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    Black Friday sales wishlists

    I'm guessing this year they'll have the usual Ltd models they've sold at previous Black Fridays/Gencons, plus some additional sculpts for the Nightmare Pony crew that was sold at Gencon. There might also be a few new translucent versions of existing sets. I've outlined (above) what I'm hoping for. Although I'll add that some new, M3E sculpts for certain Masters would make for a really cool release (like the new Marcus & Raspy sculpts we saw at Gencon). I'm not getting my hopes up on that one though. EDIT: Holey Moley, I just realised Black Friday is only about a week away. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so soon!
  2. Rathnard

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    I've seen people who have done partly painted translucent crews. So in answer to your implied question, yes - the translucent models appear to take paint like the regular plastics.
  3. Rathnard

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    I'd love to see anything related to The Other Side. Possibly a new LE Other Side model or even just the boxed sets that are coming soon to retail. I'd also really love to see the translucent bases restocked. The 30mm Rootbeer bases in particular are something I've been after for a while now! Finally, maybe a transparent kit for Parker Barrows? He's one of the few Masters's I've not yet painted and wouldn't mind being spared the trouble.
  4. So in the M2E Core Rulebook Perdita's story gave us the names for the 13 Tyrants, and since then I've been trying to keep a record of who they are and where they're at in the story. Since it's inception I've expanded the list to include other major characters in the backstory. This list is up to date as of the Broken Promises and 2nd ed. Through the Breach Core rules. Before you go on, the following contains SPOILERS, some of them very big ones, from the stories found in Rippling Fates onwards! If you haven't read the Rippling Fates or any of the later books yet (and you really should!) then perhaps hold off reading any further until you do. Actually if you're not "up to date" with the background then you're going to cop some spoilers here. So consider this fair warning. The Tyrants we know; Nytemare: aka Lord Chompy Bits, the Tyrant of Nightmares (or something to that effect). Currently hanging with a young boy named "The Dreamer", partly by choice, partly because the child is somehow able exert some control over him. Dreamer's recent decision to take things more seriously, has meant that Nytemare is now playing a more pivotal role in the ongoing stories. Specifically he's now responsible for Lilith's current predicament and as of the current Homefront campaign, he's working on establishing a presence via agents on Earth. Dreamer himself is about 12 and lives in London, or at least he did before it got trashed by monsters spilling out of various new Breaches. Obliteration: Tara's BFF. His powers being stemmed from an ability to manipulate time and remove things from reality, so he was imprisoned within a dimension constructed from his own spiritual essence. As the only being ever to travel this timeless dimension without going insane, Tara eventually freed Obliteration and the two of them are now working together. Currently they're looking either the same dimensional prison or the construct known as Talos to trap Titania and use her powers for Obliteration's ascension. Plague: Was imprisoned within a necropolis under Malifaux city until Hamelin the rat catcher found the place and was consumed/possessed by Plague. He was apparently a scientist before becoming a Tyrant but believe me, given His temperament He would have been a terrible one! In fact that's probably what led to the accident that turned Him into a Tyrant in the first place. His initial attempt to use the Red Cage to ascend was foiled by Kirai, after which he was forced to take a step back and work towards his goals with less urgency. Recently Titania's arrival has forced Plague to cast aside His careful planning and return to Plan A - recklessly accumulate power and go for broke. December: The Voice in Rasputina's head. December was the Tyrant who was found and then attempted to ascend after the opening of the first Breach. His form was killed by Kenshiro and his sword, the Masamune Nihonto. However it was this event that led the Neverborn to slaughter the humans breach-side and close the Breach itself for 100 years. December is arguably the dunce of the tyrants, having failed 4 (?) times now to manifest. With the arrival of Titania it seems to have capitulated to Rasputina for the time being, granting her more of it's powers. There's little doubt it will try to manifest again though. There's also little doubt it'll fail too, being the loser that it is. Gorgon: Was trapped in the Gorgons Tear, a Soulstone that effectively contained her essence until some silly humans decided to recut it to improve its luster (and thus allow Gorgon to better influence those around it). After a series of accidents killing successive owners of the Soulstone, it was eventualy stolen by Seamus and used to resurrect Molly Squidpidge. It also spent some time in embedded in Seamus's head, although I'm not clear on the details regarding that. Gorgon seems to have a role in both Molly and Kirai's stories, making her one of the more far-reaching Tyrants in terms of Master-influence. It's not clear where the Gorgons Tear is now. It's either the bauble Seamus was given by the Carrion emissary in his vignette, or somewhere else entirely. Cherufe: The personification of pyromania. After it's prison (the Red Cage) crashed into the Bayou, Cherufe possessed Sonnia Cridd. Its trail of destruction was only halted by a Mask that bound Cherrufe within Sonnia, using the same magic Sonnia uses to capture Arcanists. Cherufe later attempted to ascend at the same time as the Guild Governor Kitchener, but it all went horribly wrong and he merged with the Kitchener to become the Burning Man: "something larger and more powerful than either". I'll address the Burning Man in more detail below, but for the moment it seems safe to assume that Cherufe is no more. Despair: During the Tyrant War Despair was trapped in a "fiendishly clever puzzle box". This almost definitely refers to the box carried by Pandora, and it's clear that Despair has been influencing Pandora for some time now. It's hold on Pandora's psyche is now such that Pandora is sometimes not even sure of whether she's Pandora, or "The Box". At this point it seems that very few characters are aware of the true nature of what lies inside Pandora's box. Nytemare is the first to have clued in, and in fact cryptically tried to warn Pandora in an early story from first edition (Lucid Dreaming, in Twisted Fates). I believe Lilith and/or Zoraida have also wondered about the Box, but neither have realized what it is. Shez'uul: The "demon" trapped within Viktoria's Massemune Sword. After being freed by a Nephilim Shaman, Shez'uul used the blood of those it killed to sustain it's physical form. He was eventually defeated after the Nephilim transformed their blood into a toxic black ichor. Shez'uul fled to ancient Japan (Earth), where it slaughtered everyone until a hero trapped it within the a powerful sword, the Massemune Nihonto. Of note is that according to Into the Bayou, it was Shez'uul who destroyed Malifaux's twin city, Tsankor S'id (now the Sunken City located within the Bayou) and triggered the Tyrant Wars. Currently it's possible that Shez'uul holds some sway over the Viks (current holders of the Massemune Nihonto), given the more violent temperament of one of them and the fact that they're now pretty set on killing Titania. The Dragon/s: Technicaly the Dragon is one Tyrant, but during the Tyrant War he split his essence in two and hurled one half through dimensions to Earth, crashing into Mt Etna and destabilising the barrier between Earth and Malifaux forever. I'll deal with the "Malifaux" Dragon later, but the Earth Dragon wandered for a time, possessing one host after another until he arrived in Tibet and was trapped on a riverside when it's host at the time died. After a few thousand years he was found by a tibetan monk, with whom he had a bit of a chat and decided to build up his temples to train new hosts that can contain his form for longer. Thanks to the Ten Thunders, Dragon has recently returned to Malifaux with his current host Shenlong, where he's presumably planning to prepare for his ascension. One interesting side note here is that The Dragon and Cherufe were the only Tyrants who attempted to ascend at the same time as the Governor (of the ones we know of, that is). It didn't work out well for either (Cherufe especially), and the Dragon was busted up pretty good for it's efforts. His host, Shenlong, is now having second thoughts about his role in all of this. Meridion: Meridion drew power from the leylines of her world, and her essence has been imprisoned within those same leylines since the Tyrant War. After her defeat Meridion's followers (who at the time were denizens of Malifaux) were cast into the ocean to eventually become what we know as the Gibbering Hordes. Like other imprisoned Tyrants Meridion was still able to exert some influence over her subjects, and her call can still be heard in the oceans of Malifaux. Most of the Hordes mistake it for a whisper in the ocean current but some, like the Stormsiren leading the Gibbering Hordes on Earth, worship her as a goddess. Now trapped on Earth and cut off from the whispers of Meridion, Stormsiren intends to do what she must to reconnect with her Goddess. From The Sandmen's description in the Homefront Campaign it seems Meridion is still subtly directing the Gibbering Hordes for some as yet unknown goal (though it likely involves ascension). Of note is that in the TTB "Under Quarantine" book there's a sidebar story about a temple beneath Malifaux dedicated to some kind of gigantic fish-frog "Water God". Given Meridion's link to the Gibbering Hordes, it's probably safe to say that she's the aforementioned Water God. While we know she's currently worshipped as a Goddess by the Gibbering Hordes, this Temple may indicate that she was worshipped even before the Tyrant War. This is very unusual for a Tyrant. I'm not aware of any other full-on temples dedicated to the other Tyrants...maybe for December but that's still not to the scale described in Under Quarantine. Also most of the Tyrants seem to have been more interested in personal power than actually getting people to worship them. The only exceptions are arguably December and maybe Dragon (although Dragon's efforts in building up his temples are much more pragmatic). This, is arguably our only clue as to Meridion's character - she sees herself as a God and is vain enough to ensure people worship her for it. In the real world, a "Meridion" is a freshwater diatom, which is weirdly in line with her role as a Water God (I honestly didn't expect that). Also a "Meridian" is a line of longitude around the earth, which also ties nicely into her leyline prison/powers. Witness: As per the TTB core rules, Witness is trapped in a massive soulstone geode beneath a frozen lake in the mountains of Malifaux. Thus far the lake has been encountered by Rasputina, Ramos and Sonnia. Of the three only Ramos failed to recognise the danger it posed, and tried unsuccessfully to drill through the lake to access the geode. Beyond that, we've had no evidence of Witness playing any further role in the story. Given the presumed links to Truth, she's most likely associated with Perdita due to the "truth-related" abilities she acquired during the Event. Lady Justice is another candidate but her association with Ressurectionists (and the fact she was/is a Necromancer herself), might rule her out. She seems to have enough plot to deal with. The Tyrants we're not sure on: Fortune: Not other info related to Fortune, but given the possible links to Gambling it might eventually pop up in Lynch's backstory. One theory put forward is that Fortune could be connected in some way to the Gremlins. This actually makes a lot of sense when you consider their focus on luck-based abilities like Bayou Two Card and Dumb Luck in the rules. Their “Guardian Stone” upgrade (you know, the upgrade nobody bothers taking) also hints at some deeper purpose to the Gremlins, even though by all accounts they’ve either forgotten that purpose or simply don’t care! The "Malifaux" Dragon: As per Perdita’s vision, “the Dragon” was refered to as a plural - two entities. From the TTB core rule book we now know that The Dragon split its essence in two during the Tyrant Wars, with one half fleeing to earth to become the "Dragon" currently possessing Shenlong. We have no other information on the "Malifaux" Dragon that was left behind. The only possible references I’ve found thus far are the Black Dragon (see below), and an ability on the Emberling's (Mei Feng's Totem) card - "Spawn of the Ember Dragon". However both are based purely on their names and vague links with the Ten Thunders. So it'd be drawing a pretty long bow to assume either of these are related to the "Malifaux" Dragon. The Nameless: Thus far mentioned only in Taelor’s Shifting Loyalties Story, The Nameless isn’t specifically referred to as a Tyrant, yet the language used in that story point to it being exactly that. Assuming “The Dragons” count as a single Tyrant then Perdita’s vision fits in with this theory too (as per the thread title, 12 Names for 13 Tyrants). So who is The Nameless? We don’t have a lot of info beyond the Taelor story. The creature who follows the Nameless bears a passing resemblance to the Fae – Branches for horns and eyeless sockets (albeit with Soulstones embedded). The fact that it was in possession of a Relic hammer, the supposed antithesis of a Tyrant, is interesting too. --- Finally, we have the other powerful characters. Most of these almost definitely aren't Tyrants, but it's worth talking about them since they're all individuals who have alot of influence in the story and may/may not have a significant role to play in the overarching story: Hungering Darkness: Stated outright in both Rippling Fates and the in-game rules that it's not a Tyrant. It's nonetheless a very powerful entity, and like Nytemare has done just fine by hiding out of sight and keeping to itself. Huggy is pretty concerned about Titania though, whom it thinks will seek to destroy it regardless of its non-Tyrant status. So now it's consolidating power by spreading its Brilliance as far as possible, to new establishments across Malifaux (Franchise time!). In games terms, this seems to have been reflected by Jacob Lynch losing his Neverborn alignment and becoming a pure Ten-Thunders Master. The Grave Spirit: Was summoned/harnessed by Titania from another dimension to help destroy the Tyrants physical forms during the Tyrant Wars. It's definitely not a nice entity and despite Kythera' destruction effectively sealing the Grave Spirit out of Malifaux, it holds sway over many Resurrectionists (and at least one Gremlin tribe). Now for a long time I didn't think The Grave Spirit was a Tyrant, and it arguably still isn't in the same sense as the 13 discussed here. If nothing else it's an order of magnitude more powerful than the other Tyrants (it did, after all, destroy their original physical forms) and originates from a different dimension. But having said that, it IS referred to, and treated as, a Tyrant entity in some of the earlier stories (Most clearly in Twisting Fates and the story "The Writing on the Wall"). This could simply be a case of retcon, where Wyrd has since changed the origin/nature of the Grave Spirit to better suit the story they're telling. But I have an alternative theory; The Grave Spirit (IMO) is the result of a Tyrant from another dimension who has successfully ascended. At some point in the distant past it was able to ascend to godhood, gaining virtually unlimited power and claiming total dominion over it's own dimension. It's truly become an unstoppable God of Death - still technically a Tyrant but far, far more powerful than the Tyrants of Malifaux. In a sense this makes the Grave Spirit it all the more terrifying, since it represents what will happen if one of the Malifaux Tyrants succeeds in it's plans to ascend. Lingxuzi: As far as I know Rippling Fates is the first time we've heard anything about this character. In Yan Lo's vignette he's referred to as a very powerful Oni who was summoned by Yan Lo for reasons unknown (back when he was mortal). Everyone thought him destroyed, but in fact he'd possessed the sages who tried to banish him, remained hidden for many centuries and eventually made his way to Malifaux. What he's up to in Malifaux is not clear. But his existence is common knowledge to the Oni. Ama no Zaku has already aligned herself to him and Amanjaku (Asami's Totem) is trying to do the same. The Oni within Wong's Three-Demon Bag is/are also trying to contact Lingxuzi. He/they got as far as the Kythera ruins, but Wong couldn't be bothered performing the required summoning ritual so they're basically stuck. It is interesting, however, that the Oni needed to get to Kythera to perform the ritual. Does this imply a link between the Grave Spirit and Lingxuzi? Or perhaps it was just a convenient source of power for which to perform the ritual? As for whether Lingxuzi is a Tyrant, at this stage I'd say it's very unlikely, since the Oni are supposed to be from another dimension called "The Beyond", not Malifaux. The Black Dragon: Mentioned in “Into the Bayou” as a seemingly immortal human girl who was taken in by the Gremlin Nuema family. She’s taught the Nuema how to summon spirits and bind them to physical forms, and in turn they’ve protected her for the last 100 years, remaining extremely isolationist, secretive and superstitious. The Nuema themselves are also located close to the Ten Peaks and have vague links with the Ten Thunders (albeit mostly through the other 10-T aligned Gremlin families). While this could easily just be a plot hook for Fatemasters to create adventures around, it’s also possible that this girl could be the above-mentioned "Malifaux Dragon" – the Yin to Shenlong’s Yang. An alternative is that the "Black Dragon" is not a Tyrant, but Zoraida. Like the Black Dragon, Zoraida arrived in Malifaux at least 100 years before the current timeline (she was at least around when the first breach was closed), and has close ties with the Gremlins. However Zoraida's powers extend to manipulating fate, not binding spirits. So while I think it's a theory worth mentioning, I don't think it's a likely one at this stage. The Red Cage: According to multiple sources, the Red Cage was formerly the orbital prison used to hold Cherufe and prevent him from burning everything in sight (what a nice guy!). It was held in place by a magical obelisk within the Bayou, which also happens to be where the Red Cage crashed during the Event, unleashing plenty of power and almost giving Plague the ascension He’s been after. I initially assumed that would be it for the Red Cage...yet it's still playing a role in the story. It seems that the impact crater (now also referred to as the "Red Cage") has opened up a series of caverns underneath, which is now teeming with the undead/mechanical abominations that have been plaguing the LaCroix and Latigo Families. As of her vignette, Perdita's recently set off to find the source of the abominations and "end the threat of the Red Cage once and for all". Furthermore, the "Into the Bayou" book includes rules for Abominations, and one of their attacks includes a Trigger that actually alters the destiny of Fated characters. The new Fate Steps refer to things like descending into the Cage, being drawn in or trapped, returning the eternal flame to its prison, being pulled by Destiny, or learning the truth that will never be known. As you'd expect for Destiny Steps it's all pretty non-specific, but it's VERY interesting that the Abominations can influence a character's fate like this. That said, the Abominations listed in TTB 2nd edition don't have the fate-altering trigger, so make of that what you will! As per above, the Red Cage might be linked with Meridion, although her known followers (the Gibbering Hordes) are nothing like the fate-altering abominations emerging from the crater. It's possible that there's two tyrants associated with the goings on in the crater (eg. the Red Cage with Meridian and the Abominations with...Witness maybe?). But at this point it's all just conjecture. The Burning Man: Cherufe attempted to ascend at the same time as the former Governor General, resulting in both merging to become the Burning Man, now on Earth. The Burning Man has now appeared all over Earth, and his arrival conincides with the opening of multiple breaches between Earth and other dimensions (mostly Malifaux but sometimes others) and a bunch of people generally going insane. He's undoubtedly a central character in The Other Side, not in the least because there's an entire Allegiance dedicated to him - the Cult of the Burning Man. The Burning Man also shows up in Jack Daw's vignette. Exactly what's going on is unclear, but the two definitely have some significant, world-shattering magic going on between them. My own theory is that they represent two, extremely powerful yet diametrically opposed forms of magic. We know that Jack Daw was used by Zoraida to act as a "wedge" to aetheric energies and seal the first Breach. However the Burning Man is opening new (temporary?) breaches across Earth. So one was created to seal breaches between worlds, while the other tears them open. The Court of Two: The Court of Two was founded by a Doppelganger who infiltrated Earth many generations ago (so before the first breach was torn open?). Currently known as Anton De Wils, he's maneuvered behind the scenes to gain immense wealth and power, and eventually aims to seize control of Earth. From Molly and Kirai's Vignettes we know that he's been working with Kirai to summon a literal army of ghosts, in exchange for a ritual that would return a spirit to life (specifically Kirai's dead lover). ---- Anyway, that's it for the moment. This is all gleaned from the core Malifaux Books, the rulebooks and expensions for Through the Breach and numerous bits of info from too many sources to mention. It also includes helpful advice, input and theories from some of the people on this thread, namely @Lordgimpet, @Durza @-Loki-, @Parker Barrows, @Cinnamon Bear, @Gnomezilla, @solkan, @Khyodee, @Kaptain_Konrad, @MetaphoricDragn,@Clockwork_Fish and @Carecalmo.
  5. At the risk of disagreeing with a Wyrd employee who has had quite a bit to do with the story of Malifaux... The later books definitely treat the Grave Spirit as an entity separate from, and far more powerful than, the Tyrants of Malifaux. The Grave Spirit isn't mentioned in Perdita's naming of the "12 names for 13 Tyrants", it's from a completely different dimension to Malifaux, and we know Titania struck a a bargain with it to defeat the Tyrants and conclusively end the Great Tyrant War of eons past. HOWEVER, what got me questioning this accepted narrative are the stories in the third M1E book, Twisting Fates, and more specifically Samael's showdown with Seamus in "The Writing on the Wall". Specifically the Grave Spirit is referred to as a Tyrant twice on page 144; He's referred to as a Tyrant at least once more in the next page (145) too. It's important to note the context of this story. It's stated later in Twisting Fates that the Tyrants choose a vessel with which to manifest a physical form and ascend. For December it's Rasputina, and Sonnia with Cherruffe. But if the vessel is killed during their manifestation, all the power they've poured into that vessel is lost, setting them back years, even centuries in their ambitions while they re-accumulate the power they need (to quote Molly on p265). In Twisting Fates, Sonnia and Rasputina both attempt to kill themselves to prevent their respective Tyrants from manifesting. Seamus, you'll notice, does the same when he lures Samael into killing him just as the Grave Spirit attempts to manifest through him. Based on all of this, you have to surmise that the Grave Spirit is indeed a Tyrant of some kind, and that it had chosen Seamus to be its vessel in Malifaux. Anyway, like I alluded in the original post, the description and treatment of the Grave Spirit in Twisting Fates (ie. as a Tyrant) seems to be at odds with it's portrayal in the later stories. This is why I think this discrepancy is most likely the result of a retcon. If it's not though, my theory (that the Grave Spirit is an ascended Tyrant from another dimension, and thus more akin to a God than the Malifaux Tyrants), makes some sense out of it . And at least IMO, it makes the Grave Spirit a much more interesting character for what it represents - an example of what will happen if any of the Malifaux Tyrants succeed in ascending.
  6. Hey, so I've been listening to the Breachside Broadcast podcast and it has motivated me to do a quick update of the original post. No major revelations, just a bit more insight into; - Despair and who knows what about the Puzzle box it's trapped in, - The Black Dragon and how she might be Zoraida (but most likely not ), - The Hungering Darkness and how he's no longer Neverborn in M3E, - The Grave Spirit and how it might be a Tyrant after all...albiet nothing like the 13 Malifaux Tyrants!
  7. Rathnard

    Is it worth learning new masters now?

    Wyrd's clearly been very coy about timelines, but I feel like M3E will be out before Gencon next year. I can't imagine them taking any longer than that and if nothing else, I'm sure they'll want to get it out ASAP now that the new edition has been announced.
  8. Rathnard

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    That's not what Wyrd said in the 14th September update though. What was said is that they had the all the shipments from China (?) on hand, and were now "working on building the product as we speak". My own interpretation of that is that they've actually spent the last week physically building and boxing the models. Once that's done I assume they'll then start putting together orders and shipping them out to distributors. In any case we don't have a timeline as to how long that'll take, so I'm hoping the next update will shed light on that.
  9. Rathnard

    next purchases

    They're not really free though. You need the tactics tokens to buy the stratagem, and those are in pretty high demand as is. Not to mention that they only come in as a single fireteam, which isn't exactly hard to kill when they're bas-cav.
  10. Actually it's Lucius. His crew box comes with his Totem, Dashel (soon to be a Master), two Lawyers and two Guild Guard. From what we know the Lawyers and Totem will almost definitely keep Lucius's keyword, but Dashel will have his own and the Guild Guard are an unknown. So it's pretty likely Lucius will be getting an updated box at some point! Oh and for the record, the Dead Justice box is still playable as a standard Lady Justice crew. In fact it's what I use when I'm playing LJ myself. That's exactly it. As I said in the article, I only suggested models for each Master from the pool of those that were Versatile or who matched that Master's keyword (*based on the rules at that time*... things might have changed since then of course). So yeah, some of the suggestions would have looked odd, but it allowed you to build an M3E-friendly crew that was still decent in M2E too. Beyond that, Gnomezilla is right - there's alot of models that you can guess which Master they'll fit with. For instance Nekima will likely love all the Nephilim, Brewmaster will want his Tri Chi and Rasputina will be able to take her Frozen Heart models. Some are less clear, but you might be able to make some educated guesses based on their background. Then there's the Versatile models, who can be taken with anyone in that faction. At the moment the only definites are the Effigies and Emissaries. So if you're expanding your crew for M3E then those are pretty safe purchases. Trying to guess who else might be Versatile is much more risky though. At best, you MIGHT be able to pick a few models based on them not fitting anywhere else, but it's not something I'd want to bet on.
  11. Rathnard

    The loved and the lost

    Are the Outcasts really a "Mercenary" faction though? Of the in-Faction Masters, both Von Schill and the Viks are definitely Mercenaries. But the rest range from "questionable" to "definitely not". Tara was a Merc, but seems to pursue her own agenda now that she's with the Tyrant Oblivion. Leveticus, Parker and Zipp also pursue their own agendas - they'd certainly be happy to hire Mercenaries themselves, but unlike Mercs their agenda has nothing to do with working as a gun for hire. Hamelin is similar, but somewhat removed from the others given his status as a Tyrant. So basically, of the eight Outcast Masters, only two are truely Mercenaries. And even that might be called into question given the events in Broken Promises. So to me, the Outcasts are and have always a Faction of literal "Outcasts"; a rough alliance of misfits who have rejected other organised societies to pursue their own agendas. THAT SAID... I think you're absolutely right about the difficulty in matching Jack Daw to a Faction, even if I don't agree with the reasoning. As I've said before, I don't believe Jack Daw fits in as a Resser. But even as an Outcast he doesn't quite fit in either, not because he's not a Merc, but because he's more like a Force of Nature. Jack Daw is a very enigmatic Master. From memory all we have on him is a minimal origin story (he was a convicted criminal before the first breach closed, and Zoraida used him in some kind of ritual to seal that breach), and a piece from his vignette hinting at a link with the Burning Man. Beyond that, we don't know his motivations and he's never interacted with any other character beyond simply killing them. The impression, then, is that Jack Daw is a true loner - a being with power arguably equal to the Burning Man, but with no real motivation and only similarly tormented souls for company. By that logic you could say that he's a perfect fit for the Outcasts...except that unlike other Outcasts hes got no reason to interact with anyone else. Levi, Tara, even Hamelin has been shown to work with other Outcasts to pursue their agenda. But Jack Daw has not. Hell it's not even clear if he's capable of interacting with others in a traditional sense. Hence why I consider him to be more of a Force of Nature. Basically then, I'd argue that Jack Daw is such an outcast that he doesn't even belong in the Outcast Faction. In fact purely from a background perspective, I'd argue that Jack Daw should have a Faction of his own, the "Tormented" Faction, where he's the only Master. Having said all that, my conclusions are based on Jack Daw's background as it stands right now. A good story or two could change alot for Jack Daw's character development, which in turn could make more sense of his M3E Faction placement. And I honestly hope it does, because despite my dislike of his new Dual Faction status, I actually really like Jack Daw as a character.
  12. Rathnard

    Buying models prior to m3e

    I would (and am continuing to...) buy new models before M3E. That said, I'm well on my way to having the entire range anyway (I've painted all but 6 crews), so whatever M3E happens to be, it's unlikely to invalidate what i have. If I only had 1-2 crews then yeah - I'd probably be a little more hesitant to expand my collection unless there's a good chance the new models would fit my existing crew's theme (eg. Confirmed Versatile models like the Effigies/Emissaries, or Beckoners for a Lynch Crew) or I just wanted it as a painting project (eg. Hinamatsu, who I now wish I'd ordered at Gencon. ).
  13. Rathnard

    10T Keyword thoughts

    Honestly, I'll probably just play whoever's able to take Samurai in their crew. Possibly Thunder Archers too, since those sculpts are sick as.
  14. Rathnard

    First feelings M3E

    Nytemare won the Homefront Campaign, which presumably means the Council failed in their plans and won't become an Allegiance in TOS. I'm actually a little bummed about that. Not because I like Ramos (quite the opposite), but because I like the idea of the original organisation that opened the Breach coming back as a force to complete with the Guild. In any case, I honestly can't tell for sure whether the "dead" masters are coming back. I don't think they need to, but if they do it'd be a good opportunity for a hard reset on their rules/background.
  15. Rathnard

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I have to say, I'm a little upset that I couldn't get a Burning Man shirt through the online store.
  16. Rathnard

    The loved and the lost

    @Parker Barrows summed up the background for most of the changes pretty well. I would like to add a few things though... Regarding Lilith's imprisonment in Nythera, it's worth noting that Nytemare played no small part in engineering the situation. He made sure Zoraida wasn't able to heal her and Lilith only realised Nytemare's true nature as a Tyrant the moment before she's chucked into Nythera. It's arguably the first time Nytemare's taken a direct role in the events of Malifaux aside from just following Dreamer around. That, in itself, is pretty exciting. Misaki has been swaying back and forth on whether to pursue an independent agenda (Outcasts) or fulfil her duty to her family (Ten Thunders). With the execution of her own father, she's now very much chosen Duty. Hoffman certainly did always seem to dabble with the Arcanists, but I suspect he's been pushed over the edge into being a true double agent after accepting that his brother, Ryle, really is gone (as per his story with Anna Lovelace) The Hungering Darkness's reservations about the Neverborn is with the Tyrant-killer Titania, not Nekima. While not a Tyrant itself, HD suspects Titania wouldn't care about such distinctions. Thus he and Lynch have been distancing themselves from the Neverborn and consolidating their power with their only other ally - the Ten Thunders. Last we heard of Collodi, he was off to meet his maker. Ironically, it sounds like that's exactly what's happened to him. Tara was never really a Resurrectionist anyway, so dropping out of that faction comes as no surprise. From his most recent vignette in Ripples of Fate, Marcus had heard of Titania and was expecting to meet her (and "assert his dominance" over her) relatively soon. Obviously this has now occurred and it's resulted in a "Pact" of sorts. Personally, I always saw Marcus as closely aligned with the Neverborn thanks to his affinity with the natural world. Becoming dual faction seems to be the natural extension to this. I've never thought of Jack Daw as any more a Resurrectionist than Tara is. Yes he's undead, but he was also the conduit that Zoraida used to seal the first Breach. The magic he's infused with is far more powerful and very different to that of simple necromancy (at least from what I've read). Furthermore, his followers aren't so much undead as "Tormented" - wracked by the guilt of their crimes (real or imagined), which is what draws them to the unique magic of Jack Daw. I'll be interested to hear more on Jack Daw's shift in alignment in the next book. Because right now, to me, it makes almost no sense. --- Beyond that, one thing I want to say is that I'm glad Nicodem's dead. I realise he has his fans, but to me he was the least interesting character in Malifaux. In a lineup of masters that includes a stylish-yet-demented serial killer, a comically insane surgeon and a victimised undead journalist, Nicodem had the dullest of backstories (coroner who becomes a necromancer) with the most unoriginal of motivations ("I'm going to conquer Malifaux!"). IMO his death is probably the best thing to happen to Nicodem. It removes the worst character in Malifaux (again, IMO! ) and if he does comes back, it will give him a chance to develop a more interesting story. Even just being a possible disembodied Liche would already make for a great start. As for Ramos, I didn't think much more highly of his character development than Nico. But again, being imprisoned by the Guild in Vienna a least gives him a chance for a fresh start, whether it's with Malifaux or The Other Side.
  17. Rathnard

    m3e faction announce

    Well I'm pretty happy with the name change, especially since it's exactly what I suggested 8 months ago.
  18. Rathnard

    First feelings M3E

    I see it as a double-edged sword for Neverborn. On one hand, losing three Masters is definitely a blow if you're a dedicated Neverborn player. But in exchange you get three new Masters - one who's basically a super-powered Lilith, one Dual-Faction Marcus and one brand new Master. Off the top of my head no other Faction is getting as much from the new edition, and that in itself is pretty exciting. @emiba is probably right about Liliths playstyle. Titania's got the nature/terrain elements pinned down while Nekima seems to have the Black Blood (assuming they're similar to how they play in M2E). Marcus might even give you the guerilla warfare style of play that Lilith has/had. It's not the same as having it all in one package with Lilith, but it's something at least!
  19. Rathnard

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Well if some stores want to sell TOS cheaper than what i paid in the Kickstarter then that's fine by me. Like @Brass Monkey said in happy to have supported the game's creation, and if it encourages more players to dive in then all the better!
  20. Rathnard

    Our worst models

    I've never understood why people don't rate Convict Gunslingers. Sue and the Dead Outlaws are more versatile but if I just need a solid shooter, Convict Gunslingers have been my go-to Outcast. They're especially good with Misaki IMO, since they've got a reliable attack that thanks to the triggers, your opponent will want to cheat against to avoid the Slow or additional shot. Combine that with his range and Rapid Fire Action and you can consistently draw a few cards out of your opponents hand (or severely punish them for not doing so), priming their crew to get mauled later on by a Misaki-powered Assassination run. That's something that Sue or the Dead Outlaw aren't nearly as good at. EDIT: To me, the Outcast models I see the least reason to take are; Ama No Zako: Decent mobility and a good damage track, but pretty much everything she does needs a suit so she really needs your cards/stones to be worth while. In any game with any Master, I'd rather take a Midnight Stalker. Freikorpsman: Put simply, there's just better available models for the role he's supposed to fill. Not even some Freikorps synergy in a Von Schill crew is enough to make them worth using for anything but staying in-theme. Pride: The only reason to take Pride is becase you're taking a Crossroads 7 crew, and he's still the worst model of that bunch too. He might be worth taking in a Misaki crew (all those discards might come in handy), but there are better models. Like a Convict Gunslinger. Of the others mentioned in this thread (eg, Karina etc), alot of them aren't great, but I think most are still good enough to have a niche in certain crews or situations. And that at least puts them above the three duds above!
  21. Dear God. That's pretty damn disturbing. Well done! :)
  22. Rathnard

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    It's a fair point, but none of us outside Wyrd actually know about the economics of casting new plastic kits, and how profitable the nightmare kits are or aren't. Maybe it's a factor in what sort of Nightmare kit they make, or maybe it's not. My own guess about Wyrd's decision process was based on my memory of Nathan's response to the Nightmare Hanging tree when it came out. A subset of the community was upset with it not being a "proper crew", and IIRC Nathan's response was essentially "I went with what I liked, if you disagree then you don't have to buy it". Mind you, that was six (?) years ago so who knows what's happened between then and now. In any case, Wyrd's decision process in designing Nightmare kits isn't really our business. At best, we can let them know whether we like/loathe the design and more importantly, vote with our wallets.
  23. Rathnard

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Oh absolutely. Nobody's compared anyone to Hitler yet. (Modhat: Please don't. Let's keep this friendly, eh? ) Agreed. I'd be very surprised if the folks at Wyrd somehow decided that the Nightmare kit needed to appeal to new players and this, somehow, meant going with a My Little Pony theme. What's more likely is that they came up with a bunch of ideas and that someone at the top, probably Nathan, went with which ever one tickled their fancy.
  24. Rathnard

    next purchases

    Well first of all, I think every starting player, regardless of Allegiance, should consider having an Adjunct or one of their single model fireteams on hand. Not only do they tend to be good in their own right, but they're also cheap filler options that you can throw in when you have a couple of scrip spare. In the case of Abyssinia, the Engineer's (your adjunct) card draw tends to be absurdly good. There's also the Rail Gunner who can provide you with a powerful long ranged shot. But if you can afford the scrip cost the better option, IMO, is the Marauder. He's fast enough to flank your opponent's force and take unguarded objectives, which is very important for alot of games. If you want to take Steel Legion and Mech Infantry, Kassa Doyle might make a good second Commander for her Titan-specific synergies (she also really likes Dreadnoughts, of course!). There's also Electrocutioners, who's affinity for prototypes give them some synergy with your starter box Commander - Prince Ulthani. Finally (because I might as well go over almost everything ), Basotho Cavalry have a similar role to the above Marauder (fast Flankers), which makes them invaluable for the relatively slow Abyssinia. Anyway, to boil all that down, if you want to expand to 2-commander games you could get Kassa, the Dreadnought, a unit of Steel Legion or Mech Infantry (or both if you drop some Mehal Safari) and a couple of the above cheap units to give you enough for a full 2-commander game. But if you're trying to stick to 1-commander games with the Prince, you could consider swapping in Electrocutioners, a Marauder w. the Toughness Asset and an Engineer (to replace Crow Runners and one of the Mehal Safari) to vary your list up a little. Finding room for a unit of Steel Legion or Mech infantry would work too of course - it's not going to break your list if you don't take Electrocutioners.
  25. Rathnard

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Yeah. IIRC Teddy has had two regular releases (one per edition) and three alts - Nightmare Teddy, Miss Ery and Puppet Teddy. The Warpig is sitting just behind; two regular (again, one per edition) and two alts - Rooster Rider and War Wabbit. Actually Now that Gremlins get one this year, I'm pretty sure every Faction has now had at least one a Nightmare release; Guild: Dead Justice and McCabe Ressers: Tara, Dead Justice and Hanging Tree (although with the latter two they counted as non-Master releases, plus the Hanging tree models only counted as a Hanged in M1E...they're Montressor proxies now) Arcanists: Colette (although you might want to count Rasputina's christmas release too) Neverborn: Lord Chompy Bits and Teddy Outcasts: Tara, Hamelin and Hanging Tree (as above, it's a Montressor proxy now) Ten Thunders: McCabe (even though it was more of a Guild box) Gremlins: Ulix, Whiskey Golem I *think* that's all of them. So it really is open as to which Faction gets a new Nightmare box next Gencon.