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  1. @Nikodemus An interesting point. I was also thinking that I would either go with a cache of 5 to 6, or alternatively take a soulstone miner or maybe even two. What would you use for running schemes, or is it better to avoid marker based schemes altogether with Marcus? Although he does have leaping models, they cost a lot and tend to have other purposes in the battle..?
  2. Greetings. So I am a starting Marcus player (two small m2e games under my belt with just Paul Crockett leading a few beasts). I play only casual and friendly games, but would like to discuss options and lists people have tried or might want to try with him. I would also love to hear if you have any ideas what are good models when teaching / demoing the game mechanics to complete newcomers. That being said, I was thinking of trying Ms. Naidu, a Union Miner, Cojo, and a Mauler for some nice little synergies. Specifically Naidu giving the mauler solid damage track, and the miner feeding Cojo with some scheme markers as well as helping Ms. Naidu with defending herself. The bear and the ape should then be able to perform some heavy frontline duties. I am aware that this combination is very expensive in stones, so can probably just fit a ss miner and an upgrade or two to the list. Comments and ideas, please?
  3. These two crews are not painted by me, but since I provided the guidelines and financial support to bring these projects alive AND they now reside in my shelf, I thought I might as well share them here. Rocinate's crew I gave to my dear better half, who occasionally plays with me. She is not so fond of goblins as such, but this alternate crew of gnomes and other cuties worked perfectly for her. Marcus' crew is for my own purposes, to combat the threat of foul doctor McMourning, whom my brother brings to invade my territory every now and then. More pictures here: http://topminiatures.com/2019/01/25/malifaux-2/ More pictures here: http://topminiatures.com/2019/05/01/malifaux-marcus-crew/ I am considering to expand Marcus' crew to include Serena, Doppleganger, and possibly a few other Neverborn goodies.. (such as Juju and Rougarou). The alternate Myranda (from Kingdom Death) is one of my favorite miniatures, a lovely sculpt that I had dreamed to see painted for quite some time but my own skills would not have made her justice. I must add that I am overall very happy with the commission service.
  4. Pastori

    Marcus NB

    Can someone please enlighten me.. can Marcus use his mutations regardless of faction chosen?
  5. Or maybe we get a brand new beast in the (hopefully not so distant) future..😍 meanwhile, the gamin would be nice though. Some poison and scheming.
  6. Now that Cojo got some rework, I must say I am very happy with Marcus' crew. 😁
  7. I have used these for rougarou. I just don't like the undead sculpts so much. These are more like neverborn (skin changers). https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-FI/Skin-Wolves Still waiting for a chance to actually try Titania with the new rules, but pleased to hear that she appears to be in a good position ☺.
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