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  1. I had a real NPE last game. I lost. I propose we only do ties now
  2. Movement tricks, debuff, control, some damage. Reading the cards I certainly want to try this theme. I just don't like the opportunist for the same reasons as stated above (we apply a debuff and then remove it...). However, we give stunned with bonus actions so it's not like it costed an AP. I wonder about the crew's survivability though but it's to be seen on the table.
  3. This crews seems to lack ways of doing fun stuff with burning Currently it seems that only the firestarter and the fire golem have burning related control / movement abilities. For example, she used to give flight to her burning buddies in M2E (and drop scheme markers if I am correct). What about an action or trigger that would give Staggered to a model within 2" of a Pyre Marker (called "like a rabbit in the headlights of a car" for example)?
  4. Arf, again this passion for combat :D
  5. What happened to the Insignificant condition? Is there anything in the game that now hinders interact actions & schemes?
  6. Except for the "elemental damage" conditions, wouldn't it be more efficient if the conditions worked by pairs (buff / debuff) that would cancel each other out? As much as possible, it would be interesting for them to work symetrically (so in fact we would learn 2 conditions in 1 time). This would also open the door to futur buffing themes. Poison Burning Slow / Fast - AP quantity Focused / Distracted - Flipping reliability Shielded / Vulnerable - Damage resistance Stunned / Emboldened - Activation efficiency Adversary / Ally - Targetted Flipping reliability Staggered / Emboldened - Manoeuvrability Injured / Blessed - Action quality To avoid things getting out of control, there may be restrictions on Stat modifications inside the core rule book : Min 3 / Max 7.
  7. Having 7 tokens near a model is not depth. Its a mess. That's idea though. Could we have some specific space on the card (boxes to tick) so that we can track conditions on our models?
  8. This may be my own vision of the game but I think there should be a balance between the incentives to incapacitate/impede models and kill models. Otherwise it is just a kill fest and the game loses flavour. Additionally, it strongly limits the available playstyles in the game. The new Injured is just an assistance to do the kill. It has no offensive Debuffing capability. This newly written condition is not useful to the game. I liked the flavour of the old injured. If it was too powerful, I would rather see Injured influence all duels but be a fixed stat decrease (-1 or -2, no increment). If some crews really need an extra conditional buff, I suggest to add a new ability to some of the models: "Twisting the knife: This model does +1 dmg to injured models". As to the focus condition, I also think it should be evened up with distracted like fast & slow. Book keeping will be easier.
  9. Wouldn't regurgitate mean they will be auto picks? Can't we give them Stealth and lose a Wp point?
  10. Losing the bluff aspect is like losing part of what made Malifaux exciting until the end of each game. You never knew if your opponent was not going to pull off a rabbit from his hat and steal you the game. Even if you were ahead, you had to be very careful. If the game is decided by Turn 2 as many people have been complaining regarding this edition, it is not a good game. This is something that needs to be addressed asap. If we plan to attract new players, having a solid set of strats & schemes in the rulebook is a must-have. In 2017, when I tried to promote the game, I still had people that were not 100% into the game still complaining about the M2E rulebokk strats & schemes.
  11. One of the upsides of waiting for M3E is that I have achievement goals for my painting plans. For example, before M3E hits the shelves, I want to have finished painting the whole Swampfiend theme and a few versatile models (I am halfway there). Hopefully, by the end of the year, I'll also have finished the Honeypot & Woe keywords and started the Mercenary keyword. I don't have time to play at the moment but I have a bit of time to paint so having all the keywords known gives me some visibility and purpose in my painting endeavours. Additionally, I must confess I try to get hold onto the M2E minis I like because I hate what I have seen of the M3E renders with a passion. So I'll get as many nice minis I can before the epically bland ones replace them.
  12. Easier said than done against the crews that spam it. And often the debuff is in addition to something else (dmg, etc.) so its a bonus for the attacking model. I also find that it doesn't stop with the debuff - it just makes it far easier for the model to get killed next activation. So it still leads to killing models, just in this case one player feels like he can't do much to stop it.  So your opponent has spent at least 2 activations including probably one from a high value model to kill a single model. Between the 2 activations the model has had the time to react (or already did what it had to do), albeit less efficiently. I don’t understand the complaint. How is it worse than having a model being one shot by another model? In terms of trading Ap this latter situation is far less favourable and we see far less complaint about Killy crews.
  13. I understand. However we have to be very careful that these effects do not also become meaningless otherwise people will revert kill models plain and simply (which will make a VERY boring game imho). Additionally, how much of the feeling of having useless models comes from people not having learnt how to get around / avoid these conditions?
  14. I like playing with Obey, debilitating conditions and so on because they add another dimension to the game than just straight damaging models. I don’t see these as NPEs
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