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  1. There is an image for an alt sculpt for the Metal Golem in the adventure, I wonder if that will remain concept art, or if it could be a Black Friday model as well... 😀
  2. Thrace for 5SS. That completes all of my TOS models (Kickstarter for GH and Abyssinnia).
  3. Soulstone Miner for 6 SS I didn't have much motivation this month. This took 22 minutes from when my wife picked out the mini until I posted the picture.
  4. Can you show us a picture of the underside of the roof or where the joins would be? There may not be enough room to drill through to place magnets, but you might be able to glue them to the walls where the corners meet, etc. You could use magnets as stoppers as mentioned by Diddick above. I've done a bit of work with magnets for another game system where a base model could have different weapons, and as long as the piece is a couple of mm wider than the magnet you can make it fit (make sure you test the poles before you glue the second side). btw, I never commented on the paint job, I re
  5. Dr. Alexei Sokolov (Alt Joss) for 10ss. GW Contrast Paints again.
  6. @Caedrus The flowers are from Michael's in Canada. I don't have the package anymore, so I don't know the brand. They were from the railroad terrain section and come with a row of red and yellow flowers on green wire stems, you just trim off however much you need.
  7. Felt I had to submit something each month even though I finished my goals. Here is Binh Nguyen for 7 SS. My first attempt at OSL.
  8. I had a spider leg from the steamfitter fly off while I was cutting it, looked for it for 5 minutes before looking back at the sprue to realise that it had actually just folded over itself and was tucked underneath. Those things (there are four of them) are so small I thought it was just flash.
  9. In my experience the dead look more grey with deeper skin tones, while people with more pale skin take on a pale yellow appearance (similar to if you let white plastic bleach in the sun and it starts to turn yellow). Blemishes (moles/liver spots) look more pronounced, whereas anything that was pink (scars, etc) take on an appearance more pale than the rest of their skin. I'm not sure if you could accomplish a waxy skin appearance, but that is almost universal.
  10. Not painting done by me, but painting done for me, just thought I would share . From my daily walk home tonight as a nurse. Does that count as 10 pieces of scatter terrain?
  11. The Lord of Steel in contrast paints although I used regular white paint to fade the jet-pack fumes. 15 SS That's my last Abyssinia model, which means my original goal for the year is done. 285 SS for the lot of them, plus a few other models. I also did these three, but they aren't Wyrd models so they don't count. The one with the sword was a test model for Contrast paints before I started the Abyssinia models, the other two are intended to be DnD characters for when the world reopens. I have more Malifaux models to build and paint, so more to come throughou
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