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  1. Some Crooligans. That's the Forgotten finished
  2. I usually make a Flesh Construct with Mcmourning on turn 1. Just bring a Grave digger and a mindless zombie. Grave digger will get you 2 corpses and the MZ is your third Tip: Have the mindless zombie bite Mcmouning a couple of times first before he's used for the flesh construct. Can dish out 2-4 poison and only 2 damage which Mcm will easily heal
  3. Yep or this I'd be fine with. They just don't feel good at 8ss, to be honest if they came down to 7ss but stayed as they are I think they'd be ok The models are so cool, I'd love to be able to put 2 of them on the table regularly
  4. This. I'd love to see them repurposed as a 6ss Scheme runner.
  5. We have an insanely good Guild player in our meta, who I've only managed to beat once and that was running Kirai into Basse. My thoughts so far: I'll never run Jack into Guild again. Whatever master you face they'll probably bring in Pale Rider and Lone Marshal which will, collectively ruin the tormented's day. I found Reva and Seamus are also not ideal picks as both really need those corpse markers which the Marshals mess with. Exorcists are a problem for Ressers. They've shown up with many different Masters so always make them a target priority. If your opponent declares Sonnia, bring a student of Steel, Guild nearly always have a couple of Lead lined coats, mix that with Shielded and it can get get really obnoxious. The Masters I've had most success with have been Kirai (watch out for exorcists though) and Von Schtook. Molly is also a good option if you want to run around the board doing Symbols, Spread them out or breakthrough. Guild have a hard time keeping up. Also don't bother poison stacking on the Experimental against lady J. She can undo all of it with a single action. Yep I learnt that the hard way 😢
  6. Nah it's great. Use it to control what the Hoffman player is doing with his master. If you Analyze weakness on a couple of things and watch Hoffman run around or spend power tokens trying to negate it. Meanwhile he's not making Joss and Howard Fast. Bring in a Student of Steel against Hoffman every time, even if your not playing Schtook.
  7. August I will pledge 3x Crooligan, that will complete the Forgotten Keyword. Then maybe Lampads and a Draugr to complete the Revenant Keyword. After that there's just a few versatiles then its on to Ancestor After that... I'll have a fully painted Faction!!! 😱
  8. Great work as always this month guys! @Caedrus didn't manage to finish any more so my total for the month is: 3x Gaki - 12ss, 3x Rabble Risers - 18ss, Molly - 15ss Total for July = 45ss
  9. This crew looks amazing dude! You've done a fantastic job
  10. First time I saw the sculpt I thought it was a rocket launcher I think he's just an attention seeker. Always taking his shirt off and picking up large pipes. The rest of the class hate him
  11. Whenever i declare Jack my opponents will always tech in Ruthless models (which makes sense) So I'm finding the Mourner really useful to shut that down, unfortunately I find that for 7ss (ook) it dosen't really do much else. @Graf i think summed it up best in that for a 6ss model it's not worth taking in its current keywords, so taking it for 7ss in tormented just feels bad. But against Ruthless, Tormented fold pretty easily as its their main defence mechanic. Maybe I'm just not playing them well enough So to answer your question, maybe, yes, sometimes. The thing is Weeping Widow doesn't really work against ranged Ruthless. I've found it doesn't work against Guild or Bayou. Ressers it's more useful as most of the damage dealers are melee focused. It could work against TT unless they bring Fuhatsu (which they always do) I think baking in the mask to Feed on grief so it could get around to apply the aura where needed would be great. Reducing the ss cost to 5 and/or making it versatile would make it a useful model
  12. When I've used them in Tormented, the to wp doesn't come into it that much as its only 1". Especially when a model is coming in to attack a Terrifying model they'll just position so they're not in it. Can be useful with some of the other WP attacks in Jack's crew if you can get them in position
  13. Do you not like Betrayal? It's such an amazing aura
  14. This would be a nice idea. If they had a mask baked in to feed on grief they could reliably port around to be where they needed to be. Would make their other abilities more useful in the process. Giving them frightening reminder is another good idea, would certainly be thematic. And give them some more utility
  15. Does anyone else think that Mourners should lose the Redchapel keyword and gain Tormented instead? Rules aside I think thematically an aesthetically they belong with Jack Mourners are such amazing sculpts but I have trouble getting them on the table. The only thing on their card that makes them worth taking imo is Weeping widow and I only ever use that with Tormented. In Redchapel I'd always take a Doxy over these and in Revenant most likely a shield bearer. Or maybe if they were versatile? Either that Or I'd like to see them erratered so they'd see play more. I'd be curious to know your thoughts about them or if anyone else has had success with them in Redchapel or Revenant?
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