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  1. I'll be aiming completing the DUA/Umbra keyword with the Operatives, Mr. Moredrake, the Daeva, and the Nocturnes and Brocken next week when the box comes in to my FLGS.
  2. Wasn't sure I'd be able to finish up the bases due to the 2nd vaccine shot hitting me pretty hard, but managed it tonight! Here's Ivan, Gibson, Corvis, and Eva for 39ss @Caedrus
  3. Boomstick


  4. So I really like the new "slide left" menu style, just wanted to bring one thing to your attention, @dzlier. At least for me, on Android, when I slide specifically on the list of Setups on the game page, after confirming I'd like to delete one, it's never actually deleted. This occurs even after uninstalling and reinstalling. I don't know if it's affecting others, but wanted you to be aware in case it's more widespread than just me. Thanks for all your great work!
  5. It's April, and that means that hard turn into Explorers I mentioned. Ivan's Core, Dirty Work, Wanderlust, the Rex, and a Ramone I hadn't gotten to previously are all on the table. Guess we'll see how many of them I get to. Going to be playing a lot with light and shadow with the DUA/Umbra, that much is certain.
  6. My compmeted minis for March so far: Alan and a False Witness for a total of 13ss @Caedrus. We'll see if I get to any more before the month's out, but I know once Ivan shows up at my FLGS I'll be taking a hard left turn into Explorers for a while.
  7. I really like this response, thanks Kyle! This reminds me of a question I've scratched my head about for a while: Is there any way the seasonal encounter additions could be added to the app? Given a large amount of the community uses the (amazing) app for tracking their games, the biggest trouble I and other locals have had with playing these encounters is simply that we forget about them because we all make games in the app, and they aren't options there. Just wondering out loud, thanks again for the answer on Gaining Grounds!
  8. I was just thinking it'd be great if the App had a link to the most recent FAQ in the same way it has a link to the rules and current gaining grounds, that way everything rules-related is easily accessible from within the App.
  9. How is it March already? Anyway, I'm aiming to finish up Carver and Hinamatsu, then move on to Lucius' henchfolk and False Witnesses, maybe finish up this Investigator.
  10. Looking great everyone! @muraki, love the colors on your Rex! Bit of a light month for me, but I finished the two models that have been sitting in my to-do pile for the longest, Gracie and Vasilisa, for a total of 16ss, and several self-imposed weights off my mind. @Caedrus
  11. Love the challenge idea! I might get to it later this month with a piece for a friend's Kirai crew, but for now, here's the Before for the month: Hinamatsu, Carver, and Vasillisa at the top of the list, then a bunch of stuff for Lucius, and maybe, eventually, Gracie.
  12. January was fairly productive for me with some pieces I've been excited to do for a while. @Caedrus Finished the Snowmen Gamin for a local event, along with Vintage Pandora, nightmare Kade & Candy (sharing a base with her old metal version from the Pandora Avatar) with some of the best eyes I've ever managed, and Miss Ery just in case no one wants to allow my Beast Ganon Teddy on the table. All told, 52ss for the month.
  13. My resolutions this year: 1) To keep using painting as an exercise in "I'm doing this because I enjoy it, not because I 'should' or 'have to'". It's been terribly helpful at this so far. 2) To decrease my Pile of Shame faster than I can make it bigger. To start off, here's what's on the docket for the month, with the snow gamin being first for a local event that emds this weekend.
  14. Finished out the year with the Bandersnatch, two Sorrows, two Aversion, and a Lyssa for 33ss. Got real close on a few others but definitely don't have time before new years to finish them up, but they'll make a nice springboard into January. One again, thank you @Caedrus for running the challenge this year, and for continuing to next year! And to everyone else: phenomenal work, I've loved watching everyone continue and improve over the year!
  15. I'll happily be jumping in for 2021 again, at the Enforcer level! Seeing all your excellent works and growth has been great for motivation ever since moving to Indy from St. Louis, and getting more painted models on the table has (pre-plague) really helped grow the community in the area. Thanks to @Caedrusfor continuing to run the challenge this upcoming year!
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