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  1. I really like Sammy. I'd say the monochromatic environment is more bleak than Grimdark. Yes it's dark, and pretty grim, but it doesn't have that characteristic grimy miserableness. Nice Blair Witch reference as well.
  2. @Boomstick Love the cast shadows under the models. What's with all the Corgi's? Noticed the first one, then another when going through the photos, then there were more everywhere I looked. Thought I was going mad for a minute there.
  3. Congratulations! Thanks to all at Wyrd for organising the contest!
  4. Looks like you're off to a great start!
  5. Like the two-tone masks on the mimics. Haven't seen that before.
  6. So many great entries, really hard to narrow it down to three per category!
  7. Best of luck everyone. Looking forward to checking out all the entries!
  8. These all look really goof. Love the popiness of skin and metals and all the textures and patterns you've added on... somehow! Mind if I ask what you used to make the petals on that cherry blossom tree?
  9. It's because you've been a very naughty boy and everyone needs to know what you've done! Models look great. Very detailed and realistic looking which is a nice look for the crew and quite impressive considering the tininess!
  10. Whoah, oldschool! Also much better than I knew that model could look. Great job. @Maogrim No! Wait, we can change!! Seriously though, that's a shame about your gaming group. I've always enjoyed the models you put up here so if you find yourself painting them for painting's sake it'd be great to see them.
  11. @Caedrus Liking the underwater colour palette also. Photos are super clear as well, water effect not withstanding. I saw a pretty goodtutorial on painting water theme stuff you might be interested in. He basically uses masking and the airbrush to paint ripples onto the back of the model. It's meant to be reflected light, but could easily be the light passing through the water. It's here because embedding it makes it huge for some reason. Underwater is a really cool theme but super hard to sell well. Think you're doing a really good job of it.
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