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  1. I'll be at Adventure Games to demo Malifaux throughout the day on March 31. We will play 2nd edition, with a discussion about 3rd edition changes. I will also have my models for The Other side present and can run through some game play for that as well. Adventure Games is located at 83c Second Ave in Williams Lake BC. I will be there at 1130 and stay until 5pm
  2. Marcus is missing the BEAST keyword ...
  3. Back to icon vs no icon, I vote yes to an icon. This would lend itself to an easily recognizable pre-set idea in a player's head instead of having to decifer the text. I realise that those players that were involved in the closed beta have more experience, but new players might gravitate to easily recognizable images, and everone that was not in the closed beta is new to the idea.
  4. Weird, mine ends at "Target an Ice Pillar Marker. Models within p2 of the target must each pass a TN 14" ... and then the card ends. I just downloaded this tonight, maybe the old cards were complete, and the new one is missing the rest of the sentence.
  5. The "Shatter" ability is obviously missing text; what is the missing content? This is my first time looking through the cards.
  6. Does anyone know the exact depth of the slotted bases? I would like to magnetize mine, but in a two part base I don't know that I will find pieces thin enough while staying strong enough. Has anyone had luck magnetizing these?
  7. Would this timing translate for the Frenzy as well? If you choose it, and use survival of the fittest, do you generate 2 tactics tokens instead of 1?
  8. The actions all have to be legal at the end of the move. In the case of a Titan, it ignores most engagement rules, so yes, it can do all those things. You can use any of the moves before or after the move, just not during it. In the case of an adjunct, as you've listed it in the title, things change a bit. The sharpshooter has a ranged option, which for King's Empire, can be used with a 2" range while engaged. The Abyssinian Engineer, however, has a ranged option that would not be allowed while engaged.
  9. Now that I've seen them, I think both types of counters are great, but I was somewhat disappointed that they were 25mm. I was hoping that Wyrd would have used 30mm token so that they could be used in Malifaux as markers.
  10. I see no mention that several things go away if not used. Please correct me if I am wrong. Control Deck Tactics tokens Stratagems in your hand If they don't go away, you could potentially have the mother of all turns after several miserly turns. Thoughts?
  11. Is there an extended release schedule available?
  12. Just noticed that it says the following. I presume this is mistyped, otherwise hiring pools just got a whole lot bigger. "As a reminder, in M3E, your Leader can hire any models that share a Keyword with them, as well as any Versatile models, at their listed Cost. They can also hire models belonging to their declared Faction, albeit at +1 Cost." Either this should have been typed as -any versatile models in their faction, at their cost- or versatile models just became available for every master from every faction. It would be kind of fun to make a list including all of the horsemen Now Barbaros is hirable by all factions except for neverborn?!?!
  13. Any chance upgrades will be discussed? I'm wondering if you'll be able to broaden hiring pools by getting upgrades. The example that comes to mind is Marcus, wherein many people, myself included, would have out of faction beast models that are now no longer for hire; an upgrade could fix that similar to broken promises upgrades that expanded hiring pools. I also have a question regarding the hiring of a second master. Would hiring a second master (or henchman) give you their keywords to increase your hiring pool? I see the word Leader mentioned, so probably not.
  14. "We are not doing any LGS promotions in Q1 of 2018, but they will return later in the year." Pretty much every time I go to the Wyrd website I check out the Where to Buy and Promotions tab and I still look forward to the day when this is restarted. I had the benefit a couple of times, and it always felt like Wyrd was giving a little back to those that invested time in their products. As the year is rounding out, I think it is safe to presume that "later in the year" is not the year 2018, but I hope that they do attempt to bring their promos back on line. Now don't get me wrong, I'm posting this as a compliment to Wyrd's previous practice. I think this was a valuable way to keep people coming back, and a good way to promote consistent sales. Has there been any recent mention of the promos coming back?
  15. Have any Canadian had updates on shipments, and/or received their orders? I received an email Oct 21 that said my order had been shipped to a distributor, and that my tracking number should be updated within 2 days. I haven't had any updates since for my order, and the tracking number/ link does not give me any information. Does anyone know how I can follow up with this? There doesn't seem to be any information about which distributor is being used. This order is for BC if that makes a difference.
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