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  1. Looking good! Why can't you trim down those chins after priming? You can just repaint that little area after. Don't think it's an issue though as they're looking well.
  2. Gloomburg from Warcradle looks a good fit thematically, although I can't speak to the quality.
  3. Some great work on display this month! Not on my part though I'm afraid. Here's a few scenery pieces I decides to polish off before the end of the year. Probably looking at something like 30SS @Caedrus Promise I'll pledge something more interesting for December!
  4. Great job on the witchlings. They really are an underappreciated gem. Side-note, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn't find any submit button!
  5. @Caedrus Looks to me like what you need is a bigger shelf.
  6. Speed painted Hoffman to go with his constructs. Thats 15 SS I thought I wouldn't be getting this month. @Caedrus Thanks so much for running the group this year. Appreciate it more and more as the months go by.
  7. Thought I'd be taking another mulligan this month but figured I could hack these out in an afternoon instead. So that's 12SS for me this month.
  8. Looks class. Beautiful contrast of lights and dark. Could imagine it as an illustration on a tarot card.
  9. @Caedrus - afraid it's a mulligan for me this month. A lot of renovation work going on at home so the only robby related thing I managed was building up this paint-cave in my attic. Congrats to everyone else on their continued, awesome progress in the challenge!
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