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  1. I have to say that I am quite disappointed with the new assembly guides published for the M3E. I just bought recently the new Misaki core box and while most models seem easy to assembly I'm left a biy puzzled by one: Shang. Apart from 3 pieces I had absolutely no clue how to assemble it. I then went to see the assembly guide. And I'm still not sure on how to assemble it. The new sculpture have all parts marked on the spruce. It shouldn't have take very long to put the numbers on the assembly guide to make things quite clear. Am I the only one in this situation?
  2. OK, for this month, I will try to do the Fire Golem from the Burning bridges box. And, to buy back my last mulligan, finishing Elijah Borgman from the same box.
  3. @Caedrus Pledge for this month done. That's 15 SS for the 2 Viktorias from the M2E. On top of that i also managed to finish my Alison Dade, 8 SS, to buy back one of the two mulligans i've used. Maybe, with a little luck I will be able to finish my Elijah Borgman (found a special order with him), to buy back my second mulligan, but I doubt it.
  4. OK, so pledge for this month is done. I finished my M2E Viktorias. Or more likely, I reached a point where the more I was trying to fix thing the more I was botching others, so better to stop before they were irremediably beyond any hope. Now, I'm on a good path to finish Alison Dade, and M2E Taelor.
  5. I can't help but notice that Wyrd has anticipated the Covid19 crisis. All these crooligans are wearing a face mask! Not sure if they follow social distance rules, though.
  6. OK, done all the basecoats on Allison Dade. Now I'm a the point where I will be botching all that job by doing highlights and shades. I'm also progressing well on my M2E Viktorias and they should be finished by end of this week-end.
  7. Due to lack of inspiration on my Basse crew on June and a disaster sticking late in July I had to take my two mulligans. This month I will finish my M2E Victorias (the Masters only, rest of the crew has already been done). Then I will try to buy back my two muliggans by: 1/ Finishing that bloody botched Elijah Borgman 2/ Finishing M2E Taelor After that I think I will focus on the Colette crew for several months as I have some inspiration for them (I love saturated colours and artists are made for these) EDIT: well after careful examination, my Elijah Borgman is really too damaged to be worth anything. I will try to find one on the 2nd hand market but I'm not optimistic. To replace him, I think I will do a spare Alison Dade that I just got.
  8. It seems there's another bug. I've put for $235 (Jakob Lynch core, Von Schill core, Malifaux 1988 and Ancestral Icons) of product in the basket and after updating it says only 1 Miss Guided
  9. I think they are several parameters at play, materials and process: Materials: I used the Vallejo PU Gloss varnish as a 1st coat (no issue there) then the AK Ultra matt. Maybe a material incompatibility exacerbated by the processing issues. Process: I used an airbrush. As the gloss varnish is very thick, I thinned it 50/50 with airbrush thinner. And, as I was told was OK, I applied the AK varnish about 40 minutes later (I was told 20 minutes is plenty enough), unthinned as it is quite fluid. The paints themselves had plenty of time to dry. At least 48 hours and for that cape it was more than 1 week. It seems I should have let the gloss varnish to dry at least 24 hours before applying the AK. Trouble is that I used the same process gloss then matt about 30 minuites later without problem but it was both Vallejo PU varnishes. Anyway, the cape has been striped, re-primed, and re-base coated. I will do the highlights and shadows tomorrow. Maybe I will have time to do the touch-up to the areas affected when I stripped before end of month.
  10. I was largely in time to complete my mini for this month, Elijah Borgman. Nearly everything was done except the metallics. So before doing them I decided to varnish the mini with a matt varnish. So i did what was recommended to me: One coat of gloss varnish (went OK and no issue) then one coat of AK Ultra Matt varnish. And that where disaster struct. I'm doomed. Everything I touched, painting wise turns to a disaster. No chance that I will be able to finish that by end of the month.. :((
  11. Done a lot more trials Yellows: Not even the Intense Deep Yellow. It was the Standard Yellow. Quite good coverage for a yellow. And reds
  12. I think I will have to use a mulligan this month. I've started my Basse crew, but I've got zero inspiration. So it drags, on an on, and I've started procrastinating.
  13. Unlikely to be Guild. There is already a Guild/ES master and it is Basse. Frontier and Wastrel are confirmed as the Basse crew and McCabe crew are available. The other 4 are indeed, more or less confirmed. For Apex we have the artwork for the crew plus Lord Cooper's pet. For the other one we only have snippets here and there.
  14. Well for this month, I will try to do the Basse core box, so that's: 1/ Cornelius Basse for 15 SS 2/ Jonathan Reichart for 10 SS 3/ Frontiersman (and woman) for 3*5SS= 15 SS 4/ Bernadette Basse for 2 SS So a total of 42 SS Not sure yet how I will paint them, will probably end up a symphony of browns and greys with a dash of red here and there. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints I'm too new to painting to give really the paints I'm always goes back too but I love these: - VMC Violet: a really deep, saturated violet - AK3rd Gen Oxford blue: some people like the Dark sea blue as a deep blue, I prefer this one for its purplis undertones instead of the greenish ones of the dark sea blue - Not really a paint, but an ink: Daler & Rowney Payne's grey, a nice dark grey with blue undertones that goes extremely well onto metallics, especially steel and gunmetal
  15. I know it's a bit late but finish my Lilith, mother of monsters box. So, 38 SS total Next month will be the Basse crew box, but I don't have the paint scheme yet. I think they will end up with a symphony of browns and greys.
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