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  1. @Franchute - really like him. I can see you've added some nice shades in the recesses of his skin and the metallics look sweet
  2. https://imgbb.com/ And make sure you use the "insert other media" option on the forum when you paste the url
  3. It's basically Vallejo still water applied in layers (after each one has dried fully) with different shades of green. I used Tamya cear paints for the mixes and a little Nurgle rot. I applied a layer and then dabbed at it with a brush loaded with brighter shade mixed with Vallejo Still Water, trying to create a random pattern. In the end I gave it two thin layers of V Still Water for the extra glossy effect.
  4. Good brush, many layers of watered down paint and tons of patience
  5. @muraki - did you get this crew on ebay? I think I saw it there a while ago. The paintjob is nice and clean but TBH I don't really like the miniatures themselves... @PetitDalek - Terrain looks sweet, almost as nice as the cat. I love your take on Asura. The composition is well arranged, and the paintjob is just superb. @Caedrus - very nice job on the vulture, the feathers look great. And your cat looks cute @Boomstick - interesting color choices and they work really well, especially on Adze. @wobbly_goggy - maybe a quick paintjob but nice and clean nonetheless. And have fun working on the fire golem, great mini! @Diddick - great brushwork there. I like how the bright cold color of blade contrasts with dark scheme. And your assistant looks like a very helpful one. @prof_bycid - I like the swampy feel here. @Purple Mist - my cat has a similar "helmet" black fur pattern @Chou - very nice and clean paintjob, this is actually one of my favorite minis from 2ed @Athiko - reminds me of what my workspace used to look like @OctaBit - nice to see more ToS stuff here, especially when it's nicely painted @Franchute - great job on the skin tone. Super smooth! @Nikodemus - I bet painting the Jorogumo is a tough challenge as you probably need to constantly switch your hold to reach all the areas there. @lusciousmccabe - I like your take on Sonnia, much brighter and without the classic fiery look but it works really well. This month has been quite difficult for me as I had to have one of my cats put down this Monday. Tough loss as he used to be my most loyal painting companion Added to that I'm taking antibiotics for the second time in a month... Nevertheless, I did manage to finish my pledge (Cojo and Jackalope ) x2 which brings me to 16 ss More pics and some thoughts on painting the models as always on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/03/rumble-in-jungle.html
  6. My cats enjoy lying in the middle of my workspace and are never too happy when I move them from it OK, here my final pledge for this month. I will paint two Cojos and two Jackalopes. Both will feature bright fur so batch painting should be more efficient here. And here's a quick PRO TIP regarding bases. Typically fitting standard models is not an issue as they have flat soles of their shoes (especially the humans of Malifaux). However, sometimes it gets more complicated, and Cojo is a good example. It's not easy to fit him into a 50 mm base, and it gets worse when it's a resin one with some terrain on top of it already. I solve this problem by adding small pieces of GS to where I want the model to stand (obviously that takes some dry-fitting to find the best position). Once the GS is in place, I put some water on it and gently press the model from above. After a few seconds I take it away. The indentation serves as a perfect guideline for later work. Since it doesn't look too good at this stage, I wait for it to dry and add a second layer of GS with some texture. If your sculpting skills are (like mine) very low, you can always add some static grass there to mask it. After that it's just a matter of pinning the model and you have a perfect fit that makes it look like the base was designed to go with your miniature.
  7. I finished Cherry Bomb quickly so these will be my pledges for March (Gorillas and snakes)
  8. Couldn't sleep last night so kept myself busy painting Cherry Bomb. Added the finishing touches today and that brings me to a total of 26 ss for this month.
  9. @Purple Mist - it is indeed very similar to the original Ice Golem miniature. And it's a commission but I think it may get used in game as an emissary. @Scatterbrain - basically the cobblestones were layered from dark brown to light beige and then drybrushed with bleached bone-like color. That was followed by a wash of light brown ink, another drybrush and then glazes/washes of various colors + one more very light drybrush.
  10. I used black and dark brown dry pigments there.
  11. I glazed/washed over them to create a randomly colored cobblestone pattern and then picked up the details again.
  12. I will start by completing what I'd initially planned for February - Cherry Bomb for 8ss to get me started. Once she's done, I will work on Marcus' crew. I will be painting two boxes simultaneously and want to start with Cojos. I'll post some WIP pics once Cherry is finished and the guerillas are assembled.
  13. @Polar43 - wood looks great, keep it up and make a push, one more day @Purple Mist - Now the mount has extra magical feel to it, great looking base too. @Stranglelove - I like the way orange body of the human form works with orangish highlights on the portal. Nice work there! @prof_bycid - good work there. I can suggest glazing/washing the eye with light brown ink as it seems to be standing out too much in contrast now. @emiba - nice work on Vincent too, I like the pattern on his pants. @muraki - I really like the cartoonish style @khilin - really solid paintjob. You may try to give some more depth to her skin by washing it down with skin tone and then picking out the highlights. @Thedeadclaw - now that's what I call a productive month! As for my pledge, I managed to finish two Saboteurs for a total of 18ss this month. I've been ill and needed to take antibiotics so progress was much slower than I'd have preferred. As such, Cherry Bomb will be part of my March pledge. As always, more detailed pics can be found on my blog. http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/02/orange-saboteurs.html Great work everyone and see you all in March
  14. @Scatterbrain - I hope the accidental use of Australian slang won't put you off visiting the forums here Anyway, good luck with your pledge mate! @Athiko - I've always wanted to paint these models, one of the most twisted and grotesque sculpts in the range and you've done them justice with great paintjob @Nikodemus - love the fur texture, brings a lot of life to these (rather uninspiring imho) sculpts. @Burnin' Coal - I love every single one of the minis you've presented here. Great work all around. So far I've only seen some of the Cult boxes and while th "amall" minis were quite impressive, the larger ones seemed not on par in terms of quality/level of detail. Do you have similar impressions? @Purple Mist - great use of colorshift paint. I've recently started using them and irl, when you can move the model around, they look amazing, pics don't do them justice. @lusciousmccabe - love the way red blend in smoothly with blue @Maxooo - interesting choice of color for skin tone. Great paintjob and it nicely contrasts with the bases too. @emiba - really digging the look of the ghosts on candles @Caedrus - flames look great and the "grant us eyes" (Bloodborne FTW!) proxy is soo much better that the original sculpt (not a big fan of the alternative one too). @Stranglelove - nice start, looking forward to seeing the finished model. These minis are so cool I'm tempted to buy a few and use them as Insidious Madness proxy. @bedjy - nice trees and I look forward to seeing the smuggler (haven't seen them assembled/painted yet) @Franchute - I hope you're enjoying your holidays, get some paint on these minis when you return This mini was pure fun to work with on so many levels. If you want to see more pics and read about the process involved in creating the base, check out my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/02/frozen.html
  15. Somoe more progress on the model I'm painting for Mr @Scatterbrain Working on the Crystals now - different, colder shade of blue with some teal tint closer to the main body. Really nice model to work with, tonight I'll start on Raspy, I will also make he skin blue/pale shade.
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