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  2. And, for reference, the distinction between “within” and “completely within” is in the Measuring rules (page 49 of softcover, don’t have the PDF handy at the moment), the third and fourth paragraphs.
  3. This was my immediate thought after reading the original post. I'm all for interesting weird things. I think it's a terrible idea for "patching" the game - just update the existing cards if you need to do that. I think it would probably be more reasonable to have alternate cards... come with alternate models. Another take on Dreamer? Sure! Here's the alternate card and the alternate model that goes with it. Isn't that the actual plan with titles? Though like the idea of "generic upgrades", having full alternate takes for a single model could be fun to include in a campaign rulese
  4. Malifaux does have the same distinction but uses a slightly different term "completely within". You can search that on the app or look at any model with flight. If a place doesn't say completely within then any sliver of it counts.
  5. a question came up during my last game and I was wondering which of us was correct. My opponent and I both come from 40k where there is a difference between within and wholly within. I was under the impression that in this game If i say, placed a shadow marker with Misaki, all of the marker had to be within the 8 inches. His line of thought was it didn't say wholly within so just a sliver of it had to be within like in 40k. I was trying to find a correct answer but all my searching only shows answers from 2e and them saying that "wholly within" is no longer a game term.
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  7. Interested in doing a little analysis and was wondering if anyone has a dataset of at least all the models, factions, costs, and core stat values?
  8. It’s a “would” effect that ends up doing something completely different. In the single case, you discarded a marker instead of a card, so you didn’t discard any cards. Just like a model with Nihilm which discards a card won’t set off Misery. Edit: And, yeah, it does create a situation where you resolve a “discard a card to ....” effect but won’t resolve and passive abilities triggered by discarding a card.
  9. @Ceodoc -- you should be able to re-register and use the drop down now. If that doesn't work, let me know and we'll get you in manually on the back end, but I want to make sure the problem is fixed for all events, and if you can successfully register, it should be. Cheers!
  10. It's not it being a may, it's the nature of the question asked. If the question is did you suffer damage/discard a card then its a yes as far as the game is concerned, if the question is how much damage did you suffer, or what suit/value was the card then you get a null response. If there was an effect that relied on the number of cards discarded then you would count the number actually discarded, but if ingenuity made the number0, it would still count as a number of cards discarded.
  11. I’m a fan of 1 Model, 1 card. I want to be able to look across the table and know exactly what I’m looking at. This is one reason I don’t play Warhammer systems. Once you start using the same model but could be version 1 or version 2, it gets confusing.
  12. 1 faction. Started with 3 intentional masters and no plans to collect others. Then I saw the Nightmare boxes and picked up 2 more Masters.... still no interest in the others of my faction because I simply don’t like the play style. If it doesn’t gel, then it simply won’t play well, even if it’s objectively “better.”
  13. Oh man, this would have been great for Archie instead of removing the suit xD
  14. Haha, I thought the same thing about 'then', and brought it up in the rules forums. I think it messes with other abilities if that is what Then means, though? The VWS has ruled you can do it, but I wonder if there'll be an FAQ on it.
  15. Execute triggers and Undying refer back to a May statement too. I guess I'm not why understanding the reasoning why wounds actually lost is different than referencing the number of cards actually discarded. You may suffer wounds. Then the second part references how many (0,1 or 2) you actually lost. That seem the same as: You may discard cards. Then the second part references how many (1 or 0) you actually discarded. Since there's a differing interpretation, it might be good to get a faq. Yannic's ability seems pretty strong to me, even without a broad interpretation.
  16. https://biggerhat.net/faqs?query=Decay Here's the entry
  17. I don't have the FAQ to hand, but from memory that is because the trigger refers to the amount suffered later on
  18. Doesn't Necrotic Decay work the other way round? Where the second part references the actual results of the first? Like if you try to suffer 2 damage, but armor/shielded stops 1, you only get the one damage boost, not two?
  19. You could have been an Arcanist playing December and done "Return of the Yeti" ;D
  20. Are we there yet? I don't mind if it gets pushed back, due to Covid restrictions, combined with work being a PITA, and not really liking Vassal (as I prefer the much more social interaction of in-person), I haven't played as much as I've wanted, and there's still some broken models I was hoping to abuse before the likely errata-bat comes a swinging.
  21. Yeah, so I just looked over the catalan riflemen again, and this exact trick works for them as well, except that they're good without it too. They can for the corps and draw a card and remove then drop a scheme marker, then shoot twice. Better gun, ignores shooting defenses, better triggers and easier access to them, all for 1ss more. I wanted to make desperate mercs useful but if they weren't dead already, catalans killed them
  22. Was really close game. I got a few mistake too but this move with bete was awesome.i need spent stones for upgrade to ignore her trigger
  23. Thanks -- I'll ask our registration guy to work on that and we'll get you registered.
  24. Hi My discord handle is not in the dropdown menu can't manually add. Ceodoc#0378
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