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  1. Dark theme looks funky on mobile, can't see the notification /slideout area, and the other icons that are normally on the slideout are in the upper right corner of the main view.
  2. This month I feel confident about finishing up the Honeypot crew. Pretty close on the front row here, and the rest should follow pretty quickly once I get going. Stretch goal is to finish making the poison gamin in the background poison dart frogs.
  3. @Caedrus here's a better picture of Kitty from earlier this month for 9ss. Pops even more in person, just had to turn down the brightness on the picyure or else the white blinds out a good bit of detail. Got pretty close on a few other, but not close enough. Puts me in a great spot for September though!
  4. Kitty's done! (Highest highlights aren't showing great in these, nor the gloss on the bottle, but you get the idea)
  5. Going for a big month, prepping a gift for a good friend's birthday before he moves. The entire Honeypot keyword, plus Miss Guided. Wish me luck!
  6. @Caedrus sorry I'm late, was out of town and completely forgot to post pictures before leaving. If this needs to be a Mulligan and count for next month, let me know, that's fine. Spending entirely too much time trying something a little different on the Widow Weaver this month:
  7. The main story with Ivan and (who I'm assuming will be his crew, based off Gibson's reveal recently) is Breachside Broadcast #30, spent a good amount of time looking for it the other day.
  8. Given a (hopefully) high probability of Neverborn, the announcement last year around Halloween that the shamble men for the Halloween game would get M3E playable models, and that they would fit nicely with Carver's aesthetic, I'm going to bet/hope for a Pandora nightmare crew (she also hasn't gotten a new sculpt this edition, while Dreamer, the other master with one of Carver's keywords, has). For a Miss model, I'd therefore think something Guild...maybe the Steward?
  9. For July I'm planning on finishing up the Carrion Effigy and then, hopefully finishing up the rest of my Nightmare crew I currently have with the spiders and last Daydream. Bonus points if I get to Vasilisa or Hinnamatsu, who I've had fun modding a bit. For the July challenge, I feel I'm a bit of an oddity, but I tend to avoid watching much YouTube in general, and generally Google written directions of a given technique I want to try out, or ask for direction on a WIP I'm struggling with in the Wyrd Minis Painting FB group. That said, there are a few recognizable names I've look
  10. Flew through this one for a local competition we're doing for the community since we can't play in person. Went for a NecroPhoenix vibe and played around with making my own magic effects (nothing too fancy, just a torn up cotton bat, watered down paint, and glue). Picture doesn't quite grab the layers of the OSL, but I like it. @Caedrus 10ss down so far.
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