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  1. Hi, my M3e app is listing all the Versatile models as Out of Keyword and giving them +1 Cost when I'm building crews. I've uninstalled/reinstalled a few times and it doesn't seem to make a difference if I'm signed in or not? Any Ideas? I'm using app version 1.4.3 and Android Version 11
  2. It's going to be a busy month for me so I'm just going to pledge a single mini. English Ivan for 15ss
  3. @Caedrus I won't be completeing any more this month, just what I posted earlier Lord Cooper 15, 2x Crypsis Corps 14. Ullr 6, Artemis 6 Total = 41ss
  4. @Caedrus is there a spreadsheet? Can't find one and I can't remember what level I pledged 😂 Ignore me I just found it
  5. Ploughing through the rest of the Apex keyword this month, all that's left to do is 1 Vatagi and the Rex
  6. Fantastic work as always this month guys. @Caedrus For March I finished the other 2 runaways, 2 Vatagi Huntsmen and Model 9 for a total of 23ss. I have a bunch more Apex on the verge of being finished too but I wont have time today
  7. @Caedrus Mulligan for me unfortunately. I did get a bit of painting done and I have 2 Vatagi Huntsman almost finished, but not quite
  8. @Diddick Those bone piles look amazing. Kinda wish I'd done mine like that now
  9. For some reason my image won't upload to imgur, but I am going to try and finish the other 2 runaways this month, and for the 'paint a mini in a day' challenge I'll attempt one of the Crypsis Corps.
  10. @Caedrus Just what I'd previously shown for me. 3x Lampad (24ss) Grave Digger (6ss) and one runaway (1ss) Total for Jan = 31ss
  11. My Lampad wish list would be one, or a combination of: Attack stats increased to 6 Incorporeal or increase to df5 Cost reduced to 7
  12. The nest level 😂 Sculpt looks awesome, can't wait to paint me some Seekers, there's gonna be lots of fun OSL
  13. Finally finished my Lampads and managed a Grave Digger and one of Coopers runaways too
  14. I'd go with Steel. I've still never fielded a student of sinew. The student of steel is invaluable against armoured crews. I quite often take one ook if I'm facing armour. You probably dont need 3 though
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