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  1. I was backing the Council, mostly for background reasons. I really liked the idea of the "original" top dogs coming back to rival the Guild again. For now though, just seeing the game get a new book & Allegiances would be nice!
  2. Back during the Kickstarter, Aaron (the lead designer for TOS at the time) said that the plan for expanding the game was to go wide. If that's still the plan, then we could certainly see Wyrd regularly delving into the Malifaux factions for additional syndicates. Also you mentioned Sandmen - they were intended to be a universal syndicate for TOS (ie. available to both Malifaux and Earth forces). That said, this is all from about 4 years in the past. Aaron's no longer working for Wyrd and we've heard nothing about the Sandmen since. It's entirely possible that Wyrd has since decided to ta
  3. I imagine they'd be superficially similar to the Abyssinians, with well equipped and well armoured troops. Given that they're trained for the small-scale skirmishes common to Malifaux, I expect a company scale force would fight in a similar way. In practice, I'd say a squad would generally be a core of "common" infantry (ie. Scouts or Freikorpsmen), supplemented with an adjunct from their more specialist divisions (Engineer, Librarian, Drachen Trooper). Squads might also be smaller, like Fireteam (80mm / 3x30mm), Squad (2). Thinking about it, this looks like the makings of a
  4. 80mm bases have a 73mm inner diameter. 100mm bases have a 94mm inner diameter. 120mm bases have a 116mm inner diameter. I'm least sure about the 100mm base. I only have a painted version of them so I had to measure over basing materials.
  5. I love Swinecursed, but unfortunately you need Piglets and/or Bayou Gremlins to make use of their demise ability. So unless you can get them second hand, you're looking at also buying Deliverance and either Makin’ Bacon OR Mudlight Whispers. As for Wong on the whole, I agree with the green options. They give you a 50SS crew and cover all the bases you need to get full use out of Wong. For Yellow, I'd recomend Creative Taxidermy and the Pigapult. Taxidermists are surprisingly dangerous and their summoning can prove very useful. The PIgapult opens up alot of mobility options for the c
  6. This month I'll be aiming to paint my Electrocutioners and a Dead Outlaw. I'm excited to get the Electrocutioners finished, since it'll leave me just 3 models short of having a fully painted Abyssinian company. The Dead Outlaw is the last model I need to finish my Parker crew. So he's an easy way to complete another crew from my collection! As for the Basing Challenge, I guess I should use it as an excuse to actually base one my my existing Malifaux crews. I tend to be very lazy on that front - usually I'll leave my model bases as plain dirt, until I'm motivated to pre
  7. @Caedrus That's 78 SS for April. *** Well, I think that's me done for the month; A squad of Barbed Crawlers, the Devouring Eel (please ignore Parker, he'll be gone shortly...) and (finally!) an Electrocutioner! I'm not completely satisfied with the Electrocutioner. I'll probably change his piping to something else. But for now he's finished, which is a massive relief considering how long this mini's been sitting, half finished, on my desk! Anyway, for the last few days of this month I'll probably put some time into my Goblins for Kings of War
  8. Ha! I actually really love this idea! Limit it to Friendly Sz 1 models and i think that'd actually be a really solid buff, without making it too overpowered. Anyway, I haven't played Wong in a good year or so, but I did play him pretty solidly for the year before that. And honestly, he's still my favorite Master. It's just that his complex mechanics require more brain-power to play than I'm willing to devote to your average game of Malifauix these days (hence why I've been playing the Viks alot more lately!). Back to the OP, I think the biggest factor holding Wong back is that it f
  9. Aww, thanks @Caedrus! That's very kind of you to say. Anyway, here's a progress update on the Crawlers; I worked out the scheme for them months ago, when I painted the Morphling (ie. basically both Crawler types squished together). So far they're looking pretty swish for a 4 scrip trash squad. I especially love some of the faces. Like this one - Grumpy Cat's distant ancestor;
  10. I'm still in a bit of a rut when it comes to painting Malifaux, and my attempt to paint Abyssinians last month failed miserably. So instead, I'm returning to a favourite; Yep - it's time to get back to the Gibbering Hordes! I've just got these guys (Barbed Crawlers and Devouring Eel), plus some Yarazi to go before I've finished the Allegiance. The colour scheme have for them is both fun and easy, so these should be a blast to get through.
  11. @Caedrus Just 7 SS painted this month. Good thing I only pledged for enforcer level this year, because my painting progress for Wyrd stuff was pretty minimal over March - just one Iron Skeeter; Not ideal, but at least I have a basic scheme sorted so the last two shouldn't be too difficult. No progress on the Electrocutioners, unfortunately. They'll have to wait for another time!
  12. I've often tried single commander games with an extra 10 scrip, which I think strikes a good balance between the standard 1 commander and 2 commander games. For us, it's not felt unbalanced, and the commanders still feel relevant. If anything it's been better than playing a 1 commander game, especially for an elite army like Abyssinia. One thing I would recomend though, is adding Samantha Thrace or Binh Nguyen for those larger games. Those extra Tactics tokens help alot.
  13. You're right - you definitely need a plan for Binh otherwise in a Cult list, he's at risk of being left behind while everyone else dives through the portals. That said, he's not as hard to protect as you might think. For one, pairing him up with Doomseekers and advancing toward a centerline objective is a good way to go. The range and teleportation tricks inherent to the Doomseekers mean they're often a good unit to advance on foot, shoot something and then teleport another unit (eg. Warped, Twisted Horrors) in front of them. Binh is fast enough to keep up with them, so it's an easy way
  14. So here's what I'm planning to paint this month... I've been somewhat inspired by the Wrastlers I painted last month, so I'm adding 3x Iron Skeeters to finally complete my Zipp Crew. As for the Electrocutioners, they're the next step for my Abyssinians. It took me ages to paint my previous Abyssinian unit (Mehal Sefari) so I'm not entirely convinced I'll manage to paint all nine this month. But if I can at least get the scheme nailed down and paint a few, I'll consider it a win!
  15. You know that never even occured to me but now you mention it...yeah - they definitely give a strong Dwemer vibe! Well I'll leave that to Caedrus. I'm fine either way since... ...I just managed to finish the Wrastlers in time (sorry for the poor quality pic)! I wasn't too excited about getting these boys done but now they're finished, I'm pretty satisfied with the overall aesthetic. Anyway, @Caedrus - you can put me down for 15 SS this month, or 78 SS if you feel it's appropriate to include the 21 improperly based steam arachnids!
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