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  1. Pastori

    Marcus NB

    Can someone please enlighten me.. can Marcus use his mutations regardless of faction chosen?
  2. Or maybe we get a brand new beast in the (hopefully not so distant) future..😍 meanwhile, the gamin would be nice though. Some poison and scheming.
  3. How people manage games so quick?🤔 I have played 2nd edition about 20 to 30 games, never full 50 points, and never finished a game in less than 4 to 5 hours.. hoping that 3E does not make the games even longer (I have not tried it yet). I have been playing GW games for two decades, but somehow this game taxes the brain more.. Though I have been enjoying it a lot.
  4. Now that Cojo got some rework, I must say I am very happy with Marcus' crew. 😁
  5. I have used these for rougarou. I just don't like the undead sculpts so much. These are more like neverborn (skin changers). https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-FI/Skin-Wolves Still waiting for a chance to actually try Titania with the new rules, but pleased to hear that she appears to be in a good position ☺.
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