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  1. And hence forth he was known as Matt 23. Welcome
  2. Oh yeah I agree that would all be too much with a summon and obey as well, what I meant is I'd be happy to lose some of her tanky/beater stuff for her to fill more of a Vasilisa style role
  3. Yeah your right, although maybe Sybelle could have something like her 2e call belle ability. I was sad she lost that
  4. I think Scarlet Temptation should be a 2" aura again. Not sure why they made it smaller, especially as Sybelle's range is 2" That would make the belles more useful too Sybelle as she stands should probably cost 8 stones although I'd be happier if she stayed at 10 but got a rework to fill a more significant role. As was said above there are much better options in Ressers for the same cost. I'd rather she fill a completely different role than a (sort of) beater/ (sort of) tank When they replaced Projected Voice with beckoning call it was definitely a step up but I would have much rather seen her get something either like an obey or make her be able to summon belles. Both options would fit her thematically and would make her a unique model worth the 10stones. In comparison Vasilisa has similar abilities, she can summon Stitched and has an obey for friendly minions and only costs 8 stones and is versitile This may be too much but if the Belles had By Your Side they could keep up with Seamus and make more use of a 1" Scarlet temptation and fill the role of scheme runners. You would have to increase they cost to 6 (or maybe higher) but it would put them on par with Undergrads as great keyword minions and would definitely see competitive play
  5. Yeah it was Backroom dealings and the trigger on Blackmail (which went off every time) that wrecked my hand, I discarded cards to stop the Obeys, which maybe I shouldn't have done. Now I know how BD works I'd definitely try and get the reveal on schemes quicker. I also forgot that insignificant models can assist that would have helped alot
  6. Just got back from the Malifaux UK Nationals where I won another Best Painted for my Urami crew Got an Army Painter brush set as well as trophy!
  7. I just played at the UK Nationals this weekend which was a lot of fun, but one of the match-ups I had the most trouble with was Youko. It was my first time playing against her so I only had a vague idea what she could do. I ran Kirai which was probably a mistake because cards. So I played nearly the whole game without a control hand meaning summoning was significantly reduced, and also no protected (Urami). Ikiryo was pretty much shut down as without cards I couldn't shrug off the bucket loads of distracted being dished out (my opponent targeted lost love early to get rid of my condition removal) I didn't kill a single model and ended up losing 5-3 which probably would've been 8-3 if we'd played the last turn So just wondering what experience other people have had against Youko and how they handle her. I think Kirai may just be a bad a match up for her as she's so card intensive. At a quick glance I'm thinking Von Schtook may be a good choice? He has good card draw which is definitely needed. Can also remove conditions himself and pulse out focus to handle all the distracted. Also can hand out stunned pretty easily to turn of some of those nasty triggers
  8. Dead Rider is finished, wasn't happy with the colours initially but its grown on me
  9. Get Molly and Yan Lo, go on you know you want to... Treat yourself!!
  10. My score for the year so far is 425 so for the last 2 months of this year I'm gonna challenge myself to get to 500! so thats 75 stones for November and December November Pledge - Von Schtook (15) Research Assistant (2) Dead Rider (11) 3x Gaki (12) for a total of 40 Stones
  11. Thanks @Caedrus You've done a great job hosting this year, and thanks for your hard work keeping track of all the scores and the spreadsheet. I'm happy for you to host again if your happy to do so
  12. @Caedrus My total for October is just Archie for 9ss, so I'll have to use a mulligan for this month. Spent a lot of time on my Rotten Harvest entry which I'm very happy with so it's worth the mulligan
  13. Shikome depend on Schemes and Strat. I always take 2 in Plant or if I'm taking Schemes that require a lot of movement. But yes first buy should definitely be Goryo/Seishin. I always take 2 Seishin and summon in the Goryos turn 1 n 2 (usually easy to do with The Whisper on Kirai) Gaki you could hold off on and just use a suitable proxy if you happen to get the trigger off. I've seen a lot of different opinions on Jaakuna but personally I think she's great. I didn't use her in the last tournament and I really missed that stat 7 lure. She's won me quite a few games luring models off of markers or pulling outflankers out of position. I like to keep her within 2" of Kirai quite often as the hazardous can really punish melee beaters who come in, and Kirai can pass attacks onto her. with serene countenance they're suddenly on a neg
  14. I've been pretty much soloing Kirai at tournaments with good results, for the main reason I know her well and can play much quicker. The Urami are an extremely dynamic keyword that can handle pretty much all the Strats and Schemes. I think they're also the best Ressers to handle that inevitable Shenlong match up. Downside is its a lot of models to buy and paint as you'll want all the Urami. I use all of them regularly except for the Drowned and the Gaki. Drowned I usually only summon if I don't have a high enough card to summon a Goryo or Shikome. Gaki I only ever summon from Kirai's trigger although you'll probably want to buy them as its an incidental summon with no Vengeance upgrade
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