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  1. It's turning out well. Keep up the good work!
  2. I'd rather they didn't to be honest. Not a huge fane of the 'one for everyone in the audience' type of design. Suppose they should get an effigy for their henchmen though, or something with an equivalent hiring rule.
  3. You could use it for being a nice model! To be fair, I only picked it up as part of a second hand job-lot, but I really came around to it once I put it together. It's a really gorgeous sculpt with a lot of unique character.
  4. Is it not on topic? Isn't staking out new unclaimed terrain as your own what the Explorer's Society is all about? I think right now, judging by the content of this forum, we'd have to say... yes!
  5. I'd say your best bet will be to actually paint the words onto a surface in off-white and try to work webs around it so that it looks integral to them. Actually laying out the words in webbing sounds like an utter nightmare. Greenstuff world have some specific web maker stuff for airbrush, think there are other alternatives using varnish etc. Using fishing line as a support seems to be the best way to go, you could even try to base your webbing off of that without the airbrush.
  6. Alt Colette already did the flying monkey thing.
  7. Looks really well on the head and skin. Seem to pool annoyingly on the Malifaux clothing like most washes, but you seem to have avoided the worst of that and the colour and creases on the skirt came out great.
  8. Yeah, sorry. I now realise that the game terms suffer and suffered are absolutely not different tenses of the same thing. Don't know why they ever moves away from the damage/wounds terminology from 1st Ed.
  9. Yeah, so since the trigger says you may suffer up to two damage that's up to two damage after whatever damage reduction you may have. In other words, it doesn't say you may deal two damage to yourself, then calculate damage suffered and add bonus damage equal to that. Since it uses suffer/suffered throughout that doesn't seem to be an issue.
  10. Or you could argue that since you're choosing how much damage you want to suffer then prevention effects aren't relevant. So if Ashes and Dust chooses to suffer 2 damage it'll take 3 reduced to 2 in order to suffer the required amount.
  11. Finally done with this little... so-and-so. I'll transplant him to a new base after varnishing. Think he probably looks better than previously but will remain one of my white whale models. 
  12. They're shaping up well! I'm also not a fan of the Witchling Thrall models and this is a great alternative take on them.
  13. I'm going to pledge Shame-O here, have failed to finish him two months in a row having stripped him back from this appearance to try and cover my tracks for hacing played him in multiple games looking like this or worse. I guess 4th times the charm, maybe?
  14. Cheers @Caedrus. I'll stick with my current level, try to stay strong.
  15. Sorry I'm late and even moreso that I have to Mulligan, again! @Caedrus Only managed to complete a scales of Justice this month for 2ss which is below my pledge of 6. Would have made it if I'd used that time to finish off Failscisco, but my brain wasn't working well enough to think of that.
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