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  1. I've got some of the other Warcradle stuff and its a perfect size for Malifaux
  2. Thanks for the compliment dude You'll like them methinks, but if not I'll happily buy them off you
  3. Hmmm I'm gonna have to think about my top 3 painters, there's so many good ones. For July I'm gonna pledge big. This lot. Molly, necrotic, 3x Rabble Risers and 3x Lampads
  4. Didn't have much time this month but managed to squeeze in these 5 over the weekend. 2x Kentauro =16ss. 3x Little gasser = 12ss @Caedrus My total for June is 28ss
  5. Late to the game this month due to real life busy-ing. Gonna Pledge 2x Kentauroi for 16ss. Stretch goal will be 3x Little gasser. That will complete my experimental keyword. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints 1. GW Dryad Bark - This is probably my most used paint and makes it onto most of my miniatures or terrain in one way or another. I use it as a base for wood, leather, old metal. Great to mix with colours to make them drab and dirty. 2. Combo between GW Kabalite Green and GW Sybarite Green. I go through phases but for the last year this combo has made it onto a lot of my minis as a unifying theme. Best used for ghosts and glowey bits and anything SPOOKY 👻 3. More turquoise ahoy! Sadly these 2 are out of production. GW Glazes Guilliman Blue and Waywatcher Green. I use these a lot for blue glowey bits or green glowey bits, but more importantly to be mixed together to go with my number 2. I love these 2 glazes and I've tried to replicate it by creating my own but its never come out quite as good. Currently using sparingly
  6. @Caedrus 30ss for me this month. Carver-10, Iggy-6, 2x Insidious madness-14
  7. I've got an almost fully painted Cult army which I was using a fair bit until M3e came out. Love TOS. I still believe!
  8. Drop @Caedrus a message and he'll let you know on that one
  9. @Renown0 Welcome to the painting challenge. @Caedrus is the host for this year's challenge, so any questions you have you can direct it to him. In previous years you had to join before April, but this year we have a buy in system if you've missed the early months If you look at the start of this thread there's a rules section. To start with pick a pledge level from minion to tyrant. This will indicate how many soulstones worth of models you have to paint every month. Your allowed 2 mulligan months but as your starting late, Jan/feb will both be mulligans. So to join in May at Henchman level you'd have to paint enough stones to cover March and April (an extra 22ss worth for Henchman) Check with @Caedrus but I'm not sure that you have to paint those all at once, I think you could do an extra 11 this month and an extra 11 next. That sounds like a lot of rules, but the painting challenge is really just about having fun, challenging yourself and being part of a group that encourages each other to achieve their goals at any level
  10. @Caedrus Changed my forum name again Sorry.
  11. Your right that Neverborn don't have it as cheap as some other factions. But there's plenty of scheming options I've found when playing them. Neverborn just tend to scheme differently. Marcus crew is very fast with leaps/flight/deadly pursuit etc. Dreamer has the Daydreams to move other models around, The insidious madness are fast with scatter and coppelius is Mv 7 with Agile and then there's the spider posse. Zoraida has Silurids and the first mate. Versitile you have Vasilisa and wicked doll combo. The Doppleganger has Mv 6 with Don't mind me. They're definitely not the best at it but I think they still do fine.
  12. You really can't call for a nerf after playing him a few times on Vassal. He's very good yes, but as someone who's played him and played against him there's plenty you can do to stop his shenanigans. Like many Master's in Malifaux if he's left unchecked he can wreak havoc. He's squishy. Def 4. A ruthless beater will cause him a lot of problems. The first time he switches places with copycat, kill the copycat. That will severely limit his manoeuvrability. Once he's wounded and CCK is dead the Seamus player will have to think carefully about where to back alley. Give him slow or stunned. There's plenty of good counter picks out there.
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