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  1. lusciousmccabe

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    @Purple Mist Juju looks ready for the table already. Looking forward to seeing the finished fig. @Athiko Love the scheme on the necromancy, you've done a great job of defining the various pieces while keeping a unified look. Mind if I asked how you achieved the purply/dead skin-tone? I was actually planning to do something similar in one round of iron painter this year but chickened out as I didn't know where to start. @Caedrus That dress looks off to a great start, but I don't envy the task ahead of you! Don't know whether the plates and rivets are going to help with the NMM illusion or make it more annoying, but either way I'll be thinking patient thoughts for you. 😉
  2. lusciousmccabe

    Nightmares and Lucid Dreaming

    He is too fat now.
  3. lusciousmccabe

    Twelve months of painting with Caedrus!

    I think he looks great! He's a beastman, you could tell from 9 yards away, in a dark room, underwater. Also brings funny memories of how painting bases that alarming shade of green was once normal for people who weren't like 10 at the time. Loving the cowpats on the base by the way, thinks it's a class little detail.
  4. lusciousmccabe

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    Finished my pledge model. Looks... pretty much the same as when I started. So I tried to got started on this guy as well. Colours aren't sitting together like how I imagined, probably shouldn't have gone for full saturation on everything, but it'll be fun to see how it turns out.
  5. lusciousmccabe


    Desperately scrawling pleas for help with a size 00 brush that no one can read.
  6. lusciousmccabe

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    Not a fan of the new chompy but at least it gives an alternative for those who want more of a spooky/digusting look rather than leashed menace of the previous ones. Alps are definitely the standout model, even if they're more generic demon types now. Don't particularly like new Coppelius, although again he's not actually a bad model. Similar to chompy he's much more static than the previous versions. Looks more like he's standing on the sidelines munching eyes from his bucket than sprinting about, tearing them out of people. New dreamer seems to fit his new theme, although I do prefer the old one. What's the deal with the cricket bat though? The edges look bizarrely thick and it's wrapped in bandages or something?
  7. lusciousmccabe


    You want to post them as a link from another site, or the gallery here. Forum only gives you very limited attachment space. The picture you have up looks quite good.
  8. lusciousmccabe

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    I don't think it'd be fair to call this a challenge if there wasn't some risk of failure. With unlimited mulligans it'd just be a thread where you post whatever you happened to paint in a given month. One or two is a good number to allow for real-world problems while still keeping the pressure on to paint what you pledge.
  9. lusciousmccabe

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    All you people with finished models are making me feel nervous. Just had to check the date to make sure it wasn't near the end of the month already. Keep up the good work!😀
  10. lusciousmccabe

    Thank You, Mason

    Good luck Mason. and thanks.
  11. lusciousmccabe

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    My pledge for the month is going to be an easy one (I hope) as I have a couple of other projects to finish off as well. Pledging Lelu (6SS) With a bonus Insidious Madness if I get him done.
  12. lusciousmccabe

    Luscious Painting Challenge

  13. lusciousmccabe

    Waldo's Weekly - "I am the Key(word) Master!"

    Insidious madness seems reasonable. Or any of the incorporeal woes. He kind fo reminds me of that painting The Scream and the old sorrows looked quite similar. Could be a different twist on the Bandersnatch if you changed the base, or some other dreamer thing with a bit of imagination.
  14. lusciousmccabe

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    @Phinn - don't suppose you have an airbrush? I picked up a cheap one earlier in the year and I don't know how I ever painted large models without it. Just takes away all the hassle of laying down even coats over the whole thing and shading large areas. Obviously setting it up and cleaning take a bit of extra time, but on anything larger than a basic fig it's totally a time saver, especially if you use it for priming as well.
  15. lusciousmccabe

    Waldo's Weekly - What's Cooler Than Being Cool?

    It also eats up a lot of game time on flips, especially if randomisation is involved. Euripedes looks cool. I like how so many of his actions are simple duels with no damage flip, to help him get the most of his Olds Ways ability.