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  1. So for my final addition to July challenge a Mature Nephilim. Good old M1E sculpt. Took him to a tourney yesterday. I had Black Blood Shaman buffing Euripides and the Gigants and then turning into a Mature turn 2. Great beater, solid scheme runner if needed too. That means I will finish with a total of 77 soulstones. A bit of a spoiler - for Wyrd Paint streams I plan to start with painting new versions of Mature Nephilim That will have to wait a bit though as I am starting my holidays tomorrow. May even end up taking a mulligan in August
  2. Moving to a total of 67 soulstones with this (big) Bad Juju. Still planning to paint at least one more mini this month
  3. @Engorn- love the vivid colors and the highlights are super smooth. Playing such nicely painted crews is like giving Distracted +5 to your opponent! @Ja9nge - I like the slightly cartoonish tone you have there. Gremlin with the huge sack is my fav 33 + 16 for Mama Z, 1 for Doll, 8 for the Damned (dammmmm, one of the best M3E models ever!). 58 soulstones in July, looking to add more before the month is over
  4. @Boomstick - wow, that was fast and the result is really good. I like the connection you have there between colors of Kirai and Ikiryo. @astapable - some seriously amazing work on the skin there @Vessien - nice work on the NMM and red seems to work well on Ototo's clothes 33 soulstones for me so far this month. The discomfort challenge was to make sure I use vivid colors as these will be used as additions to Kaeris' crews. More pics on my Instagram profile at https://www.instagram.com/what.the.faux/
  5. 25 soulstones as plan minimum for this month + 8 soulstones for Slate Ridge Mauler that's almost complete (will post pic later this week). As for the discomfort challenge - I typically paint with toned down, dark colors. These will be super bright and vivid
  6. I forgot to post this earlier, 12 more soulstones to bring me to a total of 30 for June
  7. Thanks for the kind words mate! The Gaki were fun to work with! I painted these a few years ago so can't really recall specific steps but in general you should aim for 2-3 highlights based on light brown going into bleached bone-like shade (could be even achieved with semi-dry brush). After that a generous wash of watered down light brown wash, followed by darker one applied mainly in the recesses. You can even do some dark wash in the deepest shades. That can be followed with a focused drybrush of bleached bone on the edges. As for the dirt - either use dry pigments or a torn sponge (like the one that comes with Wyrd boxes). Dip that sponge in dark brown, remove the excess of paint and apply randomly to the areas that would be seeing some serious wear and tear. As for the skin, similar process but purplish washes apply. Hope this helps!
  8. 18 soulstones at this point. Now in the batch assembly mode fo more things bound to appear. Sorry for poor quality, took this quick shot before packing them and sending to the Land Down Under.
  9. @Diddick- absolutely love your Dwarf engineer. Makes me think of Paul Bonner illustrations. @astapable - really dig your style of highlights on Gremlin skin. Super smooth and brown is really well used for deep shadows. The swamp spirit on Bokor is just amazing. @Ja9nge - very nice clean paintjon and those edge highlights really make them pop @Cats Laughing- I like the choice of colors for this Tengu @Engorn - love the vivid colors on the Vatagi and Corps. Super crisp work on the highlights too @Vessien - very nice realistic colors on the Tanuki @bedjy - metallics look amazing, rich and saturated colors. Lucious and his crew look great too I just realized I still haven't posted pics of the Gamin I painter early in May. Here they are - 23 soulstones I also managed to finish three Dinos which makes it a total of 53 soulstones for the month of May. Some more pics below. @Caedrus- hope these count as completing the Base challenge
  10. Initial start for the month of June - plenty of opportunities for playing with contrast there
  11. "How many Dinos will you need?" "Yes"
  12. Well, there will be three different types of bases to begin May with - Wind and Poison
  13. Candy can be a nasty surprise when delivered this way at the end of a turn on the middle of your oponent's crew. Although with my "luck" I tend to hit her with a severe when she relents
  14. Alright, April pledge complete. Don't think I will paint any more Faux this month. Effigy + Emissary + Pandora for a total of: 29 soulstones In the end I did paint the Effigy using more than 1 brush - needed to drybrush cobblestones on the base
  15. Hold my beer tbh though , month may not be enough to do that properly
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