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  1. Sometimes, we are an uneven number of players but still want to play Malifaux. Do any of you have any suggestions, recommendations, or even prepared rules for scenarios, rules, etc? I already did a few 3 player games with a "strike left" mode: for scoring the opponent to your left counts as your opponent; you strike left and defend to the right. It needs some adjustments with Strats and Schemes but works quite good. There's a fixed deployment, of course (see below). But I'd really appreciate to get some ideas from players with more experience than me. Edit: We are using this deployment for 3 player games:
  2. Darn. Seriously? Nobody is willing to buy any of this?
  3. München. Es gibt einige Spieler, aber eine richtig aktive Szene ist das (noch?) nicht wirklich. In Rosenheim gibt es zum Glück einen regelmäßig aktiven Club und das hilft viel.
  4. You misspelled something: it's "Performers" and ladies. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Danke euch beiden für die aufmunternden Worte. Ich arbeite kontinuierlich weiter dran und es geht voran, wenn auch langsam. Das hätte ich wohl auch machen sollen, anstatt gleich in die Vollen zu gehen. Wünsche viel Erfolg.
  6. I am late but still, here is my one miniature for June. Not too fond of my first try on marble but it should be okay for playing. So, 10 Stones on a Grave Golem for June.
  7. Nice implementation of the roses. I have the exact same set of roses in various sizes set and ready for my Titania + crew and looking forward to get to her crew after all the other 'musts' on my painting schedule (so many miniatures, so little time - in case any of you didn't recognize, yet).
  8. Hey everybody! I just wanted to give some props to everybody contributing here. I finally got back to painting (some pix will follow soon-ish) and seeing all the marvelous work everybody's sharing here really helps me a lot in keeping the motivation up. You guys rock 🤓
  9. Very nice concept and packed in a fresh new setting for a coop crawler/battler. Looks very promising. Coop games are still a big thing and campaign and scenario based games sell very well. Should be a success!
  10. May was my Mulligan as it was a rather busy month for me with only so little time for hobby. Wasn't even able to start my Middara heroes... Shame. I hope to be able to Buy Back in July, though. And I am absolutely looking forward to bring more Rezzer models as I plan to "finish" Rezzers before 2022.
  11. Which will absolutely be the case considering the route Wyrd is going (GG2, Titles) - we already kinda have this situation, now when it comes to dual Masters and it will increase; maybe even exponentially. While it's no big deal for competitive play (rules/variables for the mode are usually officially anounced before) it might become a relevant issue when trying to promote the game and/or geht/keep in touch with other metas.
  12. While you are right, I still call it lazy. As the moment arrived where I had to decide if I choose 2000+ strokes or 5 minutes of drybrushing - I just picked drybrushing. Not that this wasn't the wiser decision but I will never learn how to properly paint feathers if I never do it... If I started with putting more effort into painting this particular model from the very beginning I probably would have done otherwise. But overall the outcome is decent enough and in a busy month I tend to be forgiving towards my own painting stuff. Thanks for the heads up, anyways. I always appreciate this.
  13. Don't be too critical about it. While you can do better, it's still a decent paint job and the hair indeed is great. Shading and highlights also are just on spot. More transition would have been nicer but it's a great gaming piece, aynways!
  14. Aaand the next and last Order Initiate: It was a bit rushed but the next 6 Stones are done for this month's challenge.
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