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  1. Hi, my M3e app is listing all the Versatile models as Out of Keyword and giving them +1 Cost when I'm building crews. I've uninstalled/reinstalled a few times and it doesn't seem to make a difference if I'm signed in or not? Any Ideas? I'm using app version 1.4.3 and Android Version 11
  2. It's going to be a busy month for me so I'm just going to pledge a single mini. English Ivan for 15ss
  3. @Caedrus I won't be completeing any more this month, just what I posted earlier Lord Cooper 15, 2x Crypsis Corps 14. Ullr 6, Artemis 6 Total = 41ss
  4. @Caedrus is there a spreadsheet? Can't find one and I can't remember what level I pledged 😂 Ignore me I just found it
  5. Ploughing through the rest of the Apex keyword this month, all that's left to do is 1 Vatagi and the Rex
  6. Fantastic work as always this month guys. @Caedrus For March I finished the other 2 runaways, 2 Vatagi Huntsmen and Model 9 for a total of 23ss. I have a bunch more Apex on the verge of being finished too but I wont have time today
  7. @Caedrus Mulligan for me unfortunately. I did get a bit of painting done and I have 2 Vatagi Huntsman almost finished, but not quite
  8. @Diddick Those bone piles look amazing. Kinda wish I'd done mine like that now
  9. For some reason my image won't upload to imgur, but I am going to try and finish the other 2 runaways this month, and for the 'paint a mini in a day' challenge I'll attempt one of the Crypsis Corps.
  10. @Caedrus Just what I'd previously shown for me. 3x Lampad (24ss) Grave Digger (6ss) and one runaway (1ss) Total for Jan = 31ss
  11. My Lampad wish list would be one, or a combination of: Attack stats increased to 6 Incorporeal or increase to df5 Cost reduced to 7
  12. The nest level 😂 Sculpt looks awesome, can't wait to paint me some Seekers, there's gonna be lots of fun OSL
  13. Finally finished my Lampads and managed a Grave Digger and one of Coopers runaways too
  14. I'd go with Steel. I've still never fielded a student of sinew. The student of steel is invaluable against armoured crews. I quite often take one ook if I'm facing armour. You probably dont need 3 though
  15. Welcome back! Most of the Explorers models aren't released yet. But they should be coming out over the next few months. If you're playing Cooper you'll probably want to pick up the On the Hunt box as well to get the Crypsis Corps and the Vatagi Huntsman. The Rex is coming end of this month I think The Flippin Wyrds podcast did a really good rundown of the different Explorer keywords if you want some good advice over how each keyword plays https://flippinwyrdsmalifaux.podbean.com/ The other thing its worth getting at the moment is Vassal. It's how a lot of us have continued playing throughout lockdown and Covid restrictions. You can download the latest Vassal here http://www.vassalengine.org/ And then the latest Malifaux module for it is this one. There's also a facebook group for it where you can arrange games etc http://www.vassalengine.org/.../6/66/M3E-Explorers-v2.vmod Let me know if you'd like a demo using vassal and I can run you through it. Aside from that there's the M3e crew builder app which you can download onto your phone. Its free and has all the cards for m3e
  16. Happy New Year all! My 2021 New Year's Hobby Resolutions 1. Become proficient using an airbrush 2. Finish all of the 'nearly done' projects. i.e Resser Faction, Space Hulk Set, Zombicide Set 3. Scratch Build a piece of terrain 4. Look after my brushes better 5. Expand my paint selection, use new colours and experiment more With number 2 in mind I pledge the eternally unfinished Lampads that I've been pledging since summer last year! If there's time maybe the Grave Diggers too. I do have a fully built Apex crew sitting on the shelf next to me, but I am not allowed to start them until I finish the minis I've already started. Lets see if I can resist
  17. Hi all. I'm from London in the UK and this will be my 3rd year in the challenge. In 2021 I'm going to be painting some of the new Explorer's Society crews and finishing what's left of my Ressers and TOS. Oh and Augmented... and nightmare Pandora Last year I had to drop out for the last couple of months due to busy-ness so this year I'm gonna drop down 2 levels and pledge in at Enforcer. Thanks for running the challenge again @Caedrus and I'm looking forward to seeing all of your painted minis this year
  18. Happy Birthday Wyrd! Loving my Explorers Book. Only read about a 3rd so far. Pacing myself to make it last
  19. @Caedrus and the group. I think this month will be another mulligan for me putting me in painting purgatory. Some times life gets busy and painting has to go on the back burner. With that in mind I had planned on taking over hosting the challenge next year, but unfortunately I just don't think I'll have the time. I'm sure one of you fine people will be able to step in and run it instead. Hopefully I'll still be able to participate, be it on a lower level. Thanks guys, even though I haven't had the time to paint over the past few months I've still enjoyed lurking and seeing all the great work you're producing. Rotten Harvest entries were all fantastic too, keep up the good work
  20. @Caedrus Wow!!! If there was a trophy for best Malifaux horde, it would definitely be yours
  21. @Caedrus 2nd Mulligan for me unfortunately. Real life got super busy. But some excellent work so far this month. Really looking forward to seeing all the Rotten Harvest entries. @astapable Those augmented are beautiful. Especially love the blue glass on them. Great work @Caedrus Really nice touch on Hans with the rooftop base. Love it @Viruk The colour on those December models is fantastic. Some really nice skin tones going on. Good Job
  22. Great work guys, some lovely painting this month. Its gonna have to be a mulligan for me this month @Caedrus
  23. It's not a small child 😱😱😱
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