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  1. Cool idea. Think the sarcophagus looks the best in terms of scale, but it's a cool effect in general, especially on the tower.
  2. Painted up some terrain this month. No particular reason for it. Just had it lying around and decided to cross it off the to do list. We'll call it a scatter piece for 5SS. It's a lot larger than what I'd usually call scatter, but functionally it's just providing some elevation and cover. Have a lot more of this kind of terrain. Some of it might end up too gobliny, but I'll post any Malifaux appropriate ones i get around to.
  3. Whew, cutting it a little bit fine here. This is the last of my Resurrectionists. Tried to make them look more like the glow was coming from in side them as they're ghosts. Don't think it really worked but you live, you learn, you die, you come back, you forget, you take vengeance on the living for their perceived wrongs, or something. That'll be 19 SS for Jack Daw + Restless spirit @Caedrus.
  4. Top notch stuff. The extra texture and patterning you painted on really brings the models to life and Somer's sloshing jug is amazing.
  5. Awesome, really polished finish. It's going to look amazing when it's finished.
  6. I used it once and had to throw out my airbrush after. It was only a cheap one that was probably on it's way out but I don't espcially feel like chancing it through a good one now. Also, only way I could get anything to spray at all was whacking the air on full and pulling back the needle to blast little puffs out. Not sure if Viruk had similar pains using it, but his results are certainly cool looking.
  7. As well you should be! Also, real shame Relic Knights imploded the way it did. Thought it was a really promising system.
  8. Really like it, left arm looks a little askew though. Looking forward to seeing the finished model.
  9. Finished up these three for the Reanimator crew. Well, besides a badly needed dull coat on Mortimer. 😛 Do that's 8 + 8 + 2 = 18 ss @Caedrus
  10. The April Challenge My best three pieces of advice are: Set your own expectations based on time, purpose and your own abilities. Challenge yourself to try something new with every mini or project. There is no 'right' way to paint anything. This is art, not engineering.
  11. But, if you're in Australia and you hang them upside down after washing, should we wash them upside down and then hang them right way around?
  12. Looking good. Do the added stick help with warping?
  13. Those are some nice models you have there! Particularly like the reporters and Mah crew.
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