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  1. Great work guys, some lovely painting this month. Its gonna have to be a mulligan for me this month @Caedrus
  2. It's not a small child 😱😱😱
  3. Its only there if I'm signed out. Whats dreadnaught?
  4. I'm stuck on the white theme. I can see see the sun/moon thing when i sign out of my profile. But when I sign back in it isn't there.
  5. @muraki @Magnus @Stranglelove Yeah I'm pretty much the same as you guys, I always change what I'm painting halfway through the month Well yeah it could totally be done by pledging a soulstone amount rather than particular miniatures. Its more about having it as a monthly thing so that casual painters can do a month here and there rather than having to commit to the year, and being excluded if they can't do every month. For those of us doing it every month it wouldn't really change much, except you could change you pledge level each month and take breaks if life gets in the way. For e
  6. This month I'm gonna pledge this lot. 3x Lampads, 2x Grave Diggers
  7. @Caedrus I'd be interested in running 2021. But I'd like to suggest a format change and see what everyone thinks. The reason for the change is to be more inclusive and accommodating. I've noticed that there's a lot of new people getting into Malifaux and joining the forums at various points throughout the year. I think the way the challenge is set up it's hard for those people to join even with the buyback. I've also noticed a lot of people will miss a couple of months and then give up on the challenge as buying back in can be a daunting amount of work. My suggestion would be this: T
  8. Great work guys, I have been pretty busy this month but it's nice to scroll back and check out all of the work I managed to squeeze in a cheeky Draugr last night to complete my pledge Total for August is 3x Crooligan - 12ss, Draugr - 7ss = 19ss
  9. Ok fine! I'll buy Umbra as well as Apex
  10. Some Crooligans. That's the Forgotten finished
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