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  1. I concur with enjoying how you've been running things, @Caedrus, it's been a great year! For my November, I'm pledging a bit of a mix: a few Wicked Dolls to work on the masked Hyrulrian Neverborn, Iggy, the Student of Conflict for my Viks, and a Thunder Archer, Sniper, and Ototo to add to my Team RWBY Misaki crew. And a first WIP for Ototo/Nora's hammer. Remind me to never scratch build detailed weapons again.
  2. Boomstick


  3. A touch late with the post, but was away from my things yesterday, sorry! Adding to the month with a bunch of interior terrain (40ss as per @Caedrus) along with The Captain (10ss), Elijah (9ss), and all three Firebranded (18ss total). All together, 77ss pluss the 21ss from earlier in the month for 98ss.
  4. Totally slipped my mind that Halloween = end of the month! I'll have pictures up either late tonight or early tomorrow.
  5. @Kyle & @matt thank you so much for the clarifications!
  6. Really like these changes! Is removing the "A model may not suffer more damage than it's current health" clause in Idols by design? That would mean no one can kill themselves by throwing an Idol (matching the main rules of not being able to take an action that would reduce them to 0 wounds). I like it if so, just looking for clarity.
  7. @Sol_Sorrowsong right here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/715524499/tavern-music-instruments-and-sound?ref=hp_rf-5 they do good work, just needed a little clean up from the printing process.
  8. @Caedrus that sounds fine to me! The terrain is a combination of barrels and tables from WizKids, barrels by FiredragonGames on Etsy, and a bar set and band stage/instruments from 3dEgos, also on Etsy.
  9. Ah, I was missing that Bonus Actions themselves also don't count towards the action limit and was thinking that the action limit was defined as 2 actions (3 for Masters) + a bonus if applicable. Thanks!
  10. Based on last sentence of the Actions Generated by Effects section on pg 34 "Actions generated in this way follow the normal sequence for Actions and do not count against a model’s Action limit." Sounds like a copied bonus action would not count as her bonus action for the activation, unless I'm missing something.
  11. Thanks @Viruk And @Scatterbrain! They were a lot of fun to get done, even if the Raspy friends are a bit early in the season. Quick update for me: Kaeris' buddies and the Captain are all built and primed, along with a bunch of terrain for an interior bar table. No clue how much it'd be worth, but I'm also not meaning to pledge it because air brushing and then drybrushing a lot of wood feels like cheating 😋
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