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  1. I have M3E Molly a try the other day, and absolutely loved how she played. The crew aesthetic; a band of monsters and misfits, really appealed and the fading mechanic was alot of fun. It ensured that you never had a bad hand, since the low cards are always in high demand for discards. Overall, I'm very keen to give her another try sometime. :)
  2. As far as i can tell the Kings hand was a joint Guild/KE project that's since been modified (thanks to Kassa's input) and put into mass production by the KE. Given this history, and the fact that it's design is so similar to the smaller Guild constructs in Malifaux, I'd be confident in saying that it's fully autonomous. What's more interesting to me is whether the Guild forces are using the same titan design (or whatever they've dubbed their own version) and how it differs from the Kings Hand? :)
  3. You might see some models for your malifaux wildfire crew, but i see their true purpose - as four alternate doomseekers and an Immolated Rhino.
  4. Disaster! I've run out of black spray paint! So while i wait until i can pick one up, i thought I'd add this (pre-sprayed) piece of terrain; EDIT: Okay, one more. This is getting out of hand. :P
  5. They must be escapees from the UK. Like everyone in Australia. Also to keep this thread on topic and justify the new replies here's a few pics of what I've painted for my Cult
  6. My own approach has been to alternate been painting squads and something else. So for you maybe start with Doomseekers (which are amazing), then Rhino, Stalking Portals, Adeodatos etc?
  7. Okay, so I have a couple of questions... First off, should Fireteam bases be worth anything for the painting challenge? I've not done any for the challenge yet, but I feel like it should at least be worth a few SS to get them properly based and painted. Secondly, I measured out the trees I'm doing this month and they came to an area equivalent to 13x 50mm bases. So 65SS according to the challenge. That seems like...quite alot for a single piece of forest terrain. What do others think? Should the terrain values be dropped, or are they fine as they are? To me it feels too high, but I guess the advantage is that it's going to encourage me to actually paint some terrain...
  8. Oh nice! I've Binh waiting for an update like this... :P
  9. So this month I'm finishing off my Breachling, Asami's crew and some trees. I hit a bit of a brick wall with the Yokai about a year back. So i figure this is a good time to have a fresh look at them and hopefully get the crew finished. Along with Reva, Parker and Zipp, they're one of the last crews i have left to paint before I've completed every master in the game. Thus I'm keen to get them off my "unpainted" shelf! The trees are just one of a whole pile i started on years ago, but never got around to finishing. So this is my attempt to get it going again and finally have a fully painted tables worth of terrain!
  10. @Caedrus So this month i finished my Twisted Horrors (9x5=45). I ended up sticking with the original scheme i came up with, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. I've still got that Breachling i was planning to paint, so we'll see if i can get him done over the next few days.
  11. Rathnard


    Have you considered Hucksters? They're very fast with some decent blocking terrain around, and can place 2-4 scheme markers per turn. Throw in the Trained Ninja Upgrade and they can start pooping out scheme markers anywhere on the board from turn 1.
  12. Okay, so I've played a few games with McCabe, and have really enjoyed him. I won't profess to being an expert (nobody is at this point!) but I do feel like I've got a decent handle on how he plays. Basically, McCabe seems to be a very fast and versatile Master - able to pull allies along, buff them with upgrades, disrupt enemies with his netgun and generally just help out wherever he's needed. His crew tends toward mobility, card draw and gaining the focused condition like there's no tomorrow. The latter is great for boosting attacks and avoiding damage, but beyond that their killing power and resiliance is pretty average. So, onto McCabe's crew; Ruffians (formerly Wastrels) are there to push your bigger models around, draw cards with looted supplies, plink off damage with their focused shooting and drop scheme markers as needed. Basically, they're great because they're cheap and versatile, so I feel it's always worth including at least 1-2 in your crews. Hucksters are your scheme runners. and they're GREAT at this role. Secret Passage lets them teleport across the board, before dropping ridiculous numbers of scheme markers with False Claim. Combine with the Trained Ninja Upgrade, and he can do this from turn 1 anywhere on the board! Obviously there's no model currently available for these guys, but they're absolutely worth finding a proxy for while you wait for an official release. Sidir is the Crew's only in-keyword killing machine but oh man, he's worth it. Between his Machine Gun and stripping cover with his Blown Apart marker, he's quite capable of tearing holes into anyone who gets close enough. Plus he can strip Armor and Shielded, allowing you to deal with models that might otherwise prove near-impossible to kill. In summary, Sidir is as close to mandatory for McCabe's crew as you can get. Luna and Desper Laraux I don't really want to talk about - The former I've only really used to drop scrap and die (for a corpse) and the latter I've yet to put on the table. So that covers the core of McCabe's crew. Beyond that, there's two Versatile models I'd absolutely recommend, and those would be Samurai and Tanuki Samurai are great at almost everything. They're very tough with Armor +2 and healing, and are brutal both at range and up close (he even ignores armor in melee!). Their main weakness is that they're slow, but that's easilly fixed with a Ruffian or McCabe to push them along. But what seals the deal for Samurai, is that they're minions. That means McCabe can give them artefacts, with all the benefits that comes with. Basically if you need some muscle for your crew, Samurai are your answer. Tanuki are mainly there to plug the remaining two holes in your crew - condition removal and healing. He does other stuff, but you don't care about that. You care about Condition removal and Healing. In regards to generating corpse and scrap markers, this isn't something I've gone too deeply into with my games. Luna and the odd dead Ruffian has usually been enough for my card draw/artifact needs but again - I've only played a few games so maybe I've just lucked out. In any case another potential source of scrap is the trigger on the Hucketer's False Claim, so that might be worth pursuing. I've heard people talk about an Obsidian Oni or Obsidian Statue. Both of those might work too, though I've not looked too deeply into how well they'd work beyond just generating scrap. That's it for now. If you want the TL:DR version here it is in point form; 1. Proxy Hucksters 2. You definitely want to buy some Samurai and Tanuki. 3. The core crew might generate enough Scrap/Corpses for your needs, but I can't be sure yet.
  13. So here's my pledge for this month. Twisted Horrors and a Breachling; I finished one of them last month, but I'm still undecided of i want to stick with the skin tone, or try something else...
  14. Thanks @Stranglelove. I'm really enjoying painting my Cult - they're just phenomenal sculpts. Next on the list are my Twisted Horrors. I've mostly painted one but I'm not sure about it yet. I'm sorry of at that point where i have to decide if i try a different scheme, or stick with what i have and go with the rest.
  15. @Caedrus Oh don't worry, i finished my suitably pink pledge in time. Bernie the Pope, 3 stalking portals, and 3 Raving Madmen for (IIRC) 60SS.
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