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  1. Found my daughter's colored pencils and got to work. When you have a great line art to start with coloring is kind of fun. Anyway, here's my entry.
  2. I posted this model as my plan for January (and recently posted there as a late response to the Jan thread) and I still want to touch up the model and add basing, but I guess it's technically "done" for the purposes of the contest, so I suppose I should claim my 9ss while I can... First time using contrast paints, and I feel like the colors are still drying and changing so I'll need to look at the models tomorrow to see what I want to do with it. For an example of what I mean, the brown is lightening up and becoming closer to the yellow I wanted as I type...
  3. @Caedrus Jan & Feb are mulligans for me. Literally got nothing done but priming the dawn serpent. Too cold amd too busy. Here's where the dawn serpent is at in March. Needs, details, touch up and basing...
  4. It will likely be my own scheme, but it might be similar to the box art. To be honest, no idea as yet. One problem is that I often don't have a strong scheme idea (and rarely like copying the "standard" scheme, where such a scheme exists), or when I do have an idea I don't have the right colors in my paint collection (dried out or never bought)... Meh, excuses Still, it's assembled already, so that part is done. I should prime today while the weather is good.
  5. I believe I wanted to challenge myself with the Enforcer level (typically 2 minions if I do a minion) and I'm currently in a league using Ten Thunders, so I think I'll start with my Ten Thunders backlog. That means I'm pledging to paint the following for January: -Dawn Serpent (versatile 9 ss) Here's hoping that's an easy enough start.
  6. Given that High Society is a January release for M3E, I suspect you're in that boat I'm also waiting on my Archie, but with the Wyrd staff on holiday until January, I guess I need to bother them about it then.
  7. For informational purposes: Received Order today (notification received Thursday, I now live on the East Coast of the US). Ross Jebson was not in package, instead a note that he's being mailed separately was included. (No Archie from my Gencon order, but I'm not surprised if that is coming separately, it would probably be a waste time to have them check if I'm waiting on Archie from Gencon while packing my Black Friday order) Ordered only special edition models, so as in previous occasions, no boxing included with models (iirc: no boxes have been made for special edition models).
  8. Is there a list of models new to M3E that might become special order models (if packaged with M2E models)? I stopped following Malifaux for a bit, and I'm not sure which models are new to M3E and which models were M2E models that appeared while I wasn't paying attention.
  9. Wyrd doesn't ship based on pure numerical order of Order number. I got shipping notification today (~3 hours before this post) for Order 29130. In the past, there have been occasions where I have received my order prior to receiving any notification of shipping. /begin speculation Myself and others have speculated that Wyrd prints out all of the orders in a big stack, cuts the stack into piles, allocates each of these stacks to a packer, who then completes packing of their own pile of orders (which may or may not be in numerical order). Luck of getting a fast packer (or easy to pack orders in front of yours) as well as where your order sheet ends up in the pile is what determines when your order gets shipped. /end speculation Whether that speculation is correct or not, it may make you feel better to believe it is correct and just hope that your packer packs faster.
  10. The Sabertooth Cerebus has a suited leap and a few non-suited opportunities to gain extra attacks. You can output 5 attacks (min 3 damage) if you can provide two masks and a crow at the right times. It can also self-buff via putting Adversary on a target (which gives more free movement). You could get 3 attacks on a target that was ~14-15" away at start of activation (5" Stalk Prey or 6" walk, 6"+50mm leap + 1" melee). Is cheaper than Archie and can be taken multiple times. Also has the ability to self-heal with a non-suited trigger and has terrifying. Yes, I know, different faction. Just putting this out there as a non-master with some similarities to the items people note with Archie. Please don't nerf my kitties. I'm in the Archie is probably fine camp, despite having been on the receiving end of Archie and thinking he is quite powerful.
  11. Oh why not, I'm in for 2020 at the Enforcer Level. @Caedrus I actually finished a few Malifaux models (complete with basing) for the first time last year (after playing this game since book 2 of 1st ed), so I might as well try to get some progress going forward. I've got models from every faction except Explorers, with far far too many still NIB... Quite a few models (picked up in trade) need a strip and repaint while some I have started painting but never finished as I got stuck on one aspect or other. Here's a pic of the models I finally completed, the start of a Fae crew. Needed to crop out a few dirty Elves from WMH, so these models weren't the camera focus point...
  12. I use an 8-sided die to keep track of turns. There's little danger of accidentally picking it up to roll, though there is some danger of bumping it and accidentally causing it to roll. I'd use a 6-sided die, but I actually have use for those in other games, whereas the 8-sided die is almost completely useless in other games I play. I've heard that there are companies that make turn & vp trackers along with status/condition tokens and such from acrylic or MDF boards.
  13. I just wanted to say that I got to play my first game of Malifaux in so long that I don't actually remember the last time I played. It was a Somer crew (me) against Shenlong in Turf War. We both ended up picking Distract and Frame for Murder as our schemes. We also had access to Bodyguard (I had no enforcers or henchmen in my crew), Assassinate, and of course A Line in the Sand. It took us a good long while, as neither of us had played in a long time, but we both had fun. I won (by killing off the Bayou Gremlins my opponent had distracted), but my opponent was happy to have made it a difficult slog for me given that I have used Somer before and he had never used Shenlong. We also had a demo going on and two other veterans breaking out their crews from long absences, so I hope this means our little group starts playing on a regular basis again.
  14. I understand that, but I felt it was more fun to just leave in Pengwings and describe them instead.
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