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  1. I talked to a friend last night about TOS, and as it turns out the Allegiance he's most interested in playing is an unreleased one - the Court of Two. That now makes three locals who are waiting on the 2-player starter box to get into TOS. I'm pretty confident that Wyrd hasn't abandoned the game, but i do hope they relaunch it soon. At least locally, there's definitely interest in seeing it expand. Speaking of which, I'm actually running a small tournament for TOS in two weeks. I'm not expecting a huge turnout - i was considering 4 attendees to be a success! But as it turns out, i might end up with 6 or more. A few have come out of the woodwork to borrow one of my armies and give the system a try.
  2. Great work! Did you use an airbrush? I don't have one of my own (i had to paint mine with a normal brush, like some kind of peasant ), but the Gibbering Hordes seem particularly well suited to airbrushing.
  3. Well this month I'm painting a mix of hungry sea monsters and African soldiers; The Gupps are intended to be Egg Clutch proxies, but i guess this technically means I'm painting Malifaux this month! To be honest i rarely watch other painters videos, with maybe one recent exception - Goobertown Hobbies. This guy is the Bob Ross of tabletop painters, and a joy to watch.
  4. @Caedrus So here's what i painted this past month; 9x Speckled Crawlers for 45SS total (the tenth one was painted a few months back). The Mehal Sefari are still in progress (next month!), but i did manage to finish these three minis for Relic Knights; ... which finally brings me to a full warband; Nobody currently plays the game around here, but it's nonetheless nice to get them done.
  5. So this month I've officially given up on painting any Malifaux. While I'd liked to finish my Zipp crew, the motivation just isn't there. So instead I'm painting nothing but TOS for the month. Here's what I've got planned; 9x Speckled Crawlers and 6x Mehal Sefari. There might be other stuff (specifically a Frenzy squad, and maybe some Gupps, but that depends on whether they finally arrive at my LGS... June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints Well as @Caedrus astutely noted, at least one of these is easy to guess... I have to admit - I've been painting a bunch of non-pink colour schemes lately (Just look at my Gibbering Hordes & Abyssinians). But it remains my favourite color to paint, and is a go-to colour whenever I'm stuck on what sort of scheme i want for something. More importantly, it's the color that got me through most of my Malifaux collection, so outs always going to be a favourite of mine! As for the other two, I've found them to be essential for painting most of my blacks and whites. The Wolf grey in particular is my key colour for painting undead skin, pale/vampire skin and almost every white I've ever painted.
  6. Misaki. Her teleporting ninja-style shenanigans give her incredible mobility, which is always a playstyle I've loved.
  7. @Caedrus So here's what i managed to finish in May; 6x Armoured Crawlers w. 2x Fireteam bases (70). Despite my initial doubts, these chunky murder crabs turned out pretty well! Morphling Adjunct (7). TBH I don't really like the sculpt, but he turned out well enough once painted so I'm not especially upset about it. 3x Mehal Sefari. The end result of settling on a new colour scheme and trying something different with the fireteam base (ie. gluing one of the models to the base, leaving more space for ruins etc). These are easily my favourite of the month, and I'm looking forward to painting up a few more of their friends! To keep things simple I'm not counting the fireteam base, since it's attached to a Mehal. So 15SS for these three. Thus, total painted for May is (70+7+15) = 92SS.
  8. Time for another update... The Morphling is finished! The hardest part with this piece was to come up with a scheme for the Barbed Crawler half of the mini. In the end decided to do with the same skin as the Speckled Crawler (who they're supposedly closely related to), but with a black stripe down the back and orange "barbs" to draw the eye. So that just leaves the Iron Skeeters to paint this month, which as you can see... ...I got distracted. So yeah. I kind of *accidentally* bought my 4th Allegiance for TOS and now I'm painting Abyssinians instead of Skeeters. Whoops. I might just have to accept that my Malifaux is getting put on hold while i go a little crazy painting TOS instead! On the plus side, I'm really happy with how the Mehal Sefari turned out. So you can expect to see a few dozen more Abyssinians making an appearance in the coming months.
  9. @Caedrus Thanks for keeping things running! Could you add 110 SS to my February pledge? It seems to have been missed on the spreadsheet. Link to the finished models is here. Anyway, my pledge this month has been coming along nicely... What I've pledged - Whelks, Skeeters and a Morphing. What I've painted - 6x Armoured Whelks with their Fireteam bases. I'm especially pleased with the shells. The bases before adding the murder crabs. I figured painting the bases seperately to the crabs was going to be much easier, given all the legs and how's low to the ground they are. And finally, something non-Wyrd. Oni from the Noh Faction in Relic Knights. Like the apothecary last month, they'll likely be something i rarely, if ever put on the table. But it's good to get them off my painting desk. As for the rest, I'm making good progress on the morphling, but need to finalise a colour scheme. I've made no progress on the Iron Skeeters though. I might just have to accept that I'm way more into painting TOS than Malifaux for the foreseeable future!
  10. Oop! Apologies to @Diddick - not sure how i messed that one up.
  11. So I'll get pics up later, but while I'm online, here's what I'm planning (hoping) to paint over the course of May; 6x Armoured Whelks (with Fireteam bases) 1x Morphling 3x Iron Skeeters So basically the next expansion to my Gibbering Hordes, and three of the last six models I need for Zipp's Infamous Keyword. In between I'm also trying to clear a bunch of non-Wyrd models from my half-painted pile. The most recent was the 40k Apothecary from April, and currently I'm working on some Relic Knights minis. These are all minis I'm unlikely to put on the table*, but it feels good to get them out of the way. *Though to be fair, I have so, so much painted Malifaux that will likely never see table time either!
  12. @Caedrus Thanks! The Apothecary is straight from the box...or at least I think it is. I bought it second hand so it came assembled. @Wintergloom I love what you've done with the western buildings. Much better than the dodgy effort I put into mine. :P @Antinea Well done on the Cyclops. It's paint jobs like this that make me question my decision not to invest in an airbrush... @TeaCrusader The bases on your Murder Monkeys look great. Is it supposed to be Lava? Or are they black bush things with a red underglow? It's a little hard to tell, but it has me intrigued - I've been looking at ways to vary up my basing from my usual "dirt 'n' ruins" approach.
  13. @Caedrus With my Black Ops finished, I'm done for the month; (Sorry for the crappy pics) These have rapidly become my favourite unit in the Allegiance. There's just so much character in each sculpt! I also got this fellow done; Not Wyrd, obviously, but he's been on my half- painted pile for at least a year so I figured it was time to finish him off! I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. Even though i almost never play the game. Anyway for the sake of the pledge, this month I've painted 11 Fireteam bases (11x5), an Egg Clutch (7), Earl Burns (3), and 9 ECB Black Ops (9x5) for 110SS in total. ... and for the sake of updating convenience, my February pledge was 103SS, while March was 81SS.
  14. Progress Update! So a pile of Fireteam bases, a few TOS models and Earl Burns. The ECB black ops have been really satisfying to finish. They've been half finished on my painting table for months now, and the sculpts are just amazing - so much character with every one of them.
  15. So here's what I'm aiming to paint this month; An Egg Clutch, Earl Burns (my attempt to make headway on Zipp's keyword!), the English Cricket Board Black Ops and 11 Fireteam bases. Assuming @Caedrus is okay with it I figured I'd count the latter as 3D markers, so 5SS each? As for painting advice... The April Challenge 1. Base coat, dry brush and ink wash. While i use plenty of other techniques these days, alot of my painting is still based on those three steps. Especially when I'm trying to get something done quickly. If you're starting out our are just not good at painting, this is a really easy way to get a good result without too much effort. 2. When it comes to figuring out a colour scheme, less is more. I typically focus on one major colour, with one secondary colour used sparingly. Beyond that I'll avoid adding any other colours, even as spot colours unless i REALLY want those bits to stand out. The exception are Blacks, greys, and white, which are neutral colours and can thus be added freely without messing too much with the aesthetic of your color scheme. I'm sure better painters could describe how to use broader colour pallets that look good, but this is what's worked for me.
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