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  1. Wow! Amazing! Hats off to everyone, looking absolutely stupendous! @Caedrus My getting-back-into-it accomplishment for the month is these three Dandy chaps, totalling 12ss. Felt odd to put so much color on Resser models, but I enjoyed it, and how they turned out.
  2. Boomstick


  3. I'm out of the habit of posting beginning-of-the-month picture! Ahhh! Oh well, better late than never. Working on 3 deadest Dandies, 3 Daydreams, 2 Stitched, and a Student of Conflict in a pear tree.
  4. @Stranglelove thanks so much! Ocarina and Twilight Princess are my favorite Zeldas, visually. So after doing up my Hooded Rider as "what if Dark Link won and masqueraded as Link", I've been doing more of my Neverborn as things from Hyrule as I go. (Check back in the painting challenge posts or my album, Dreamer's a young Ganondorf, Chompy is Ganon in the shadows. Coppelius is an Octorock in a coat, Serena is Midna, and the Alps are a Dodongo, Lizafos, and Moblin, so far. I have plans for all other Puppets to be wearing different masks, and Collodi to wear Majora's, but at this point I may wait for (what I expect to be) it's inevitable return in the story to push through on that one, as it's currently a bit beyond my sculpting confidence level.
  5. My pledge of 6ss complete for March, the Stitched Together finished and polished up. Haven't unearthed my photobox from the move yet, so please excuse the pictures.
  6. After a Mulligan last month and a lot of this month being follow-up activities to getting the new house in order, I finally got some time to paint. Here's a WIP of my pledge this month: a Stitched Together as a Shadow Beast from Zelda. Should have it finished up before the month's out no problem. It's good to be back.
  7. Having an issue where a friend is sending me a link to a new game setup but the link just opens the app and fails to load a pool. We're both Android users and freshly updated. Any other word about this going around?
  8. Late to the party this month, and it may be my first mulligan due to prepping for moving, but nevertheless, here's what's next up on my painting table: 3x Daydreams, 3x Stitched, and 3x Dead Dandies (one came in missing a head, but I figure in Ressers that's an opportunity).
  9. @Caedrus thanks so much! They were a blast to paint (and figure out the color schemes, expanding my RWBY theme for Thunders to the villains as well). I managed to finish a couple more right in time for the month! Behold, both dragons (as Grimm, keeping with the RWBY theme). Had a blast with the custom work on the Emissary (wings and tail fins are press moulds of the wings I used on the Dawn Serpent and some for a Black Blood Shaman. They're a little rough around the edges from trying to make them thicker to be a bit tougher. Also filled in the holes where his lower legs should be for more of a sea serpent look.) Also the first time I've used any water effect for waves, so please, pour your tips and criticisms over me So, with the 19ss from these two, that should bring me to 39ss for the month.
  10. Mid month update! I recall Desper being referred to as "she" at some point during the Beta by one of the designers, and it stuck. So, I kitbashed Desper's actual model with a Miss Anne Thrope and some press moulds of Lady Rafkin's legs to make my own Desper: And then used one Huckster and kitbashed another with another Miss Anne Thrope I'd collected at some point. All told, 20ss so far this month. Might be all I do since I have a trip upcoming, but I'm pleased with the progress so far! Thoughts?
  11. Happy 2020 everyone! I'm so close with Ototo/Nora here, so finishing her up will be pretty quick, and then I'll move on to the newest batch in the priming box, either the dragons or doctored up Wastrel models first.
  12. Well, as expected, December was busy, and we added extra busy by looking at houses, so I'll be using my first mulligan, but it's been a great year and I'm looking forward to seeing more painting progress all through 2020 from everyone!
  13. @Caedrus I'm in for 2020, sticking with an Enforcer level! Love the buy back in option! Personally I'm looking forward to improving and experimenting with an airbrush more (this far I've pretty much just used it to prime and zenithal) and combine that with getting more terrain done, as well as continue to improve in general both in speed and quality.
  14. Oof, that holiday schedule, am I right? Going to pledge alt Ototo, Katanaka Sniper and Thunder Archer. Realistically thinking I can finish one of them, the month being what it is. Everyone else, looking great so far!
  15. Had a wonderful local event this past weekend where we used the Too Many Secrets variant to great success and fun! I personally may like it more than the standard play set up, and most of the others here like it just as well. The one thing missing is the ability to use the App to play it, which is not currently possible, due to the number of schemes generated (7), chosen (4), and *how* they are chosen (pick 2 schemes to score the first point, 2 different schemes to score the 2nd point). So, Wyrd, it would be absolutely wondrous if the app had the ability to accommodate all the variants listed in GG0 (a spot for keywords for Bans, etc) as this would further your ability to use the data gathered internally, as well as for us players to use the app for every game we play, no matter the variant. Thanks for your time.
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