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  1. Hola! Creamos un Discord en español para charlar de Malifaux y organizar partidas en la comunidad de Latinoamérica. https://discord.gg/472Caq8a Los esperamos!
  2. Wow! Poor Serena. She took a beating. And Dreamer can no longer summon Stitched 😞 [Edit] And I just saw Vivid Nightmares. You really hate the keyword.
  3. Hi, everyone! Hope you are all safe and painting a lot. I was not able to submit anything on February and I have not been painting Malifaux (shame on me), but since I don't want to be left out of the challenge, I submit the Ork Boyz I finished a few days ago. I am now working on a Deff Dread, but I will be doing some Malifaux stuff after that. No social interactions mean more time to paint, but less time to play Stay safe!
  4. Awesome work, everyone! Very encouraging! These are my 6 points for January! I wanted to have all three painted, but I am still working on the other two bases, so I will post them next month (not for the challenge!).
  5. Hi, everyone! My first pledge is to finish the three Stitched Together that have been sitting on my desk half painted for too long. This is how the first one is coming along.
  6. Hi! First time participant here. @khilin got me into it and I am happy to have an excuse to buy more stuff (I mean "to paint what I already bought"). Please, sign me up for the enforcer level, @Caedrus!
  7. I will be there next month, so also interested to see if I can find some stuff at NOLA.
  8. In terms of wording, I agree with Houseballey. The rules do not say that having a terrain trait implies terrain, but they do say that being terrain implies having terrain traits. Still, I think that the wording is wrong and that both markers should be treated as terrain.
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