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  1. Happy Birthday Wyrd ! I see a bright future ahead despite everything that is going on in the world right now. The Explorer's Society is a great book that promises interesting plot developments. Although I think some masters' miniatures may be a bit too "unmastery" (Frontier, Syndicate & EVS for example), the themes are well impersonnated (the rest of the EVS crew for example) and some of the miniatures promise to be awesome nevertheless (I love the Cadmus & Umbra themes for example). Almost all of M3E except the Explorer's Society will be out in February which is quite an achievement. And there will be a new book for TTB for the Neverborn. You're doing great, keep going ! PS: If you could finish the Northern Campaign for TTB, you would ascend to Godhood in my eyes :D. Just saying...
  2. The artwork is nice looking. Is this the same artist as at the start of M3E? There is a great improvement in the body proportions ! However this is really unimpressive for a master. The totem is really nice though. Except for Nexus, I am very unimpressed by the artworks of the masters in this faction. Basse is static and bulky, Ivan is Lynch with a change of shoulder for the shoulder pad and no goaty, Cooper is just a guy with a rifle, Anya is a woman with feathers in the hair showing the way with her tomahawk... They are bit bland compared to the other factions imho. I mean look at the Arcanists :D. Except for Ironside which does not stand out too much, they are all very "masterish". Same for the Neverborn. Even the Outcasts found a way to stand out when many of them could be normal humans also.
  3. I like the new Lynch. I dislike the new Hungering Darkness. Kitty has nothing original so I am neutral. I much preferred the older Illuminated that were more dynamic and outstanding.
  4. I had my first try on special orders in Europe from Wayland. It worked perfectly so I would like to give Wyrd a big thank you ! I will probably order Kitty separately once the special order is available since I already own the full honeypot keyword except for her. As to the Aversions, they are really cool and the Lyssa are not bad either. I can't wait to order them in July :D.
  5. Is there any plan to update the pdf rules and cards that are available to download ? @Stonewall78 Thanks for the comment I had not clicked on all the links in the original post :D
  6. Due to the construction of the story (discussion with Zoraida) and the fact that Lucius is growing claws, I do not think this is the case. Yep I think this is quite clear with the rat catcher guild interaction at the start of the story. I enjoyed the first part of this story. The second part of the story is clumsier because it tries very hard to justify Lucius doing stuff he really has no place to do, especially wandering in the northern hills chasing puppets with a crew of lawyers. The second "board meeting" where Perdita arrives and Yao is extremely rude to Marlow seems really out of place to me considering how the story was developping so far. I think it would have been preferable to place Lucius in a story where he was doing something more subtle (covertly helping the Arcanists to undermine Marlow for example, or getting rid of a competitor on the board while making people think the culprit was an Arcanist or M&SU member), and leave Collodi's demise to somebody else. On the other hand, Titania appeared to Lucius (in Ripples of Fate I think) and called him Captain (If my memory is accurate). Afterwards we have seen no sign of Lucius being affected by Titania's rise to power. Additionally, this story does nothing to tie him to the Neverborn (he is a dual master...). We don't see anything of his cool new theme which is all about secret murders, false witnesses and mimics (on the NB side). There were so many sub-stories that could have been picked for Lucius, I don't get why it had to be killing Collodi and why it was done without introducing any of his 2 new henchmen.
  7. You are correct but they are also under the thrall of Nekima’s tribe. I don’t see them getting emancipated yet.
  8. I finally got the .pdf of the books. I have read 3 stories so far. I'm currently quite disappointed. Nekima-Euripides-Lynch Nekima confirms that she has more balls and a bigger sword that your average giant. She also is as subtle as her sword but we already knew that. Euripides and his pals have the charisma of a group of oysters... Their appearance gives the feeling they appear to say "BTW there is a new master in NB, we swear he is baddass and mysterious...." and to push Nekima towards her fate. Other than that the story is just a far fetched excuse to have Lynch leave the faction. I liked the glimpse into the half-blood situation though. It is nice to know a bit more about them. Lucius - Collodi In Broken Promises we left Marlow a competent leader that had played divide and conquer in the forces of the Guild's greatest foes (Arcanists). Now he is a messy bureaucrat who went way above his head and is not even able to command a modicum of respect from his managers. Yet Lucius sees him as a worthy opponent (the worthiness is not really obvious when we read this story)... Lucius goes to the countryside on a bet with Perdita and beats down a Collodi very easily (too easily for my taste). The bet with Perdita is just here to justify people not asking questions about why Lawyers prosecuting an unknown abductor would be efficient and even realistic in the northern countryside... Zoraida comes out of the blue as a poor man's deus ex machina and confirms that she is not able to manipulate anyone anymore. The fight between the lawyers and the puppets is... well this is a fight between lawyers and puppets... I don't understand anything about Collodi's motivation except that he went crazy. This really looks like a hasty explanation for Collodi's death and Dashel's promotion. I was expecting something better built and more epic (at least Lilith went out in style :D). Hoffman - Joss - Langston The least interesting story I have read for a while (all readings included, not just Malifaux' fluff). Ramos left a few gifts that the M&SU wants to suppress. Hoffman and Joss band together to destroy Ramos' Amalgams. The switch of Hoffman to dual faction and the inclusion of some of the old Ramos buddies into the Augmented keyword is not well built in my opinion. Perhaps there will be more to this story later but now this story feels very hollow.
  9. I don't think the half-blood keyword will be provided to a master outside of NB. They are really related to Nekima in the fluff. As to some characters outside the faction here and there perhaps in the fluff but not necesserally in-game. Characters in the fluff do not always translate to miniature, although they can be cool as hell (English Ivan for example :D).
  10. Come to think of it, I have a spare hollow waif now that there are only 2 allowed with Levi :D.
  11. That would be very nice of you. I worry though that shipment would be a killer and will eventually more expensive than the box with Asura Roten don't you think? Thanks a lot but that may be too complicated :D. I'll try to go around on physical stores around here and see if there is anything remaining from old stocks :D.
  12. I checked on Wayland & Element games and did not find any. Do you have any address to suggest? I'll try and go fishing before the boxes are out of stock :D.
  13. In 3rd Edition, I do not see any way of getting separate Mindless Zombies except for the planned content for the Residents of Rottenburg's boxset. As NVB players may want mindless zombies for Hayreddin and as NVB do not have any dual faction master in Resurrectionnists, I find it a pity to have to purchase Asura Roten in this boxset. I don't see myself using the Zombify trigger much though.
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