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  1. I think I will have to use a mulligan this month. I've started my Basse crew, but I've got zero inspiration. So it drags, on an on, and I've started procrastinating.
  2. Unlikely to be Guild. There is already a Guild/ES master and it is Basse. Frontier and Wastrel are confirmed as the Basse crew and McCabe crew are available. The other 4 are indeed, more or less confirmed. For Apex we have the artwork for the crew plus Lord Cooper's pet. For the other one we only have snippets here and there.
  3. Well for this month, I will try to do the Basse core box, so that's: 1/ Cornelius Basse for 15 SS 2/ Jonathan Reichart for 10 SS 3/ Frontiersman (and woman) for 3*5SS= 15 SS 4/ Bernadette Basse for 2 SS So a total of 42 SS Not sure yet how I will paint them, will probably end up a symphony of browns and greys with a dash of red here and there. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints I'm too new to painting to give really the paints I'm always goes back too but I love these: - VMC Violet: a really deep, saturated violet - AK3rd Gen Oxford blue: some people like the Dark sea blue as a deep blue, I prefer this one for its purplis undertones instead of the greenish ones of the dark sea blue - Not really a paint, but an ink: Daler & Rowney Payne's grey, a nice dark grey with blue undertones that goes extremely well onto metallics, especially steel and gunmetal
  4. I know it's a bit late but finish my Lilith, mother of monsters box. So, 38 SS total Next month will be the Basse crew box, but I don't have the paint scheme yet. I think they will end up with a symphony of browns and greys.
  5. @Caedrus Unfortunately I didn't finish all I said I would do, but 2 out of the 3 remaining isn't bad at all, especially as Lilith is 95% complete. So here there are; Barbaros and the Cherub for a total of 9 + 2 = 11 SS. I still nee to base Barbaros, but that's a small job. Cherub will wait until I can get my hands on a small transparent plastic rod.
  6. @CaedrusPartial update but I've finished the 3 Terror tots, for a total of 12 SS I'm still on schedule for finishing Barbaros, Cherub and Lilith by end of the month.
  7. It fits very well with the Umbra keyword we have seen for the Explorers society. But I can't remember which card it was
  8. Time for me to go to a bigger challenge: painting faster. So this is what I will be trying to paint this month: The Lilith 2E crew (38 SS)
  9. Not sure what I will do yet. On a mini painting there's a sort of challenge to complete at least 5 pieces with a single theme. So doing a core box could be a good idea. I'm hesitating between Basse, Nellie and Youko. That said painting 5 minis in a month will be a huge challenge.
  10. @Caedrus All done with my Cyclops. Pretty satisfied of the results although I could have done better. [EDIT] I forgot to add the total: 14 SS Extremely simple base as I don't have much basing materials. That's an area where I will need to invest a bit.
  11. @Caedrus Airbrushing. I found out that I am way better with an airbrush than I am with a standard brush.
  12. I'm calling the 1st cyclops done. There has been a few disasters, but at my current skill level, any attempt to fix will end up in a bigger disaster. Obviously, I still have the base to do but I am hopeful of finishing the 2 cyclops by end of month.
  13. This month I will try to paint the two cyclops from the Savage Keyword. Here is the male one after skin application. 1st time I've used my airbrush for something else than just priming and I'm more than happy with the results. Base color is VMC Blue grey, Shadows are Dark prussian blue and Highlights are Pale blue.
  14. First of all a disclaimer: I am not paid by AK for this test (why would they, I'm a quite bad painter). I have bought a few of their paints and have been testing them. So as I said I bought recently some of the new AK 3rd generation acrylic paints. Basically, I have all their "Intense" colors (11 paints, the very basic colors: white black, the primaries and secondaries plus a pink, a brown and a purple), all the "Pastel" colors (6: pastel yellow, pink, violet, peach, green and blue, more or less coloured off-whites), 5 Fluorescent ones and the complete metallics range (22 of them). After doing some basic tests; how they behave with a brush, with an airbrush, etc, I decided to test them on real minis. I had some spares when I was extremelu clumsy at assembling Malifaux ones so off we go. Primed black, then pre-shading in grey and zenithal with white. Then applying a few basecoats with Intense Deep green, Deep blue and Deep brown. Result is below. . I have to say that they are nice. Quite thin out of the pot. Not as thin as Reaper but thinner than Vallejo Model Color. Dilution was roughly 2 paints : 1 water Good coverage was achieved after 2 thin coats for blue and green, 3 thin coats for the brown. The flow very nicely on the surface. They take quite a while to dry (for acrylics) so people who like wet blending might consider them. I haven't applied metallics yet here but I've done some airbrushing with them on plastic spoons. And they are great! Dilution 2 thinner : 1 paint, pressure 1.4 bar. 0.35 mm needle. Sprayed perfectly. No clogging. Appearance is quite smooth and shiny, though less shiny than Vallejo Metal Colors. But what a range of colours, especially some very unusual ones: a red, purple, several blues and greens! So, all in all, very good paints. Coverage could have been better but it's not bad. They take dilution quite well. Next step: doing glazing/washes with them.
  15. @Caedrus Miss Vanessa Chambers, Treasure hunter done. So that's 8 SS for me.
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