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  1. @Caedrus sorry I'm late, was out of town and completely forgot to post pictures before leaving. If this needs to be a Mulligan and count for next month, let me know, that's fine. Spending entirely too much time trying something a little different on the Widow Weaver this month:
  2. The main story with Ivan and (who I'm assuming will be his crew, based off Gibson's reveal recently) is Breachside Broadcast #30, spent a good amount of time looking for it the other day.
  3. Given a (hopefully) high probability of Neverborn, the announcement last year around Halloween that the shamble men for the Halloween game would get M3E playable models, and that they would fit nicely with Carver's aesthetic, I'm going to bet/hope for a Pandora nightmare crew (she also hasn't gotten a new sculpt this edition, while Dreamer, the other master with one of Carver's keywords, has). For a Miss model, I'd therefore think something Guild...maybe the Steward?
  4. For July I'm planning on finishing up the Carrion Effigy and then, hopefully finishing up the rest of my Nightmare crew I currently have with the spiders and last Daydream. Bonus points if I get to Vasilisa or Hinnamatsu, who I've had fun modding a bit. For the July challenge, I feel I'm a bit of an oddity, but I tend to avoid watching much YouTube in general, and generally Google written directions of a given technique I want to try out, or ask for direction on a WIP I'm struggling with in the Wyrd Minis Painting FB group. That said, there are a few recognizable names I've looked up here and there: 1) Angel Giraldez - had to look him up after seeing his work on Wyrd's models, and found his videos on how to use an airbrush helpful where many articles had failed me. 2) Shoshie Bauer - my partner started following her when picking up Kingdom Death, and while I tend to look at her picture posts more than videos, her work is gorgeous and inspiring. 3) Craig Shipman - the man himself from Third Floor Wars, I've found Craig's advice on making colors pop on the table top to be invaluable, and was happy to find him in fairly active in giving both praise and advice in the FB group I mentioned.
  5. Flew through this one for a local competition we're doing for the community since we can't play in person. Went for a NecroPhoenix vibe and played around with making my own magic effects (nothing too fancy, just a torn up cotton bat, watered down paint, and glue). Picture doesn't quite grab the layers of the OSL, but I like it. @Caedrus 10ss down so far.
  6. Getting the jump on pledge post to ensure I don't repeat my almost entirely forgetting it in May! Going with a few Ressers (Emissary and Effigy), A Neverborn (last Daydream for Dreamer), an a bunch of stuff for Lucius. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints 1. Vallejo Dark Grey - Not exactly exciting, but I find it's a good central grey, and has been pretty helpful to de-saturate colors, so I've been using it a fair bit as I play with light. 2. Vallejo Fluo Green - brilliant for anything glowing, and possibly radioactive. I need to get more soon. 3. Contrast Gulliman Flesh & Fyreslayer Flesh - I *really* dislike painting human skin, though I know it can be done amazingly well, I just don't find myself wanting to put in the number of layers needed to get it there for the relatively little bit of skin I generally find on a model. These are skin-talent in a bottle in the same way Agrax Earthshade can be, and they're a crutch I'm perfectly fine hobbling along on. 😜
  7. Wow everyone, you all are doing phenomenal work! @Caedrus I just realized I goofed and never actually posted my pledge picture for this month (been a little crazy around here). So, here it is: And here's what I actually managed: Two Daydreams and the last two Stitched Together for my Hyrule Dreamer, for a total of 18ss.
  8. Wow! Amazing! Hats off to everyone, looking absolutely stupendous! @Caedrus My getting-back-into-it accomplishment for the month is these three Dandy chaps, totalling 12ss. Felt odd to put so much color on Resser models, but I enjoyed it, and how they turned out.
  9. I'm out of the habit of posting beginning-of-the-month picture! Ahhh! Oh well, better late than never. Working on 3 deadest Dandies, 3 Daydreams, 2 Stitched, and a Student of Conflict in a pear tree.
  10. @Stranglelove thanks so much! Ocarina and Twilight Princess are my favorite Zeldas, visually. So after doing up my Hooded Rider as "what if Dark Link won and masqueraded as Link", I've been doing more of my Neverborn as things from Hyrule as I go. (Check back in the painting challenge posts or my album, Dreamer's a young Ganondorf, Chompy is Ganon in the shadows. Coppelius is an Octorock in a coat, Serena is Midna, and the Alps are a Dodongo, Lizafos, and Moblin, so far. I have plans for all other Puppets to be wearing different masks, and Collodi to wear Majora's, but at this point I may wait for (what I expect to be) it's inevitable return in the story to push through on that one, as it's currently a bit beyond my sculpting confidence level.
  11. My pledge of 6ss complete for March, the Stitched Together finished and polished up. Haven't unearthed my photobox from the move yet, so please excuse the pictures.
  12. After a Mulligan last month and a lot of this month being follow-up activities to getting the new house in order, I finally got some time to paint. Here's a WIP of my pledge this month: a Stitched Together as a Shadow Beast from Zelda. Should have it finished up before the month's out no problem. It's good to be back.
  13. Having an issue where a friend is sending me a link to a new game setup but the link just opens the app and fails to load a pool. We're both Android users and freshly updated. Any other word about this going around?
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