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  1. Gadzook currently has 1 warden and shipping cost to my country puts the single warden at 27 USD... Additionally, availability on Gadzook is not always guaranteed. The M2E version is not available in well known webstores in Europe but available on Wyrd on which shipping costs is usually a deal-killer for European. The model is unless I am wrong not elligible for special order either. That leaves second hand market and luck. So although this is not the end of the word, this is extremely annoying to have to pay for 2 executionners I don't need (as some players have said, sometimes you are on a budget with your miniature purchases). I think this is a poor choice from Wyrd (or a mistake? only one keyword is printed on the box, did they forget the Warden was augmented when the issued the box?)
  2. Not fishing for followers. Just sharing my annoyance and stating a displeasure so that hopefully this kind of sales practice stays limited. And no, although ironic, my message was not a "f** you", I am sorry you took it that way. If it can reassure you, I very often send "I love you" messages to Wyrd in the form of hard cash every time I buy their products :D. This may sound a bit childish, don't you think?
  3. The Howard and Zipp problems mostly come from M2E sprues. Warden and Executionners are not on the same sprues. There is no reason to put them inside the same box. As to the SKU reduction, have you seen the number of stand alone ref boxes? The SKU reduction is very very limited (it mostly comes from having stopped the practice of issuing minion boxes for the minion that were inside the crew boxes). Finally, grabing an old box is not as easy as it was before and who do you want to share with? A Guild player that will also want the Warden because it is in his faction? This is not whining this is complaining about an annoying decision.
  4. In the upcoming release, we will have the joy of seeing the box named "Crime & Punishment" coming out. This box included Augmented models (Warden) and Guard models (Warden & Exxecutionners). Half the models (Executionners) are worth nothing to the Arcanists and yet, this box includes models for Hoffmann. Thank you Wyrd...
  5. Yes these conversion rules are really annoying since a ton of people used the TTB multi part kit to proxy their models, especially those M3E models that are still not out. These proxies are allowed until the official model is released. So then what do we do with the models we have spent time to assemble and paint after that? On my side I also purchased TOS models to act as proxies to a few models in Malifaux. They were still Wyrd models and the use & painting were very clear as to the model's role so I complied with the rules but now it is illegal. I hope that TOs will derogate to this rule.
  6. Although TOS shows all the signs of being a good game, without proper marketing, my guess is that it will not last very long past the momentum provided by the existing Malifaux player base. The problem to push a large scale game at the moment is imho the following: _ Wyrd was too late by one year in the launch of TOS. There was a window of opportunity when Warmachine's Mk3 botched its launch (at least in my country) and when GW had not fully recovered its shine (with the floating moment between WHB 8th ed and AOS and with the previous debate over WH40k's 7ed). _ Now, although I don't think WMH fully recovered, GW is up and running again and is proposing very good products, with an increasing model quality and very beginner friendly (kill team is an awesome set for example, Warcry looks amazing). Guild Ball also appeared at the right time and Infinity has a new edition (although they are skirmish games they compete for gaming time). _ Malifaux itself is competing with TOS in terms of purchasing budget and gaming time. _ Wyrd has not shown any ability to do marketing and promotion (at least on a large scale) for either Malifaux & TOS. Its distributor network does not seem to want/be able to/be in charge of carrying out the work. We are left with the good will of a player base that, in some places, is tired of having to do everything by itself. _ Wyrd has not pushed anything massively beginner friendly in terms of sets so it is only aimed at existing miniature gamers who are already spoiled with choices. I have yet to see anyone starting miniature gaming with Wyrd's products (but perhaps in other places it is like this). I did some intro games but honestly I don't bother anymore. _ TOS has an advantage over Malifaux in that there are rules in several languages but there is no visibility in LGS (at least here in France) so non-english speaker will favour GW's products most of the time. _ I have purchased a few TOS minis just to see how it was and I own some of the latest GW as well. Honestly speaking, I find TOS' minis interesting but lacking and the plastic of a lowish quality. While Wyrd was imho above GW a few years ago, it is not the case anymore.
  7. I have been reading history books about the 19th century and about the British Empire in general. I am in no way an expert but this brought a lot of nuance to my reading of the historical "canon". The colonial empires were often only so by names on maps and the predominance of the "white" civilisation is also to be nuanced. The control over the imperial territories was often only limited to the coastal areas and depended a lot on the local elites. The British army also depended on the Indian troops. The British were able to mount commando missions in Africa using Indian troops for example. The world was a lot more cosmopolitan in the 19th century than we depict it in our own old TV shows full of the folklore of the 100% white western civilisation. I think we glorified it in the past for our own "white" supremacy propaganda. Racial prejudices existed and ordinary racism was very common (see how the Jews were depicted in some newspapers for example). I don't think this needs to be forgotten, if only to emphasize how, during the recent years, we see a resurgence of it in some countries. So I am not a fan of the sterilized world introduced by modern day fictions. That being said, it is interesting to see that some of the behaviours of the 19th century western people was due to the technological advance of the West over some parts of the world. The Europeans had mastered wide range navigation, had undertaken to widely teach their population how to read and write (with more or less success), entertained high philisophical and conceptual discussions, had developped technologies far beyond what a lot of people in the south of the African continent experienced. It is no surprise to see Livingstone being baffled by the behaviour of the African tribesmen and the people of his age to think that they are from different species alltogether. We all know this assumption is wrong TODAY but we should not judge the actions of the past with our modern values and knowledge. However, I can understand why game designers would want to avoid tackling these issues in what is essentially a game with plastic toys and not a political statement. I can understand why stereotypes could be disturbing. For example, having spent a lot of time in Asia, I don't like the mixing up of Japan and China into one whole faction as I think the 2 countries are vastly different. But it's an imaginary world so I don't mind that much. I personally gained an interest in Asia by watching TV shows and reading comics during my youth that used those same stereotypes and this lead me to dig up more information about the "real" cultures involved. Sometimes a bit of stereotype can help inducing people into learning more about other countries/civilisations and this is not a bad thing imho.
  8. Awesome ! I can’t wait to see it on the Apple store ! Do you plan a multi language App ? It would be far easier to convince new non English speaking players if they had access to the same App and were able to set it up to see the cards and rules in their native language.
  9. I am French and I am offended :p. My country has been beaten down by the Guild and is a great mess without any representation in the Malifaux universe whatsoever. Please bring a bit of French stereotype to the game :D. I won't mind a moustache crew
  10. Miniature games tend to favour the rich people with a lot of free time. Rich to get more options. Free time to actually be able to play these options well. If you don't have any free time, you are unlikely to win tournaments with any miniature game. Malifaux is not different. If you have free time and use proxies, you can reduce your investment by only purchasing what you need. If you are rich without free time, you will never be good at the game. I thus don't think there is any pay to win issue. As to the limited hiring pool, this is imho an aweful idea since it will limit the use of corner case references you may otherwise see from time to time. When I go to a tournament I very much enjoy playing against things I don't know anything about.
  11. yool1981

    Resculpts ?

    Being the father of 2 girls, I am highly sensitive to misogyny. I don’t think Wyrd ever fell into this category. But if it makes you feel better, Bishop and Big Jake are showing a lot of skin too so we can say that they contribute to the objectification of the male body
  12. yool1981

    Resculpts ?

    Lol I like the Sucker Punch / Sin City vibe to the M2E box. I concede they are very sexy but hey, why not? But sword cowgirls were the original M1E design so I guess M3E is coming back to the original roots. I just can't get my head around somebody with a cowgirl hat holding a katana. For me the image of the cowgirl/boy is at the opposite of the finesse required to use a katana to any useful effect. But I guess this is the intended contrast.
  13. yool1981

    Resculpts ?

    Tara will not get any rescult if I understood the render of her M3E box correctly. It is a pity because although the whole theme is nice, I find her own sculpt a bit bland. Levi & Viks are getting a resculpt. Vik is announced but I have not seen any about Levi (but I didn't look carefully as I prefer the M2E boxes for those 2 masters).
  14. I used the M2E starter set and I liked it but I think the main issue was the design of the set. It was a set allowing old players to introduce the game to new players, not a real starter set as a new player may expect it to be. As such it satisfied no one as the profiles of the miniatures in it were too bad for old players to be interested in picking them up. When I started GW games in the 90s, I picked up a starter box (WHB 4th ed) and dived directly into the GW universe with a friend of mine that also did not know anything about it. New Malifaux players have absolutely no such tool available to them. This is a broader issue I find with Wyrd: it is too reliant on its existing community to introduce the game and do the marketing and promotion of the game. But I digress :D My comments on the M2E starter set are the following: + Included easy to assemble miniatures, 4 of each of 2 widely played factions (Guild & NB) that were also mercenaries (so playable by everybody, in theory) Included a progressive ruleset that finally brought you to a mini game with the use of scheme markers and a smaller board Included fate decks and tape measures - Did not include any fluff for the rest of the game nor any intro for trully new players (no introduction of the factions nor the fluff to induce people to dive into the Malifaux universe) Did not include any marker (I still don't get why Wyrd is not making its own marker & token sets, it is really disturbing for new players) Did not include any board nor terrain Only included one fully fledged scenario and thus expected you to dive right into the game Most of the miniatures of the set had relatively bad profiles and could not really be used by old players in a competitive setting One of the miniatures (Maurice) was imho quite ugly
  15. Exactly the point I am wondering about. Regarding the hatch eggs & the demise ability it is mechanically possible to have LOS on the summoned models. So the action & ability could work only for the eggs in LoS of the Mother. As Adran said I play the swamp mother so I am biased on the matter. My instinct would remove the LoS requirement but RAW could be interpreted in such a way that LoS requirement is not removed by the wording of the action & the ability.
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