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  1. This is true of her minions, but the Duet, Cassandra, and Carlos can hold up pretty decently. And the minions can be swapped out for the much more durable versatile minions elsewhere in the faction.
  2. Glass cannon, Kaeris' crew? The amount of fire they can get on themselves plus the healing from a Firebranded have made them as survivable as they need to be in my experience.
  3. The Performer crew is very top heavy, meaning Colette, Cassandra/Carlos, and the Duet want to be in the limelight and draw the opponent's attention to allow their squishy minions time to run schemes. That said, I've found myself not bothering with many minions except for a SS Miner with Magical Training, which also digs up more Soulstones to help your master and henchmen perform better and survive longer. Oddly enough, with Mannequins, the Duet's pulse heal and Cassandra's ability to borrow those actions, this crew has a decent amount of healing built in depending on how it's built.
  4. Barring some really weird tricks from opponents (Split the Soul shenanigans from Yan Lo I've seen, for example) I think we have a wonderfully varied tool box in our different Arcanist masters. Most can build crews can do most things in their own ways, and our versatile models (while not as bonkers good as some Thunders things) are excellent at plugging holes in various crew deficiencies if they play out of their obvious strong suit(s).
  5. Love the new sculpts for Taelor and the Student!
  6. April showers are being followed by...well, May showers, in my neck of the woods, so good painting weather continues I'll be doing some more Thunders odds and ends this month, mostly to make sure I'm set for MuseOn Con (which I highly recommend if you're within traveling distance from Iowa). Wanyudo, another Toakage, a Thunder Brother, an Izamu for a friend, and converting Cherri Bomb into a Samurai/Fuhatsu to fit with last month's Team RWBY Misaki. I don't have exact numbers on me at the moment, but I think that's 38ss. (Also, @Caedrus I realized upon seeing you have me as an Unknown for April that I hadn't given a monthly today between my two waves of completions last month. All told it was 45ss).
  7. Boomstick


  8. Looking great everyone! @Viruk thanks! I've always enjoyed conversion work, it's one thing I've found less reason/opportunity for in Malifaux over 40k (which is overall good, means the models are more interesting) but when I get a fun idea like this I run with it. Trying to get my hands on an Alt Ototo to add to the theme and conversion, but for next month I'll be adding a different option.
  9. Thanks for the insight, Nathan! Loving the transparency and wealth of information!
  10. Fantastic news all around! One question: any news on if there will be a small rulebook like for M2E? That was seriously the best thing ever.
  11. @Franchute that yellow and weathering looks AMAZING!
  12. Update for me: I present Team RWBY, armed and ready! Not counting Misaki and Shang as they really just got touch-ups and a weapon swap, but wanted to show them all together. This was definitely the most demanding green stuff work I've done, beween the scythe, sword, and Minako/Yang's torso and hair. Press molds helped a LOT! All told the rest together (Minako 8, Crime Boss 8, Torakage 6, 2x Katashiro 6 each) come to 34ss more for the month so far. Also, if you're looking for something fun to watch in the background while you paint, look up RWBY on YouTube.
  13. @Polar43 loving all the Bayou models. The booze bots look physically solid (with the gamin being adorable) and the bright colors on the Gremlins really pop! I especially dig Popcorn's hat!
  14. Alt Crossroad Seven that's a blues band a la the Blues Brothers. Essentially, more horns!
  15. Which order are blasts placed in terms of Bombs in Yer Belly if the attack hitting the upgraded target includes blasts? As discussed in this thread, if it's the one from the upgrade, it can effect where the attack's normal blasts can go, and vice versa if the other way.
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