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  1. Hold my beer tbh though , month may not be enough to do that properly
  2. Hey, looks like spring has settled in finally. I'm declaring these two for the beginning of April and the smaller one will likely be painted with one-brush-only
  3. https://www.crystal-tech.pl/en/twin-goddess-miniatures/succubus-fantasy-pinup It was printed in 20% larger scale.
  4. Not sure if this would count as I've painted it for a buddy to serve as a proxy for Mature Nephilim. If OK, my total would be 38ss this month
  5. 18 more soulstones that bring me to a total of 28ss for March. These were fun to work with, great example of how an alt model can fit in seamlessly with the crew fluff/aesthetics. Now the question is: where is my Dino ?
  6. A quick WIP shot of next 3 minis I will be working on this month:
  7. Here'a Fat Cap, alt Metal Golem to gest me started for March with 10ss
  8. Forgot to post unpainted pic but here's an early WIP with base colors sketched
  9. And 38 more soulstones that bring me to a total of 125 soulstones for February, only missing the Dino from Apex keyword - already ordered, hopefully coming in march
  10. 39 soulstones + 48 for 2x Cooper and Model 9 bring me to a total of 87soulstones. More to come soon! As always, more pics on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2021/02/exploring-apex-keyword-2-lord-cooper.html
  11. This Chompy, some other OOP minis (Dayglow Pink Coppelius, Alps, Daydreams) now up on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/virukpl
  12. @Caedrus thanks for working on getting us these fancy badges, really nice touch and it's appreciated! I started February with 6 Vatagi Huntsmen and 2 Runaways (3 were painted last month) for a total of 39soulstones. I plan to paint Cooper and Model 9 next (x2). Better quality pics here: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2021/02/exploring-apex-keyword-1-runaways-and.html
  13. I'll be painting him in March most likely, want to finish the Apex keyword first
  14. In a nutshell - I plan to paint two Cooper's crews + 2x Huntsmen and Crypsis Corps + whatever else I can fit into my painting schedule
  15. 60 soulstones + 3 runaways for a grand total of 63ss Those were test models for Cooper crew (I will be painting it twice in February )
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