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  1. Well, I'm finally back to my apartment and the renovation has finished so I can start painting again and I do have a few minis to land some brushstrokes on... Will probably start with Lyssa and Bokors.
  2. Double thumbs up for a quick trade
  3. I'd be very interested in metal Silurids from zoraida's box. Would you be willing to split and well them? From old metals I can offer: - pandora - latigo pistoleros - union miners - blessed of december - dead doxy - the drowned Alternatively I also have painted Silent Knight for trade https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-qT9aVTd5EDI/XlGyzwK-4ZI/AAAAAAAARkI/kqRjmKB3Tw8VPlfs9cFjDgS66j3szkMLQCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/silent_knights1.jpg
  4. One of my favorite minis, really dig the classic color choice for the paintjob, excellent work
  5. Hot and unpleasant outside so I painted only during late night hours this month, here's what came out of it. 64ss worth of fire
  6. @Purple Mist - got it https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/collections/resin-crystal-products/products/tabletop-terrain-small-crystal-pack Please note that I cut the largest one in half
  7. Thank you! They were bought - don't know the name o the store but Mr @Scatterbrain should be able to help here. I cut the largest two in half to have more markers. Each was sprayed with a layer of Satin Varnish with some glazes of turquoise in the recessess + light drybrush of pure white to pick up the edges. I thought 10 would be going overbboard but ended up using all of them at one point in my last Eurypides game.
  8. Last night I finished these 10 Ice Pillar markers. Not sure how much these count for? (Silent One just for scale reference there).
  9. My humble pledge for this month - 3 Fire Gamin for a total of 12 SS.
  10. Nice to see new Molly and other minis from her crew assembled - looks like Wyrd is getting better with details with each version. I will take this month slow - will be out for ~3 weeks so pledging only these three Gamin for now - will probably get round to painting them in the final days of July.
  11. Thanks @Caedrus, all are for a commissioner who is lucky in that his better half also likes the game
  12. Had a couple of busy evening and now I'm at 87ss this month
  13. Moar minis from me this month to add to 42ss already there. 63ss in total As always, more pics on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/06/blessed-of-decemer-moar-cats.html
  14. A few random small minis for a total of 42ss (more to come hopefully) More pics at http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/06/nightmares-and-cats.html
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