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  1. Rathnard

    ECB Black Ops

    Oh yeah, the ECB sculpts are amazing, and so full of character too. Actually IMO Burning Man consistently got the best sculpts of all the Allegiances. Only the Kings Hand edges out the Goryshche in terms of "best Titan". All the rest are dominated by the Burning Man.
  2. Rathnard

    Release Schedule

    Unfortunately, we don't know anything beyond the initial releases that are currently arriving in retail stores. There's a few release schedules floating around (including the one on Wyrd's own website), but I honestly don't know how accurate they are right now.
  3. Rathnard


    I'll admit I've only played one game with the Hordes, and it was a proxy game using the starter box. But from that game i found them to be pretty capable. The striped stalkers were hard to shift when in terrain and the eggs from the Karkinoi were ideal for eating (at first) and then threatening unguarded objectives in later turns. The Tidepools were excellent for area denial, especially once made hazardous from the stormsiren going to glory. And Stormy herself was just brutal, with her Siren Call pulling enemy units into tidepools for damage. That said, this was only one game. I'm definitely curious to hear what other Gibbering Hordes players have to say.
  4. Rathnard

    Cult Lists?

    I think they would be. At 3 scrip they're good for grabbing objectives on the cheap, plus the ability to teleport other units out of activation by bumping into them is pretty damn useful. They've got the obvious synergies with Adeodatos, but even without him they're still worth the scrip.
  5. Rathnard

    how about 2/3 motor scouts in a roster?

    That'd be the "Tour De Britain" List...
  6. Rathnard

    Breachling markers?

    I prefer the models to markers myself, although it's still good to know I have them on hand in case I summon a few extra. Still, between the Starter Box, Doomseekers, and 2x Breachling boxes I now have 16 Breachling markers. I'm not sure I'll ever need quite that many!
  7. Rathnard

    Cult Lists?

    Not bad - you can do a similar thing with the Stalking Portals. With an advance order you can move them into base contact of a portal marker (or each other) and as many other units as possible, which teleports the lot to any other portals you want. One thing to remember about ECBs - their strength bonus works with any assets on the target unit, including Prototypes and Adjuncts. In fact if I'm reading this right, the ECBs should still get the +1 Strength even if the adjunct is killed, since the Asset itself is still attached to the unit.
  8. Rathnard

    Cult Lists?

    Well you can't go far wrong with the starter box, and then either two Raving Madmen or (my favourite) an Immolated Rhino. I think ECB Black Ops can work in 1-commander games, but you'll probably want to mostly use them against Abyssinia or Kassa Okoye, where you can expect asset-loaded units to be plentiful.
  9. Rathnard

    Black Friday 2018

    I *think* it's about 6am over there, so i'd expect the store to go up in 3 hours at the earliest.
  10. Rathnard

    Black Friday 2018

    Will the translucent bases all be restocked for the Black Friday Sale?
  11. Rathnard

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    I'm guessing this year they'll have the usual Ltd models they've sold at previous Black Fridays/Gencons, plus some additional sculpts for the Nightmare Pony crew that was sold at Gencon. There might also be a few new translucent versions of existing sets. I've outlined (above) what I'm hoping for. Although I'll add that some new, M3E sculpts for certain Masters would make for a really cool release (like the new Marcus & Raspy sculpts we saw at Gencon). I'm not getting my hopes up on that one though. EDIT: Holey Moley, I just realised Black Friday is only about a week away. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so soon!
  12. Rathnard

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    I've seen people who have done partly painted translucent crews. So in answer to your implied question, yes - the translucent models appear to take paint like the regular plastics.
  13. Rathnard

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    I'd love to see anything related to The Other Side. Possibly a new LE Other Side model or even just the boxed sets that are coming soon to retail. I'd also really love to see the translucent bases restocked. The 30mm Rootbeer bases in particular are something I've been after for a while now! Finally, maybe a transparent kit for Parker Barrows? He's one of the few Masters's I've not yet painted and wouldn't mind being spared the trouble.
  14. At the risk of disagreeing with a Wyrd employee who has had quite a bit to do with the story of Malifaux... The later books definitely treat the Grave Spirit as an entity separate from, and far more powerful than, the Tyrants of Malifaux. The Grave Spirit isn't mentioned in Perdita's naming of the "12 names for 13 Tyrants", it's from a completely different dimension to Malifaux, and we know Titania struck a a bargain with it to defeat the Tyrants and conclusively end the Great Tyrant War of eons past. HOWEVER, what got me questioning this accepted narrative are the stories in the third M1E book, Twisting Fates, and more specifically Samael's showdown with Seamus in "The Writing on the Wall". Specifically the Grave Spirit is referred to as a Tyrant twice on page 144; He's referred to as a Tyrant at least once more in the next page (145) too. It's important to note the context of this story. It's stated later in Twisting Fates that the Tyrants choose a vessel with which to manifest a physical form and ascend. For December it's Rasputina, and Sonnia with Cherruffe. But if the vessel is killed during their manifestation, all the power they've poured into that vessel is lost, setting them back years, even centuries in their ambitions while they re-accumulate the power they need (to quote Molly on p265). In Twisting Fates, Sonnia and Rasputina both attempt to kill themselves to prevent their respective Tyrants from manifesting. Seamus, you'll notice, does the same when he lures Samael into killing him just as the Grave Spirit attempts to manifest through him. Based on all of this, you have to surmise that the Grave Spirit is indeed a Tyrant of some kind, and that it had chosen Seamus to be its vessel in Malifaux. Anyway, like I alluded in the original post, the description and treatment of the Grave Spirit in Twisting Fates (ie. as a Tyrant) seems to be at odds with it's portrayal in the later stories. This is why I think this discrepancy is most likely the result of a retcon. If it's not though, my theory (that the Grave Spirit is an ascended Tyrant from another dimension, and thus more akin to a God than the Malifaux Tyrants), makes some sense out of it . And at least IMO, it makes the Grave Spirit a much more interesting character for what it represents - an example of what will happen if any of the Malifaux Tyrants succeed in ascending.
  15. Hey, so I've been listening to the Breachside Broadcast podcast and it has motivated me to do a quick update of the original post. No major revelations, just a bit more insight into; - Despair and who knows what about the Puzzle box it's trapped in, - The Black Dragon and how she might be Zoraida (but most likely not ), - The Hungering Darkness and how he's no longer Neverborn in M3E, - The Grave Spirit and how it might be a Tyrant after all...albiet nothing like the 13 Malifaux Tyrants!