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  1. Yep just looking through some condition removal abilities and they all say 'end' so i guess it can't be
  2. A question about Montresor's Hanging Ropes ability Hanging Ropes: The staggered condition cannot end on enemy models within 6. So staggered doesn't end at the end of their activation if they're within 6 of Montresor but can it be removed with condition removal?
  3. @Franchute I tip my hat to your impulsive and erratic painting adventure
  4. Yeah they're some of my favourites. I've not had much luck painting feathers in the past though, may have to go look for some tutorials
  5. So... sensible went out the window... instead of TOS I'm gonna pledge the Urami keyword and maybe fit in some Doomseekers if I get bored of painting murder ghosts
  6. Although it's the release day of M3e and I want to pledge some Malifaux models I'm gonna do the sensible thing and finish one project before I start another. So I'm pledging 9x Doomseekers and an Immolated Rhino for 55 stones
  7. Francis Kitchener appears to be called Lost love again, at least on these version of the cards
  8. oooooooh the new transmortis students look amazing
  9. @Yurij These are awesome! It would be good to see a generic conditions bundle and also booster bundles for each condition, so if your playing Mcmourning for example you could buy the generic bundle and the poison booster
  10. @Caedrus I'm not gonna have time to finish any more, so completed minis this month are Adeodatos (15), 4x ECB Black Ops (20) and a Raving Madman (5) Final total for June = 40
  11. @Stranglelove challenge is usually just supposed to be Wyrd minis (I think?), but I'm ok with you taking 25 for the coach if you didn't know I'm sure no one else will mind But lovely paint job on it and the Hanged too, cracked earth bases look great
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