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  1. If I paint a mini with more than the 3 basic colours required for the tournament playability, I play with it :p. Otherwise I consider I lost my time unproductively (and being a father of 2, my time is very dear to me). So my solution to play everything I paint is to have a variety of masters to avoid boredom and play with less optimized stuff if I face a less experienced player. When I played WMH I had one colour theme for Trollbloods & one for Circle. When I played WH Battle I had one colour theme for Chaos Warriors, one for the Empire and one for Wood Elves. If I had to mix Wood Elves with Empire it would look odd as the colouring themes were different. It's just the same philosophy here. I play NB & Arcanist so I don"t have cross faction colouring issues in M2E. I have 2 arcane effigies though, one for Arcanists and one for Neverborn Collodi. The cross-faction themes actually make life a bit more complicated but for future purchases, it can be anticipated and accounted for.
  2. We agree on that. Other possibilities are: You reinforce themes and make them self-sustainable and balanced in a majority of strategies/scheme configurations so that there is an appeal even for older players to dabble into themes previously not owned. I think/hope this is part of the current Wyrd strategy and one I wholeheartedly agree with (and will support by buying a few new themes out of my traditional factions :D). You make new models and new minis. You risk a bloating effect though if it is not handled properly. You make new minis for old models. You generate fewer sales than other strategies, especially if your previous minis were good enough. You can "force" the purchase by selling sets/bundles/crew boxes including new models along with resculpts of old ones as Wyrd has done for M1E -> M2E but this is also a very distasteful sales practice imho... I am glad we agree
  3. Is that so uncommon for players to have painting themes and/or bases specific to a given faction? Around here it is quite common... When you look at the galleries on this forum it seems to be frequent also. This would be funny if it was not so condescending... You really think that the changes of faction are motivated by game mechanics and fluff only? You think that there is absolutely no strategy to push you towards purchasing things to make your existing stuff valid again. Is this critical to the game state to make Lynch or Tara change faction? I don't think so, especially since you are changing the game rules anyway. How do you get value from older players that typical have 1-2 factions and don't overextend to others (many of the players I know are in this case, except for the hardcore ones that own everything)? You mess with their collection and fragment it so that they feel compelled to buy more stuff. Is this proper that the last book of M2E vastly increased some of the hiring pools of some masters before seeing them shrink in the next book? I cannot believe that M3E was not being created when Broken Promises went out. These are just very distasteful sales practices.
  4. New purchases are fine. The main issues are: To be "forced" into them by major changes in the ruleset. To have minis (often assembled, based and painted) unusable because you don't want to get into the faction they end up in. There are actually some changes I am very happy about. As an NB player, I found the Gatreauz Bokors quite cool to add some voodoo vibe to my Zoraida crews. My dream has come true and I will happily purchase and paint them. I only wished Sammy Lacroix was Swampfiend also :p. As the themes are reinforced, I keep NB and Arcanists as tournament / exhaustive collecting factions but I may dabble into other themes I've always liked without liking the faction as a whole (in Outcast, I like Viks, Freikorps, and Hamelin, I am neutral to Tara and Bandits and I really dislike Daw and Levi). So all in all I find the themes very motivating and they help set up achievement goals for my painting schedule. However, some changes hurt a lot, especially in NB as both my bases and paint jobs are decided and executed per faction (so my Lynch crew will never fit in TT if I play them one day). Additionally, I anticipate that Versatile models will be needed for crew variations (and possibly competitivity). This means that any TT Versatile model I buy and paint for Lynch will have to be bought and painted anew if one day I decide to get into TT.
  5. Except everything is painted in my NB theme and I have no interest in playing Guild now and certainly not Dashel. 10T maybe one day but not now and I have to repaint everything to keep painting coherence: So no this is actually a big deal. NB players got hit badly. fortunately I play arcanist also
  6. yool1981

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    I'm not much into the Cult's trend towards body horror but I can understand the appeal. And ECB Black Ops' art & concept are awesome! It is my favourite unit aspect-wise in TOS (with the motorized scouts of Abyssinia). The art for TOS is great imho. Even "standard" steampunk stuff like King's Empire looks very sweet in a certain way (although Edmonton definitely has something he tries to compensate for with this big rifle of his ...). When I look at the art I just want to buy everything :D. It used to be the same with Malifaux.
  7. Thx for sharing the list. I like the idea of themes driving the game. As do many people, I think NB took an enormous hit for this edition, which I am not entirely comfortable with (see below). But hey, "c'est la vie". If the game is even better than before, I'm OK with the changes. I am surprised to see that Broken Promises let us get upgrades increasing the recruitment pool and then, the next book shrinks it. Are there planned upgrades or card abilities increasing the recruitment pool in M3E? For example, just before the M3E announcement, I bought journalists for Pandora and Austringers for Lucius... I cannot even imagine what the McMourning players must think. When M3E was announced, I made a list of models that were in danger of not being played in Neverborn anymore. That's a lot of invalidated purchases and / or pain jobs (I have one colour scheme per faction I play)... In red, not playable anymore In orange, only via henchmen In green, via master or in-faction In black, no news LYNCH Old Key Word – DARKENED · Jakob Lynch · Hungering Darkness · Gwyneth Maddox · Mr Graves · Mr Tannen · Illuminated · Stitched Together · Beckoner · Depleted LILITH Close to Lilith in Game or Fluff · Lilith · Cherub · Barbaros COLLODI Old Key Word – PUPPET · Collodi · Vasilisa · Hinamatsu · Hodgepodge Effigy · Bunraku · Marionnettes · Mysterious Effigy · Stitched Together · Wicked Dolls · Lucky Effigy · Brutal Effigy · Arcane Effigy · Coryphee · Shadow Effigy · Carrion Effigy · Mannequin LUCIUS Old Key Word - GUARDSMAN · Captain Dashel · Master Queeg · Guild Sergeant · Guild Austringer · Guild Guard · Guild Hound · Guild Investigator · Guild Pathfinder + Traps · Guild Rifleman · Mounted Guard · Warden Old Key Word – MIMIC · Mr Graves · Mr Tannen · Beckoner Guild Lawyer · Terracotta Warrior · Ferdinand Vogel & Beast Within PANDORA Old Key Word – WOE · Journalists ZORAIDA Old Key Word – SWAMPFIEND · McTavish · The First Mate · Bayou Gator · Wild Boar Old Key Word – WP <=4 (Most Common hires) · Nurse · Papa Loco MOST COMMON MERCENARIES · Anna Lovelace · Aionus · Hans · Johan · Lazarus · Sue · Freikorps Trapper
  8. yool1981

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    PP has indeed released the Grymkin faction that at times looks heavily inspired by Malifaux. http://privateerpress.com/hordes/gallery/grymkin-the-wicked-harvest Fortunately for Wyrd, PP's miniatures are a hundred miles below Wyrd's miniature quality imho. However, PP's artworks usually feature humans with correct proportions between their limbs...
  9. Thanks a lot for this show. There is even more depth to the fluff of TOS than I expected. Is there a world map in the book showing the borders of all the world countries (or at least the main ones)? I will definitely grab the rulebook once it is out in .pdf format (I mean the book with fluff in it). The only small disappointment is that the Guild Fluff Portion of the book was already provided in Above the Law (TTB). I may even play TOS once the French faction is out (I know it will be out one day :p).
  10. yool1981

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    I finally understand one of the issues I have with the new art. Besides the abovementioned problems, I always found the characters disproportionate (small heads, big limbs, especially at the bottom). It is as if one was looking at the drawn character from below (child or small person view). Do you think this is intended?
  11. yool1981

    Distribution / Restocks?

    There is always an excuse. It is not a M3E thing because it existed before, it is just a flaw. Release schedules are late, supply chain management is aweful if you don’t order things from Wyrd directly. That’s just Wyrd, they are the Laureen Hill of miniature gaming :D.
  12. yool1981

    Distribution / Restocks?

    At least 3 shops I know report the same issues... My experience is that if you order directly from Wyrd everything goes well but shipping costs and high price per product are deal breakers for me. If you order from stores, prices vary but supply chain issues are the same for all of them. I have been involved in miniature gaming for 23 years now and I played a fair share of games. Wyrd is as bad in supply chain management and/or distribution network set up and management as it is good in designing games.
  13. yool1981

    Distribution / Restocks?

    There has been some improvements on that part on the online stores lately. Well they had a hard time handling M2E alone. The delays were already significant when there was no TOS nor M3E. Especially in France, some LGS just stopped bothering due to the poor distribution structure and the unreliability of the release schedule. It is very fortunate that, once we get our hands on Wyrd's products, they end up being awesome :D. Design is Wyrd's strength. Supply Chain management is Wyrd's weakness. If I have to chose I prefer the current situation but a little improvement wouldn't hurt either.
  14. yool1981

    Distribution / Restocks?

    Just received a notification from my usual store that Brotherhood of the Rat was being reprinted and unavailable. It is however currently sold on Wyrd's webstore... I don't get how the distribution network works. It's a big weakness from Wyrd.
  15. yool1981

    Waldo's Weekly - A New Study Buddy

    The artwork is nicer than usual. Igors are still a thing. Still a problem in the proportions of the head (too small) and the rest of the body as was the case for many spoiled artworks. May I humbly suggest to change the colour of the background of those previews? White and bright yellowish green distorts the colours of the art imho.