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  1. Well we got 4 new scenarios for Fields of Glory today. I know I'm keen to give them a try but besides that, it at least indicates that Wyrd still has plans for TOS. I agree more news and releases would be nice though. Even besides the two player starter, I'd just like to get my hands on a Samantha Thrace for my proxy Guild Company!
  2. Was it really a "mistake" though? My impression was that it was a pretty successful way of introducing a new faction without neglecting the others.
  3. What i suspect is that when Wyrd release the Explorers League, most of the Masters will be Dual Faction with Explorers and something else. So DF Explorers with either Arcanist, Resser, Neverborn, Outcast or Bayou. Then there'd be one with one pure Explorers master (bringing the factions master total to 8), and then a pure Guild and pure Ten Thunders Master to bring their Master totals up to 8 as well. It's what they did when 10T were released, and it seemed like a pretty good way to introduce a new faction without the others being completely left out. As for when, precedent dictates that they'll have a new Malifaux book for the Explorers League out for Gencon 2020. But that's certainly not a guarantee. Maybe this year they'll focus on The Other Side instead, to give it a proper relaunch (i hope!)?
  4. I suspect you've already seen mine, but in case you haven't...
  5. Fantastic! I can't wait to see how your Noodle Wyrm turns out. There's not enough painted examples of that glorious model out there. For me, I'm planning to male progress on my ECB Black Ops, and get through a pile of Striped Skulkers; Part of me wants to get into finishing Zipps crew, but the call of Meridian is too strong.
  6. @Caedrus Well i didn't get my ECB Black Ops done, but i made some solid progress on the other stuff; The Lucky Emissary and my first model finished for the year. It seemed appropriate. Two Gautraeux Bokor, which rounded out all the models i needed to paint for my Wizz-bang Keyword. 3x Striped Skulkers and a Karkinoi - The first test models for my Gibbering Hordes Allegiance. I'm really happy with how these turned out, so I'm excited to get more of them done in the coming months. Total for January comes to (10+6+6+4x7) an even 50 SS. On to February!
  7. So I'm a bit behind on this, but here's what I'm planning to work on for January; Basically the last three models to round out my Wong connection, two gribblies as tests for my new Gibbering Hordes company and the ECB Black Ops for my Cult of the Burning Man. I'm not convinced I'll get them all finished, but so long as i hit 31SS for my Tyrant pledge then it's all good.
  8. @Caedrus Just a quick update because I'm clearly way behind on this! I didn't get anything more finished in December, so my previously shown models (page 1?) are all I've done for the month; Wong (15), Bokor (6), 2x Flying Piglets (6), First Mate (9), Bayou Smuggler (6) for 42 SS total. Thanks again for running the league. Now to post my pledge for January 2020...
  9. Might be time for a progress update! I attended a Tournament last week (3 wins and second place... yay!), so i had some motivation to finish out my Wizz-bang Keyword. So here's what I've painted this month; Festive Wong. Not part of my initial pledge, but i needed a Christmas- themed model for the Christmas themed tournament! Gautraeux Bokor. Just two more of these guys to go... 2x Flying Piglets. These used to be Night Terrors for my Dreamer crew (back in 1st ed when he could take them). But with a bit more converting they're back in the Bayou. The First Mate. Nothing more to say really - I'm just glad i finally finished him! My Bayou Smuggler - Pigsey. Another conversion because i couldn't buy the proper models at my LGS. It was a late night, mad scientist-like project, but i think he turned out well! Some fog banks for my Malifaux table. I don't know if i should even count these toward the challenge - it feels like cheating! I've just got three more models I'm hoping to finish before the end of the year - the Lucky Emissary and two more Bokor. Then it's on to 2010!
  10. @Caedrus you can count me in for Tyrant level again. As for an intro, I've been playing wargames for 22 years now, and have played Malifaux since it's inception (2008? I can't even remember anymore). I love converting and painting models - it's basically what i do for downtime when I'm not being a full time parent. For 2020 I've got a few projects planned, specifically; 1. Finish off my bayou terrain board 2. Compete my Cult of the Burning Man collection 3. Paint up three new TOS companies: Gibbering Hordes and (when released) the Guild and Court of Two companies from the starter set. 4. Finish crews for Zipp & Parker, paint up Alt Molly & Youko and then complete whatever models i need for the faction/Master I've moved onto by then. Regarding the buy-in what if you set the values relative to the pledge level? So minion could be 10, Enforcer 20, Henchman 30, Master 40 and Tyrant 50? I know I'd have little problem painting up 50-60 SS for a buy-in. But for someone used to painting 1 model per month, it's insurmountable. Finally, I have to agree with @lusciousmccabe with regards to three terrain values. As great a motivator as it's been to get my own board finished, the values probably need to be scaled down a little!
  11. Hmm, I like your thinking with the Akaname. The only problem I have with it is that my Taxidermist has usually been lobbed into the enemy crew by turn 2 at the latest. That, and I'm usually not lacking in corpses to summon pigs off of, whether it's from the dead stuffed piglets or the hapless victims the Taxidermist just murdered. Still, I think I'll give it a try, especially since it's the only Sz 1 model I can think of who can drop a scheme marker after being thrown by a pigapult. Re: stacking glowy after turn 2, I'm finding the same thing. It's rare that I'll be able to get more than 3 enemy models (if that) into range of the two shockwave markers. So he instead tends to move offensive shockwaves, to both buffing his crew with Fast and launching scheme markers into space. That said, by turn 3 my opponent is usually trying to get Wong into melee, so sometimes he's not even doing that! Same. No matter what kind of list I take, I always make sure I've got some way to move Wong around so that he's not having to waste AP walking or attempting to Reposition out of engagement with his Iron Fan! You're welcome! As much as I like posting in magenta, I'm not so cruel as to force everyone to read a 5000 word manifesto in that colour. TBH you're probably right. I've not had a lot of experience with the other Bayou Masters, so it was probably a bit presumptuous of me to claim that Wong had the "steepest" learning curve! Having since looked more into the others, I feel like you're right about So'mer - he's got quite a few moving parts to his crew. Brewmaster though... there's a bunch of setup with his crew to get the poison engine going, but beyond that he doesn't feel quite as complicated as Wong to me. Agreed - I'll probably edit that bit accordingly. Hmm. I hadn't thought of using Rage Machine to attack & miss your own models - I'll have to give that a try next time I take the mechapig! Whether it's drawing cards or inflicting extra damage, Wong can get alot of value from having Glowy on enemy models. But otherwise you make a fair point. If nothing else, I'm hoping it becomes some design space that Wyrd will build upon with future models/upgrades. Like I said above, the self-damage throughout the Wizz-bang keyword can make Wong's crew pretty brittle, which is why it's so important to bring at least a healer or two to keep their health topped up. The payoff is significant though - Fast and free suits is not a small thing, and it seriously ramps up the the damage potential of the crew. I did indeed. I won all three of my games to come second overall out of 18 players - a result I'm very pleased with! Here's a quick rundown; Game 1; Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Wong Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Totem(s): Olivia Bernard Hires: Gautraeux Bokor Pigapult Taxidermist Burt Jebsen Swine Cursed Swine Cursed 2 Played vs Rasputina with Plant Explosives. Pigapult shot the Taxidermist & Burt at flanking Hoarcats to wipe them out, while the Swinecursed each hunted down Rasputina & the Ice Dancer. The game ended 7-1 to me, having scored power ritual (duh) and Hold up Forces. The latter scheme I'm starting to think is great for Wong, thanks to movement shenanigans with the pigapult (of course) and the piglet that comes out of any slain Swinecursed. Game 2: Size: 50 - Pool: 2 Leader: Wong Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Totem(s): Olivia Bernard Hires: Gautraeux Bokor Taxidermist Inferiority Complex Pigapult Gracie Gluttony Bayou Smuggler Twelve Cups of Coffee Played vs Von Schill in Turf War, and superior mobility won the day for me, scoring 4:3 at the end of turn 3. The Bayou Smuggler and Gracie tag-teamed the Freikorp Scouts, but not much else died thanks to all that armour and all those damn Librarians. So instead i flipped Turf War markers and scored a point each for Breakthrough & Harness Leylines. In retrospect Deliver a message would have been much better - Harness was too many scheme markers to poop out when combined with Breakthrough. Game 3: Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Wong Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Totem(s): Olivia Bernard Hires: Gracie Mechanized Porkchop Swine Cursed Inferiority Complex Swine Cursed 2 Gautraeux Bokor Lightning Bug This was vs Brewmaster in the Strategy I was dreading - Reckoning. I don't rate Wong in this strat, especially when the scheme list was almost entirely kill-focused. As expected, it boiled down to a big ugly fight in the middle. Fortunately however, I managed a 7:6 win, edging out with 3 points for Reckoning and scoring full points for both Vendetta (Swinecursed vs Whiskey Golem) and Dig Graves. Wong didn't achieve much thanks to Brewmaster with Coffee dragging him into his bubbles, but the sheer power of the pigs helped me grind most of his crew into dust. Overall, I'm really pleased with how Wong and his Wizz-Bang performed over the course of the day, although I still made plenty of mistakes. Game 3 especially was a mess - I completely forgot to Fzzzap my own crew in turn 1 to load them with Fast. My positioning was just all over the place too, the worst being Wong, who should have hidden behind the pig-wall and played support instead of trying to Fzzzap the enemy crew (he was the opponent's Assassination target, of course!) On the whole, Wong seems to do well in Plant Explosives and Turf War, as well as most schemes involving scheme markers and even a few that don't (as above, Hold up their Forces is pretty good for him). I have a better opinion of him in Reckoning too - he can take a pretty brawl-friendly crew, just so long as Wong himself concentrates more on supporting his crew rather than hurting the enemy! I'm convinced Corrupted Idols is his worst strategy though, thanks to his tendency toward a high model count, no inate advantages for winning initative and difficulty in rapidly redeploying his crew.
  12. I've used one twice now, both times in a Wong crew with 12 Cups of Coffee. In the first game he helped achieve Harness Leylines & Breakthrough, before Perdita's crew blew him away (along with the rest of my crew! ). In the second game he tied up a Friekorps Scout before killing it (with help from Gracie). Getting tied up in a brawl that included Von Schill and two Librarians prevented him doing much more, but he lasted longer than i expected thanks to his ability to use Soulstones. In both games i don't feel i got full use out of him, partly because i kept forgetting Showboating. But he never felt like a waste of stones either, even with the added expense of the coffee upgrade. I'll agree that there are probably more efficient options for scheme/anti-scheme duties, but i think he gets added value from his card cycling abilities, and some unexpected resiliance from his ability to use Soulstones. So yeah - my initial impressions of the smuggler are luke-warm at best. But I'm not ready to give up on him quite yet!
  13. Here's a few thoughts I had for new masters; Big Game Hunter: Quite probably the big knife-wielding guy that was shown a few weeks back Tomb Raider: Could be Neverborn character in McCabes story. McCabes own thematic shift toward a more black market-type role would leave room for such an archeotype too. Cartographer: I really love the idea of this. I'd imagine they'd take a mobility-type role, not dissimilar to Colette. Book Hunters: Arcanists and/or Ressers who have joined the Explorers League to seek out arcane knowledge. Mr Settler: Just a family, trying to build their damn homestead and raise some damn animals without having to fend off eldritch horrors every few days. This would be the terrain marker-based crew, putting down fences and the like to keep their (unusually aggressive) cows safe. Dora the Explorer: No idea on gameplay. I just want to see a disturbingly optimistic Latino girl with her backpack and boot-wearing monkey.
  14. That's the plan, yes. I'm currently working on part three, which consists of crew builds, what to do Turn 1, stacking Glowy in turn 2 onwards and other combos/synergies.
  15. Well despite starting 2 months late, this challenge has been a wild ride! With the SS gained I feel like painting all my terrain has felt a bit like cheating. But if nothing else it's been good motivation to actually get a proper table's worth of terrain complete - something I've been trying to do for years! Needless to say, I'll definitely be signing up for next year! Anyway, for the last month i thought I'd try to go out with a bang; Basically all the models i still need to do for my Wizz-Bang crew, a house and some concealing fog terrain to finish off my table. Hopefully the later will be more than just painted MDF!
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