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  1. Frozen Heart never actually stopped Pandora from being good, it really only stopped some of Pandora's excesses. Paralyze was a bit too good in M2E and probably a reason it doesn't exist in the game in M3E. The old idea of Frozen Heart being translated to Ruthless in M3E would be a good buff against terrifying and manipulative models (which are quite honestly strong against a card hungry crew without access to easy focus), but not a terribly huge one, given that Rasputina is already Ruthless herself and can spot clean individuals. Of course Frozen Heart having some other
  2. TBH, I miss when December models all had Frozen Heart and it was effectively Ruthless (more or less) and I feel like bringing that back could make her keyword an interesting counter pick for certain opponents. It might not help her overall game, but being a tech pick would make her interesting.
  3. Not in mine at least. The last few times I played her, my opponents pointed out how easy it was to spot & counter my first turn (and subsequent turns, tbh), due to the set up required to get any usage out of ride the rails. The last time I won a game with Mei, I declared Mei, then took nothing in keyword (except the totem) and Asami as second master and summoned 3 Jorogumo over the course of the game... Felt dirty but I was super tired of losing.
  4. Your last paragraph points to a big difference between Zipp's pianos and Rasputina's Ice Pillars. A good number of models in Zipp's keyword have flight or leap to ignore Zipp's pianos, or can be carried around by those with flight. Zipp himself ignores the cover from his pianos with his gun, as does Merris. There's a bunch of other differences (which imho is important for keeping crews different and the game interesting), but I agree with you that Rasputina's crew should face fewer drawbacks from her own pillars.
  5. Minor point to the overall theme of buffing Raspy, but I'd be somewhat concerned about straight buffs to the Ice Gamin/Golem due to their Elemental keyword inclusion, especially since they can be summoned there (and not in December*). Obviously this could be worked around by making their buffs more December keyword focused or even "If the crew leader has the December keyword, this model gains..." I do think that a buff that is only related to Ice Pillars (for the Gamin/Golem) could be still an issue in the Academic/Elemental keyword, given that they have access (relatively easy access, i
  6. Thank you for the kind comments. I have Mei Feng as well, but I started briefly painting her crew years ago and need to actually remove dust from models before I start on her, maybe even strip her down to plastic and reprime. As for the shading, Sparks and the Survivors are almost 100% contrast paints (dry brushed sliver on the metal bits on the survivors with undercoated* silver on the spanner wrench on Sparks). Haven't actually highlighted anything... *I've since shaded it with some contract paint Based on assembled and recently primed models I may pivot from Foundry
  7. The metal Ice Golem of M1E was originally on a 40, so if you properly based it then you would just need to put your 40 based Ice Golem on a 50 base (many 50s perfectly fit a 40 on them). I suppose Avatar Colette might also fall into this as well since her 3 models were all on 30s, so don't quite fit the Avatar = Emissary rule, but could certainly all proxy in as Colette herself, or be rebased on a 50 to be an emissary proxy. I think there might be another Avatar on a 40 (but see Ice Golem 40->50 easy "conversion" noted above). Non-master Hamelin & non-master Mis
  8. My resolution is to paint more regularly. I'm looking to do a few hours (2-3) per week to start and build from there. Minimum is to paint at least a bit (30 min?) every week outside busy season, just to keep some regular habit/progress. A reach goal is to be able to field a fully painted 50ss crew by year end, but the more impressive models like masters and henchmen do scare me and I know that's a hurdle to get through. I have started painting already and am close to done on a few models I first put paint on early in lockdown.
  9. Originally from HI, now in CT, I probably put paint on a model first in the 90s (well a game model, I badly painted a model airplane and a lead cast figurine in the 80s). Have really only had one fully painted army in my life (warmahordes) and that was also very badly done. There were a few other that were close but just missed out due to not having bases done on all models or unpainted conversion bits (I used pencils for missile launchers for orks). Anyway even though I fell off very early last year, I think I'll try again, and pledge at the peon/minion level. Since success is lik
  10. Pre-assembled Or The hair on the spider legs will be separate bits. There is no middle
  11. Found my daughter's colored pencils and got to work. When you have a great line art to start with coloring is kind of fun. Anyway, here's my entry.
  12. I posted this model as my plan for January (and recently posted there as a late response to the Jan thread) and I still want to touch up the model and add basing, but I guess it's technically "done" for the purposes of the contest, so I suppose I should claim my 9ss while I can... First time using contrast paints, and I feel like the colors are still drying and changing so I'll need to look at the models tomorrow to see what I want to do with it. For an example of what I mean, the brown is lightening up and becoming closer to the yellow I wanted as I type...
  13. @Caedrus Jan & Feb are mulligans for me. Literally got nothing done but priming the dawn serpent. Too cold amd too busy. Here's where the dawn serpent is at in March. Needs, details, touch up and basing...
  14. It will likely be my own scheme, but it might be similar to the box art. To be honest, no idea as yet. One problem is that I often don't have a strong scheme idea (and rarely like copying the "standard" scheme, where such a scheme exists), or when I do have an idea I don't have the right colors in my paint collection (dried out or never bought)... Meh, excuses Still, it's assembled already, so that part is done. I should prime today while the weather is good.
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