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  1. Started up a bonus model for the month. Bit of an Adams family vibe off him right now.
  2. Impressive as always. Particularly like the mix of rust on the axe head with the gleaming edge.
  3. Finished off Sonnia. Pretty minimal change since that last wip. Overall I'm quite happy with her. Could have done more work on some areas but felt this was a good stopping point. And a group shot of her with her whacky witchlings. Edit: hope these pictures aren't crazy big or small. My computer's broken so I'm working solely from my phone.
  4. Funny, I've been having a hard time answering that question myself as well. No problem at all picking my best knee, guess it's down to there being so much more competition on the poor end. 😀
  5. @Viruk Sorry to hear about the cat and your ill-health. Good to see it's only brought your output down to "well above average" in terms of quantity and the quality is as good as usual. @Purple Mist Your sick too? Is it catching, should we put a warning at the top of the thread? 😀 Nice job on the ware piles. Particularly like how you used the darker wood colours to break to he pieces up. I have the same set and they're a bit too uniform the way I did them.
  6. Love it. Great texture on the dress and colour balancing on the base. The face is fabulous and hair landed a place in my reference folder. Is the scheme a reference to April from the Turtles, or is she a yellow-wearing auburn haired reporter by coincidence? 😀
  7. Yeah, Quick Feast sounds lame no matter what it does. Should be something like 'Live Prey', or you know, just bring back the old grow mechanic. 😋
  8. I still use my metal models with the plastics and they're scaled very differently. It sort of annoys me, but not as much as some of the scaling issues within the current plastic line. I don't even know what scale the Guild Pathfinder or The Beast Within are meant to be, I've never based one Insidious Madness because it's more than 30mm across, and there's the odd figure that isn't even to scale with itself (looking at you Rail Workers). Some of this is down to artistic license when it comes to human proportions and a lot of it (as Solkan mentioned) is either a production blip or that bizarre conversion they do for crouching figures to double or triple their volume for some reason. So I wouldn't worry too much about an actual scale change. There's always going to be variation, but you rarely notice it on the tabletop and can always separate the worse offenders out for display purposes.
  9. Think he looks great. Definitely got that night-time feel to him with the cool tones and deep-shadows. I wouldn't worry too much about getting this sort of thing just right. In reality things rarely look good under weak lighting so it's more about giving that impression while keeping things interesting, and I think you've done that very well.
  10. Nice looking terrain! Particularly like the copper shed thing.
  11. I'm not sure that would make a difference given that the trigger is only on actions and I think we can infer that it triggers Quick Feast by virtue of that. Having said that, I'm not sure why the action requirement is on Quick Feast in the first place, given that no model with the ability has a damaging ranged attack. On the corpse/scrap marker issue they could make a third kind of marker (husk, or whatever) that counts as both for the models with the two characteristics. Wouldn't help with the vs. robots matchup, but I've always found it kind of weird that you get to decide what kind of body you leave behind. Alternatively Meat for the Young could stipulate that the dropped marker must be a corpse marker if possible.
  12. What about a nightmare Gremlin crew where they're all humans instead. Because we're the real monsters here. Or an Alt Wong Crew where everything runs on wacky technology from a 50s sci-fi film instead of magic. Obviously we just paint the metal brass to make it steampunk then. For the other side: Finding Nemo themed Gibbering Hordes alts.
  13. Looking good! Reminds me of something out of the older Mortal Kombat games at the moment.
  14. You could do the glow coming from the eyes/mouths, but there isn't much of it that would fall onto the model if that's what you're looking for. Or you could just pick a corner of the model to glow up and pretend it's lit from off camera. Put him beside your other models as an excuse.
  15. Because abilities that say "After resolving the action" are a bit confusing when there's an "After resolving" bit within the timing for actions.
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