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  2. With this list, I'll be surprised if he doesn't go for breakthrough (Sabotage is less likely, but he could maybe do both). He has 5 swampfiend (counting the doll), but some of the Silurids and TFM will probably be deep field, so if you can remove a key Eye in the night relay, you might be able to disrupt his plan. GL
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  4. I have yet to try it, but I find the Changelings a very tempting OOK pick with Woe. Candy and Pandora just have such lovely tactical actions they can copy.
  5. I played against him. All I can say is he knows his leaps πŸ˜›
  6. The lists! Me: Reva & Candles Grave Golem Carrion Emissary Bete Noire Shieldbearer Bone Pile Restless Spirit I would normally take Dead Rider over the Emissary, but seemed a bad idea against Zoraida. For Symbols I'd consider Toshiro for that slot, but Zoraida ignores Ashigaru pretty easily. Plus I figured if he took Bad Juju, Emissary would stomp it. Him: Zoraida Gautraeux Bokor Silurid Silurid The First Mate Gluttony Lucky Emissary Interesting list! Seems he went very heavy on the marker
  7. Unfortunately the only concealing we can put out is dust markers - a couple Pathfinders might be okay depending on the board... And we don't have much in the way of Distracted outside of triggers.
  8. In the new year tourney I was matched against Titania. My opponent took the Rex with Inhuman Reflexes (I think, it's the upgrade with scamper?) and it was just gross being in the thick of things. The game ended quite close, but I literally did nothing to the rex all game - mostly because of terrifying. You have to flip a 7/8 to attack (was playing guild) and if you cheat it either scampers somewhere it wants to be, or more in your face to tie up shooty models. It did a very good job.
  9. I'm against Bayou next round (Zipp, Zoraida) and I have Reva and Von Schtook left. Guess I'm playing Reva 😜
  10. Titania, Gorar, Marcus, Rex (Reflexes) and 2 Rougarou. Its called winning. Tiger Blood.
  11. I really enjoy Sandeep. More specifically, I really enjoy running elementals. They offer a large variety of play styles, they look cool and they are pretty strait forward. However it's the Academic side of things that I struggle with. When I say Academic, I'm excluding Kandara and Banasuva as they walk the line of both elemental and academic and both are exceptional models. I'm mostly talking about Kudra, Vidiya Guard and Ox Mages. I'll start with Kudra. I think she's just okay. She wants to be aggressive but she doesn't seem like she can take much of a punch. Due to her havin
  12. True. I actually want to play an heavy trap Tricksy list for this one.
  13. Honestly in scenario 3, you know what you should spend you ook points on: 2 Bushwackers. If he puts two markers in buildings, then they're gonna be hard for him to protect too. Put the Bushwackers next to the ones in the building with the markers and then block the entrances with pit traps. With that, stealth and cover, there's no way you're not getting any building marker points.
  14. One thing I’ve found playing against Luci is that all of the card draw lets you much more reliably hit impactful triggers on enforcers. This has lead to guy in a barrel wrecking my scheme game while hiding in a corner till late or Serena yeet-ing guys in the NvB version. Might be some ground in there. Second thing is stacking a second Neg flip on opponents attacks. Standing in a forest at the edge, conceal auras, distracted maybe. I don’t know Guild tech enough to know where those things can be found.
  15. Ive really wanted to try an investigator in LYM, since you can push people off their markers and then your aura makes theirs not count, so you can score yours. But I just never did it.
  16. If anyone hasn't receive the email (after checking in Spam folder of your email account), send me a private message and I'll verify it
  17. Surprised no mention of Iggy. I almost always get my money's worth out of Scheme Marker removal from him when the pool is right.
  18. Yeah pianos would be great in maps like that. I'd even think about bringing Criers to obey Earl to drop more.
  19. Because you have to walk in there (so your models are loosing the flying advantage). And because it's Symbols, I'll will have to go in alot. Zipp crew usually don't like to be confined in tight space from where they can't escape easily. But maybe I can turn it my way with good piano placement (as long as I don't play against a faction with alot of incorporeal).
  20. Infamous flying around buildings is easy, why would you think they are a problem?
  21. You have a great Style! This is rare in mini painting. Not the most technical, but you manage to be coherent and all those crazy light effects really give you a trademark. Kind of an impressionistic way in to miniature painting πŸ™‚ (and this is 100% a compliment just to be clear).
  22. Candy is amazing with Dreamer and Lucius...and probably all other Neverborn.
  23. I wouldn't take WW with Dora simply due to her Terrifying have far less value when your opponent is expecting it an Manipulative and is probably going to bringing Ruthless. I can see value in dropping 50mm Severe markers for Titania to put her on [+] or for the Emissary to put his target on [-] or give him somewhere for Planted Roots.
  24. Hi fellow green hillbillies. For the February vassal tournament (here) I'm committed to the swamp folks. This tournament have a special rules no more than 15SS of non-keywords models. I think that favor Bayou over some other faction that relies alot on versatile. Ulix seem amazing in this format. But I just began to play him. I also think that Zipp can be good in round 1 and 2 (not sure for r3 with so many buildings, but blocking doors with pianos can be cool). Tricksy can also be play mostly in keyword (with an Emissary for Leyline). Any advise / though on that tourn
  25. Does someone take the Spiders duo OOk for deepfield Scheme running? What about Grootslang? We're so bad at marker placement that I usually just tried to avoid schemes such as Breakthrough or Spread them out, but maybe it's possible to take our oponent off guard with the Spiders (with Dora or Titania for example).
  26. I need to play more games with Thoon but I'm afraid he is more of a meme than anything. It could be that be just needs to be taken OOK when an opponent doesn't tech in marker removal. Once per turn removes the possibility of out of activation shenanigans, but with Lucius you can get 2 Mimics and Changelings can copy Artic Pull to yoink Pillar'd models out of your opponent's reach. Maybe a meme worth exploring but I'm not super hopeful 🀣
  27. Along a similar line, I started with puppets, which led me to Collette and dreamer. M2E lord chompy bits is such a great model! I then discovered Marcus, who takes me way back to my WHFB days of beast centric dark elves. My neverborn are now expanding as I collect Marcus beasts, and think, well I've got a beast from that keyword, I might as well get the rest!
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