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  1. yool1981

    Schemes & Stones on The Lore of Malifaux

    I think you refer to p.9 of the TTB 2E core rules.
  2. yool1981

    Schemes & Stones on The Lore of Malifaux

    Thx a lot for the recap. It is always interesting to hear how other people see the fluff. Also I realise that with time my memories may have altered. I recall the shifting loyalties events and the fight between Kitchener and Mei Feng differently but maybe it is bad memory on my part (I remember Kitchener being in an armoured vehicle and his avatar clashing with Mei Feng’s as she tried to defend the workers). About the Neverborn if I remember correctly many of their mutations from their original forms come from being enslaved by the Tyrants they are not all self inflicted. The Nephilim inflicted black blood upon themselves but if I remember correctly their Nephilim form and growing mechanics come from enslavement by Shezuul.
  3. If I remember the spoilers correctly, the Horsemen should also be Versatile. What is the reasoning motivating having other Versatile models? Won't it be a bit counterproductive with a theme driven M3E? Won't it limit future design space?
  4. I certainly hope Versatile models are not the most cost efficient in any role in a vaccuum or it will invalidate other thematic models. I hope that they have enough "versatility" to bring something different but not "compulsory" to each theme (eg not always the same thing and not something that is badly needed by a given theme) or else it will kill list diversity and/or reduce design space. It would become similar to the Merc issue from M2E. The Versatile trait is imho a hard one to balance for M3E. I am ok with paying 40 USD for the sculpts of the Arcane or Mysterious Emissaries alone. As a matter of fact I did :D.
  5. yool1981

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Alternate Vanessa'

    Yep I liked the previous sculpt better. Here it's just another woman waving a magic staff. A sculpt and pose we have seen a thousand of times.
  6. I understand why some may be disappointed by losing the master specific upgrades for the Emissaries. I am quite ok with the change, it’s fluffy to see the Effigies grow. If Masters have an edge over Henchmen leaders, shouldn’t the Effigies the Henchmen get for free be upgraded ones or would that be too powerful? Shouldn’t there a rule forbidding to have the Effigy and the Emissary into the same crew?
  7. Less upgrades may not be such a bad thing. Emissary upgrades were sometimes more or less successful fix attempts to some masters. I do not think this is a coincidence they appeared in the 0SS errata upgrade book. Generic faction model upgrades were plentiful in theory but the competitive variety was in practice limited. Masters upgrades included staple upgrades, situational upgrades and straight unuseful upgrades. So all in all, less upgrades but homogeneous usefulness seems a good choice imho.
  8. I don’t know about Infinity but I have played Warmahordes extensively from the start to the end of Mk2 and I found the standard abilities to be very useful. I don’t remember Mk2 Gunfighter to be as long as you say. Perhaps it is a bad memory on my side or a change in the last Mk3 edition . For example, Pathfinder that is the equivalent of Unimpeded is just an icon on the card. As it works very simply (you ignore severe terrain when you move) and is very common on cards I prefer to have it in the rule book. I understand. On my side I prefer to see just a few words of common abilities so that I immediately know what the specific abilities of the model are. I find it easier to apprehend but I understand I am in the minority.
  9. Ah Ok. I guess I am in the minority then. I’d rather have a reference card (such as the one that was shown at Gencon for conditions and actions or even bigger ones of the size of a leaflet ala seven wonders) to avoid referring to the rulebook and lighter text on the cards for very common abilities (hard to kill, terrifying, unimpeded, incorporeal, flight...). I think it makes cards easier to apprehend and less scary for new players. It also makes errata much easier to handle.
  10. Speaking of Streamlining why not defining some common abilities such as Terrifying in the rulebook? This makes the card unnecessarily text heavy imho. I understand this may help game play, especially for new players, but a reference card may be enough, as there are already ones for actions and conditions.
  11. Are you sure of that? Terrifying works every time the model is targeted by an attack action, without the activation constraint that M2E manipulative had. The penalty for failure is lower than previously but the card drain is here. If a model attacks yours 2 times during its activation, it has to pass 2 duels instead of 1. With a terrifying 11, many models will have to flip or sacrifice a moderate card before taking the action (Provided Wp stats in M3E are similar to M2E).
  12. I missed the spoiler about this one. I thought Masters had 2 ap when purchased as non leaders. I get your point now.
  13. I don’t get what you imply. If point balance is done correctly a fast 14SS model (masters) will be more valuable than a fast 10SS model am I wrong? Buh anyhow Mason has implied that the effigies as totems balance the difference in SS cost. I see no reason not to trust him :D. It would mean that the NB retain a competitively viable Puppet theme, if this is the case and Hinamatsu still has a related keyword attached (and we don’t know Vassalisa’s fate, perhaps she did not go away with Collodi). I couldn’t not be happier about that.
  14. This is a very good idea ! This will probably add a lot of diversity to the lists. However, if the masters are worth 14 SS as the spoiled ones with a free totem and the Carver is 10 SS with a free effigy, isn’t there still an imbalance in SS between both types of crews? Or are effigied a lot more expensive than totems in M3E?
  15. yool1981

    Waldo's Weekly - Movement in M3E

    Thanks for the reminder. Perhaps my remark was due to a M2E mindset. The shadow system seems to imply access to a lot more cover if I understood correctly so maybe shooters are not as strong as I fear they could be.