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  1. Marvel Crisis Protocol does the front to back movement measurement, by having movement not be in inches. Movement there is S, M, & L. Base size matters, as larger bases give effectively longer movement. This would require a change in Malifaux stats across the board, but wouldn't make the game unplayable. It would just be different. As for the Grids thing, squares are a terrible idea for measuring as diagonals vs straight lines leads to weirdness that works best for dungeons with walls and corridors or a "beer & pretzels" fantasy football game. If you wanted to move to a grid, Hexes is a better grid than squares. There's still weirdness with Terrain, as terrain doesn't typically fit well into hex shapes, and Base sizes end up not mattering (unless you allow smaller bases to stack in a hex like with Godtear or similar).
  2. I think Fixed Keyword tournaments would be quite interesting. Several dual faction master would likely rise to the top, and some of the stronger single faction masters would still shine. Crossroads 7 might be a decent choice for such a tourney but wouldn't likely be a power keyword. It's not like the Crossroads 7 can bring something like Fuhatsu and Manos in the same list regardless of tourney format (unless it's some weird 'break all hiring rules' format). Crossroads 7 as an option in an otherwise fixed-faction format likely wouldn't be that powerful either. Sure they could try to swap in different faction versatile options depending on opponent, but the Crossroads 7 models themselves benefit from having more of their keyword models to put out Sin tokens for each other so the more points into versatile or OOK options means fewer sin generating Crossroads models. Going to the extreme, Lust leading 50stones of Ten Thunders versatile & OOK models is probably crap on a stick and I'd guess the same goes for any of the Crossroads models. Here's a challenge: Make a scheme/strat/deployment pool. Pick an opposing faction. Build a Crossroads 7 list (any leader & related faction) that would destroy a strong list from the opposing faction that was built for the SSD pool.
  3. I got some malifaux painting done early this month, so I'm gonna post now, then post again if I finish more. (Maybe I'll even get around to basing as I'm getting closer to having good batches for basing together) 3 Akanane (12ss) for my Asami & Bayou crews. Orange nail polish as the tie in to my Asami crew... I also especially like the apple core. (All contrast paints, so kinda hits the monthly contest, even though I painted them at beginning of month before reading the contest Might still add splotches to make them more dirty trash demons. Or maybe try tattooing.
  4. There's a slight difference. Soveriegn's ability procs on Moved, so will always be the first move. The Shadow Emissary's ability procs on Placed, and while you usually place when you move with the Shadow Emissary, Flight is a "may" on being placed, so the Shadow Emissary can forgo the benefit of Flight while moving if it wants to proc Dragon's Fire on the second move.
  5. I enjoy Asami, though TBH I haven't used all of the others. I like the versatility of her summons (even if lessened due to the GG2 changes) and she's still got some summon scheming tricks even given the prohibition on summons interacting on the turn they're summoned. Summoned Tengu can make another model interact. Akaname can drop a marker (scheme/scrap/corpse) where needed. Obsidian Oni can get schemes/scrap out with triggers. Katashiro can get scrap in almost any location (by dying).
  6. I scored one point of it in my last vassal game, using Asami, where I bluffed the Claim Jump that was also in the pool. I think I would have scored both points, but I misjudged how slowly we were playing, and pushed a BTL marker to 8" instead of dropping a scheme for outflank on a turn, because I thought I had more time and thought I might need that BTL marker further up the board to get the full 4. I think it can be scored if you've also got a center scheme to bluff and force your opponent to decide which scheme they want to try to stop. Scoring both points can be fairly hard I think, unless you've bluffed well or really dominated. You probably need to build your crew for it. Not completely, but you'll likely want 3 models that can do the scheme (one for each side and a central model that can move to a side if you lose the model on that side. All that said, it's probably not a "go to" scheme if there's easier options in the pool. It can be a scheme you pick if your opponent's master and expected/selected crew look bad for the other schemes in the pool.
  7. You'll find some of the tricks* to fairly easily summon 10+ pts a turn in this thread, which is a pretty big swing in points when you're playing a 50 soulstones. 60 soulstones vs 50 soulstones is an advantage and more of an advantage if you can add more and more later. https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/152837-opinion-crews-shouldnt-consistently-be-able-to-summon-10-stones-in-a-turn/ *typically not described in depth however. Some summons (stuffed piglets) might not have deserved the nerf, but my limited experience post errata with Asami (a summoner hit by the summoning nerf but no other direct nerfs) is that the nerf to summoning seems fine. I hire schemers a bit more and summon beaters instead of schemers (though depending on scheme and situation I can still summon certain schemers). Given your last paragraph the change shouldn't affect you much.
  8. Asami Red Joker can also do Yokai + Akaname/Tengu, in addition to the Katashiro x2 option you list.
  9. I managed to finish something this month. A Tengu for my Oni crew. Only a few stones, but enough for my minion/peon ptongue. It's kind of a bluebird tengu. Need to find other birds to attempt for the other tengu.
  10. Yes, finally filters on card lists. Love it so much!!!
  11. If you are only planning to attend virtually how should you answer the remaining questions? Just leave blank or answer as if your FLGS will host something?
  12. I'd consider allowing Demise Summons to work properly as those "summons" don't add models to the game and instead allow a model to sort of continue playing (at a much weaker level) after being "killed". In someways you can think of it as an injured (not the Malifaux condition) version of the original model that happens when the model loses a certain number of wounds. Demise summons don't allow a player to build up an overwhelming army at these low points levels and instead just add small amount of durability to the models with that demise, at the cost of a lot of output once they've been dropped to their demise state. I might consider allowing the models with Summon abilities/actions (like Minako) to be taken, but disallow the summon actions/abilities. For some of those models, the summoning isn't the main part of their kit and they can be played without using the summoning on their card. I'm much less strong about this suggestions as compared to the one about demise summons. Also in Bayou there are two models that summon on deployment. In effect their base cost includes a free Stuffed Piglet. I'd consider allowing that summon to happen, since they cannot repeat the summon and it feels like the free model at deployment is part of the Pigapult & Taxidermists' costs.
  13. Based on following the other faction topics in this series, I think the OP is looking for 'reasonably competitive while mostly in keyword'. If you took their opening criteria, I imagine that it might be more appropriate to reorder them as follows: 2) Limit the initial purchases to 2-3 boxes (less is better) 3) Focus on Keyword models followed by good Versatiles 4) Generally avoid non-faction models (except those in master box) and taxed models 1) Make a competitive list with some flexibility if possible Which seems like a reasonable primer for newer players, who are imho more likely to be drawn in by the fluff and aesthetics of Malifaux (which would generally lead to a desire to stay in keyword) and less likely to be driven to be the strongest player in their meta. It's still important to be reasonably competitive (even players who don't find winning to be the goal don't want to get slapped senseless all the time), but bleeding edge of the meta isn't important. Those who want to be strong competitors are likely to do their own additional research and therefore find the various master/faction tactics articles. With that in mind, if Nellie is trash tier staying in keyword, then yeah all those versatile options should get moved up, but if she can be reasonably competitive in keyword, then I can see why the OP would want to keep more to keyword.
  14. IMHO, if you keep Killjoy as Green (I understand for budget purposes, but agree with others on the Emissary), then I would consider moving Puppet Show or orange. If you drop Killjoy out of green I'd still consider moving that box higher up in the Red section for Fae. Wicked dolls are one of the better models to hold Killjoy's upgrade. Cheap so you aren't wasting a lot of stones bringing him back. Small and stealth to keep them alive. Fast (decent speed, bonus push, and a on your heels trigger on their ranged ability) to get Killjoy back into action quickly. Ranged Adversary (your choice on keyword) is nice to set up Killjoy and your other models too.
  15. If the idea is to get the cheapest crew for each master, but still have the crew be somewhat ok (ie: not trash) I'd consider the following for Asami: Switch Jorogumo and Ancient Evil between green & yellow. The Ancient Evil box is $5 cheaper and brings in the better keyword Henchman. Jorogumo are great models, but as you have the cheap Asami crew set they're hires and not summons, leaving you with only Yokai or killed Jorogumo for summoning. Switching that to the Ancient Evil box would give you Obsidian Oni & Yokai as initial summons, plus any deaths. The Obsidian Oni is a perfectly serviceable Oni and easier summon than a Jorogumo. Imho this switch give more options initially, even if it passes on a very strong keyword model briefly. Just based on cost considerations, the Dawn Serpent is one of the better $ per Soulstone models in the faction and pretty good as a model, also versatile. I might consider it an Orange in all keywords, as it brings a fairly self-sufficient model that can slot in fairly easily for a new player who wants something different without spending a lot.
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