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  1. Hi all, sorry if it's a weak move from me but I can't really show what I painted in June at this point (some pre-release stuff). Using M2E ss worth, a total of 74SS. I promise I will upload pictures as soon as I can (probably around Gencon time ).
  2. And their way to you already, forgot to add that cards (m2e but still...) and bases are included.
  3. A whole bottle may be difficult to ship but a small plastic dropper bottle would fit into a parcel easily
  4. Since this has already been asked, I can ship worldwide and the cost stays the same (5 GBP, approx $6) , regardless of how many auctions you win. Once the bidding is finished, I will send combined invoice via eBay.
  5. All on ebay, will ship internationally and can combine costs if you win more than 1 https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/virukpl/m.html?item=113777856524&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  6. @Franchute - well, sort of There will be some new minis from me to show when the time is right Regarding the Fire Gamins - now that I look at them, I really like the final effect. What I can suggest though is to play around with fire a little more. Flames rarely look schematic and the colors there can actually be quite chaotically mixed up. So if you feel like playing with the minis a little more, you could try adding a very light touch of dark red to the hair in the recesses.
  7. So here are both Marcus crews that I've painted as part of this challenge this year. I'd like to share with you what I'm currently working on but those are some minis that will be released by Wyrd later in the year so this will have to wait. I can only telly you that you're in for loads of good plastic crack @Rathnard - nice and playable (at least in Malifaux, no idea about ToS) terrain @Stranglelove - solid work all around, I like the choice of colors and suitably gritty look on these @Nikodemus - I like the way bright colors contrast with black here, makes me want to paint this model too Manos and Izamu look cool too but Chiaki is the star here - her robes look truly amazing. @prof_bycid - I like the skin tone and the base is coming along nicely. @Franchute - don't think I've seen this model painted before and now all future paintjobs will be judged against yours, great work there! Fire Gamin looks very nice too although I'd probably add a touch of dark red in the recesses and a light touch up of white on the most protruding elements. Looks very nice though (but I still like the previous one you've shown more). @bedjy - can't wait to see more, looking awesome already. @muraki - good work on the skin tone and those bright additions work really well. @Diddick - your style really works well for these models and the bases are excellent too (radioactive poo FTW!) @lusciousmccabe - LOVE the moon on the cloak, brilliant idea and very well executed. @Caedrus - looks great already, now keep up the good work, plenty of time left till the end of this month! @Wintergloom - Looks very nice though I'd add some dark red to the recessed and a little white on the edges of the fire effect. @Chou - that's one of my favorite M2E models, red works really well here
  8. Lots of great stuff here again, for now just a quick update from me. More here: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/05/marcus-x3.html My 45ss for this month.
  9. Hello wonderful people, this is my pledge for the month of May. Marcus x 3. One classic metal version, and two plastic ones (the one with the top hat will be painted to look like a Voodoo doctor).
  10. Quick paintjob on these three for a buddy just to get them on the table, nothing fancy but they bring my total to 65 ss this month.
  11. @wobbly_goggy - nice paintjob. You could try taking pics using some kind of background, even a piece of paper. The way it is now, the mini kind of blends with what's in the back. @Athiko - Great work all around. I really like what you did with Carrion Effigy, the Osl adds a nice vibrant touch there. The Exorcists look very nice too, lovely blending on the cloaks though I'd add some dirt to the bottom there. @Purple Mist - that definitely looks intriguing. The thing about colorshift paints is that taking pics of minis painted with them is really hard as they work well when you rotate the mini and look at it from different angles. @Franchute - love the armor color, very nice, smooth highlights there and the weathering looks top notch too. The "dirty" metallics also work very well here. @Boomstick - nice productivity and some really epic conversions going on there @Polar43 - nice work on the gamin and I really like the way you've arranged terrain on such a small base. I also really like the vibrant skin tone you're using for your Gremlins. @Diddick - one again I have to admit that you're making these bright colors work really well on these minis. Two Myrandas bring me to 16 ss more this month, a total of 50 ss for April, more may come As always, more ppics on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/04/myranda-warning.html
  12. @Diddick - love the colors on this one. So completely different than my "gritty" approach when it comes to undead minis but painted consistently to a very high level. @muraki - such cool minis and I like the bright colors you've used here. These are by far the coolest versions in the range. They eyes seem a bit off but this still works in terms of Manga-like overall aesthetics @Caedrus - nice start on the conversion. I envy people skilled enough to tackle complex projects with GS. I can basically only do gap-filling and hair/fur sculpting. The NMM on containers looks great and the blades are just amazing! I've finished the Cerberuses so together with 16ss for two Samurai I am now at 34ss for April. I decided to use blue for the most part as I've always struggled with this color on larger surfaces. It was a little easier here as there is some fur texture on the main body to serve as guidance. I started with some general highlights on the body, making sure to leave enough dark blue in the recesses. Following that, I kept adding numerous thin brushstrokes in gradually brighter colors to build up the fur texture. It was a very lengthy and tedious process but it was a good practice for sure. I added some touches of brown/dark red and glazes of light blue and green to keep it more "natural" (as much as this word can be used to talk about blue fur of a three headed Tiger). I also thought that blue would nicely contrast with a predominantly green base. I'd like to start on Myranda but I'm still waiting for the paints to paint her skin to look like a Native-American. As always, more pictures on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/04/tyger-tyger-burning-bright.html
  13. Yeah, I needed to fit the one standing on the rock into the resin base and remove the whole rock part for the other one to fit him onto the forest themed rocky base + sculpted around with GS. They should be ready in a day or two though
  14. Painting fur takes ages, here's a quick wip with about a thousand brushstrokes in...
  15. I think they actually look better IRL as light reflects on the surface and causes different color to be the focal point as you move them. I've used them also while working on Guild Ball commission so you can see a few more examples here http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/12/guild-ball-blacksmiths-guild.html Celestial Azure was the color I've used for their blue armor.
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