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  1. I've no problem with a contest, but it sounds annoying to organise and kind of highjacks the challenge at the 11th (well, I suppose 10th) hour. If you wanted something similar you could start 3 threads with fun plays on the official contest names for people to drop submission in to duke it out for the most lavish praise.
  2. They're one of the origonal plastic kits so also have some pretty obvious flaws from the design procces like straight edges that should be round and that fused lump of a back pack. Also, never got why they have swords. Agree about Francisco, but it might be difficult to give him an appropriate scales sword that doesn't snap immediately if the pose is in any way similar.
  3. For trees there's the option to use actual wood (which can be fragile when to scale) or there's s lot of tutorials about making them out of wire coated in caulking or similar.
  4. Change the layout a bit and straighten up the walls and this is pretty much it.
  5. Georgian terraces are basically just rectangles with windows and doors on. Usually about 3 stories with a basement though so probably need some sort of playable interior. They also tend to enclose a courtyard that could have any kind of stuff in it. Victorians liked that neoclassical style for large buildings. Thats basically just a big massive box with a triangle on top with and columns out the front. Could have a decent playable interior there with box lid as a removable roof. For smaller things you could make market stalls, stables and sheds/outbuildings. Figure out a way of decorating things with something that looks like iron railings and you should be make anything look Malifauxish hide a lot of the boxiness.
  6. If you go onto wish or one of those other Chinese online markets you can get a ridiculous amount of moulds and tools for decorating cakes that might be useful. Shipping will take forever, but they'll usually work as well for putties as fondant icing. Otherwise I think you could get an awful lot of mileage out of just mimicing the colour palette from the film on more standard Malifaux terrain. So like make up a Victorian warehouse/factory and paint it all purple with gold banners and candy coloured cobbles and it'll read pretty Wonka-ish. Also, grade A idea you've got there!
  7. @Marcvs Avrelivs - Awesome stuff!
  8. @WintergloomI try to break stuff up with assembling models, making terrain and such. It's constructive and breaks up the monotony and sometimes you get excited over a piece you're working on and that enthusiasm transfers to painting.
  9. Teddy's all done. Ended up going for more of a dirty look on the base through a combination of accident and design. Think it's a good way to break up all that white but definitely something I could practice more with. Decided to leave the grime and gore off the claws I was having a hard time balancing the red and blue as it was. Definitely something I want to try out in future though. @Caedrus - sweet looking work on the rider. I took the banding to be cloth-of-gold or similar when I first saw it. Think it looks fabulous as is but you could add some spots of corrosion or scratches if you really wanted to sell it as metal.
  10. Getting some early work in. Not sure whether to do the claws like I'm doing the teeth or make them black?
  11. I waited 6 months for a pack of them last year before cancelling my order.
  12. Couldn't get a decent picture for be the life of me but Franc here us happier on his new base. Also, the pewter shavings from his old slotta are in marvellous focus for some reason.
  13. Was about to complement your use of stippling to create fabric texture, then noticed I said the exact same thing ~6 months ago. Well, if it was true then it's still true now. Great stippling Nikodemus. It's stippletastic. Also, really like Ototo's weapon. That gradient from business end to handle with the edge highlighting consistent all the way down is great. Brings out the interesting shape of the kanabo and makes it look like it's seen some use.
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