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  1. I'm with @Clement on this. Hoping it's split between old and new as I've already got all the old sculpts and don't really want to get them again
  2. Just bumping this thread up again, has anyone received their upgrade cards yet? Its been a while...
  3. And we are built, based and primed - ready to go!! I gotta say this is my second 3e box and I'm very impressed with how well (and easy) the model were to build. The sculpts in both this box and the Transmortis box are great
  4. @Antinea Those models look like your well on your way to becoming a good painter. Do you thin your paints? as the paint looks a little thick. My advice to you would be (as you already mentioned) working on your contrast. Bringing out the shadows and highlights. There's plenty of tutorials on youtube about those techniques. If your struggling to find out where the highlights should be, shine a directional light on the minis to see where the light and shadow naturally occur. Also the eyes looks a bit skewed. Eyes are one of those things that can completely change the focal point on the model. I often don't even bother painting them if they're too small, instead i just drop a bit of wash in them and it looks fine. Hope this helps - keep up the good work
  5. @Antinea Sounds like the painting challenge is for you. Pledge in at minion level so you only have to paint 1ss worth of minis a month and post your WIP pics. There's lots of great advice and constructive criticism on this thread so maybe it'll help you get to that next step
  6. @Burnin' Coal Hey your back! You disappeared from the painting challenge last year. Are you coming back to the challenge for 2020? I was really enjoying watching your cult of the burning man develop
  7. This month I've decided to have a break from Ressers and start painting some Neverborn. So I pledge this... not all of it but some. I'll probably start with the alps
  8. @muraki Thanks Yeah they're really nice but the postage from Spain to the UK was pretty high. I ordered on black friday for a bit of a discount and I ordered a bunch of stuff to make the postage worthwhile Just hoping I get another year out of those strats when the new GG comes out.
  9. @Caedrus Thats me done for the month and the year!! The custom markers are 30mm so I'd say worth 2ss each? I'll put it in as that and you can change it if you want 2x Drowned (12), 2x Dead Outlaw (12), Crooked Man (7) 5x Corrupted Markers (10) 5x Turf War Markers (10) December Total = 51ss
  10. My December pledge. Managed everything except the Gaki, but did some customeeple strategy markers instead Corrupted Idol and Turf War Markers Drowned, Crooked Man and Dead Outlaws
  11. Haha good terrain category descriptions Yeah all of the above sounds good to me @Caedrus.
  12. Type 1 Terrain examples Type 2 Terrain examples Type 3 Terrain examples Type 4 Terrain examples
  13. So I was having a think about terrain costing. I think the main problem we’re having is that it’s based solely on size as opposed to detail or the amount of work put in. With that in mind I’ve come up with a possible new costing system. Type 1 Terrain – Worth 5ss Includes smaller scatter terrain such as crates, fences, carts (can keep 5ss per 50mm as a rough guide). Also larger pieces that are simple or have been painted to a basic level i.e one coat and a bit of drybrushing. Type 2 Terrain – Worth 10ss Includes small houses and buildings with a bit more detail. Several colours used and a few layers. Type 3 Terrain- Worth 15ss Includes large scale buildings or smaller terrain with lots of detail. Terrain painted with advanced techniques and many layers Type 4 Terrain – Worth 20ss Large and highly detailed terrain. Could be sets containing several pieces. Advanced painting techniques including highlighting and weathering The idea is to self-assess the terrain your painting using a combination of factors such as size, detail, time spent painting and technique. For example, I painted some large ruins before which I sprayed grey, ink washed and gave a light grey dry brush to finish. Although they were large pieces, I might call them type 1 and claim 5ss for each one as they were super quick and easy to do. Or you might paint a small bookshelf and call it type 3 because it took you hours painting all the individual books and detail. Let me know what you guys think and I’ll post some examples in a post below
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