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  1. I wish I'd finished painting every M2E crew before M3E hit. I have Parker, Zipp and Reva left to paint, but with M3E out I now need to add Von Shtook, Basse, Eurpipides and Youko to that list before I can finally claim the title of Pokemon Malifaux Master. When M3E was announced I actually wrote up a list of crazy crew ideas I wanted to try in M2E before moving onto the next edition. Most of them were pretty stupid, like Marcus w. a Pig crew, So'mer w. nothing but Bayou Gremlins, or Lynch with 3 Samurai, Lust and Torakage to draw most of your deck hand in turn 1. I ticked most of them off, but there were a few I never managed to get around to; 1. Who let the Dogs out - Marcus w. nothing but Guild Hounds, Canine Remians and Corrupted Hounds. 2. Malifaux Press Corps - Nellie w. a Printing Press and 11 Field Reporters 3. Bearforce One - Marcus w. 8(?) Slate Ridge Maulers, It's probably for the best that I didn't do the last two, otherwise I'd have more Field Reporters and Slate Ridge Maulers than I'd ever need for M3E!
  2. You know, i did the exact same thing with my own Trixie. The end effect is great - it makes her look like even more of a grinning maniac. Anyway, for me it's another month, another ambitious pledge. It's school holidays for the next two weeks here, so I'm optimistic; Another townhouse, a full squad of Broken, Minako Rei and her two Katishiro. I'll work out the Soulstone total later on. ;)
  3. @Caedrus Pledge finished for June! So I've got 2x Motor Scouts (2×10), 6x Rifle Corp (6×5) and a building (8x5) for 90SS total. Also, when you find time to update the spreadsheet, i should be at 213SS fort May. :)
  4. It's not just GH players - just about everyone I've talked to agrees that the Immolated Rhino is absurdly strong. It's got the mobility you expect of a Cult unit, combined with being extremely hard to kill and capable of tying up, then devastating units 2-3 times its cost. And it's not even a hard unit to use. At worst, you just need to flip it to Glory before it gets sniped by a rogue Railgunner or the like. After that you literally point it at what you want to kill, and let it go. There's definitely ways to kill it, but it's never a simple matter and it routinely takes a big investment in units and cards to take one down. It certainly doesn't help that the thing prevents nearby morale actions too, which shuts down a couple of potential counters all on its own. Speaking as a Cult player, I've basically sworn off using the Immolated Rhino until it gets an errata of some sort. Dropping Fire Nova is certainly a potential solution. Without it the Rhino loses most of its killing power, but it's still absurdly tough and able to hold up most units for the entire game. Hell, I'd argue that without Fire Nova the Rhino might still be undercosted, but at least it wouldn't be oppressively broken like it is now! As for how to deal with the Rhino now, I feel like the best solution for GH is to accept that you won't be able to kill it, and simply tie it up instead. Barbed Crawlers, Half an Armoured Whelk squad or a Devouring Eel are all about the same cost as a Rhino and should be capable of resisting that Fire Nova. The Armoured Whelk might even be able to strip a Shaken Token and prevent it getting Reinforced with its Spit Mucus attack. Hell, if all else fails a freshly summoned squad of just about anything might work in a pinch. It's not a fool-proof plan. The Cult are pretty good at pulling units out of sticky situations, so chances are you won't be able to keep it there forever. But if you can at least keep it from holding an objective (remember that no morale aura) or hurting one of your more important units, I'd call it a win.
  5. Last month was 213 SS for me @Caedrus This month I've got a bit of non-Wyrd commission painting to deal with. So I'm going to keep it light for the challenge and stick with the house i didn't manage to finish last month, and a few proxies for my TOS Kings Empire Company; It's not as much work as it looks. The TOS company is going to be painted in a simple (yet hopefully striking) monochrome scheme. ;)
  6. God damn, these Torakage look amazing. Between the new art for Misaki and Ototo, it looks like I'll have to buy another Misaki box afterall.
  7. @Caedrus Time for an end of month update! I made some good progress over the past week, having completed the last pieces of Asami's crew, as well as the second terrain piece; Asami (15) Amanjaku (3) 3x Yokai (15) Breachling (10) Camp Terrain (105) Jungle Terrain (65) TOTAL for this month: 213 SS The only piece i didn't finish was the house. That'll roll over into next month, which probably won't be quite as productive (I've also got some 40k to paint for a friend)!
  8. So I've painted some stuff; 3x Yokai (15SS), a breachling (10SS) and the first terrain piece I've painted in years (area = 21x 50mm bases = 105SS) for 130SS. I've still got a forest, building, Asami and Totem to go, so we'll see how much of that i get done before the end of the week!
  9. I have no useful advice to give on the matter, but i just wanted to say that this is an AWESOME idea. I might have to steal it myself.
  10. I have M3E Molly a try the other day, and absolutely loved how she played. The crew aesthetic; a band of monsters and misfits, really appealed and the fading mechanic was alot of fun. It ensured that you never had a bad hand, since the low cards are always in high demand for discards. Overall, I'm very keen to give her another try sometime. :)
  11. As far as i can tell the Kings hand was a joint Guild/KE project that's since been modified (thanks to Kassa's input) and put into mass production by the KE. Given this history, and the fact that it's design is so similar to the smaller Guild constructs in Malifaux, I'd be confident in saying that it's fully autonomous. What's more interesting to me is whether the Guild forces are using the same titan design (or whatever they've dubbed their own version) and how it differs from the Kings Hand? :)
  12. You might see some models for your malifaux wildfire crew, but i see their true purpose - as four alternate doomseekers and an Immolated Rhino.
  13. Disaster! I've run out of black spray paint! So while i wait until i can pick one up, i thought I'd add this (pre-sprayed) piece of terrain; EDIT: Okay, one more. This is getting out of hand. :P
  14. They must be escapees from the UK. Like everyone in Australia. Also to keep this thread on topic and justify the new replies here's a few pics of what I've painted for my Cult
  15. My own approach has been to alternate been painting squads and something else. So for you maybe start with Doomseekers (which are amazing), then Rhino, Stalking Portals, Adeodatos etc?
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