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  1. Damn, i can't believe it's November already. Where did the time go? Anyway, this month I'm planning to finish off the First Mate & Sammy, and paint up the last unit i have for my Guild (Kings Empire) TOS army - a squad of "Witchling Borderers".
  2. @Caedrus Well, despite making some progress over the months, i only finished one other model, Alphonse, after the previously mentioned Goryshche and House; So that totals 9+25+20= 54SS for October. Sorry it took so long to post this up!
  3. At the moment, my standard crew tends to be something like; Wong w. Ghillie Suit Olivia Taxidermist w. Inferiority Complex Pigapult Swinecursed Gracie Slop Hauler Lightning Bug Admittedly I've not really faced a dedicated ranged crew with Wong, but the Pigapult would probably be key. Bombing the crew with stuffed piglets, followed by hurling the Taxidermist at an isolated shooter should be very effective vs a crew that wants to keep their distance.
  4. A friendly and welcoming Malifaux event for new players and old alike! Basic Details; - 3x Games at 40SS each - Strategies and schemes are available in advance, as detailed in the players pack (above). - Each player selects one Faction for the day and can only hire one Master per crew. Otherwise standard encounter rules apply. - Prizes for Generalship, Sportsmanship, Painting, Worst Luck and of course, the Wooden Spoon! - EARLY BIRD RAFFLE PRIZE! Awarded to one of the first 12 players to buy a ticket. - More prizes may be available, dependent on numbers. - $30 entry, with $5 discount for Outpost 6030 club members. Payable in person at Outpost 6030, or via direct deposit. The players pack with full details is available here. For any queries, just ask me here or on the event's Facebook page.
  5. Well my standard crew these days is Wong, so... Blasts/Pulses: A minimal problem for Wizzbang crews, thanks to having Blast Resistant on most of the crew! If the mass-damage adds up though, the crew does have some healing available from the Lighthing Bugs and Bokor, as well as the Slop Hauler I often take. Armour/Damage Reduction: The crew is capable of dealing mass plink damage, but Swinecursed and Lightning Bugs also have triggers to ignore armour. It can be a bit costly to pull off (requiring a suit and a Glowy token), but with a bit of effort I can push damage thorugh as needed. Stealth: Shockwaves and pulse damage from the likes of Wong and the Pigapult can sort this out, as would the Pigapult throwing a Taxidermist or some other melee fighter into range of the sneaky Stealth model. Hazardous/Blocking Marker Generation: Gluttony and the Lucky Emissary are both great at removing alot of the markers your opponent might try to throw down. A stuffed piglet or other summoned cheap fodder remove the odd destructable marker too, IIRC. Negative Conditions: Olivia Bernard has a bit of condition removal, and assist actions from cheap fodder (summoned piglets of all varieties again) can help keep some of the conditions under control. Beyond that, I *think* Big Brain Brin is the only other decent option? I need to check up on that. Terrifying/Manipulative: The crews Shockwaves and Pulse damage gets around this easilly, as can Inferiority Complex on your key beaters. Bayou Gators could also work as Ruthless flankers in a pinch, and the Pigapult is also Ruthless.
  6. Last night i took a photo of my pledge for this month; Goryshche, proxy for Alphonse, the First Mate, Sammy and a townhouse... ... and then just this morning, i finished painting two of those; Goryshche and the townhouse (the Broken is for scale). With just 3 models left I'm tempted to add to my pledge... but i might just wait and see how much progress i make before leaping ahead with yet more!
  7. ^^ Here's the basic recipe i used for the skin. A basecoat of Heavy Sienna over black, a brown ("umber") wash and then highlights of Dark Flesh (an old GW colour) and Dark Flesh mixed with white. I'm not sure what the modern GW equivalents are, but hopefully the pic above should help!
  8. @Caedrus So while i didn't finish as much as I'd hoped in September, it was still a decent chunk of stuff; 6x Field Intel Corp (30), Margaret Belle (15), Zipp (15) and my last 4 Broken (20) for 80 SS total.
  9. For what it's worth, even if the shockwave doesn't damage the model you placed, the trigger still makes sense when you consider enemy abilities like Black Blood or Demise. On the other hand, Full Load works well in conjunction with Hard knock life to give the "ammunition" fast & glowy. AND Wong has a similar ability (uncontrollable magic) which pretty clearly uses the model as the shockwave marker (and hence wouldn't force a shockwave test on that model). Personally i think Full Load damages the friendly model you place, but i can see how it could be interpreted the other way. So it definitely warrants an FAQ.
  10. Yeah, unlike the rest of his crew Wong has no way of gaining or using Glowy tokens on himself. His shtick is more along the lines of giving everyone else Glowy. That Glowy is either used by those models for their own native benefits, or used by Wong himself to draw cards or deal extra damage with his Fzzzap.
  11. Thanks! I do a grey & white zenithal over the black undercoat. Then it's a light drybrush of white over the whole model to pick out details, followed by a heavy coat of nuln oil. The red is painted more traditionally of course! It's a very simple scheme, but it's something i wanted to try out and more importantly, i needed something easy so i could get a full company out relatively easily.
  12. My progress thus far - the last of my 1- commander Guild Company for TOS, and Zipp. With one week to go I'm now aiming to finish the 4 Broken, a townhouse and Gorysche. They're all WiP so if i can get them done, I'll call it a win.
  13. For what it's worth, there is *one* confirmed Australian in the lore - Samantha Thrace. McTavish could also potentially have Australian origins, though he's just as likely to be Cajun (is that the word??) Being Gremlins, Georgy and Olaf are definitely not Australian. But they've certainly appropriated at least two Australian cultural icons. Going back to the original topic, i feel like Wyrd has done a pretty good job of avoiding negative stereotypes or cultural appropriation that might be considered problematic. Wong is probably the closest I've noticed to a negative stereotype, but like Adran said, he's based on a character in a movie. So that makes it...okay? I guess? This is certainly the first time I've heard anyone complain about him. In any case, Wong will likely be a moot point pretty soon - given the new art and his need for a new crew box (What with Mancha joining Zipp like the spineless traitor he is ), i suspect Wong will be getting a revised sculpt sooner rather than later.
  14. Just a short update - i tried out the abovementioned Olivia trick, and it worked pretty well! Late in the turn i flung her into a cluster of Experimentals (McMourning, Chihuahua, Nurse and Rafkin). The shockwave did some damage, then i pushed them further together with Perfect Timing (mainly to get McMourning off a Cursed Idol). Next activation, a triple Fzzap from Wong (helped by Olivia's Lovely Assistant) finished off everyone but McMourning (who was down to half wounds). We had to end the game at that point. But had it gone further, Olivia would have wandered off unopposed to achieve Breakthrough. So like i said earlier, loading Olivia into the Pigapult isn't always going to be the best way to go. But when the opportunity arises, it can be a pretty effective combo.
  15. Man, I'd love to listen to this but Facebook is the worst platform for it. It's harder to rewind and catch bits i missed, won't continue playing if my phone screen is off (unlike a podcast) and i can't easily leave it halfway through to pick it up later.
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