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  1. Something similar to the Transmutation Trigger of the Spelleaters? Would be cool.
  2. Because it's a world where magic and stuff and general wyrdness is everyday business.
  3. No worries. Hope you find some useful advice there.
  4. You can just click on the bald title of my quote which will get you directly to the corresponding post in the thread. Anyways, here is @Diddick's content:
  5. @Diddick summarized the most important tips just here:
  6. Very nice work on both models. I especially like the top-to-bottom gradient on the whole model (something I am still struggling a bit). Really awesome fur/texture on the Kamaitachi. I can see the effort which went in. It definitely was worth it.
  7. Welcome back, Jens. Impressive work. I am looking forward to see more of your miniatures.
  8. @Plaag doesn't explain. @Plaag determines. ^^
  9. Great work so far. The only thing I recognized is that the face of his color seems a bit off compared to arms and legs. Maybe another gradient and added highlight would help. On the other hand. the face already looks good, so I probably wouldn't bother much if it was my miniature
  10. Another model finished: Madame Sybelle. 10 Stones. Sybelle isn't perfect as I got her from secondary market and disassembling didn't work, so there are a few mold lines where I couldn't reach and some of those didn't show before in the middle of painting her up. But she should be okay-ish after I did her base (still waiting for some lamps and rats from ebay for my Redchapel crew). A good month so far. As a side note: I had to change my painting schedule as I finally have a friend of mine enter the gaming heavens of Malifaux and he is as huge a fan of campaigns as I am. And
  11. Those freehands are great. The only thing the Teddy lacks is some gradient in the colors. As it is now, it looks a bit flat because of all the huge surfaces. But it really depends on what you want to achieve. If it is meant to be a great and beautiful piece for gaming it's absolutely fine. Same about Candy. From a mere painter's perspective the colors are a bit flat because they lack gradient and real highlights but I absolutely do see what you wanted to achieve and the models look (at least) good. You might want to have a look at my Sybelle just below: about 75-80% of her dress and
  12. You might be able to get some of the old Remote models, now that the new ones are out (for PanO and YuJing at least).
  13. Come with Df6 instead of Df5 and offer way more reliable mobility, even with Creep Along on the Scorpius. The Scorpius in general of course is the better model but that doesn't mean the Rattlers are bad. They are just a little bland. Still, it's no either/or decision in my book. If I bring Scorpius a Rattler on his side for more poison output helps him a lot to make some use of his cool tricks. The Scorpius alone doesn't really shine and usually is mainly a tank piece. I tend to need the second activation with an independent source of Poison quite often to have the Scorpius really shine.
  14. What's wrong with them? They lack Adaptive Evolution, but besides that they are totally underestimated. More or less a very fast kinda-Min3 Beater (1 damage comes at the end of the turn, though - which is a real boon against some crews. Looking at you, ARM)
  15. What is wrong with flipping 100% Red Jokers? (until the opponent makes you discard a card)
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