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  1. Boomstick

    Coryphee duet

    The issue I see here is that M3E is supposed to have thematic crews work well together, and currently there's little to no reason to bring the thematic Performer minions (or, I would argue, Angelica) as they just die too easily, even with Distracted around. Colette herself still has the issue of either never being attacked by a savvy player, or dying quickly to crews/factions with the tools to get through her defenses (Thunders, Outcasts especially) but the bigger issue I think is that Showgirls and Mannequins offer little reason to be hired over Arcanist versatile models.
  2. Boomstick

    Coryphee duet

    I had the same healing the Performer crew generally has access to: the Duet's action which is a pulse, so does not affect itself, and a Mannequin, which is Living only, so can't heal the Duet. There was some armor piercing in the opposing crew (as I imagine will be brought against most Arcanist crews), but the Duet was fast enough to avoid it. But, with a a few attacks getting either getting forced through or occuring because of bad flips on my end, the Duet was whittled down 3 wounds. Then, when I had it split to get the extra action needed to complete a scheme, both Coryphee came in pretty hurt and died quickly, even just plinking off a wound a time without ignoring armor. Sidepoint, has it been clarified if the Duet takes half its Wds rounded up or down when it splits?
  3. Boomstick

    Coryphee duet

    I've tried it since the update and that's exactly what I've found. If you leave it as the Duet, Nimble is now what you use as your bonus action, since splitting leaves the individual Coryphee much more vulnerable than the Duet, for effectively one action more and some extra movement from placement shenanigans. Before it was the tough nut to crack distracting from an otherwise brittle crew, now it's joined them in brittleness. 10ss seems fair, (though if this change stays I hope they tweak the Performer crew a bit) or leave them at 12ss and give the incidental heal back.
  4. I think Colette's definitely the Arcanist master who gets hard-countered the most. Everyone else has something where you want to bring tech to help minimize their trick (bringing Demolitionist or Blow It To Hell models vs Raspy and her ice pillars for instance), or eating scrap markers or ignoring armor or condition removal, but most of that is either minimizing the effectiveness of the crew or master, while the hard counter to Colette is specifically ignoring the defensive tech that keeps her alive. She's currently never going to see play against Thunders since for 9ss any crew can take both Masked Agent upgrades for two 13-16" diameter bubbles of no resistance triggers on a mobile beater, and a Tanuki to hand out cheap Focus. Agreed Outcasts also isn't a favorable one for her. Neither is Neverborn with their good amount of Stunned (and therefore Bayou with Zoradia, who also likes similar scheme pools, and Wong who does plenty of indirect damage).
  5. Fingers always seems to want another action to move into position to do his actual tricks. Either Nimble or Reckless would help a lot with that.
  6. Moon Shinobis are back to fine. Drunken Kung Fu now works on all flips, so it works on attacks and damage again.
  7. I like that you're collecting these together. One recommendation I'd make is to have Gators gain Stealth.
  8. I personally find Kaeris to be in a pretty good spot (though I wouldn't say no to another bonus action, something scheme, maybe?) The one thing I wish was tweaked is for the Flame Tornado to be tweaked to allow friendly keyword models to fail the shockwave, much the same way SnowStorm's shockwave can be chosen to be failed by December models. The reason for this is that Flame Tornado is the best way I see to give the golem and gamin a good stack of burning early, which really helps the gamin survive. The issue right now is you're hoping to get at least a few low cards to cheat in turn 1 for them to fail it so you're not wasting actions.
  9. @misterfinn thanks so much for the compliment, AND the suggestion! I may do just that!
  10. Giving Tuco Blow It To Hell would be a good way to give NB a way to deal with Destructible terrain.
  11. Well, here's an update on my month: finished Talos as Killjoy (though his knife didn't show well in the pictures, in person it looks like obsidian) for 10ss, 2 Silurids at 6ss each, the Adze for 7ss, and the Wil o' the Wisp for 4ss (though I'm debating about going over it's wing veins with the dark grey of it's body to make them pop more, but not sure it I hate myself that much or if it would throw off the glow look. Very much open to thoughts and suggestions.) So far for the month that puts me at 33ss, and following it up with a WIP of two Akanme I wasn't intending to start on yet, but they were just staring at me...
  12. Boomstick


  13. This is great! The one thing I'd recommend is to have the option to read the specifics of the strat and schemes if it's not too much trouble. Thanks for making this!
  14. Turf War: still think everyone can do this pretty well, though wether through survivability/killyness/schemeyness/control differs. Plant Explosives: a mobile Raspy list, Kaeris, Marcus both also have the mobility, though Marcus himself will have to play more mobile and therefore not hand out as many Mutations as he'd like. Mei with a little setup. Colette can definitely do it, but survivability on anything lower than the Duet becomes an issue, which can lose you bombs, though this can be mitigated by who you equip with the bombs. Corrupted Idols: Sandeep and Ramos are the easy choices with having significant summons who can die to move the idols without caring. After that probably Kaeris, Raspy, and Marcus for having mobile models to scheme and have some healing. Colette's got the scheming but not the survivability. Reckoning: Marcus, Toni, maybe Kaeris or Mei. Hoffman as well, but watch out for your foes ignoring armor. I still think the schemes are going to be the bigger determining factor on which master you bring, as some keywords will have better answers to certain schemes than others. And of course, what faction your opponent declares will play a large part (for example I don't ever see myself bringing Colette against Thunders, since for a total of 9ss they can give two of their beaters a 6" aura that ignores resistance triggers and bring a Tanuki to hand out a bunch of Focus, easily countering all her defensive tech).
  15. Hoarcats definitely need some help. Currently I don't see a reason to take them in Rasputina as the Ice Dancers are just as fast, better at scheming, and are independent. Even less reason to take them with Marcus, since there's no Ice Pillar generation in the crew. Give them a 2/3/4 damage track, make Tundra Hunter something useful for both crews they can work with like positives to attack when near an ice pillar or friendly beast. Or maybe Deadly Pursuit. Order Initiates: mostly just too expensive. For the same cost Marcus can take a Rattler, or for one more take a Cerberus or Mauler. Make them 6, or even 5ss as is. The Beast Within: feels much better now that Shapechanges doesn't discard upgrades, but still has no *reliable* special thing he can do that makes him special over Vogel. I think Adaptive Evolution on just him would help with that. Gives him more of a bestial feeling vs Vogel, and allows him to discard mutations to reliably get the trigger he wants. Since his triggers are what make him special (armor ignoring especially in Chimera), it would help a lot. Molemen: really need two to make their cool abilities work, and for the same price can get a model that will survive more than one well placed hit. Toni: We're very close. Change Caught in the Ring to the negatives to Disengaging and get rid of the "must attack Toni" (or make it "discard or must attack Toni"). The negatives keep people from just Disengaging and ignoring her, and forcing the opponent to attack her just feels oppressive to the opponent. Duet: with the recent change they won't be splitting nearly so often, give them a price reduction to 10ss, or maybe 11ss and they're set. However, without them being the Performers' tank... Mannequins: give them Armor +2 so Take The Hit is actually useful in keeping both them and the Showgirls/Angelica alive long enough so they can heal their living buddies. A stat on one of their attacks wouldn't hurt either. Or give Showgirls/Angelica Df 6, since they're nimble dancers. Saboteurs: really this is for Arson and No Witnesses. Make Arson only a 6" range and 1 damage and +1burning, but "may" target a scheme marker, and if it does, +1 damage. It allows them to still be excellent anti-schemes, but with some utility while still staying at range so they can live until there are scheme markers. Make No Witnesses "other enemy models in LoS and 6-8", 12" is a third of the board and is so corner case we'll probably forget about it 90% of the time. Willie: build in his "hold this trigger".
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