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  1. lusciousmccabe

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Five Announcement

    Hey, it's the finals, let the gloves come off. Anyone in need of some motivation should listen to this. I wouldn't recommend looping it till closer to the deadline though to avoid hypertension.
  2. lusciousmccabe

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Five Announcement

    Only if you set it on fire.
  3. lusciousmccabe

    copyright infringement.jpg

    I love how it's not even BAMF!
  4. lusciousmccabe

    Party crasher, literally.

    Love the expression on the Marionette with the cup.
  5. Love how Karina is poised in that crevasse, really tells a story. Also love the dual faction OSL nod!
  6. lusciousmccabe

    Waldo's Weekly - Carving Our Way to M3E

    Just be careful you have enough gym badges to control it at its new power level.
  7. lusciousmccabe

    How tall is Lord Chompy?

    Are they mostly relating to model assembly? I've had a few of those.
  8. lusciousmccabe

    How would you base Lucius?

    I did a desert + boardwalks theme for my Guardsmen and gave Lucius a particularly fancy one. Then I based the Neverborn I thought he'd be using on plain desert bases. Gets kind of awkward when you're trying to do crew-themed bases as well but I've so far managed to not rebase Lucius himself. You've got that kind of water theme connecting your bases already, so I'd probably just do a variation on that for Lucius, maybe incorporate some brickwork or other flooring or something.
  9. lusciousmccabe

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Looking great. I'd recommend picking up a couple of those army painter colour rattlecans in green/yellow/brown colours to speed things up. Or bite the bullet and pick up a cheap airbrush/compressor if you can get one in Aldi or the like. Could you not keep the cork texture? It's fairly organic and makes for s nice playing surface
  10. lusciousmccabe

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Having the stream straight down the middle could also be kind of annoying for some schemes and strategies. Might be better to make a flat modular one you can reposition, although it won't look as good as one with proper depth.
  11. lusciousmccabe

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    That actually looks like quite a lot to me. It'll seem more full when you have the colour down on the board. The lower right hand corner looks a bit empty, but I'd just redistribute stuff. Also, bear in mind terrain in the deployment zones tend to have much less impact on the game and LoS blocking pieces do more when placed centrally. Great stuff altogether.
  12. lusciousmccabe

    Waldo's Weekly - Movement in M3E

    This is... even more confusing than I thought.
  13. lusciousmccabe

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Four Announcement

    Nellie Cochrane (or some other journalist) being dismembered with a bonesaw by McMourning (or some other people)?
  14. lusciousmccabe

    Waldo's Weekly - Movement in M3E

    I find it so weird that there are parts of the world where cider isn't so synonymous with apples that you have to specifically mention it.
  15. lusciousmccabe

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Results

    I don't know. I can totally see why Wyrd would be reluctant to start supplying more information, given that providing scores for individual judges only appears to have fanned the flames of some people's displeasure. At the end of the day a painting contest is inherently subjective and given that entry is free I don't feel people have much grounds to complain about the quality of judging/organisation or insist on seeing the reasoning behind their scores. I just got eliminated from Bronze and I assume that the 60 odd people who assessed my work (in their own time) exercised their best judgement and scored things fairly. I don't have any evidence that that's the case, but I really don't think that matters.