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  1. So here's what I'm aiming to paint this month; An Egg Clutch, Earl Burns (my attempt to make headway on Zipp's keyword!), the English Cricket Board Black Ops and 11 Fireteam bases. Assuming @Caedrus is okay with it I figured I'd count the latter as 3D markers, so 5SS each? As for painting advice... The April Challenge 1. Base coat, dry brush and ink wash. While i use plenty of other techniques these days, alot of my painting is still based on those three steps. Especially when I'm trying to get something done quickly. If you're starting out our are just not good at painting, this is a really easy way to get a good result without too much effort. 2. When it comes to figuring out a colour scheme, less is more. I typically focus on one major colour, with one secondary colour used sparingly. Beyond that I'll avoid adding any other colours, even as spot colours unless i REALLY want those bits to stand out. The exception are Blacks, greys, and white, which are neutral colours and can thus be added freely without messing too much with the aesthetic of your color scheme. I'm sure better painters could describe how to use broader colour pallets that look good, but this is what's worked for me.
  2. @Caedrus i think I'm done for the month; It wasn't initially my plan to paint up some terrain this month, but lately I've decided to try and clear some side projects that might never get done otherwise. This was first on the list. 8x Karkinoi, The Stormsiren, a house and some shelter bits. I'll count the shelter bits as a single terrain piece (ie. 5SS) so that brings this month's total to (7x8 + 15 + 2x5) 81SS ... and for the sake of convenience, my February pledge also needs updating, and came to 103SS.
  3. I'm in a similar position to @Sharpedge. We've got about 4 active players, with maybe another 4 with armies but no time to play. The game is excellent and I've been LOVING painting my armies. I've got most of my Cult finished, a proxy Guild company (using KE rules) and I'm now painting up a Gibbering Hordes force. And just because, here's some random pics of my armies.
  4. Four karkinoi done this month, four more to go. These Gibbering Horde sculpts are almost as fantastic as those from the Cult.
  5. I'm pretty pumped for this!
  6. First off thanks for the kind words. ...And secondly, yes i definitely need to update it. I've got a new version in progress, but it's been hard to find time to sit down and finish it off. I'll see if i can get it organised sooner rather than later!
  7. For what it's worth, Wong cam do alot of AoE damage, sure, but that's just one part of what makes him so useful. He's also phenomenal at buffing his in-theme crew (in short - free suits and extra actions for everyone) and can dump scheme markers just about anywhere he needs them. There's alot more to what he does, but thats the basics. Having said that, he's not the simplest master to learn. It takes practice to get the most out of what he does. So unless you're really keen on his playstyle, he's not who I'd recommend you'd learn the game with.
  8. My pledge for this month; As you can see, I've foregone any hope of finishing my ECB Black Ops and just gone full Gibbering Hordes instead! I'm hoping to add The Frenzy too, but they're on order so I'm not sure they'll arrive in time.
  9. @Stranglelove Your Goryshche didn't disappoint - well done! @Caedrus I'm finally posting up my painted minis for Feb! Here's what i finished with; 14 Striped Skulkers and a Speckled Crawler for (14x7 + 5) 103SS total! So i went overboard on the Gibbering Hordes, but made little progress on the ECB black ops. The latter will get finished eventually... I'm just enjoying painting the gribbly monsters alot more than i expected to! More pics; Please ignore the square base on the speckled crawler. I'm using him for a Kings of War army so i magnetised his feet to switch between bases.
  10. Well we got 4 new scenarios for Fields of Glory today. I know I'm keen to give them a try but besides that, it at least indicates that Wyrd still has plans for TOS. I agree more news and releases would be nice though. Even besides the two player starter, I'd just like to get my hands on a Samantha Thrace for my proxy Guild Company!
  11. Was it really a "mistake" though? My impression was that it was a pretty successful way of introducing a new faction without neglecting the others.
  12. What i suspect is that when Wyrd release the Explorers League, most of the Masters will be Dual Faction with Explorers and something else. So DF Explorers with either Arcanist, Resser, Neverborn, Outcast or Bayou. Then there'd be one with one pure Explorers master (bringing the factions master total to 8), and then a pure Guild and pure Ten Thunders Master to bring their Master totals up to 8 as well. It's what they did when 10T were released, and it seemed like a pretty good way to introduce a new faction without the others being completely left out. As for when, precedent dictates that they'll have a new Malifaux book for the Explorers League out for Gencon 2020. But that's certainly not a guarantee. Maybe this year they'll focus on The Other Side instead, to give it a proper relaunch (i hope!)?
  13. I suspect you've already seen mine, but in case you haven't...
  14. Fantastic! I can't wait to see how your Noodle Wyrm turns out. There's not enough painted examples of that glorious model out there. For me, I'm planning to male progress on my ECB Black Ops, and get through a pile of Striped Skulkers; Part of me wants to get into finishing Zipps crew, but the call of Meridian is too strong.
  15. @Caedrus Well i didn't get my ECB Black Ops done, but i made some solid progress on the other stuff; The Lucky Emissary and my first model finished for the year. It seemed appropriate. Two Gautraeux Bokor, which rounded out all the models i needed to paint for my Wizz-bang Keyword. 3x Striped Skulkers and a Karkinoi - The first test models for my Gibbering Hordes Allegiance. I'm really happy with how these turned out, so I'm excited to get more of them done in the coming months. Total for January comes to (10+6+6+4x7) an even 50 SS. On to February!
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