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2020 Monthly Painting Challenge - March

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1 hour ago, Caedrus said:

@Diddick: Beautifully done. Lovely, saturated reds. What red are you using?

It’s vallejo MC vermillion, plus several thin layers of vallejo MC magenta fluo (or neon?)

the fluor colors have a weird texture and behavior and don t cover as good as the others, so at the end even the 3 to 5 layers i gave, it doesn t look magenta, but gives a lot of intensity to the red, which is already pretty intense by itself

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Wip of Ross Jebsen's little piggy

Tanuki done! Fairly quick one to start the month with. Few lazy evenings worth of paint for this furball. Can't even remember when's the last time I drybrushed a model this heavily. Had trouble d

Finally calling these two guys done. I have painted them for more than a month, 15 minutes to half an hour every now and then as family duties permit 🙂. What to say.. Starting to gain some understandi

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@Caedrus 25ss done (Minako Rei 8ss, Wanyudo 7ss, Katashiro 2x5ss).


@Diddick Interesting. I've used that Magenta Fluo a lot, but never for intensifying reds. Something to try out for sure. Thanks!


Turns out I am all Wyrded out for March, far as painting is concerned. Got some other paint projects that need my time too. But these past few days I've been busy building a cult:


It's getting quite cramped at my hobby desk so I pretty much need to start clearing these guys out soon:D


Good to see so many painting up so much this month. Joy to see, everyone👍

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@Caedrus @Nikodemus another way to get a super bright red is the other way around, make the base with fluo magenta, and use diluted red ink over it (the diluted part is just to have more control on the shade of red you ll end up having)

how was the experiment btw? 😁

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Hi, everyone! Hope you are all safe and painting a lot.

I was not able to submit anything on February and I have not been painting Malifaux (shame on me), but since I don't want to be left out of the challenge, I submit the Ork Boyz I finished a few days ago.


I am now working on a Deff Dread, but I will be doing some Malifaux stuff after that.

No social interactions mean more time to paint, but less time to play :(

Stay safe!

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On 3/22/2020 at 10:13 PM, Viruk said:

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe in these crazy times. While it may seem I should have more time for painting (fully work from home mode on for the foreseeable future), I actually struggle as I'm with two small and lively girls too.

Hy there,

I'm happy to know things are going fine for you and waiting to see your painted stuff for the current month.

Here, in Italy, it's a "challenging" time..... I'm very busy at work and my days are long, so long that I'm very tired at dinner time. Anyway, I consider myself a lucky one: days are endless for people on the first line against covid. I trust I'll have something to present this month too, may be next days.... must be next days because March is passing away soon.

Good luck and stay healthy, everybody.

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Hope all of you are healthy .... and painting.

It was a very long month as I suppose for many of you.

I'm not in the numner of many ones closed inside home, I was spending most of my time working harder than usual. And that's good.  Anyway, I could catch the time to work after my pledge and get something completed, too.


I tooke the chance to rework the rooftop for some old buildings or for scenics to come. Thisones are really 3D rooftops cutted out of plastic sheets. Guess it's the best part of my buildings indeed.

Then, I worked to completion (and reporting to @Caedrus) a 3 level building from Streets of Venice...... Not a great time inside real Venice this year, up to date...... hoping better chances for time to come.



Stay home,.... Stay healthy!

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@Diddick That is some superb OSL and masterclass painting in general, awesome photographing also. Great, inspiring work👍

@ everyone else also, great month in painting them plastic little guys, even as the world is what it is. Keep on motivated and strong, and stay safe.

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9 hours ago, Purple Mist said:

Superb paintjob. The lamp and relative effects are fantastic. Very great  model. Congrats. Wonder would you dare using it playing.

I might play it, mostly because I'm a really bad strategist, so since I'm gonna lose any way, I'd rather to lose in style playing with nice painted minis 😬

@Pastori the light source itself is always a PITA for myself specially whe is round, I was kinda lucky with this one, and definitely a good picture makes a good paintjob look even better.  THe dark background and really low exposure in this one is key 👌 I think i shared my "minis photocall" in some occasion, is pretty simple (black tshirt, same lamp i use for painting and phone camera) and the results make the minis look great.

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I finally finished my Archie: 


So, another 9 Stones for March (that was close).
For April, I am aiming at painting 2 Rebels Raisers and the Rogue Necromancy to "finish" my Forgotten Crew. 

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Final Mini for this month is 1 Insidious Madness. These sucked to build but we're so much fun to paint :)


@Caedrus This month - 3x Alps = 15ss /2x Witchling Thralls = 16ss /Grave Golem = 10ss /1x Insidious madness = 7ss.

Total for March = 48ss

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@Caedrus The Scion and the Mourners look great! I especially Scions cloak

Your idea for the burnt wood on Wanyudo is awesome but I see what you mean about there being to much red. Have you thought about just adding some black and maybe some ashey grey on the less hot bits? It'd also break up the pattern a bit. I love it though, I think you should keep going with it

As for the Golem, I know exactly what you mean, I don't usually use tufts much either but after I finished it, it just needed something else. I tried to keep them just around the gravestones

@Diddick Wow! that OSL is amazing. You've inspired me to up my glowy bits game :) 


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@Caedrus those are really kind words! thanks! 😊

I really like your scion, this is a brave and spot on color combiantion, it really looks like some void magical stuff is going on there.

Also i really appreciate those "red" experiments you did there.

I did some "post archeaology" and found the one where i shared the photo setup:  

in this occasion (just bc i was lazy) the setup was simpler, just one lamp instead of 2, and no handkerchiefs for light softening - which in this case might have helped bc the light hit ama's lamp straight away and made it look even brighter 🤔

@Wintergloom go ahead! glow always makes the minis pop a lot, and OSL is also great to practice regular lightning 

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