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  1. The next session of TTB will be Feb 22 at AGI. Contact me either here or on Facebook if you would like to join in. Adventure Games Inc is located at 83c S 2nd Ave in Williams Lake BC. Dave
  2. Here's a Dreadnought; base coat is with 30 year old paint with contrast paints for everything else so it fits in with the rest of my Abyssinia troops. I liked how the blue wasn't saturated, so it looks like flowing energy, etc. (25ss)
  3. Crow Runners from Abyssinia. Contrast paints again. (9 x 5 = 45ss)
  4. I re-painted Emeline Bellerose; I intend to use her for a Through The Breach character. I'm more happy with the Purple dress than my frozen red streaky one. I had my paints in front of a space heater and shook them every couple of hours. The red was the only one that still doesn't work, but I liked it enough I bought a new one. The grey and purple are now two coat paints, but otherwise all the paints work like they used to. (10ss)
  5. I've been bringing my acrylic paints to work for year, but honestly I don't for sure if I have had them in my back pack below -30 before; -20 to -25 would have commonly happened over time. My acrylics are mostly old, some from the 1990s that still work fine when thinned out. I may have just had models to trim/build in there at those temperatures instead. I just checked with some acrylics that made the trip as well: Wraithbone base is fine (purchased in January), Abaddon Black is fine (more than a year old), Ceramite White is completely separated (purchased in December). I have had a lot of whites do the same thing in the past, but not many other colours; I presumed it was that one paint that was poorly made, or happened to dry out, but now the cold connection makes a lot more sense. So what you're saying is science doesn't like Canadian Painters...
  6. This isn't something that many of you will have to worry about but if you have contrast paints don't let them get too cold. I was super happy my results with them when compared with the speed and quality that I usually paint, but I walked to work with them in my backpack at -35C (-31F) for about 15 min per time. That's about one hour outside at those temps over two days. The flow of the paint has changed, the coverage is more streaky, and less shade/highlight contrast. This was painted after the paints have been room temp for six or so hours and the only change would be my time outside. All areas are one coat except for the purple which took two. When I first noticed I shook them all for about 2 minutes each to see if that made a difference, but I'm wondering if the low temperature caused a physical change in the paint chemistry. I don't have high standards, but this isn't going to cut it for me. The Iyanden Yellow doesn't seem too bad, the Magos Purple is about the same as it was, The Blood Angel's Red and Snakebite Leather seem to be write-offs, and I hadn't even cracked the Gulliman Flesh so I can't compare before/after but it is pretty bad. I'll let them heat up for a couple of days and shake them often, then I'll give an update. Stay warm out there
  7. I was trying to translate Ironsides to TTB and her ability "Bring It" is a lure that causes the opponent to also perform an action. Both of those would be using Necromancy Magia; Beckon for the lure, and Mind Control to force the opponent to attack her. Necromancy isn't just about raising the dead, even the guild uses it to some extent. Thoughts?
  8. Another 3 of my Abyssinia, contrast paints again, pretty quick but it suits me for ready for the table. The Aethermatic Blue is definitely a two coat paint, one coat is just barely noticeable. (3 x 5 = 15)
  9. Painted a couple of models, my first time using contrast paints, non-metallic metals don't look that bad at a distance / in pictures... (18 x 5 = 90ss) And finished the bases of these...
  10. Toss something at them that is immune to Willpower Duels. If you can't find a suitable pre-existing one make it up, or modify one. Engage the characters by a mob(friendly or hostile)/swarm/thugs on all sides. Frozen Heart prevents Paralysis. Just a couple of suggestions. Hope these help.
  11. I don't have a lot of experience, I made several pre-generated characters in advance and the sole player that sat down at the table without one made had a choice of "shooty, punchy, or magic." They had never even heard of the game, chose the magic user, only used one spell (heal) twice. They still had fun and were as functional (read as used their shotgun a lot) as the other time-extensive characters that were there. I think if someone wants to dive in to a character fully then they should do so, but if someone is not committed enough to be more than a drop in, then they should be happy with what they get. I favour the idea of taking time to flesh out a character in advance of the day that play is going to happen. Last minute character building would likely go along with rules instruction, and a 15-20 minute build can easily take an hour.
  12. I seem to remember that the printing press has Nellie's dad's Soulstone empowering it. I think it is entirely possible for this to happen, but again, whether or not memories are tied to brains or souls would have to be addressed. There is, for example, a brain surgery talent that has addressed this, so Wyrd has thought about this sort of process. The rules are never meant to put restrictions on creativity, so I would say the Fatemaster would just have to get creative.
  13. I saw this post and was thinking there is no way that anyone could paint at a Tyrant level, that number is obscene... then I discovered I had almost that much done last year without realizing it. I didn't do it month by month, but I painted the whole GH Kickstarter allotment last year. I added it up and with all the 40mm bases and 4 commanders (3 Frenzy) it comes to 369 SS worth of models. That's just shy of 31 SS a month (372). I paint mostly on slow night shifts that are few and far between, but I guess I had enough time to get this done. Not the best painting, but tournament legal counts for something. I did the dual commander and have my Abyssinia models primed. With my ebb and flow painting I don't know if I can do a monthly pledge, but I'll pledge my 285 SS worth of Abyssinians over the course of the year. I guess I'll add in these 17 points of Arcanists for good measure from so far this year. These are about as good as I can paint, I just have to finish the bases of the Silent Ones.
  14. I received my order on Friday and my friend had ordered one of those, I'll have to pass this along. Is this going to be fixed?
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