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  1. If you klick my pictures you should get a bigger sized pic. Don't you?
  2. He doesn't need nurses but he wants them. Healing and condition removal (if you want to) in one bonus action alone makes the nurses almost an auto include in my book in more cases than not. Add a usefull and helpful trigger on top of that and you only need a 4. Plus, Bedside Manners to get some bonus defensive movement, ending Focused on enemies - if situation allows including an obey - and a not to bad attack with 3 nice triggers (two built in). And on top of that Assist as a (kinda) 2nd bonus action. The nurses are just great.
  3. Newish player here (with quite some experience in other skirmish miniature games). As already stated above, it might be an issue of practice or lack thereof. My first game of Malifaux (M3E) took us about 6 hours and just now I am able to finish most games within 3 rather easily (with the crews I am used to play). Lucky me for tournaments usually offering 2.5 hours per game - I finish about 50% of my games within that time frame. I do see that Malifaux is no fast game (soooo much decision making and tons of micro management) but I see it as a boon. I prefer to spend 3 hours on a single game than 2 times 1.5 hous on a game I don't enjoy as much. And tbh one of the things I like most about Malifaux is the scoring (including Strategies and Schemes). With my other favorite game (Infinity - great to satisfy my scifi/cyberpunk needs) the only thing I really don't enjoy as much as with Malifaux is the Rambo-issue. Typical an usual successful thing at Infinity is step 1) winning initiative , step 2) score the first point(s) step 3) kill as much as possible of the opponent's army - even very good players often face a very hard time to recover and win when going second. The issue is there because most organizers at Infinity don't care enough about terrain setup which is very important but that's another topic. At Malifaux one the things I really enjoy are the scoring/crew composition. Being able to score at turn one will imho most probably result in a Rambo-situation as described above. As M3E is now, turn 1 usually is adaption, making tactical movements, putting on some pressure. I enjoy the scoring limitations especially when it comes to Reckoning and such as you don't really get all the good things: if you want to score you will wait until turn 2 to kill. If you kill turn 1 you still get the tactical advantage of ridding the opponent of some of his ressources. Getting would make the game less entertaining and tense imho. Getting rid of the somehow lazy turn 1 limitation would change so many things and imho not lead to any improvements (besides shorter time frame).
  4. New player, here, who wants to share his perspective on the topic. I only participated in two tournaments so far and i really tried hard but wasn't able to finish a single game within 2:30. I read all the cards of my two crews over and over again during the week prior to the tournament. I limited myself to two crews without going OOK. I listened to podcasts a lot. Still, Malifaux is just overwhelming as soon as you arrive at the table. It is a deep and complex game with tons of decision making and interaction. As a newbie I always feel rather lost. Don't get me wrong, i am fine with a steep learning curve. I am a huge fan of Infinity and a quite good and competitive player, there. Complex and interactive games with a lot of decisions is my thing. I still think that mixing new-ish and 'pro' competive players does not work so well. The competitive pros will probably go through a bad game as they didn't get their time/activation because of slow play and the newbie will recognize this and also feel bad about that. I don't really have any solution for that, no matter which game besides don't take things too serious and stress the "competitive" aspect too much but i also do understand that it is a very important motivation for some - especially when participating in a tournament. If you want to attract new players to your favorite game (and thus usually to your tournaments) you will probably have to deal with the "unfairness" of having to face a newbie's slow play. Us noobs, we do our best, but we still want to play and enjoy our game.
  5. So, here is my second entry for this month: I like the design of the building: rather simple but 'fantasy'/alien enough for Malifaux. Still, painting terrain isn't my favorite thing (I don't like it at all to be honest), but well, a miniature gamer has to do a miniature gamer's stuff. #Sadly (for me as a miniature painter) I just bought 3 of those and two sets of corresponding scatter terrain/smaller pieces. Good thing is that I learned a few small things for the next pieces of the range. Anyways, another 10 Stones (? not sure if it's worth 10 points, but it surely is more than some scatter and costed me the whole day) for May. My May so far: Dr. McMourning +15 Building 1 +10
  6. I am in the same boat about the pose. I like what you did to solve this and might steal your idea.
  7. The lack of Focus hurts Archie's role as a beater a lot, indeed. But if the reaction of us players is that we now start to bring Rogue and Phil a lot more this just prooves that the nerf waa the right thing to do. I still consider Archie good in Keyword with all the card draw generated by Molly. He needs a setup, now - maybe a bit too much, I'd say. I think he mainly needs some buff on the defenses or more/better healing. While Terrifying 12 is good, especially versus low to average models, it's just not enough versus too many attack pieces. This would change him more to a tank than a beater, but with Min3 he can still get through almost everything in 2 turns. Maybe a Tear of a Bite-Trigger or something similar could also help him with his role. The (usually 1 point of) healing every turn just isn't enough for a tank usually being on his own. I consider most of the disappointment about him is about him getting nerfed from being an autotake even OOK (always bad for a game) to something being considered in Keyword (which is what should always be the goal when it comes to game design/balancing).
  8. Hooray, day 2 of the month and already finished my first model. I have to confess that there already was quite some progress, though. Anyways, here is the maddest of the mad, Doctor Douglas McMourning: So, 15 Stones. Check. I call this piece "Spare Parts is a Dish best served well conserved by Poison"
  9. He isn't a tank, yes. But still a beater. The opponent still has to take him down in one turn... Don't see the big troubles. Low Def and not really many Def tricks is no news for Rezzers, imho.
  10. What bothers you most? Is it the loss of Ruthless? I didn't play Forgotten since the Errata but thought of the nerf being okay. He is less of a Mary Sue inside and outside of Keyword and his main schtick as a beater (Flurry including auto-heal) is still there. I only wish for the new bonus action being a front side ability so that it could be used for a Leap if in dire need. Looking forward for more reports on him after nerf (outside of ranting).
  11. I run Canines pretty regularly with Asura for carrying those summoned Zombies to the front line. They cost the opponent actions or score schemes and Sebastian can summon a new one (helps sometimes if you need an independent speed bump or Schemer in turn for 3 or 4). It's 3 points. I don't expect more.
  12. Hi everypainter, it might become a productive May for me: i want to finish my Dr. McMourning and paint my Asura. I also just today started a few terrain pieces. Cross your fingers for me, fellow painters.
  13. So, after the Rabble Risers, two weeks ago, I finally finished my Rogue Necromancy. I have to confess that I was a bit lazy with this one, did the wings with meager drybrushing. But I just ran out of motivation. Maybe I will try to improve the wings in the future. With finishing the Necromancy I am done with my Forgotten Keyword.
  14. That was the reason for me asking about "themes" more as more Elemental Keyword stuff. On the other hand this could also be solved by corresponding rules.
  15. Hello fellow gamers, I just recently got myself a Sandeep Crew (still lacking a few miniatures but working on the crew). Now, I am totally triggert by the Elemental theme and can't wait to get more of it (probably not so much inside the Keyword but more as a theme). I also own Brewmaster (of course) and Kaeris. Now, I am quite sure, that there will be a Poison and Wind Golem in the future (or at least hope for it). Are there any other "elemental" themes you think we will see in the future? I could imagine something like "Wood" - maybe shared by Titania and Sandeep. Or "Electricity" (victorian steampunk setting withouot electricity? - no way) - shared by Sandeep and a new Arcanist or Explorer. Maybe Von Schtook? Earth - a classic - would fit the Explorers, I can imagine. Same for Water - another classic and I can see a "pirate" theme or something similar for Explorers. There is a Grave Golem - will we see Grave Gamin? What about a Soulstone Golem and its Gamins - or better an Arcane or Magic Golem? - would fit in the Arcanists Chaos or Madness? - Golem and Gamin within the Neverborn? Are there any other elemental themes you can think about that would fit in the Malifaux setting?
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