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  1. Personally, I'd recommend that 15ss be made of 2 Fire Gamin and a Firebranded. The gamin are great for moving around the Pyre markers and building up their burning from doing so, while the Firebranded can easily heal them or the Golem using their own burning. All three can scheme. As a personal choice, I'd also exchange the Soulstone Cache upgrade on the Golem for Magical Training on a Gamin or the Firebranded. It gives them a little more survivability, along with getting you a 7 card hand. All that and you'll still have 6ss leftover total.
  2. Work continues on my Nightmare crew this month, Coppellius being almost done, then Chompy, the spiders, and the Alps. Once my GenCon package gets here I'll be adding Daydreams and Stitched to the queue.
  3. Kyle, thank you for the update! While it doesn't make the process for us or you any more fun, it is nice to know the 'whys' behind the delays. You guys are awesome, don't forget that.
  4. So many great looking models by everyone this month, it's really inspiring. When I have a rough day I like to paint to relax, but those are usually also fairly high anxiety days for me, which leads to me thinking I don't have enough time to make good progress. Doing this challenge has really helped with reminding myself that I don't have to feel like should finish a model in one sitting (and really shouldn't try for the sake of both myself and the paint job). Even 20 minutes is progress! I highly recommend that or a similar mantra for anyone feeling similar/blother forms of burnout. Thanks for the compliment, @Caedrus! As for my month, finished Dreamer and Serena for 20ss. (Also, I had 29ss in July so you don't have to go searching for that as you update the sheet) Please excuse their base edges, I'm waiting for a new bottle of black to come in for that. Coppelius is also getting pretty close, and a little more work on Chompy. Adventures in shadowy high contrast to come, on him.
  5. There's also an Outcast specific one.
  6. Thanks so much for the update, and the transparency! Amazon may run like a scarily efficient clockwork robot overlord, but Wyrd is human (and sounds like you treat your warehouse workers more reasonably too) and that's what I appreciate about you guys. We'd never get this sort of transparency from Amazon, and I'm happy to wait patiently for my goodies. You guys keep up the amazing work!
  7. Quick update on Dreamer and Chompy, coming along quite nicely.
  8. Assuming I'm not facing Ten Thunders: Soul Stone Cache: 6 [Masters] - Colette Du Bois, Leader [Henchmen] - Cassandra Felton [Enforcers] - Angelica Durand - Coryphee Duet - Ferdinand Vogel [Minions] - Mechanical Dove - Mechanical Dove - Mechanical Dove - Soulstone Miner + Magical Training Taking Harness and either Breakthrough or Power Ritual, definitely bluffing Power Ritual turn one. Idea is that Colette and Cassandra and Angelica will be able to get down markers for Harness while engaging to prohibit enemy markers or pick them up with Don't Mind Me. Having Colette go late turn two will allow you to move your own models out of engagement to prevent the other crew from trying Hold Up. Meanwhile, the Duet can get into their backfield turn 1 with a little help from Colette, and can get markers in place for either Breakthrough or Power Ritual, flip their back field Turf markers, and then help support things in the middle. Soulstone Miner can support as needed. Vogel provides healing/Shielded to those in the middle, as well as ranged damage not caring about engagement with potential card draw, and more marker removal just by walking, also with card draw. Colette does her usual movement shenanigans and aims to bury a model each turn.
  9. My best RPG experiences have always been centered around when my players add to the world with their own actions. Things far beyond the rules. The top option that comes to mind is when one of my players in a homebrew Pathfinder world role-played an Orcish wedding, which I'd never consciously thought of before, but turned out to be a ritualized fight where both parties prove to the other that they can take care of themselves, thereby showing they'll be an asset instead of a liability. Having just picked up TTB at GenCon, I'm looking forward to starting some trouble Breach-side and seeing what shenanigans my players get up to to deal with it.
  10. I've recovered from GenCon and have completed building and basing Dreamer's new box and a spidery couple I've had waiting for him, along with Serena... Altogether it'll be 70ss if I can get them all done (unlikely, but I'm motivated to get them on the table. If nothing else, aim high, and if not, next month!)
  11. Looking great so far everyone! Especially enjoying @Wintergloom's Urami work, wow! My month wrapped up with a lot of learning on my end, tried some new techniques on the Hooded Rider (or as I've been calling him, the Dark Pony of Time) and am pretty pleased with the results. Between him, Bad Juju, and three Flying Piglet parrots for Zipp's Pirates, I'm at 29ss for the month. Presuming no issues at GenCon, next month: Dreamer!
  12. WIP after today's work on the Hooded Rider. Really enjoying this model, while at the same time feeling like it's taking forever to make noticable progress due to all the details.
  13. It's 106 miles to Malifaux. We got a full Fate Deck, half a cache of Soulstones, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it! Really though, I just want some horns. I don't even care that they'd inevitably be a 17 piece trombone and trumpet, and a sax where you have to attach the individual buttons.
  14. I'd love to see the Crossroad Seven as a blues band instead of a rock band.
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