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  1. Looks at Adran's long list of 'masters' that summon, notes that it doesn't include henchmen/enforcer summons that make several other masters/keywords potential summoning masters/keywords: Ulix - piglets via henchmen/enforcers, ulix can them upgrade them to bigger pigs Wong - stuffed & flying piglets via henchmen/enforcers Molly - forgotten marshal summons (already uses summoning upgrades) I guess Toshiro is covered by the Yan Lo inclusion (though it wasn't mentioned) Misaki - Katashiro & Wanyudo via Minako Zoraida - Gupps via spawn mother all of resse
  2. This thread just makes me wish more tournaments allowed for Keyword Declaration to replace Faction Declaration at registration. I suppose there is potential abuse by just taking the leader and a bunch of versatiles/OOK, but I'm not sure that's more powerful than having Master access within a single faction. Dual faction Masters would probably gain more than the Crossroads, but again uncertain that's actually more powerful than having full access to 1 faction via declaring a faction instead of a keyword.
  3. Thank you for comments. I agree and got similar comments on the armor from my local group as well. I will probably work on other models before coming back to these, since they're tabletop ready (minus bases, which I'll batch do with the crew as a whole) Still I think the comments will help with future models (and when I come back to these)
  4. Toss has no TN Toss in the Mud has the TN 12 you mention FWIW, I made the same mistake reading Adran's post the first time.
  5. There are models that have changed factions/keywords and might not be useable with your main collection if you don't want to expand. There are also a few base size changes (the metal Ice Golem is on a 40, but needs to be on a 50 for M3E, luckily a 40 fits inside a 50 almost perfectly). Several models have changed names (unimportant except for finding their M3E rules if you know them by the old names). Technically non-master Misaki & non-master Hamelin no longer exist as rules, but their models can still be used as the master version if on the correct base size. All of the old "Avatars"
  6. FWIW, and going way off topic, giving the Deja vu trigger to Silent Ones might actually help Rasputina be good. Or at least give surge to someone in that crew.
  7. Yeah, i get what you mean there, but the term versatile means something in game. And it's probably better not to misuse such terms and potentially confuse new players.
  8. Are you talking about Gautraeux Bokors? Because they are not versatile.
  9. @Caedrus At some point I'll batch do my bases, but I surprised myself by finishing some models last night. 18ss via 3 Yokai. I like the skull faces, but not sure about the orange (needs more highlights) and the blue & purple, one too vibrant and the other too dull/watery.
  10. Your range breakdown makes a lot of sense to me. I really just pulled some numbers out of my butt for my example.
  11. I feel that the Fae crew (Titania) can be played fairly straight forward and doesn't have anything too insanely tricky in their rules. I think Rasputina is also fairly straight forward. There may be better options and there definitely are other options. I don't have enough experience with M3E to suggest those other/better options here, but you might want to look into crews that don't rely on 'engines' or multiple overlapping auras, or similar 'read multiple cards and remember all the interactions' crews. Summoners aren't necessarily hard, if you're not trying to learn the optimal
  12. I'd consider dropping the word 'irreducible' from the parasite extra damage (the bonus damage if a target already has a parasite token and would gain another). It could ignore armor/shielding(?), I suppose, but let soulstone users at least use their stones.
  13. The Loner idea could be interesting. Perhaps a 'loner' model would need to discard a card to cheat or similar. I also kind of like the idea of variable OOK tax rates. Both of those ideas do seem pretty large and more like 'next edition' items. Though they could be introduced via new models and maybe later errata'd onto older models if needed/appropriate.
  14. A thought on "ranged" attacks might to show several range bands (up to 8, 9-12, 13+, for instance) and the percent or number of model in faction/keyword with attacks that reach out that far.
  15. Ah. that kind of a change to Injured does sound like a huge change for Wong. Thanks for the info.
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