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  2. Hello, are you looking to play 2E rules or 3rd edition? I'd be up for playing but only have the 2nd edition rulebooks. I'm a little rusty as haven't played for a while but I'd be up for giving this a go.
  3. The thread is semi active but you might have better luck checking out our discord https://discord.gg/sQtQxtZ, or our Facebook page at malifaux vassal players
  4. Play a game of Enforcer Brawl.... it got to be very infinite loopy.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'll try the next time with gray. The contrast is really quite strong with the light blue.
  6. Thanks. Shame it makes this ability nearly useless in keyword. Still great outside
  7. Definitely thematic. I used to run Statue but I stopped for two reasons. One is cost. I prefer Dawn Serpent for scheming and speed. Statue may be amazing tech into lure or bring it heavy crews for Ley Lines. But he's not an auto include. Unless you need to pass out two relics a turn Luna can give you your artifact without taking damage. Terracotta is interesting for one reason. Luna could be replaced by one. As can it be a good replacement for a huckster or Dawn. Good idea certainly. Interesting tech if you're going against gunline and fear the puppy's safety.
  8. Yes, it does. There's no 'Bonus Actions generated by Actions don't count against the limit' clause in the rules, the exception is specific to bonus actions generated by triggers. That's part of the reason why Hannah Lovelace's Adaptive Tactics action (A Bonus Action which copies the tactical action of other models) saying "If the selected Action is a Bonus Action, it may be taken even if this model has taken a Bonus already this Activation." No, the copied bonus action gets tallied as her one bonus action per activation.
  9. goth

    Terrain Board 3.0

    I’ve got a dedicated 2 hour slot in the studio each day this astronomical week! Tomorrow night: • finish blood pond (I remember when it was a dang milk lake) • create 2x sets of three “severe” inserts • look at Lionel vs 28mm scale and read stuff • draw rough layout for MalifauX league dungeon side project, a progressive grow league in the form of a survival dungeon crawl, which I’m writing a pdf for Friday: hopefully have the above finished to the point where I can sort modern, futuristic and MalifauX terrain together into Individual tables to check coverage, look at what’s needed and compare fishedness of building/priming/painting/washing/highlighting/finishing/sealing Stages... 😅 🥵 Saturday: tackle a blood pond-sized project Finish at least 2 crates of each kind Make a Vasilisa proxy Sunday: do another blood pond-sized project make a gwynth madx proxy- she bad hopefully get to paint a 15mm crazy for gaslands that will be my personal avatar 😂
  10. Hi, for this month I'm pledging Mah for a whole 15 SS by herself. I may add other thing if I got the time to buyback a mulligan. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints As for my 3 favorite paints, well, it was a hard choice. I have so many greens that I like so I want to display other paints I use and that I really like. -Vallejo Yellow Ochre, I have to thank this community for this find. It is marvelous to work with a color that is hard to work with: Yellow. -Master Series Paint (MSP) Amethyst Purple. It a good color that mix well with purple and violet. It has a good coverage and mix well with other paints. Bellow you have an exemple. -Citadel Screamer Pink. A wonderful redish pink. Pro: Make a good base color, Con: Its in a pot...
  11. Upstage ability says nothing about not being able to copy bonus actions. My question is does copied action counts toward bonus action limit? Can she copy bonus action and then use her own or use nimble?
  12. Then how would you determine who would be the attacker of the HH?
  13. Nekima will pick a fight with literally anyone. That's part of the reason I don't like her. Lilith had some subtleties and was actually interesting. Nekima would try to 1v7 the Ortega's in downtown Malifaux given the opportunity. Fun Fact: She's the one who threw the body through the first breach that had "OURS" carved into it. Pandora has a bit more lore, but it's less murder (though she does prey on humans), and more personal growth between her and Candy, and the relation she has with Lilith and Zoraida (which is on hold for various reasons). She doesn't discriminate much as far as having a bone to pick with any particular master, although I don't know where she stands in 3e as far as relations. Sadly, most of the classic fights were Lilith v. X (Lilith vs. Seamus, Lilith v. Rasputina). Recently Nekima has picked Lynch as her latest vendetta (explaining why Lynch is TT only now).
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  15. I'm pretty sure this is about the fourth or fifth time that this question has come up, and the answer hasn't changed. The phrase is three words: non- (non-Bonus) Tactical Actions In order to negate the entire phrase, you'd have to use "not" or some other negative that isn't hyphenated. Because of the hyphen, the "non" is bound to .
  16. I think Yan Lo, and Albus can handle almost any situation in this game. Kirai and Molly are nice, but I find myself reaching for one of those two more often.
  17. Thanks. First of all my sincere apreciation and congrats for the lot of minis you painted with amazing results. My favourite is always The Nothing. Now, I do not own a dedicated board for Malifaux. I have a large table in my hobby room, 1.5 x 2.0 meters in size, that I use to set different games. Malifaux, WarCry, Dropfleet Commander, Wahammer AoS, are in the number of miniature games I go after. Then I'm a boardgame collector and player..... At moment the table is hosting GMT Pericles I'm playing solo since the beginning of the lockdown. Yeah, playing solo during lockdown was a depressing affair, so I organized a 4 players tournment: me and Silvestro against Skratt and Skrattina. The pic document the defeat of my team during an epic match with Sivestro attempting to suicide. Of course, at the proper time I'll take pictures of the Malifaux board..... indeed I'm planning to post a photographic thread dedicated to it.
  18. The dove is a dove. It counts as the scheme marker for resolving the action. Once you finish the action it's a normal dove.
  19. Collette's ability "Pesto-chango" has the trigger "Trick of the Hat" allowing you to place a dove instead of a scheme marker. The dove, it says, counts as a dropped scheme marker. My question is: does the dove still act as a dove as well?
  20. These are really clean and well done. Maybe tone down the contrasting color of the edge highlighting slightly? So for the dark pants and cape, use a dark grey or very dark blue. Keep going, I look forward to seeing the rest of the crew.
  21. I mean that non-bonus tactical action is one thing. It would make sense you could do all other attacks and tactical actions because the just like you calls out what you cannot pick.
  22. Yeah that's what I was trying to get at
  23. I think the interpretation uses multiplication, in that non-bonus tactical action: non(bonus tactical) action (non-bonus) (non-tactical) action so you can only make attacks? I'm not trying to defend it...
  24. is this thread still active? it says 2014... in any case i will post in the hopes of a response. i am new to malifuax i have two crews (Mcabe and Lucious) sadly i have had these two crews for over a youre maybe two, yet i have never played a game of malifuax. i just recently learned of vassal and im hoping to play. I would need someone who is willing to walk me through some stuff, i have the rule book but i never played as i said.
  25. Oh cool, puts the Doppelganger up a bit in my estimation
  26. FAQ, 2.6 Stat is only the number. Any other modifiers are part of the action.
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