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  1. @Fazza92 that sounds especially rough! I know I've pretty much stopped taking Colette to face Gremlins, since Zipp really likes a lot of the same scheme pools she does, but thankfully I've only seen Bettari a few times around here, and have yet to bring Colette into a Reva match. One of the things besides GG2018 itself that has hurt her the most are models which do damage that may not be reduced, since that ignores armor, Incorporeal, AND triggers. Personally, I think it's become a little too wide spread to negate three defensive abilities, with triggers being the worst offender. When all but 1 Arcanist master has a Df trigger (and plenty of others do too) it's a no brainer to negate them, which in my opinion takes away a lot of character from those models. I'm really hoping in future updates that a number of the "can't be reduced" turn into "Ignore armor and Incorporeal". Except maybe Bettari, I can see that being characterful for her, and when it's a rare ability, it can be played around. For her at least, Colette should be able to play away from her, just be sure to measure and keep out of her threat range. Or teleport on top of something. Reva and Zipp have a little more reach and mobility, so much harder to ignore them, though for Reva, not killing things near Colette should help a little, at least.
  2. @7thSquirrel That's fantastic! I still haven't painted my Carver yet, so I haven't considered Killjoy with Colette, but that's a wonderful delivery system! He's expensive like Howard, but if you can get him in the enemy's face list that, I imagine he will do a good deal of work in softening them up/locking them down while the rest of your crew goes about their business.
  3. @Jafar Colette can sometimes be tricky to get above seven models in her crew because she likes having quality models and her cache is so low. This is one reason summoning the mechanical doves is so key; not only do they give you activation cntrol, but also the positive flips they give to friendlies by sacrificing can work wonders. Personally, I find myself running Howard less and less these days unless I have a specific reason for him. If it's just killing, he's too expensive for my taste, and spending 12ss on one model will make it doubly hard to get more than 7 activations. Here's my take on your second idea: Declared Faction: Arcanists Leader: Colette Du Bois - Cache:(5) Arcane Reservoir 2ss Cabaret Choreography 2ss Shell Game 1ss Mechanical Dove 2ss Carlos Vasquez 9ss Stunt Double 1ss Practiced Production 1ss Myranda 8ss Imbued Energies 1ss Ferdinand Vogel 8ss Union Miner 5ss Hoarcat Pride 4ss Hoarcat Pride 4ss I find Ferdinand to be a great addition to a Colette crew: in human form he easily gets you an extra card per turn by removing a scheme marker after a walk, and Censure is a wonderful bit of annoyance/denial for your opponent. In Beast form, he's another solid beater. Both halves benefit from being prompted. The Hoarcats make wonderful prompt targets as well, plus they're decently hard to take down, are cheap, and hit at min damage 3 so long as they're above half wounds. Keep Myranda nearby until she's ready to turn into a Cerberus or Blessed and they get even better. The Union Minor I like generally because they can drop so many scheme markers, but with this crew he can also supercharge Carlos to offload a second fired-up (prompted) punch per turn.
  4. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Oh, and here's an update on Haemlin's Black Mage cats: which is to say, they're all wearing hats now.
  5. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    @Caedrus I already admire your effigy, it's the most Arcane bookpuppet I've seen in many moons. For me, I'm pledging Yan Lo's box and 3 Gaki as the next batch my friend has commissioned, and Brewie's box as a birthday gift for another friend. For me, I'm aiming to move ahead with Lazarus (finally) and finish up Marlena with a few touch ups, then maybe get to Serena. If I get especially lucky, may finish up Vintage Haemlin and Shang, and figure out how to get Lobo on on his bike. Might tweak a few things as GenCon looms closer. It's hot outside, let's stay in and paint!
  6. Boomstick


  7. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    I'll be away from my models for pictures until late late tonight or tomorrow, but in addition to my update from earlier this month I finished vintage Misaki for 15ss, bringing my total to 56ss. As always, lovely to see everyone's progress for the month! Edit: here's Misaki, doing her best Ruby Rose from RWBY impersonation!
  8. Boomstick

    Nightmare Crew Box

    Anyone else excited to find out what the Nightmare crew will be this year? What is everyone thinking/hoping it will be? Personally, I think either a classical pirate look for Brewie (to show Zipp how it's really done) or Zorida as Gareth the Goblin King (and a swap on some of her box for more Gremlin-y friends) would be great and fun themes.
  9. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Thanks @misterfinn! I can't wait to have them done in all their glory.
  10. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Hark, an update! I finished up this batch of Ressers (and Bishop) for my friend just in time for a local tourney, and got a little bit of work in on a few things for me too. So, we have three Drowned (18ss), a Dead Doxy (6ss), and Datsue Ba (8ss) Then, Bishop (9ss) appearing as The Main Man himself, Lobo (as everyone does, because it makes so much sense. I'm trying with converting my version of this model to include his bike if I can find a way to fit one on a 30mm base). Puts me at 41ss completed so far this month. A quick action shot of Marlena WIP, assisting Viktoria of Ashes in not dying. And an update on the cats. Or rather, their bases. A different rug for each of them for quick identification. Still not sure how much paint I'll be putting on the actual cats, but vintage Haemlin will be painted as Black Waltz III from FFIX, and I've made hats for each of the cats so they can be his little black mages. I canabalized Caitlyn with some TTB kit pieces to create 2 cat herders. As always, lovely to see everyone's updates throughout the month! I'm trying to do better in showing WIPs and updates instead of just a big dump at the end of the month.
  11. I often take one of each, as a performer tossing scheme markers out at 6" and popping enemy markers with seduction is amazing in scheme-y pools, the mannequin auto slows anything it hits, and most of the Performer's Can actions are pretty great for Cassandra to understudy.
  12. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    For all the translucent models I've done I've used an exacto knife to scrape the lines and to lightly score contact points instead of using files. Filing translucent plastic has muddied it up worse than the glue I use, which is the gorilla super glue gel. It will fog it up if you use a bunch, but very light usage I haven't noticed any fogging.
  13. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Well, after last month I really want to take it easy, but there's just too many Outcasts I want to paint. First Objective is to finish Datsu Ba, the Doxie, and three Drowned for my friend, along with Alt Bishop. Then, for me, Vintage Misaki, Shang, Alt Lazarus, Hans, and two Desperate Mercs. Then, as an art project, I may get to the Curiosity Killed the Cat box and Vinage Haemlin. I hesitate to actually pledge them, since I really don't plan the put much paint on the models, but the bases will be fun, methinks. In either case, I want to share the progress with you all!
  14. Boomstick

    Welcoming Our Newest Game Designer!

    Congratulations Kai! I look forward to seeing your direction and contributions to the game going forward!
  15. Boomstick

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Everyone's doing such wonderful work! I love it all! Here's what I managed of the giant pile of plastic I pleged. Got a good amount of it done, and the rest it well on it's way to be finished up early June. First, Krampus/Snowstorm (11ss) and Boris the Slate Ridge Mauler (7ss) Tosiro (9ss) and two Komainu (10ss) 2 Goryo (14ss) a Dead Doxie (6ss) and a pack of Canine Remains (12ss) and finally, 3 Seishin (0ss) and the Largest of Jakobs (5ss) presented as the Red XIII for my FFVII Outcasts. And for funzies,a picture of the most Grandious of Jakobuses consulting the ancestors, wondering why all their advice involves braaaaiiiiinsss. For a total of 73ss, by my count.