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  1. Nice to see new Molly and other minis from her crew assembled - looks like Wyrd is getting better with details with each version. I will take this month slow - will be out for ~3 weeks so pledging only these three Gamin for now - will probably get round to painting them in the final days of July.
  2. Thanks @Caedrus, all are for a commissioner who is lucky in that his better half also likes the game
  3. Had a couple of busy evening and now I'm at 87ss this month
  4. Moar minis from me this month to add to 42ss already there. 63ss in total As always, more pics on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/06/blessed-of-decemer-moar-cats.html
  5. A few random small minis for a total of 42ss (more to come hopefully) More pics at http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/06/nightmares-and-cats.html
  6. So for this month plan minimum is to paint 3 Daydreams and 3 Stitched. After that, as much as possible from December keyword. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints First of all, GW Bleached Bone or any similar one. Perfect for adding highlights when mixed with a vast range of other colors and for final touches (at least in my style of painting). Secondly - Army Painter Soft Tone. I know it's technically not a paint but i use it very frequently. Third paint - this one needed some more thought but I'd go with Vallejo Game Color Charred Brown or Dark Fleshtone. Both have well defined tone and have excellent coverage properties and both are used very often.
  7. Thanks @Diddick, it was indeed a very pleasant surprise to be featured there Love your Jorogumo too, looks grim and mean with some superb brushwork! Three more minis from me this month, bringing me to a total of 75ss for May. As always., more pics and some thoughts on painting on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/05/as-ugly-as-can-be-geryon.html
  8. It wasn't that bad for me, just took a few test shots at random useless bits, learnt the right pressure on the lever. I also needed to move the needle back and forth a few times as it got clogged too fast. Definitely a bit tricky to use but the effects are pretty cool
  9. It was indeed the Spider Serum from GSW. A bit tricky to use as it's super thick and needs to be sprayed very lightly to create a web-like look. It's basically liquid plastic so the smell is bad and I was wearing a mask while using it. Cleaning the airbrush was also a it more challenging than usual as it sticks to the recesses. I used the designated cleaner but still needed to put it in an ultrasonic cleaner to get rid of it completely. It looks very nice and realistic. Hope the pics below help:
  10. 52ss and more may come this month yet!
  11. Some progress here and there. Using GSW colorshift on the spiders.
  12. Not sure yet what I'll end up doing but robots get priority, then the big ugly ones
  13. Hi there, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! I's been a busy month but I managed to complete Euripides and the rest of his crew. The remaining three minis were pure fun to work with: As always, more pictures can be found on my blog at http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/04/here-be-giants.html or on my IG profile https://www.instagram.com/what.the.faux/ Now let me have a look at what's been shown here so far this month @Caedrus - quantity, quality and creativity ! Agent 46 is my favorite - I like the limited color palette there. @Rathnard - those are probably my favorite minis from ToS range, so much character there! Really nice paintjob on these. @Wintergloom - well done, the dirt adds a lot of character here @Antinea - lovely work on the Cyclops, nice and smooth highlights @Harlekin - I like the way you've made sure each of the heads stands out but at the same time there is a coherent grimy look @Diddick - I like the dark and muted colors, coupled with smooth highlights the paintjob on Yokai is ace @muraki - nice and vivid colors. I'd suggest experimenting with working on defining shades a little more (e.g. a thinned down glaze can add extra layer of depth) @catsgamesandpizza - red skin tone on the Enslaved Nephilim looks amazing. Also, the pale skin tone on Malifaux Child is well chosen. @TeaCrusader - solid work on the OSL. I'd recommend going even more extreme with highlights by adding some yellow/white to the mix on the most protruding parts. Gamin also look very nice but again, I'd suggest going even a bit further with definition and adding more highlights on most protruding elements @Nikodemus - great work on the texture - getting it done on such small bits like hats or fur is an achievement in itself. @Stranglelove - you've survived the beard and lived to tell the tale! Great work all around @Purple Mist - very nice balance between brown and black/grey, they look great!
  14. I hope to be able to finish this cre in April, three minis left... In many ways Malifaux's Euripides epitomizes the idea of social distancing. He spent ages in isolation in the distant mountain areas before returning to join the Neverborn again. Remember - be like Euripides and Thoon - keep the advised distance. Don't be like Pukeworm or... Well, how low can you get if Pukeworm is any point of reference?
  15. I meant some extra green for the monument base to add a it more variety As for the keyword - I've already sold my Marcus crew, sticking to the Neverborn for the time being. And only as a collector, sadly I haven't played the game for more than a year now
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