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  1. So ignoring what I pledged for April, yesterday I painted up a 1st ed Bete Noire
  2. Welcome to Malifaux! and more importantly welcome to the Resurrectionists You'll get used to the fiddly bits, some are worse than others. In Ressers I think the worst culprits are Goryo, Night Terrors and Doxies from what I remember so maybe avoid those until your more comfortable with fiddly builds. Looking forward to seeing your pics
  3. Here's what I would take: Reva w/ Killer Instinct (2) 2x Corpse Candle Vincent (9) Anna Lovelace (11) 2x Lampad (16) Restless Spirit (4) 8ss cache I would take Research Mission and Leave Your Mark. I'd push to the centre with Anna with Reva and Vincent following staying in her Gravity Well Aura. Stand Anna on the centre point and get down a couple scheme markers for LYM. Remember Chompy can remove one (or put one under Anna). Keep a high card to stop Serena's trigger from moving Anna. Reva and Vincent are on killing duty. Keep the Restless spirit alive till the last activation of turn 2 and then have him drop a scheme and a corpse next to a Pyre for your first point of of Reseach. Meanwhile Lampads will be handling the Lodestone. I took a large cache to keep Reva alive and for her 'Pulled Here and there' Trigger which is good for pushing enemies away from Strat markers. Also for Vincent's crossbow triggers That would be my initial plan going in. Good luck with the game and let us know how it goes
  4. So cool. If this Explorers then I'm in
  5. Decided to go for something a little different this April and paint up some terrain. I should be able to manage a few minis as well. gonna pledge stretch goals of 3x Gaki, 2x Insidious Madness and The Carver
  6. @Caedrus The Scion and the Mourners look great! I especially Scions cloak Your idea for the burnt wood on Wanyudo is awesome but I see what you mean about there being to much red. Have you thought about just adding some black and maybe some ashey grey on the less hot bits? It'd also break up the pattern a bit. I love it though, I think you should keep going with it As for the Golem, I know exactly what you mean, I don't usually use tufts much either but after I finished it, it just needed something else. I tried to keep them just around the gravestones @Diddick Wow! that OSL is amazing. You've inspired me to up my glowy bits game
  7. Final Mini for this month is 1 Insidious Madness. These sucked to build but we're so much fun to paint @Caedrus This month - 3x Alps = 15ss /2x Witchling Thralls = 16ss /Grave Golem = 10ss /1x Insidious madness = 7ss. Total for March = 48ss
  8. The April Challenge 1. Paint Brown first before painting gold and brass. Makes a really good base. 2. When doing OSL, lightly drybrush with a mid tone before laying down glazes picking out highlights (means much less glaze layers needed) 3. Mixing Cadian fleshtone and Fenrisian Grey gives a really nice undead fleshtone
  9. Yeah setting opponents on fire is seems to be incidental, it's far more important to set your own models on fire. Apart from the Draugr's Draw off Flame action cane be useful if your opponents on fire
  10. There's a lot of Reva threads on the go, but I think this post goes here. Played another 2 games with Reva this week and just wanted to share my experience Game 1 - Reva v Wong - Corner Symbols of Authority, 6-5 Win Game 2 - Reva v Tara - Standard Corrupted Leylines, 8-4 Win I ran pretty much the same list in both games and took both the same schemes which were - Claim Jump on the Grave Golem and Catch and Release on a Lampad. I scored full points on both schemes in both games. List was: Reva +2 Corpse candles Grave Golem (10) Anna Lovelace (10+1) Lampad with GST (8+2) Draugr (7) Sheild Bearer (6) Cache - 6ss 2nd game I switched out the shield bearer for the carrion emissary and ran with a 2ss cache Game 1 Thoughts: Anna Lovelace was the MVP of this game because of her Gravity Well. It completely ruined the Pigapults day which was the main reason I took her. The Grave Golem is easy claim jump points especially with the amount of corpse markers being put out. Shield bearer died turn 2 without really doing anything. I'm really enjoying the Draugr's Draw off flame action which I used in this game to teleport and take a Symbols marker, I've still yet to have a Draugr reach turn 5 but they are fantastic. Lampads are really good at catch and release as they are mobile and can easily move out of engagement with Hovering Flame. They also stick around with their demise ability. I'm still not sure if they're worth 8. I'll have to see when C&R is not in the pool. Reva herself killed a couple of things but then I used her Mv 7 to go chasing after Symbols. Symbols in Corner is tough, there were a couple I just couldn't get to Game 2 Thoughts: Took Anna again with the idea of her aura limiting unburying. This didn't really come in to play as she ended up being away from the action. I did however get to detonate lots of zombies which was fun. Grave Golem and Lampad did exactly what they were supposed to and scored me my 4 scheme points whilst stacking lots of burning for Reva to use. The Carrion emissary which replaced the Shield bearer was great popping out zombies for anna to detonate whilst blocking up lanes for my opponent. Reva killed Sue a Void Hunter and the Nothing Beast in the first few turns. By turn 4 I was pretty confident I was getting a full 8 points so I charged Reva and Carrion into the opponents crew for denial. Reva died at the end of turn 4 but I was fine with that as she'd already done a lot. My takeaway from this game was that I'd rather have had another Lampad instead of Anna and +3ss in the cache. It would have been nice for carrying the lodestone. So that's 3 games with new Reva and I'm really liking her. Being able to pull burning for positives is amazing. I still haven't used Feed on Grief or Unquiet Dead much. It seems like most of the time its far more optimal to be Ethereal Reaping, the other 2 actions seem more situational. Draugr are glass cannons but I think they're great, you just have to make sure you get the most out of them before they die. I'm not impressed with Shield bearers as they die so easily, in both games I used one they didn't make it past turn 2, Armour +1 and Hard to kill is ok but with Def4 and only 5 wounds they don't last (I really miss the 2e coming back as a ghost thing). Vincent's too expensive and useful only in certain match ups. Carrion Emissary and Grave Golem are both great picks for Reva. Lampads are good too but still seem a little overpriced, I thing if they had a stat 6 on their Breath of Fire action they would be fine for 8ss Gonna keep playing revenant and try out some different builds and schemes. Think next game I'm gonna take a pure revenant list just to see how it performs, but my guess is this crew will work a lot better with Versatile models than the keyword models
  11. Hey guys, hope everyone is well, some fantastic work this month as always. I was working on the Insidious Madness earlier this month but ran out of the purple I was using. So while I was waiting for my order to arrive I painted up a pair of Witchling Thralls I also started work on a Grave Golem and built a load of terrain which I'll photograph later. Purple has arrived so I'll probably jump back onto the Nightmare keyword. But seeing as I'm at home for the next few weeks I should be able to get all of my pledge done
  12. It's ok. I think it should have a stat 6 to be honest. As said above its much better as a focused attack to try and get that severe double blast.
  13. Had my first game with Reva tonight since beta. I lost 3-7 to Levi in Public enemies. My thoughts: Channelled Flame is a really nice addition, those positives meant she was hitting a lot more of the time. Not needing a card for corpse candles was good too. I didn't get to use the swift action on embrace the flame as the burning was being used mostly for other purposes. Reva herself is starting to feel like a master. Draugr was great. Rusty blew him off the table turn 3 but he'd caused a significant amount of carnage before that happened Restless spirit scored me my first point of Research Mission pretty much by himself. He walked onto the opponents table half and dropped a scheme and a corpse next to a pyre marker. He was then promptly destroyed by Levi. For 4ss I can't complain. Levi killed my 1 Shieldbearer first activation of first turn (It was wedge deployment) so I didn't get to see him in action Lampad just isn't an 8ss model. Unfortunately taking one seems like a necessity for getting burning out on your own models on mass. Def 4 and stat 5 on its attacks just seem underwhelming for the cost. Demise ability is nice but it means it can't go off scheming too far from the pyre markers. Also having to keep a card in hand to keep it alive in this crew is difficult Vincent was very underwhelming. I'm not writing him off just yet as it may have just been a bad game for him. He's seems more like a tech pick htough if your going against a summoner or a lot of incorp and htw I took Manos in this list primarily for lantern of souls to deal with Levi and Ashes and Dust demise abilities. because of his aura Reva was able to kill Ashes without him coming back and almost got Levi too, but he died turn 3 due to Levi's irreducible damage. My overall thoughts were this is the best version of this crew so far but it's still somewhat messy. There were plenty of corpses and I didn't struggle for attack vectors for Reva. The recourse I had a hard time generating was burning. With Channelled flame, Embrace the flame and the Draugr there just didn't seem enough to go around without walking my models into pyre markers - which I found was a waste of a models AP when they should be trying to score me points. As i said before the lampad sort of helped with this but paying 8ss for a walking lighter just didn't seem worth it.
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