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  1. @Clement https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases If you click on the pic of your card deck and scroll over it it has the contents
  2. Will the cards be available for individual purchase? I ask because I notice that the Resser pack only contains Jack Daw and Lady Liegia and not the guilty and Montresor. Don't really wanna buy the whole outcast pack just for a couple of cards Also I play Collodi and the puppets I use are spread out across all the factions Would be really nice to see keyword packs available
  3. Does anyone know the exact measurements of the cards? I seem to remember someone posting it somewhere but cant find the thread
  4. So I'm about 4 games in to a tides of battle league. First 2 games were 1 commander and second 2 games were 1 commander with +10 scrip. Its in these phase 2 games that I've been adding the ECB and they haven't disappointed. I'll maybe try them in a normal 1 commander game at some point if it's against Abyssinia but I think they're a little too pricey unless you know there'll be a lot of assets in the opposing company. I haven't managed to use Pillars of Reality yet as both games I needed them in one area to concentrate fire on a titan. Seems quite hard to do unless you set it up early?
  5. @Caedrus I've just changed my display name from Athiko to Wintergloom (to match my Instagram profile)
  6. @Diddick Please please sculpt a poop scoop on Hamelin
  7. @Purple Mist Thanks for the compliment but the Crime boss isn't me, it's @Nikodemus
  8. Yeah that sounds like a good idea, I may even mix fire teams of the ECB into that process aswell, seeing as I want to paint them all quite different to each other.
  9. So for May I pledge muchos TOS. We have our first London tourney on the 15th of June and I'd like to get as much of my company done as possible. Unfortunately May is gonna be pretty busy for me so I don't know how much that will be, but I still have left to do Adeodatos, Fenton, ECB Black Ops, Doomseekers, Stalking Portals, 2x Raving Madmen, Immolated Rhino and 2x (proxy) breachlings... hmm where to start
  10. @Rathnard I think it's fine if terrain is high value as it encourages us to paint it @muraki Welcome to London! Its worth checking out Darksphere for gaming stuff, the one in Sheppards Bush has tons of stuff, there's also one near Waterloo which is just awesome as its under some railway arches. There's also the Orc's Nest and The Bad Moon Cafe (gaming cafe). If its more model shops you want just hit google maps and you'll find one - we're kinda spoilt
  11. Ooh that Binh sculpt is amazing. I'll be having one of those
  12. Wintergloom


    You can cheat the damage but you can't use stones as Stitched is a minion. Gamble your life ignores Terrifying and Incorporeal as its a tactical action. As its a damage flip I think it would still be affected by Hard to wound though, in which case you wouldn't be able to cheat it It's brutal in certain matchups
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