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  1. My resolutions this year: 1) To keep using painting as an exercise in "I'm doing this because I enjoy it, not because I 'should' or 'have to'". It's been terribly helpful at this so far. 2) To decrease my Pile of Shame faster than I can make it bigger. To start off, here's what's on the docket for the month, with the snow gamin being first for a local event that emds this weekend.
  2. Finished out the year with the Bandersnatch, two Sorrows, two Aversion, and a Lyssa for 33ss. Got real close on a few others but definitely don't have time before new years to finish them up, but they'll make a nice springboard into January. One again, thank you @Caedrus for running the challenge this year, and for continuing to next year! And to everyone else: phenomenal work, I've loved watching everyone continue and improve over the year!
  3. I'll happily be jumping in for 2021 again, at the Enforcer level! Seeing all your excellent works and growth has been great for motivation ever since moving to Indy from St. Louis, and getting more painted models on the table has (pre-plague) really helped grow the community in the area. Thanks to @Caedrusfor continuing to run the challenge this upcoming year!
  4. Happy Birthday! ğŸŽ¶And ma-ny moooooooooooooooorrrrreeeeeeğŸŽ¶ Thanks for updating the app, that's going to make the Explorer's excitement even more...exciting! I'm absolutely salivating to get Ivan and the Department on the table, and then really get Seeker under a microscope once they release.
  5. @Caedrusthank you for running the challenge this yrar, it's really helped me keep my motivations and chin up throughout 2020. You have my vote to continue to run it. As for my December, I'm pledging the rest of the Witches and Woes box, the 3rd Insidious Madness, Carver, Teddy, 2 Aversions, a Lyssa, and I may even finally finish the Bandersnatch, or start on Vasilisa and Hinamatsu. Oh, and one if the snowmen ice gamin for a local event. Another month if "throw it all at the wall and see what sticks". Probably add alt Candy and Kade depending on the the black friday order arrives.
  6. For November I added a few Insidious Madnesses, the last Daydream, Witch Pandora as Zelda and her Poltergeist to my Hyrule Neverborn for 36ss. And then, revealing my Rotten Harvest mentioned from last month, Teddy as Beast Ganon, built from a Rougarou, Wild Boar head, Thunderwolf arm, Lightning Claw hands, and a good bit of greenstuff:
  7. Given the start of the month, I'm throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks by the end. Finishing up the Nightmare keyword with the last Daydream, finishing touches on the Bandersnatch, and the Insidious Madnesses. And then on deck is most of the Woe keyword, and Vasilisa.
  8. Finally got my poison (dart frog) gamin done. Nothing terribly fancy, they won't be on the table long, after all. @Caedrus 15ss for them, +10ss for my "secret something". And thank you for everything you've done, running this program this year! Oh, and my shame pile, er, box. I fear it's growing strength.
  9. I'll dig out my shame pile (which is at least organized into a box. The fact that that box isn't where it can constantly stare at my as a total coincidence, I swear!) a bit later, but this is an awesome extra challenge. This month I'll he painting...something...and these poison bom--I mean,gamin, already in progress:
  10. Pushed for a big month, and got one. The whole Honeypot crew (minus Kitty from last month) plus Miss Guided! Total of 90ss @Caedrus
  11. Dark theme looks funky on mobile, can't see the notification /slideout area, and the other icons that are normally on the slideout are in the upper right corner of the main view.
  12. This month I feel confident about finishing up the Honeypot crew. Pretty close on the front row here, and the rest should follow pretty quickly once I get going. Stretch goal is to finish making the poison gamin in the background poison dart frogs.
  13. @Caedrus here's a better picture of Kitty from earlier this month for 9ss. Pops even more in person, just had to turn down the brightness on the picyure or else the white blinds out a good bit of detail. Got pretty close on a few other, but not close enough. Puts me in a great spot for September though!
  14. Kitty's done! (Highest highlights aren't showing great in these, nor the gloss on the bottle, but you get the idea)
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