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  1. @Purple Mist I've got a feeling now m3e is out we'll see a return of the painting competitions in 2020 (and if it doesn't then maybe we can run our own competitions). I'm not a big fan of the idea for this group though as detracts a bit from the idea of the challenge. For me personally it's about setting myself personal goals for the month and clearing my huge backlog of unpainted minis and there's so many I'd like to get done before the end of the year. That being said I wouldn't mind if people wanted to do a competition or even just as a theme for the month. it's just not something I'd be interested in doing at this time.
  2. If you contact Wyrd they'll put your details on a list, and send you them out when they have them.
  3. The Resser faction pack had cards with new art for the students so I'm guessing they're getting a re sculpt. The University of Transmortis box was out of stock everywhere for quite a while even before 3e was announced so it's quite hard to get hold off. Occasionally some students pop up on ebay. In the meantime until they're released you'll probably have to proxy if you wanna play Von Schtook
  4. Yep he has new art. I'm gonna speculate and say Yan will most likely come with Soul Porter, Chiaki and Gokudo now. And then possibly Izamu, Sun and Komainu in another box? That would be my guess
  5. Got the student of Viscera almost finished too. Just need to rework the eye glow and then I think he's done
  6. @misterfinn Thanks! Its basecoat with Dryad Bark, wash with Agrax Earthshade, then stipple with Panzer Aces Light Rust (amazing rust paint) Then a really light drybrush with Leadbelcher It's a super simple and quick process but looks really nice Some times I drybrush a bit of turquoise too to add that Verdigris look
  7. Yep all of the above and with a Lure of 7 she can reliably re position enemy models. Great for schemes/scheme denial. Montesor can obey her to lure twice as well so you can effectively drag something right across the board. Pulling the right models into range to get those curse upgrades out early, or pulling models into Montresor/Lady Ligeia/Jack's auras. She's just an amazing control piece with a ton of passive damage
  8. This is probably my pledge for the next 2 months as Sept is pretty busy for me. Transmortis box (minus Anna as I prefer the old one). Miss Feasance. And a student of Sinew (not pictureed as I currently can't find it, but I'm sure I have one )
  9. They are worth picking up at some point but not critical to playing the Tormented, Ive played many games without either. My Tormented list looks something like this usually Jack Daw + (either KI or GST) – 2 Lady Ligeia – 0 Montresor – 9 Jaakuna Ubume – 8 Hanged + GST – 10 Guilty – 5 Guilty – 5 Crooked man, Bone Pile or Nurse – 7/6/7 4/5 ss cache
  10. The errata looks great. As a Cult player I'm happy with the Rhino nerf, it still seems very good without being obnoxious
  11. Thanks for the kind words @Caedrus. I took my time with them and they turned out to be a lot of fun. The yellow is the same as I used on Kirai in the previous month - Basecoat with Averland Sunset / Wash with Seraphim Sepia / First Highlight Averland Sunset / Second Highlight 70/30 Averland Sunset/Ushabti Bone / and then just keep increasing the Ushabti bone (Can't remember how many more highlights I did on these but it was only one or two) I like my purple to have a blue tint to it so I mix 80/20 Xerus Purple and Caledor Sky for the base / wash with Druchi Violet / Highlight with previous mix / Then I lighten in increments for the highlights using Fenrisian Grey Hope this helps
  12. Wasn't expecting an errata for TOS before next year. Nice to see. I'm liking the nerf to the rhino's fire nova and consumed by magic abilities
  13. Does anyone else think my Seishin look like they could be on the Simpsons
  14. Thanks To be fair the shikome were mostly done from last month and just needed finishing. So what happened was I sat down and got out all my unpainted wyrd minis and said "you can paint anything you want, you don't have to keep grinding through Urami, literally anything" ... and so i painted Urami. My brain is weird
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