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  1. Aww, thanks @Caedrus! That's very kind of you to say. Anyway, here's a progress update on the Crawlers; I worked out the scheme for them months ago, when I painted the Morphling (ie. basically both Crawler types squished together). So far they're looking pretty swish for a 4 scrip trash squad. I especially love some of the faces. Like this one - Grumpy Cat's distant ancestor;
  2. I'm still in a bit of a rut when it comes to painting Malifaux, and my attempt to paint Abyssinians last month failed miserably. So instead, I'm returning to a favourite; Yep - it's time to get back to the Gibbering Hordes! I've just got these guys (Barbed Crawlers and Devouring Eel), plus some Yarazi to go before I've finished the Allegiance. The colour scheme have for them is both fun and easy, so these should be a blast to get through.
  3. @Caedrus Just 7 SS painted this month. Good thing I only pledged for enforcer level this year, because my painting progress for Wyrd stuff was pretty minimal over March - just one Iron Skeeter; Not ideal, but at least I have a basic scheme sorted so the last two shouldn't be too difficult. No progress on the Electrocutioners, unfortunately. They'll have to wait for another time!
  4. I've often tried single commander games with an extra 10 scrip, which I think strikes a good balance between the standard 1 commander and 2 commander games. For us, it's not felt unbalanced, and the commanders still feel relevant. If anything it's been better than playing a 1 commander game, especially for an elite army like Abyssinia. One thing I would recomend though, is adding Samantha Thrace or Binh Nguyen for those larger games. Those extra Tactics tokens help alot.
  5. You're right - you definitely need a plan for Binh otherwise in a Cult list, he's at risk of being left behind while everyone else dives through the portals. That said, he's not as hard to protect as you might think. For one, pairing him up with Doomseekers and advancing toward a centerline objective is a good way to go. The range and teleportation tricks inherent to the Doomseekers mean they're often a good unit to advance on foot, shoot something and then teleport another unit (eg. Warped, Twisted Horrors) in front of them. Binh is fast enough to keep up with them, so it's an easy way
  6. So here's what I'm planning to paint this month... I've been somewhat inspired by the Wrastlers I painted last month, so I'm adding 3x Iron Skeeters to finally complete my Zipp Crew. As for the Electrocutioners, they're the next step for my Abyssinians. It took me ages to paint my previous Abyssinian unit (Mehal Sefari) so I'm not entirely convinced I'll manage to paint all nine this month. But if I can at least get the scheme nailed down and paint a few, I'll consider it a win!
  7. You know that never even occured to me but now you mention it...yeah - they definitely give a strong Dwemer vibe! Well I'll leave that to Caedrus. I'm fine either way since... ...I just managed to finish the Wrastlers in time (sorry for the poor quality pic)! I wasn't too excited about getting these boys done but now they're finished, I'm pretty satisfied with the overall aesthetic. Anyway, @Caedrus - you can put me down for 15 SS this month, or 78 SS if you feel it's appropriate to include the 21 improperly based steam arachnids!
  8. So I've got a bit of a good news/bad news situation today. The good news is that I've painted a tonne of stuff his month! The bad news is that none of it is Malifaux/TOS... Yep - that's a full Dwarf army for Kings of War, about 3/4 of which i painted this month. Granted, it includes 21 Steam Arachnids, but i don't think they'd count! Anyway, i have made *some* progress on a trio of Wrastlers, so hopefully I'll be able to finish them off in the next (looks at clock)... 5 1/2 hours. 😬
  9. No news yet. The only thing we know for sure is coming is the Guild vs Co2 box, and presumably Samantha and Binh (the only unreleased units from the core rulebook). Also expected are two more allegiances listed in the core rulebook (Kimon and 3-Kingdoms). There's been art and prototype sculpts for both shown at conventions back in 2019, but no official announcement or timeline. Finally, there's Dr Watson, along with the Nytemare-themed Sandmen Allegiance. Both were the result of online campaigns for TOS and Malifaux respectively. But outside of those campaigns, we've heard nothing
  10. First thing's first - GH are the kind of army that benefits from sprinting up the board ASAP to take objectives early, deny your opponent territory and generally just get in their face. They are, after all a melee focused army that take up a ton of space on the board - not taking advantage of that would be a mistake! Thus, I wouldn't recommend spending Turn 1 on Focused effort to generate Reinforcement Tokens (henceforth known as RTs) for Turn 2 onwards. Instead, save the Focused Effort for when your units are already in position and don't need to move that activation. The only exception
  11. So I don't think I'll be painting all that much this month. I've got a Kings of War tournament on the 6th March, so I'm attempting to paint up a dwarf army in time for that! That said, some of the units I'm using might look a little familiar... I don't think they'd count for the challenge, but there you go. That all said, I'm still planning to paint at least *something* for Malifaux/TOS... I was planning to paint this cheerful bunch in January, before I got distracted by all these Dwarfs. So I'm hoping to paint at least a couple of these in between Dwarf regiments.
  12. @Caedrus 15 SS this month. I didn't finish anything more than I showed previously, so it's just Abuela (5) and Avatar Pandora (Counts as Emissary for 10SS)
  13. So... you know how I said I was going to paint the rest of Parker Barrow's crew this month? Well, I *kind of* accidentally finished them all in December... ...and a house... ...and I repaired a Lone Swordsman too... ...Whoops? So I've been on a bit of a roll since christmas. Fortunately it hasn't stopped over this first week of January, so I do at least have something to show for this month! Two horrible ladies - Avatar Pandora and Abuela. Both of these had been sitting, half started, in my cabinet for years. So it's nice to finally get the
  14. Hey hey, it's Rathnard! January's an interesting month for me - I'm moving cities on the 11th and until then, most of my models and modelling stuff is packed away. That said, I came prepared... Yep - a big box of assembled minis to burn through. So this month I'll aim to paint up what's pictured - the rest of Parker Barrow's core crew (Mad Dog, 3x Bandidos & Doc Mitchell)
  15. @Caedrus I'll be pledging for Enforcer Level (6 SS) this year. I have no doubt I could do the Tyrant Level again, but this year I'd like to shake things up a bit with some more non-Wyrd painting. In particular I've got a Dwarf army for Kings of War that needs some attention. Probably some GW stuff too, since that's what most wargamers seem to play in Kalgoorlie...
  16. Yep, IIRC Aionis was the first pre-assembled mini, just like Lazarus was Wyrd's first plastic mini (with translucent rubber piping and posable action-man arms... something they thankfully dropped for later plastic releases!). TOS has definitely been crowded out somewhat by Malifaux and M3E in particular. But I think it's a bit of a myth that the M3E announcement was rushed thanks to early spoilers. The spoiler in question was the M3E website about 2-3 weeks before Gencon itself... but surely you don't design and... importantly... upload a website for something you're not planning to anno
  17. If I were a betting man, I'd say that this is exactly what Wyrd has been planning. I suspect the Witches & Woes box was a trial run for the new plastic, both to test their revised manufacturing techniques at a "full production" scale (I don't know the terminology ) and to see how the player base responds to the new material. Assuming it's gone well, Wyrd would then go ahead and use this improved plastic to make future TOS releases. Naturally I don't know anything about what Wyrd does behind closed doors, especially when it comes to production. So it should go without saying that thi
  18. So here's an interesting question - has anyone got both TOS models and the recent Halloween Pandora release (which are also pre-assembled IIRC)? I'm actually very curious to know how the material they've used for that alt crew compares to the TOS sculpts and by extension, how much it's advanced since TOS's initial run? Actually, damn...I might need to buy that box just to see it for myself. As for crossover stuff, I've said it before and I'll say it again - Wyrd should be including crossover models at every opportunity. It just feels like a no-brainer to me to (for instance)
  19. Hmm, well my first suggestion would be "whatever you like the look of/want to paint". But if the hobby side was was the biggest priority in choosing a new crew, then you wouldn't need to ask this question on a forum. Personally, from a gameplay perspective I'd go with McCabe or Youko. McCabe is almost as mobile as Misaki, but better for scheme marker-based shenanigans and GREAT for buffing his crew via upgrades. He works well with alot of the versatiles in the Faction, and incidentally has some decent shooting options too (Sidir and Samurai in particular). The mobility and buffing
  20. Well count me in for another round! I'm Adrian, also from Australia, but the Western part. I'm been wargaming for 2.5 decades and arguably enjoy the converting/painting more than the gaming. This will be my third go of the painting challenge. The past year went pretty well, until life got in the way and I stopped having the time to keep up with the painting/uploading of pics. It's not like I stopped painting altogether though - just over the last two months I painted up two Titans and most of a Viks crew. Anyway, for 2021 I'm actually moving to Kalgoorlie. It's a city of 28,000 peo
  21. Well, on one hand, I got Samantha Thrace. Yay! On the other hand, I spent way more money that I was initially planning so I could get her. Damn you Nathan!
  22. Well, that and all the wildlife, humans and importantly, Pigs, that were also part of the faction. Zoraida might have been the figurehead, but the faction wasn't that green even without her. For the sake of argument though, a Gremlin Bokor would be the most obvious replacement, as would someone from one of the more 10T influenced families. Personally though, if Zoraida had to go then I'd love to see her replaced with a hyper-intelligent hypnotoad. Far more entertaining, and it fits with your "Keep the Bayou Green" mantra.
  23. Well, I'm hoping for something, anything, TOS related. Maybe Samantha Thrace - I could really do with one of her...
  24. I've played him a few times with the Viks now, and I've yet to regret having him on the team. What Hans offers is threat range. His damage potential isn't as high as a similarly costed melee fighter, but the fact that he can do it safely from 24" away is what makes him useful. He pins down your opponents crew, makes it harder for them to advance without suffering early damage and if they do, he softens those targets up for the Mercs to finish off later. He's not great vs armour (but that's what your Ronin are for, right? ), but he's got a good set of potential debuffs neuter certain pro
  25. Ooh, Wild Speculation? That's my favourite kind! Guild - IIRC the Kings Hand was originally commissioned by the Guild for their own use. With the fallout after London, the Kings Empire just kind of decided to keep the manufactured Titans for themselves. So i guess what I'm saying has that i wouldn't mind at all if the Guild just used a variant of the Kings Hand for themselves. Kimon/3 Kingdoms - honestly it's hard to suggest things without delving straight into the Ten Thunders range. Specifically though, I'd love the chance to have a bunch of Murder Monkeys (Yok
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