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  1. Inspirational as always. Looking forward to seeing where you guys go to from here.
  2. Moon boys finally finished bar the varnishing. Might take some better pics later to show how I tried to match their bases. @Franchute Fiery gamin looks great. Well worth the wait!
  3. I'd maybe let then choose one of 3 schemes to showcase the hidden objective element as well as it's quite important. Probably go for one interactive, one solo and one middling scheme. So Assassinate, Power Ritual and Deliver a Message for example.
  4. @Caedrus - loving how that mini is turning out. Don't think I would have gone for the shiny finish on the hat this time as it's more of a functional piece of clothing on this figure, but I'm sure it'll look great regardless. And you're right to be pleased with your conversion work as well. @muraki - that is one seriously colourful pair of ladies. Remind me of that cartoon Gem, or some Daft Punk videos.
  5. Bit of preliminary painting. Really not happy with how those stalactites turned out. Think I'll just scupt some from milliput next time and pin then in. Probably wouldn't take that much longer.
  6. ^^Huzzah for ghost poopy! Love how the glow from inside it is spreading out to infect the surrounding area. Also model looks grand. 😜
  7. Well, this hasn't been updated in quite some time! Unfortunately that doesn't mean I have an awful lot of progress to show. 🙄 I added a jetty to the canal and filled in the water effect. It's about 10 layers of mod podge with goods varnish over top of it. Gives a nice ripply effect but is very hard to photograph.
  8. @Purple Mist The terrain looks great but I find the colour on the brickwork a bit off. I think it's too red/crimson as bricks tend to be more orange/terracotta coloured. Then again it's fantastical Malifaux brickwork, so who's to say that colour isn't entirely appropriate!
  9. The first major element of my imaginary cave board is some stepped hills/ rock formations. I made them out of some expanding foam I had left over from a disastrous DIY project, although I must admit I did buy the foam with terrain in mind after seeing this video. Making formations with this stuff is really easy. Just squirt a bunch of irregular blobs of it on some baking paper and flatten out the bottom of it. I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of the raw foam, but here are how some of the pieces looked after I started cutting them up to make them more playable. I then coated them with a mixture of wall filler, paint and sand to give a better texture and stop the foam reacting with spraypaint later down the line. I'm making taller impassable pieces which are meant to connect with the roof of the cave as well and you can see a few of them in this picture. And I added a texture to the top of the flattened areas to match my gobbo bases. It's made with a mixture of marla and milliput and a "cobblestone" roller from greenstuff world. I don't think the surface looks anything like cobblestones, but in my mind the goblins fill the cave with filth to grow mushrooms in, so I'll be painting it as stone showing through dirt. The final touches are going to be pools of water and stalagmites/stalactites. Having stalactites in workable terrain is tricky, so I though a good way to include them was by cutting this to have an overhang. It'll be filled with some sort of water effect later, probably with some nuisance as I needed to fix the base on to connect some of the columns. I was using paper and toothpicks for the stalactites following some DnD related videos on youtube, mostly this one. That was actually kind of annoying and I decided to just cover them over in before they set, which may not have been such a good idea. Probably could have just used filler from the get go, but I think the paper maché idea does have some merit, if you have the patience to wait for it to dry.
  10. So, I'm actually making this terrain for my Warhammer Night Goblins (which I'll likely never play with) but I figured I'd post them here as they could easily be used for Malifaux either. Unlike my city board (which I'll get around to finishing at some stage, I swear) no forward planning or measuring went into these terrain pieces. I'm basically just messing around with the materials I have and some techniques I've seen from videos to see what I can make. It's a pretty refreshing experience, but pretty easy to get bogged down in at the same time. Hopefully this thread will help me keep track of things and give people some ideas for their own terrain.
  11. The contrast being so high makes his muscles look like their polished metal. Kind of reminds me of some of Ron Spencer's paintings, very 80s. 😀
  12. @Caedrus Witchling Handler is the bomb. Metallics are spot on and the freehand is nice and understated. @Nikodemus - I think the lanterns actually look really good, just not like they're any sort of lanterns. When I first saw them I thought they were some sort of bashed up gourds or pumpkin type things and thought it was a really cool approach to the model. Getting something to look glowey on a model is more to do with lighting the surrounding areas, as the light source itself is usually fairly monotone. Those kinds of lanterns are a bit of a nightmare though as they're really big and not really that interesting looking in real life. Most of the better looking examples of those I've seen on Ten Thunders models are painted more fantastically, or as if it's daytime/they're not lit. But I like your pumpkins.
  13. There's the egg hauler one dressed up as a rabbit.
  14. Greenstuff world have a bunch of real clock pieces of various sizes that work well for that. Think you can get something similar cheaper (but less reliably) on wish.
  15. Like on a scale to be worn by a model, or part of terrain?
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