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  1. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge - November

    Me personally, yes. Just thought I'd throw the idea out there in case others were chomping at the bit.
  2. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge - November

    Hypothetical: if anyone wants to submit The Other Side models, how do we want to count them? They have a cost, but it's per unit, which tends to be 6-9 models (across 2-3 bases) except for a few single model units, like commanders.
  3. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge - November

    Coming in late for the month, but such is the holidays. Arcanist half of Backdraft is in progress and the first on the list. Then the Undying box, Asura, and a box of zombies for a friend. Gremlin half of Backdraft to round out my Brew crew. Realistically, I'm hoping to have these done by the end of the year.
  4. Boomstick


  5. Boomstick

    How tall is Lord Chompy?

    I mean, have you never had a nightmare, awakening in a cold sweat?
  6. Boomstick

    How would you base Lucius?

    I have Lucius walking a white stone path through a shrubbery garden. His cane is in a small puddle of blood on the path that looks as is something's been dragged away from it behind a nearby shrubbery.
  7. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    Oops! Got so caught up in Halloween festivities I forgot to upload these last night! I managed to get the Cat-Stolen done as the classic Red Mage, White Mage, and Black Mage, the Dutiful Son as...well, yellow. If I can think of a good way to make him more Chocobo-esque I'll go back and update him. And my cobbled together Rat/Cat Catchers are Zorn and Thorn from FFIX. All told should be 20ss.
  8. Boomstick

    New style bases?

    You can get a magnet under there with a drill, but you basically have to drill through the base, which is then more work to cover it up, and ultimately makes basing take longer, I'm finding.
  9. Boomstick

    New style bases?

    I can get pictures a bit later today. Profile wise they are a hair shorter overall, not really noticable unless you put them side by side and are looking for it. Might actually work better for sand and things, since essentially the center of the base has been dropped a little, so there's a deeper inset. No more support ring on the bottom.
  10. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    So, back to a big ol' grab bag for me: The Undying and Backdraft boxes, and might put some actual paint on the non-cats in Haemlin's crew of black mages. If so, the Cat Catchers made of Caitlyn and TTB pieces will get it first.
  11. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Haha thanks! Either that or some kind of loop-da-loop swoop. Happy accident born of realizing I'd put it's head on upside down.
  12. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Well I got the primary focuses for September done. With Yan Lo, the Soul porter, and the Ashigaru just needing some details from last month I thought I would get more in there, but I'm pretty happy with them. And the Midnight Stalker nicely adds to my Final Fantasy Viks as a Victorian version of Cid, I think. By my math should come to 53ss all told.
  13. Boomstick

    Communication & Wyrd

    My meta is currently enjoying some growth as people heard about M3E coming up and are giving M2E a try and enjoying the game. That said, we're all super excited to see M3E come out, and it's wonderful hearing that Wyrd is listening and aiming to make changes to be even better going forward!
  14. Boomstick

    New style bases?

    Putting together the Backdraft and Undying boxes, I noticed the 30mm bases are slightly shallower than the previous standard. Too shallow to put a magnet on the bottom, in fact. Does anyone have an idea if this will be the new standard going forward? Is this/will this be the same for any boxes of bases Wyrd sells going forward? Just looking for if I should stock up on the old style bases for magnetization purposes.
  15. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Well, I'm coming in late, but here I am! Final touches on Yan Lo and company, three Gaki are the primary goals, followed by Cid as my Midnight Stalker. The rest are stretch goals. Looking good so far, everyone!