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  1. Update to my pledge. The war pig is done, bringing my total for this month to 24 ss.
  2. Hi, reporting my finished pledge. 15 SS for Mah. I'm now going to try to up my total to get back a mulligan with this malifaux 1rst edition metal war pig. 9 more SS if completed.
  3. Sharing some progress. I'm quite happy with the free-hand as basic as it is, especially since I'm not use to do any. Plus I added something to the cauldron because I felt like it was empty.
  4. Hi, for this month I'm pledging Mah for a whole 15 SS by herself. I may add other thing if I got the time to buyback a mulligan. June Challenge - 3 Fave Paints As for my 3 favorite paints, well, it was a hard choice. I have so many greens that I like so I want to display other paints I use and that I really like. -Vallejo Yellow Ochre, I have to thank this community for this find. It is marvelous to work with a color that is hard to work with: Yellow. -Master Series Paint (MSP) Amethyst Purple. It a good color that mix well with purple and violet. It has a good coverage and mix well with other paints. Bellow you have an exemple. -Citadel Screamer Pink. A wonderful redish pink. Pro: Make a good base color, Con: Its in a pot...
  5. Did a quick job on my little gasers and soulstone miners just to be sure I won't miss this month like the last one. 24 SS of green things.
  6. I just painted an extra 12 SS for this month (bringing me to 30 SS for March). I did these fire gamins because I need fire elemental for my pathfinder game.
  7. Awesome paintjob, wish I was that good when it comes to highlight. Wanyudo always look funny when you're looking close at it imo
  8. My March pledge is done. 18 SS total for the 3 ronins. I'll just have to retouch the bases a little since some paint spill on it while doing the rim of the bases.
  9. Going on this month with the 3 M2E ronins from the vikis crew box. A total of 18 SS this time.
  10. Here, I'll call it done. 11 Ss for my henchmen pledge, just the right amount. P.S: Thanks to everyone who gave me tips for the yellow last month. Waiting for each layer was a pain but it was worthwhile.
  11. WIP of my february pledge. I'll try to finish them in the coming days.
  12. Going on with another totem + a more costly unit. Taylor M2E and Little Lass. (Next month I'll tackle the ronins since my bushwackers are already done).
  13. My henchmen pledge is already done P.S. If someone has a good trick to apply yellow I'll be interested to know it
  14. Hello everyone, starting up as henchmen pledge. Burt Jebsen (8 ss) and Sutdent of Conflict (4 ss) for a total of 12 ss. I'll try to build up at least two crews to introduce malifaux to some friends. Starting up with the Vikis crew and I will continue my bayou crew(s) along the way.
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