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  1. I had a spider leg from the steamfitter fly off while I was cutting it, looked for it for 5 minutes before looking back at the sprue to realise that it had actually just folded over itself and was tucked underneath. Those things (there are four of them) are so small I thought it was just flash.
  2. In my experience the dead look more grey with deeper skin tones, while people with more pale skin take on a pale yellow appearance (similar to if you let white plastic bleach in the sun and it starts to turn yellow). Blemishes (moles/liver spots) look more pronounced, whereas anything that was pink (scars, etc) take on an appearance more pale than the rest of their skin. I'm not sure if you could accomplish a waxy skin appearance, but that is almost universal.
  3. Not painting done by me, but painting done for me, just thought I would share . From my daily walk home tonight as a nurse. Does that count as 10 pieces of scatter terrain?
  4. The Lord of Steel in contrast paints although I used regular white paint to fade the jet-pack fumes. 15 SS That's my last Abyssinia model, which means my original goal for the year is done. 285 SS for the lot of them, plus a few other models. I also did these three, but they aren't Wyrd models so they don't count. The one with the sword was a test model for Contrast paints before I started the Abyssinia models, the other two are intended to be DnD characters for when the world reopens. I have more Malifaux models to build and paint, so more to come throughout the year. I'll post as I go along, but I won't have any formal monthly goals. I know everyone is doing their best to stay safe, just remember to stay staying safe. The April Challenge 1: Wash your figures (also wash your hands) ; years of paint falling off before I was told this one. 2: Thin your paints / use a wet palette. 3: Paint... It isn't about making a masterpiece, it is about learning with every brushstroke.
  5. @Caedrus. I really like the idea of burning wood. I do think more ashen white/grey would be awesome if you're looking to adjust the amount of red. Campfire pic for reference.
  6. More contrast paints with Prince Unathi. 15ss
  7. The aesthetic of this game is one of the main reasons why I got into the game myself. I was looking through the second edition crews at the suggestion of a friend and saw the Jackolope and the Cerberus and put my order in without even looking at their abilities. Once you pick your faction you can switch to other crews if you find you need a different play-style, or simply want different looking models on the table. If you play enough games with a crew you choose (for any reason) you will learn the rules for that crew eventually. I play to have fun more than to win, so power-gaming and rules manipulation are not as important to me. Always remember that this is a game; play the game to have fun for the reasons you want to have fun playing it.
  8. I introduced our Malifaux players (and myself) to TTB with the Obsidian Gate world event. For those that haven't played it I would recommend taking a look. While players were interested in continuing to play TTB afterwards, scheduling was always an issue and we only got things started with our local campaign in December. We are currently working through In Defense of Innocence and just finished Act 2 last night. Although I haven't looked into any other Penny Dreadful books I can say that this one lays out a framework for the Fatemaster and provides tools in the complications section in case the players start to go off the rails of the adventure, which of course never happens in any session ever... (Really... a council... I'll just set the TN really high...) Still waiting on the Doc Watson figure by the way...
  9. Ongoing demos for all things Wyrd will be ongoing through March at Adventure Games. Contact me either here or on Facebook to set up a demo for yourself and keep an eye on the AGI Facebook page for more updates. Adventure Games Inc is located at 83c S 2nd Ave in Williams Lake BC.
  10. The next session of Through The Breach will be at Adventure Games Inc on Mar 27 2020 at 5pm. Please see the AGI Facebook page, or contact me for more details. Adventure Games Inc is located at 83c S 2nd Ave in Williams Lake BC.
  11. Here are my Basotho Cavalry. Still using contrast paints for my Abyssinian troops. The bent weapons evaded my attempts to straighten them. 6*10=60ss.
  12. As quoted above, the fated character gets to decide if they will suffer the trigger. They can cheat to either avoid the attack, or if they can't cheat high enough they can cheat to avoid a trigger that they don't want to happen.
  13. That level of detail is something to aspire to, tiny tats, individual scales - including the diamond pattern broken down on the scale level, not to mention the colour transitions and everything combined... beautiful work.
  14. Got my Rail Gunners done. I did the battery and gun in the same metal as the Dreadnought, the rest is contrast. (20ss) That is probably all I'll get done this month. That comes to 17+90+15+45+25+10+20=222ss for January . Next up are the Cavalry; I attempted to straighten their weapons 4 times with hot/cold water before giving up. They will be painted, but I'm not going to spend more time fixing what can't be fixed.
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