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  1. Well, on one hand, I got Samantha Thrace. Yay! On the other hand, I spent way more money that I was initially planning so I could get her. Damn you Nathan!
  2. Well, that and all the wildlife, humans and importantly, Pigs, that were also part of the faction. Zoraida might have been the figurehead, but the faction wasn't that green even without her. For the sake of argument though, a Gremlin Bokor would be the most obvious replacement, as would someone from one of the more 10T influenced families. Personally though, if Zoraida had to go then I'd love to see her replaced with a hyper-intelligent hypnotoad. Far more entertaining, and it fits with your "Keep the Bayou Green" mantra.
  3. Well, I'm hoping for something, anything, TOS related. Maybe Samantha Thrace - I could really do with one of her...
  4. I've played him a few times with the Viks now, and I've yet to regret having him on the team. What Hans offers is threat range. His damage potential isn't as high as a similarly costed melee fighter, but the fact that he can do it safely from 24" away is what makes him useful. He pins down your opponents crew, makes it harder for them to advance without suffering early damage and if they do, he softens those targets up for the Mercs to finish off later. He's not great vs armour (but that's what your Ronin are for, right? ), but he's got a good set of potential debuffs neuter certain pro
  5. Ooh, Wild Speculation? That's my favourite kind! Guild - IIRC the Kings Hand was originally commissioned by the Guild for their own use. With the fallout after London, the Kings Empire just kind of decided to keep the manufactured Titans for themselves. So i guess what I'm saying has that i wouldn't mind at all if the Guild just used a variant of the Kings Hand for themselves. Kimon/3 Kingdoms - honestly it's hard to suggest things without delving straight into the Ten Thunders range. Specifically though, I'd love the chance to have a bunch of Murder Monkeys (Yok
  6. I have to disagree with the buy-in cost. It's more expensive than Malifaux, sure. But to get solid sized company for most TOS operations (ie. an allegiance box plus 1-2 extras) you're looking at about 2x the cost of what you'd need in Malifaux. Given the number of models you get, that's a hell of a bargain. I've not looked too deeply into other games of a similar scale (40k & Warmachine?), but I'm pretty sure the cost for TOS is either roughly equivalent or cheaper than what you'd pay for those systems. An exception might be Bolt Action. Basically then, TOS is only expensive if
  7. Time for some replies! Yeah, it's been a couple of weeks, but that's pretty much a reflection of my life right now - getting some time to type up a long-winded reply is not easy with two demanding kids! I think the issue with Hazardous and Area isn't so much that it's broken. After all, an experienced player can limit the effect it has on their army and prioritise killing those Grenadiers, Doomseekers etc if it's really going to cause trouble. The problem, IMO, is how much of a negative experience it can be for a new player. Losing most of a squad from some bad hazardous flips, o
  8. (I'm posting this in non-pink because this is a wall of text! ) Okay, so before I go further I should probably make it clear that I LOVE The Other Side. I have painted Companies for 3/4 Allegiances (I’m still painting the 4th) and thoroughly enjoy it every time I play. TOS is one of my two favourite games, and I’d even go as far as saying that I prefer it to Wyrd’s flagship game – Malifaux. That said…the game has issues. And importantly, I see it driving away players who would otherwise be interested in playing TOS. This was most obvious in a tournament I ran. Of the
  9. Oh, nice! Like @muraki, Fuhatsu is one of my least favourite sculpts in Malifaux, so I'm definitely keen to pick this one up. All I need now is to see all the new Other Side releases that'll be available during the sale... right?
  10. While i hear plenty from Games Workshop (who doesn't?) i can't say the same for Privateer Press. Hell, if you asked me today I'd swear that PP was all but dead. But based on what you've said above, i suppose that's not the case? It's the opposite here for Malifaux/Wyrd. We have a very strong Malifaux community going where i am. The TOS is still pretty small, but it is slowing growing so at least locally, I wouldn't call it dead. So when it comes to these smaller companies outside GW, maybe their perceived success is more a reflection of our respective local communities than the co
  11. I talked to a friend last night about TOS, and as it turns out the Allegiance he's most interested in playing is an unreleased one - the Court of Two. That now makes three locals who are waiting on the 2-player starter box to get into TOS. I'm pretty confident that Wyrd hasn't abandoned the game, but i do hope they relaunch it soon. At least locally, there's definitely interest in seeing it expand. Speaking of which, I'm actually running a small tournament for TOS in two weeks. I'm not expecting a huge turnout - i was considering 4 attendees to be a success! But as it turns
  12. Great work! Did you use an airbrush? I don't have one of my own (i had to paint mine with a normal brush, like some kind of peasant ), but the Gibbering Hordes seem particularly well suited to airbrushing.
  13. Well this month I'm painting a mix of hungry sea monsters and African soldiers; The Gupps are intended to be Egg Clutch proxies, but i guess this technically means I'm painting Malifaux this month! To be honest i rarely watch other painters videos, with maybe one recent exception - Goobertown Hobbies. This guy is the Bob Ross of tabletop painters, and a joy to watch.
  14. @Caedrus So here's what i painted this past month; 9x Speckled Crawlers for 45SS total (the tenth one was painted a few months back). The Mehal Sefari are still in progress (next month!), but i did manage to finish these three minis for Relic Knights; ... which finally brings me to a full warband; Nobody currently plays the game around here, but it's nonetheless nice to get them done.
  15. So this month I've officially given up on painting any Malifaux. While I'd liked to finish my Zipp crew, the motivation just isn't there. So instead I'm painting nothing but TOS for the month. Here's what I've got planned; 9x Speckled Crawlers and 6x Mehal Sefari. There might be other stuff (specifically a Frenzy squad, and maybe some Gupps, but that depends on whether they finally arrive at my LGS... June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints Well as @Caedrus astutely noted, at least one of these is easy to guess... I have to admit - I've been painting a b
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