argue it would make for poor "Starter Box Only" games, but I doubt they're terribly concerned by that. That said, I'd be more inclined to put 3x Hunters in the core and putting the Watchers somewhere else. Better to have a core box over curve than under curve; I was in a core box league recently and a guy was playing Kaeris and felt (rightfully) significantly underpowered.
  5. The main problem I have with reva is that if you stay in keyword you have lots of card discard, with no card draw. I’d like to see final veil allow card draw as well as the heal. I personally don’t mind the burning management. I actually find it quite fun. However I can see why people don’t like it
  6. I wonder if they could also just give Reva an ability that says "As long as Reva is your leader, corpse markers count as hazardous (burning 1)". It'd merge several of her mechanics. Although it'd break their (unwritten?) rule about terrain markers always being 50mm.
  7. Had an idea for a slight alteration to the change to spirits in the flame. Spirits in the Flames: Once per activation. After gaining burning +1 from a pyre marker. This model may reduce its burning condition by any amount (*), then gain the shielded +1 condition by the same amount (max 2). it can be balanced by a max on the reduction of burning condition, and the max on shielded might want to change to 3. Forcing the ability to require a pyre marker stops any silly OOK picks against crews which revolve around burning and keeps the need in keyword to think about pyre placement against those same crews.
  8. the real trouble with Somer I find is that it's hard to make it to the final turn when using him/facing him. So many rules, options, auras, summons, and general attrition.
  9. Trixie is great depending on your opponent's Willpower, Speed and the the Terrain. She is a great pick if you need to pull models in for schemes.
  10. My personal favourites are Call of Cthulhu set in Malifaux, with the players taking the role of investigators investigating the strange.
  11. A campaign didn't come out until year three of m2e so I don't see one anytime soon. The rules for the m1e might work well with m3e. I will have to look those up.
  12. I don't know, but I like your thinking.
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  14. ... and Seamus looses his ability to discard corpses to ignore restrictions, which was an important part of the whole gimmick.
  15. Made some other things
  16. Well so far it is just theorycraft (plus some experience with some of the models), so I will see if I can set up a practice game. We are doing some double master games soon, so I should have an opportunity. The Gravedigger isn't enough for focus, though, as you need at least two of them (I think). That focus may also account for why I'm happy with less hits on Reva. On average she should be hitting for 4. Armor 2 may be a problem though!
  17. Dirach

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    I think the new pictures clue can trick us as all new pictures may not have been published yet. But if we follow this lead to build our speculations we have. The Watcher have two new pictures (one is the old) The Hunters have two new pictures (one is old) The riotbreaker could have new pictures but it is hard to tell. All could be the old sculpt with different poses or one new and two old with differen poses. One is the old. As there is no minion with 3 new pictures we could have a box that don't follow the same structure as most of the other starters. Also the Hoffman Keyword is very large compared to other keywords so they may have a different solution for this keyword. Guardian have the old sculpt and something that looks like the old sculpt with a different pose. I don't think they will add many miniatures with the same sculpt in one box. One solution could be: Start box: Hoffman, Attendant, Melissa, Hunter, Watcher, riotbreaker (all new sculpts). box 2: Guardian (old sculpt), Hunter (second new sculpt), Watcher (second new sculpt), riotbreaker (old sculpt). This solution gives you all the miniatures you "needs" if you buy 1. starer and two box 2, and it explain why there is only two new pictures on some of the miniatures as they can justify have the same sculpt if you buy the same box twice as they do with the pathfinder. I think the Steamfitter and Howard will come in a M&SU/Augment box The peacekeeper have an old picture and I think he will be in a singel miniature box as he is versatile.
  18. I prefer heists myself, but I’m a rogue at heart. The planning on both sides of the table feeds the creative needs of everyone involved. Then you get to run the execution and watch it all devolve into entropy. I find those cooperative moments of chaos can lead to new and entertaining story directions.
  19. This is really timely for me. Two of my players are starting college after adulting for many years. I want to be really supportive of their “pursuits” while preserving their immersion in the game when they do get to come. I appreciate people sharing.
  20. I see. Killing two models per turn would be my estimation to be necessary for this list. I hope though such this elite set-up won't suffer to much when your opponents are really good at that as well. Very well, I refer to your experiences in this case. Nice to read about your view of Asura! I don't need her in my main crew atm, so I'm waiting for her re-release, after that I probably will have the chance to check her out. We'll have to agree to disagree for the time being then. Two attacks probably will be fine most of the time, but I see problems as soon as defensive tec comes into play and be it only armour. But I'm happy to be proven wrong on this point. True, Whisper doesn't get rid of bad cards for you. At least the list has some ways to discard useless ones. But with only two models being the heavy lifters in killing you can get 1-3 additional cards and I think that's critical. Another reason to make sure Reva can attack as much as possible btw. Idealy I wouldn't give Whisper to Asura btw, but instead activate her after another model with the upgrade. I don't think GST *has* to be dropped, I simply give Whisper priority. Depending on who gets the upgrade, regen +2 can be very helpful as well, so GST is surely no bad choice. More than two upgrades can be a hard sell though, so I understand your train of thought there. If it's primarily about the focus, you could utilize the Gravedigger instead?
  21. I try to run a decent variety, but I tend to favor mysteries for this particular setting.
  22. I think it really depends. If your opponent is bubbled enough, sure, pay one more ram and give a bunch of things slow. But if you get off the charges, the extra movement for Lady J and the Judge can help a lot, and one nice thing about the charge bubble is it’s threat range is your bubble + the push of your models. Even the Death Marshals are no slouches at melee, and you can go with them first to try to burn out your opponent’s hand dealing with them, or reposition them for a late claim of Hold Up Their Forces or something. Anyway, it’s more that the ability shouldn’t be auto-ignored, even if it isn’t always the highest damage output.
  23. They could also be Forgotten. And it happens that Molly is the Resser master with the least options, so giving her some new minions would make sense.
  24. You're probably thinking of the section in moving that states "When resolving a Walk Action, a model may move Vertically along Climbable Terrain", which it's still unclear if that's an intentional restriction placed on every other simple movement effect that's not a walk action or just an oversight, and would likely be my vote for the #1 most ignored rule in the game.
  25. I think terrain has two aspects: physical and gameplay. Rules can allow models ignore gameplay aspects of terrain (like Severe or Impassable traits), but they can't cancel physics. Rule of falling is written in a "physical" way - it refers to model's base being supported by terrain. That's why models, that ignore terrain while moving, can walk by a roof and don't fall down through the floor when declare a move. The only way to get on top of terrain (other than Place) is to Walk along a vertical part of Climbable terrain. I think incorporeal models can do it from inside the building and through ceilings, but they can't levitate anywhere they like and have to be in base contact with a climbable wall to do this. The same is for moving down through the floor: incorporeal model can walk down through the floor touching a wall. It can't fall through the floor, because it's base is supported by terrain and falling is impossible.
  26. Ignore isn't a game term, so we have to use context to get it's meaning. In this case, we go with the meaning that doesn't completely break incorporeal which is basically "unaffected by all terrain for movement purposes and can move through impassable" As for whether it can move through floors, that's more up in the air, since normally all movement is only horizontal and you need something like the climbable trait or sloped terrain to change your vertical position(discounting placement effects)
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