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  1. Mid month update! I recall Desper being referred to as "she" at some point during the Beta by one of the designers, and it stuck. So, I kitbashed Desper's actual model with a Miss Anne Thrope and some press moulds of Lady Rafkin's legs to make my own Desper: And then used one Huckster and kitbashed another with another Miss Anne Thrope I'd collected at some point. All told, 20ss so far this month. Might be all I do since I have a trip upcoming, but I'm pleased with the progress so far! Thoughts?
  2. Boomstick


  3. Happy 2020 everyone! I'm so close with Ototo/Nora here, so finishing her up will be pretty quick, and then I'll move on to the newest batch in the priming box, either the dragons or doctored up Wastrel models first.
  4. Well, as expected, December was busy, and we added extra busy by looking at houses, so I'll be using my first mulligan, but it's been a great year and I'm looking forward to seeing more painting progress all through 2020 from everyone!
  5. @Caedrus I'm in for 2020, sticking with an Enforcer level! Love the buy back in option! Personally I'm looking forward to improving and experimenting with an airbrush more (this far I've pretty much just used it to prime and zenithal) and combine that with getting more terrain done, as well as continue to improve in general both in speed and quality.
  6. Oof, that holiday schedule, am I right? Going to pledge alt Ototo, Katanaka Sniper and Thunder Archer. Realistically thinking I can finish one of them, the month being what it is. Everyone else, looking great so far!
  7. Had a wonderful local event this past weekend where we used the Too Many Secrets variant to great success and fun! I personally may like it more than the standard play set up, and most of the others here like it just as well. The one thing missing is the ability to use the App to play it, which is not currently possible, due to the number of schemes generated (7), chosen (4), and *how* they are chosen (pick 2 schemes to score the first point, 2 different schemes to score the 2nd point). So, Wyrd, it would be absolutely wondrous if the app had the ability to accommodate all the variants listed in GG0 (a spot for keywords for Bans, etc) as this would further your ability to use the data gathered internally, as well as for us players to use the app for every game we play, no matter the variant. Thanks for your time.
  8. As always, lots of great work to see this month! @Wintergloom the red/orange glow on those looks actually hot, amazing! @Franchute welcome to the Brew Crew! Looking good! @misterfinn best of luck on the surgery! For me it was a slow month due to holiday plans being a bit shifted this year. Completed Iggy and three Wicked Dolls (with Zelda masks to with with my other recent Neverborn. Still noodling on flocking the gravel or changing the color just slightly, but done enough) total of 15ss for me.
  9. I see the nightmare Coryphee, but the translucent red normal Coryphee that were on the newsletter appear to have...danced away? Oh well, one day!
  10. I concur with enjoying how you've been running things, @Caedrus, it's been a great year! For my November, I'm pledging a bit of a mix: a few Wicked Dolls to work on the masked Hyrulrian Neverborn, Iggy, the Student of Conflict for my Viks, and a Thunder Archer, Sniper, and Ototo to add to my Team RWBY Misaki crew. And a first WIP for Ototo/Nora's hammer. Remind me to never scratch build detailed weapons again.
  11. A touch late with the post, but was away from my things yesterday, sorry! Adding to the month with a bunch of interior terrain (40ss as per @Caedrus) along with The Captain (10ss), Elijah (9ss), and all three Firebranded (18ss total). All together, 77ss pluss the 21ss from earlier in the month for 98ss.
  12. Totally slipped my mind that Halloween = end of the month! I'll have pictures up either late tonight or early tomorrow.
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