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  2. If I don't have a recording this week do you mind if I read this on air?
  3. There you go (top right, the crow card)
  4. I don't have a recording but my saltiest moment was when playing against Tormented with either Witch Hunter or Augmented (can't remember which, but they are the only crews I've managed to play with so far) and things weren't going well so I charged a wounded Hanged that I would have killed (even taking Incorporeal into account) if I hit it in order to relieve pressure on that section of the board and flipped a RJ and a 13. Goddamned Forever Doomed meant that I had to treat the RJ as a BJ and then couldn't choose the 13 instead for the attack so the attack failed. I was unreasonably salty at
  5. I'm really curious about what the hidden ability & trigger are on the spelleaters' card. The ability could be "we are legion" (it would makes sense to me that this is the crew's common ability, at least thematically speaking), but the length of the text seems pretty different. Though there have been some time between the 2 previews, so it's possible the ability changed in the meantime. For the trigger I don't have much idea what it could be. Something about parasites maybe? Or just something that mentioned Cadmus models so they didn't want to show that.
  6. I missed that. Have you a link to see? Thanks EDIT .... ok see. https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/malifaux-fate-decks-and-stat-cards/76927-explorer-s-society-faction-fate-deck
  7. I'm not sure since I'm not inside other people's head, but I think what Rufess said is not that this is a problem in itself. But that it's a problem for people complaining about balance without explaining or proving their points. So they are frustrated things don't change from their feedback.
  8. I agree this is a factor often not considered, but also the really brutal combinations look at 12-15 cards a turn (Molly + Kirai + whisper, Dreamer + Zoraida with inconsistent use of the redraw, etc). First turn combat (or securing objectives) is another big factor. But I feel that is a smaller factor now that you can't secure several objectives in advance like you could with Plant Explosives and Turf War. Late game presence ends up mattering more than it did last season. One issue with calling for nerfs of course is we have no idea what the objectives are next season, which are
  9. Rufess isn't saying that the current playtesting approach is the problem. They are saying that Plaag's continued declarative statements of "X is broken" are the problem with his contributions to the discussion around balance and wouldn't be helpful to the playtesting process. Simply because "X is broken. No, I don't need to tell you why, just bow to my superior wisdom" doesn't really help iron out issues with a particular model.
  10. Today
  11. @Pallas4 Completely off topic, but I love your avatar picture! So cute! Then there's an opening for a perfectly balanced game out there if you want to design one... Otherwise, might I suggest chess or checkers... Although just beware that white is a bit OP How is this a problem? Otherwise the game would change every week with every knee-jerk reaction of getting curb-stomped when facing a new master
  12. They listen to players who can explain and prove their points. And this is the probelm.
  13. I already did playtest and I saw they changed profile after playtesters' test. Won't say more (neither the models tested nor on what occasion, I signed papers). But they listen community. And It's cool.
  14. M3 is the Focus edition. I saw more focus in 6 months of this edition than the 10 years of the previous 2 combined. I hope it does help explain why you had different views to others in the Focus thread. I have too many hands that don't contain two 10+ cards to rely on summoning two good things in a turn, so I don't automatically assume Kirai is going to get two 7+ models in a turn. Plus my most common opponents are aggressive by nature, its rare that combat is not happening first turn. (Even if combat doesn't happen in the first turn, you are seriously weakening your second tur
  15. Round 3 and 15 Flank - Recover Evidence - Forests Edge Sabotage / Catch and release / Let them bleed / Breakthrough / Take prisoner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53FgKuCUCI0 So round 3 of vassal super league and if last week was hard, this week was even harder as i had the joys of facing the current uk master. my opponent is in my local meta and so he quiet often comes up with powerful lists and he'd declared outcasts his prefered faction so I was facing him at full power over a faction he was learning in addition it was a realy difficult scheme pool with a
  16. u cannot do nothing bacause of emissary and up, so u will get a lot of parasite tokens and suffer all the time
  17. they dont listen, so why i need to test it?)
  18. It's natural to "fear" a bit the unknow and think new things are broken. Up to know I'm pleasantly surprised with how different and thematic the masters of this faction feels just by reading their cards. I'd lie if I say I don't have any reserves about the power level of some stuff, but I'll definitely trust the work done and give them a chance. About this keyword, the theme is pretty cool and it seems one of those keywords that need an specific plan to go against. As said above keeping those tokens out of your important models is paramount; as soon as one of those get one, its damage pot
  19. Through here: I don't know if they're still recruiting but worth a shot...
  20. Anyone know how to do that? Do you still have to print and sign a form? XD
  21. constructive as always.... You were (& still are, I assume) more than welcome to apply to join the playtests.
  22. We were talking pass each other then... With "Double Summon" I was refering to summon 2 expensive models (7+ cost) that the summoner can't summon on just 1 activation. You are right summoning 2 cheap models the first turn it gives those summoners good "AP" efficiency; but the power of the models is also a factor. It's not only the AP gain but the ability to summon 16SS worth of powerful beaters in a turn where weakening the hand isn't that big of a deal most of the time. But anyway, It was a comment after watching that game; It feels strong but I don't have experience with it so I'm not s
  23. Iphone 8, iOS 13.7, app appears to be working correctly after update, awesome!
  24. Will be interesting to see how they do in the vassal world series! They don't seem too bad to me so far, but haven't played with/against.
  25. Seeing the reactions on 1988 Mei Feng and Halloween Pandora, I don't think Wyrd needs to make OP keyword to boost their sell.
  26. no, but i think we will see many such people
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