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  2. Do none of your opponents use focused? I find manipulative hard to get much work out of because of that.
  3. Followup with rules reference. Variable damage flips are resolved in Damage Timing Step 2: That's when you resolve the variable flip for things that specify damage. Because the damage timing rules specify: you resolve that variable flip for each model.
  4. I love Stolen! I miss Horrible Realization from last edition, because the horror of realizing you just killed a child who was being mind controlled was awesome! Definitely slingshot one of them into the front line. Sometimes, if I'm feeling froggy, I put Soldier for Hire on the one on throwing into the middle of the scrum, so they have to bother with 2 attacks on a Stolen with Hard to Kill! It's silly, but so am I.
  5. Back when I played in M2e the New England Tournament Organizers did a great thing. Instead of prize support being reserved for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Paint, and Best Sportsmanship the Malifaux tournaments used raffle tickets so everyone had a chance to get a prize. The major benefit of this was that Players stuck around. Yeah, you might not place, but you still had the chance to walk home with something. Malifaux at conventions had the least number of drops than any other system. And for Malifaux tournaments on Saturdays I almost never saw a drop. So how did you get raffle tickets? 1. You showed up. 2. Each Round - You have a fully painted crew. 3. If you win your round. 4. 1st place gets 3 tickets, 2nd place gets 2 tickets, and 3rd gets 1 ticket. In addition to a trophy. 5. Each player writes the name of their favorite opponent of the day onto a raffle ticket. 6. Best Painted gets 3 tickets and a special prize or trophy. Then pick a ticket from the bucket and allow each person called to pick from the prize pool. I hope this inspires TOs to utilize the raffle format. TL:DR. Raffle off your prize support to everyone in the tournament. Save trophies and special prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Best Painted. You’ll maintain player retention and reduce drops.
  6. I haven't had this issue with her! Keep in mind, I'm not saying she can stand up to sustained attack, but I mean, I ALWAYS have the no cheat field up on her unless she hasn't activated, which means that an opponent is at a negative flip to hit her. That means they can't cheat fate, AND have to reach a TN12 to hit her. By default, >50% of attacks at her will fail. And even if they don't, most of the time you can cheat to beat the opponent. Again, anything with any serious amount of beef will smack her silly, but as she is a 6 point minion, that's to be expected. But she shouldn't be dying to the metaphorical stiff breeze
  7. So I'm gonna sing my love song to the Freikorps They can do A LOT of focused damage. They can do TONS of nukes They can be REALLY tough They can become fast AS HELL They can disrupt your opponent's play with the Land Mines, their places and pushes, or destroying your opponent's markers. And they are funny to play.
  8. A standard Malifaux table is 3 feet by 3 feet. Roughly a third of its surface should be covered in terrain. Using the correct amount of terrain and having a variety of represented Terrain Traits is important to ensuring that games of Malifaux are fun for both players. Long-range Actions are intended to be somewhat limited by terrain that offers Concealment and/or Cover. Severe Terrain is intended to shape the game by making some areas of the table more difficult to reach. Don’t worry too much about not having correctly themed terrain for the table. While well-painted, appropriate terrain looks great, players should feel free to use whatever they have on hand to populate the table, such as books, cups, etc. Taken from the Set up terrain section of the rule book. I understand that this doesn't give an example table, but it does recommend an amount, and suggest that the table should contain a mix of terrain. Whilst these are only guide lines (You can most certainly make a good table that doesn't follow these guide lines) I would certainly recommend following them until you at least understand why they are there. I've seen cases where people have seen an "example" board in a rule book and thought that was the only allowed board. I assume the not putting in a table example is to try and stop that.
  9. There’s no question for Arcane Burst that the damage flip and push get resolved independently for each model because those are dependent on each model failing a duel. Edit: And the fact that you have to resolve the effects individually for each model in a pulse is pretty much also why for Revel in Death with the Soulfire trigger you resolve the damage flip independently for each model. Edit #2: Particularly if you think about what happens if some (but not all) of the models have Fate modifiers to damage flips. Damage flips have to be resolved on a per model basis.
  10. Yes, just like Ice Pillars activate the favorable terrain by being Impassable.
  11. The false witness would be so much better if it didn't die to a stiff breeze.
  12. I won't bother trying to quote everyone who posted above, because it would end up being a lot. I totally agree with you on this matter @Ogid, zoraida approches the game from a different angle, and I think a lot of players are having trouble wrapping their heads around how to counter that. As I've said before, once people understand that she won't seem so omnipotent. I also like that you pointed out the construction of that arcanist collette list, other posters have framed that as a "specifiaclly custom crafted anti-zoraida list so of course she did well" but you're right, that was basically the collette base box with a soulstone miner thrown in. Also, everyone needs to undersatand that this is 3e now: we know the master we're playing against ahead of time, so EVERY list can be custom crafted to foil our opponents choice. @LeperColony you made a great comparison to magic the gathering that I think is very valid in this dicussion: as a MTG player, judge, and event coordinator I've heard time and again from newer or less skilled players about how "un-fun" control strategies are. I've listened to so many players gripe about how a strategy designed to be as un-interactive as possible is less "fun". But 25years into that games existance controll and combo strategies are still consistantly played at every level, and there is a lot of players (generally more experienced and higher skilled players) who really find that style of play to be the most fun. I personally love the subtle mind games and chess-like planning ahead and counterplay that is nessissary to play and play against that type of strategy effectively. Also side note: zoraida's bonus action is word for word the MTG card wheel of fortune Basically, IMO, everyone is griping about zoraida being able to play necropotence while stubbornly refusing to admit that their kird apes suck.
  13. The Execute trigger also says “it is killed” rather than “kill it”. And I think people are going to expect credit for Execute. So Walking Dead is the effect that kills the model, as far as I can tell. I think the ability would have to say “it is killed instead” or “it is killed by that effect” for the remover to be credited for the kill. Compare things like Lucius Matheson’s Subtrefuge where the loyalty of the Scheme Marker changes but not who drops it.
  14. The model isn't removed because you never move past step 5 because the second half of the action is not a separate action.
  15. Sorry, I didn't clarify for the particulars of the question. If the target is killed, nothing will heal because there is nothing to draw the pulse from. The death of the model and its removal is all completed before you try to resolve the heal
  16. Today
  17. What is generating the heal? After the entire damage process there is no model left to generate a pulse.
  18. The Walking Dead would be the one that counts.
  19. Experiments out of keyword was the theme this week. Hoffman borrowed Agent 46, planning shenanigans, but again absolutely melted by the middle of turn two. (They just can’t go into black blood. Nothing can really under about six wounds or so unless it wants to die without resist flips, but the Augmented wound penalty doesn’t help. Also I failed to block LoS to Hayreddin.) Nellie borrowed Guild hounds to cheaply drop markers to boost the false witness False Claim. (Sadly the witness got turned into a necropunk with one hit, but dogs and effigy stayed out of harm’s way and dropped off their bombs safely.)
  20. For a bit of context about this question: I'd say Walking Death is the ability that kills the model.
  21. No. Resolving Unhinged you will do it step by step. You suffer the damage first, which will mean you go through the whole damage process. Then after you have completed the damage process you will get to the new part of the action, which is the heal. The heal is not an "after damaging" effect. It is part of the action.
  22. Just as a reminder to everyone, this is 8n Shepherds Bush not Waterloo
  23. So how does killing occur besides "coup de grace"?
  24. Human characters would likely succumb or surrender to critical injuries before a death effect comes up. Constructs and Undead on the other hand aren’t usually smart enough to know when to give up.
  25. Where: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699 When: Oct 7th to 28th Time: Games start at 6pm Cost: $0 Reboots are all the craze now days, so why not for Malifaux? Join the shoppe the month of October for updated version of the classic Halloween Story encounters from the first years of Malifaux. Each Monday will feature a new story encounter chosen by the community itself. This will be an open league, so you can play as often as you like and not miss anything. You can even gain some pumpkin tokens to celebrate the event. Come on out and get spooky.
  26. That was a longer break than I expected... Anyways, I am back with my Takeaways, though I am going to discuss some from Hamelin's entire crew rather than just limit it to models from my last game. Takeaways- Keyword Stolen The Stolen is a very interesting model as so much value is packed into its 1 SS cost. It can help whittle Blighted models down, pad activations, be used as a health pack, and even give Fast to friendly Vermin. Given my growing preference for SoDP on Hamelin, I am trying to test how aggressive I can use these amazing little Totems. If I don't mind one using a Rat as a surfboard, I can technically block off a Table edge from being available in Idols (in Standard Deployment) or I can engage an enemy with its Diseased aura and hope it is annoying enough to be killed and give out more Blight and Rats. Technically speaking, the Stolen is also the only model in the crew that can turn into more SS through the Rat cycle*. *(Stolen (1)- 2 Rats (4), 4 Rats (8)- Rat King (7), Rat King (7+)- Rat Catcher (6)) Obedient Wretch I have not been shy at all in describing my love for this model's sculpt, and rules, so I find it interesting then that I am not fitting her into my lists as often as I thought I would. With Hamelin's crew being a position-and-attrition control crew, I need to make sure that every Soulstone counts because even 5 misused stones can end up costing me the game. With all this being said, I have come to the conclusion that her best use, for me, is in being an excellent Vendetta target, assassin, and flex model for helping other models complete other Schemes and Strats. To explain my reasoning, I think she is a great Vendetta target because her entire kit seems to be designed for it. She is only 5 stones, meaning that she has a wide range of models to choose from as her target. In addition, her defensive kit of Manipulative, Tummy Aches/Diseased, and Stealth combine with her 2 ranged attacks to allow her to be able to proc Vendetta at range whilst maintaining some modicum of defense from both Melee and Ranged models. She makes a great assassin, especially for Assassinate, because Tummy Aches prevents that pesky business of the enemy using his control hand whilst Bleeding Disease limits Soulstone use to damage prevention. She can also be hard to keep in place since Tummy Aches works on the Disengage action (do remember though that she can't both Disengage and Interact). If I see either Assassinate or Vendetta in the pool from now on I think I will always take her. Winged Plague I have discussed the Winged Plague a couple times before in other threads so I will keep this short. Due to the WPs' squishy nature, they are unfit to be the long-distance schemers Hamelin needs. Instead, they seem to best operate as a Scheme-Marker-Alpha-Striker ie a friendly model sets them up by stacking a huge amount of Blight on an enemy model Turn 1, and the WP thereafter spams Festering Wounds to cleanse the model of Blight whilst dropping a load of Scheme markers. This in turn sets up The Plague Spreads which in turn sets up Diseased and Gross Explosion. A lot of resources have to be used to make this viable, and a lot has to go right to make this all work as you can even mess up this sequence by stacking an odd number of Blight on the target model. In addition, even if it does go correctly you are always doing this at the opportunity cost of expunging the very Blight that powers up the rest of the crew. All this being considered, I don't feel that the Winged Plague are worth hiring when I can either save the Stones for more triggers, or hire a Prospector instead (more on this later). I don't even know if the WP are consistent enough to earn back their 4 Stone cost. That is it for this post. Sorry for any repeat information. I will cover OOK models next time. Have a great day! Shalom!
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