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  1. Of course, there has to be one (please, pretty please)!
  2. NTs are balls! The concealment alone and the Negation Aura alone makes them worth their points versus some crews.
  3. I am not as much an expert as @Maniacal_cackle but had some nice success with the Forgotten Marshal and the Rabble Risers. When I expect to be on the receiving side of some heavy beating, I tend to bring the Marshal. Throughout a game he has considerable chances (10 of is enough for Risers, with Molly's card draw) to bring 3-4 new bodies for the enemy to chew on. My favorite summons are Rabble Risers. Depending on your hand/ressources you should be able to get some focus on them with summoning and they always are a threat the opponent can't ignore. They aren't this frightening per se but
  4. Not for cheaper shipping. Never ever. But if we're talking about more Wyrd miniatures... you got me thinking, now.
  5. If it really was a Highlander challenge wouldn't it have to be: Paint a single Malifaux miniature in the month of April, using only one head? So, no spare parts or brain-in-a-jar for us Rezzers.
  6. Yeah. That's the bonus for you US people. You can get them for nothing. Else, you'd have to spent ~5 scrip for shipping for each sprue. While it's ~30-50 scrip for shipping for us non-us people 😭 On the other hand, most of us get something like real health insurance and at least some state welfare (aka socialism), so that's that ^^
  7. Looking forward to order moar stuff 💸 Will this be implemented in the shop? Pretty please... Shipping is a thing for us non-US wyrdos 😟
  8. Thanks. And yes, being an Order Initiate obviously includes a very strict workout routine.
  9. Hi there, it's me, again. An Order Initiate for 6 Stones. So, I did 33 Stones in March. Not bad for such a slow and lazy as myself.
  10. Well, it's still painted Malifaux miniatures but I was in the mood for something more weird than mere undead humans, so I started to get some progress with my (started but) unfinished projects. Here's the first Order Initiate:
  11. Um... Where's the challenge? No, really, everybody who hasn't done yet get yourself a good brush (most 10$+Kolinsky Sable brushes should fall in this category, I mostly use Windsor&Newton Series 7 long and Raphael Series 8404 (prefer Series 8408 over the later)) (see here for example: https://www.fauxhammer.com/top-10/top-10-best-brushes-for-painting-miniatures-2019/#The_10_Best_Brushes_for_Painting_Miniatures_Wargames_Models or here: https://tactilehobby.com/best-paint-brushes-for-miniatures/). I really improved my painting to the next level when I switched from GW and cheapish
  12. I'm not playing Arcanist as a main faction atm but I tried to bring Raspi for a few times recently because I love her theme and models. While the Acolytes look good with Tools For The Job and a nice gun with movement trick on triggers, they don't really add much for the crew. They don't offer much synergies (more options for Slow, though) but the competition is just too much for them. They are 1 Stone more than Silent Ones and those just are a huge help for Raspi herself. So far, I didn't find a lot of legitimate reasons to bring one (not even talking about two or even three). Shame.
  13. ...is a more general term than "is flipped" or "is cheated". I consider it very precise language as it doesn't mention one _or_ the other terms but (can be read as:) includes both.
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