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  1. Still don't agree with your point of view but thanks for the fruitful and interesting question and discussion.
  2. Thanks a lot. I sadly am late to the party and your picture link is brocken. Would you mind to share it, again?
  3. Nice outcome. Just one thing: it would be great if you'd post some teaser/preview pic as I am totally no fan of going few tons of vids before I find something useful (Your vid _is_ useful, though. Thanks for that.)
  4. Also not sure which retailer you are talking about as the big German online retailers all are quite solid.
  5. True. But the point pro non-elite/weenie-ish crews is that you start with more resources (aka AP). As Malifaux is such a complex game with so many options, decisions, factors, aspects, scenarios, interactions etc. involved it is always really hard to call for a general statement about "effectiveness" in general. Up to now, I didn't face any real issues with the Focus mechanic as it works at the moment.
  6. Isn't the answer a bit misleading? The question asks about "leaving the engagement range" but the answer only mentions "becoming unengaged with a model it was previously engaged with" which isn't the same thing as you mentioned.
  7. Some examples for non-elite models: Coryphee 2/4/5 - 6 stones, Fire Gaming 1/2/4 - 4 stones, Ice Dancers 1/3/4 - 6 stones, Saboteurs 1/3/4 - 5 stones, Rooster Riders 2/4/5 - 7 stones, Swine-Cursed 2/4/5 - 7 stones, Wild Boar 2/4/5 - 7 stones,... What I am trying to show is that not every cheap-ish model is 1/2/3 and many in fact do profit from focus. Most of them offer some utilities and you still get more output. Especially as the game factors more things than damage there (imho) is no general advantage of elite crews, being it of the fact alone that you get way more actions out of
  8. I do see the point but on an analytical level it still doesn't make sense as weenies still are able to dish out more focus (also including focus-granting auras) compared to elite models. Of course do elite models survive longer but still, if focus was so king that wouldn't matter much because you get twice the models and thus twice the focus. I am not comparing one, say Rabble Riser to one Archie, but 3 Risers plus a Flesh Construct versus Archie plus Rogue Necromancy plus an Upgrade. Focus on a really good beater with a fitting hand can be brutal, no question. But focus always cos
  9. This argument doesn't make a lot of sense tbh. If focus was so strong then the (kinda) weenie armies would be king as they have more actions and thus can put out more focus. There are enough 5-7 stones models with relevant damage output above their min1 or min2. I tried to do the maths for some cases considering my crews (Malifaux statistics are from hell) and came to the conclusion that multiple attacks bring about the same damage output as focused attacks; there even might be a slight advantage with multiple attacks if not too much defensive tech is involved. On the other hand st
  10. Aaaand another Tormented model done: Looks like it's gonna be a good month for me, painting wise.
  11. Yes, absolutely. I do play Reva and Asura every now and then and it works pretty well. But beware, you might invest heavily in stones to bring out as many Zombies as possible during Turn 1. The more corpses the better for a Reva crew.
  12. Hi and welcome at the Coffin Stackers! 1) Von Schtook hands out Upgrades to his crew and whenever one of your models with one of those Upgrades kills an enemy model you can then summon a new minion with cost less or equal to the killed model's cost Purchases for Von Schtook are mainly the two new boxes for his keyword, available soon. 2) see: Purchases for Von Schtook are mainly the two new boxes for his keyword, available soon. The two mentioned boxes (Study Group and Honor Roll) should be enough for competitive play. I usually stay fully within keyword with Von Schtook an
  13. As promised, here is my first update for September: Really enjoyed painting creepy Ligeia.
  14. Here's my working desk for this month: Jack, Montressor and one Guilty are already done. I got the crew box from secondary market and paint job on those three already was good; just had to do some cleaning up and made new bases for the whole crew. So, I consider the whole work up to now about 10 Stones. I am not too fond of the "eerie glow" thing but it is okay for a first try. Next in line will be Lady Ligeia. Should be a nice model to paint... Hope to be able to show some updates later this week.
  15. Danke für das Angebot. Die Perspektive eines Malers/Hobbyisten ist bisher noch gar nicht vertreten, wird also sehr sehr gerne genommen (vor allem, da ich selbst auch wegen der Minis zu Malifaux gekommen bin).
  16. Hallo deutschsprachige Malifaux-Community, ich arbeite gerade an einem Podcast auf Deutsch für das beste Fantasy-Tabletop der Welt. In der ersten Folge wird es um eine kleine Vorstellung von Malifaux gehen und das aus der Perspektive mehrerer Spieler. Einige Stimmen dazu habe ich schon, freue mich aber über mehr (und die Hörer:innen dann sicher auch). Falls also noch wer Zeit und Lust hat für ein kleines Interview dazu (ca. 20-30 min), der darf sich gerne melden - ich freue mich. Wenn alles gut läuft, geht die erste Folge in 2-3 Wochen online.
  17. After a long while mainly busy with Corona (not me but family) and other family troubles, I am finally back to the hobby. I hope that things run smoothly, again. Anyways, here are my contributions for August: Bernadette Basse - as Explorers are coming soon(tm) I had to get some miniatures and started with Cornelius' Crew. 2 Soulstones And no painting session without Rezzers (until I am done with it): Asura - because there is no such thing as too many Zombies. 8 Soulstones Sorry for skipping June and July and I really hope to be back on a regular basis.
  18. If you klick my pictures you should get a bigger sized pic. Don't you?
  19. He doesn't need nurses but he wants them. Healing and condition removal (if you want to) in one bonus action alone makes the nurses almost an auto include in my book in more cases than not. Add a usefull and helpful trigger on top of that and you only need a 4. Plus, Bedside Manners to get some bonus defensive movement, ending Focused on enemies - if situation allows including an obey - and a not to bad attack with 3 nice triggers (two built in). And on top of that Assist as a (kinda) 2nd bonus action. The nurses are just great.
  20. Newish player here (with quite some experience in other skirmish miniature games). As already stated above, it might be an issue of practice or lack thereof. My first game of Malifaux (M3E) took us about 6 hours and just now I am able to finish most games within 3 rather easily (with the crews I am used to play). Lucky me for tournaments usually offering 2.5 hours per game - I finish about 50% of my games within that time frame. I do see that Malifaux is no fast game (soooo much decision making and tons of micro management) but I see it as a boon. I prefer to spend 3 hours on a si
  21. New player, here, who wants to share his perspective on the topic. I only participated in two tournaments so far and i really tried hard but wasn't able to finish a single game within 2:30. I read all the cards of my two crews over and over again during the week prior to the tournament. I limited myself to two crews without going OOK. I listened to podcasts a lot. Still, Malifaux is just overwhelming as soon as you arrive at the table. It is a deep and complex game with tons of decision making and interaction. As a newbie I always feel rather lost. Don't get me wrong, i am fine wit
  22. So, here is my second entry for this month: I like the design of the building: rather simple but 'fantasy'/alien enough for Malifaux. Still, painting terrain isn't my favorite thing (I don't like it at all to be honest), but well, a miniature gamer has to do a miniature gamer's stuff. #Sadly (for me as a miniature painter) I just bought 3 of those and two sets of corresponding scatter terrain/smaller pieces. Good thing is that I learned a few small things for the next pieces of the range. Anyways, another 10 Stones (? not sure if it's worth 10 points, but it surely is more t
  23. I am in the same boat about the pose. I like what you did to solve this and might steal your idea.
  24. The lack of Focus hurts Archie's role as a beater a lot, indeed. But if the reaction of us players is that we now start to bring Rogue and Phil a lot more this just prooves that the nerf waa the right thing to do. I still consider Archie good in Keyword with all the card draw generated by Molly. He needs a setup, now - maybe a bit too much, I'd say. I think he mainly needs some buff on the defenses or more/better healing. While Terrifying 12 is good, especially versus low to average models, it's just not enough versus too many attack pieces. This would change him more to a tank than a bea
  25. Hooray, day 2 of the month and already finished my first model. I have to confess that there already was quite some progress, though. Anyways, here is the maddest of the mad, Doctor Douglas McMourning: So, 15 Stones. Check. I call this piece "Spare Parts is a Dish best served well conserved by Poison"
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