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  1. Rathnard

    Black Friday 2018

    Will the translucent bases all be restocked for the Black Friday Sale?
  2. Rathnard

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    I'm guessing this year they'll have the usual Ltd models they've sold at previous Black Fridays/Gencons, plus some additional sculpts for the Nightmare Pony crew that was sold at Gencon. There might also be a few new translucent versions of existing sets. I've outlined (above) what I'm hoping for. Although I'll add that some new, M3E sculpts for certain Masters would make for a really cool release (like the new Marcus & Raspy sculpts we saw at Gencon). I'm not getting my hopes up on that one though. EDIT: Holey Moley, I just realised Black Friday is only about a week away. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so soon!
  3. Rathnard

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    I've seen people who have done partly painted translucent crews. So in answer to your implied question, yes - the translucent models appear to take paint like the regular plastics.
  4. Rathnard

    Black Friday sales wishlists

    I'd love to see anything related to The Other Side. Possibly a new LE Other Side model or even just the boxed sets that are coming soon to retail. I'd also really love to see the translucent bases restocked. The 30mm Rootbeer bases in particular are something I've been after for a while now! Finally, maybe a transparent kit for Parker Barrows? He's one of the few Masters's I've not yet painted and wouldn't mind being spared the trouble.
  5. At the risk of disagreeing with a Wyrd employee who has had quite a bit to do with the story of Malifaux... The later books definitely treat the Grave Spirit as an entity separate from, and far more powerful than, the Tyrants of Malifaux. The Grave Spirit isn't mentioned in Perdita's naming of the "12 names for 13 Tyrants", it's from a completely different dimension to Malifaux, and we know Titania struck a a bargain with it to defeat the Tyrants and conclusively end the Great Tyrant War of eons past. HOWEVER, what got me questioning this accepted narrative are the stories in the third M1E book, Twisting Fates, and more specifically Samael's showdown with Seamus in "The Writing on the Wall". Specifically the Grave Spirit is referred to as a Tyrant twice on page 144; He's referred to as a Tyrant at least once more in the next page (145) too. It's important to note the context of this story. It's stated later in Twisting Fates that the Tyrants choose a vessel with which to manifest a physical form and ascend. For December it's Rasputina, and Sonnia with Cherruffe. But if the vessel is killed during their manifestation, all the power they've poured into that vessel is lost, setting them back years, even centuries in their ambitions while they re-accumulate the power they need (to quote Molly on p265). In Twisting Fates, Sonnia and Rasputina both attempt to kill themselves to prevent their respective Tyrants from manifesting. Seamus, you'll notice, does the same when he lures Samael into killing him just as the Grave Spirit attempts to manifest through him. Based on all of this, you have to surmise that the Grave Spirit is indeed a Tyrant of some kind, and that it had chosen Seamus to be its vessel in Malifaux. Anyway, like I alluded in the original post, the description and treatment of the Grave Spirit in Twisting Fates (ie. as a Tyrant) seems to be at odds with it's portrayal in the later stories. This is why I think this discrepancy is most likely the result of a retcon. If it's not though, my theory (that the Grave Spirit is an ascended Tyrant from another dimension, and thus more akin to a God than the Malifaux Tyrants), makes some sense out of it . And at least IMO, it makes the Grave Spirit a much more interesting character for what it represents - an example of what will happen if any of the Malifaux Tyrants succeed in ascending.
  6. Hey, so I've been listening to the Breachside Broadcast podcast and it has motivated me to do a quick update of the original post. No major revelations, just a bit more insight into; - Despair and who knows what about the Puzzle box it's trapped in, - The Black Dragon and how she might be Zoraida (but most likely not ), - The Hungering Darkness and how he's no longer Neverborn in M3E, - The Grave Spirit and how it might be a Tyrant after all...albiet nothing like the 13 Malifaux Tyrants!
  7. Rathnard

    Is it worth learning new masters now?

    Wyrd's clearly been very coy about timelines, but I feel like M3E will be out before Gencon next year. I can't imagine them taking any longer than that and if nothing else, I'm sure they'll want to get it out ASAP now that the new edition has been announced.
  8. Rathnard

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    That's not what Wyrd said in the 14th September update though. What was said is that they had the all the shipments from China (?) on hand, and were now "working on building the product as we speak". My own interpretation of that is that they've actually spent the last week physically building and boxing the models. Once that's done I assume they'll then start putting together orders and shipping them out to distributors. In any case we don't have a timeline as to how long that'll take, so I'm hoping the next update will shed light on that.
  9. Rathnard

    next purchases

    They're not really free though. You need the tactics tokens to buy the stratagem, and those are in pretty high demand as is. Not to mention that they only come in as a single fireteam, which isn't exactly hard to kill when they're bas-cav.
  10. Actually it's Lucius. His crew box comes with his Totem, Dashel (soon to be a Master), two Lawyers and two Guild Guard. From what we know the Lawyers and Totem will almost definitely keep Lucius's keyword, but Dashel will have his own and the Guild Guard are an unknown. So it's pretty likely Lucius will be getting an updated box at some point! Oh and for the record, the Dead Justice box is still playable as a standard Lady Justice crew. In fact it's what I use when I'm playing LJ myself. That's exactly it. As I said in the article, I only suggested models for each Master from the pool of those that were Versatile or who matched that Master's keyword (*based on the rules at that time*... things might have changed since then of course). So yeah, some of the suggestions would have looked odd, but it allowed you to build an M3E-friendly crew that was still decent in M2E too. Beyond that, Gnomezilla is right - there's alot of models that you can guess which Master they'll fit with. For instance Nekima will likely love all the Nephilim, Brewmaster will want his Tri Chi and Rasputina will be able to take her Frozen Heart models. Some are less clear, but you might be able to make some educated guesses based on their background. Then there's the Versatile models, who can be taken with anyone in that faction. At the moment the only definites are the Effigies and Emissaries. So if you're expanding your crew for M3E then those are pretty safe purchases. Trying to guess who else might be Versatile is much more risky though. At best, you MIGHT be able to pick a few models based on them not fitting anywhere else, but it's not something I'd want to bet on.
  11. Rathnard

    The loved and the lost

    Are the Outcasts really a "Mercenary" faction though? Of the in-Faction Masters, both Von Schill and the Viks are definitely Mercenaries. But the rest range from "questionable" to "definitely not". Tara was a Merc, but seems to pursue her own agenda now that she's with the Tyrant Oblivion. Leveticus, Parker and Zipp also pursue their own agendas - they'd certainly be happy to hire Mercenaries themselves, but unlike Mercs their agenda has nothing to do with working as a gun for hire. Hamelin is similar, but somewhat removed from the others given his status as a Tyrant. So basically, of the eight Outcast Masters, only two are truely Mercenaries. And even that might be called into question given the events in Broken Promises. So to me, the Outcasts are and have always a Faction of literal "Outcasts"; a rough alliance of misfits who have rejected other organised societies to pursue their own agendas. THAT SAID... I think you're absolutely right about the difficulty in matching Jack Daw to a Faction, even if I don't agree with the reasoning. As I've said before, I don't believe Jack Daw fits in as a Resser. But even as an Outcast he doesn't quite fit in either, not because he's not a Merc, but because he's more like a Force of Nature. Jack Daw is a very enigmatic Master. From memory all we have on him is a minimal origin story (he was a convicted criminal before the first breach closed, and Zoraida used him in some kind of ritual to seal that breach), and a piece from his vignette hinting at a link with the Burning Man. Beyond that, we don't know his motivations and he's never interacted with any other character beyond simply killing them. The impression, then, is that Jack Daw is a true loner - a being with power arguably equal to the Burning Man, but with no real motivation and only similarly tormented souls for company. By that logic you could say that he's a perfect fit for the Outcasts...except that unlike other Outcasts hes got no reason to interact with anyone else. Levi, Tara, even Hamelin has been shown to work with other Outcasts to pursue their agenda. But Jack Daw has not. Hell it's not even clear if he's capable of interacting with others in a traditional sense. Hence why I consider him to be more of a Force of Nature. Basically then, I'd argue that Jack Daw is such an outcast that he doesn't even belong in the Outcast Faction. In fact purely from a background perspective, I'd argue that Jack Daw should have a Faction of his own, the "Tormented" Faction, where he's the only Master. Having said all that, my conclusions are based on Jack Daw's background as it stands right now. A good story or two could change alot for Jack Daw's character development, which in turn could make more sense of his M3E Faction placement. And I honestly hope it does, because despite my dislike of his new Dual Faction status, I actually really like Jack Daw as a character.
  12. Rathnard

    Buying models prior to m3e

    I would (and am continuing to...) buy new models before M3E. That said, I'm well on my way to having the entire range anyway (I've painted all but 6 crews), so whatever M3E happens to be, it's unlikely to invalidate what i have. If I only had 1-2 crews then yeah - I'd probably be a little more hesitant to expand my collection unless there's a good chance the new models would fit my existing crew's theme (eg. Confirmed Versatile models like the Effigies/Emissaries, or Beckoners for a Lynch Crew) or I just wanted it as a painting project (eg. Hinamatsu, who I now wish I'd ordered at Gencon. ).
  13. Rathnard

    10T Keyword thoughts

    Honestly, I'll probably just play whoever's able to take Samurai in their crew. Possibly Thunder Archers too, since those sculpts are sick as.
  14. Rathnard

    First feelings M3E

    Nytemare won the Homefront Campaign, which presumably means the Council failed in their plans and won't become an Allegiance in TOS. I'm actually a little bummed about that. Not because I like Ramos (quite the opposite), but because I like the idea of the original organisation that opened the Breach coming back as a force to complete with the Guild. In any case, I honestly can't tell for sure whether the "dead" masters are coming back. I don't think they need to, but if they do it'd be a good opportunity for a hard reset on their rules/background.
  15. Rathnard

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I have to say, I'm a little upset that I couldn't get a Burning Man shirt through the online store.