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  1. Exactly the point I am wondering about. Regarding the hatch eggs & the demise ability it is mechanically possible to have LOS on the summoned models. So the action & ability could work only for the eggs in LoS of the Mother. As Adran said I play the swamp mother so I am biased on the matter. My instinct would remove the LoS requirement but RAW could be interpreted in such a way that LoS requirement is not removed by the wording of the action & the ability.
  2. I think the buildings are very nice but perhaps over detailed. I also don’t think most people need a plastic board as the one they plan to propose. A well printed mat or board is sufficient. but that’s just my opinion. GW bundles are around 70 Eur RSP in France but they provide less terrain than would be needed for a Malifaux game. Perhaps by lowering the Wyrdscape quality a bit and providing table bundles they may succeed at being around 200 Eur. Or maybe not I don’t know. I just know what I need and my budget and I was wondering if I was in the minority or if there was a broader need. I have 3 factions so I will never expand my mini collection beyond them but I may have a budget to buy a « table » from time to time. On the other hand, how do you push 100% beginners into the game? There is no intro set, no counters/markers, no table example, nothing... GW is more and more integrating terrain into their value proposal because it brings sales and also because this is very appealing to begin a game with a box including everything (counters, terrains, crews, rules) instead of running around finding everything from different suppliers with a very high final price of entry.
  3. I've been looking at what GW does for Warcry and Kill Team and they seem to propose thematic tables with terrain and a board. I think this is very interesting and I know that, if Wyrd provided such packages, I would seriously consider buying them. imho the value proposal from Warcry is very interesting with double-side printed board that combine with the core box and a few plastic terrain pieces. I know Wyrdscape exists (and the buildings look amazing) but having "quarantine zone", "slums", "badlands", "bayou"... bundles for one "table" with terrains of the proper type, quantity and theme + a playing mat / board within the 150-200 USD price range would be great imho. It would be easier than hand picking items from Wyrd and other suppliers to build up a themed table.
  4. The general summoning rule p32 states that "Summoned models are placed into base contact and within LoS of the model whose Action or Ability Summoned them unless the effect states otherwise. " The Hatch Egg rule states that "Summon a Gupps into base contact with any number of friendly egg markers" Do the summoned Gupps need to be in LoS of the Swamp Mother? Her Demise ability has a similar summoning effect but it is after the model is killed so it clearly overried the LoS rule but the Hatch Egg action does not clearly ignore the LoS requirement to summoning.
  5. Arf the artwork is interesting but I prefer the M2E version which was more about voodoo !
  6. This is surprising it has not been announced yet because the contents will likely be the same. Perhaps they are doing a resculpt.
  7. It is great to have the cards in free download. However, I would like to point out a missing element on the cards. Housekeeping is increasingly difficult as the number of cards and the number of errata increases throughout the life of an edition. May you please kindly put the reference of the erratum on the errated card of Malifaux & TOS so that we can easily identify them? Thx a lot in advance.
  8. You are correct, I base and paint them differently. If I realistically only need up to one per crew at most, I will not put a special order to have access to the same options in NB & Arcanist (if I needed up to 2, then I would need 4).
  9. Hi, I am a NB/Arcanist player. I already have the old Marcus box painted and based as my Arcanists. I will likely pick the new Marcus box to paint it and base it as my NB. I was wondering how many Initiates you bring along in your lists. Do I need to Special order Initiates as well to have at least 4 of them (I doubt you need more than 2 in a single crew) or are 3 enough because you only realistically need one in each crew (so I paint 1 as Arcanist, 1 as NB and the last one is a spare).
  10. The Gueryon art is not my cup of tea but I will enjoy reading their fluff to see what mistake/experiment caused them to be so messed up
  11. Yep not convince by the inclusion to the Explorer's society either. I am really looking forward at getting the faction books (once they are in pdf) !
  12. So I guess we will discover everything in the faction books then ! I just hope Collodi is not dead so he has a small chance of coming back one day (puppets are cool).
  13. From Dashel's intro on the Malifaux Website: " What is known is Barker’s very public role in defeating the crazed puppeteer Collodi, saving countless lives in the process, inadvertently or otherwise. " How the hell did the Guild worst henchman defeat one of the most powerful NB master? I must have missed a piece of fluff or maybe it is in the Guild faction book.
  14. Really nice to see you coming back. And now we have the great news of seeing the obsidian gate campaign ! Now if you could find the time to release the third tome of the northern campaign and to issue a NB centered book as was done for Arcanists, Ressers, Guild & gremlins, you would be my number 3 idol (number 1 being my dear wife and number 2 my Mom of course :D)
  15. I am not very hiped about this new faction at the moment so I will only have good surprises :D
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