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  2. Hmmm... Some things to consider (although you're probably fine with just Molly and Kirai if you want to focus on those two) Anna Lovelace in Von Schtook's core box can prevent placements - very handy against Dreamer's summons, flyers like Zipp, etc. Eternal Servitude box (part of Yan Lo's crew) will give you Manos, which comes with an anti-demise aura that can be devastating to Levi and similar (though you already have that aura on Datsue Ba). Molly is pretty amazing against Zipp, not familiar with Somer and Ma. But overall, I don't spot any major weaknesses in your matchups (though I haven't played them all), so Adran is probably right. You're probably set and don't really need a third crew - but if you want one, grab one that appeals to you!
  3. maybe u just dont know how to play with her; she is the most powerful master in 3e
  4. Id say mostly neverborn, (pandora, dreamer,) bayou (zipp, somer, ma) outcasts( hamlin, levi, the vics, parker)
  5. Fine, then they don't need the extra range from focus. They already have good range and good deployment. That focus rather should be used in positive flips than adding range. That's why I say that they don't need the sniper. They are not bad shooting, but neither are specialized in it.
  6. Today
  7. Hot and unpleasant outside so I painted only during late night hours this month, here's what came out of it. 64ss worth of fire
  8. It's in both, Trikk one is the base rule, the FAQ confirms it in the second line of that questiion. That question cover both ways, what happens when he is the target and when he is targeting. Probably that was added after this thread where that difference between targeting and getting targeted wasn't clear for some players.
  9. That's the first half of the FAQ, the second half is: "Being unaffected by Concealing terrain allows the model to ignore the Concealing trait when it is drawing LoS to other models."
  10. Its possible that the 2 masters you have can cover all the scenarios for you then. (I know plenty of top players that have largely played with only 1 master). Can you come up with any combinations of Strategies and schemes and board layouts and opponents that you think you would really hate to have to pick either of these two for? Assuming you still want to get a third master then I would either look for one that you like the look and style of, or one that offers you a different style. You don't seem to have a huge hole that you need the 3rd master to fill, so it doesn't matter all that much how it compliments what you already have.
  11. I feel like Molly alone can handle mostly anything, but she is vulnerable to certain matchups. What's your meta like/what do your opponents usually play? But certainly from a playstyle perspective, a 'brawl in the centre' type crew could be handy (Yan Lo, McMourning, Jack Daw).
  12. Sorry if this doesn't belings here, but not sure where to post it. Recently I received in my home the Tainted Filth box, which I buyed because of the errata in Benny Wolcomb card (I could have purchased the M2E boxes way cheaper). But to my surprise, in that box released after the errata, it still comes the old Benny card. How is it possible?
  13. She is definitelly top tier, but not sure if I'd go all the way to the most powerful one. A mistake I've seen some players doing that make her even better is attacking her with Df attacks for no reason; that's one of the worst things a player can do versus her. That's damage not going towards her crew, a free bury for her (she will use her df trigger and a stone, so she will reduce from 3 to 5 damage) and later she will use Showstopper and appear where she may disrupt more the other crew/score; it's way better make her bury herself with Twist Ending; she most likely will have to stonne for that and the other player has a chance to stop it winning the duel. Unless the attack has really crippling effects like Stunned+Slow or you can deny her trigger (like Thunders with Masked Agent, , shockwaves or for example Misaki able to stun her without attacking her), you should just leave her alone or just engage her without attacking.
  14. I dont feel like i particularly struggle with any strats or schemes, but you might be right about my lack of damage
  15. I'd say it was covered in the rules quoted by Trikk "Concealing This model ignores the concealing trait when drawing LOS. " The FAQ really answers a different question, of can a model that ignores the concealing trait still gain benefit of the concealing trait if someone else draws line of sight to it. EDIT - Although, as pointed out, the second sentence of the answer does echo the rules for this answer
  16. It's as Adran say, it was also adressed in the GG1 FAQ (terrain section):
  17. My first question would probably be "Are there any scenarios that you think you're going to struggle with with what you currently have?" At a guess I would assume you are probably going to stuggle most with dealing damage to an opponent, but that may depend on how you play what you already have. As a Master, Reva, McMourning and Seamus have the biggest damage tracks, but you might not find the keywords that damaging. The last key word is Transmortis, and the new boxes to make the keyword really playable are due out shortly (They weren't quite ready for Gen con I think).
  18. My guess would be buying triggers like crazy (Von schtook models are tough as nails so either critical strike or AP are needed to have a chance to deal meaningful damage, tho Agent's Analyze Weakness have to help in this match up a lot) and make SS users harder to kill (very little healing in that list). The double AP is in general good, but the card draw isn't that needed with how much card draw Lucius already have and it's extra risky versus that master because he could remove 8SS from the list easily while summoing reinforcements. The Valedictorian Slingshot opening he usually use is pretty effective versus models like Lawyers or BBSs (Lucius have a very good hand, but it's hard to defend with Df 4-5 versus stat 7 with Focused and the ability to stone puncture) and he can also send more models with Focused in easily with another slingshot combo or Undergraduates with By your side to kill the other one; Lucius could then retaliate, but his obey and shielded engine would be pretty much gutted by that point. The last thing I'd want is rewarding him more for killing my models. I do like Changelings tho, maybe easy to kill but cheap enough to not give up summons when killed while still giving card draw and extra AP to more powerful models. Yep, you are right here, Focused is one of the big reasons. But in addition to that the BBS grows into a Mature (I'd say in turn 2 in this list), which is a powerful minion that Lucius can command easily with a min 3 damage the Agent may copy. Lucius is also one of the few masters with the card draw needed to make good use of his combat finesse (most other masters tend to deplete their hands way more easily, so at the end of the turn the Mature cannot cheat defensively anyway). The Mature is also bit risky versus VS with no extra healing because a 10SS model dying will give him a very good summon. That's why I'm curious about the pool, enemy list and how he played it. He should have played this list quite well because any mistake with it versus VS can make things go south real fast.
  19. Hey guys Im looking for a third master, the idea being to stick with those three and give me a good well rounded pool of models that can fit into any scenario. I currently have Molly and Kirai, i like jack daw and yan lo but im not sure if either of them would compliment what i already have. Any advice including other keywords to look up would be awesome!
  20. what should i explain?) she kills, scores, do everything she wants and opponent just dont know what to do
  21. She's 5 SS. The aura and obey + HtW (so she usually needs 2-3 hits instead of 1 focused) justifies her for me. They are pretty fast and hit surprisingly fast. They aren't great but for 4SS 3 actions a turn seem reasonable. It might be a personal thing, but I think Lucius draws cards but the whole keyword doesn't do too much. He's also a master that suffers greatly if your 2 main models die (and they aren't that tough). My biggest issue with Reichart is Stoic Nod which is an awful action. His Bring it would be cool if it skipped concealment. That's generally a big issue with Frontier. They put a lot of concealing terrain but only Pathfinders and Crockett ignore it for shooting. Santiago is actually really weird. I mean he doesn't look bad on paper, but he's kind of all over the place. He has challenge but he's pretty squishy and has Df5. He has decen triggers but he doesn't skip cover, concealment and his damage output isn't really good. I mean it's weird that noone in Family has Rapid Fire or min 3 😕
  22. No the enemy does not because when Aeslin draws the sight lines she will ignore the concealing trait on the Underbrush marker.
  23. Aeslin is "unaffected by underbrush markers" If Aeslin shoots an enemy inside an underbrush marker, does the enemy have concealment? I was pretty sure the answer is yes but right now I'm kind of inclined to say the enemy does not have concealment
  24. Can you expand please? Did you play a lot of games with Colette? I played a lot of games against Colette and the switch to v3 with the gg0 was very favorable for Colette. But the gg1 has rebalanced that.
  25. Anybody out there miss the chance to get this and doesn't wanna wait til Black Friday? Got an extra one, $25 shipped to US, international pays difference.
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