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  1. I'd love to see the Crossroad Seven as a blues band instead of a rock band.
  2. Quick update on my end: Flying piglets are pretty well done but for some basing and deciding if I want to green stuff them some pirate hats. Bad Juju just needs better eyes and a touch up or two on his water effects. I'm stepping up my lighting work on the Hooded Rider and pretty pleased with it so far. Thoughts?
  3. Boomstick


  4. I seriously can't say enough how much I hope a future Toni sculpt does a similar style. This is amazing.
  5. For July I'm filling in a few holes in my Gremlins, and ramping up to go hard into Neverborn after GenCon. Redoing a metal Bad Juju I've had for a minute, to give him more of a rising-from-the-swamp feeling. Then, a few flying piglets, another Gatreaux Bokor and maybe a Bayou Smuggler and Gracie, with Hinimatsu and the Hooded Rider coming in for NB, and 2 Mecharacnids so I have them available should an urge to break out my Arcanists hit. Total Pledge: an unrealistic amount of Soulstones.
  6. Really liking what I'm seeing from you all this month, as usual! Between all the rain and blistering heat I got a lot done painting-wise! Jack (15), Lady Ligeria (2), Montressor (9) Guilty x3 (15) in their translucent glowy-ghosty-ness by their copper trees, and Izamu (10) as inspired by Ganondorf, pierced by many Light Arrows. All told, 51ss. Had a lot of fun doing something a little different this month.
  7. This is a great write-up! I've only played Mei a couple of times so far and there were definitely a few little tricks I missed. Really looking forward to getting her on the table more this edition!
  8. I'm definitely planning to update the previously pinned How To Colette post for M3E, just waiting for the official release to see if anything changes.
  9. @Wintergloom he looks stunning! Can't wait to see more of your Cult! I have a quick WIP of the Daw crew this far, been a slow start to the month, busy busy busy, but, finally got a decent chunk of painting in today.
  10. Colette's crew is surprisingly good at Idols between Don't Mind Me and the healing and movement shenanigans she get from Mannequins and the Duet. Kaeris' crew also does well with board control from markers and healing from Firebranded.
  11. To start this month, finally buckling down and finishing Izamu for my Resser friend, and getting Jack Daw's translucent box done for him as a birthday gift. Have some interesting ideas on how to make them...interesting.
  12. @lusciousmccabe thanks! And very close, you spy one of the many stamps from happysepuku.
  13. Thanks for the reminder @Caedrus, end of the month snuck up on me a bit. I did get these two finished in time to use them at MuseOn Con, which was a great time and I highly recommend it in the future. Cherri Bomb ended up making a wonderful Samurai as Coco for my RWBY crew for 9ss (adding a magnetized 50mm base covered in spent she'll casings to use her as Fuhatsu as well), and this Torakage will be helping as Renn for 6ss for a total of 15ss. Everyone, your models are looking wonderful! @bedjy, your Cult is inspiring me to try a few things when I get around to mine!
  14. This is true of her minions, but the Duet, Cassandra, and Carlos can hold up pretty decently. And the minions can be swapped out for the much more durable versatile minions elsewhere in the faction.
  15. Glass cannon, Kaeris' crew? The amount of fire they can get on themselves plus the healing from a Firebranded have made them as survivable as they need to be in my experience.
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