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  1. Boomstick

    Asura Roten

    In corner especially, she can put Zombies pretty much right where she wants them. I really think it'd be better for the game if it defaulted to her summoning them in base contact (or within 6" or something) and if she got a trigger, on a board egde in LoS and...24"? It's essentially the reverse of what she does now. That would at least keep her from getting 4 zombies in each side corner turn 1 (which does take some resources, but they're so well spent there's every reason to do it).
  2. Boomstick

    Colette Survivability.

    I like some form of this idea as well, it reinforces her theme. Somewhat related, with Assist being an option for counterplay, I think Distracted could go back to it's original form from the initial beta announcement of negatives to attack and damage. I've found that as-is, Distracted is still best countered by Focus, but currently it means people hit normally with a positive to damage (normally ends up at a straight flip) which leads to Colette's crew, which pretty much lives by distracted, melting to cheated in severe damage.
  3. Boomstick

    Colette Survivability.

    Now there's an idea! I'm not terribly learned on Tara, does that make Colette a reverse hard counter to her (I wouldn't think so since it's not the whole crew, but better to know).
  4. Boomstick

    Changes for Ramos

    My biggest concern with Ramos is his summon upgrade is terribly damning. Summons take irreduceable damage equal to half wounds (rounded down, thankfully), come in slow, and are insignificant. They do get an aura of auto 1 damage for enemies that activate nearby, which is cool, but I'm concerned that the way to beat Ramos is to focus down his hires and ignore his summons as much as possible so he has no/minimal models that can interact to actually win. 2nd issue with this, is the way replace works means when you combine steam Arachnids into a swarm, hypothetically the Arachnids are all summoned in on 2 wounds, so the swarm comes in at 6. Then it attaches the summoned upgrade since the little spiders had it, so it take half it's max damage (4) bringing it down to 2 wounds and still being insignificant. The insignificant part could be fixed by changing out his current trigger on his summoning (giving little spiders focused) for something similar to So'mer's where they don't attach the upgrade. I'm honestly a little confused why his upgrade isn't just giving the summon's slow, like Sandeep's is. Anyone have any insight on that?
  5. Boomstick

    Colette Survivability.

    As an avid Colette player I agree something needs to be done: while there are ways around her defenses, as there should be, there's something to be said that they are so layered that if no one attacks her, she's way less effective, needing to spend resources to bury in order to pop up and spread distracted that everyone's so worried about (why aren't people using focus to counter it, I wonder?) If she's such a problem, I recommend coming after her in less conventional ways as have been stated above, and giving other masters a boost. If she needs something changed, I'd say start by removing serene countenance and see where that leaves us. That said, I think between Focus and the Assist action countering it, Distracted should be what it was originally, negatives to both attack and damage.
  6. Boomstick

    Gunsmiths (+Ironsides)

    In the closed beta I played Toni a good bit and she definitely wants another M&SU nearby for unionized. She's less self sufficient, but her crew can support her and Mouse is free now, so it is what it is. My concern is that her Df trigger now defaults to "after succeding" since there's no other timing listed, so she's less able to defend herself (and more importantly, less able to get Adrenaline). Design-wise she's less of a tarpit not with smaller engagement range and no way to keep people from Disengaging, and I'm not terribly sure what she's supposed to do except draw enemies in and kill them before she dies. Definitely a good counter-crew vs Terrifying though. I'm interested to see how a wider testing pool finds her, though offhand I'd say her defensive trigger should flip back to After Resolving, lest she end up like pre-Wave 5 upgrades Toni. As for the Gunsmiths, I'm glad they're fun and useful to use now. Not sure if they need a cost drop or not, but it would definitely make them a less obvious target for Vendetta, and more able to do it themselves.
  7. Boomstick

    Grammar/Spelling Thread

    I've noticed on Kaeris' card, her Inferno ability lists Pyre Markers as Hazardous (Damage 1 and Burning +1), which her On The Pyre action and other pyre-based things in her crew list Pyres as Hazardous (Burning +1). Whichever is correct, just needs to be syncronized.
  8. In addition to her box, Mei makes good use of Metal Gamin and the Rail Golem (renamed the Metal Golem), Willie, as well as Sparks and the Mechanical Porkchop from the Bayou (haven't used Sparks yet and the MechChop seems like it might need a tweak, or maybe I just need to support it better). I expect Foundry will be getting new keyword models going forward, but for right now she does fine with the versatile models from her factions.
  9. Boomstick

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    Love the contrast between the oranges and his skin, and the levels in his skin in general (I hate doing skin, so seeing some that pops always makes me notice). Well done!
  10. Boomstick

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    I'm so glad I held off on getting Dreamer previously. Cricket bat Dreamer is so much cooler. Chompy could loose a few pounds, but everyone else looks amazing!
  11. Boomstick

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    Starting off January with a bang! Didn't finish the rest of last month's WIP's on New Year's, but got them done tonight (same WIP picture as finishing picture from December) And then finished pictures of Manos, Asura, Mourners x2, Zombies x5 And then, for the rest of the month, working on the Bayou half of Backdraft and a Root beer Whiskey Golem.
  12. Boomstick


  13. Boomstick

    Monthly Painting Challenge - December

    Hopefully I'll get a bit more time today to do final touches on Manos and Waynudo, but probably won't have time to upload pictures later, so, here're a final picture of Minako and her Katashiro for 18ss, with a WIP for the rest. Happy New Year to everyone, be safe in whatever festivities you may attend, and may hope and good tidings find you quickly and often in 2019!
  14. Boomstick

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    Continued from above: Titans I still think are worth 3x their scrip cost. It would make them basically the same cost as a full fireteam of infantry (some of which are on the same 120mm base size) just one morel instead of three. Adjuncts are definitely worth more than 1 scrip/ss, painting-wise. Maybe set them as a "standard" minion at 5ss? Thoughts?
  15. Boomstick

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge

    @Caedrus and anyone else on the TOS equivalency question. I had completely forgotten about adjuncts and single model non-commander units when I suggested the rules as they're currently showing. For comparison's sake, here's a 9ss model, Amina, with a 9 Scrip unit, The Warped (same number of models and sized bases as the ECB Black Ops Adran mentioned) Each fireteam is three 30mm models all fitting into an 80mm base. For further comparison, here's Amina (still 9ss) with a unit of Karkinoi from Gibbering Hordes (8 scrip, each fireteam is three 50mm models on a 120mm base) And here's Amina with the Cult Titan, 7 scrip, 120mm base Looking at the difference of sizes, number of models, and complexity, as well as the issue with Adjuncts (1 scrip upgrades that swap out a model on a fireteam for a different one) I'm rethinking my initial recommendation that each fireteam is worth think the easiest thing to do would be to count each model on a fireteam as worth the scrip cost of the unit, since each model is essentially a single Malifaux model in its own right (and doing a whole fireteam will also generally mean basing the larger base they all fit on as well). This means that single model units are also worth their unit cost as well (other than Commanders, who count for 15ss like a master, though for the Gibbering Hordes "The Fury", being 3 models not on a fireteam, I'd recommend each one of them count for 15ss then), so we're cutting down on the math. This leaves two outliers: Adjuncts, since they're again 1 scrip upgrades that are shown via a model swapped out on the fireteam they're attached to, and Titans.