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  1. Better than a FAQ, clear cards and rules :D:p. Seriously though please kindly refrain to make too long a FAQ and try to clarify the rules & cards. Attracting new players requires clear stuff, it is difficult to ask them to browse a huge FAQ.
  2. I very much (but respectfully) disagree with this philosophy. If you want to expand your public to non traditional gamers, it is FAR better to avoid having rules or card so unclear that they need FAQ. Although a FAQ is unavoidable, it should not be needed before a few month after the official release.
  3. I enjoy painting M2E minis because they are very dynamic and highly readable. (I don't have to spend my time figuring out what I am painting as I have to do for other ranges). They don't have the mass of accessories, trinkets... that pollute the readability of the mini sculpts from other ranges (especially PP). The design is simple yet elegant and the lights and shadows + focus points of each miniature come naturally to the painter. Wide surfaces allow for very smootth brush movements & blending (However, they require a bit of skill to paint because of those wide surfaces). The scale is also quite nice overall as the minis are not as bulky as some other miniature ranges. Wyrd M2E minis were the most enjoyable painting experience I have had during my 25 years as a hobbyist. For that I am gratefull to the artistic team of pre-Wave 5 Malifaux.
  4. This is awesome. I really like the idea of faction books. My guess is that in M4E you will make keyword books ! Now please tell us that next week, you will publish novels set up in the Malifaux universe !
  5. Can we expect the pdf version to be sold on drivethrough rpg as the other books?
  6. Many people I talk to feel that Wyrd does not really care about the European customers. The TOS KS was botched, Wyrd's product distribution is in many places catastrophic... Just out of curiosity, I made a poll so that each European customer can give a feedback regarding how developped the community is.
  7. I am amazed at how boring these scupts can be. Some of them are OK but overall there is a lack of spark and ambition in this work. Mayhaps Wyrd is boldly trying a new plastic material including a secret component.
  8. I have been playing miniature games since 1994 so not exactly a junior either. The key to opening the French market (in fact any market) is a very strong marketing and distribution network. Many old gamers order through online channels but the average gamer also has a bit of compulsive purchasing behaviour and goes to LGS. Having products on shelves is thus a strong asset. There is no gaming convention here so everything is through earsay and presence on the LGS. The store owners are very prized KOL and can help customers decide which game to play (as Petit Dalek said, we are saturated with mini game choices). Having played Warmahordes before and after the Mk2 translation, I think that translation is also a key to unlock the market. Many French gamers can be at ease with simple rules such as GW's but start to struggle with games that are a bit less on the beer and bretzel side. Additionally, no French version means no access to the fluff and we know from GW's history that fluff can help build a faithful customer portfolio (and generate profit through novels). So, while it is true that you can find English speaking gamers everywhere they tend to be a limited pool of customers compared to the overall available market.
  9. Miss Understood - Alt First Mate or Alt Archie
  10. Is that an... angry blue ent for TOS...? This is a strange choice. Except for this unfortunate accident, the rest of the TOS artworks are really nice ! As to the new Malifaux bundles, I understand the need for SKU reduction but I hope the special order allows people to purchase individual minis. Although I may perhaps pick the worshippers of the flame (I hesitate because the artwork looks really uninteresting), I will most certainly not purchase Darkened models anew to get Kitty Dumond. About the packaging itself, I find it too close to Wild West Exodus. the differentiation with a directly competing product is not big enough, especially since the artworks are already sometimes very close to the ones from that game. Since Warcradle also distributes Wyrd's products, I find this a very surprising choice. Additionally, this package is extremely vanilla and does not make Malifaux stand out compared to any other miniature games.
  11. The Wave 5 models I own are bulkier than the pre-Wave 5 ones. I think it is safe to assume that there is going to be a shift towards bulkier models based on the renders we have seen so far for M3E and the Wave 5 models. It is annoying but it happens to a lot of miniature companies when they change editions.
  12. If this is true, after 6 months of testing, the nephilim will be in an even worse spot than in M2E. In M2E, Lilith, Nekima, Lilitu and Tots were quite good, the rest was not impressive...
  13. If a Bisento is anything like a Bo, many moves would be very hurtful imho. She has to use soulstones to heal the damages of the pick axe to her fingers during her fighting moves... Same for the spikes on the back.
  14. There is no render though and M3E renders are not always identical to the art.
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